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ITCS 6190 Cloud Computing for Data Analysis

Introduction to the basic principles of cloud computing for dataintensive applications. Focuses on parallel computing using Google's MapReduce paradigm on Linux clusters, and algorithms for large-scale data analysis applications in web search ...

Syllabus and Lecture Notes

ITCS 6162 Knowledge Discovery in Databases

The entire knowledge discovery process is covered in this course. Topics include: setting up a problem, data preprocessing and warehousing, data mining in search for knowledge, knowledge evaluation, visualization ...

Syllabus and Lecture Notes

ITCS 3166 Introduction to Computer Networks

Internet architecture and protocols. Distributed vs. centralized processing. Data communications; speed; capacity; media, protocols. Network architectures. Evaluation of alternatives. Case studies.

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ITCS 3146 Operating Systems and Networking

Introduces the fundamentals of operating systems together with the basics of networking and communications. Topics include: processes, thread, cache, memory management, virtual memory, concurrency, assembly language, network architecture ...

Syllabus and Lecture Notes

ITCS 4156  Machine Learning

Introduction to the machine learning pipeline of data collection, feature creation, algorithms, and evaluation for classification and regression, with an emphasis on practical applications.  Covers fundamental concepts, such as training, validation, overfitting, and error rates in ...

Syllabus and Lecture Notes

ITCS 6880 Individual Study

Individual Graduate Study in the field of Data Science - Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery in Databases, and Big Data Analytics. Students work on individual basis with instructor, plan and implement appropriate objectives ...

Syllabus and Lecture Notes

CYBE266 CyberSecurity Introduction
This course covers security of Communications and
IT Infrastructure , their Vulnerabilities ,
Complexity of Security Threats faced by Business and Industry .
Topics discussed include : development of Security Plans and
Practices ; Policies ; Awareness and Compliance Programs;
Protections; and Legal and Regulatory issues .

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