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Meet Mari and Netti

These little orange tabbies are named after the founder of Italian Futurism, F. T. Marinetti. They are rambunctious little kitties. Mari is a boy (pronounced Mah-ree) and Netti is a girl; they're brother and sister. Although I'm happy to have these little kitties, I'm mortified that someone abandoned them on the side of the road. People just don't realize there's a responsibility that comes with having pets. Treat your pets well. Is that too much to ask?

Spay and Neuter your pets!!!

Mari and Netti's Fireball Logo

Mari and Netti at about Six Weeks (mid October 2006)


Mari at about Eight Weeks (mid November 2006)

Netti at about Eight Weeks (mid November 2006)

Mari and Netti at about Five Months (January 2007)

Yes, Mari is much bigger...he eats all of Netti's food!

Mari, Netti, and an Evil Netti Catching a "Mouse" (February 2007)

Mari and Netti 8 months (May 2007)

Office Space Kitties (June 2007)

Mari gets the chair while Netti sleeps on the job! Then, Mari hides and Netti finds a blanket.

Mari (first 2 pics) and Netti (last 2 pics) at 13 months (October 2007)
There is some debate as to whether or not the second pic is actually Mari--I believe the tail proves it.


Mari Tries to Help Grade Papers (mid-October 2007)

Mari, the Pharaoh, Guarding His Home (November 2007)

Mari puts humans into a trance and under his spell...look at those eyes!

Mari and Netti at 2 (August 2008)

Mari looks up, Netti poses on the mantle, and Mari finds a new bed.

 bed cat perched netti  sink cat

Mari and Netti--Perching Kitties (September 2008)

Netti tries to put the camera man into a trance!

window cats netti netti

Mari and Netti's Post-Vet Adventures (January 2009)

My babies don't like the vet, so Mari cleans himself and Netti becomes a ball of kitty. I'm just glad Mari doesn't ask what happened to all those stuffed animals...


Mari and Netti Sitting in Judgment (January 2010...I think)

Turn off the flash, Daddy!

Netti on Cloud 9 and Mari Thinking (May 2010)

Mari Trying to Fill Daddy's Shoes (July 2010)


Because of space limitations, I'm no longer updating this page with new pictures. All new pictures will be on facebook.



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