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Isaac Sonin

Professor Isaac Sonin 
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

9201 University City Blvd,
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001 

(704) 687 5584 (of) 
FRET  380 B 
(704) 687 1392  fax 


      I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  I was born  in Moscow (Russia) in "the first half of the last century", graduated  from Moscow State University, and received my Ph.D. in Probability Theory there. My Ph. D. advisor was Mark I. Freidlin. After graduation I worked almost twenty years in one of the best research institutes in Russia - in the Central Mathematical Economical  Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CEMI). I first visited the USA in 1989 as a visiting researcher in a scientific exchange program between CEMI and Northwestern University  (in the Economics and MEDS departments). Since 1991 I have been teaching at UNC Charlotte, the first year as a visiting Professor, and after as a tenured Professor. For a more formal description of my career see my [ Vita ]. The main directions of my  research are some topics in Probability Theory and Stochastic Control; but mainly their applications in Economics, Operations Research, and Finance (see [Research Interests] with some downloadable publications). The full list of publications you can find in [List of Publications]
     There are many other things that  I like to do. For 50 years I played a wonderful game called football (everywhere in the world except the USA).  Now I have a temporary break awaiting for some of my grandchildren to grow, and some to be born. During my life I have written six short stories (I cannot call them fiction because all is truth there) and there are people who like them. (They are written in Russian and still waiting a translation). Among my other ambitious plans is to run at least one marathon in every millenium, and so far so good.