Latest News

[Dec 2021] Grad data privacy course ended with successful student projects. And big thanks to our guest speakers, Kailas, Rich, and Luca!

[Nov 2021] See our papers accepted at ICDM, SISGPATIAL, IEEE TPS. Congratulations to Huiping, Ishan, and Nick!

[July 2021] Our paper on "Differentially Private Network Traffic Synthesis with Generative Adversarial Networks" has been accepted at DBSec 2021.

[May 2021] Our undergraduate student Nick won Best Poster (Math/CS theme) at UNCC Undergraduate Conference.

[March 2021] Dr. Fan will be teaching grad level "Data Privacy" course in Fall 2021 (DSBA6010, ITCS6010/8010, ITIS6220/8220).

[Jan 2021] Our paper with USC on "Clustering Mixed-Type Data With Correlation-Preserving Embedding" has been accepted at DASFAA 2021.

[Jan 2021] Check out our new JBI paper with UCSD and UTHealth on "Noise-tolerant similarity search in temporal medical data".

[June 2020] Dr. Fan presented "Geopriv4j: An Open Source Repository for Location Privacy" at GeoRich'20. Presentation

[Apr 2020] Undergraduate students Amanda Theobald and Rohan Sitapara featured at the Undergraduate Research Conference.

[Feb 2020] Dr. Fan presented "A Survey of Differentially Private Generative Adversarial Networks" at PPAI'20 workshop.

[Nov 2019] Dr. Fan will present "Differential Privacy for Image Publication" at CCS/TPDP workshop.

[June 2019] Dr. Fan received a new NSF award on Privacy in Social and Behavioral Research.

[June 2019] Dr. Fan presented "Image Obfuscation with Quantifiable Privacy" at CVPR/CV-COPS workshop.

[May 2019] Our paper "Outlier Detection in Non-stationary Data Streams" was accepted at SSDMB 2019.

[May 2019] Four undergraduate research projects were presented at UAlbany Undergraduate Conference 2019.

[April 2019] Dr. Fan was a featured speaker at "Science on Tap" in Albany.

[Mar 2019] Paper "Practical Image Obfuscation with Provable Privacy" was accepted by IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME) 2019.

[Nov 2018] Dr. Fan was a featured speaker at the Westlake International Forum on Cyber Security Research in Hangzhou.

[Oct 2018] Research topic "Big Spatial Data" in Frontiers in Big Data journal is online. Submissions are welcome!

[Sep 2018] Journal paper "Optimal group route query: Finding itinerary for group of users in spatial databases" was accepted by Geoinformatica (impact factor 2.091). It is an extension of our SSTD 2017 paper, selected as one of the four best papers at SSTD 2017.

[Sep 2018] Dr. Fan gave an invited talk on "Image Pixelization with Differential Privacy" at the IEEE Symposium on Privacy-Aware Computing.

[Jul 2018] Dr. Fan gave an invited talk on "Image Publication with Differential Privacy" at Google Zurich.

[May 2018] Dr. Fan received the SOB Junior Faculty Research Award.

[May 2018] Paper "Image Pixelization with Differential Privacy" was accepted at DBSec 2018 (Full Paper, acceptance rate = 32%).

[Apr 2018] Paper "Time Series Sanitization with Metric-based Privacy" was accepted at IEEE Big Data 2018 (Work in Progress track).

[Mar 2018] Dr. Fan received an NSF CRII award for Image Data Publication with Differential Privacy. UAlbany News coverage.

[Mar 2018] Dr. Fan received the SOB Dean's Research Award with Dr. Lisa Baranik for our collaborative study on Albany's refugee community.

[Feb 2018] Paper "Traffic Accident Detection with Spatiotemporal Impact Measurement" was accepted at PAKDD 2018 (Long Paper, acceptance rate = 10%).

[Nov 2017] Dr. Fan gave a talk "Temporal Signature for Location Similarity" at LocalRec workshop @ ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017.

[Aug 2017] Dr. Fan gave an invited talk on "Individual Sequence Data Sanitization" at HotPrivacy workshop @ IEEE PAC 2017.

[May 2017] Paper "Multi-User Itinerary Planning for Optimal Group Preference" was accepted at SSTD 2017.

[Mar 2017] Journal paper "A Real-Time Framework for Task Assignment in Hyperlocal Spatial Crowdsourcing" was accepted by ACM TIST (2016 impact factor 3.19).

[Feb 2017] Dr. Fan received a UAlbany FRAP-A award for faculty research support during 05/01/2017 - 04/31/2019.