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Hi, I'm Natacha. How do you like my web page at UNC Charlotte! I'm currently in my second semester as a student in the Technical/Professional Writing graduate certificate program. These are my current classes: Writing User Documents, Editing Tech Documents, and New Media: Gender, Culture Technology. I'll be adding content related to my coursework (and anything else that comes up) throughout the semester.

Spring 2018 Projects

   Final Portfolio for Writing User Documents

   Video for New Media: Gender, Culture, Technology
   Video Sources

Past Courses

Information Design & Digital Publishing (English 4182/5182-090)   Helvetica Discussion   Type    Brandi McLean's Page    InDesign Table    Digital Graffiti    Picture Frame    Final Designs for Portfolio
The Rhetoric of Technology (ENGL 6008/MALS 6000)   Winner Discussion    Tech Story   The Rhetoric of Benjamin Franklin's Technology
Technical/Professional Writing (ENGL 6116)

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Net Stuff

History and road signs
Net neutrality?













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