ITSC 8665

Graduate Teaching Seminar

Participants I: PhD students supported by GAANN Fellowship.

Participants II: PhD students not supported by GAANN.


Course Objectives

This course guides you through a Teaching Experience that is meant to inform and prepare you for careers in the professoriate. GAANN Fellows are required to successfully complete four semesters of this course, as well as all other activities related to the Teaching Experience. All other PhD students are encouraged to complete two semesters of this course.

Also, all students taking the course are required to build their TEACHING PORTFOLIOS which should document the development of knowledge and skills about teaching and learning over time as well as personal responses to classroom experiences. The portfolios may include course syllabi, statement of teaching philosophy, assignments, examples of student work and course evaluations, and reflections on steps taken to enhance teaching effectiveness. The portfolio should provide a way for PhD students to present a portrait of themselves as teachers for personal development as well as to provide a core of material to be used in their future applications for faculty positions, as increasingly, teaching portfolios are a required part of application processes at many institutions.

Experimental Classroom at UNC-Charlotte

Experimental Classroom at UNC-Charlotte

Student Presentations:

All students are required to read one paper in teaching area and present it in a class. Another option is to attend one of the workshops organized by UNCC Assessment Academy [] and present in a class what it covered
Papers, for instance, can be chosen from the journals listed below. They have to be approved by ITSC 8665 instructor. Papers presented either at the Fall'14 GAANN seminar or Spring'15 GAANN seminar or Fall'15 GAANN seminar or Sping'16 GAANN seminar are excluded.

Class meetings:

August 25 (short meeting), September 8, September 15, 29, October 6, 20, November 3, 10, December 1

Time: 14:00 - 15:15pm
Location: Woodward 130

To Complete the Seminar Class:

1. Present a paper
2. Attend all meetings
3. Build your own website which has sections on teaching/research/service

Instructor:       Zbigniew W. Ras

Office: Location: Woodward Hall 430C
Telephone: 704-687-8574

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