4190875 47434837 2006-04-07T17:55:16Z Eskimbot 477460 Robot: Fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[Cerberus (Cardcaptor Sakura)]] Methoxycarbonyl methyl carbonate 4190916 41129699 2006-02-25T06:00:07Z Choess 245519 #REDIRECT [[Dimethyl dicarbonate]] Image:Nesquik Logo.jpg 4190940 125322833 2007-04-23T23:02:58Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Renaming non-free template "logo" per [[Wikipedia:Non-free content/templates]]. == Summary == [[Nestle Nesquik]] logo image Source: [http://www.vending.ee/upload/pildid/Tooted/nesquikLOGO_thumb.jpg] == Licensing == {{Non-free logo|food and drink logos}} Bobby Leonard 4190963 236783982 2008-09-07T03:12:10Z Mlaffs 5875630 disambiguation '''William Robert "Slick" Leonard''' (born [[July 17]] [[1932]], in [[Terre Haute, Indiana]]) is a former professional [[basketball]] player and coach. A 6'3" 185-lb guard, Leonard played high school basketball at Terre Haute Gerstmeyer High School, where he excelled as a tennis player, as well. He played collegiate basketball at [[Indiana University]], and was selected with the first pick of the second round of the [[1954 NBA Draft]]. He spent most of his seven-year professional playing career with the [[Los Angeles Lakers|Lakers]] (four years in [[Minneapolis, Minnesota|Minneapolis]], and one year following the team's move to [[Los Angeles, California|Los Angeles]]), followed by two years with the [[Washington Wizards|Chicago Packers/Zephyrs]]). In his final season as a player, he also [[player-coach|coached]] the Zephyrs. The next year, the team moved to [[Baltimore, Maryland|Baltimore]]; Leonard coached them for one more year. In 1969, Leonard became the coach of the [[American Basketball Association]]'s [[Indiana Pacers]], a position he held for nearly 12 years &ndash; the last four after the franchise moved to the [[NBA]]. Leonard led the Pacers to three ABA championships before the league's merger with the NBA. Leonard returned to the Pacers in 1985 as a color commentator, first for television (WXIN-59 & WTTV-4), then on radio, where he remains alongside Mark Boyle on [[WIBC (FM)|WIBC]] 1070-AM. His trademark phrase (for successful three-point shots) is "Boom, Baby!" == External links == *[http://www.basketball-reference.com/coaches/leonasl01c.html Basketball-Reference.com: Slick Leonard (as coach)] *[http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/leonasl01.html Basketball-Reference.com: Slick Leonard (as player)] *[http://www.remembertheaba.com/TributeMaterial/Leonard.html Remember the ABA: Slick Leonard] {{start box}} {{succession box | title=[[Washington Wizards|Chicago Zephyrs/Baltimore Bullets]] Head Coach | before=[[Jack McMahon]]| years=1963&ndash;1964| after= [[Buddy Jeannette]] }} {{succession box | title=[[Indiana Pacers]] Head Coach | before=[[Larry Staverman]]| years=1968&ndash;1980| after= [[Jack McKinney (basketball)|Jack McKinney]] }} {{end box}} {{1954 NBA Draft}} {{WizardsCoach}} {{Indiana Pacers}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Leonard, Slick}} [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:1932 births]] [[Category:American basketball coaches]] [[Category:American basketball players]] [[Category:Indiana Hoosiers men's basketball players]] [[Category:Baltimore Bullets (1947-1955) draft picks]] [[Category:Minneapolis Lakers players]] [[Category:Los Angeles Lakers players]] [[Category:Chicago Packers expansion draft picks]] [[Category:Chicago Packers players]] [[Category:Chicago Zephyrs players]] [[Category:Chicago Zephyrs coaches]] [[Category:Baltimore Bullets coaches]] [[Category:Indiana Pacers coaches]] [[Category:Player-coaches]] [[Category:National Basketball Association broadcasters]] [[fr:Bob Leonard]] Rugby Union World Cup 2007 - Americas qualification 4190983 53390418 2006-05-15T21:23:44Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Rugby World Cup 2007 - Americas qualification" +"2007 Rugby World Cup - Americas qualification" #REDIRECT [[2007 Rugby World Cup - Americas qualification]] Fellowship of Congregational Churches 4190998 225527672 2008-07-14T04:08:37Z Johnpacklambert 2308770 /* External links */ The '''Fellowship of Congregational Churches''' is a conservative [[Congregational church|Congregational]] [[Christian denomination|denomination]] in [[Australia]]. It was formed by the forty congregations of the [[Congregational Union of Australia]] who chose not to join the [[Uniting Church in Australia]] in 1977. The Fellowship of Congregational Churches was declared to be the legal successor of the Congregational Union of Australia by [[Act of Parliament|Act]] of the [[New South Wales Parliament]]. <!----!>.http://members.ozemail.com.au/~fcccong/whoweare.html<!----> Some [[Ecumenism|ecumenically]] minded congregations left the Fellowship of Congregational Churches in 1995 and formed the [[Congregational Federation of Australia]]. Rev. [[Fred Nile]] is a well known member of the Fellowship of Congregational Churches. ==References== *{{cite web | author=Local Ecumenism Working Group, NSW Ecumenical Council| year=2000| title=The Congregational Federation of NSW | format=htm | work=When Churches Join - 6. General Documents | url=http://nat.uca.org.au/cunity/churchesjoin/cjgeneraldocs/localecumenismkit/cjlocalecukit25app2_2.htm | accessdate=2006-04-18}} ==External links== *[http://www.fcc-cong.org/ Official Fellowship of Congregational Churches website] *[http://www.wecf-cong.org/ World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship] *[http://www.padstowcong.com/ Padstow Congregational Church - Sydney Australia] [[Category:Christianity in Australia]] [[Category:Congregationalism]] [[Category:Congregationalist denominations]] [[Category:Calvinism]] [[Category:Protestantism]] [[Category:Uniting Church in Australia]] [[Category:Religious organizations established in 1977]] {{Australia-org-stub}} {{Christian-denomination-stub}} Minimum Age (Sea) Convention (Revised) 4191034 41131208 2006-02-25T06:14:51Z Bookandcoffee 149887 #REDIRECT[[Minimum Age (Sea) Convention (Revised), 1936]] #REDIRECT[[Minimum Age (Sea) Convention (Revised), 1936]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Qadr 4191084 41979682 2006-03-03T00:40:35Z Mailer diablo 131286 Closing debate; result was delete <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''delete'''. [[User:Mailer diablo|Mailer Diablo]] 00:40, 3 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[Qadr]]=== '''Delete''', nothing worth merging with [[Al-Qadr]] [[User:Xorkl000|Xorkl000]] 06:21, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per nom. [[User:PJM|PJM]] 17:50, 25 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' does nothing to aid a reader's understanding of the word [[User:Green Giant|Green Giant]] 01:30, 26 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' &mdash; advocacy with no critical analysis. &mdash; [[User:RJHall|RJH]] 02:28, 26 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' with redirect to [[Qadar]] (if you look at the author's note, "(Qadr (destiny) is one of the six articles of Islamic faith)" it's a reference to [[Qadar]]), or a disambiguation page for [[Qadar]] and [[Al-Qadr]] [[User:Schizombie|Schizombie]] 04:09, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per nom.--<font color="#4b0082">'''[[User:Mitsukai|み使い]]''' </font>'''''[[User_talk:Mitsukai|Mitsukai]]''''' 01:55, 2 March 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Tax-advantaged 4191124 41132705 2006-02-25T06:29:10Z Markles 195596 #Redirect [[tax advantage]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Rykiri Uchiha 4191158 41979923 2006-03-03T00:42:29Z Mailer diablo 131286 Closing debate; result was delete <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''delete'''. [[User:Mailer diablo|Mailer Diablo]] 00:42, 3 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[Rykiri_Uchiha]]=== Original fan material - [[User:CNichols|CNichols]] 06:34, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Kill the fancruft!'''--<font color="#4b0082">'''[[User:Mitsukai|み使い]]''' </font>'''''[[User_talk:Mitsukai|Mitsukai]]''''' 06:41, 25 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' more fancruft [[User Talk:JzG|Just zis <span style="border: 1px; border-style:solid; padding:0px 2px 2px 2px; color:white; background-color:darkblue; font-weight:bold">Guy</span> you know?]] 14:47, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. Mmmm....crufty-licious. [[User:PJM|PJM]] 16:24, 25 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Speedy Delete''' for similar reasons as [[Ryku_Uchiha]] below. [[User:Green Giant|Green Giant]] 02:20, 26 February 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Category:Olympic competitors for Albania 4191191 242317395 2008-10-01T19:38:16Z MenoBot 4899266 robot Adding: [[ja:Category:アルバニアのオリンピック選手]] [[Category:Albanian sportspeople]] [[Category:Olympic competitors by country|Albania]] [[Category:Albania at the Olympics|Competitors]] {{parent category}} [[ja:Category:アルバニアのオリンピック選手]] Warner bros. studio stores 4191212 161978438 2007-10-03T09:11:59Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"The Warner Bros. Studio Store" +"Warner Bros. Studio Store" #REDIRECT [[Warner Bros. Studio Store]] EuroStoxx 50 4191243 201572432 2008-03-28T13:43:04Z タチコマ robot 421426 Robot: Fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50]] Maternity Protection Convention (Revised), 1952 4191298 184687510 2008-01-16T08:10:26Z SkierRMH 2618808 clean up and re-categorisation per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] , replaced: Category:International Labour Organization Conventions → Category:International Labour Organization conventions using [[Project:AutoWikiB {{Infobox ILO convention |code= C103 |name= Maternity Protection Convention (Revised), 1952 |adopt= [[June 28]], [[1952]] |force= [[September 7]], [[1955]] |classify= Maternity Benefit <br> Maternity Protection |subject= Maternity Protection |prev= [[Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952]] |next= [[Abolition of Penal Sanctions (Indigenous Workers) Convention, 1955 (shelved)]] |shelved= }} '''Maternity Protection Convention (Revised), 1952''' is an [[International Labour Organization]] [[International Labour Organization#International Labour Conference|Convention]]. It was established in 1952, with the preamble stating: <blockquote>Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to maternity protection,...{{ref|ILO}}</blockquote> <br style="clear: both"> == Modification == This Convention revised [[Maternity Protection Convention, 1919|Convention C3]] and was subsequently revised in 2000 by [[Maternity Protection Convention, 2000|Convention C183]]. == Ratifications== {| class="infobox bordered" style="width: 50em; text-align: left; font-size: 95%;" |+ style="font-size: larger;" | '''The following countries have ratified this Convention:''' |- ! Country ! Date ! Notes |- | | |} <br style="clear: both"> == References == #{{note|ILO}} - ILO [http://www.ilo.org/ilolex/english/convdisp1.htm Convention C103] == External links == *[http://www.ilo.org/ www.ilo.org/] official ILO site. [[Category:International Labour Organization conventions|Maternity]] {{International-law-stub}} Peter Mueller (skater) 4191340 218882104 2008-06-12T16:18:54Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Moving category American coaches to American sports coaches per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 May 28]]. {{MedalTop}} {{MedalSport | Men’s [[Speed skating at the Winter Olympics|Speed Skating]]}} {{MedalGold |[[1976 Winter Olympics|1976 Innsbruck]] | 1,000 m}} {{MedalBottom}} '''Peter Alan Mueller''' (born [[27 July]] [[1954]] in [[Madison, Wisconsin]], [[United States]]) is a former [[speed skating|speed skater]] and currently a speed skating [[coach (sports)|coach]]. Peter Mueller was the first Olympic Champion on the 1000&nbsp;m, when this distance was introduced at the [[1976 Winter Olympics]] in [[Innsbruck]]. More international successes followed at the [[World Sprint Speed Skating Championships|World Sprint Championships]], where he won bronze in 1976 and silver in 1977. His last appearance as a speed skater was at the [[1980 Winter Olympics]] in [[Lake Placid, New York|Lake Placid]], where he placed 5th in the 1000&nbsp;m, 1.93 seconds behind the winning time of [[Eric Heiden]]. == Coaching == After ending his speed skating career, Mueller became a very successful skating coach. He was the coach of [[Bonnie Blair]] when she won two gold medals at the [[1992 Winter Olympics]], [[Dan Jansen]] when he won gold at the [[1994 Winter Olympics]], [[Marianne Timmer]] (two gold medals) and [[Jan Bos]] (silver) at the [[1998 Winter Olympics]], and [[Gianni Romme]] (silver) at the [[2002 Winter Olympics]]. In addition, several speed skaters winning a total of five World Sprint Championships, one [[World Allround Speed Skating Championships|World Allround Championships]], and one [[European Speed Skating Championships|European Allround Championships]] titles were also coached by him. Since the 2003/2004 season, Mueller is the coach of the [[Norway|Norwegian]] team. He quickly added to his impressive list of successes as a coach when, at the [[World Single Distance Championships]] of 2005 in [[Inzell]], [[Even Wetten]] (on the 1000&nbsp;m) and [[Rune Stordal]] (on the 1500&nbsp;m) became World Champions. == Private life == Mueller was married to American speed skater [[Leah Poulos]], two times World Sprint Champion and three times Olympic silver medalist, and had two children. Later, he married [[Netherlands|Dutch]] speed skater [[Marianne Timmer]]. He and Timmer are now divorced. An autobiography, called ''Op dun ijs'' ("On thin ice"), was published in the Netherlands in 2006. == References == *[http://www.skateresults.com/skater/show/753 Peter Mueller at SkateResults.com] *[http://www.fotos.desg.de/athletes.php?showAthletes=all&id=1688 Photos of Peter Mueller] <br /> {{Footer Olympic Champions 1000m Speed Skating Men}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Mueller, Peter}} [[Category:1954 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:People from Madison, Wisconsin]] [[Category:American speed skaters]] [[Category:Olympic speed skaters of the United States]] [[Category:Speed skaters at the 1976 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Speed skaters at the 1980 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Winter Olympics medalists]] [[Category:American sports coaches]] [[de:Peter Mueller (Eisschnellläufer)]] [[nl:Peter Mueller]] [[no:Peter Mueller]] Empire Air Force Station 4191380 205787428 2008-04-15T14:06:22Z XLinkBot 6163802 BOT--Reverting edits by [[:en:Special:Contributions/|]] to revision 149271016 (groups\.yahoo\.com) '''Empire Air Force Station''' is a former [[United States Air Force]] [[Aerospace Defense Command]] (ADC) long range radar site located about a mile south of [[Empire, Michigan]]. The radar site was operated by the 752nd Aircraft Control and Warning (AC&W) squadron, starting in late [[1951]]. The unit operated and maintained an AN/CPS-6B radar at this site. In [[1958]] this radar was replaced by an AN/FPS-6. A second height-finder radar arrived a year later. In [[1960]] Empire site began operating an AN/FPS-7 radar, and joined the SAGE system. One of the AN/FPS-6 height-finder radars was supplanted by an AN/FPS-26A in [[1963]]. In [[1964]] Empire site became an ADC/FAA ([[Federal Aviation Administration]]) Joint Surveillance System (JSS) site. The 752nd Radar Squadron (SAGE) was deactivated in April [[1978]], and the AN/FPS-26A height-finder was decommissioned in this time frame. The FAA assumed control of the radar operations area except for the AN/FPS-6 height-finder radar (now modified to the AN/FPS-116 variant). The [[National Park Service]] assumed control of the rest of the property. Circa [[1980]] or [[1981]], the AN/FPS-7 search radar was replaced by an FAA model ARSR-3 search radar. The AN/FPS-116 height-finder radar was removed circa [[1988]]. The ARSR-3 was replaced by an ARSR-4 in the late 1990’s. Many of the veterans of this site still reside in the area and in [[Traverse City]], Michigan, approximately 26 miles east of Empire. The museum in Empire has a full history of the air station, including a historical marker and the original rock marker for the Dining Hall on display. Reunions are held annually for the veterans of Empire AFS. ==References== {{reflist}} == External links == * [http://radomes.org/museum/thumbs.php?pic=EmpireAFSMI&site=Empire+AFS,+MI Photos of Empire AFS, MI] * [http://radomes.org/museum/documents.php?doc=EmpireAFSMI&site=Empire+AFS,+MI Documents relating to Empire AFS, MI] * [http://radomes.org/museum/recent/EmpireAFSMI.html Recent Photos of Empire AFS] * [http://radomes.org/museum/maps/EmpireAFSMI.jpg Map of Empire AFS] * [http://radomes.org/museum/scripts/acwhistory.cgi?site=Empire+AFS,+MI Empire AFB Site History] {{Geolinks-US-cityscale|44.801944|-86.051389}} [[Category:SAGE sites]] [[Category:Closed facilities of the United States Air Force]] LA air raid 4191409 150136032 2007-08-09T07:12:54Z Stemonitis 156441 redir. to [[Battle of Los Angeles]] #REDIRECT [[Battle of Los Angeles]] {{R from alternative name}} Image:Tmnet.gif 4191447 125323618 2007-04-23T23:05:36Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Renaming non-free template "logo" per [[Wikipedia:Non-free content/templates]]. == Summary == TMnet corporate's logo == Licensing == {{Non-free logo}} Category:Children of Presidents of the United States 4191481 235504757 2008-09-01T02:37:35Z Good Olfactory 6454287 close as keep {{catmore|List of children of the Presidents of the United States}} {{Commons cat|Children of Presidents of the United States}} [[Category:American children]] [[Category:Presidents of the United States|*Children]] [[Category:Children of national leaders|United States]] [[simple:Category:Children of Presidents of the United States]] [[fi:Luokka:Yhdysvaltain presidenttien lapset]] Image:Danielhobbs.jpg 4191522 129241375 2007-05-08T14:15:47Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == Picture of Daniel Hobbs, taken by Daniel Hobbs. Owned by Daniel Hobbs. == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Down to the Bone (film) 4191560 203783773 2008-04-06T17:07:45Z SmackBot 433328 Date the maintenance tags or general fixes {{Notability|fiction|date=April 2008}} <!-- Unsourced image removed: [[Image:Vera2.jpg|right|thumb|Down to the Bone poster]] --> '''''Down to the Bone''''' is a 2005 [[independent film]] drama, starring [[Vera Farmiga]], who received a "Best Actress" award from the [[Los Angeles Film Critics Association]] for the role. The film, which addresses the effects of drug addiction, was directed and co-written by [[Debra Granik]]. ''Down to the Bone'' is Granik's first feature film. ==External links== * {{imdb title|id=0363579|title=Down to the Bone}} * [http://www.downtothebonethefilm.com Official Film Website] [[Category:Sundance Film Festival award winners]] {{indie-film-stub}} [[de:Down to the Bone (Film)]] Korean names 4191586 41139112 2006-02-25T07:45:36Z Randwicked 73688 redirect #Redirect [[Korean name]] Image:Whitegirl.jpg 4191613 206774702 2008-04-19T22:28:17Z SkierRMH 2618808 adding [[WP:FURG|FUR]] using [[User:AWeenieMan/furme|FURME]] == Summary == {{album cover fur | Article = Trapped in the Body of a White Girl | Use = Infobox <!-- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION --> | Name = Trapped in the Body of a White Girl | Artist = [[Julie Brown]] | Label = [[Sire Records|Sire]] | Graphic Artist = | Item = | Type = album | Website = | Owner = | Commentary = <!--OVERRIDE FIELDS --> | Description = | Source = | Portion = | Low_resolution = | Purpose = <!--Must be specified if Use is not Infobox / Header / Section / Artist--> | Replaceability = | other_information = }} Cover of album "Trapped in the Body of a White Girl" by Julie Brown == Licensing == {{Non-free album cover}} List of Digimon Frontier episodes 4191632 240806519 2008-09-25T01:55:31Z /* Episodes */ This is a '''list of episodes from the anime series [[Digimon Frontier]]'''. The season aired 50 episodes on [[Fuji TV]] in [[Japan]] from April 7, 2002 to March 30, 2003, then later on [[UPN]] and [[ABC Family Channel]] in the [[United States]], and in [[Canada]] on [[YTV (TV channel)|YTV]] from September 9, 2002 to July 14, 2003. It was scheduled to air in the [[United Kingdom]] on [[Fox Kids]] UK, but it never happened (a fate shared by Season Three of [[Sailor Moon]] (Sailor Moon S)). On the 27th of February 2007, this series of Digimon was first aired in [[Australia]] on [[Toasted TV]] despite that it was already shown on [[Cheez TV]] in 2003. <!-- For help with editing this article please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template_talk:Japanese_episode_list --> ==Episodes== {|class="wikitable" width="98%" style="background: #FFFFFF;" |- style="border-bottom:3px solid #FFA040" ! Ep# !! English title (top)<br />Japanese title (bottom) !! Original<br />air date !! English<br />air date {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=01 |EnglishTitle=All Aboard |JapaneseTitle=The Legendary Warrior! [[Agunimon|Agunimon]] of Fire |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-04-07]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-09-09]] |ShortSummary=After [[Takuya Kanbara]] receives instructions from a cell phone to take a ride on a train unlike our world's, he ends up in the Digital World with three other kids: [[J. P. Shibayama]], [[Zoe Orimoto]], and [[Tommy Himi]], along with two odd Digimon [[Bokomon]] and [[Neemon]]. When [[Cerberumon]] attacks at the train station, can Takuya get the courage to use the Human Spirit of Flame, [[Agunimon]], to defeat him? }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=02 |EnglishTitle=Lobomon, Warrior of Light |JapaneseTitle=Wolfmon of Light, the Battle in the Underground Labyrinth |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-04-14]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-09-16]] |ShortSummary=While looking for a way back home, J.P. and Tommy run into a lot of [[Pagumon]] who chase them down because of J.P.'s chocolate. After [[Koji Minamoto]] rescues them in an underground labyrinth, one Pagumon transforms into a [[Raremon]], but even Agunimon isn't enough to defeat him. Koji finds the Human Spirit of Light, [[Lobomon]], and prepares for the true fight. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=03 |EnglishTitle=Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire |JapaneseTitle=Don't allow Bullying! Evolution of Chakmon of Ice |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-04-21]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-09-23]] |ShortSummary=On their way to the Forest Terminal, the gang (minus Koji) is ambushed by a large group of Candlemon, who try to fry them. Agunimon isn't even able to stop them with fire, but just when it looks like things are over for him, Tommy's courage to help summons the Human Spirit of Ice, [[Kumamon]]. Unfortunately, a [[Wizardmon]] starts harassing Agunimon, but with Kumamon's help, Wizardmon is defeated and the Candlemon tribe apologize for the fight. With the fractal code taken from Wizardmon, Takuya repairs the bridge for the Forest Terminal. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=04 |EnglishTitle=Kazemon Kicks It |JapaneseTitle=My Painful Kick! Female Warrior Fairymon! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-04-28]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-09-30]] |ShortSummary=Takuya, Tommy, Zoe and J.P. follow a rail-road track to the Forest Terminal. The track eventually splits; Zoe and J.P. go left while Takuya and Tommy go right. Zoe and J.P. meet a friendly village full of Floramon who are constantly harassed by the [[Mushroomon|Mushroomon Brothers]] who have been taken over by evil. In the midst of an argument, Zoe finds her Spirit of Wind and digivolves to [[Kazemon]]. A battle begins but Kazemon is eventually defeated when the Mushroomon digivolve to [[Woodmon]] and Lobomon saves the day. Woodmon's fractal code turn the Floramon's village back to normal and the Mushroomon and Floramon are back in harmony. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=05 |EnglishTitle=Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon |JapaneseTitle=Thunder Power Shaking the Ground - Blitzmon! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-05-05]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-10-07]] |ShortSummary=The group (minus Koji again) stumble across a wind factory, run by Kokuwamon, Goblimon and [[Minomon]]. The group take a tour of the factory hoping to find some food. Later the Kokuwamon tell the group that the Goblimon kidnapped them to work in their factory under the command of an evil [[Snimon]]. The group make a plan to destroy the wind factory so the Kokuwamon can be free (minus J.P.; he doesn't have his spirit yet). The plan backfires and the group is almost defeated when J.P. finds his spirit in the heart of the factory and evolves to [[Beetlemon]]. Beetlemon defeats Snimon and takes its fractal code. The Kokuwamon are free again. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=06 |EnglishTitle=A Molehill Out Of a Mountain |JapaneseTitle=The 5 Legendary warriors vs a new warrior! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-05-12]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-10-14]] |ShortSummary=When looking for food [[Takuya Kanbara|Takuya]], [[Tommy Himi|Tommy]], [[Zoe Orimoto|Zoe]] and [[J. P. Shibayama|J.P.]] come across [[KaratsukiNumemon]] who ask for their help in exchange for food. They take the challenge and take a train up a cliff to the homes of the KaratsukiNumemon. The group meet up with [[Koji Minamoto|Koji]] whilst at the homes and they all try to work together to free the female KaratsukiNumemon. [[Grumblemon]] appears and takes on [[Agunimon]], [[Lobomon]], [[Kumamon]], [[Kazemon]] and [[Beetlemon]]. Grumblemon then slide evolves to [[Gigasmon]]. Beetlemon attacks Gigasmon but results in the fractal code of the mountain being shown and swallowed by Gigasmon. The group (including Bokomon and Neemon) fall from the cliff. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=07 |EnglishTitle=Island Of Misfit Boys |JapaneseTitle=Town floating in the sky! Toy Country of [[ToyAgumon]] |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-05-19]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-10-21]] |ShortSummary=The group is separated from the fall. Takuya, Koji and Tommy in one group and Zoe, J.P., Bokomon and Neemon in another. Takuya's group land on a moving toy island home to [[Monzaemon]], [[Pandamon]] and a large group of evil [[ShadowToyAgumon]]. Monzaemon kidnaps Tommy and Takuya with Koji try to bring him back with the help of Pandamon. Agunimon and Lobomon take out the ToyAgumon and free Tommy (who was just playing video games with Monzaemon). ShadowToyAgumon are purified and revert back to [[ToyAgumon]]. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=08 |EnglishTitle=The Odd One Out |JapaneseTitle=Save everyone! Evolve [[Tsunomon]] |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-05-26]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-10-28]] |ShortSummary=Zoe, J.P., [[Bokomon]] and [[Neemon]] come across a Digimon School run by a [[Togemon]]. One of the pupils, [[Tsunomon]] is having a hard time fitting in because he can digivolve to [[Gabumon]]. When a flash flood heads straight for the school, Kazemon and Beetlemon make a barrier but [[Kapurimon]] is thrown into the water. Tsunomon digivolves to [[Gabumon]] to save him and becomes a role model for all the other students. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=09 |EnglishTitle=Welcome to My Nightmare |JapaneseTitle=Bakumon is the Enemy!? The Mysterious TV Forest |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-06-02]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-11]] |ShortSummary=The group (including Koji) reunite and camp in the mysterious TV Forest. They are harassed by an evil [[Bakumon]] which turns Tommy against all the others. He attacks them as Kumamon but is eventually turned back to normal when Agunimon purifies Bakumon to its original state. Koji gets a message on his D-Tector indicating that his Beast Spirit is near. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=10 |EnglishTitle=Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down |JapaneseTitle=Uncontrollable Beast Spirit! [[KendoGarurumon|Garmmon's]] Evolution |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-06-09]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-12]] |ShortSummary=Koji looks for his Beast Spirit with Bokomon and Neemon following. They come across a Gotsumon village, who are terrorised by [[Grumblemon]]/[[Gigasmon]]. Lobomon confronts Grumblemon and a battle ensues. The rest show up and in the fight, Zoe loses her spirit to Gigasmon. Koji's Beast Spirit appears and he digivolves to [[KendoGarurumon]] and supposedly defeats Gigasmon. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=11 |EnglishTitle=A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon |JapaneseTitle=Defeat Me! Legendary Warrior Vritramon Runs Wild |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-06-16]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-13]] |ShortSummary=Bokomon takes the group to a fortune telling village to meet Shamanmon. Shamanmon tells the future of the group as Grumblemon shows up with his new hench-digimon, [[Golemon]]. Tommy loses his spirit to Grumblemon. Shamanmon is possessed by the Beast Spirit of Fire and attacks Golemon, Grumblemon, KendoGarurumon, Agunimon and the rest. The spirit then takes over Takuya who is now consumed by the Spirit. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=12 |EnglishTitle=Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles |JapaneseTitle=Roar, Vritramon! Defeat [[Grumblemon#Gigasmon|Gigasmon]]! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-06-23]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-14]] |ShortSummary=Takuya controls his Beast Spirit thanks to Tommy and go on the hunt for Grumblemon. Grumblemon evolves to Gigasmon and kidnaps Tommy but Takuya uses the Beast Spirit of Fire to evolve to [[BurningGreymon]]. Gigasmon loses in a match and BurningGreymon receives Tommy's spirit and Gigasmon's spirit but Grumblemon awakens before he can retrieve Zoe's. [[Ranamon]], [[Mercurymon]], [[Arbormon]] and [[Duskmon]] appear as the remaining legendary warriors. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=13 |EnglishTitle=Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell |JapaneseTitle=[[Seraphimon]] Awakens! Secret of the Ten Warriors |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-06-30]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-15]] |ShortSummary=The group make it to the Forest Terminal and encounter [[Sorcerymon]] who leads them to a frozen [[Seraphimon]]. Seraphimon springs to life and tells of the prophecy. [[Mercurymon]], [[Arbormon]], [[Ranamon]] and [[Grumblemon]] arrive and fight Seraphimon. Mercurymon's attack leads to the demise of Seraphimon and his fractal code stolen. They escape with Seraphimon's egg with the sacrifice of Sorcerymon. They are now heading out to find [[Ophanimon]]. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=14 |EnglishTitle=No Whamon |JapaneseTitle=Rock Breaking Thunder! [[MetalKabuterimon|Bolgmon's]] Do-or-Die Challenge" |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-07-14]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-18]] |ShortSummary=[[Trailmon]] takes the kids to an underwater cave where they meet a Whamon who was stuck here due to the likes of Grumblemon. When fighting Grumblemon and [[Petaldramon]], the Beast Spirit of Thunder appears and J.P. evolves to [[J. P. Shibayama|MetalKabuterimon]]. He defeats Grumblemon for good and thanks to Whamon they are free of the cave. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=15 |EnglishTitle=Beastie Girl |JapaneseTitle=Cool Beast Evolution! [[Ranamon#Calmaramon|Calmaramon]] |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-07-21]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-19]] |ShortSummary=The group end up on an island paradise ran by four [[Toucanmon]] who are also members of Ranamon's fan club. They steal the boys D-Tectors with Zoe the only one to digivolve. Ranamon shows up and finds her beast spirit. She Digivolves to [[Calmaramon]] but loses control when she uses her "Titanic Tempest" attack. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=16 |EnglishTitle=The Swiss Family Digimon |JapaneseTitle=Strength Does not Matter! The Beautiful Warrior, [[Zephyrmon|Shutumon]] |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-07-28]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-20]] |ShortSummary=The Toucanmon, with the boys D-Tectors flew to Goma Island. When trying to make it to the island, they are stopped by [[Gomamon]]. The Gomamon told them of the dangerous whirlpools blocking the island. Ranamon appeared and a fight between her and Kazemon brewed. Kazemon fusion evolved to Zephyrmon. The typical fight broke out but once again, Calmaramon loses control when she uses her "Titanic Tempest" attack. After some celebration, the group finds that the Toucanmon have flown the coop and have gone to the Autumn Leaf Fair. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=17 |EnglishTitle=Bizarre Bazaar |JapaneseTitle=[[Korikakumon|Blizzarmon]], Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-08-04]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-21]] |ShortSummary=The group make it to the Autumn Leaf Fair and look for the D-Tectors. Tommy finds a [[Datamon]] with them and can get them when he trades him something. Tommy takes the camera off the Toucanmon but is fooled and double-crossed when he saves their lives. Datamon gives him the D-Tectors anyway and programmed his Beast Spirit of Ice in his D-Tector to become [[Korikakumon]]. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=18 |EnglishTitle=Trailmon vs. Trailmon |JapaneseTitle=Choo-Choo! The Great Trailmon Race |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-08-11]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-11-22]] |ShortSummary=A Trailmon race is about to begin but due to the appearance of [[ShadowWereGarurumon]] and [[Dogmon]] the other Trailmon don't have partners. Takuya, Zoe, J.P., Tommy and Koji jump on the Trailmon as replacements. Due to ShadowWereGarurumon's foul play, Zoe, J.P., Tommy and Koji are disqualified from the race but when Takuya digivolves to [[Agunimon]], he and his Trailmon win. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=19 |EnglishTitle=You Want Fries With That? |JapaneseTitle=Save the Burgermon! Tomoki's Pure Heart! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-08-18]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-12-16]] |ShortSummary=[[Petaldramon]] raids the Burgermon village and captures the best cook in the village. The Group try to save him but Zoe, J.P. and Tommy are captured by [[Chamelemon]] but quickly escape, free the Burgermon and his children and destroy the Petaldramon's mansion. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=20 |EnglishTitle=From Dawn to Duskmon |JapaneseTitle=Mystery Warrior Hidden in Darkness, Duskmon! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-08-25]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-12-17]] |ShortSummary=The Legendary Warriors travel into the Dark Continent and are confronted by [[Arbormon]] who slide evolves to [[Petaldramon]]. The Legendary Warriors defeat Petaldramon and take the Beast Spirit of Wood. [[Duskmon]] the Tainted Warrior of Darkness shows up and kills Arbormon as he is in no use without his beast spirit. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=21 |EnglishTitle=Darkest Before Duskmon |JapaneseTitle=Total Destruction of 5 Fighters!? Terrifying Dark Power |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-09-01]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-12-18]] |ShortSummary=Duskmon defeats all Legendary Warriors with most in their Beast Spirit forms so they decide to regroup and plan out their attack. When their plan comes to motion, Duskmon appears and absorbs all their attacks and Koji is seriously injured. Takuya hops on a Trailmon and returns home. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=22 |EnglishTitle=Home Again, Takuya Returns |JapaneseTitle=My home! Takuya's Lonely Return |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-09-08]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2002-12-19]] |ShortSummary=Feeling sad, [[Takuya Kambara|Takuya]] returns home. However he comes back on the day he left for the digital world. He finds himself as a digimon still. He tries to stop the Takuya that is going to the train station from going to the digital world. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=23 |EnglishTitle=Sockit Takuya |JapaneseTitle=Feel the Power of Digimon! Takuya's Full-Body Strategy |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-09-15]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-10]] |ShortSummary=Takuya returns back to the digital world. However he can't find anyone. Meanwhile, J.P, Zoe and Tommy have been kidnapped by Mercurymon and Ranamon. Ranamon uses tickle torture to try to make them tell where Takuya and Koji are. Koji appears and fights the two evil legendary warriors. Takuya runs into Bokomon and Neemon and Sepikmon. Sepikmon befriends them and uses his boomerang to lead them to the others. When they reach them, Takuya,Koji, J.P, Zoe and Tommy use the power of nature and defeat Mercurimon and Ranamon }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=24 |EnglishTitle=Alone But Never Alone |JapaneseTitle=Confrontation, [[Volcamon]]! [[J. P. Shibayama|Junpei's]] Battle with his Past" |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-09-22]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-11]] |ShortSummary=When they are reunited J.P says he'll lead the way. However, later they get stuck in a large digimon. J.P is alone in the Earth Sphere and encounters Volcamon. Volcamon tries to hurt J.P. emotionally, to get his spirits. J.P. evolves to Beetlemon and destroys the walking volcano. But J.P's shadow keeps talking to him doing the same thing as Volcamon. However he then takes a physical form. He makes clones of the other four but they're all calling J.P names. J.P fights and then destroys his shadow. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=25 |EnglishTitle=The Dark Heart of Friendship |JapaneseTitle=[[Tommy Himi|Tomoki's]] Loely Battle - [[Asuramon]]'s Trap |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-09-29]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-12]] |ShortSummary= Tommy enters the fire sphere where he meets [[Asuramon]]. He tells Tommy that he wants to help the boy look for the other DigiDestined, being overly friendly all the way, until Tommy realizes that his ideal of friendship doesn't work. Enraged, Asuramon burns his cloak away, revealing his true form and demands the boy hand his Spirits over. Tommy becomes [[Kumamon]] and is able to drive Asuramon over a cliff into the lava. Asuramon emerges from the lava unharmed. He is finally defeated when Kumamon changes to [[Korikakumon]] and destroyes him. [[Koji]] enters the Wind Sphere, where he encounters [[Karatenmon]], who fights him for the Light Spirits. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=26 |EnglishTitle=Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure |JapaneseTitle=Ranamon's Tenacity! Female Digimon Personal Combat |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-10-06]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-13]] |ShortSummary= Zoe is stuck in the Water Sphere, where she has a flashback about being teased and finding a new friend. She soon finds a group of [[Honeybeemon]] who are attempting to capture her for [[Ranamon]]. Ranamon later forces them to feed Zoe an apple that causes nightmarish visions. Zoe soon breaks out of the spell and Spirit Evolves into Kazemon. Both Slide Evolve into their Beast forms and Zoe defeats Ranamon. Takuya wanders into the Thunder Sphere, where he encounters [[Parrotmon]]. He Spirit Evolves into Agunimon and easily defeats him. J.P. is lost in the Wood Sphere, where he finds [[Cherrymon]]. He immediately Spirit Evolves into [[Beetlemon]], defeats Cherrymon. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=27 |EnglishTitle=Stuck In Sakkakumon With You |JapaneseTitle=Double Spirit Miracle! [[Beowulfmon]] is Born |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-10-13]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-14]] |ShortSummary=Takuya finds himself in the Ice Sphere, where he fights [[IceLeomon]]. Takuya has the chance to leave [[Mercurymon#Sakkakumon|Sakkakumon]] but chooses to look for Koji. [[Duskmon]] enters [[Mercurymon#Sakkakumon|Sakkakumon]], troubled by the fact that Koji seems so familiar to him. It is revealed that Koji's mother is dead. Koji Spirit Evolves into Lobomon and battles Duskmon, Slide Evolving into KendoGarurumon. The fight causes Seraphimon's egg to fuses Koji's two spirits, allowing Koji to Fusion Evolve into [[Beowulfmon]]. Duskmon's true form as a human is revealed briefly, before both Duskmon and Beowulfmon are blown out of [[Mercurymon#Sakkakumon|Sakkakumon]]. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=28 |EnglishTitle=Darkness Before the Dawn |JapaneseTitle=Takuya's Fusion Evolution - [[Aldamon|Ardhamon's]] Explosive Attack |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-10-20]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-17]] |ShortSummary=Takuya, still inside [[Mercurymon#Sakkakumon|Sakkakumon]], jumps through a portal which brings him to the Steel Sphere where Mercurymon's sub-conscious is located. He enters the Sphere of Light, where he fights [[Seraphimon]]'s fractal code. Mercurymon absorbs the fractal code and becomes ShadowSeraphimon. ShadowSeraphimon overpowers Takuya, forcing him back into human form. Seraphimon's Digi-Egg, outside the spheres, begins to glow and allows Takuya to Fusion Evolve into [[Aldamon]]. Takuya is then able to defeats ShadowSeraphimon/Mercurymon. Seraphimon's egg hatches and [[Patamon]] is born. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=29 |EnglishTitle=Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon |JapaneseTitle=Escape! The Phantasmagoric Sefirotmon |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-10-27]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-18]] |ShortSummary= When they think Mercurymon is defeated he returns in his beast spirit form, Sakkakumon. They attack him but he just shoots their attacks back at them. They run from him for a while but Aldamon figures out that one of his spheres never moves. He attacks him there and Mercurymon is defeated for good. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=30 |EnglishTitle=O, Brother, Who Art Thou? |JapaneseTitle=Soaring! Warrior of Darkness [[Duskmon#Velgemon|Velgmon]] |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-11-03]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-19]] |ShortSummary=As Duskmon and Beowolfmon continued to fight, Patamon was leading the rest of the gang to Koji but Cherubimon trapped them. Luckily they manage to escape by digging their way out. Meanwhile Cherubimon used Koichi's amnesia to give him his Beast Spirit which made him forget the stuff he did know. As Velgemon he tried to destroy Koji but Ophanimon stepped in to remind Koichi that Koji is his brother. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=31 |EnglishTitle=Workin' On The Train Gang |JapaneseTitle=Sleep in Darkness - The Trailmon's Graveyard |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-11-10]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-02-20]] |ShortSummary=After the gang finally get back together again Koji decides to run off after Duskmon to find out their connection and Takuya chases after him. Meanwhile Zoe J.P and Tommy decide to find some information about the Rose Morning Star and they find a Trailmon that has some information but he wants some favours doing first. He finally spills the beans and tells them that Ophanimon is being held there in a castle. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=32 |EnglishTitle=My Brother in Spirit |JapaneseTitle=The revealed Past! The Duskmon's Secret |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-10-17]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-03-24]] |ShortSummary=Duskmon didn't want to fight anymore knowing that Koji was his brother but Cherubimon turned him against him. Bokomon and Neemon were out looking for Patamon who they found along with Takuya. Velgemon found Koji and he told him that he was his brother and that his mother was in fact alive and divorced and this made Koji not want to fight him but Takuya saved the day by convincing him the only way to save him is to fight him they both fusion evolved and saved Koichi from the spirits of darkness. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=33 |EnglishTitle=Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet |JapaneseTitle=The New Warriors of Darkness! [[Loewemon|Löwemon]] & [[JagerLoewemon|Kaiser Leomon]] |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-11-24]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-03-25]] |ShortSummary=Koichi is released from the form of Velgemon and explains that he is Koji's twin and his backstory, just as Cherubimon shows up. Koichi's D-Tector appears when from a flash of light from Koji's, which purifies the Spirits of Darkness, allowing Koichi to Spirit Evolve into Loewemon, then later Slide Evolve to JagerLoewemon. Koichi easily matches Cherubimon, but it turns out it was just a copy. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=34 |EnglishTitle=Operation: Free Ophanimon |JapaneseTitle=Decisive Battle!! Rose of Venus - Ophanimon's Rescue Plan" |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-12-01]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-03-26]] |ShortSummary=The gang head to the Rose Morning Star to free Ophanimon but when they get there two [[Phantomon]] wait for them but Koichi destroys them. When they enter the castle, an [[Oryxmon]] leads them to where Ophanimon is kept and she tells the story of how Cherubimon became tainted. Cherubimon turns up and destroys Oryxmon and the gang get ready for one of the biggest battles yet. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=35 |EnglishTitle=Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution |JapaneseTitle=Turn the Spirits Into One! Takuya and Kouji's Ultimate Evolution! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-12-08]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-03-27]] |ShortSummary=The battle begins with the gang in there Human spirits forms but find there attacks are useless inside the castle so Takuya and Koji Fusion Evolve to take Cherubimon outside while the other try to free Ophanimon from her cage. Aldamon and Beowolfmon are no match for Cherubimon and he beats them and absorbs their D-tectors. Cherubimon then goes back to the castle and claims every one but Zoe's D-Tector because Ophanimon broke out of her cage to help her, she tricks Cherubimon into thinking she could help but she really steals the D-Tectors from him. Cherubimon doesn't like being tricked so he kills Ophanimon and she turns into a Digi-Egg but uses the last of her power to evolve Tayuka's and Koji's D-Tectors which they use along with the spirits of legendary warriors they defeated to evolve into [[EmperorGreymon]] and [[MagnaGarurumon]]. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=36 |EnglishTitle=Ice Ice Baby |JapaneseTitle=The Flight towards Victory! Confrontation at [[Cherubimon]]'s Castle |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-12-15]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-03-28]] |ShortSummary=Takuya and Koji start to fight Cherubimon and thanks to their new evolution they are actually winning and they send Cherubimon flying but he doesn't come back just then the ground where the rest of gang are standing starts to crumble but Takuya and Koji save them and they changed back to there human forms and give the rest of the gang their spirits back. But an IceDevimon turns up and freezes Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors so they can't use them so others evolve to try to destroy him but it isn't working until IceDevimon starts hurting Koji which makes Koichi angry and he destroys IceDevimon. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=37 |EnglishTitle=Cherubimania |JapaneseTitle=Decisive Battle! As long as there is Life - Get Back the Digital World |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2002-12-22]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-05-11]] |ShortSummary=After data starts streaming to the sphere where Cherubimon is, he finally finishes absorbing the data of the Digital World. Cherubimon then absorbs it himself, but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon try their best to stop him, but they are no match for him now since he has all of the data. So Takuya tries to charge up his attack and fires it at Cherubimon making the whole bottom half of Cherubimon disappear but it regenerates. Koji then realizes to kill Cherubimon, they must strike him in the head and Takuya manages it with his sword which then releases the data, and kills Cherubimon, but the ball of data sinks into the core of the Digital World, where it appears Lucemon is waiting and he sends off his two Royal Knights. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=38 |EnglishTitle=It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears |JapaneseTitle=The Endless Death Match! Prelude of Lucemon's Revival |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-01-05]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-05-12]] |ShortSummary=The kids are confused as to why the Digital World hasn't been restored and end up meeting with [[Baronmon]] who tells them the history of Lucemon and the prophecy of Lucemon's return, when told the gang refuse to go home and the Royal Knights show everyone spirit evolves to defeat them but are easily beaten so Koji and Takuya use Unified Spirit evolution but are still no match. Baronmon gives up his life to protect them. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=39 |EnglishTitle=The Man in the Moon Is You |JapaneseTitle=This is the Digital World?! Escape from the Moon |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-01-12]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-05-13]] |ShortSummary=After being sent flying by Dynasmon's attack the gang have some how ended on one of the three moons. Koichi gets the attention of some Starmon and they take the gang to a space station where they attempt to try to get back to Digital World, but fail. They then see some Burgermon and learn that the Burgermon they saw on the Digital World were their friends and that they built a rocket to get there. The gang then stumbles upon the Burgermon's test rocket which they decide to use to get home. They use the tracks on the Starmons vehicles to make a giant slingshot so they can head back, but halfway through the trip they start to lose power so Takuya Beast Spirit evolves to BurningGreymon to give the rocket a boost and they finally make it back. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=40 |EnglishTitle=The Bully Pulpit |JapaneseTitle=The Chosen Ones! The Children who Manipulate [[List of Digimon Frontier minor characters#Angemon|Angemon]]! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-01-19]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-05-14]] |ShortSummary=The gang are back on the Digital World and try to figure out where to go next. They are then attacked by a [[Saggitarimon]] who wants their obsessions (possessions) but they refuse. Just when he was about to attack, another 4 kids arrive with an Angemon who gets rid of Saggitarimon. Tommy recognizes two of the kids as the ones who pushed him on the Trailmon. The kids explain why they were there and that they didn't want to leave even when the Digidestined told them to. Later, Saggitarimon turns up but now he has an army of Centarumon with him and Tommy protects the kids who bullied him by beast spirit evolving along with the rest of the gang to defeat them. The Royal Knights then turn up and destroy Angemon and kidnap the four new kids, but Tommy decides to take a ride with them. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=41 |EnglishTitle=Jerks and the Beanstalk |JapaneseTitle=Don't Let Them Scan! The Beanstalk of Friendship |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-01-26]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-05-15]] |ShortSummary=The Royal Knights take the kids to a village called Beanstalk Village and ask them about a key but they know nothing, so they throw them in a cage with a group of Mamemon who explain that without the key the Royal Knights can't absorb the data of the village. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang try to get a Trailmon to take them to Beanstalk Village but they all run for it when they ask, except one who fell asleep and they get it to take them. On the way there they find out that the track is broken so they decide to fix it. Meanwhile, Tommy and the Mamemon break out of their cell but the Elder Mamemon gets captured and the Royal Knights won't let him go until they tell them where the key is. Tommy tries to evolve but also gets captured. Just then, the rest of the gang turn up and free the Elder and Tommy and they Unify Spirit Evolve but are easily beaten (but manage to last longer) and were about to be destroyed, until the Elder reveals the Location of the key and the Royal Knights absorb the data while everyone runs for it. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=42 |EnglishTitle=Glean Eggs and Scram |JapaneseTitle=Protect the DigiEggs! The Miracle of Disappearing Life |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-02-02]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-05-16]] |ShortSummary=The gang end up at the Village of Beginnings where Digimon are born. They are introduced to [[Swanmon]] who takes care of all the babies, but there are lots of them because the Trailmon are too scared to take them to their families, so the gang help Swanmon feed the babies and try to get the Trailmon to come out. Because the Trailmon are scared they refuse, and when the group get back they find that the Royal Knights are at the village. Takuya and Koji Unify Spirit evolve to hold them back while the rest of gang try to save the digieggs, and Zoe tries to get the Trailmon to help out. This time they agree and the babies are loaded on. Takuya and Koji get badly beaten (lasting longer than the previous occasions) and end up reverting to their human forms, but the babies protect them by using bubble blow. Just then, digi-eggs come out of Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors and it's the 4 evil Legendary Warriors but they have changed sides so the gang all Spirit evolve and the Royal Knights run but still manage to scan the village while the Trailmon take the babies home. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=43 |EnglishTitle=Bad to the Bones |JapaneseTitle=Annihilation of the Hometown! Messenger of Hell [[SkullSatamon]] |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-02-09]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-06]] |ShortSummary=The gang find out that the place where they started the Flame Terminal is under attack so go to help straight away. A SkullSatamon is in the forest and asks the Digimon around to tell him where the data is and a Gazimon tells him and he absorbs the whole of the forest. The gang arrive in time and Unify Spirit Evolve to stop the SkullSatamon but he summons his brother but Takuya and Koji still have the upper hand until they summon a third SkullSatamon. The SkullSatamon find out where the data is but the Digimon of Flame Station stand up to them along with Takuya and Koji and destroy the SkullSatamon brothers but unfortunately Crusadermon absorbs the data instead. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=44 |EnglishTitle=Now You See It, Now You Don't |JapaneseTitle=Fight together~ Kouji and Gotsumon's Vow |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-02-16]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-07]] |ShortSummary=A Gotsumon is defending itself from some [[Knightmon]] trying to protect the three jewels (from an earlier episode) and just then the gang arrive and fight the Knightmon but the Royal Knights appear and destroy the jewels the Knightmon and absorb the data. The gang decide Gotsumon should come with them and then head for Seraphimon's castle where the Royal Knights are trying to get past the barrier protecting the castle. They fly to the top where they think it's weaker and attack, while Koji and Gotsumon attack the Knightmon they brought with them and the rest of the gang break in when they get in they find the data. Crusadermon helps the Knightmon against MangaGarurumon and Gotsumon while Dynastmon breaks in and destroys the castle. The gang inside are protected by Sorcerymon and Takuya evolves to EmperorGreymon to fight him. Gotsumon, wishing he was stronger, digivolves into [[Meteormon]] and destroys the Knightmon while Dynasmon destroys the Statue protecting the data and absorbs it. Crusadermon hurts Meteormon causing him to de-digivolve and the Royal Knights head off to the next area and Gotsumon decides not to come with the gang anymore. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=45 |EnglishTitle=All Aboard The Tag Team Express |JapaneseTitle=The Data of Operation! Defend Akiha Market |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-02-23]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-08]] |ShortSummary=With only 2 areas left to protect in the digital world, the digi-destined must act fast to save the Autumn Leaf Fair. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon seem to be getting stronger (having being able to hold out considerably on the previous occasion without being devolved), but will they finally be able to defeat the Royal Knights? }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=46 |EnglishTitle=To Make The World Go Away |JapaneseTitle=Annihilation of the Digital World!? Lucemon's Rule of Darkness" |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-03-02]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-09]] |ShortSummary=Only 1 area of the Digital World remains; Ophanimon's castle. Can the kids find a way to save The castle without losing any more Digimon friends, or is the Digital World truly done for? }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=47 |EnglishTitle=When Knights Fall... |JapaneseTitle=The [[Royal Knights]] Disperse - And then...!! |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-03-09]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-10]] |ShortSummary=The Digidestined arrive on the Ophanimoon, where the Digi-Eggs have hatched and Patamon finds the eggs of Ophanimon and Cherubimon, which hatch into [[Salamon]] and [[Lopmon]] respectively. Meanwhile, Dynasmon and Crusadermon anger Lucemon by their impatience for the key to the Human World, and during the fight on the Ophanimoon between EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, they are easily defeated. However, Lucemon absorbs their Fractal Codes and Digivolves to his [[Lucemon Chaos Mode|Chaos Mode]] and takes out Takuya and Koji, destroying the three moons as a result. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=48 |EnglishTitle=The Brothers Yin and Yang |JapaneseTitle=Turn Light and Darkness into One! [[Koichi Kimura|Kouichi's]] Last Wish |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-03-16]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-11]] |ShortSummary=Koichi sacrifices himself to save the others, and gives his spirits of darkness to Koji. }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=49 |EnglishTitle=Lucemon On The Loose |JapaneseTitle=Fight, [[Susanoomon]] - Lucemon Reaches the Human World |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-03-23]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-13]] |ShortSummary=Takuya and Koji are able to "Ancient Spirit Evolve" to [[Susanoomon]] to combat Lucemon, with the surprising power to survive his Ultimate Sacrifice attack. Susanoomon destroys Lucemon with his Celestial Blade and scans his data...but a much bigger problem has surfaced. They were only able to scan Lucemon's good data, causing the evil data to become [[Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode]] and break through to the Human World, despite the valiant attempts of Aldamon, Beowulfmon, Kazemon, Kumamon and Beetlemon. Lucemon gives a cryptic message throughout the human world: "You Must Choose To Follow Me Or Be Destroyed." }} {{Japanese episode list |LineColor=FFA040 |EpisodeNumber=50 |EnglishTitle=End of the Line |JapaneseTitle=Go Beyond Time! The Birth of a New Legend |KanjiTitle= |OriginalAirDate=[[2003-03-30]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2003-07-14]] |ShortSummary= All six Digidestined combine their powers to form Susanoomon. They drag Lucemon back to the Digiworld and destroy him. The spirits say goodbye and Lowemon tells Koji that Koichi is still alive but seriously injured. They find Koichi in a hospital. Will he survive? }} <!--Wikitable footer. Place this after the last "Digimon episode" entry-->|}<!--End wikitable footer--> ==Notes== <references/> {{digimon frontier}} {{digimon}} [[Category:Digimon episode lists|Frontier]] List of Digimon Data Squad episodes 4191647 243460205 2008-10-06T16:32:33Z KrytenKoro 2471076 This is a complete '''list of episodes from the anime series [[Digimon Data Squad]]'''. As it currently stands, Digimon Data Squad is the shortest series in the franchise to date, and ends with 48 episodes. ==Episodes== {|class="wikitable" width="98%" style="background: #FFFFFF;" |- style="border-bottom:3px solid #FFA040" ! Ep# !! Title !! Original air date || English air date {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle= There Are Monsters Among Us |JapaneseTitle=I am Masaru! [[Kokatorimon|Cockatrimon]] Strikes |KanjiTitle=俺が大だ!コカトリモン襲来 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-04-02]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-10-01]] |EpisodeNumber=01 |ShortSummary=Fourteen-year-old street fighter [[Marcus Damon|Marcus]] meets a strange dinosaur-like creature. This strange creature, "[[Agumon (Savers)|Agumon]]", is a "Digital Monster" from the "[[Digital World]]". Marcus and Agumon agree to communicate by fighting. However, Agumon had escaped from and was being chased by an organization which investigates digital phenomena, "DATS". DATS attempts to recover Agumon from Marcus... |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle= Marcus' Inner Strength |JapaneseTitle=Burn, the Digisoul of Anger - The [[Flymon]] that Lurks in Darkness |KanjiTitle=燃えろ怒りのデジソウル 闇にひそむフライモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-04-09]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-10-05]] |EpisodeNumber=02 |ShortSummary=Marcus tries to hide Agumon from DATS in his house, but DATS quickly concludes that he is there, so they send [[Yoshino Fujieda|Yoshi]] to investigate. Marcus's family comes into contact with Agumon, and they all quickly become friends, much to Marcus' annoyance. In the meantime, a Kunemon appears at Kristy's (Marcus's sister) school, takes over a young boy, and evolves to Flymon, forcing both Marcus and Yoshi to fight it. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle= The Return of Thomas! |JapaneseTitle=Genius Tohma has Returned! Beat [[Meramon]] |KanjiTitle=帰ってきた天才トーマ!メラモンをぶっとばせ |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-04-16]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-10-08]] |EpisodeNumber=03 |ShortSummary=A new member of DATS appears from [[Austria]]: [[Thomas H. Norstein]], a fourteen-year-old genius who looks down on Marcus. Because of their different behavior, the two start to fight over everything. Meanwhile, several DemiMeramon appear in the city and the DATS members have to fight them. However, all the DemiMeramon fuse together to form Meramon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle= The New Team of Marcus and Thomas! |JapaneseTitle=The New Team's First Outing! Pursuit [[Drimogemon]]! |KanjiTitle=新チーム初出動!ドリモゲモンを追え! |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-04-23]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-10-15]] |EpisodeNumber=04 |ShortSummary=Marcus and Thomas are ordered to work together, but they aren't able to do so, which becomes clear during the pursuit of a group of [[Numemon]]. Suddenly a Drimogemon appears and helps two burglars steal money. Marcus and Thomas try to capture it, but because of their quarreling, it escapes to the [[Digital World]]. To capture it, Thomas decides to follow it, even against the orders of Commander Sampson. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle= Digital World, Here We Come! |JapaneseTitle=Rushing into the Digital World! Drimogemon's Trap |KanjiTitle=デジタルワールド突入! ドリモゲモンの罠 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-04-30]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-10-22]] |EpisodeNumber=05 |ShortSummary=Marcus and Thomas, together with their Digimon partners, enter the Digital World to capture Drimogemon. They fall into a large underground labyrinth, [[Drimogemon]]'s home, and escape seems impossible. Thanks to Marcus' unconventional methods, they manage to leave the labyrinth on Drimogemon's back, but then, the wild Digimon evolves to [[Digmon]]. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle= The Ultimate Team No More? |JapaneseTitle=The Masaru-Agumon Combo Terminated?! Gale, [[Garurumon]] |KanjiTitle=大・アグモンコンビ解消!? 疾風ガルルモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-05-07]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-10-29]] |EpisodeNumber=06 |ShortSummary=Although Agumon and Marcus work well together to defeat a [[Tortomon]], Agumon gets angry at Marcus after a comment of his and now hides in his Digivice. Meanwhile, an Elecmon wreaks havoc in the city, causing car crashes. Marcus tries to defeat it alone, but Elecmon Digivolves to a black Garurumon, which even [[Sunflowmon]] and [[Gaogamon]] can't defeat. Marcus and Agumon must work together again to beat this new threat. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle= A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget! |JapaneseTitle=Tohma's Day off - Explosion, [[BomberNanimon|Bomber Nanimon]] |KanjiTitle=トーマの休日 爆裂ボンバーナニモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-05-14]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-11-05]] |EpisodeNumber=07 |ShortSummary=It's Kristy's birthday and Marcus must attend supplementary exams to save his grades. Unable to be by his sister's side on this day, he asks Thomas to take his place. A Citramon, however, threatens to ruin everything. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Singer's Secret |JapaneseTitle=Yoshino Gets Her Cinderella Story?! [[Kurisarimon|Chrysalimon]]'s Shadow |KanjiTitle=ヨシノ玉の輿ゲット!? クリサリモンの影 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-05-21]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-11-12]] |EpisodeNumber=08 |ShortSummary=Yoshi is dating a famous musician, Neon Hanamura, who is also her childhood friend. The real reason for her to approach him is because he is suspected of hiding a Keramon who digivolves into Kurisarimon, and using it to bolster his career. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Never Meet Your Heroes |JapaneseTitle=Tohma's Inglorious Battle - Secret Maneuvers, [[Togemon]] |KanjiTitle=トーマ栄光なき戦い 暗躍トゲモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-05-28]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-11-19]] |EpisodeNumber=09 |ShortSummary=A famous boxer has a fantastic comeback after being absent for some years because of an injury. Thomas is a great fan of his, and when rumors of him using a Digimon to help him in his fights start to spread, he investigates, determined to prove his innocence. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day |JapaneseTitle=Masaru's Worst Day in His Life - Prankster [[Soulmon]] |KanjiTitle=マサル人生最悪の日 いたずらソウルモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-06-04]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-11-26]] |EpisodeNumber=10 |ShortSummary=Thomas invites Kristy, Marcus, and Agumon to his mansion for lunch. Marcus becomes the unfortunate victim of strange unexplained accidents. Agumon sees the culprit is a Soulmon, who is invisible to everybody else except for him. Marcus and the others do not pay attention to Agumon's warnings, and the pranks become more frequent and more dangerous. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Vile of Vilemon! |JapaneseTitle=Recover the Bond between Parent and Child - Evilmon's Bewitchment |KanjiTitle=親子の絆を取り戻せ イビルモンの幻惑 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-06-18]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-12-03]] |EpisodeNumber=11 |ShortSummary=The owner of a store that specializes in baking white buns suddenly becomes addicted to [[gambling]]. For unknown reasons, he has consecutive winning streaks in every bet, all thanks to the prayers he has paid to a mysterious shrine. As the man sinks in his obsession for gambling, he neglects both his business and his own son. Touched by the boy's relationship with his father, Marcus sets out to speak reason to the man, but he can't imagine that the wrongdoings of Vilemon and his DemiDevimon henchmen are at work. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Digi-egg That Fell to Earth |JapaneseTitle=I Will Protect Chika! [[Biyomon|Biyomon's]] Resolve |KanjiTitle=知香はボクが守る! ピヨモンの決意 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-06-25]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-12-10]] |EpisodeNumber=12 |ShortSummary=Kristy's made a new friend, a Digimon called Biyomon. Although Marcus feels optimistic for his sister and consents to let Biyomon stay, he's later told that people can't keep a Digimon they've made a relationship with if they aren't DATS members! |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Rise of [[RiseGreymon]] |JapaneseTitle=Masaru's New Power - Evolve! RiseGreymon |KanjiTitle=マサル新たなる力 進化!ライズグレイモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-07-02]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2007-12-17]] |EpisodeNumber=13 |ShortSummary=[[Merukimon]] appears in the real world to prevent [[Falcomon]] from being defeated, defeating easily the DATS Digimon and reverting Biyomon to a Digi-egg in the process. In a desperate attempt to find his way back to Kristy after Merukimon revives him, Biyomon loses control and quickly evolves to [[Aquilamon]] and then into [[Garudamon]], wreaking chaos over the city. The DATS and their Digimon feel helpless before the overwhelming power of the Ultimate Digimon. Frustrated at not being strong enough to protect the smiling faces of both his family and friends, Marcus lets out a cry that awakens the birth of a new DNA Charge that allows [[GeoGreymon]] to digivolve into RiseGreymon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Wild Boy of the Digital World |JapaneseTitle=Digimon Boy [[Keenan Crier|Ikuto]] - Forest Guardian, [[Cherrymon|Jureimon]] |KanjiTitle=デジモン少年イクト 森の番人ジュレイモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-07-09]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-01-07]] |EpisodeNumber=14 |ShortSummary=To stop Merukimon's further assaults on the human world, DATS authorizes Yoshi, Thomas, and Marcus to be dispatched into the Digital World. Unfortunately, their presence does not go unnoticed by Merukimon and a mysterious shadow, who quickly ambushes the DATS after their arrival. The attacker turns out to be a ten-year-old boy named Keenan, who harbors an intense hatred for humans. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Gorge of Deception! |JapaneseTitle=Recollections of my Mother - Howl, [[MachGaogamon]] |KanjiTitle=母さんの想い出 吠えろマッハガオガモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-07-23]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-01-14]] |EpisodeNumber=15 |ShortSummary=As they wander further into the Digital World, the DATS stumble upon a ghost city which is home to a nest of [[Dokugumon]]. Without warning, the spider Digimon quickly trap the DATS and their partner Digimon, dragging them all into the depths below where their lord [[MetalPhantomon]] dwells. He casts the DATS into a world of endless nightmares and despair where their greatest fears take shape. After reliving a painful memory about his mother, Thomas' DNA awakens, granting [[Gaomon]] the power to digivolve into his Ultimate form, MachGaogamon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Falcomon: Friend or Foe? |JapaneseTitle=The Ally is Falcomon?! Violent! [[Blossomon]] |KanjiTitle=仲間はファルコモン!? モーレツ! ブロッサモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-07-30]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-01-28]] |EpisodeNumber=16 |ShortSummary=Yoshi's struck by a contagious [[virus]] which seemingly affects humans, though Digimon remain immune to its effects. With Marcus and Thomas gone for supplies and Lalamon alone nursing Yoshi, Keenan and Falcomon take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the crippled Saver, only for the boy to become infected as well. Worried for the sake of Keenan, Falcomon strikes a deal with the other DATS to lead them to the whereabouts of a [[vaccine]] that lies in Wanderer's Cape that can counter the effects of the virus. Meanwhile, Gotsumon sends Blossomon to prevent the vaccine from being obtained. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One With Herself |JapaneseTitle=The Singing Voice that Calls Upon a Miracle - The [[Lilamon]] Evolution |KanjiTitle=奇跡を呼ぶ歌声 ライラモン進化 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-08-06]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-02-04]] |EpisodeNumber=17 |ShortSummary=Yoshi has lost her battle confidence, feeling like she's always dragging down her companions. The group is caught up in an avalanche caused by [[Mammothmon]], and Yoshi, Thomas, and Lalamon fall down to the bottom of a valley. To protect Yoshi and the wounded Thomas, Lalamon faces off against Mammothmon, not losing her fighting spirit. Yoshi swirls in despair until Lalamon sings a song to tame the beast that triggers an old memory from Yoshi's childhood of the time she and Lalamon met. Having restored faith in herself, Yoshi calls out her own DNA Charge to digivolve Lalamon to Lilamon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Clash With Merukimon! |JapaneseTitle=The DATS Team Annihilated?! Clash, Mercurimon |KanjiTitle=DATSチーム全滅!? 激突メルクリモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-08-13]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-02-11]] |EpisodeNumber=18 |ShortSummary=After overcoming difficult hardships along their trek, the DATS finally arrive at Infinity Ice Ridge. To their surprise, the old man, Homer Yushima, is waiting for them near the entrance, leading them to a cave shortcut. Once inside, they make their way through a swarm of [[Tsumemon]], and then against Keenan, who is bound to defeat the humans once and for all. However, Gotsumon betrays Keenan and takes the whole group hostage, except for Marcus, delivering them all before Merukimon. Saving Keenan from certain death, Marcus and Agumon hurry to Merukimon's palace for a final showdown. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Truth About Keenan |JapaneseTitle=The Target is Ikuto!? Gotsumon's Plot |KanjiTitle=標的はイクト!?ゴツモンの企み |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-08-20]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-02-18]] |EpisodeNumber=19 |ShortSummary=Yushima's true identity as the commander of the Digital World exploration party, as well as the DATS chief, is revealed. With Yushima's help, Marcus, Keenan, and the others are able to return to the real world. However, they are forced to leave Yushima behind in the Digital World. Marcus makes a big uproar, trying to do all it takes to go save him, but the Digital Dive is frozen over. Sampson tells Marcus and Keenan about the incident that occurred ten years ago. To make matters worse, Merukimon's Gotsumon appears in the real world with three [[Okuwamon]] to target Keenan. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Crier Family Reunion |JapaneseTitle=Rescue Mother, Ikuto - Hagurumon's Cage |KanjiTitle=母親を救え、イクト ハグルモンの檻 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-08-27]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-02-25]] |EpisodeNumber=20 |ShortSummary=The DATS arrive at Dr. Crier's home, but Keenan runs away in shock and denial at the sight of his human mother. Drowned in his sorrowful thoughts, Keenan recalls his memories of [[Frigimon]]'s death, which bring him grief. At the Crier's home, the Professor explains that his wife, Michelle, went into shock and a partially [[catatonic]] state after the search for Keenan in the Digital World confirmed his disappearance. Suddenly, an anomalous thunderstorm strikes the house, causing the digital gate to open up, and Hagurumon comes from it. It immediately takes over the house and transforms it into a bizarre, toy-robot-like creature with Michelle trapped inside. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Digimon Army Makes Its Move |JapaneseTitle=Big Panic in the Human World - The Digimon Army Advances |KanjiTitle=人間界大パニック デジモン軍団進撃 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-09-03]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-03-03]] |EpisodeNumber=21 |ShortSummary=Enraged that Merukimon has not taken proactive action to deal with the human problem, [[SaberLeomon]] dispatches a Digimon [[Army|armada]] consisting of hundreds of [[Pteramon]] and [[Boarmon]], led by Gotsumon, to the human world to destroy it. The DATS step in to contain the threat but are overwhelmed in numbers by the enemy, until the rest of the DATS staff enters the battlefield to help them in the fight. However, both sides are unaware that an unseen third party, lurking in the shadows, has had them all set up in a trap.(Note that Miki and Megumi's Pawnchessmon digivolve to KnightChessmon in this episode.) |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Wrath of SaberLeomon |JapaneseTitle=Defeat the Ultimate Level! The Anger Wave of Saber Leomon |KanjiTitle=倒せ究極体! 怒涛サーベルレオモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-09-10]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-03-10]] |EpisodeNumber=22 |ShortSummary=The Digimon invasion was temporarily halted due to the efforts of a single man, Kurata, who Sampson knows and who gained the approval of Chief Hashiba. Understanding that Keenan has no place to go, Marcus invites him and Falcomon to stay at his home. Meanwhile, SaberLeomon himself realises in the human world and rampages at an [[oil refinery]] as a challenge to the DATS. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=One More Digital Dive |JapaneseTitle=Once More, To the Digital World - Insekimon's Great Rampage |KanjiTitle=再び、デジタルワールドへ インセキモン大暴れ |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-09-17]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-03-24]] |EpisodeNumber=23 |ShortSummary=Due to the widespread destruction that the Digimon caused in the city, DATS, acting on orders from the government ministry, dispatches the DATS, along with a troop unit, into the Digital World to defeat Merukimon once and for all. Thomas' suspicions about Kurata grow stronger when it is made known that the latter has been appointed leader of the mission. Meanwhile, Keenan still cannot gather himself to reconcile his Digimon feelings with his human identity, until Sarah's kind words encourage him and build his resolve to go into the Digital World and stop the war between Merukimon and DATS. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Past Revealed |JapaneseTitle=The Revealed Past - Heartless! Gizmon: AT |KanjiTitle=明かされる過去 非情!ギズモン: AT |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-09-24]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-03-31]] |EpisodeNumber=24 |ShortSummary=Ten years ago, Frigimon found an abandoned human baby, Keenan, and took him as her son. An expedition led by Professor Spencer Damon embarked into the Digital World to search for the lost baby but found itself threatened by wild Digimon. After a brief feud, Merukimon realized that Spencer was a honest man and they made a promise that both races would cooperate with each other in the future. However, Kurata became consumed with hatred for Digimon, deeming them all evil due to the attack. Merukimon recalls and denounces him as the man responsible for the deaths of Frigimon and many other Digimon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Kurata's Revenge |JapaneseTitle=Smash Kurata's Ambition - Flight, Yatagaramon |KanjiTitle=倉田の野望をくだけ 飛翔ヤタガラモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-10-01]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-04-07]] |EpisodeNumber=25 |ShortSummary=Kurata's true ambition is the total [[Genocide|annihilation]] of the Digimon race, making it come about with the aid of his artificially made puppet Digimon Gizumon AT. The DATS and their Digimon partners fight back to no avail; however, Marcus refuses to give up. Fed up with Marcus' stubbornness, Kurata evolves Gizumon into its Ultimate form, Gizumon XT, to finish the DATS. As a dying act of courage, Merukimon sacrifices himself to teach Keenan that a world where humans' and Digimons' hearts become one is possible. Taking Merukimon's words and the happy memories spent with Marcus and the others to heart, Keenan's DNA explodes, allowing Falcomon to access his Ultimate digivolution, Crowmon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Memory Is The First Thing To Go! |JapaneseTitle=Masaru's Memory is Erased - The Lost Bond |KanjiTitle=マサル記憶消去 失われた絆 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-10-08]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-04-14]] |EpisodeNumber=26 |ShortSummary=The DATS team returns to the real world, only to find that Sampson and the others are missing. Chief Hashiba surrounds them and dismisses them from DATS, since Kurata lied to the government, and the memories of Marcus, Thomas, and Yoshi are erased. The Digimon are held captive in a jail cell. The rest of the team are also in cells. Marcus, Thomas, and Yoshi live a normal life, until the Digimon escape and persuade them that they used to be a team. Marcus and the others don't believe this at first, but later regain their memories. Meanwhile, Keenan and the others escape from the cells and try to destroy Kurata, but to no avail. They group together again to defeat another Gizumon that Kurata had sent to attack Marcus. Afterwards, they head over to DATS headquarters to find that it's being destroyed. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Beginning of the End! |JapaneseTitle=Chase Kurata - The Operation of Digimon Extermination Begins! |KanjiTitle=倉田を追え・デジモン殲滅作戦開始! |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-10-15]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-04-21]] |EpisodeNumber=27 |ShortSummary=With DATS HQ destroyed and Kurata on his way to the Digital World, the DATS seek out Dr. Crier to ask him to reactivate his digital gate. When they go through, they end up running into Kurata's henchmen: Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan. When their Bio Digimon forms prove too powerful for the DATS to handle, Sampson and Kudamon appear to help out. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Digivice Meltdown! |JapaneseTitle=Evolution is Impossible! The Digivices Break Down |KanjiTitle=進化不可能!デジヴァイス崩壊 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-10-22]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-04-28]] |EpisodeNumber=28 |ShortSummary=The gang appears in the Digital World and head towards [[Cherrymon]]'s forest for an information gathering. However, a swarm of Gizumon XT appears where Kurata gains the upper hand and the DATS members are saved by [[BanchoLeomon]]. He tells the group to "Search for power" and disappears. When they reach Cherrymon's forest, Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan attack. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=How to Fix a Broken Digivice |JapaneseTitle=Resurrecting Digivices - A New Brilliance |KanjiTitle=よみがえるデジヴァイス・新たなる輝き |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-10-29]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-05-05]] |EpisodeNumber=29 |ShortSummary=Searching for Dr. Spencer Damon in hopes he can repair their Data Link Digivices, the Data Squad members stumble upon a gym where Bancholeomon separates the humans from their Digimon partners to train them on the use of their D.N.A. Charges. However, Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan attack the Digimon in the mean time, while they are unable to advance past the Rookie level. Marcus, Thomas, and Yoshi must master their D.N.A. Charges in time to rescue their Digimon from destruction. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Journey to the Sacred City |JapaneseTitle=An Imprisoned Masaru - The Holy City's Trap |KanjiTitle=とらわれの大 聖なる都の罠 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-11-05]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-05-12]] |EpisodeNumber=30 |ShortSummary=The DATS arrive at the Holy Capital, but once inside are quickly captured and placed in an arena for execution. There, they meet once again with an old acquaintance who they thought missing. Thankfully, the moment that Marcus displays his DNA, the Digimon set them free, as they realize Marcus is Spencer Damon's son who all remember him for his heroic deeds to them. Unfortunately, celebrations are short-lived when a squad of Gizumon comes to raid the city, but catastrophe is prevented thanks to the timely arrival of Keenan and Falcomon who return with allies. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs. Nanami! |JapaneseTitle=Genius Showdown! Tohma vs. Nanami |KanjiTitle=天才対決!トーマVSナナミ |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-11-12]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-05-19]] |EpisodeNumber=31 |ShortSummary=Both the DATS and the inhabitants of the Holy Capital are preparing for the impending battle. When news arrive that Kurata's camp has been discovered, Marcus takes the initiative to strike a head on assault, but Thomas disagrees since it may be a trap. However, Thomas feels underappreciated witnessing how all the Digimon support Marcus. The forces split with Marcus and Keenan going to engage Kurata while Yoshi and Thomas stay to protect the city. Nanami bio hybrid digivolves into BioLotusmon and makes her presence known to Thomas, seducing him in order to make him go astray from his mission. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Sacred City's Last Stand! |JapaneseTitle=Fiercely Attack Kurata's Army Corps - Protect the Holy Capitol |KanjiTitle=猛攻倉田軍団 聖なる都を守れ |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-11-19]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-06-16]] |EpisodeNumber=32 |ShortSummary=Nanami accomplished to drain all the water in the lake, where [[ElDoradimon]] rests, drained thus preventing any means of mobility to the Holy Capital. With the fortress's defenses down, Ivan directs a frontal assault but is soon detained by Yoshi and Rosemon. However, the two of them are in for a surprise when they witness that Ivan can bio hybrid digivolve further into BioSpinomon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle! |JapaneseTitle=The Final Decisive Battle! Kouki, Ultimate Evolution |KanjiTitle=最後の決戦!聖、究極進化 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-11-26]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-06-23]] |EpisodeNumber=33 |ShortSummary=By incapacitating ElDoradimons' movements, Kurata opened up a massive digital gate that sucks the titanic Digimon along with all its inhabitants to realise into the human world. Once more in the human world, Kouki challenges both Marcus and Agumon for a final showdown to determine the stronger fighter between both.Kouki suprises them by bio digivolving into BioDarkDramon. Meanwhile, the other DATS and the digimon citizens are busy fending off the Holy Capital from the intruding Gizumon. However, Kurata again outsmarts his foes ordering the Gizumon to initiate operation Digital Hazard. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Norstein Family Secret |JapaneseTitle=The Day of Parting - The Strongest Enemy: Tohma! |KanjiTitle=訣別の日 最強の敵・トーマ! |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-12-03]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-06-30]] |EpisodeNumber=34 |ShortSummary=ElDoradimon was annihilated by Kurata's Gizlance, and to complicate matters more, Thomas and Gaomon have mysteriously vanished. In fact, Thomas returned to his estranged father and sister, Relena, but the welcome is cold when Thomas' father presents his benefactor none other than Kurata. In exchange for treating Relena's illness, Kurata persuades Thomas to seal an agreement. The remaining DATS are desperately searching for any Digimon survivors, until Thomas appears and much to Marcus' shock and dismay, Thomas orders MirageGaogamon to fight against ShineGreymon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Kurata's Real Plan |JapaneseTitle=The Power of Destruction - ShineGreymon Runs Wild |KanjiTitle=破滅のパワー シャイングレイモン暴走 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-12-10]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-07-07]] |EpisodeNumber=35 |ShortSummary=Because Thomas has pledged allegiance to Kurata, Marcus' fueled with a feeling of deep hatred in his heart to destroy his opponent at any cost that causes him to invoke a Dark-DNA Charge triggering on ShineGreymon to digivolve into Ruin Mode. Fortunately, Kristy arrives to stop Marcus, and he sees the error of his ways but is too late to stop ShineGreymon's rampage. Feeling hopeless, Marcus sheds tears streaming onto his digivice causing ShineGreymon to come into its senses and revert back to digi-egg. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Awaken Belphemon |JapaneseTitle=Demon Lord Belphemon Revives |KanjiTitle=魔王ベルフェモン復活 |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-12-17]] |FirstEngAirDate= [[2008-07-14]] |EpisodeNumber=36 |ShortSummary=Kurata unleashes Belphemon on the city, causing Yoshi, Keenan, Miki, and Megumi to confront him. Thomas double-crosses Kurata, forcing him to become a pure DNA, and fires himself at Belphemon, who in turn transforms into Rage Mode. As Marcus races off with Agumon's digi-egg in hand, can he make it time to assist the others? |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Battle With Belphemon |JapaneseTitle=Awaken, Agumon - Defeat Belphemon! |KanjiTitle=目覚めよアグモン ベルフェモンを倒せ! |OriginalAirDate=[[2006-12-24]] |FirstEngAirDate= [[2008-07-21]] |EpisodeNumber=37 |ShortSummary=The DATS team continues the fight against Kurata, who has merged himself with Belphemon Rage Mode, but the battle is going badly. From inside Belphemon, Kurata sneers and tells DATS that digimon are lifeless bits of data without hearts or feelings. This enrages Keenan, and unlocks the power of his DNA charge. Falcomon digivolves to [[Ravemon]], but it is still not enough to stop Belphemon, whose true instincts emerge. Meanwhile, Marcus arrives with Agumon's digi-egg and watches helplessly as his friends fight on. Will Agumon hatch in time to assist the others and defeat Belphemon once and for all? |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Power of the Burst Mode |JapaneseTitle=Burst Mode - The Power that Exceeds Ultimate |KanjiTitle=バーストモード 究極を超える力 |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-01-07]] |FirstEngAirDate= [[2008-07-28]] |EpisodeNumber=38 |ShortSummary=To everyone's shock Kurata is well alive within Belphemon and has the demon lord absorb all the electricity of the city to open a space rift. Thomas alerts everyone that Kurata intends to blow up both human and digital worlds. Everything seems hopeless for the DATS, but Marcus' words rekindle their spirits, that regardless of being human or Digimon everybody present is the DATS team who fight to protect their loved ones. This determination dawns upon Marcus and ShineGreymon the miraculous digivolution of Burst Mode. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=King Drasil's Fatal Decision |JapaneseTitle=Human World Terminated! Yggdrasil's Decision |KanjiTitle=人間界消滅!イグドラシルの決断 |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-01-14]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-08-04]] |EpisodeNumber=39 |ShortSummary=[[Craniummon]] is briefed by King Drasil about all the events that occurred up to now while Marcus and the others protect the citzens from the onslaught of lightning from the Digital World. In addition, BanchoLeomon makes the ultimate sacrifice... |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Royal Knights Assemble |JapaneseTitle=The Strongest Order of Knights - The Royal Knights Gather |KanjiTitle=最強騎士団・ロイヤルナイツ集結 |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-01-21]] |FirstEngAirDate= [[2008-08-11]] |EpisodeNumber=40 |ShortSummary=As Marcus and the others make their way to the Digital World, they end up crashing into a shoreline. To their surprise, they find Gotsumon there, reborn and without his old memories. Gotsumon agrees to lead them to King Drasil, but along the way, they are attacked by Craniummon. Just as ShineGreymon gains the upper hand, [[Gallantmon]] and the other Royal Knights show up and defeat him. King Drasil reveals himself, but Marcus, determined to not give up, throws a punch at him, only to find the shock of King Drasil's true identity: his own father, Spencer Damon. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Father and Son Destiny |JapaneseTitle=Confirm it with a Fist! Thoughts of My Father |KanjiTitle=拳でたしかめろ!父さんの想い |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-01-28]] |FirstEngAirDate= [[2008-08-18]] |EpisodeNumber=41 |ShortSummary=The DATS team arrive back in the human world, thanks to Sleipmon, who is none other than Commander Sampson's Kudamon. Gallantmon attacks the human world and makes short work of MirageGaogamon, Rosemon, Ravemon, RookChessmon, and BishopChessmon. Even armed with the Geo Grey Sword, ShineGreymon proves no match for the Royal Knight either. It is then that a badly injured Sleipmon challenges Gallantmon, but at what cost? |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Thomas Bursts on the Scene! |JapaneseTitle=The Burst Mode of Tohma's Determination |KanjiTitle=トーマ決意のバーストモード |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-02-04]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-10-04]] |EpisodeNumber=42 |ShortSummary=In order to learn Spencer's true intentions, Marcus and ShineGreymon head once again to the Digital World. However, Thomas and the others stay in the human world to fend off the Royal Knights' ongoing attack with LoadKnightmon this time directing the assault. In the battle, Thomas once again comes across his father, Franz, and Relena.... |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Justice Equals Power! |JapaneseTitle=Indeed Strength is Justice! Beast Knight Duftmon |KanjiTitle=力こそ正義!獣騎士ドゥフトモン |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-02-11]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-10-05]] |EpisodeNumber=43 |ShortSummary=Biyomon returns to the Damon household with numerous Fresh and In-Training Digimon in tow. Yoshi and Keenan help out in taking care of them, despite all of the headache-inducing antics of the childish Digimon. Leopardmon, under the orders of King Drasil, attacks the real world nearby the Damon household. Rosemon and Ravemon do their best to stop the Royal Knight but fail. However, both go through Burst Digivolution and defeat Leopardmon once and for all. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=Human Potential |JapaneseTitle=Break! Craniummon's Strongest Shield |KanjiTitle=砕け!クレニアムモンの最強の盾 |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-02-25]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-10-11]] |EpisodeNumber=44 |ShortSummary=On their way to the Digital World's Mystic Tree where King Drasil resides, Marcus and Agumon are intercepted by Craniummon. He challenges Marcus to one last match, calling forth his true power in the form of [[Avalon]] which is his ultimate shield that cannot be broken. After a series of desperate attempts ShineGreymon cannot break through the shields' defenses, and both it and Marcus are overpowered by Craniummon. Just as Craniummon is about to deal the final blow, the other DATS and their digimon, come to save them and join in the fight. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=A Family Quarrel! |JapaneseTitle=The One-on-One Match Between Men! Masaru vs. Suguru |KanjiTitle=男と男のタイマン勝負!大VS英 |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-03-04]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-10-12]] |EpisodeNumber=45 |ShortSummary= The DATS team climb King Drasil's headquarters, confronting odd crystals that repel their attacks. Leaving the others behind, Marcus, Agumon, and Gotsumon confront King Drasil. Meanwhile, Craniummon heads to the real world and confronts [[Garudamon]]. Back to King Drasil, Marcus confronts him but is repeled by a force field. It is then that through the revelation of all his friends supporting him, Marcus overpowers King Drasil. Just as King Drasil lies defeated, Marcus tries to approach him but is interrupted by the sudden arrival of an old friend. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Truth About BanchoLeomon |JapaneseTitle=Impact! The Truth About Bantyo Leomon |KanjiTitle=衝撃!バンチョーレオモンの真実 |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-03-11]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-10-25]] |EpisodeNumber=46 |ShortSummary=Craniummon freed BanchoLeomon and took over his place to hold the Digital World from falling onto the human world. It is BanchoLeomon who stops Marcus from getting closer to King Drasil and reveals the stunning truth that it is in fact Spencer in the digimon's body while his body is taken over by King Drasil. Spencer-BanchoLeomon tells the DATS team how during his past exploits in the Digital World met BanchoLeomon, who both become friends with their fists, and the truth about Yggdrassil's intentions. But King Drasil won't go down easily, so Spencer-BanchoLeomon holds him in place and asks Marcus to sacrifice him along with King Drasil to save the human world. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Data Squads Final Battle! |JapaneseTitle=Protect the Future! DATS' Final Battle |KanjiTitle=未来を守れ! DATS最後の戦い |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-03-18]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-10-26]] |EpisodeNumber=47 |ShortSummary=After BanchoLeomon and Spencer's destruction, King Drasil changes to a fighting mode and heads to the Real World to eliminate it. The DATS team follows and engages it in a furious clash, but King Drasil easily overpowers them all even at their Burst Digivolution stages. Fueled by their strong bond to protect their beloved ones, regardless of being human or digimon, the DATS all together rise their DNAs into the sky with a cry that is answered by the rest of the digimon on earth and the Royal Knights. The Royal Knights rebel against King Drasil after doubting the motives of their god. In a shocking twist, King Drasil discloses that it is the computer which designs and controls all lifeforms in the Digital World at its will. |LineColor=FFA040 }} {{Japanese episode list |EnglishTitle=The Ultimate Farewell! |JapaneseTitle=A Complete Conclusion! Farewell, Leader of Fights |KanjiTitle=完全決着!さらばケンカ番長 |OriginalAirDate=[[2007-03-25]] |FirstEngAirDate=[[2008-11-01]] |EpisodeNumber=48 |ShortSummary=Adults, children, and digimon all over town invoke the light of their DNAs to answer DATS' plea for help. When the hearts of all humans and digimon become one, Marcus & Agumon activate Burst Mode and are able to deal the decisive punch to destroy King Drasil. King Drasil concedes defeat, acknowledging that humans and digimon hold potential for growth as long as both stand together. The collision between both worlds stops, and all DATS are reunited with their loved ones in celebration. Marcus and Kristy's happiness bursts out when Spencer returns to them. But not all is joy, as the Digimon must return to help rebuild the Digital World, which the news dismays Marcus in anger because he wants Agumon not part ways from him. Each of the DATS digimon spend their last day on Earth together with their human partners. As the day of the parting comes, Marcus arrives in a rush telling Agumon he's coming with it to the Digital World. Five years later, Kristy and Keenan attend middle school together; Thomas received the [[Nobel Prize]] for curing Relena's illness; Yoshi has become a police officer; and both Marcus and Agumon have become the peacemakers of the Digital World. |LineColor=FFA040 }} <!--Wikitable footer. Place this after the last "Digimon episode" entry-->|}<!--End wikitable footer--> ==Notes== * Most Japanese episode titles (1-20, 22-25, 36-37, and 43-44) are related to the Digimon to be fought in that episode, or a new [[digivolution|evolution]] debuting in that episode. * Unlike the first ending sequence, the second ending theme features all of DATS with their digimon partners, as well as Ikuto and Falcomon. * Starting from episode 30, a new opening sequence is used. This is the second time, in any Digimon series, that a second, completely different, opening sequence is used. The second opening features the [[DATS]] in their new attire, the Digivice Burst using the Air Signal, Ikuto and Falcomon, the Royal Knights, Masaru's father, BanchoLeomon, Masaru's dogtag enlarged, and heavily features the Mega leveled Digimon in action. *In Japanese, the title is "Digimon Savers". *In Japanese, the first opening song is called "Gouing!Going! My Soul!". The second opening song is called "Hirari". ==References== *{{cite web | title = Anime News Network | url = http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=6230&page=25 | accessdate =2006-07-11 }} <references /> {{digimon savers}} {{digimon}} [[Category:Digimon episode lists|Data Squad]] The X-Files: The Album 4191666 243571027 2008-10-07T02:11:21Z Kuralyov 64439 /* Trivia */ {{unreferenced|date=February 2008}} {{Infobox Album | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = The X-Files: The Album | Type = Soundtrack | Artist = [[Various artists]] | Cover = Low res XFiles cover.jpg | Released = [[June 2]], [[1998]] | Recorded = | Genre = [[Soundtrack]] | Length = | Label = [[Elektra Records]] | Producer = | Reviews = | Chronology = [[X-Files]] | Last album = ''[[The X-Files: Original Motion Picture Score]]''<br />(1998) | This album = '''''The X-Files: The Album''''' <br /> (1998) | Next album = ''[[The X-Files: I Want to Believe: Original Motion Picture Score]]''<br/>(2008) | Misc = {{Singles | Name = The X-Files: The Album | Type = soundtrack | Single 1 = [[The X-Files Theme]] | Single 1 date = [[June 8]] 1998 (Japan) }} }} '''''The X-Files: The Album''''' was the [[soundtrack album]] by [[various artists]] released in conjunction with the 1998 movie, ''[[The X-Files (film)|The X-Files]]''. The album peaked at #26 on Billboard's chart and it was certified Gold by the RIAA for sales of 500,000 copies. == Track listing == # "[[Three Dog Night (album)|One]]" - [[Filter (band)|Filter]] # "Flower Man" - [[Tonic (band)|Tonic]] # "[[Walking After You]]" - [[Foo Fighters]] # "Beacon Light" - [[Ween]] # "[[Invisible Sun]]" - [[Sting (musician)|Sting]] & [[Aswad]] # "Deuce" - [[The Cardigans]] # "One More Murder" - [[Better Than Ezra]] # "More Than This" - [[The Cure]] # "[[Hunter (Björk song)|Hunter]]" - [[Björk]] # "16 Horses" - [[Soul Coughing]] # "Crystal Ship" - [[X (U.S. band)|X]] # "Black" - [[Sarah McLachlan]] # "Teotihuacan" - [[Noel Gallagher]] # "The X-Files Theme" - [[The Dust Brothers]] (after the end of the song, at [[Ten Thirteen Productions|10:13]], there is a vocal track explaining the ''X-Files'' mythology up to the point of the film.) # "Tubular X" (European release only) - [[Mike Oldfield]] == Tubular X == On the European release, an extra track appeared, "Tubular X" by [[Mike Oldfield]]. This is a rendition of [[Mark Snow]]'s "The X-Files Theme", done in Oldfield's ''[[Tubular Bells]]'' style. This track played over the opening credits of the UK cinema release of the movie. However the opening title/credit sequence was excluded from the UK rental DVD release. == Trivia == Besides the main theme, the only song credited in the film's end credits is the Foo Fighters' "Walking After You". However, at least two other songs are heard in the movie: "The Crystal Ship" plays at Casey's, the bar Mulder frequents, and "Teotihuacan" starts as the end credits begin. {{Xfiles}} {{DEFAULTSORT:The X-Files: The Album}} [[Category:The X-Files music|Album]] [[Category:1998 albums]] [[Category:Film soundtracks]] [[Category:Elektra Records albums]] [[uk:The X-Files: The Album]] [[es:The X-Files: The Album]] Huron Potawatomi 4191690 41140914 2006-02-25T08:07:00Z Harmil 237184 redirect from U.S. recognized name (see [[List of Native American Tribal Entities]]) #REDIRECT[[Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi]] Image:Goddessinprogress.JPG 4191718 208731174 2008-04-28T11:30:26Z 718 Bot 5415725 Robot: Removing fair-use reduce template == Summary =={{album cover fur | Article = Goddess in Progress | Use = Infobox <!-- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION --> | Name = ''Goddess in Progress'' | Artist = [[Julie Brown]] | Label = [[Rhino Records]] | Graphic Artist = | Item = | Type = album | Website = | Owner = | Commentary = <!--OVERRIDE FIELDS --> | Description = | Source = | Portion = | Low_resolution = | Purpose = <!--Must be specified if Use is not Infobox / Header / Section / Artist--> | Replaceability = | other_information = }} Cover of Julie Brown E.P. "Goddess in Progress" - self photo, digitally edited to remove price sticker. == Licensing == {{Non-free album cover}} Cost-of-living 4191763 139792301 2007-06-22T00:40:11Z Neutrality 68411 #REDIRECT [[Cost of living]] #REDIRECT [[Cost of living]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/C.R.A.P. 4191794 42397239 2006-03-05T23:45:01Z Splash 285145 fix closure <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. 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No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Japan at the 1998 Winter Olympics 4191831 238865554 2008-09-16T19:24:18Z {{Infobox Olympics Japan |games=1998 Winter |competitors=156 |sports=14 |flagbearer=[[Hiroyasu Shimizu]] |gold=5 |silver=1 |bronze=4 |total=10 |rank=7 }} '''[[Japan]]''' was the host nation for the '''[[1998 Winter Olympics]]''' in [[Nagano]]. It was the second time that Japan has hosted the Winter Games, after the [[1972 Winter Olympics]] in [[Sapporo]], and the third time overall, after the [[1964 Summer Olympics]] in [[Tokyo]]. ==Medalists== ===[[Image:Med 1.png]] Gold=== *'''Freestyle Skiing''' **Women's Moguls: [[Tae Satoya]] *'''Short track speed skating''' **Men's 500m: [[Takafumi Nishitani]] *'''Ski Jumping''' **Men's Individual K120 (90m): [[Kazuyoshi Funaki]] **Men's Team K120 (90m): [[Takanobu Okabe]], [[Hiroya Saito]], [[Masahiko Harada]], Kazuyoshi Funaki *'''Speedskating''' **Men's 500m: [[Hiroyasu Shimizu]] ===[[Image:Med 2.png]] Silver=== *'''Ski Jumping''' **Men's Individual K90 (70m): Kazuyoshi Funaki ===[[Image:Med 3.png]] Bronze=== *'''Short track speed skating''' **Men's 500m: [[Hitoshi Uematsu]] *'''Ski Jumping''' **Men's Individual K120 (90m): Masahiko Harada *'''Speedskating''' **Men's 1000m: Hiroyasu Shimizu **Women's 500m: [[Tomomi Okazaki]] ==Results and competitors by event== ===[[Ice hockey at the 1998 Winter Olympics|Ice hockey]]=== ====Men's Team Competition==== *'''Team Roster''' :*[[Akihito Sugisawa]] :*[[Shin Yahata]] :*[[Tsutsumi Otomo]] :*[[Matt Kabayama]] :*[[Ryan Kuwabara]] :*[[Ryan Fujita]] :*[[Atsuo Kudo]] :*[[Toshiyuki Sakai]] :*[[Takeshi Yamanaka]] :*[[Hiroyuki Miura]] :*[[Yuji Iga]] :*[[Dusty Imoo]] :*[[Shinichi Iwasaki]] :*[[Tatsuki Katayama]] :*[[Makato Kawahira]] :*[[Takayuki Kobori]] :*[[Kunihiko Sakurai]] :*[[Takayuki Miura]] :*[[Steve Tsujiura]] ===[[Speed skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics|Speed skating]]=== * [[Toru Aoyanagi]] * [[Manabu Horii]] * [[Yusuke Imai]] * [[Toshiyuki Kuroiwa]] * [[Shiho Kusunose]] * [[Noriko Munekata]] * [[Nami Nemoto]] * [[Hiroyuki Noake]] * [[Chiharu Nozaki]] * [[Takahiro Nozaki]] * [[Tomomi Okazaki]] * [[Eriko Sanmiya]] * [[Kyoko Shimazaki]] * [[Hiroyasu Shimizu]] * [[Keiji Shirahata]] * [[Aki Tonoike]] * [[Mie Uehara]] * [[Hiroaki Yamakage]] ===[[Figure skating]]=== {{Main|Figure skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics}} ====Ice dancing==== * [[Aya Kawai]] & [[Hiroshi Tanaka]] ====Pairs competition==== * [[Marie Arai]] & [[Shin Amano]] ====Ladie's competition==== * [[Shizuka Arakawa]] ====Men's competition==== * [[Takeshi Honda]] * [[Yamato Tamura]] ==References== *[http://www.joc.or.jp/database/index.html Japan Olympic Committee database] {{NOCin1998WinterOlympics}} [[Category:Nations at the 1998 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Japan at the Olympics|1998]] [[Category:1998 in Japan|Winter Olympics]] [[ja:長野オリンピック日本選手団]] Template:CT field hockey 4191897 232908752 2008-08-19T14:20:02Z <noinclude>{{hb start}}</noinclude> |- !style="background:#00DD00;"|{{Tnavbar-header|[[Hockey Champions Trophy]]|CT field hockey|bgcolor=#00DD00}} {{hb inner start}} |- !style="background:#00DD00;"|Men | [[1978 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Lahore&nbsp;1978]]&nbsp;| [[1980 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Karachi&nbsp;1980]]&nbsp;| [[1981 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Karachi&nbsp;1981]]&nbsp;| [[1982 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;1982]]&nbsp;| [[1983 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Karachi&nbsp;1983]]&nbsp;| [[1984 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Karachi&nbsp;1984]]&nbsp;| [[1985 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Perth&nbsp;1985]]&nbsp;| [[1986 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Karachi&nbsp;1986]]&nbsp;| [[1987 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;1987]]&nbsp;| [[1988 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Lahore&nbsp;1988]]&nbsp;| [[1989 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Berlin&nbsp;1989]]&nbsp;| [[1990 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Melbourne&nbsp;1990]]&nbsp;| [[1991 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Berlin&nbsp;1991]]&nbsp;| [[1992 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Karachi&nbsp;1992]]&nbsp;| [[1993 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Kuala&nbsp;Lumpur&nbsp;1993]]&nbsp;| [[1994 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Lahore&nbsp;1994]]&nbsp;| [[1995 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Berlin&nbsp;1995]]&nbsp;| [[1996 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Madras&nbsp;1996]]&nbsp;| [[1997 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Adelaide&nbsp;1997]]&nbsp;| [[1998 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Lahore&nbsp;1998]]&nbsp;| [[1999 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Brisbane&nbsp;1999]]&nbsp;| [[2000 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;2000]]&nbsp;| [[2001 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Rotterdam&nbsp;2001]]&nbsp;| [[2002 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Cologne&nbsp;2002]]&nbsp;| [[2003 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;2003]]&nbsp;| [[2004 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Lahore&nbsp;2004]]&nbsp;| [[2005 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Chennai&nbsp;2005]]&nbsp;| [[2006 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Terrassa&nbsp;2006]]&nbsp;| [[2007 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Kuala&nbsp;Lumpur&nbsp;2007]]&nbsp;| [[2008 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|Rotterdam&nbsp;2008]]&nbsp;| [[2009 Men's Hockey Champions Trophy|''Melbourne&nbsp;2009'']] |- !style="background:#00DD00;"|Women | [[1987 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;1987]]&nbsp;| [[1989 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Frankfurt&nbsp;1989]]&nbsp;| [[1991 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Berlin&nbsp;1991]]&nbsp;| [[1993 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;1993]]&nbsp;| [[1995 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Mar&nbsp;del&nbsp;Plata&nbsp;1995]]&nbsp;| [[1997 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Berlin&nbsp;1997]]&nbsp;| [[1999 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Brisbane&nbsp;1999]]&nbsp;| [[2000 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;2000]]&nbsp;| [[2001 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;2001]]&nbsp;| [[2002 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Macau&nbsp;2002]]&nbsp;| [[2003 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Sydney&nbsp;2003]]&nbsp;| [[2004 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Rosario&nbsp;2004]]&nbsp;| [[2005 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Canberra&nbsp;2005]]&nbsp;| [[2006 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Amstelveen&nbsp;2006]]&nbsp;| [[2007 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Quilmes&nbsp;2007]]&nbsp;| [[2008 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|Mönchengladbach&nbsp;2008]]&nbsp;| [[2009 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|''Sydney&nbsp;2009'']] {{hb inner end}}<noinclude> {{hb end}} {{using hb}}</noinclude> Harin Pathak 4191926 177401635 2007-12-12T09:37:04Z Shyamsunder 800815 cat {{Infobox_Indian_politician | name = Harin Pathak | image = Harin pathak.jpg | caption = | birth_date ={{Birth date and age|1947|7|20|mf=y}} | birth_place =[[Panchmahal]], [[Gujarat]] | residence = Maninagar | death_date = | death_place = | constituency = Ahmedabad | office = [[Member of Parliament|MP]] | salary = | term = | predecessor = | successor = | party =[[Bharatiya Janata Party]] | religion = | spouse = Smt. Meenaxi Pathak | children = 2 daughters | website = | footnotes = | date = February 25 | | year = 2006 | | source = }} '''Harin Pathak''' (born [[July 20]], [[1947]]) is a member of the fourteenth [[Lok Sabha]] of [[India]]. He represents the [[Ahmedabad]] constituency of [[Gujarat]] and is a member of the [[Bharatiya Janata Party]]. ==External links== * [ Official biographical sketch in Parliament of India website] * [http://www.hrw.org/reports/2002/india/India0402-03.htm#P394_69104 Human Rights Watch - Incited Riots] * [http://www.hinduonnet.com/fline/fl1822/18220240.htm The case of Harin Pathak] {{DEFAULTSORT:Pathak, Harin}} [[Category:People from Gujarat]] [[Category:Bharatiya Janata Party politicians]] [[Category:Indian politicians]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:1947 births]] [[Category:14th Lok Sabha Members]] {{BJP-politician-stub}} White soul 4191950 222992224 2008-07-02T02:09:13Z ClueBot 4928500 Reverting possible vandalism by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to version by Spylab. False positive? [[User:ClueBot/FalsePositives|Report it]]. Thanks, [[User:ClueBot]]. (430375) (Bot) #REDIRECT [[Blue-eyed soul]] Windebank 4191980 41145897 2006-02-25T09:17:18Z Charles Matthews 12978 #REDIRECT [[Francis Windebank]] Jayaben Thakkar 4192008 177401195 2007-12-12T09:32:14Z Shyamsunder 800815 cat {{Infobox_Indian_politician | name = Jayaben Thakkar | image = Jaya thakkar.jpg | caption = | birth_date ={{Birth date and age|1952|5|14|mf=y}} | birth_place =[[Baroda]], [[Gujarat]] | residence = Baroda | death_date = | death_place = | constituency = Baroda | office = [[Member of Parliament|MP]] | salary = | term = | predecessor = | successor = | party =[[Bharatiya Janata Party]] | religion = | spouse = Shri Bharatkumar H. Thakkar | children = 2 sons | website = | footnotes = | date = February 25 | | year = 2006 | | source = }} '''Jayaben Thakkar''' (born [[May 14]], [[1952]]) is a member of the 14th [[Lok Sabha]] of [[India]]. She represents the [[Baroda]] constituency of [[Gujarat]] and is a member of the [[Bharatiya Janata Party]]. ==External links== * [ Official biographical sketch in Parliament of India website] {{DEFAULTSORT:Thakkar, Jayaben}} [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:1952 births]] [[Category:People from Gujarat]] [[Category:Bharatiya Janata Party politicians]] [[Category:Indian politicians]] [[Category:14th Lok Sabha Members]] {{BJP-politician-stub}} Guisui 4192028 41146781 2006-02-25T09:29:35Z Blueshirts 583756 #REDIRECT [[Hohhot]] Image:RX4.jpg 4192063 233000131 2008-08-19T22:52:51Z E dog95 1544984 Quick-adding category "Images of automobiles" (using [[WP:HOTCAT|HotCat]]) == Summary == 1977 Mazda RX-4 Series 3 == Licensing == {{PD-self}} [[Category:Images of automobiles]] Category:Iranian prophets 4192084 171120242 2007-11-13T03:36:12Z +cat [[Prophet]]s who originated from [[Iran]] ([[Persia]]). [[Category:Iranian people|Prophets]] [[Category:Iranian religious leaders| Prophets]] [[Category:Prophets]] Image:Small flametree.jpg 4192111 129723343 2007-05-10T03:26:12Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == Photograph of the flowers of brachychiton acerifolius, taken by myself == Licensing == {{self2|GFDL-with-disclaimers|cc-by-2.5}} Rio Grande Zoo 4192142 233732103 2008-08-23T13:36:28Z Synthebot 3658625 robot Adding: [[es:Rio Grande Zoo]] {{Infobox zoo |zoo_name=Rio Grande Zoo |logo= |logo_caption=3-D metal sign |image=Rio Grande Zoo main entrance.jpg |image_caption=Main entrance |location=[[Albuquerque Biological Park]], [[Albuquerque, New Mexico|Albuquerque]], [[New Mexico]], [[United States|USA]] |date_opened=1927 |num_species=250 |area=64 [[acre]]s (0.26 km²) |members=[[Association of Zoos and Aquariums|AZA]] |website=http://www.cabq.gov/biopark/zoo/index.html }} Founded in 1927, the 64 acre '''Rio Grande Zoo''', located in [[Albuquerque, New Mexico]], is a facility of the [[Albuquerque Biological Park]]. The zoo offers visitors a pleasant stroll highlighted by close encounters with more than 250 species of exotic and native animals. Popular species include seals and sea lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, elephants, polar bears, giraffes, hippos, camels, tamarins, koalas, Mexican wolves, mountain lions, monkeys, jaguars, zebras and rhinoceros. State-of-the-art exhibit design and eye-pleasing landscaping enhance zoo animal husbandry by creating naturalistic habitats complete with trees, grasses, water features and rockwork. Sights include an Africa exhibit area, an Australia exhibit area, the "Cat Walk", and Tropical America. A [[narrow-gauge railroad]] connects the zoo to the other facilities of the Albuquerque Biological Park. Walking distance through the zoo is {{convert|2.27|mi|km}}. ==Gallery== <gallery> Image:Juvenile black-tailed prairie dogs.jpg|Two juvenile [[Black-tailed Prairie Dog]]s Image:Rio Grande Zoo train.jpg|The train engine crossing a path in the zoo Image:Sleeping male African Lion.jpg|A sleeping male [[African Lion]] Image:Mexican Wolf running.jpg|[[Mexican Wolf]] Image:Cattle Egret at Rio Grande Zoo.jpg|[[Cattle Egret]] Image:Rio Grande Zoo metal sign.jpg|Sign at Zoo entrance </gallery> ==References== * [http://www.cabq.gov/biopark/zoo/index.html Rio Grande Zoo] {{commonscat|Rio Grande Zoo}} {{Zoos of New Mexico}} {{Zoos}} [[Category:Zoos in New Mexico]] [[Category:Visitor attractions in Albuquerque, New Mexico]] [[es:Rio Grande Zoo]] Gaming Computer 4192156 65253253 2006-07-22T19:21:05Z ShakespeareFan00 1063872 Redirecting to [[Gaming PC]] #REDIRECT [[Gaming PC]] Primosten 4192199 41149586 2006-02-25T10:10:18Z MRB 187962 moved [[Primosten]] to [[Primošten]] #REDIRECT [[Primošten]] Deputy First Ministers of Scotland 4192235 41150187 2006-02-25T10:18:30Z Mais oui! 394460 ini #REDIRECT [[Deputy First Minister of Scotland]] De Imitatione Christi 4192257 128824982 2007-05-07T03:17:01Z Esrever 746004 2x redirect #REDIRECT [[The Imitation of Christ (book)]] North West Urban (Fijian Communal Constituency, Fiji) 4192310 104216149 2007-01-30T00:39:09Z Davidcannon 36171 /* [[Fiji election of 2006|2006]] */ {{Politics of Fiji}} '''North West Fijian Urban Communal''' is an [[electoral division]] of [[Fiji]], one of 23 [[Communal Constituencies (Fiji)|communal constituencies]] reserved for [[Fijian people|indigenous Fijians]]. (Of the remaining 48 seats, 23 are reserved for other ethnic communities and 25, called [[Open Constituencies (Fiji)|Open Constituencies]], are elected by [[universal suffrage]]). == Election results == In the following tables, the ''primary vote'' refers to [[Voting system of Fiji|first-preference votes]] cast. The ''final vote'' refers to the final tally after votes for low-polling candidates have been progressively redistributed to other candidates according to pre-arranged electoral agreements (see ''[[electoral fusion]]''), which may be customized by the voters (see ''[[instant run-off voting]]''). === [[Fiji election of 1999|1999]] === {| table width="70%" border="1" align="center" cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 style="margin:5px; border:3px solid;" |td width="27%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Candidate'''||td width="45%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Political party'''||td width="10%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Votes<br>(primary)'''||td width="10%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''%'''||td width="4%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Votes<br>(final)'''||td width="4%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''%''' |- |[[Akanisi Koroitamana|Akanisi Lagilagikobau Koroitamana]]||[[Party of National Unity (Fiji)|Party of National Unity]] (PANU)||5,320||43.10||8,297||67.23 |- |[[Vilisoni Cagimaivei]]||[[Fijian Political Party]] (SVT)||3,869||31.35||4,045||32.77 |- |[[Kitione Vuataki]]||[[Christian Democratic Alliance (Fiji)|Christian Democratic Alliance]] (VLV)||2,435||19.73||...||... |- |[[Navitalai Ratukalou]]||[[Nationalist Vanua Tako Lavo Party (Fiji)|Nationalist Vanua Tako Lavo Party]] (NVTLP)||652||5.28||...||... |- |[[Divuki Ah Tong|Divuki Miliakere Ah Tong]]||[[Fijian Association Party]] (FAP) ||66||0.53||...||... |- |colspan=2|'''Total'''||'''12,342'''||'''100.00'''||'''12,342'''||'''100.00''' |- |} === [[Fiji election of 2001|2001]] === {| table width="70%" border="1" align="center" cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 style="margin:5px; border:3px solid;" |td width="27%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Candidate'''||td width="45%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Political party'''||td width="10%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Votes<br>(primary)'''||td width="10%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''%'''||td width="4%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Votes<br>(final)'''||td width="4%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''%''' |- |[[Joji Banuve]]||[[United Fiji Party]] (SDL)||4,929||45.94||7,339||68.40 |- |[[Panipasa Matailevu]]||[[Fijian Political Party]] (SVT)||1,815||16.92||3,391||31.60 |- |[[Akanisi Koroitamana|Akanisi Lagilagikobau Koroitamana]]||[[Protector of Fiji]] (BKV)||1,403||13.08||...||... |- |[[Eroni Lewaqai]]||[[Conservative Alliance (Fiji)|Conservative Alliance]] (CAMV)||1,121||10.45||...||... |- |[[Remesio Rogovakalali]]||[[Fiji Labour Party]] (FLP)||1,043||9.72||...||... |- |[[Viliame Panu|Viliame Bogisa Panu]]||Independent||419||3.90||...||... |- |colspan=2|'''Total'''||'''10,730'''||'''100.00'''||'''10,730'''||'''100.00''' |- |} === [[Fiji election of 2006|2006]] === {| table width="70%" border="1" align="center" cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 style="margin:5px; border:3px solid;" |td width="30%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Candidate'''||td width="40%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Political party'''||td width="20%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''Votes'''||td width="10%" style="border-bottom:3px solid; background:#efefef;"|'''%''' |- |[[Joji Banuve|Joji Natadra Banuve]]||[[United Fiji Party]] (SDL)||11,620||79.04 |- |[[Akanisi Koroitamana]]||[[Fiji Labour Party]] (FLP)||2,017||13.72 |- |[[Ravuama Nanovu|Ravuama Rainima Nanovu]]||Independent||477||3.24 |- |[[Lemeki Vuetaki]]||[[National Alliance Party of Fiji|National Alliance Party]] (NAPF)||283||1.93 |- |[[Ratu]] [[Maikeli Lalabalavu]]||[[National Federation Party (Fiji)|National Federation Party]] (NFP)||158||1.07 |- |[[Vuli Mahe|Vuli Salusalu Mahe]]||[[United Peoples Party (Fiji)|United Peoples Party]] (UPP)||115||0.78 |- |[[Mosese Tukikaukamea]]||Independent||31||0.21 |- |colspan=2|'''Total'''||'''14,701'''||'''100.00''' |- |} == Sources == * [http://psephos.adam-carr.net/countries/f/fiji/fiji2001index.shtml Psephos - Adam Carr's electoral archive] * [http://www.fijihosting.com/pcgov/fiji_facts.htm Fiji Facts] {{Electoral divisions of Fiji}} Frank's Wild Years 4192358 41151682 2006-02-25T10:40:25Z Msikma 304976 moved [[Frank's Wild Years]] to [[Franks Wild Years]]: Apparently, there is no apostrophe in the name of this album! Its official name, as indicated on the album cover, is "Franks Wild Years". #REDIRECT [[Franks Wild Years]] The Deadly Snakes 4192444 240526784 2008-09-23T20:51:22Z /* External links */ {{Infobox musical artist |Name = The Deadly Snakes |Img = |Img_capt = |Img_size = |Background = group_or_band |Alias = |Origin = [[Toronto]], [[Ontario]] <br>[[Canada]] {{Flagicon|CAN}} |Genre = [[Garage Punk]], [[Indie rock]] |Years_active = 1996–2006 |Label = [[Sympathy for the Record Industry]]<br/>[[In the Red Records|In the Red]]<br/>[[Paper Bag Records]] |Associated_acts = |Current_members = |Past_members = [[Andre Ethier (musician)|Andre Ethier]]<br/>[[Matthew Carlson]]<br/>Chad Ross<br/>Jeremi Madsen<br/>Max McCabe-Lokos<br/>Andrew Gunn }} '''The Deadly Snakes''' were a [[Canada|Canadian]] [[indie rock]] band. Formed in [[Toronto]] in 1996, the band consists of [[Andre Ethier (musician)|Andre Ethier]] on vocals and [[guitar]]s, Matthew Carlson on guitar, [[trumpet]] and [[bass guitar|bass]], Chad Ross on guitar, bass and [[mandolin]], Jeremi Madsen on guitar, bass, [[saxophone]] and [[percussion]], Max McCabe-Lokos (using the [[stage name]] ''Age of Danger'') on [[piano]], [[Organ (music)|organ]] and percussion, and Andrew Gunn on guitar and [[drum]]s. Originally formed as a one-off band for a friend's birthday party, the Snakes kept performing together and soon became a popular draw on Toronto's live music scene. After releasing several 7" singles, the Deadly Snakes released their full-length debut album, ''Love Undone'', in 1999. The band have toured both Canada and internationally, and have released three further albums. Their 2005 single "Gore Veil", from the album ''Porcella'', was named the fifth best song of the year by [[CBC Radio 3]]. The album ''Porcella'' was subsequently shortlisted for the inaugural [[Polaris Music Prize]] in 2006. The Snakes announced their amicable breakup in August 2006, and played their last show on [[August 26]], [[2006]] at the Silver Dollar Room. [[Andre Ethier (musician)|Andre Ethier]] has ventured out as a solo artist and has released three albums. ==Discography== * ''[[Love Undone]]'' ([[Sympathy for the Record Industry]], 1999) * ''[[I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore]]'' ([[In the Red Records|In the Red]], 2001) * ''[[Ode to Joy (album)|Ode to Joy]]'' (In the Red, 2003) * ''[[Porcella]]'' ([[Paper Bag Records]], 2005) ==External links== *"[http://www.cbcradio3.com/issues/2005_01_28/index.cfm?page=20 Destination Unknown: The Deadly Snakes Cross Vast Musical Terrain]" [[CBC Radio 3]] Live Concert Session * [http://www.newyorknighttrain.com/zine/news/2006/aug/0811.html 2006 article about the band and its demise] from NewYorkNightTrain.com [[Category:Canadian indie rock groups|Deadly Snakes, The]] [[Category:2000s music groups|Deadly Snakes, The]] [[Category:Toronto musical groups|Deadly Snakes, The]] [[Category:Garage punk|Deadly Snakes]] [[Category:Sympathy for the Record Industry artists|Deadly Snakes]] Calico Light Weapons Systems 4192485 244011653 2008-10-08T22:52:32Z Cabe6403 513746 fixed redirect '''Calico Light Weapons Inc.''' is a small [[firearms]] manufacturing company currently based in [[Hillsboro, Oregon]]. ==Products== CLWS produces a line of [[pistols]], and [[carbines]]. Calico firearms feature a top-mounted, [[helical]]-feed, high-capacity (50 or 100 round) [[magazine]] that ejects spent shells from a slot in the bottom, making a brass catcher more practical. Interestingly, the Calico 9 mm pistols, carbines and submachine guns use the [[Roller-delayed blowback]] principle which is famously used in the [[Heckler & Koch]] series of firearms. ==View== Although reviews of the product line were very favorable, Calico has yet to secure big military and law enforcement contracts. Sales were severely curtailed by the introduction of the [[Federal assault weapons ban]] in the 1990s which limited magazine capacity of newly made firearms to ten rounds. Now that that particular legislation has expired, Calico is producing firearms again. Calico weapons are sometimes seen in various movies & science fiction films due to their futuristic appearance. Most notably, the [[Command & Conquer]] series, the M951 (in-game GAU-3 Eliminator) as [[GDI]]'s basic infantry assualt rifle. The company tagline in the 1990s was ''A Revolution in Firepower!''. ==Products== *.22 LR Pistols **[[Calico M100P|M-100P]] **M-110P *9mm Pistols **[[M950]] Liberty III *Carbines **M-900 **M-951 **[[Calico 960|M960]] **Liberty I and II *Sub-machineguns **M-750 **M-900A **M-950A *.22 LR Carbines **[[Calico M100|M-100]] **M-100S ==References== * Modern Small Arms - Ian Hogg, ISBN 1-85841-075-4 ==External links== * [http://www.calicolightweaponsystems.com Calico Official Web Site] * [ Calico Fans Web Site (unofficial)] * [http://world.guns.ru/smg/smg57-e.htm Modern Firearms Calico SMGs site] * [http://notpurfect.com/calico/index.html Shooters Web Ring Calico Site] [[Category:Firearms manufacturers in the United States]] [[Category:Companies based in Hillsboro, Oregon]] New Zealand Māori 4192525 156107660 2007-09-06T19:02:00Z Ilion2 1555065 +Interwikilink '''New Zealand Māori''' can refer to: * People of [[Māori]] descent * [[New Zealand Māori rugby union team]] * [[New Zealand Māori rugby league team]] {{disambig}} [[de:New Zealand Māori]] Celcom Minutes 4192571 195762110 2008-03-04T08:59:59Z MBisanz 92123 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/ST47|ST47]] ([[User talk:ST47|talk]]) to last version by Carabinieri [[Image:Celcom_logo.gif|right]] <br \> '''Minutes''' is [[Celcom Berhad|Celcom]]'s brand of postpaid mobile service for both 2G and 3G network [[Image:Minutes.gif|thumb|center|Minutes Plan]] ==See also== *[[Celcom Berhad|Celcom]] *[[Xpax]] ==External links== *[http://www.celcom.com.my Celcom Bhd Official Website] [[Category:Celcom]] {{product-stub}} Rugby League ball 4192599 225994883 2008-07-16T10:56:27Z ClueBot 4928500 Reverting possible vandalism by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to version by LessHeard vanU. False positive? [[User:ClueBot/FalsePositives|Report it]]. Thanks, [[User:ClueBot]]. (441439) (Bot) A '''Rugby League ball''' is a type of football that has the shape of an oval. It is slightly pointier than a Rugby Union ball and larger than an [[American football]]. {{RugbyLeague-stub}} Category:Conservation in Northern Ireland 4192668 173954522 2007-11-26T19:57:48Z Ardfern 170952 cat amended [[Category:Environment of Northern Ireland]] [[Category:Conservation in Ireland| Northern Ireland]] [[Category:Conservation in the United Kingdom| Northern Ireland]] [[Category:Ecology of the British Isles]] [[cy:Categori:Cadwraeth yng Ngogledd Iwerddon]] Ace Of Base Discography 4192688 174348294 2007-11-28T11:31:56Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Ace of Base discography]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Tony Bennett Discography 4192717 178264933 2007-12-16T10:51:08Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Tony Bennett discography]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Image:Latrobe-St-E-Melbourne.JPG 4192758 129241822 2007-05-08T14:17:55Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == Rhys McCaig Digital Camera == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Image:Energy-time.PNG 4192816 129241429 2007-05-08T14:16:06Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == An illustration for the [[Bohr Einstein debate]] article. Anyone is welcome to use this image and also improve it. == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} October 3, 2003 4192843 112495760 2007-03-04T04:46:08Z Staxringold 398127 clean up using [[Project:AWB|AWB]] ===[[October 3]], [[2003]]=== <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header, remove the category, redirect this page, or mark it for deletion or merging. --> * [[Near-Earth asteroid]]: Confirmation on the closest near-miss of a natural object ever recorded. The asteroid (designated 2003 SQ222), about the size of a small house, flew past Earth at a distance of around 88,000 kilometres. It would have made a fireball had it entered the atmosphere. [http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99994228] * [[Iraq and weapons of mass destruction]]: The world continues to digest David Kay's report that finds very little evidence of [[Weapons of mass destruction|WMD]] in [[Iraq]], although the regime did intend to develop more weapons with additional capabilities. Such plans and programs appear to have been dormant, the existence of these were also concealed from the [[United Nations]] during the inspections that began in [[2002]]. Weapons inspectors in Iraq do find clandestine "''network of biological [[laboratory|laboratories]]''" and a deadly strain of [[botulinum]]. The [[United States|US]]-sponsored search for WMD has so far cost $300 million and is projected to cost around $600 million more. [http://washingtontimes.com/upi-breaking/20031003-104756-7758r.htm] [http://www.etaiwannews.com/World/2003/10/05/1065322964.htm] * [[2003 California recall|California recall]]: [[Arnold Schwarzenegger]] denies admiring [[Hitler]]. Arnold Schwarzenegger's denial comes days before the vote for the next [[governor]] of [[California]]. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3160706.stm] * [[Politics]]: [[Wesley Clark|General Wesley Clark]] has made a bold political move and arguably a risky one by suggesting that members of the [[George W. Bush|Bush]] administration may be liable to criminal charges in connection with the [[Iraq]] war. Mr. Clark alleges that the plans for the [[2003 invasion of Iraq]], and other interventions in the [[Middle East]] (possibly including [[Lebanon]] and [[Syria]]), pre-dated the inauguration of the President and that the reasons for the war were misleadingly presented to the US people. *[[Evo Morales]] has said that [[Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada]], president of [[Bolivia]], may be preparing a [[coup d'état|coup]]. [http://www.lapatriaenlinea.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=1246] (in Spanish) * [[Missile]]s: [[Poland|Polish]] [[soldier]]s of the [[United States]]-led Coalition have discovered four advanced [[missile]]s around central [[Iraq]] in the Hilla region near a [[highway]]. The Roland-type [[France|French]]-made missiles (which are fired from a [[mobile launcher vehicle]] against low flying [[aircraft]]) are believed to have been manufactured earlier this year. [[Arms export]]s to Iraq had been barred by the United Nations after the [[1990]] invasion of [[Kuwait]]. France says it last shipped Roland missiles to Iraq in [[1986]]. The Polish soldiers are later found to have misinterpreted markings that read 07-01-KND 2003 as a date on the missiles. [http://www.thescotsman.co.uk/index.cfm?id=1099272003] [http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/middleeast/view/50640/1/.html] [http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=3558401] <noinclude> <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header, remove the category, redirect this page, or mark it for deletion or merging. --> </noinclude> [[Category:Days in 2003]] October 8, 2003 4192857 218351194 2008-06-10T07:06:52Z PeterCanthropus 4052080 /* October 8, 2003 */ Repairing link to disambiguation page - [[Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links|You can help!]] ===[[October 8]], [[2003]]=== <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header, remove the category, redirect this page, or mark it for deletion or merging. --> * [[Nobel Prize]]: The [[Nobel Prize in Chemistry]] is awarded jointly to [[Peter Agre]] and [[Roderick MacKinnon]] for discoveries concerning [[aquaporin]]s and [[ion channel]]s in [[cell membrane]]s. [http://www.nobel.se/chemistry/laureates/2003/press.html] *[[2003 California recall|California recall]]: [[United States Republican Party|Republican]] [[Arnold Schwarzenegger]] wins the election with 48.6% after voters decide to recall [[California]] governor [[Gray Davis]]. Schwarzenegger's closest rival was the [[United States Democratic Party|Democrat]] [[Lieutenant Governor]] [[Cruz Bustamante]], with 31.7%. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3173276.stm][http://vote2003.ss.ca.gov/Returns/gov/00.htm] * [[Surveillance]]: The [[FBI]] admits that hidden listening devices planted in the office of the [[Mayor of Philadelphia|Mayor]] of [[Philadelphia]], [[Pennsylvania]] were placed there by FBI agents. It is currently not known if the Mayor of Philadelphia is a target of an investigation nor is there any details provided about the nature of the probe that the device was part of. A [[Police|law enforcement]] official cautions that the presence of the listening devices does not necessarily mean that the mayor, himself, is under investigation. [http://abcnews.go.com/wire/US/ap20031008_1841.html] [http://www.nbc10.com/politics/2541019/detail.html] * [[Palestinian]]s: [[Yasser Arafat]] has suffered a mild [[myocardial infarction|heart attack]]. Palestinian leadership officials tried to hide condition of the [[president]]. "''Although he has had a slight heart attack, the doctors say he will make a full recovery. He is in full control. There is nothing to worry about''," states close aide to Arafat. Officials state that it would "''have created [[panic]] at a critical time when the [[Israel]]is are threatening Arafat's life''". [http://www.guardian.co.uk/israel/Story/0,2763,1058298,00.html] [http://msnbc.com/news/801833.asp?0cv=CB10] *[[Saskatchewan general election, 2003]]: [[Saskatchewan New Democratic Party|NDP]] Premier [[Lorne Calvert]] calls an election for [[November 2003|November 5]]. <noinclude> [[Category:Days in 2003]] <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header, remove the category, redirect this page, or mark it for deletion or merging. --> </noinclude> Microsloth 4192881 75356155 2006-09-12T20:18:12Z RN 201597 revert back to jargon file #REDIRECT [[Jargon File]] Wikipedia:Picture of the day/March 14, 2006 4192908 41876340 2006-03-02T08:06:43Z Go for it! 571592 link <!--If you make a correction to the text below, please also check the article the text came from. --> {| width=600 cellspacing=5 style="border-style:solid;border-color:#ccccff;padding:5px;text-align:center;" |colspan="2" align="center"| <font size="+1">[[Wikipedia:Picture of the day|Picture of the day]]</font> |---- |[[Image:Dscn3200-2-butterflies.jpg|350px|Two butterflies feed on a small lump of feces lying on a rock]] | A '''[[butterfly]]''' is a flying [[insect]]. When touched by humans, they tend to lose some scales, that look like a fine powder. If they lose too many scales, their ability to fly will be impaired. People who study or collect butterflies (or the closely related [[moth]]s) are called [[lepidopterist|lepidopterists]]. <small>Photo credit: [[User:William M. Connolley|William M. Connolley]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> |} October 17, 2003 4192930 170495346 2007-11-10T06:03:57Z Electiontechnology 2198004 /* October 17, 2003 */ [[Premier Election Solutions]] ===[[October 17]], [[2003]]=== <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header,hi i like lots of chees with eggs and milk ok and the chicken is the tallest president deletion or merging. --> * [[Bolivia]]: [[Carlos Mesa]] is sworn in as the [[President of Bolivia|president]] of the country, after former president [[Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada]] was forced to resign as protests and strikes escalated in the [[Bolivian Gas War]]. * [[United States|USA]]: A former employee of Diebold Election Systems (now [[Premier Election Solutions]]) has accused the firm of violating state and federal election-certification rules during [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]]'s 2002 gubernatorial election, the outcome of which defied all polls. [http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,60563,00.html] * [[Occupation of Iraq]]: Four US troops and at least two police officers are killed in an ambush in [[Karbala]] and another incident in Iraq.[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3199944.stm] * [[Airport security]]: In a challenge of airport security, box cutters turned up on [[Southwest Airlines]] planes in [[New Orleans]] and [[Houston]], prompting a search of all U.S. commercial [[aircraft]] (See [[Nathaniel Heatwole]]). [http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/10/17/suspicious.baggage/] * [[Economy of the People's Republic of China]]: [[The People's Republic of China]]'s economy grows at 9% in the latest period, on course to become the largest economy in the world by 2050. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3199772.stm] * [[Sport]] - [[Performance enhancing drug]]s: 'Several' unnamed US athletes are reported to have tested positive for an [[anabolic steroid]] the athletes expected to be undetectable. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/athletics/3199132.stm] * [[World's tallest structures]]: A 197 ft (60 m) spire is inserted on [[Taipei 101]] in [[Taipei]], [[Republic of China|Taiwan]], unseating Malaysia's [[Petronas Towers]] as the world's tallest building. [http://www.msnbc.com/news/981604.asp] <noinclude> [[Category:Days in 2003]] <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header, remove the category, redirect this page, or mark it for deletion or merging. --> </noinclude> October 27, 2003 4192948 72814868 2006-08-30T13:23:50Z Sjorford 24741 adding tags to day pages using [[WP:AWB|AWB]] ===[[October 27]], [[2003]]=== <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header, remove the category, redirect this page, or mark it for deletion or merging. --> * [[Occupation of Iraq]]: More than 40 people are killed and over 200 are injured in a wave of coordinated bomb attacks on the [[Red Cross]] compound and several local police stations in [[Baghdad]]. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3216539.stm]. [[George W. Bush]] states that the bombings are a sign of desperation by the insurgents. [http://www.ajc.com/news/content/news/ap/ap_story.html/Intl/AP.V7797.AP-Iraq-US-Militar.html] * [[Mutual fund]]s: U.S. fund group [[Putnam Investments]] fires four fund managers as scandals about improper and/or fraudulent dealings reach the mutual fund industry. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3212941.stm] * [[Politics of Japan]]: Former Prime Ministers [[Miyazawa Kiichi]] and [[Nakasone Yasuhiro]] announce that they are going to retire. * [[Northwest Territories general election, 2003]]: The writ is dropped for the 19 electoral districts of the [[Northwest Territories]] to elect members to the 15th session of the [[consensus government]]. <noinclude> [[Category:Days in 2003]] <!-- PLEASE NOTE: This day page is transcluded onto the month page [[October 2003]] - please do not remove or delink the the date header, remove the category, redirect this page, or mark it for deletion or merging. --> </noinclude> Wörrstadt 4192970 231726847 2008-08-13T18:05:51Z Ynhockey 131372 sp (similiar → similar) {{Infobox Ort in Deutschland |image_photo = |Wappen = WörrstadtWappen.jpg |lat_deg = 49 |lat_min = 50 |lat_sec = 35 |lon_deg = 8 |lon_min = 6 |lon_sec = 56 |Lageplan = |Bundesland = Rheinland-Pfalz |Landkreis = Alzey-Worms |Verbandsgemeinde = Wörrstadt |Höhe = 212 |Fläche = 16.75 |Einwohner = 7604 |Stand = 2006-12-31 |PLZ = 55286 |PLZ-alt = 6501 |Vorwahl = 06732 |Kfz = AZ |Gemeindeschlüssel = 07 3 31 073 |LOCODE = DE WRR |Gliederung = 2 |Adresse-Verband = Zum Römergrund 2–6 |Website = [http://www.vgwoerrstadt.de/ www.vgwoerrstadt.de] |Bürgermeister = Ingo Kleinfelder |Partei = SPD }} '''Wörrstadt''' is a municipality in the district [[Alzey-Worms]], in [[Rhineland-Palatinate]], [[Germany]]. It is located approximately 10 km north of [[Alzey]], and 20 km south-west of [[Mainz]]. Wörrstadt is the seat of the ''[[Verbandsgemeinde]]'' ("collective municipality") [[Wörrstadt (Verbandsgemeinde)|Wörrstadt]]. == Geography == === Geographical position === Wörrstadt is surrounded by the typical Rhineland-Palatinate cultural landscape: Mostly there's intensive winegrowing, and in the less exposed areas agriculture. The Rhine Hessian landscape is mostly broached and the natural vegetation almost vanished. Wörrstadt presents a for Rhine Hessian distinctive feature: With the "Neuborn", the municipality owns one of the very rare forests in this region. In this woodland exist many natural springs, whose water supplies the local swimming pool of the municipality, the "Neubornbad". The main locality lies on a rise, whereby very beautiful and impressive distant views are possible. From Wörrstadt you can see the "Donnersberg", the "Wißberg", as well as the "Taunus". When the weather is good, you're even able to see the skyline of [[Frankfurt am Main]] at multiple bounds. The district [[Rommersheim]], former "Eichloch", lies in a dip and merges imposing into the cultural landscape. At the bound Rommersheim, you're able to enjoy nice views at the Wißberg and into the direction of [[Bad Kreuznach]]. === Neighbour Townships === *[[Saulheim]] *[[Sulzheim]] *[[Gabsheim]] *[[Udenheim]] *[[Schornsheim]] *[[Armsheim]] *[[Gau-Bickelheim]] *[[Gau-Weinheim]] *[[Wallertheim]] *[[Spiesheim]] *[[Ensheim]] *[[Vendersheim]] == History == === Personalities === [[Adam Elsheimer]], a German painter of the 17th century was born in Wörrstadt. The "Adam-Elsheimer-Straße" is called after him. His parents moved to [[Frankfurt]], so it's discussed if Elsheimer was born in Wörrstadt or in [[Frankfurt]]. Also out of Wörrstadt is the town chronicler [[Nikolaus von Wörrstadt]] (or [[Nicolaus von Werstad]]), that lead in 1428 a rebillion against the patricians, to prevent the town going bankrupt. Later he was captured in [[Straßburg]] by the presumable inventer of the letterpress printing [[Johannes Gutenberg]]. The [[geologist]] and [[impact event]] scientist Dr. [[Günther Graup]] (+2006), who among other things made a name for himself with the exploration of the [[Nördlinger Ries]]. His innovative works helped to understand the Ries-Happening better. He was also involved into the [[apollo program]] and inspected multiple moon-samples ([[Apollo 14]] and [[Apollo 16]]). === Annexation === * district Rommersheim In 824 B.C., Rommersheim was documentary mentioned the first time. First Rommersheim was called "Eichloch", before it got changed. The reason for the change was, that "Eichloch" sounded similar to the cuss word "Arschloch"(Asshole). In the 70s it got suburbanized into the municipality Wörrstadt, and is hereby also part of the homonymous collective municipality. === Associate township === * [[Arney-le-Duc]], [[France]], since 1986 == Politics == === District Council === [[CDU]], [[SPD]], [[Grüne]], [[FWG]], [[BfW]] === Mayor === * Günther Helmus - SPD (1984 - 2004) * Ingo Kleinfelder - SPD (2004 - today) == Culture == === Places of Interest === * Former [[Thurn und Taxis|Thurn-und-Taxis]]-postal office * Laurentius- Church, containing a genuine Stumm- Organ from 1759 * Neunröhren- Fountain, built in 1608. Source of Mühlbach Creek. * Ulmengraben, remains of a moat * Rommersheim Town Hall, built around 1600. Today, Rommersheim is a district of Wörrstadt. * historic day laborer's dwelling * Schiller- Memorial near the cemetery * Blacksmith's Fountain, located in the historic town center <!-- === Museen === --> === Music === * Jazz-Club Rheinhessen e.V., established in 1986 * several choral societies <!-- === Landschaft === --> === Sports === *Soccer- Club Wörrstadt 06 e.V.[http://www.fc-woerrstadt.de HP] *Gymnastics and Sports Club Wörrstadt e.V. 1847, German Women's Soccer Champion in 1974 *Bicycle Club Wörrstadt 1899 e.V., German Cup- Winner; former European Champion of Trick Cycling *Table- Tennis- Club *Judo Club Wörrstadt e.V. === Sport Facilities === * "Großsporthalle" (IGS) * Gym (IGS) * Cyclinghall * Shooting Range „Im Neuborn“ * Football ground "Am Neuborn" * Tennis court "Am Schwimmbad" * Church hall at the Jahnstraße * Swimming pool "Neubornbad" == Local Economy == [[Image:Großbaustelle der Firma JUWI in Wörrstadt.jpg|thumb|400px|Construction Site in Wörrstadt, June 2008]] Wörrstadt's main industry is viniculture. * Wörrstadt features 3 business parks, 2 directly in front of the A3 * Wörrstadt features 711 business establishments. (2003) * In 2008, a special area for the demonstration of new solar energy techniques in the scale of 203,000 sq yds was created, boosting the settlement of trendsetting new sectors of industry. {{Cities and towns in Alzey-Worms (district)}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Worrstadt}} [[de:Wörrstadt]] [[eo:Wörrstadt]] [[fr:Wörrstadt]] [[nl:Wörrstadt]] [[ro:Wörrstadt]] [[ru:Вёрштадт]] [[vo:Wörrstadt]] Ruled directly 4192998 149834723 2007-08-07T20:31:32Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Direct Rule" +"Direct rule" #REDIRECT [[Direct rule]] October 7, 2004 4193014 217135338 2008-06-04T19:27:23Z Lifebaka 465839 [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[October 2004#{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] #REDIRECT[[October 2004#October 7, 2004]] [[Category:Days in 2004]] October 15, 2004 4193036 217134479 2008-06-04T19:23:06Z Lifebaka 465839 [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[October 2004#{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] #REDIRECT[[October 2004#October 15, 2004]] [[Category:Days in 2004]] October 24, 2004 4193054 217134848 2008-06-04T19:24:52Z Lifebaka 465839 [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[October 2004#{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] #REDIRECT[[October 2004#October 24, 2004]] [[Category:Days in 2004]] Eu four freedoms 4193075 41159089 2006-02-25T12:18:17Z Domino theory 59449 moved [[Eu four freedoms]] to [[Four Freedoms (European Union)]] #REDIRECT [[Four Freedoms (European Union)]] Analogue (literature) 4193109 217499252 2008-06-06T09:01:02Z SmackBot 433328 Date the maintenance tags or general fixes {{Unreferenced|date=June 2008}} : ''For other uses, see [[Analog (disambiguation)]].'' The term '''analogue''' is used in [[literary history]] in two related senses: * a work which resembles another in terms of one or more [[Motif (literature)|motif]]s, [[Fictional character|characters]], scenes, phrases or events. * an individual motif, character, scene, event or phrase which resembles one found in another work. Similarities may be fortuitous, in which case the merit of establishing an analogue is that it makes it possible to see how works from different authors (perhaps also in different languages, periods, genres) treat similar characters or motifs. But the term is used particularly in the study of [[legend]]s, [[folk tale]]s and [[oral literature]] for works that have features in common either because they derive from a shared tradition or because they both rework material from a specific older text, which may or may not still survive. For example, the [[Deluge (mythology)|Deluge]] stories in the [[Bible]] and the [[Epic of Gilgamesh]] are analogues. However, where one work draws directly on another, the term ''analogue'' is inappropriate: the earlier work is the ''source'' of the later. In the literature of earlier periods, it may not be easy to decide whether a particular work is a direct source for another, especially if there are uncertainties of dating. The phrase ''sources and analogues'' is used to cover ''all'' material relevant to the creation of a particular work. [[Category:Literary concepts]] [[Category:Literary motifs| ]] Image:Projmech.jpg 4193134 129242116 2007-05-08T14:19:15Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == Movie projector mechanisms with parts identified. Photo taken 2005-06-20; text and lines added 2006-02-25. {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Phillip O'Rely 4193165 199998560 2008-03-22T04:14:29Z BrownHairedGirl 754619 Marked as unreferenced (see [[Wikipedia:Verifiability]], [[Wikipedia:No original research]] and [[WP:RS]]). Please don't remove the {{unreferenced}} tag until references have been added. {{Unreferenced|date=March 2008}} {{notability|biographies|date=March 2008}} '''Phillip O'Rely''' is member of the [[Ireland|Irish]] [[new age]] band [[Dagda (band)|Dagda]]. {{DEFAULTSORT:Orely, Phillip}} [[Category:Year of birth missing (living people)]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Irish musicians]] {{Ireland-musician-stub}} Carlos Mercenario 4193184 244445336 2008-10-10T21:01:57Z Darius Dhlomo 564742 {{MedalTableTop|Replace this image male.svg|150px}} {{MedalSport | Men’s [[Athletics (track and field)|Athletics]]}} {{MedalCountry | {{MEX}} }} {{MedalCompetition|[[Olympic Games]]}} {{MedalSilver| [[1992 Summer Olympics|1992 Barcelona]] | [[Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics - Men's 50 km walk|50 km walk]]}} {{MedalBottom}} '''Carlos Mercenario Carbajal''' (born [[May 23]], [[1967]] in [[Ciudad de México]], [[Distrito Federal]]) is a retired [[Mexico|Mexican]] [[race walking|race walker]]. {{-}} ==Achievements== {| border="1" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="1" style="border-collapse: collapse; font-size: 95%;" |- bgcolor="cccccc" !Year !Tournament !Venue !Result !Event |- |1987 |[[1987 Pan American Games|Pan American Games]] |[[Indianapolis]], [[United States]] |bgcolor="gold" align="center" | 1st |20 km |- | |[[World Race Walking Cup]] |[[New York City]], [[United States]] |bgcolor="gold" align="center" | 1st |20 km |- |1988 |[[Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympics|Olympic Games]] |[[Seoul]], [[South Korea]] |align="center" | 7th |[[Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympics - Men's 20 km walk|20 km]] |- |1991 |[[1991 Pan American Games|Pan American Games]] |[[Havana]], [[Cuba]] |bgcolor="gold" align="center" | 1st |50 km |- | |[[World Race Walking Cup]] |[[San Jose, California|San Jose]], [[United States]] |bgcolor="gold" align="center" | 1st |50 km |- | |[[1991 World Championships in Athletics - Men's 20 km Walk|World Championships]] |[[Tokyo]], [[Japan]] |align="center" | 12th |20 km |- |1992 |[[Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics|Olympic Games]] |[[Barcelona]], [[Spain]] |bgcolor="silver" align="center" | 2nd |50 km |- |rowspan=2|1993 |[[World Race Walking Cup]] |[[Monterrey]], [[Mexico]] |bgcolor="gold" align="center" | 1st |50 km |- |[[1993 World Championships in Athletics - Men's 50 km Walk|World Championships]] |[[Stuttgart]], [[Germany]] |align="center" | 8th |50 km |- |1995 |[[1995 Pan American Games|Pan American Games]] |[[Mar del Plata]], [[Argentina]] |bgcolor="gold" align="center" | 1st |50 km |- |rowspan=2|1999 |[[1999 Pan American Games|Pan American Games]] |[[Winnipeg]], [[Canada]] |bgcolor="silver" align="center" | 2nd |50 km |- |[[1999 World Championships in Athletics|World Championships]] |[[Seville]], [[Spain]] |align="center" | 23rd |50 km |} <br> ==References== *[http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/athletes/me/carlos-mercenario-1.html sports-reference] <br> {{start box}} {{s-ach|rec}} {{succession box|before={{flagicon|TCH}} [[Jozef Pribilinec]]|title=[[World record progression 20km walk men|Men's 20km Walk World Record Holder]]|years=[[May 3]], [[1987]] &ndash; [[June 21]], [[1987]]|after={{flagicon|GDR}} [[Axel Noack]]}} {{s-sports}} {{succession box|before={{flagicon|ESP}} [[Josep Marín]]|title=[[IAAF World Race Walking Cup|Men's IAAF Walking Cup Winner (20 km)]]|years=1987|after={{flagicon|URS}} [[Frants Kostyukevich]]}} {{succession box|before={{flagicon|AUS}} [[Simon Baker (athlete)|Simon Baker]]|title=[[IAAF World Race Walking Cup|Men's IAAF Walking Cup Winner (50 km)]]|years=1991 &ndash; 1993|after={{flagicon|CHN}} [[Zhao Yongsheng]]}} {{end box}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Mercenario, Carlos}} [[Category:1967 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Mexican racewalkers]] [[Category:Athletes at the 1988 Summer Olympics]] [[Category:Athletes at the 1992 Summer Olympics]] [[Category:Olympic athletes of Mexico]] [[Category:Olympic silver medalists for Mexico]] [[Category:Former world record holders]] [[Category:People from Mexico City]] {{Mexico-Olympic-medalist-stub}} {{mexico-athletics-bio-stub}} [[es:Carlos Mercenario]] Nine Eleven 4193211 234713368 2008-08-28T03:48:11Z Fuhghettaboutit 665998 fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[September 11 attacks]] Martin Bermudez 4193237 41161448 2006-02-25T12:49:11Z Punkmorten 114828 redir page #REDIRECT[[Martín Bermúdez]] Linwood Murrow 4193260 192663806 2008-02-19T22:29:55Z Paul730 4368615 double redirect #REDIRECT [[List of minor Angel characters#Linwood Murrow]] Sir William Grant 4193299 41162300 2006-02-25T13:00:31Z Cutler 35830 new redirect #redirect[[William Grant]] August Theodor Arvidson 4193324 239474475 2008-09-19T04:55:38Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other '''August Theodor Arvidson''' (born [[October 13]], [[1883]]) was a [[bishop]] of [[The Methodist Church (USA)|The Methodist Church]] in [[Sweden]]. Arvidson was born in [[Järpas]], Sweden to [[Lutheran]] parents. He was [[converted]] to [[methodism]] in his [[youth]] and joined the Methodist Church in [[Gothenburg]] in 1901. He joined Sveriges Arskonferens (Swedish Conference) in full connection in 1909. Prior to his [[election]] to the [[Episcopacy]] in 1946, he served as a [[Pastor]], [[District Superintendent]], [[Book Editor]] and [[Manager]]. As Bishop he served the Central Conference of Northern Europe of the Methodist Church. He also served for a time as the President of the National Free Church Council and as a member of the Ecumenical Council of Sweden and the Nordic Inst., Sigtuna. ==Selected Writings== *''Det Avgörande Beviset för Kristendomen'' (The Final Evidence for Christianity), 1917. *''Helgelsen - Grundval och Upplevelse'' (Sanctification - Foundation and Experience), 1931. *''Andens Fullhet och Andens Gåvor'' (The fulness of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit), 2nd ed., 1935. *''Av Mitt Skall han Taga'' (He Will Take of Mine), 1937. *''Från Advent till Pingst'' (From Advent to Pentecost), 1937. *''Methodistkyrkan, Vad hon är, Vad hon lär, Vad hon vill'' (The Methodist Church, What She Is, What She Teaches, What She Will), 4th enl. ed., 1940. *Translations of several English books including work of Bishop Nuelsen. ==References== *Leete, Frederick DeLand, '''Methodist Bishops.''' Nashville, The Parthenon Press, 1948. ==See also== *[[List of Bishops of the United Methodist Church]] {{bishop-stub}} {{Sweden-bio-stub}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Arvidson, August Theodor}} [[Category:1883 births]] [[Category:Bishops of The Methodist Church (USA)]] [[Category:Swedish bishops]] [[Category:Year of death missing]] [[Category:Swedish-language writers]] [[Category:Methodist writers]] [[Category:Translators from English]] [[Category:Translators to Swedish]] [[Category:Book editors]] [[Category:Christian apologetics]] [[Category:Swedish Christian ministers]] [[Category:Swedish Methodists]] [[Category:Swedish editors]] [[Category:Editors of Christian publications]] [[Category:Converts to Methodism]] High Energy Laser for Rocket, Artillery and Mortar 4193339 41162899 2006-02-25T13:07:44Z A.R. 693909 Redirected to "HELRAM" #REDIRECT [[HELRAM]] Village Javornik 4193360 244020098 2008-10-08T23:37:46Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Adding geodata: {{coord missing|Croatia}} '''Javornik''' is a village on the [[Una River]], near the town [[Dvor]], [[Banija]] region, [[Croatia]]. The village has suffered extensive damage during the civil war in ex-[[Yugoslavia]]. {{coord missing|Croatia}} [[Category:Municipalities of Croatia]] 2nd Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards 4193375 41163452 2006-02-25T13:14:07Z NWill 350079 #redirect [[Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards 2003]] Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards 2004 4193402 227415737 2008-07-23T14:11:26Z Fratrep 4541225 Repairing link to disambiguation page - [[Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links|You can help!]] <div style="float: right; font-size: smaller; background-color:#E6E6FA; padding: 12px; margin-left: 5em; margin-bottom: 2em; width: 180px" align="center"> '''3rd WAFCA Awards'''<br> <div style="padding-left: 15px"> [[December 17]], [[2004]] </div> ---- Best Film: <br> <big>''' Eternal Sunshine<br>of the Spotless Mind '''</big> </div> The '''3rd Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards''', honoring the best in filmmaking in [[2004 in film|2004]], were given on [[17 December]], [[2004]]. ==Winners== *Best Actor: **[[Jamie Foxx]] - ''[[Ray (film)|Ray]]'' *Best Actress: **[[Imelda Staunton]] - ''[[Vera Drake]]'' *Best Animated Feature: **''[[The Incredibles]]'' *Best Cast: **''[[Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind]]'' *Best Director: **[[Michel Gondry]] - ''[[Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind]]'' *Best Documentary Feature: **''[[Fahrenheit 9/11]]'' *Best Film: **'''''[[Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind]]''''' *Best Screenplay - Adapted: **''[[Sideways]]'' - [[Alexander Payne]] and [[Jim Taylor (writer)|Jim Taylor]] *Best Screenplay - Original: **''[[Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind]]'' - [[Charlie Kaufman]] *Best Supporting Actor: **[[Jamie Foxx]] - ''[[Collateral (film)|Collateral]]'' *Best Supporting Actress: **[[Cate Blanchett]] - ''[[The Aviator]]'' {{start box}} {{succession box | | before= [[Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards 2003|WAFCA Awards 2003]] (2nd) | after = [[Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards 2005|WAFCA Awards 2005]] (4th) | title = [[Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association]] Awards | years = 2004 |}} {{end box}} [[Category:2004 film awards]] [[Category:Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards]] Arkle Challenge Trophy 4193423 235863486 2008-09-02T18:29:36Z Zafonic 153226 link amendment etc __NOTOC__ The '''Arkle Challenge Trophy''' is a Grade 1 [[National Hunt racing|National Hunt]] [[novice (racehorse)|novice]] [[Chase (racing)|chase]] in the [[United Kingdom]] open to horses which are five-years-old or above. It is run over a distance of 2 miles (3,219 metres) on the Old Course at [[Cheltenham Racecourse]], and it takes place annually during the [[Cheltenham Festival]] in March. There are twelve fences to be jumped in the race. It was given its present name in 1969 to honour the racehorse [[Arkle]], a three-time winner of the [[Cheltenham Gold Cup]]. Prior to this the race had been known as the '''Cotswold Chase'''. Since 1991 six winners of the race have gone on to win the [[Queen Mother Champion Chase]], while a further five winners have been placed. This contrasts heavily with the situation beforehand, when [[Flyingbolt]] was the only winner to subsequently win the Champion Chase. The 1979 winner passed the post first in the following year's Champion Chase only to be disqualified some time after the event because of a positive drugs test. ==Winners== * ''Amateur jockeys indicated by "Mr".'' {| class = "sortable" | border="1" cellpadding="0" style="border-collapse: collapse; font-size:90%" |- bgcolor="#77dd77" align="center" | style="width:36px" | '''Year'''<br> | style="width:160px" | '''Winner'''<br> | style="width:40px" | '''Age'''<br> | style="width:180px" | '''Jockey'''<br> | style="width:180px" | '''Trainer'''<br> |- | 1946 | [[Bright Penny]] | 6 | [[Glen Kelly]] | [[Bobby Norris]] |- bgcolor="#eeeeee" | <span style="display:none">1947</span> | ''no race 1947'' {{ref label|1947|1|1}} || || || | |- | 1948 | [[Top Cash]] | 6 | [[Glen Kelly]] | [[Bobby Norris]] |- | 1949 | [[Grand Refrain]] | 5 | [[Glen Kelly]] | [[Bobby Norris]] |- | 1950 | [[High Level (horse)|High Level]] | 5 | [[Johnny Bullock]] | [[Fred Rimell]] |- | 1951 | [[Red Steel (horse)|Red Steel]] | 5 | [[Dick Francis]] | [[Frank Cundell]] |- | 1952 | [[Nautical Print]] | 5 | [[Tommy Cusack]] | [[Gerry Wilson]] |- | 1953 | [[Bramble Tudor]] | 5 | [[Tim Molony]] | [[Stewart Wight]] |- | 1954 | [[Armorial III]] | 5 | [[René Emery]] | [[Fulke Walwyn]] |- | 1955 | [[Manuscrit]] | 5 | [[Johnny Bullock]] | [[Fulke Walwyn]] |- | 1956 | [[Sir Ken]] | 9 | [[Tim Molony]] | [[Willie Stephenson]] |- | 1957 | [[Ballyatom]] | 5 | Mr [[Bob McCreery]] | [[George Beeby (horse racing)|George Beeby]] |- | 1958 | [[Fortria]] | 6 | [[Tom Taaffe, Sr.|Tom Taaffe]] | [[Tom Dreaper]] |- | 1959 | [[Flame Gun]] | 8 | [[Fred Winter (horse racing)|Fred Winter]] | [[Charlie Mallon]] |- | 1960 | [[Mazurka (horse)|Mazurka]] | 6 | [[Ron Harrison (horse racing)|Ron Harrison]] | [[Ron Smyth]] |- | 1961 | [[Mountcashel King]] | 6 | [[Pat Taaffe]] | [[Tom Dreaper]] |- | 1962 | [[Prudent Barney]] | 8 | [[Johnny East]] | [[Bobby Renton]] |- | 1963 | [[Ben Stack (horse)|Ben Stack]] | 6 | [[Pat Taaffe]] | [[Tom Dreaper]] |- | 1964 | [[Greektown (horse)|Greektown]] | 8 | [[Michael Scudamore]] | [[Willie Stephenson]] |- | 1965 | [[Flyingbolt]] | 6 | [[Pat Taaffe]] | [[Tom Dreaper]] |- | 1966 | [[Arctic Sunset]] | 6 | [[George Milburn (horse racing)|George Milburn]] | [[Ken Oliver]] |- | 1967 | [[Arctic Stream]] | 7 | [[Ben Hannon]] | [[Pat Rooney]] |- | 1968 | [[The Hustler (horse)|The Hustler]] | 6 | [[Barry Brogan]] | [[Earl Jones (horse racing)|Earl Jones]] |- | 1969 | [[Chatham (horse sired by Romany Air)|Chatham]] | 5 | [[Terry Biddlecombe]] | [[Fred Rimell]] |- | 1970 | [[Soloning]] | 5 | [[Paul Kelleway]] | [[Fred Winter (horse racing)|Fred Winter]] |- | 1971 | [[Alpheus (horse)|Alpheus]] | 6 | [[Eddie Wright]] | [[Tom Dreaper]] |- | 1972 | [[Pendil]] | 7 | [[Richard Pitman]] | [[Fred Winter (horse racing)|Fred Winter]] |- | 1973 | [[Denys Adventure]] | 8 | [[Graham Thorner]] | [[Tim Forster]] |- | 1974 | [[Canasta Lad]] | 8 | [[Jeff King (horse racing)|Jeff King]] | [[Peter Bailey (horse racing)|Peter Bailey]] |- | 1975 | [[Broncho II]] | 6 | [[Colin Tinkler]] | [[Tony Dickinson]] |- | 1976 | [[Roaring Wind]] | 8 | [[Reg Crank]] | [[Roy Cambidge]] |- | 1977 | [[Tip the Wink]] | 7 | [[Dessie Hughes]] | [[Pat Taylor (horse racing)|Pat Taylor]] |- | 1978 | [[Alverton (horse)|Alverton]] | 8 | [[Graham Thorner]] | [[Peter Easterby]] |- | 1979 | [[Chinrullah]] | 7 | [[Dessie Hughes]] | [[Mick O'Toole]] |- | 1980 | [[Anaglogs Daughter]] | 7 | [[Tommy Carberry]] | [[Bill Durkan]] |- | 1981 | [[Clayside]] | 7 | [[Alan Brown (horse racing)|Alan Brown]] | [[Peter Easterby]] |- | 1982 | [[The Brockshee]] | 7 | [[Tommy Carberry]] | [[Arthur Moore (horse racing)|Arthur Moore]] |- | 1983 | [[Ryeman]] | 6 | [[Alan Brown (horse racing)|Alan Brown]] | [[Peter Easterby]] |- | 1984 | [[Bobsline]] | 8 | [[Frank Berry]] | [[Francis Flood]] |- | 1985 | [[Boreen Prince]] | 8 | [[Niall Madden, Sr.]] | [[Andrew McNamara, Sr.]] |- | 1986 | [[Oregon Trail (horse)|Oregon Trail]] | 6 | [[Ronnie Beggan]] | [[Simon Christian]] |- | 1987 | [[Gala's Image]] | 7 | [[Richard Linley]] | [[Mercy Rimell]] |- | 1988 | [[Danish Flight]] | 9 | [[Mark Dwyer]] | [[Jimmy FitzGerald]] |- | 1989 | [[Waterloo Boy]] | 6 | [[Richard Dunwoody]] | [[David Nicholson (horse racing)|David Nicholson]] |- | 1990 | [[Comandante (horse)|Comandante]] | 8 | [[Peter Hobbs (horse racing)|Peter Hobbs]] | [[Josh Gifford]] |- | 1991 | [[Remittance Man (horse)|Remittance Man]] | 7 | [[Richard Dunwoody]] | [[Nicky Henderson]] |- | 1992 | [[Young Pokey]] | 7 | [[Jamie Osborne]] | [[Oliver Sherwood]] |- | 1993 | [[Travado]] | 7 | [[Jamie Osborne]] | [[Nicky Henderson]] |- | 1994 | [[Nakir (horse)|Nakir]] | 6 | [[Jamie Osborne]] | [[Simon Christian]] |- | 1995 | [[Klairon Davis]] | 6 | [[Francis Woods (jockey)|Francis Woods]] | [[Arthur Moore (horse racing)|Arthur Moore]] |- | 1996 | [[Ventana Canyon]] | 7 | [[Richard Dunwoody]] | [[Edward O'Grady (horse racing)|Edward O'Grady]] |- | 1997 | [[Or Royal]] | 6 | [[Tony McCoy]] | [[Martin Pipe]] |- | 1998 | [[Champleve (horse)|Champleve]] | 5 | [[Tony McCoy]] | [[Martin Pipe]] |- | 1999 | [[Flagship Uberalles]] | 5 | [[Joe Tizzard]] | [[Paul Nicholls (horse racing)|Paul Nicholls]] |- | 2000 | [[Tiutchev (horse)|Tiutchev]] | 7 | [[Mick Fitzgerald]] | [[Nicky Henderson]] |- bgcolor="#eeeeee" | <span style="display:none">2001</span> | ''no race 2001'' {{ref label|2001|2|2}} || || || | |- | 2002 | [[Moscow Flyer]] | 8 | [[Barry Geraghty]] | [[Jessica Harrington]] |- | 2003 | [[Azertyuiop]] | 6 | [[Ruby Walsh]] | [[Paul Nicholls (horse racing)|Paul Nicholls]] |- | 2004 | [[Well Chief]] | 5 | [[Tony McCoy]] | [[Martin Pipe]] |- | 2005 | [[Contraband (horse)|Contraband]] | 7 | [[Timmy Murphy]] | [[Martin Pipe]] |- | 2006 | [[Voy Por Ustedes]] | 5 | [[Robert Thornton (jockey)|Robert Thornton]] | [[Alan King (horse racing)|Alan King]] |- | 2007 | [[My Way de Solzen]] | 7 | [[Robert Thornton (jockey)|Robert Thornton]] | [[Alan King (horse racing)|Alan King]] |- | 2008 | [[Tidal Bay]] | 7 | [[Denis O'Regan (jockey)|Denis O'Regan]] | [[Howard Johnson (horse racing)|Howard Johnson]] |} <span style="font-size:85%"> {{note label|1947|1|1}} The 1947 race was cancelled because of [[Winter of 1946-1947|snow and frost]]. <br /> {{note label|2001|2|2}} The 2001 race was cancelled because of the [[2001 United Kingdom foot-and-mouth crisis]]. </span> ==Notes== <span style="font-size:90%"> * '''1956''' - [[Sir Ken]] was a previous triple [[Champion Hurdle]] winner. * '''1978''' - [[Alverton (horse)|Alverton]] went on to win the following year's [[Cheltenham Gold Cup]]. * '''2007''' - [[My Way de Solzen]] had previously won the [[World Hurdle]] in 2006. </span> ==References== * [http://www.pedigreequery.com/index.php?search_bar=stakes&query_type=stakes&field=view&id=5884 PedigreeQuery.com] * [[Racing Post]]: ** [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=22991&r_date=1988-3-15 1988], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=28549&r_date=1989-3-14 1989], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=34094&r_date=1990-3-13 1990], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=39513&r_date=1991-3-12 1991], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=45312&r_date=1992-3-10 1992], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=51225&r_date=1993-3-16 1993], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=56813&r_date=1994-3-15 1994], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=62207&r_date=1995-3-14 1995], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=200048&r_date=1996-3-12 1996], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=233711&r_date=1997-3-11 1997] ** [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=247467&r_date=1998-3-17 1998], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=261968&r_date=1999-3-16 1999], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=276070&r_date=2000-3-14 2000], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=310633&r_date=2002-3-12 2002], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=326499&r_date=2003-3-11 2003], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=344209&r_date=2004-3-16 2004], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=366075&r_date=2005-3-15 2005], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=398283&r_date=2006-3-14 2006], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=422747&r_date=2007-3-13 2007], [http://www.racingpost.co.uk/horses/result.sd?&race_id=447770&r_date=2008-3-11 2008] ==See also== * [[Horseracing in Great Britain]] * [[List of British National Hunt races]] [[Category:National Hunt horse races]] [[Category:Horse races in Great Britain]] Promises 4193439 78947422 2006-10-01T22:12:21Z Reinyday 100726 redirect #REDIRECT [[Promise (disambiguation)]] Sauze d'Oulx 4193462 239596580 2008-09-19T16:19:59Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|45|02|N|6|51|E|display=title}} [[Image:Torino location map winter olympics.PNG|thumb|Location of the town shown on the map]] '''Sauze d'Oulx''' is a town and commune in the [[province of Turin]], [[Piedmont]] (northern [[italy]]) located 80 kilometres from Turin. It was the site of the [[Freestyle Skiing]] events of the [[2006 Olympic Winter Games]]. Together with the villages of [[Sestriere]], [[Claviere]], [[Cesana Torinese]], [[San Sicario]] and [[Mongenèvre]], in [[France]], it makes up the [[Via Lattea]] (Milky Way) skiing area. Since the beginning of the 19th century, Sauze d'Oulx has been the exclusive destination for the [[Turin]] aristocracy, with its famous winter resort Sportinia and is still a skiing favourite because of its natural location. Sauzed'olux is a very lively resort, and is popular with younger skiers and snowboarders. It features runs for participants of all levels, as well as a great apres-ski, boasting a huge number of bars and restaurants. For years it has been a favourite destination for English skiers, who represent more than 70% of the tourism and who have now become part of the resident population. <BR> {{Province of Turin}} {{coord|45|02|N|6|51|E|display=title}} [[Category:2006 Winter Olympics venues]] {{Turin-geo-stub}} [[de:Sauze d’Oulx]] [[eo:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[fr:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[id:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[it:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[nl:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[ja:サウゼ・ドゥルクス]] [[nap:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[no:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[pms:Sauze d'Ols]] [[pl:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[pt:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[sl:Sauze D'Oulx]] [[fi:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[sv:Sauze d'Oulx]] [[vo:Sauze d'Oulx]] Club Leon 4193484 50385697 2006-04-27T06:47:27Z Nightstallion 149211 dblrdr #REDIRECT [[Club León]] Raúl González (disambiguation) 4193502 244182032 2008-10-09T18:02:21Z Boleyn2 7703861 See [[MOS:DABRL]] '''[[Raúl González]]''' is a Spanish footballer. *'''Raúl González''' may also refer to: *[[Raúl González (athlete)]], Mexican Olympic medalist in race walking *[[Raúl González (boxer)]], Cuban Olympic medalist in boxing *[[Raúl González (handball player)]], who represented [Spain at the 1996 Summer Olympics]] *[[Raúl González (host)]], host on the Univisión television network *[[Raul Gonzalez (Philippines)]], Secretary of Justice of the Philippines since 2004 *[[Raúl González (baseball)]], Major League Baseball player, see [[New York Mets all-time roster]] *[[Raúl González Guzman]], footballer of [[Doxa Katokopia]] *[[Raúl González Guzmán]], Venezuelan footballer {{hndis|name=Gonzalez, Raul}} [[da:Raúl González (flertydig)]] [[es:Raúl González (desambiguación)]] [[it:Raúl González]] [[pl:Raúl González]] [[fi:Raúl González]] Townships in Michigan 4193532 41177586 2006-02-25T15:48:16Z Bkonrad 44062 rd --> List of cities, villages, and townships in Michigan (at least until the new article is cleaned up) #REDIRECT [[List of cities, villages, and townships in Michigan]] Doctors and Dentists Review Body 4193570 85199651 2006-11-02T05:22:10Z TimBentley 531594 Disambiguation link repair - [[Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links|You can help!]] The '''Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body''' ('''DDRB''') is a body established to set the pay of [[Physician|doctors]] and [[dentists]] in the [[National Health Service|UK health service]]. The [[Review Body]] invites evidence from a range of stakeholders, including the [[British Medical Association|BMA]] and the government, and then decides how much doctors' pay should increase in the following year. In principle the DDRB matches doctors' pay with others doing similar jobs in the public and private sector, and ensures that doctors' pay continues to match that of others doing comparable jobs, and on comparable incomes. In practice it has been suggested that the DDRB has failed to maintain doctors' incomes in line with others, partly because of pressure from the treasury, and partly because the government has refused to fully meet the DDRB recommendations. There is evidence that doctors' income has been falling over many years. [http://bmj.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/full/331/7531/1520 McManus IC. The wealth of distinguished doctors: retrospective survey. ''BMJ'' 2005 (Dec 24) 331:1520-1523, doi:10.1136/bmj.331.7531.1520] [[Category:Health in the United Kingdom]] Image:Saturday lottery ticket Tasmania.JPG 4193595 244519117 2008-10-11T05:44:59Z FairuseBot 1022055 Removing tag (Image removals: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Contributions&offset=20081011054457&target=FairuseBot&dir=prev) == Licensing == <s><nowiki>{{GFDL-self}}</nowiki></s> This image was created by [[User:Kyle sb]]. It is, however, a scan that contains a copyrighted logo and design and thus can only be used as "fair use". {{Non-free fair use in|Tattersall's (gambling organisation)}} Las Colinas APT System 4193633 225966506 2008-07-16T06:34:08Z Wlindley 447824 Route map; grammar {{Infobox Public transit |name = Las Colinas APT System |locale = [[Irving, Texas]] |transit_type = [[People mover]] |began_operation = [[June 18]], [[1989]] |system_length = 1.4 mi (2.3 km) |lines = 2 |stations = 4 |operator = Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District }} The '''Las Colinas Area Personal Transit System''' is a [[people mover]] system that serves the [[Las Colinas]] area of [[Irving, Texas]], a suburb of [[Dallas, Texas|Dallas]]. The system has four passenger stations and a maintenance & control centre, and is run by two cars, one for each route. The system uses [[automated guideway transit]] technology, although for the moment it is driven manually, and exists primarily for the benefit of office workers and a few local residents. ==History== [[Image:Las Colinas APT System 1.jpg|thumb|right|The APT system in action. Here, the people mover is just outside Bell Tower Station.]] The community of Las Colinas was founded in 1973, but construction of the APT did not begin until 1979. The first phase construction contained 1.4 miles of guideway and four stations.<ref name=jonbell>{{cite web| url=http://web.presby.edu/~jtbell/transit/Irving/| work=Jon Bell's Transit Pages| title=Las Colinas Peoplemover (APT)| }}</ref> (At this time, Phase 1 remains the only fully constructed and operational track: see [[Las Colinas APT System#Current Operation|Current Operation]] for more details.) Although the guideways were in place by 1983, the system was not finalised and opened until 1986, following the purchase of four cars, power and control infrastructure from [[AEG|AEG-Westinghouse]],<ref name=jonbell /> which has since been purchased by [[Bombardier]].<ref name=dcurd>{{cite web| url=http://www.dcurd.com/| title=Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District| }}</ref> Passenger service began three years later, on [[18 June]] [[1989]], with the first five years of operation to be overseen by the vendor.<ref name=jonbell /> This was part of a deal that reportedly cost $45 million.<ref name=facilities>{{cite web| url=http://www.facilities.ufl.edu/cp/pdf/PeopleMovers.pdf| format=PDF| author=Tzveta Panayotova (Facilities Planning and Construction UFL)| title=People Movers - Systems and Case Studies| }}</ref> In July 1993, the system was closed due to rising expenses and a lack of demand. Obviously, plans for future expansion were put on hold, not just because of the low demand for the current system, but because the real estate crash in the Dallas area in the mid-1980s had reduced demand for development in the rest of Las Colinas. Las Colinas saw a revival of fortune towards the latter half of the 1990s, and the system reopened accordingly in December 1996. Rising occupancy rates in the area saw a renewed call for expansion, but the current system still runs only on a limited basis.<ref name=jerryschneider>{{cite web| url=http://faculty.washington.edu/jbs/itrans/lascol.htm| work=Jerry Schneider's Innovative Transportation Technologies| title=Las Colinas Peoplemover Infopage| }}</ref> == Operations == {| {{Railway line header}} {{BS-table}} {{BS3|uKBFa-ELEV||||Xerox Center}} {{BS3|uELEV|uKBFa-ELEV|||Lincoln Place}} {{BS3|uELEV|uWBRÜCKE-ELEV|||Lake Carolyn}} {{BS3|uABZrg-ELEV|uSTRrf-ELEV||}} {{BS3|uBHF-ELEV||||Bell Tower}} {{BS3|uBHF-ELEV||||Cigna Tower}} {{BS3|uKDSe||||Maintenance and Control Center}} |} |} Since the 1996 reopening, the system has been run by the ''Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District''. It runs from 10:30am to 2pm on weekdays, mostly for the benefit of office workers riding to Bell Tower Station to eat lunch at the restaurants located there.<ref name=jerryschneider /> The system is operated manually, with only two trains running as demand dictates. The drivers use a small control panel that is equipped with an emergency and maintenance controls. ===Track Routing=== The initial track layout has not changed since Phase 1 was opened in 1986. There are two tracks. *'''Track 1''' - This track forks north at Bell Tower and ends at Xerox Center (aka Millennium Center). *'''Track 2''' - This track forks east at Bell Tower and ends at Lincoln Place (aka Equity Offices). ===Stations=== The four original stations and maintenance center are still the only operational stopping points for passengers on the APT system. These stations are: *'''Maintenance and Control Center''' - Not used by passengers, each train starts its first morning journey here. The control centre is manned by an overseer during times of operation. *'''Cigna Tower''' - On both tracks 1 and 2, this is located at 600 E. Las Colinas Boulevard. *'''Bell Tower''' - The main station at 27 Mandalay Canal, this is accessible on both tracks, and is located above the Mandalay Canal. The numerous dining options, as well as the Tower's central location within Las Colinas, makes this the most popular station with both local workers and visitors. *'''Lincoln Place''' - Located at the end of Track 2, and also known as Equity Offices at 909 E. Las Colinas Boulevard. This stop is mostly used by office workers in that building. *'''Xerox Center''' - Also known as Millennium Center, this forms the terminus for Track 1.<ref name=dcurd /> ===Vehicles=== Out of the four vehicles purchased in 1986, only two are used on day-to-day service. ==Future Expansion== Plans to expand the system have existed since the inception of the APT; a number of guideway pillars without tracks already exist north of the Xerox Center station. Track 2 has enough space for two lines, although currently only one is placed on the guideways. ==Controversy== Some, such as [[Gary N. Bourland]], author of ''Las Colinas: The Inside Story of America's Premier Urban Development'', cite cases of the APT System being viewed as an expensive [[white elephant]].<ref name=happyme>{{cite book| url=http://www.happyme.com/las_colinas.htm| author=Gary N. Bourland| publisher=Happyme Publishing| title=Las Colinas: The Inside Story of America's Premier Urban Development| id=ISBN 0960935037 | }}</ref> It has also been cited as one of the contributors towards the high rate of taxation in the Las Colinas area.<ref name=foxglen>{{cite news| url=http://www.foxglen.org/LCHistory.htm| author=Lee Powell| publisher=The Dallas Morning News| title=Ranch to riches: A city's tale - Las Colinas' growth marked by foresight, careful planning| }}</ref> However, the Northwest Corridor Major Investment Study - carried out on behalf of the [[Dallas Area Rapid Transit]] Board of Directors - sees the potential to integrate the APT system into the DART public transit network, showing that some demand remains for the service's continuation and even expansion.<ref name=irvinglanduse>{{cite web| url=http://www.ci.irving.tx.us/economic_development/Land_Use_Study/part2.asp| author=City of Irving| title=Northwest Corridor Land Use Study| }}</ref> ==References== {{Reflist}} {{USpplmver}} [[Category:Rapid transit in the United States]] 2004 NAACP Image Awards 4193656 41167689 2006-02-25T14:03:31Z NWill 350079 #redirect [[36th NAACP Image Awards]] Zibdani 4193679 41168023 2006-02-25T14:07:12Z Darwinek 107928 #redirect [[Zabadani]] Richard Keith Wolff 4193702 199580017 2008-03-20T12:36:07Z Update website link '''Richard Keith Wolff''' (born February 19, 1947) is a British-born photographer, painter and short filmmaker. Wolff was born in Hertfordshire, England, and he attended The London Film School and Byam Shaw School of Art. Richard Keith Wolff work includes rare photographs from 1969-70 of [[John Lennon]], [[Jimi Hendrix]], [[Noel Redding]], [[Eric Clapton]], [[Charlie Watts]] and [[Quentin Crisp]]. Recent work features contemporary musicians and celebrities including The [[Red Hot Chili Peppers]], [[Victor Spinetti]], [[Tracey Emin]], [[Franc Roddam]] and [[Nick Park]]. Wolff has exhibited his work in London, Paris and Los Angeles. == External links == *[http://www.richardkeithwolff.co.uk/ Richard Keith Wolff official website] {{DEFAULTSORT:Wolff, Richard Keith}} [[Category:1947 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:People from Hertfordshire]] [[Category:English photographers]] {{UK-photographer-stub}} Balkan Beat Box (album) 4193722 158892668 2007-09-19T05:52:17Z OrphanBot 621721 Removing [[:Image:Bbb_cover.jpg|image]] with no copyright information. Such images that are older than seven days may be deleted at any time. {{Infobox Album | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = Balkan Beat Box | Type = studio | Artist = [[Balkan Beat Box]] | Cover = | Released = [[2005]] | Recorded = |[[Summer]], 2004 | Genre = [[World Music]] | Length = 53:50 | Label = [[Nana Disc]] | Producer = [[Tamir Muskat]] | Last album = '''''[[J.U.F.|Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat]]'''''<br />(2004) | This album = '''''Balkan Beat Box'''''<br />(2005) | Next album = '''''[[Nu Med]]'''''<br />(2007) }} '''''Balkan Beat Box''''' is the self titled debut album from [[Israel]]i-[[United States|American]] [[world music]] [[Duet (music)|duo]] [[Balkan Beat Box]]. ==Track listing== # Cha Cha # Bulgarian Chicks # Adir Adirim # 9/4 the Ladies # Shushan # Ya Man # Gross # Sunday Arak # Hassan's Mimuna # Meboli # La Bush Resistance [[Category:Balkan Beat Box albums]] [[Category:2005 albums]] {{2000s-electronic-album-stub}} Heavy Metal (comics) 4193746 222727696 2008-06-30T20:35:03Z Marcus Brute 722542 moved [[Heavy Metal (Marvel Comics)]] to [[Heavy Metal (comics)]] {{Otheruses|Heavy metal (disambiguation)}} '''Heavy Metal''' is a group of villains of the [[Marvel Universe]]. They first appeared in [[Avengers (comics)|Avengers]] vol. 1 #288 and apparently disbanded after their defeat in Avengers vol. 1 #290. Membership of the villain group were the [[Awesome Android]], [[Machine Man]], [[Sentry (Kree)|Sentry]] unit #459 (not Rob Reynolds but a Kree agent), the [[Super-Adaptoid]] and [[TESS-One]]. Their main purpose was to serve the Super-Adaptoid, whom the group had as leader and aid him in his quest to gain the Cosmic Cube's power. [[Category:Marvel Comics supervillain teams]] [[fr:Heavy Metal (comics)]] Principal officials of Hong Kong 4193771 169124718 2007-11-04T09:44:40Z HongQiGong 986621 /* External links */ '''Principals officials''' ({{zh-t|t=主要官員}}), as according to the [[Hong Kong Basic Law|Basic Law]], are government officials that are nominated by the [[Chief Executive of Hong Kong|Chief Executive]] and appointed by the [[Central People's Government]] of the [[People's Republic of China]]. They include secretaries of departments and secretaries of policy bureaux. Five other officials are also ''principal officials'' because of the importance of their positions (although three of them report to the secretaries and permanent secretaries of policy bureaux). They are required to be citizens of the People's Republic of China who are permanent residents of Hong Kong with no right of abode in any foreign country and have ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than 15 years. When assuming office, they must, in accordance with law, swear to uphold the Basic Law and swear their allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Since the introduction of the [[Principal Officials Accountability System]] on [[July 1st]], [[2002]], secretaries of departments and secretaries of bureaux (but not the other five officials) are political appointees. Before that all principal officials were civil servants. The civil servants who held the positions of secretaries of bureaux have their titles changed to permanent secretaries, and are no longer principal officials. ==List== *Secretaries of departments **[[Chief Secretary for Administration]] **[[Financial Secretary (Hong Kong)|Financial Secretary]] **[[Secretary for Justice]] *Deputy secretaries of departments **''None'' *Secretaries of Bureaux **[[Secretary for the Civil Service]] **[[Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology|Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development]] **[[Secretary for Constitutional Affairs|Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs]] **[[Secretary for Economic Development and Labour|Secretary for Development]] **[[Secretary for Education and Manpower|Secretary for Education]] **[[Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works|Secretary for the Environment]] **[[Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works|Secretary for Transport and Housing]] **[[Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury]] **[[Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food|Secretary for Food and Health]] **[[Secretary for Home Affairs]] **[[Secretary for Labour and Welfare]] **[[Secretary for Security]] *Directors of Bureaux **[[Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption]] **[[Director of Audit]] **[[Commissioner of Police]] **[[Director of Immigration]] **[[Commissioner of Customs and Excise]] ==External links== *[http://www.gov.hk/en/about/govdirectory/po/index.htm Principal Officials of the Hong Kong SAR government] *[http://www.info.gov.hk/basic_law/fulltext/content0204.htm Chapter IV: Political Structure - Basic Law] *[http://www.info.gov.hk/info/name-e.htm Who's Who] {{HK Principal Officials}} [[category:Hong Kong Government]] [[category:Hong Kong-related lists]] Category:Arctic land animals 4193798 143503913 2007-07-09T14:34:36Z Icairns 64875 +adj filing An aggregate for the land [[animal]] of the [[Arctic]]. [[Category:Mammals of the Arctic|Land]] [[Category:Wildlife of the Arctic|Land]] [[eo:Kategorio:Arktaj terbestoj]] Stokes Law 4193834 43155296 2006-03-10T16:36:12Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Stokes' Law" +"Stokes' law" #REDIRECT [[Stokes' law]] Fairplay (magazine) 4193864 135157315 2007-06-01T19:33:32Z KelleyCook 480791 remove otheruses '''Fairplay, The International Shipping Weekly''' is a weekly news [[magazine]] devoted to the international merchant shipping industry. It was founded by Thomas Hope Robinson in [[1883]] and has been in continual publication ever since, adding an internet and email daily news service in [[1996]]. The company began publishing directories in the 1960s, which led to a joint venture with [[Lloyd's Register]] in 2001, now known as Lloyd's Register - Fairplay Ltd. It's believed Thomas Hope Robinson was a merchant seaman who turned his hand to publishing on coming ashore in the UK. In the first issue he wrote: "There is so little Fairplay in the world. If our own efforts succeed, we shall have taken the first steps towards promoting the habit of calling things by their right name and looking at them through uncoloured spectacles." This "raison d'etre" has appeared in every subsequent issue of Fairplay magazine, an archive of which is available to view at the company headquarters. The organisation is based in [[Redhill, Surrey]], [[United Kingdom|UK]] and has offices in America, Singapore, Sweden and a network of correspondents world-wide. == External links == {{nautical portal}} *[http://www.fairplay.co.uk Fairplay] *[http://www.lrfairplay.com Lloyd's Register - Fairplay] [[Category:Business magazines]] [[Category:Boat magazines]] [[Category:Merchant marine]] Ernest Burton 4193891 41171725 2006-02-25T14:48:08Z Shimgray 126457 redir #REDIRECT[[Ernest DeWitt Burton]] Category:Associate Parliamentary Groups 4193915 165258562 2007-10-17T20:33:03Z Jpbowen 323196 Added category [[Associate Parliamentary Group]]s of the [[Parliament of the United Kingdom]]. [[Category:Parliament of the United Kingdom]] [[Category:Politics of the United Kingdom]] [[Category:Non-profit organizations based in the United Kingdom]] Republic of Gran Colombia 4193934 130866551 2007-05-14T20:27:29Z Stemonitis 156441 redir. to [[Gran Colombia]] #REDIRECT [[Gran Colombia]] Zig Zag (company) 4193959 41173005 2006-02-25T15:01:20Z DavidWBrooks 7643 moved [[Zig Zag (company)]] to [[Zig-Zag (company)]]: official name has dash in it #REDIRECT [[Zig-Zag (company)]] SV 08 Steinach 4194017 232433977 2008-08-17T04:13:40Z EA210269 5700498 2007-08 update {{Football club infobox | clubname = SV 08 Steinach| image = [[Image:SV Steinach.png|90px]]| fullname = Sportverein 1908 Steinach e.V.| nickname = | founded = 1908| ground = Stadion am Fellberg| capacity = 6,000| chairman = | manager = | league = [[Landesliga Thüringen]] (VI)| season = 2007-08 | position = 5th| pattern_la1=|pattern_b1=|pattern_ra1=| leftarm1=ffffff|body1=ffffff|rightarm1=ffffff|shorts1=ffffff|socks1=ffffff| pattern_la2=|pattern_b2=|pattern_ra2=| leftarm2=ffffff|body2=ffffff|rightarm2=ffffff|shorts2=ffffff|socks2=ffffff| }} '''SV Steinach''' is a [[Germany|German]] [[football (soccer)|football]] [[List of football clubs in Germany|club]] that plays in [[Steinach, Thuringia|Steinach]], a town 75 km south of [[Erfurt]] in [[Thuringia]]. ==History== This small local club was founded on November 4, [[1908]] as ''FC Steinach''. Play was suspended through [[World War I]] and after the war, in [[1919]], they merged with another football side, ''FC Teutonia''. The following year, the winter sports club ''Wintersportverein Steinach'' also joined and remained part of the club until [[1926]]. From [[1933]] to [[1936]], ''Steinach'' played in the [[Gauliga Mitte]], one of sixteen regional leagues formed through the reorganization of German football under the [[Third Reich]]. They finished second in this league in 1933-34, were relegated in [[1937]] and returned for a season in [[1939]] before sitting out for the duration of [[World War II]]. The club resumed play in [[East Germany|East Germany's]] Bezirksliga Suhl in [[1952]] as ''BSG Motor Steinach''. Through the late 50's and early 60's the team bounced up and down between the second and third division Liga and 2.Liga. They earned promotion to the top-flight DDR Oberliga where they played the [[1964]] and [[1965]] seasons before falling back. With [[German re-unification]] in 1990 the club took on the name ''SV 08 Steinach'' and plays today in the Landesliga Thüringen (V). ''Steinach'' has a number of other sports departments and offers its members winter sports, bowling, table tennis, volleyball, gymnastics aund Tae Kwon Do. ==External links== *[http://www.sv08-steinach.de/ Official team site] {{fb start}} {{Landesliga Thüringen}} {{fb end}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Steinach}} [[Category:German football clubs]] [[Category:East German football clubs]] [[Category:Thuringia football clubs]] [[Category:Football (soccer) clubs established in 1908]] [[de:SV 08 Steinach]] Moloch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 4194045 93507921 2006-12-11T03:15:52Z Yaksha 629097 bypassing double redirect #REDIRECT [[I, Robot... You, Jane]] Elfeld 4194072 41174562 2006-02-25T15:17:41Z Siva1979 755590 redirect page #REDIRECT [[Eltville]] Template:RegchangeRP 4194099 239827094 2008-09-20T18:12:54Z PBP 35746 Links to actual coup articles {|border=0 cellspacing=0 align=right style="margin-left: 2em; margin-bottom: 1ex; background: #fbfbfb; border: thin solid gray" !style="background: lightyellow; text-align: center; padding-top: 0.5em; padding-bottom: 0.5em"|Attempts<br/>at regime change<br/>in the Philippines<br/>(1970&ndash;2007) |- |style="text-align: center; padding: 1em"| <span style="font-size: 90%"> [[First Quarter Storm|Civil unrest (1970)]]<br/> [[People Power Revolution|People Power (1986)]]<br/> [[1986-1987 Philippine coup attempts|1986-87 plots]]<br/> [[1989 Philippine coup attempt|Honasan's Second (1989)]]<br/> [[EDSA Revolution of 2001|Fall of Estrada (2001)]]<br/> [[EDSA III|May 1 riots (2001)]]<br/> [[Oakwood mutiny|Oakwood mutiny (2003)]]<br/> [[2006 state of emergency in the Philippines|State of emergency (2006)]]<br/> [[Manila Peninsula rebellion|Manila Peninsula rebellion (2007)]] </span> |- |style="text-align: right; padding-right: 1em"|</small> |} Government Secretariat (Hong Kong) 4194123 203873879 2008-04-07T00:23:08Z Computor 230238 The '''Government Secretariat''' ({{zh-t|t=政府總部}}, 布政司署 before [[transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong|1997]]) is collectively formed by the Offices of the [[Chief Secretary (Hong Kong)|Chief Secretary]] and the [[Financial Secretary (Hong Kong)|Financial Secretary]] and twelve policy bureaux. The offices are officially known as "''Government Secretariat: Offices of the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Financial Secretary''", and the bureaux are officially known as "''<Portfolio> Bureau, Government Secretariat''" or "''Government Secretariat: <Portfolio> Bureau''". ==List of policy bureaux== *[[Civil Service Bureau]] *[[Constitution and Mainland Affairs Bureau]] *[[Education Bureau]] *[[Environment Bureau]] *[[Food and Health Bureau]] *[[Home Affairs Bureau]] *[[Labour and Welfare Bureau]] *[[Security Bureau]] *[[Transport and Housing Bureau]] *[[Commerce and Economic Development Bureau]] *[[Development Bureau]] *[[Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau]] ==See also== *[[Central Government Offices]] *[[Reorganisation of the Government Secretariat]] [[Category:Hong Kong Government]] {{HongKong-gov-stub}} [[zh:香港特別行政區政府總部]] Category:Summer Villages in Alberta 4194140 128549361 2007-05-06T01:54:16Z Bearcat 24902 {{categoryredirect|Summer villages in Alberta}} List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy:207 4194157 41175992 2006-02-25T15:32:03Z Arcadian 104523 redir #REDIRECT [[List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: IX. Neurology]] Jaworow 4194186 178543165 2007-12-17T18:10:13Z Kotniski 5017767 to disambig page #REDIRECT [[Jaworów]] Bilquis 4194204 45375979 2006-03-25T05:12:53Z Barista 85179 fix dbl redirect #Redirect [[Queen of Sheba]] Aligarh Movement 4194241 243514456 2008-10-06T21:08:15Z Sardanaphalus 427947 updating link, possibly some formatting, using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] [[Image:Sir Syed1.jpg|thumb|Sir Syed, the founder of Aligarh movement]] '''Aligarh Movement''' was the movement led by [[Sir Syed Ahmed Khan]], to educate the Muslims of the [[Indian subcontinent]] after their defeat in the [[Indian rebellion of 1857]]. It had enormous success and profoundly impacted the future of subcontinent. Its most significant achievement was the establishment of [[Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College]] at [[Aligarh]], which later became [[Aligarh Muslim University]]. This institution of excellence provided the essential man power for [[Pakistan Movement]]. ==Stated objectives== *To protect Islam against the onslaught of Orientalists and to prove that it was the one true religion; *To remove the bitter enmity which had arisen between the Muslim and the British for religious or political reasons and to establish friendly relations between them; *To reinterpret the teaching of Islam and bring them in harmony with modern science and philosophy so that educated Muslims while holding on to their religion, might take a rational and enlightened view of life and meet the demands of the new age; *To persuade Muslims to learn the English language and Western sciences so that they might secure a substantial share in the administration of the country. *To maintain Urdu along with English as an associate official language and to develop it through translations and original writings.<ref name="arligarh1">[http://www.nazariapak.info/data/history/fighters/sirsyedahmad1.asp Sir Syed Ahmad Khan], from www.nazariapak.info</ref><ref name="aligarh2">[http://www.storyofpakistan.com/articletext.asp?artid=A024&Pg=2 Aligarh Movement (1858-98)], from www.storyofpakistan.com </ref> ==References== <references /> ==See also== *[[Sir Syed]] *[[Aligarh Muslim University]] *[[Pakistan Movement]] ==External links== *[http://www.storyofpakistan.com/articletext.asp?artid=A024 Aligarh movement at Story of Pakistan page] * [http://www.amudirectory.com/ Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Website] *[http://www.merachaman.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=83&Itemid=65 Aligarh movement at MeraChaman] * [http://www.msoamu.org/ Muslim Students'Organization of India AMU Unit] [[Category:Pakistan Movement|Movement, Aligarh]] [[Category:History of India]] {{Aligarh}} {{Pakistan Movement}} {{SAsia-hist-stub}} [[ur:علی گڑھ تحریک]] Bakuryuha 4194282 230908604 2008-08-09T23:50:36Z WhiteArcticWolf 5303100 changing redirect #REDIRECT [[InuYasha (character)#Abilities and techniques]] Recruitment consultancy 4194298 154181362 2007-08-28T14:58:11Z redirect #REDIRECT [[Employment agency]] Temperature (song) 4194334 243294308 2008-10-05T23:10:36Z Delldot 476500 clean up, rm template per [[Wikipedia:Templates for deletion/Log/2008 September 27]], Replaced: {{2006 USA number one singles}} → using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{Infobox Single | Name = Temperature | Cover = Sean_Paul_Temperature.jpg | Artist = [[Sean Paul]] | from Album = [[The Trinity (album)|The Trinity]] | Released = March 2006: Worldwide | Format = [[CD single]]: Worldwide | Recorded = 2005 | Genre = [[Reggae]]&ndash;[[Dancehall]] | Length = 3:36 | Label = [[Atlantic Records]]/[[VP Records]] | Writer = S. Henriques<br />A. Marshall<br />R. Fuller | Producer = [[Rohan "Snowcone" Fuller]] | [ Certification = ] | Last single = "[[Ever Blazin']]"<br>(2005) | This single = "Temperature"<br>(2006) | Next single = "[[Cry Baby Cry (Santana song)|Cry Baby Cry]]" <br> (with [[Carlos Santana|Santana]] and [[Joss Stone]])<br>(2006) }} "'''Temperature'''" is a [[reggae]]&ndash;[[dancehall]] song written by [[Sean Paul]] for his third [[album]] ''[[The Trinity (album)|The Trinity]]'' (2005). ==About== "'''Temperature'''" was the third international single (second US single) from Sean Paul's ''[[The Trinity (album)|The Trinity]]'' album. The song was produced by Rohan "Snowcone" Fuller and received a positive reception from music [[critic]]s. The song was released as the second U.S. [[single (music)|single]] in the first quarter of 2006 and reached number one in the [[United States]] on the [[Billboard Hot 100]] and became Paul's third number one hit single. It reached the top ten in [[Canada]] and [[France]] and the top twenty in the [[United Kingdom]], peaking at #11 there. In [[Australia]], "Temperature" debuted at number nineteen but quickly found its way to number five the following weeks. "Temperature" became [[Sean Paul]]'s biggest hit single in the US. In Australia it became a smash hit, with Sean Paul making interview appearances on the Paul Celoni Radio Show, and shows alike. Even though it only spent one week at #1, as opposed to "Get Busy" and its three weeks on top, "Temperature" showed extreme longevity on The [[Billboard Hot 100]] spending 17 weeks in the top 10. Until [[Nelly Furtado]] and [[Timbaland]]'s "[[Promiscuous (song)|Promiscuous]], this was the longest run in the top ten for a single in 2006. On top of that it became Sean Paul's first single to sell an excess of one million digital downloads . However, as of January 2006 is still only certified gold for this achievement. The song uses the dancehall [[riddim]] "Applause". It was also used in the game ''[[Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2]]''. Officially, there are two versions of the song. Only the use of the riddim makes both versions different. It can be heard in the 2007 film, ''[[Norbit]]''. ==Music video== [[Image:TemperatureVideo.png|thumb|left|The winter sequence from the music video.]] In this video Sean Paul is seen dancing quite close with female dancers. The first dance sequence was with blowing leaves, centered in fall. Then as weather gets colder, he is in the snow with the [[thermometer]] frozen, centered in winter. The third sequence is in the rain, centered around spring. Finally he's at a tanning salon squirting sunscreen, centered around summer. At the end he raps and is in a club while performing to the song "Breakout." ==Track listing== '''UK - CD: 1''' # ''Temperature'' (Album Version) # ''As Time Goes On (Album Re-Release Version) '''UK - CD: 2''' # ''Temperature'' (Album Version) # ''As Time Goes On (Album Re-Release Version) # ''U A Pro'' (Non-Album Track) # ''Temperature'' (Video) # Mytone Ringtone ==Charts== {| class="wikitable" !align="left"|Chart (2006) !align="left"|Peak<br>position <ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.musicsquare.net/charts/song/7194|title=Sean Paul's Tempature: Chart Positions|accessdate=May 30|accessyear=2006}}</ref> |- |align="left"|U.S. Billboard Hot 100 |align="center"|1 |- |align="left"|U.S. Billboard Pop 100 |align="center"|2 |- |align="left"|U.S. Billboard Hot Rap Tracks |align="center"|2 |- |align="left"|U.S. Billboard Hot Ringtones |align="center"|6 |- |align="left"|U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs |align="center"|7 |- |align="left"|U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Songs |align="center"|10 |- |align="left"|World R&B Top 30 Singles |align="center"|1 |- |align="left"|World Dance/Trance Top 30 Singles |align="center"|4 |- |align="left"|World Singles Official Top 100 |align="center"|5 |- |align="left"|Canadian Singles Chart |align="center"|2 |- |align="left"|Polish Singles Chart |align="center"|2 |- |align="left"|French Singles Chart |align="center"|4 |- |align="left"|[[Dutch Top 40]] |align="center"|6 |- |align="left"|UK Singles Chart |align="center"|11 |- |align="left"|German Singles Chart |align="center"|14 |- |align="left"|Australian ARIA Singles Chart |align="center"|5 |- |align="left"|Swiss Singles Chart |align="center"|10 |- |align="left"|Irish Singles Chart |align="center"|20 |- |align="left"|Austrian Singles Chart |align="center"|19 |- |align="left"|Belgian Singles Chart |align="center"|8 |- |align="left"|Swedish Singles Chart |align="center"|24 |- |} {{start box}} {{succession box | before = "[[So Sick]]" by [[Ne-Yo]] | title = [[Billboard Hot 100]] [[List of number-one hits (United States)|number one single]] | years = [[April 1]] [[2006]] | after = "[[Bad Day (Daniel Powter song)|Bad Day]]" by [[Daniel Powter]] }} {{end box}} {{Sean Paul}} ==References== {{Reflist}} [[Category:2006 singles]] [[Category:ARC Weekly Top 40 number-one singles]] [[Category:Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles]] [[Category:Sean Paul songs]] [[ar:تيمبريتشر (أغنية)]] [[es:Temperature]] [[it:Temperature (canzone)]] [[pt:Temperature]] Working men's club 4194362 244101205 2008-10-09T10:41:10Z Les woodland 5442867 Text tightening [[Image:Streethouse working men's club.jpg|thumb|[[Streethouse]] working men's club]] {{For|miners' community, educational and social establishments| Miners' institute}} '''Working men's clubs''' are a type of private [[Social clubs|social club]] founded in the 19th century in industrial areas of [[Great Britain]], particularly the [[North of England]], to provide recreation and education for working class men and their families. There are 3,000 working men's clubs in the UK. <ref>[http://www.wmciu.org.uk/MANAGEMENT.htm] {{Dead link|date=May 2008}}</ref> == Purpose == Despite the educational ambitions, most working men's clubs are recreational. Typically, clubs have a bar, [[snooker]] or [[eight-ball|pool]] tables, and many provide food. They often provide entertainment such as [[Bingo (UK)|bingo]], [[raffle]]s, live music and comedy. == Membership and structure == A working men's club is a non-profit organisation run by members through a committee, usually elected annually. Each club has rules which tend to be vigorously enforced. The committee will discipline members (common punishments being a warning, or a ban for a period) for violations. Despite the name, women are allowed to be members in many clubs, and all clubs allow entry to women. Non-members are not allowed entry unless signed in by a member. While all members pay an annual fee, the primary income comes from alcohol. A club will retain paid staff, such as barmen, stewards, caretakers and cleaners. == Club and Institute Union == Most clubs affiliate to the [[Working Men's Club and Institute Union]] (commonly known as the CIU or C&IU). The CIU is affiliated to the Committee of Registered Clubs Associations or [[CORCA]]. A member of one affiliated club is entitled to use the facilities of other clubs. The CIU has two purposes; to provide a national voice for clubs, and to provide discounted products and services for clubs. === Brewery === Until 2004, the CIU ran a brewery in [[Dunston, Tyne and Wear]]. This produced ales and lagers under the Federation brand. The brewery and brands were sold to [[Scottish & Newcastle]] for £16.2M <ref>{{cite web | url=http://www.s-n.com/sn_acq/ir/finnews/rnsitem?id=1089792001nRNSN8162A | title=Scottish & Newcastle – Financial News | publisher=Scottish & Newcastle plc | date=2004-07-14 | accessdate=2008-09-12 }}</ref>, although CIU clubs still receive discounted beer. These discounts are passed to members. == Impact of July 2007 smoking ban == In December 2007 a poll by the ''British Institute of Innkeeping'' and the ''Federation of Licensed Victuallers' Associations'' found that overall revenue was 7.3% down as more men opted to drink at home where they could also smoke<ref>{{cite news | title=Working men's clubs hardest hit by smoking ban | work=[[Daily Telegraph]] | date=2007-12-18 }}</ref>. == References == <references/> [[Category:Clubs and societies]] Aligarh movement 4194385 174446486 2007-11-28T20:45:14Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Aligarh Movement]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Namor the Sub-mariner 4194414 134816460 2007-05-31T14:26:56Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Namor the Sub-Mariner" +"Namor" #REDIRECT [[Namor]] 6 mm xc 4194432 174334318 2007-11-28T09:37:09Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[6 mm XC]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Horizontal Monopolist 4194457 43148153 2006-03-10T15:41:55Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Horizontal monopoly" +"Monopoly" #REDIRECT [[Monopoly]] Bitterness The Star 4194493 174668779 2007-11-29T20:07:50Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Bitterness the Star]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Bharatsinh Madhavsinh Solanki 4194529 181119571 2007-12-31T03:24:01Z {{Infobox_Indian_politician | name = Bharatsinh Madhavsinh Solanki | image = Bharatsinh solanki.jpg | caption = | birth_date ={{birth date|1953|11|26|mf=y}} | birth_place =[[Anand]], [[Gujarat]] | residence = Anand | death_date = | death_place = | constituency = Anand | office = [[Member of Parliament|MP]] | salary = | term = | predecessor = | successor = | party =[[Indian National Congress]] | religion = | spouse = | children = | website = | footnotes = | date = February 25 | | year = 2006 | | source = }} '''Bharatsinh Madhavsinh Solanki''' (born [[November 26]], [[1953]]) is a member of the 14th [[Lok Sabha]] of [[India]]. He represents the [[Anand]] constituency of [[Gujarat]] and is a member of the [[Indian National Congress]]. ==External links== * [ Official biographical sketch in Parliament of India website] {{start box}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Solanki, Bharatsinh Madhavsinh}} [[Category:Gujarati politicians]] [[Category:Indian National Congress politicians]] [[Category:14th Lok Sabha Members]] {{INC-politician-stub}} Fortune's Favour 4194561 225331896 2008-07-13T03:36:04Z Myrddin.emrys 748746 Added US release date {{For|the solitaire card game|Fortune's Favor}} {{Infobox Album | Name = Fortune's Favour | Released = [[June 24]], [[2008]] <small>(Canada)</small>, [[July 8]], [[2008]] <small>(US)</small> | Artist = [[Great Big Sea]] | Cover = | Type = studio | Recorded = 2007 at Great Big Studio in [[St. John’s, Newfoundland]] | Genre = [[Folk rock]] | Length = 54:23 | Label = [[Warner Music Canada]] | Producer = [[Hawksley Workman]] | Reviews = | Last album = ''[[The Hard and the Easy]]'' <br />(2005) | This album = ''Fortune's Favour''<br />(2008) | Next album = <br />}} '''''Fortune's Favour''''' is the 9th studio album released by [[Canadian]] [[folk rock]] band [[Great Big Sea]]. The album was released on [[June 24]], [[2008]], debuting at #5 on the Canadian Music Charts. == Track listing == # "Love Me Tonight" – 4:11 # "Walk on the Moon" – 3:44 # "England" – 3:45 # "Here and Now" – 3:40 # "Long Lost Love" – 5:26 # "Oh Yeah" – 2:15 # "Banks of Newfoundland" – 3:24 # "Dream to Live" – 4:15 # "Company of Fools" – 4:02 # "Hard Case" – 3:47 # "Rocks of Merasheen" – 4:05 # "Dance Dance" – 2:49 # "Heart of Stone" – 4:54 # "Straight to Hell" – 4:16 == Personnel == * [[Alan Doyle]] – [[vocals]], [[guitar]], [[bouzouki]] * [[Bob Hallett]] – vocals, bouzouki, [[fiddle]], [[banjo]], [[accordion]], [[whistle]]s, [[harmonica]] * [[Sean McCann]] – vocals, guitar, [[bodhrán]], banjo ;With * [[Murray Foster]] – [[bass guitar|bass]], vocals * [[Kris MacFarlane]] – [[drum kit|drums]], percussion, guitar, [[piano]], accordion, vocals ;Guest musicians * [[Hawksley Workman]] – drums, percussion, guitar, bass, piano, [[Hammond organ|Hammond]], [[Rhodes piano|Rhodes]] * [[Jeen O’Brien]] – vocals * [[Keith Power]] – orchestral arrangement on "Walk on the Moon" ==Singles== *"Walk On the Moon" <small>(released to radio April 2008; reached #86 on [[Canadian Hot 100]])</small> [[Category:2008 albums]] [[Category:Great Big Sea albums]] {{2000s-folk-album-stub}} {{2000s-rock-album-stub}} Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Orchard Cineplex 4194587 41985517 2006-03-03T01:24:50Z Mailer diablo 131286 Closing debate; result was delete <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''delete'''. [[User:Mailer diablo|Mailer Diablo]] 01:24, 3 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[Orchard Cineplex]]=== The article really reads like an ad. Again, this one of the more notable [[multiplex]]es in [[Singapore]], but not needed for an article on its own. '''Delete''' [[User:Terenceong1992|Ter]][[Wikipedia:Esperanza|<font color="green">e]]</font>[[User:Terenceong1992|nc]][[User talk:Terenceong1992|e Ong]] 16:29, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per nom. [[User:PJM|PJM]] 16:51, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per nom. --[[User:KimvdLinde|KimvdLinde]] 17:56, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per above. [[User:Stifle|Stifle]] 11:27, 1 March 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Tell All Your Friends (Re-Release) 4194621 243949749 2008-10-08T18:23:55Z SmackBot 433328 remove : from redirect and general fixes #Redirect [[Tell All Your Friends]] England at the 2006 Commonwealth Games 4194649 244450129 2008-10-10T21:30:23Z /* Athletics */ [[Image:Flag of England.svg|right|thumb|100px|The [[flag of England]]]] <!-- Deleted image removed: [[Image:EnglandlogoCGA.gif|right|thumb|100px|[[Commonwealth Games Council for England]] logo for the Melbourne Games]] --> [[England]] at the [[2006 Commonwealth Games]] were represented by the [[Commonwealth Games Council for England]] (CGCE). The country went by the abbreviation ''ENG'' and used the [[St George's Cross]] as flag and [[Land of Hope and Glory]] as the [[national anthem]]. Diver [[Tony Ally]] bore England's flag at the opening ceremony whilst shooter [[Mick Gault]] bore the flag during the closing ceremony, both chosen by a vote of England team managers from a list of nominations. ==Expectations== England entered these Games, held in [[Melbourne]]; [[Australia]], after playing hosts to the [[2002 Commonwealth Games|previous Games]] in [[Manchester]] in Manchester 2002. The medal tally was not expected to be a large as at the 2002 Games, where England had a home advantage and achieved a total of 166 medals including 54 Gold, 51 Silver and 60 Bronze to finish in second place behind Australia. A strong second place in the medal tally was, however, still expected. The country sent a large team, with competitors taking part in every sport in the schedule. The largest teams were sent in athletics and swimming and it was in these sports, along with cycling and shooting that the team hoped to win most medals. Though there were medal hopes across most sports. ==[[2006 Commonwealth Games Medal Count|Medals]]== {| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" |- bgcolor="#efefef" ! |<!-- Deleted image removed: [[Image:Commonwealth Games New Zealandj.GIF|50px]] --> ! bgcolor="gold" | &nbsp;&nbsp; [[Image:Med 1.png|Gold]] &nbsp;&nbsp; ! bgcolor="silver" | &nbsp;&nbsp; [[Image:Med 2.png|Silver]] &nbsp;&nbsp; ! bgcolor="CC9966" | &nbsp;&nbsp; [[Image:Med 3.png|Bronze]] &nbsp;&nbsp; ! '''Total ''' |- align="center" ||[[Image:Flag of England.svg|20px]] [[England]] ||36||40||34||110 |} ===Gold=== '''[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Athletics]]:'''<br> :[[Lisa Dobriskey]], Women's 1500 m :[[Phillips Idowu]], Men's Triple Jump :[[Dean Macey]], Men's Decathlon :[[Nicholas Nieland]], Men's Javelin :[[Christine Ohuruogu]], Women's 400 m :[[Kelly Sotherton]], Women's Heptathlon '''[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Badminton]]:'''<br> :[[Tracey Hallam]], Women's Singles :[[Gail Emms]] & [[Nathan Robertson]], Mixed Doubles '''[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Boxing]]:'''<br> :[[Don Broadhurst]], Flyweight 51 kg :[[Frankie Raymond Gavin]], Lightweight 60 kg :[[James Russan]], Light Welterweight 64 kg :[[David Price (Boxer)|David Price]], Super Heavyweight +91 kg :[[Stephen Francis Smith]], Featherweight 57 kg '''[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Cycling]]:'''<br> :[[Liam Killeen]], Men's Mountain Bike :[[Paul Manning (cyclist)|Paul Manning]], Men's 4000 m Individual Pursuit :[[Victoria Pendleton]], Women's Sprint :[[Paul Manning (cyclist)|Paul Manning]], [[Steve Cummings|Stephen Cummings]], [[Rob Hayles]] & [[Chris Newton]], Men's Team Pursuit '''[[Gymnastics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Gymnastics]]:'''<br> :[[Imogen Cairns]], Women's Vault :[[Louis Smith (gymnast)|Louis Smith]], Men's Pommel horse '''[[Shooting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shooting]]:'''<br> :[[Mick Gault]], Men's 25 m Standard Pistol :[[Charlotte Kerwood]], Women's Double Trap :[[Chris Hector]] & [[Mike Babb]], Men's 50 m Rifle Prone Pairs :[[Glyn Barnett]] & [[Parag Patel]], Open Full Bore Pairs :[[Louise Minett]] & [[Becky Spicer]], Women's 50 m Rifle 3 Positions Pairs :[[Charlotte Kerwood]] & [[Rachel Parish]], Women's Double Trap Pairs '''[[Squash at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Squash]]:'''<br> :[[Peter Nicol]], Men's Singles :[[Lee Beachill]] & [[Peter Nicol]], Men's Doubles '''[[Swimming at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Swimming]]:'''<br> :[[Simon Burnett]], Men's 100 m Freestyle :[[Matthew Clay (swimmer)|Matthew Clay]], 50 m Backcrawl :[[Christopher Cook]], Men's 100 m Breaststroke :Christopher Cook, Men's 50 m Breaststroke :[[Rebecca Cooke]], Women's 800 m Freestyle :[[Ross Davenport]], 200 m Freestyle :[[Liam Tancock]], 100 m Backcrawl :[[Simon Burnett]], [[Alexander Scotcher]], [[Dean Milwain]] & [[Ross Davenport]], Men's 4x200 m Freestyle Relay '''[[Table Tennis at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Table Tennis]]:'''<br> :[[Susan Gilroy]], Women's Singles EAD ===Silver=== '''[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Athletics]]:'''<br> :[[Martyn Bernard]], Men's High Jump :[[Natasha Danvers]], Women's 400 m Hurdles :[[Joanne Pavey]], Women's 5000 m :[[Emma Ania]], [[Nwanyika Onuora]], [[Laura Turner]] & [[Kim Wall]], Women's 4x100 m Relay '''[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Badminton]]:'''<br> :Mixed Team '''[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Boxing]]:'''<br> :[[Darran Langley]], Light Flyweight 48 kg '''[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Cycling]]:'''<br> :[[Rob Hayles]], Men's 4000 m Individual Pursuit :[[Victoria Pendleton]], Women's 500 m Time Trial :[[Jason Queally]], Men's 1 km Time Trial :[[Oli Beckinsale]], Men's Mountain Bike :Men's Team Sprint '''[[Diving at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Diving]]:'''<br> :[[Peter Waterfield]], Men's 10 Platform :Men's Synchronised 3 m Springboard '''[[Gymnastics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Gymnastics]]:'''<br> :[[Shavahn Church]], Women's Uneven Bars :Women's Artistic Team '''[[Lawn Bowls at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Lawn Bowls]]:'''<br> :Men's Pairs '''[[Rugby Sevens at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Rugby Sevens]]:'''<br> :Men's '''[[Shooting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shooting]]:'''<br> :[[Mike Babb]], Men's 50 m Rifle Prone :[[Mick Gault]], Men's 50 m Pistol :[[Rachel Parish]], Women's Double Trap :[[Patel Parag]], Open Full Bore :Men's 10 m Air Pistol Pairs :Men's 25 m Centre Fire Pistol Pairs :Men's Skeet Pairs :Women's 50 m Rifle Prone Pairs '''[[Squash at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Squash]]:'''<br> :[[Vicky Botwright]] & [[James Willstrop]], Mixed Doubles '''[[Swimming at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Swimming]]:'''<br> :[[Simon Burnett]], Men's 200 m Freestyle :[[Rebecca Cooke]], Women's 400 m Individual Medley :[[James Gibson (swimmer)|James Gibson]], Men' 100 m Breaststroke :[[Joanne Jackson (swimmer)|Joanne Jackson]], Women's 400 m Freestyle :[[Melanie Marshall]], Women's 200 m Backstroke :[[Darren Mew]], Men's 50 m Breaststroke :[[Liam Tancock]], Men's 50 m Backcrawl :Men's 4x100 m Medley Relay :Women's 4x100 m Freestyle Relay :Women's 4x100 m Medley Relay :Women's 4x200 m Freestyle Relay '''[[Synchronised Swimming at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Synchronised Swimming]]:'''<br> :[[Jenna Randall]], Synchronised Swimming Solo '''[[Table Tennis at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Table Tennis]]:'''<br> :[[Andrew Baggaley]] & [[Andrew Rushton]], Men's Doubles '''[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Weightlifting]]:'''<br> :[[Jason Irving]], Open EAD Powerlifting ===Bronze=== '''[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Athletics]]:'''<br> :[[Jessica Ennis]], Women's Heptathlon :[[Stephen Lewis (British athlete)|Stephen Lewis]], Men's Pole Vault :[[Dan Robinson (athlete)|Dan Robinson]], Men's Marathon :[[Lorraine Shaw]], Women's Hammer :[[Andy Turner (athlete)|Andrew Turner]], Men's 110 m Hurdles :[[Nadia Williams]], Women's Triple Jump :[[Mara Yamauchi]], Women's 10000 m :[[Elizabeth Yelling]], Women's Marathon '''[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Badminton]]:'''<br> :[[Robert Blair (badminton)|Robert Blair]] & [[Anthony Clark (badminton)|Anthony Clark]], Men's Doubles :[[Gail Emms]] & [[Donna Kellogg]], Women's Doubles '''[[Basketball at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Basketball]]:'''<br> :[[England at the 2006 Commonwealth Games#Men.27s 3|Men's Basketball]] :[[England at the 2006 Commonwealth Games#Women.27s 3|Women's Basketball]] '''[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Boxing]]:'''<br> :[[Neil Perkins]], Welterweight 69 kg :[[James Degale]], Middleweight 75 kg '''[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Cycling]]:'''<br> :[[Steve Cummings|Stephen Cummings]], Men's Individual Pursuit :[[Emma Jones (cyclist)|Emma Jones]], Women's Individual Pursuit '''[[Diving at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Diving]]:'''<br> :Women's Synchronised 3 m Springboard '''[[Gymnastics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Gymnastics]]:'''<br> :[[Becky Downie]], Women's Beam :Men's Artistic Team '''[[Hockey at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Hockey]]:'''<br> :Women's Hockey '''[[Lawn Bowls at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Lawn Bowls]]:'''<br> :Women's Triples '''[[Netball at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Netball]]:'''<br> :Women's Netball '''[[Shooting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shooting]]:'''<br> :[[Pinky Le Grelle]], Women's Skeet :Men's 50 m Pistol Pairs :Men's 50 m Rifle 3 Positions Pairs :Men's Double Trap Pairs :Women's 10 m Air Pistol Pairs '''[[Squash at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Squash]]:'''<br> :[[Lee Beachill]], Men's Singles :[[Tania Bailey]] & [[Vicky Botwright]], Women's Doubles '''[[Swimming at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Swimming]]:'''<br> :[[Terri Dunning]], Women's 200 m Butterfly :[[Melanie Marshall]], Women's 200 m Freestyle :[[Melanie Marshall]], Women's 100 m Backstroke :[[Matthew Benedict Walker]], Men's 50 m EAD Freestyle '''[[Table Tennis at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Table Tennis]]:'''<br> :[[Catherine Mitton]], Women's Singles EAD ==England's Commonwealth Games Team 2006== ===[[Athletics (track and field)|Athletics]]=== '''Team England''' sent a team of 89 athletes to compete in the Commonwealth Games Athletics meet. The team won '''18''' medals at the 2006 Commonwealth Games Athletics Meet ; six gold, four silver and eight bronze. ====Men==== ;Track {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Events !colspan="2"|Heat !colspan="2"|Quarterfinal !colspan="2"|Semifinal !colspan="2"|Final |- !Result !Rank !Result !Rank !Result !Rank !Result !Rank |- |[[Andy Baddeley]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|1500 m]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|3:40.60 |align="center"|7 '''Q''' |align="center"|4:24.14 |align="center"|12 |- |[[Adam Bowden]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|3000 m steeplechase]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|8:43.08 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Darren Campbell]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|200 m]] |align="center"|20.94 |align="center"|14 '''Q''' |align="center"|DSQ |align="center"| - |align="center" colspan="4"|Did not advance |- |[[Matt Cliff]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100 m EAD (T12)]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|12.42 |align="center"|12 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |rowspan="2"|[[Marlon Devonish]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100 m]] |align="center"|10.23 |align="center"|2 '''Q''' |align="center"|10.21 |align="center"|2 '''Q''' |align="center"|10.27 |align="center"|8 '''Q''' |align="center"|10.30 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|200 m]] |align="center"|20.70 |align="center"|5 '''Q''' |align="center"|20.60 |align="center"|8 '''Q''' |align="center"|20.93 |align="center"|9 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |[[Matthew Douglas]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400 m hurdles]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|50.71 |align="center"|13 '''Q''' |align="center"|50.56 |align="center"|11 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |[[Mohammed Farah]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|5000 m]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|13:40.53 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Jason Gardener]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100 m]] |align="center"|10.41 |align="center"|7 '''Q''' |align="center"|10.58 |align="center"|20 |align="center" colspan=4|Did not advance |- |[[Damien Greaves]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|110 m hurdles]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|13.71 |align="center"|9 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |[[Luke Gunn]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|3000 m steeplechase]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|9:08.02 |align="center"|9 |- |[[David Hughes]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|110 m hurdles]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|13.58 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|13.70 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Daniel King]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|20km walk]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1:31:17 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Dominic King]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|20km walk]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1:32:21 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Chris Lambert]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|200 m]] |align="center"|21.20 |align="center"|25 '''Q''' |align="center"|DNS |align="center"| - |align="center" colspan="4"|Did not advance |- |[[Mark Lewis-Francis]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100 m]] |align="center"|10.20 |align="center"|1 '''Q''' |align="center"|10.41 |align="center"|12 '''Q''' |align="center"|DSQ |align="center"| - |align="center" colspan=2|Did not advance |- |[[Nick McCormick]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|1500 m]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|3:38.66 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|3:39.55 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Andrew Penn]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|20km walk]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1:32:54 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Chris Rawlinson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400 m hurdles]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|49.67 |align="center"|3 '''Q''' |align="center"|49.21 |align="center"|5 '''Q''' |align="center"|52.89 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Dan Robinson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Marathon]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|2:14:50 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Martyn Rooney]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400 m]] |align="center"|45.69 |align="center"|3 '''Q''' |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|45.35 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|45.51 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Stuart Stokes]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|3000 m steeplechase]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|8:29.94 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Gavin Thompson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|10000 m]] |align="center" colspan="6" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|29:41.77 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Robert Tobin]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400 m]] |align="center"|46.20 |align="center"|14 '''Q''' |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|45.74 |align="center"|11 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |[[Andrew Turner]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|110 m hurdles]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|13.62 |align="center"|5 '''Q''' |align="center"|13.70 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Mark Lewis-Francis]]<br />[[Andrew Turner]]<br />[[Darren Campbell]]<br />[[Marlon Devonish]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|4 x 100 m relay]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|DNF |align="center"| - |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |[[Andrew Steele]]<br />[[Martyn Rooney]]<br />[[Matthew Douglas]]<br />[[Robert Tobin]]<br />[[Marlon Devonish]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|4 x 400 m relay]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|3:03.91 |align="center"|2 '''Q''' |align="center"|3:02.01 |align="center"|4 |} *'''Q''' : Qualified for next round *DNS : Did not start race *DNF : Did not finish race *DSQ : Disqualified *EAD (T12) : event for athlete with a disability (sight impaired category) ;Field {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Events !colspan="2"|Qualification !colspan="2"|Final |- !Result !Rank !Result !Rank |- |[[Martyn Bernard]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|High Jump]] |align="center"|2.15 |align="center"|5 '''Q''' |align="center"|2.26 |align="center"|[[Image:Silver medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Simon Bown]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Hammer]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|65.42 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Nick Buckfield]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Pole Vault]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|5.35 |align="center"|4 |- |[[Ben Challenger]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|High Jump]] |align="center"|2.10 |align="center"|8 '''Q''' |align="center"|2.15 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Andrew Frost]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Hammer]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|72.62 |align="center"|4 |- |[[Phillips Idowu]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Triple Jump]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|17.45 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Michael Jones]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Hammer]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|70.09 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Steve Lewis]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Pole Vault]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|5.50 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |rowspan="2"|[[Carl Myerscough]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shot Putt]] |align="center"|18.95 |align="center"|3 '''Q''' |align="center"|19.07 |align="center"|4 |- |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Discus]] |align="center"|58.29 |align="center"|7 '''Q''' |align="center"|60.64 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Nick Nieland]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Javelin]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|80.10 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[David Parker]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Javelin]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|72.95 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Tom Parsons]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|High Jump]] |align="center"|2.15 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|2.10 |align="center"|11 |- |[[Mark Proctor]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shot Putt]] |align="center"|15.91 |align="center"|11 '''Q''' |align="center"|17.59 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Scott Rider]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shot Putt]] |align="center"|17.86 |align="center"|6 '''Q''' |align="center"|17.10 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Greg Rutherford]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Long Jump]] |align="center"|7.83 |align="center"|6 '''Q''' |align="center"|7.85 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Chris Tomlinson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Long Jump]] |align="center"|7.67 |align="center"|10 '''Q''' |align="center"|7.96 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Emeka Udechuku]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Discus]] |align="center"|57.90 |align="center"|8 '''Q''' |align="center"|59.36 |align="center"|7 |} *'''Q''' : Qualified for final ;Combined events {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Event !colspan="4"|Final |- !Discipline !Result !Points !Rank |- |rowspan="11"|[[Dean Macey]] |rowspan="11"|[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Decathlon]] |align="center"|100m |align="center"|11.17 |align="center"|823 |align="center"|5 |- |align="center"|Long Jump |align="center"|7.28 |align="center"|881 |align="center"|2 |- |align="center"|Shot Putt |align="center"|15.83 |align="center"|841 |align="center"|1 |- |align="center"|High Jump |align="center"|2.08 |align="center"|878 |align="center"|1 |- |align="center"|400m |align="center"|49.63 |align="center"|832 |align="center"|3 |- |align="center"|110m hurdles |align="center"|14.94 |align="center"|857 |align="center"|5 |- |align="center"|Discus |align="center"|46.76 |align="center"|803 |align="center"|3 |- |align="center"|Pole Vault |align="center"|4.70 |align="center"|819 |align="center"|1 |- |align="center"|Javelin |align="center"|56.93 |align="center"|692 |align="center"|4 |- |align="center"|1500m |align="center"|4:34.22 |align="center"|717 |align="center"|3 |- |align="center"|'''Overall''' |align="center"| - |align="center"|'''8143''' |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |} ====Women==== ;Track {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Events !colspan="2"|Heat !colspan="2"|Semifinal !colspan="2"|Final |- !Result !Rank !Result !Rank !Result !Rank |- |[[Emma Ania]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100m]] |align="center"|11.44 |align="center"|6 '''Q''' |align="center"|11.45 |align="center"|8 '''Q''' |align="center"|11.51 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Joanna Ankier]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|3000m steeplechase]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|9:53.12 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Tina Brown]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|3000m steeplechase]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|10:09.14 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Helen Clitheroe]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|1500m]] |align="center"|1:11.05 |align="center"|7 '''Q''' |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|4:06.81 |align="center"|4 |- |[[Natasha Danvers-Smith]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400m hurdles]] |align="center"|55.47 |align="center"|2 '''Q''' |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|55.17 |align="center"|[[Image:Silver medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Lisa Dobriskey]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|1500m]] |align="center"|4:10.02 |align="center"|3 '''Q''' |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|4:06.21 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Donna Fraser]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400m]] |align="center"| DNS |align="center"| - |align="center" colspan="4"|Did not advance |- |[[Natalie Harvey]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|5000m]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|15:51.94 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Johanna Jackson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|20km walk]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1:42:04 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Debra Mason]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Marathon]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|DNF |align="center"| - |- |[[Niobe Menendez]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|20km walk]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1:47:35 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Christine Ohuruogu]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400m]] |align="center"|51.97 |align="center"|3 '''Q''' |align="center"|50.87 |align="center"|1 '''Q''' |align="center"|50.28 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Marilyn Okoru]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|800m]] |align="center"|2:05:01 |align="center"|15 'Q''' |align="center"|2:00:84 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|2:01.65 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Nwnyika Onoura]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100m]] |align="center"|11.59 |align="center"|15 '''Q''' |align="center"|11.46 |align="center"|9 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |[[Jo Pavey]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|5000m]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|14:59.08 |align="center"|[[Image:Silver medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Julie Pratt]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100m hurdles]] |align="center"|13.49 |align="center"|8 '''Q''' |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|13.48 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Nicola Sanders]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400m hurdles]] |align="center"|55.76 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|55.32 |align="center"|4 |- |[[Jemma Simpson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|800m]] |align="center"|2:03.49 |align="center"|5 '''Q''' |align="center"|2:01.78 |align="center"|8 '''Q''' |align="center"|2:01.11 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Laura Turner]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|100m]] |align="center"|11.43 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|11.38 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|11.46 |align="center"|4 |- |[[Kimberly Wall]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|400m]] |align="center"|53.05 |align="center"|13 '''Q''' |align="center"|53.75 |align="center"|19 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |- |[[Shelley Woods]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|800m EAD (T54)]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1:58.92 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Mara Yamauchi]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|10000m]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|31:49.40 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Hayley Yelling]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|10000m]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"| 32:32.38 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Liz Yelling]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Marathon]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|2:32:19 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Nwnyika Onoura]]<br />[[Kimberly Wall]]<br />[[Laura Turner]]<br />[[Emma Ania]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|4 x 100m relay]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"| 43.43 |align="center"|[[Image:Silver medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Christine Ohuruogu]]<br />[[Nicola Sanders]]<br />[[Natasha Danvers-Smith]]<br />[[Kimberly Wall]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|4 x 400m relay]] |align="center" colspan="4" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|DSQ |align="center"| - |} * '''Q''' : Qualified for next round * DNF : Did not finish * DNS : Did not start * DSQ : Disqualified * EAD (T54) : Events for athletes with a disability (wheelchair racing category) ;Field {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Events !colspan="2"|Qualification !colspan="2"|Final |- !Result !Rank !Result !Rank |- |[[Julia Bennett]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|High Jump]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1.78 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Kate Dennison]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Pole Vault]] |align="center"|4.00 |align="center"|4 '''Q''' |align="center"|4.15 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Zoe Derham]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Hammer]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|61.92 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Joanne Duncan]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shot Putt]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|16.42 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Julie Dunkley]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Shot Putt]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|15.98 |align="center"|10 |- |[[Shelley Holroyd]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Javelin]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|49.46 |align="center"|10 |- |[[Jade Johnston]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Long Jump]] |align="center"|6.52 |align="center"|3 |align="center"|6.55 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Susan Moncrieff]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|High Jump]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|1.83 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Kara Nwidobie]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Discus]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|50.18 |align="center"|12 |- |[[Michelle Robinson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Hammer]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|12.80 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Goldie Sayers]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Javelin]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|57.29 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Lorainne Shaw]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Hammer]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|66.00 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Claire Smithson]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Discus]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|54.34 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Ellie Spain]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Pole Vault]] |align="center"|3.90 |align="center"|12 '''Q''' |align="center"|4.00 |align="center"|11 |- |[[Nadia Williams]] |[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Triple Jump]] |align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|13.42 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |} ;Combined events {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" width="50%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Event !colspan="4"|Final |- !Discipline !Result !Points !Rank |- |rowspan="8"|[[Kelly Sotherton]] |rowspan="8"|[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Heptathlon]] |align="center"|100m hurdles |align="center"|13.29 |align="center"|1081 |align="center"|2 |- |align="center"|High Jump |align="center"|1.85 |align="center"|1041 |align="center"|2 |- |align="center"|Shot Putt |align="center"|13.74 |align="center"|777 |align="center"|2 |- |align="center"|200m |align="center"|23.56 |align="center"|1023 |align="center"|2 |- |align="center"|Long Jump |align="center"|6.51 |align="center"|1010 |align="center"|2 |- |align="center"|Javelin |align="center"|32.04 |align="center"|515 |align="center"|11 |- |align="center"|800m |align="center"|2:11.08 |align="center"|949 |align="center"|4 |- |align="center"|'''Overall''' |align="center"| - |align="center"|'''6396''' |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |} {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" width="50%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Event !colspan="4"|Final |- !Discipline !Result !Points !Rank |- |rowspan="8"|[[Jessica Ennis]] |rowspan="8"|[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Heptathlon]] |align="center"|100m hurdles |align="center"|13.32 |align="center"|1077 |align="center"|3 |- |align="center"|High Jump |align="center"|1.91 |align="center"|1119 |align="center"|1 |- |align="center"|Shot Putt |align="center"|11.87 |align="center"|653 |align="center"|8 |- |align="center"|200m |align="center"|23.80 |align="center"|1000 |align="center"|3 |- |align="center"|Long Jump |align="center"|6.15 |align="center"|896 |align="center"|5 |- |align="center"|Javelin |align="center"|36.39 |align="center"|598 |align="center"|9 |- |align="center"|800m |align="center"|2:12.66 |align="center"|926 |align="center"|5 |- |align="center"|'''Overall''' |align="center"| - |align="center"|'''6269''' |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |} {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" width="50%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Event !colspan="4"|Final |- !Discipline !Result !Points !Rank |- |rowspan="8"|[[Julie Hollman]] |rowspan="8"|[[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Heptathlon]] |align="center"|100m hurdles |align="center"|13.85 |align="center"|1000 |align="center"|6 |- |align="center"|High Jump |align="center"|1.82 |align="center"|1003 |align="center"|4 |- |align="center"|Shot Putt |align="center"|11.63 |align="center"|637 |align="center"|10 |- |align="center"|200m |align="center"|24.82 |align="center"|903 |align="center"|6 |- |align="center"|Long Jump |align="center"|6.15 |align="center"|896 |align="center"|5 |- |align="center"|Javelin |align="center"|42.80 |align="center"|721 |align="center"|4 |- |align="center"|800m |align="center"|2:19.09 |align="center"|836 |align="center"|8 |- |align="center"|'''Overall''' |align="center"| - |align="center"|'''6002''' |align="center"|6 |} ---- ===[[Badminton]]=== ====Singles and Doubles events==== {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Event !Round of 64 !Round of 32 !Round of 16 !Quarterfinals !Semifinals !colspan="2"|Final |- !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !Rank |- |[[Aamir Ghaffar]] |[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's singles]] |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Kerwyn Pantin|Pantin]]|TRI|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Aaron Tan Wei Kiat|Tan Wei Kiat]]|SIN|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Niluka Karunaratne|Karunaratne]]|SRI|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Lee Chong Wei|Lee]]|MAS|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''L''' 0-2 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Chetan Anand|Anand]]|IND|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''L''' 1-2 |align="center"| - |- |[[Tracey Hallam]] |[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's singles]] |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Saudah Nabawesi|Nabawesi]]|UGA|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Kelly Morgan|Morgan]]|WAL|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Rachel Hindley|Hindley]]|NZL|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|[[Image:Flag of Jersey.svg|25px]][[Elizabeth Cann|Cann]]<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Wong Mew Choo|Wong]]|MAS|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Anthony Clarke]]<br />/ [[Robert Blair (badminton)|Robert Blair]] |[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Doubles]] |align="center" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Kerwin Pantin|Pantin]] / [[Anil Seepaul|Seepaul]]|TRI|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Shirley]]/[[Moody]]|NZL|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Wong Mew Choo|Wong]] / [[Choong]]|MAS|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''L''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Brehaut]] / [[Denney]]|AUS|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Joanne Nicholas]] <br />/ [[Ella Tripp]] |[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Doubles]] |align="center" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Trupti Murgunde|Murgunde]] / [[Nehwal]]|IND|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''L''' 1-2 |align="center" colspan="3"|Did not advance |align="center"|- |- |[[Gail Emms]] <br />/ [[Donna Kellogg]] |[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Doubles]] |align="center" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Lucas]] / [[Wilson-Smith]]|AUS|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Jwala Gutta|Gutta]] / [[Shruti Kurian|Kurian]]|IND|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Jiang]] / [[Li]]|SIN|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''L''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Trupti Murgunde|Murgunde]] / [[Nehwal]]|IND|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Simon Archer]] <br />/ [[Ella Tripp]] |[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Mixed Doubles]] |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Vaughan]] / [[Kelly Morgan|Morgan]]|WAL|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Brehaut]] / [[Carroll]]|AUS|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Milroy]] / [[Sun]]|CAN|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''L''' 1-2 |align="center" colspan="3"|Did not advance |align="center"|- |- |[[Gail Emms]] <br />/ [[Nathan Robertson]] |[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Mixed Doubles]] |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Wong Choong|Wong]] / [[Ooi Sock|Ooi]]|MAS|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Cooper]] / [[Shirley]]|NZL|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Bowman]] / [[Miller]]|SCO|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Saputra]] / [[Li]]|SIN|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-1 |align="center"|{{flagathlete|[[Shirley]] / [[Runesten Petersen]]|NZL|2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br />'''W''' 2-0 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |} ====Mixed Team Event==== {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !align="center"|Team !Event !Round !Opponent !Men Singles !Men Doubles !Women Singles !Women Doubles !Mixed Doubles !Overall |- |align="center" rowspan="6"|{{flagicon|ENG}}<br />'''England'''<br/> |rowspan="6"|[[Badminton at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Mixed Team]] |align="center"|Pool Match 1 |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}}<br />[[India at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|India]] |align="center"|[[Aamir Ghaffar]]<br />2-1<br />[[Chetan Anand]] |align="center"|[[Anthony Clarke|Clarke]] / [[Robert Blair (badminton)|Blair]]<br />2-0<br />[[Rupesh Kumar|Kumar]] / [[Sanave Thomas|Thomas]] |align="center"|[[Tracey Hallam]]<br />2-1<br />[[Lalji Popat]] |align="center"|[[Gail Emms|Emms]] / [[Donna Kellogg|Kellogg]]<br />2-0<br />[[Jwala Gutta|Gutta]] / [[Shruti Kurian|Kurian]] |align="center"|[[Gail Emms|Emms]] / [[Nathan Robertson|Robertson]]<br />2-0<br />[[Valiyaveetil Diju|Diji]] / [[Jwala Gutta|Gutta]] |align="center"|'''Won''' <br />5-0 |- |align="center"|Pool Match 2 |align="center"|{{flagicon|SEY}}<br />[[Seychelles at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Seychelles]] |align="center"|[[Aamir Ghaffar]]<br />2-0<br />[[Georgie Cupidon]] |align="center"|[[Anthony Clarke|Clarke]] / [[Robert Blair (badminton)|Blair]]<br />2-0<br />[[Steve Malcouzane|Malcouzane]] / [[Georgie Cupidon|Cupidon]] |align="center"|[[Tracey Hallam]]<br />2-0<br />[[Juliette Ah-Wan]] |align="center"|[[Joanne Nicholas|Nicholas]] / [[Ella Tripp|Tripp]]<br />2-0<br />[[Cynthia course|Course]] / [[Juliette Ah-Wan|Ah-Wan]] |align="center"|[[Gail Emms|Emms]] / [[Nathan Robertson|Robertson]]<br />2-0<br />[[Cynthia course|Course]] / [[Steve Malcouzane|Malcouzane]] |align="center"|'''Won''' <br />5-0 |- |align="center"|Pool Match 3 |align="center"|{{flagicon|TRI}}<br />[[Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Trinidad<br /> and Tobago]] |align="center"|[[Aamir Ghaffar]]<br />2-0<br />[[Darron Charles]] |align="center"|[[Anthony Clarke|Clarke]] / [[Robert Blair (badminton)|Blair]]<br />2-0<br />[[Kerwin Pantin|Pantin]] / [[Anil Seepaul|Seepaul]] |align="center"|[[Tracey Hallam]]<br />2-0<br />[[Nekeisha Blake]] |align="center"|[[Gail Emms|Emms]] / [[Donna Kellogg|Kellogg]]<br />2-0<br />[[Nekeisha Blake|Blake]] / [[Quan Chee]] |align="center"|[[Simon Archer|Archer]]/[[Ella Tripp|Tripp]]<br />2-0<br />[[Quan Chee]] / [[Anil Seepaul|Seepaul]] |align="center"|'''Won''' <br />5-0 |- |align="center"|Quarter Final |align="center"|{{flagicon|CAN}}<br />[[Canada at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Canada]] |align="center"|[[Simon Archer]]<br />0-2<br />[[Robert Milroy]] |align="center"|[[Anthony Clarke|Clarke]] / [[Robert Blair (badminton)|Blair]]<br />2-1<br />[[Michael Beres|Beres]] / [[william Milroy|Milroy]] |align="center"|[[Tracey Hallam]]<br />2-0<br />[[Charmaine Reid]] |align="center"|[[Joanne Nicholas|Nicholas]] / [[Donna Kellogg|Kellogg]]<br />2-0<br />[[Valerie Loker|Loker]] / [[Tamara Sun|Sun]] |align="center"| n/a |align="center"| '''Won''' <br />3-1 |- |align="center"|Semi Final |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}}<br />[[India at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|India]] |align="center"|[[Aamir Ghaffar]]<br />0-2<br />[[Anup Sridhar]] |align="center"|[[Anthony Clarke|Clarke]] / [[Robert Blair (badminton)|Blair]]<br />2-0<br />[[Rupesh Kumar|Kumar]] / [[Sanave Thomas|Thomas]] |align="center"|[[Tracey Hallam]]<br />0-2<br />[[Saina Nehwal]] |align="center"|[[Gail Emms|Emms]] / [[Donna Kellogg|Kellogg]]<br />2-0<br />[[Jwala Gutta|Gutta]] / [[Shruti Kurian|Kurian]] |align="center"|[[Gail Emms|Emms]] / [[Nathan Robertson|Robertson]]<br />2-0<br />[[Trupti Murgunde|Murgunde]] / [[Valiyaveetil Diju|Diji]] |align="center"| '''Won''' <br />3-2 |- |align="center"|Final |align="center"|{{flagicon|MAS}}<br />[[Malaysia at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Malaysia]] |align="center"|[[Aamir Ghaffar]]<br />0-2<br />[[Lee Chong Wei]] |align="center"|[[Anthony Clarke|Clarke]] / [[Robert Blair (badminton)|Blair]]<br />0-2<br />[[Chan Chong Ming|Chan]] / [[Koo Kien Keat|Koo]] |align="center"|[[Tracey Hallam]]<br />1-2<br />[[Wong Mew Choo]] |align="center"| n/a |align="center"| [[Gail Emms|Emms]] / [[Nathan Robertson|Robertson]]<br />2-0<br />[[Wong Choong|Wong]] / [[Ooi Sock|Ooi]] |align="center"| [[Image:Silver medal icon.svg]] '''Lost'''<br />1-3 |} ---- ===[[Basketball]]=== {|class=wikitable style="font-size:100%" |- !rowspan="2"|Team !rowspan="2"|Events !colspan="3"|Group Stage !Semifinal !Final !rowspan="2"|Rank |- !style="font-size:90%"|Opposition !style="font-size:90%"|Opposition !style="font-size:90%"|Opposition !style="font-size:90%"|Opposition !style="font-size:90%"|Opposition |- |align="center" style="font-size:80%"|{{flag|England| at the 2006 Commonwealth Games}}<br /> *[[John Amaechi]] *[[Ronnie Baker]] *[[Andrew Bridge]] *[[Steven Bucknall]] *[[Fab Flournoy]] *[[Jermaine Forbes]] *[[Delme Herriman]] *[[Julius Joseph]] *[[Michael Martin]] *[[Robert Reed]] *[[Andrew Sullivan]] *[[Richard Windle]] |align="center"|'''Men's Basketball''' |align="center"|{{flagicon|BAR}} <br />Barbados <br />'''W''' '''75'''-59 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NZL}} <br />New Zealand <br />'''L''' 63-'''84''' |align="center"|{{flagicon|RSA}} <br />South Africa <br />'''W''' '''95'''-53 |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}} <br />Australia <br />'''L''' 75-'''101''' |align="center"|{{flagicon|NGR}} <br />Nigeria <br />'''W''' '''95'''-53 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |align="center" style="font-size:80%"|{{flag|England}}<br /> * Rosalee Mason * Claire Maytham * Sally Kaznica * Kristy Lavin * Caroline Ayres * Louise Gamman * Jo Sarjant * Andrea Congreaves * Shelly Boston * Katie Crowley * Gillian D'Hondt * Jane Thackray |align="center"|'''Women's Basketball''' |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}} <br />Australia <br />'''L''' 43-'''95''' |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}} <br />India <br />'''W''' '''146'''-46 |align="center"|{{flagicon|MOZ}} <br />Mozambique <br />'''W''' '''104'''-26 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NZL}} <br />New Zealand <br />'''L''' 67-'''74''' |align="center"|{{flagicon|NGR}} <br />Nigeria <br />'''W''' '''78'''-75 |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |} ====Men's Event==== ;Pool Classification {| class="wikitable" ! width=225 |Team ! Wins ! Losses |-style="background:#7FFFD4" | '''{{flag|New Zealand}}''' || 3 || 0 |-style="background:#7FFFD4 " | '''{{flag|England}}''' || 2 || 1 |- | {{flag|Barbados}} || 1 || 2 |- | {{flag|South Africa}} || 0 || 3 |} ;Pool Matches ''' Pool B ''' {{basketballbox|bg=#cce |date= March 16 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bk-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= '''75''' |teamB= {{bk|BAR}} |scoreB= 59 |Q1= '''14'''-13 |Q2= '''21'''-16 |Q3= 11-'''23''' |Q4='''39'''-7 }} {{basketballbox|bg=#bbd |date= March 18 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bk-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= 63 |teamB= {{bk|NZL}} |scoreB= '''84''' |Q1= 17-'''18''' |Q2= 12-'''21''' |Q3= 11-'''18''' |Q4=23-'''27''' }} {{basketballbox|bg=#cce |date= March 20 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bk-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= '''95''' |teamB= {{bk|RSA}} |scoreB= 53 |Q1= '''22'''-14 |Q2= '''25'''-12 |Q3= '''22'''-12 |Q4= '''26'''-15 }} ;Knockout Matches '''Semifinal''' {{basketballbox|bg=#ecc |date= March 3 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bk-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= 75 |teamB= {{bk|AUS}} |scoreB= '''101''' |Q1= 23-'''27''' |Q2= 23-23 |Q3= 12-'''27''' |Q4= 17-'''24''' }} '''Bronze Medal Match''' {{basketballbox|bg=#dbb |date= March 3 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bk-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= '''90''' |teamB= {{bk|NGR}} |scoreB= 57 |Q1= 15-15 |Q2= '''30'''-12 |Q3= '''222'''-15 |Q4=13-'''15''' }} ====Women's Event==== ;Pool Classification {| class="wikitable" ! width=225 |Team ! Wins ! Losses |-style="background:#7FFFD4" | '''{{flag|Australia}}''' || 3 || 0 |-style="background:#7FFFD4 " | '''{{flag|England}}''' || 2 || 1 |- | {{flag|India}} || 1 || 2 |- | {{flag|Mozambique}} || 0 || 3 |} ;Pool Matches ''' Pool B ''' {{basketballbox|bg=#cce |date= March 16 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bkw-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= 43 |teamB= {{bkw|AUS}} |scoreB= '''95''' |Q1= 17-'''21''' |Q2= 11-'''26''' |Q3= 8-'''22''' |Q4= 7-'''26''' }} {{basketballbox|bg=#bbd |date= March 18 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bkw-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= '''84''' |teamB= {{bkw|MOZ}} |scoreB= 46 |Q1= '''22'''-16 |Q2= '''22'''-6 |Q3= '''20'''-11 |Q4= '''20'''-13 }} {{basketballbox|bg=#cce |date= March 20 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bkw-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= '''104''' |teamB= {{bkw|IND}} |scoreB= 57 |Q1= '''25'''-19 |Q2= '''38'''-16 |Q3= '''11'''-6 |Q4= '''30'''-16 }} ;Knockout Matches '''Semifinal''' {{basketballbox|bg=#ecc |date= March 21 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bkw-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= 67 |teamB= {{bkw|NZL}} |scoreB= '''74''' |Q1= 13-'''19''' |Q2= 16-'''19''' |Q3= 23-23 |Q4= '''15'''-13 }} '''Bronze Medal Match''' {{basketballbox|bg=#dbb |date= March 23 2006 |place= [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]] |time= |teamA= {{bkw-rt|ENG}} |scoreA= '''78''' |teamB= {{bkw|NGR}} |scoreB= 75 |Q1= 16-'''17''' |Q2= '''20'''-13 |Q3= '''19'''-16 |Q4= 23-'''29''' }} ---- ===[[Boxing]]=== {|class=wikitable width="90%" style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Event !Round of 32 !Round of 16 !Quarterfinals !Semifinals !colspan="2"|Final |- !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !style="line-height:1em"|<small>Opposition<br />Result</small> !Rank |- |[[Darran Langley]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|48 kg]] |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}} [[Suranjoy Mayengbam|Mayengbam]]<br />'''W''' 20-12 |align="center"|{{flagicon|MAS}} [[Mohamad Zamzai|Zamzai]]<br />'''W''' 26-23 |align="center"|{{flagicon|WAL}} [[Mohammed Nasir|Nasir]]<br />'''W''' 19-13 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NAM}} [[Jafet Uutoni|Uutoni]]<br />'''L''' 24-37 |align="center"|[[Image:Silver medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Don Broadhurst]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|51 kg]] |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}} [[Bradley Hore|Hore]]<br />'''W''' 26-18 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NIR}} [[Ryan Lindberg|Lindberg]]<br />'''W''' 36-27 |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}} [[Jitender Kumar|Kumar]]<br />'''W''' 31-26 |align="center"|{{flagicon|RSA}} [[Jackson Chauke|Chauke]]<br />'''W''' RSC R3 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Nick MacDonald]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|54 kg]] |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagicon|RSA}} [[Bongani Mahlangu|Mahlangu]]<br />'''L''' 11-19 |align="center" colspan="3"|Did not advance |align="center"|- |- |[[Stephen Smith (boxer)|Stephen Smith]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|57 kg]] |align="center"|bye |align="center"|{{flagicon|GHA}} [[Samual Neequaye|Neequaye]]<br />'''W''' RSC R3 |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}} [[Diwakar Prasad|Prasad]]<br />'''W''' RET R3 |align="center"|{{flagicon|WAL}} [[Darren Edwards|Edwards]]<br />'''W''' 29-15 |align="center"|{{flagicon|PAK}} [[Lassi Mehrullah|Mehrullah]]<br />'''W''' 20-10 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Frankie Gavin (boxer)|Frankie Gavin]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|60 kg]] |align="center"|{{flagicon|CYP}} [[Ovidiu Bobirnat|Bobirnat]]<br />'''W''' 16-5 |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}} [[Jai Bhagwan|Bhagwan]]<br />'''W''' 20-8 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NGR}} [[Rasheed Lawal|Lawal]]<br />'''W''' RSC R3 |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}} [[Leonardo Zappavigna|Zappavigna]]<br />'''W''' RSC R3 |align="center"|{{flagicon|MRI}} [[Giovanni Frontin|Frontin]]<br />'''W''' 23-9 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[James Russan]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|64 kg]] |align="center"|{{flagicon|CYP}} [[Ionas Christodoulou|Christodoulou]]<br />'''W''' 22-10 |align="center"|{{flagicon|BOT}} [[Hernert Nkabiti|Nkabiti]]<br />'''W''' RSC R2 |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}} [[Todd Kidd|Kidd]]<br />'''W''' 33-26 |align="center"|{{flagicon|WAL}} [[Jamie Crees|Crees]]<br />'''W''' RET R1 |align="center"|{{flagicon|LES}} [[Moses Kopo|Kopo]]<br />'''W''' WO |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Neil Perkins]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|69 kg]] |align="center"|{{flagicon|GHA}} [[Ahmed Saragu|Saragu]]<br />'''W''' 13-7 |align="center"|{{flagicon|CAN}} [[Adam Trupish|Trupish]]<br />'''W''' 23-13 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NIR}} [[Thomas Hamill|Hamill]]<br />'''W''' 36-19 |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}} [[Vijender]]<br />'''L''' 14-22 |align="center"|Did not advance |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[James Degale]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|75 kg]] |align="center"|{{flagicon|FIJ}} [[Tomasi Naivaqa|Naivaqa]]<br />'''W''' RSC R1 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NZL}} [[Kahukura Benson|Benson]]<br />'''W''' RSC R2 |align="center"|{{flagicon|KEN}} [[Daniel Shisia|Shisia]]<br />'''W''' 24-11 |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}} [[Jarrod Fletcher|Fletcher]]<br />'''L''' 13-17 |align="center"|Did not advance |align="center"|[[Image:Bronze medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Tony Jeffries]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|81 kg]] |align="center"|{{flagicon|SAM}} [[Steve Wulf|Wulf]]<br /> RSC R1 |align="center"|{{flagicon|RSA}} [[Tshepeng Mohale|Mohale]]<br />RSC R2 |align="center"|{{flagicon|SCO}} [[Ken Anderson|Anderson]]<br />'''L''' 12-17 |align="center" colspan="2"|Did not advance |align="center"|- |- |[[Danny Price]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|91 kg]] |align="center" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}} [[Bradley Pitt|Pitt]]<br />'''L''' 12-16 |align="center" colspan="3"|Did not advance |align="center"|- |- |[[David Price (boxer)]] |[[Boxing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|91+ kg]] |align="center" bgcolor="honeydew"| |align="center"|{{flagicon|FIJ}} [[Taraiasi Rasaubale|Rasaubale]]<br />'''W''' RSC R1 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NZL}} [[Gregory Weenink|Weenink]]<br />'''W''' RSC R2 |align="center"|{{flagicon|IND}} [[Varghese Johnson|Johnson]]<br />'''W''' RSC R4 |align="center"|{{flagicon|WAL}} [[Kevin Evans|Evans]]<br />'''W''' RSC R3 |align="center"|[[Image:Gold medal icon.svg]] |} * '''RSC''' : referee stopped contest * '''RET''' : retired (hurt) * '''WO''' : walkover ---- ===[[Cycling]]=== ====Mountain Bike==== {|class=wikitable width="65%" style="font-size:90%" |- !Athlete !Event !Time !Rank |- |[[Oli Beckingsale]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's mountain bike]] |align="center"|2:13:26 |align="center"|[[Image: Silver medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Liam Killeen]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's mountain bike]] |align="center"|2:13:11 |align="center"|[[Image: Gold medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Simon Richardson]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's mountain bike]] |align="center"|2:23:44 |align="center"|12 |- |[[Amy Hunt]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's mountain bike]] |align="center"|2:01:33 |align="center"|4 |} ====Road racing==== {|class=wikitable width="65%" style="font-size:90%" |- !Athlete !Event !Time !Rank |- |rowspan="2"|[[Steve Cummings]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Time Trial]] |align="center"|52:10.58 |align="center"|14 |- |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Road Racel]] |align="center"|4:05:34 |align="center"|4 |- |rowspan="2"|[[Paul Manning]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Time Trial]] |align="center"|51:42.85 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Road Racel]] |align="center"|DNF |align="center"|- |- |[[Stuart Dangerfield]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Time Trial]] |align="center"|50:57.00 |align="center"|6 |- |rowspan="2"|[[Wendy Houvenaghel]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Time Trial]] |align="center"|39:46.02 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Road Racel]] |align="center"|2:59:32 |align="center"|14 |- |rowspan="2"|[[Rachel Heale]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Time Trial]] |align="center"|39:36.37 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Road Racel]] |align="center"|2:59:13 |align="center"|5 |- |[[Amy Hunt]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Road Racel]] |align="center"|2:59:29 |align="center"|8 |- |[[Charlotte Goldsmith]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Road Racel]] |align="center"|2:59:32 |align="center"|12 |- |[[Nikki Harris]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Road Racel]] |align="center"|2:59:32 |align="center"|13 |- |[[Emma Jones]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Road Racel]] |align="center"|3:01:40 |align="center"|21 |- |[[Russell Downing]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Road Racel]] |align="center"|4:21:05 |align="center"|32 |- |[[Ian Stannard]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Road Racel]] |align="center"|DNF |align="center"|- |- |[[Chris Newton]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Road Racel]] |align="center"|DNF |align="center"|- |- |[[Robin Sharman]] |[[Cycling at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Road Racel]] |align="center"|DNF |align="center"|- |} * '''DNF''' : did not finish ====Track==== ====Women's==== * Endurance: Charlotte Goldsmith, Nikki Harris, Rachel Heal, Emma Davies Jones, Wendy Houvenaghel, Amy Hunt * Sprint: [[Victoria Pendleton]] ---- ===[[Diving]]=== ====Men's Team==== * 1 m: Ben Swain, Peter Waterfield * 3 m: Ben Swain, Tony Ally * 10 m: Peter Waterfield, Gareth Jones, Leon Taylor * 3 m synchro: Tony Ally/Mark Shipman * 10 m synchro: Callum Johnstone/Gary Hunt, Peter Waterfield/Leon Taylor ====Women's Team==== * 1 m: Tandi Indergaard * 3 m: Rebecca Gallentree, Hayley Sage, Tandi Indergaard * 10 m: Sarah Barrow, Stacie Powell, Tonia Couch * 3 m Synchro: Tandi Indergaard/Hayley Sage * 10 m Synchro: Stacie Powell/Tonia Couch, Brooke Graddon/Sarah Barrow ---- ===[[Field Hockey]]=== ====Men's==== * [[Richard Alexander (field hockey)|Richard Alexander]] * [[Jon Bleby]] * [[Jonty Clarke]] * [[Scott Cordon]] * [[Matt Daly]] * [[Jon Ebsworth]] * [[James Fair (hockey)|James Fair]] * [[Brett Garrard]] * [[Adam Rebbeck]] * [[Ben Hawes]] * [[Martin Jones]] * [[Glenn Kirkham]] * [[Simon Mantell]] * [[Ben Marsden]] * [[Barry Middleton]] * [[Rob Moore (field hockey player)|Rob Moore]] * [[James Tindall]] '''Head Coach:''' [[Jason Lee (field hockey player)|Jason Lee]] ====Women's==== * [[Jennie Bimson]] * [[Mel Clewlow]] * [[Crista Cullen]] * [[Alex Danson]] * [[Becy Duggan]] * [[Jo Ellis]] * [[Cathy Gilliat-Smith]] * [[Helen Grant]] * [[Charlotte Hartley]] * [[Beckie Herbert]] * [[Carolyn Reid]] * [[Helen Richardson (field hockey)|Helen Richardson]] * [[Chloe Rogers]] * [[Beth Storry]] * [[Kate Walsh (field hockey)|Kate Walsh]] * [[Rachel Walsh]] * [[Lisa Wooding]] * [[Lucilla Wright]] '''Head Coach''': [[Danny Kerry]] ---- ===[[Gymnastics]]=== ====Men's==== '''Artistic''' * Ryan Bradley * Ross Brewer * Luke Folwell * Louis Smith * Kristian Thomas ---- ====Women's==== '''Artistic''' * [[Beth Tweddle]] (Team captain, withdrew due to injury) * Imogen Cairns * [[Shavahn Church]] * Hannah Clowes * [[Becky Downie]] '''Rhythmic''' * Hannah Chappell * Rachel Ennis * Heather Mann ---- ===[[Lawn Bowls]]=== ====Men's==== * Mark Bantock * Ian Bond * Stephen Farish * Mervyn King * Robert Newman * Andy Thomson ====Women's==== * Jean Baker * Ellen Falkner * Susan Harriott * Katherine Hawes * Amy Monkhouse * Catherine Popple ---- ===[[Netball]]=== * Ama Agbeze * Louisa Brownfield * Karen Atkinson * Jade Clarke * Pamela Cookey * Rachel Dunn * Chioma Ezeogu * Geva Mentor * Sonia Mkoloma * Olivia Murphy * Naomi Stenhouse * Abby Teare ---- ===[[Rugby Sevens]]=== * [[Simon Amor]] (Captain) * [[Danny Care]] * [[Ben Gollings]] * [[Richard Haughton (rugby player)|Richard Haughton]] * [[Magnus Lund]] * [[Nils Mordt]] * [[Henry Paul]] * [[Ben T Russell|Ben Russell]] * [[David Seymour (rugby player)|David Seymour]] * [[Mathew Tait]] * [[Tom Varndell]] * [[Andy Vilk]] ---- ===[[Shooting sports|Shooting]]=== ====Men's==== * Clay target: * Skeet: Richard Brickell, Clive Bramley * Trap: Christopher Dean, Edward Ling * Double trap: Richard Faulds, Steve Walton * Pistol: * 10 m air pistol: Mick Gault, Nick Baxter * 25 m centre fire: Peter Flippant, Simon Lucas * 25 m standard pistol: Mick Gault, Simon Lucas * 50 m pistol: Mick Gault, Nick Baxter * Small bore rifle: * 10 m: air rifle: Chris Hector, Chris Lacey * 50 m rifle 3 positions: Chris Hector, Jason Burrage * 50 m: rifle prone: Mike Babb, Chris Hector ====Women's==== * Clay Target: * Skeet: Elena Little, Pinky Le Grelle * Trap: Lesley Goddard * Double trap: Charlotte Kerwood, Rachel Parish * Pistol: * 10 m air pistol: Georgina Geikie, Julia Lydall * 25 m sports pistol: Georgina Geikie, Julia Lydall * Small bore rifle: * 10 m air rifle: Louise Minett, Becky Spicer * 50 m rifle 3 positions: Louise Minett, Becky Spicer * 50 m rifle prone: Sharon Lee, Helen Spittles ====Open Events==== * Full Bore: Queens Prize: Glyn Barnett, Parag Patel ---- ===[[Squash (sport)|Squash]]=== ====Men's==== * [[Lee Beachill]] * [[Adrian Grant]] * [[Nick Matthew]] * [[Peter Nicol]] * [[James Willstrop]] ====Women's==== * [[Tania Bailey]] * [[Vicky Botwright]] * [[Jenny Duncalf]] * [[Linda Elriani]] * [[Alison Waters]] ---- ===[[Swimming]]=== ====Men's==== * Matthew Bowe * [[Simon Burnett]] * Matthew Clay * Chris Cook * Chris Cozens * Ross Davenport * [[Mark Foster (swimmer)|Mark Foster]] * [[James Gibson (swimmer)|James Gibson]] * Anthony Howard * Darren Mew * Dean Milwain * Alex Scotcher * Liam Tancock * Matthew Walker EAD ====Women's==== * Julia Beckett * Rosalind Brett * Rebecca Cooke * Terri Dunning * Francesca Halsall * Kate Haywood * Joanne Jackson * Melanie Marshall * Kerri-ann Payne * Kate Richardson * [[Katy Sexton]] * Amy Smith ====Synchronised==== * Olivia Allison * Jenna Randall * Lauren Smith ---- ===[[Table Tennis]]=== ====Men's==== * Andrew Baggaley * Alan Cooke * Paul Drinkhall * Andrew Rushton * Sean Sweeting ====Women's==== * Helen Lower * Joanna Parker * [[Kelly Sibley]] * Georgina Walker * Sue Gilroy EAD * Cathy Mitton EAD * Jane Campbell EAD * Catherine Perry {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Team !rowspan="2"|Event !colspan="6"|Pool Matches !rowspan="2"|Q'Final !rowspan="2"|5-8 Match !rowspan="2"|5-6 Match !rowspan="2"|Rank |- !style="font-size:80%"|Match 1 !style="font-size:80%"|Match 2 !style="font-size:80%"|Match 3 !style="font-size:80%"|Match 4 !style="font-size:80%"|Match 5 !style="font-size:80%"|Match 6 |- |rowspan="6" align="center"|{{flagicon|ENG}}<br />[[England at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|England]] |rowspan="6" align="center"|[[Table Tennis at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Team]] |align="center"|{{flagicon|KEN}}<br />'''[[Kenya at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Kenya]]'''<br /> '''W''' 3-0 |align="center"|{{flagicon|WAL}}<br />'''[[Wales at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Wales]]'''<br /> '''L''' 2-3 |align="center"|{{flagicon|GUY}}<br />'''[[Guyana at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Guyana]]'''<br /> '''W''' 3-0 |align="center"|{{flagicon|PAK}}<br />'''[[Pakistan at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Pakistan]]'''<br /> '''W''' 3-0 |align="center"|{{flagicon|SRI}}<br />'''[[Sri Lanka at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Sri Lanka]]'''<br /> '''W''' 3-0 |align="center"|{{flagicon|TUV}}<br />'''[[Tuvalu at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Tuvalu]]'''<br /> '''W''' 3-0 |align="center"|{{flagicon|NGR}}<br />'''[[Nigeria at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Nigeria]]'''<br /> '''L''' 1-3 |align="center"|{{flagicon|CAN}}<br />'''[[Canada at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Canada]]'''<br /> '''W''' 3-0 |align="center"|{{flagicon|AUS}}<br />'''[[Australia at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Australia]]'''<br /> '''W''' 3-0 |rowspan="6" align="center"|'''5''' |- |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />3-0<br />[[Fahd Daim]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />0-3<br />[[Adam Robertson]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />3-0<br />[[Godfrey Munroe]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />3-0<br />[[Farjad Saif]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />3-0<br />[[Gihan Liyanage]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />3-0<br />[[Napetari Tioti]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />2-3<br />[[Monday Merotohun]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />3-1<br />[[Pradeeban Peter-Paul]] |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]] <br />3-0<br />[[Russell Lavale]] |- |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />3-0<br />[[Moses Kamau]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />3-0<br />[[Stephen Jenkins]] |align="center"|[[Alan Cooke]]<br />3-0<br />[[Idi Lewis]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />3-1<br />[[Kashif Razzaq]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />3-0<br />[[Pitiyage Silva]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />3-0<br />[[Alan Resture]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />1-3<br />[[Sequn Toriola]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />3-1<br />[[Faazil Kassam]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Baggaley]] <br />3-1<br />[[Trevor Brown]] |- |align="center"|[[Andrew Rushton]] <br />3-0<br />[[Victor Ougu]] |align="center"|[[Alan Cooke]] <br />3-0<br />[[Ryan Jenkins]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Rushton]] <br />3-0<br />[[Paul David]] |align="center"|[[Alan Cooke]]<br />3-1<br />[[Muhammed Qureshi]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Rushton]] <br />3-0<br />[[Thilina Piyadasa]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Rushton]] <br />3-0<br />[[Teokila Maleko]] |align="center"|[[Alan Cooke]]<br />3-1<br />[[Kazeen Nasiru]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Rushton]] <br />3-1<br />[[Bence Csaba]] |align="center"|[[Andrew Rushton]] <br />3-0<br />[[David Zalcberg]] |- |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|[[Paul Drinkhall]]<br />1-3<br />[[Ryan Jenkins]] |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|[[Alan Cooke]] <br />2-3<br />[[Sequn Toriola]] |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |- |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|[[Alan Cooke]]<br />2-3<br />[[Adam Robertson]] |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |align="center"|n/a |} ===Men's Team Event=== '''Pool C''' {| class="wikitable" ! width=225 |Team ! Wins ! Losses |-style="background:#7FFFD4" | {{flag|Wales}} || 6 || 0 |-style="background:#7FFFD4 " | {{flag|England}} || 5 || 1 |- | {{flag|Guyana}} || 3 || 3 |- | {{flag|Sri Lanka}} || 3 || 3 |- | {{flag|Pakistan}} || 3 || 3 |- | {{flag|Kenya}} || 1 || 5 |- | {{flag|Tuvalu}} || 0 || 6 |} ===Women's Team Event=== '''Pool B''' {| class="wikitable" ! width=225 |Team ! Wins ! Losses |-style="background:#7FFFD4" | {{flag|Australia}} || 4 || 0 |-style="background:#7FFFD4 " | {{flag|Nigeria}} || 3 || 1 |- | {{flag|England}} || 2 || 2 |- | {{flag|Sri Lanka}} || 1 || 3 |- | {{flag|Vanuatu}} || 0 || 4 |} * England are eliminated at the pool stage. ---- ===[[Triathlon]]=== ;Men's Triathlon {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !Event !Athlete !1500m Swim !40k Cycle !10000m Run !Total time !Rank |- |rowspan="3"|[[Triathlon at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Men's Triathlon]] |[[Stuart Hayes]] |align="center"|17:48.16 |align="center"|1:01:03.35 |align="center"|32:01.67 |align="center"|1:50:53.18 |align="center"|9 |- |[[Will Clarke (triathlete)|Will Clarke]] |align="center"|17:47.16 |align="center"|1:01:04.97 |align="center"|31:50.85 |align="center"|1:50:42.98 |align="center"|7 |- |[[Tim Don]] |align="center"|17:43.17 |align="center"|1:01:08.51 |align="center"|30:46.39 |align="center"|1:49:38.07 |align="center"|4 |} ;Women's Triathlon {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !Event !Athlete !1500m Swim !40k Cycle !10000m Run !Total time !Rank |- |rowspan="3"|[[Triathlon at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Women's Triathlon]] |[[Elizabeth Blatchford]] |align="center"|18:24.44 |align="center"|1:05:46.36 |align="center"|35:19.61 |align="center"|1:59:30.41 |align="center"|6 |- |[[Julie Dibins]] |align="center"|18:20.42 |align="center"|1:05:50.43 |align="center"|36:51.31 |align="center"|2:01:02.16 |align="center"|10 |- |[[Andrea Whitcombe]] |align="center"|18:33.15 |align="center"|1:05:39.37 |align="center"|35:59.28 |align="center"|2:00:11.80 |align="center"|7 |} ---- ===[[Weightlifting]]=== ;Men {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Classification !colspan="2"|Weights Lifted !rowspan="2"|Total Lifted !rowspan="2"|Rank |- !Snatch !Clean & Jerk |- |[[Kamran Panjavi]] |align="center"|[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|62 Kg]] |align="center"|118kg |align="center"|no lift |align="center"|n/a |align="center"| - |- |[[Gurbinder Cheema]] |align="center"|[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|105 Kg]] |align="center"|152kg |align="center"|178kg |align="center"|330kg |align="center"|4 |} ;Women {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !rowspan="2"|Athlete !rowspan="2"|Classification !colspan="2"|Weights Lifted !rowspan="2"|Total Lifted !rowspan="2"|Rank |- !Snatch !Clean & Jerk |- |[[Jo Calvino]] |align="center"|[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|48 Kg]] |align="center"|64kg |align="center"|83kg |align="center"|147kg |align="center"|4 |- |[[Jo Sevastio]] |align="center"|[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|58 Kg]] |align="center"|63kg |align="center"|80kg |align="center"|143kg |align="center"|8 |- |[[Annette Campbell]] |align="center"|[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|63 Kg]] |align="center"|75kg |align="center"|87kg |align="center"|162kg |align="center"|6 |} ;Powerlifting for Athletes with a disability {|class=wikitable style="font-size:90%" |- !Athlete !Classification !Weights Lifted !Factored Weight !Rank |- |[[Jason Irving]] |align="center"|[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Open EAD]] |align="center"|167.5kg |align="center"|'''180.8kg''' |align="center"|[[Image:Silver medal icon.svg]] |- |[[Anthony Peddle]] |align="center"|[[Weightlifting at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|Open EAD]] |align="center"|130.0kg |align="center"|156.7kg |align="center"|11 |} ==See also== * [[Commonwealth Games Council for England]] * [[England at the 2002 Commonwealth Games]] ==External links== * [http://www.cgce.co.uk/index.htm 2006 Commonwealth Games Council for England website] * [http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/commonwealth_games/4661420.stm BBC Sports - a full list of England's competitors at the 2006 Games in Melbourne] {{Commonwealth Games Associations at the 2006 Commonwealth Games}} {{England at the Commonwealth Games}} [[Category:2006 Commonwealth Games]] [[Category:England at the Commonwealth Games|2006]] [[Category:2006 in England]] Image:White Hall 1920.jpg 4194683 41183779 2006-02-25T16:48:13Z Xtreambar 61512 White Hall, named after [[Andrew Dickson White]], at [[Cornell University]]. [[Category:Cornell University buildings]] == Summary == White Hall, named after [[Andrew Dickson White]], at [[Cornell University]]. [[Category:Cornell University buildings]] == Licensing == {{PD-US}} Hvalfjarðargöng 4194716 41184219 2006-02-25T16:52:14Z Pollodiablo 148758 #redirect [[Hvalfjörður Tunnel]] Sundridge and Ide Hill 4194738 41184460 2006-02-25T16:54:34Z Peter Shearan 114733 moved [[Sundridge and Ide Hill]] to [[Sundridge with Ide Hill]]: incorrect title #REDIRECT [[Sundridge with Ide Hill]] Category:Defunct ECHL teams 4194755 127732561 2007-05-02T17:40:56Z EDUCA33E 771504 rename Teams in the [[ECHL]] that moved, renamed or suspended operations. {{ECHL explanation}} <!--Categories--> [[Category:ECHL teams]] [[Category:Defunct ice hockey teams]] [[fr:Catégorie:Équipe défunte de la ECHL]] Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Worklist/Unknown 4194787 41185111 2006-02-25T17:00:46Z Kirill Lokshin 290472 Created bgcolor="white" align=center | '''Unknown''' Adrian City, Lenawee County, Michigan 4194810 41185513 2006-02-25T17:04:27Z Bkonrad 44062 rd --> Adrian, Michigan (seems stupid, but link was formed based on Census description) #REDIRECT [[Adrian, Michigan]] Goulart 4194839 179831992 2007-12-23T20:22:02Z '''Goulart''' may be: *[[João Goulart]], Brazilian politician *[[Izabel Goulart]] *[[Luiz Carlos Bombonato Goulart]] *[[Ron Goulart]] *[[Jay Goulart]], Nationally Know Fund Raiser {{disambig}} Three point field goal 4194861 41186097 2006-02-25T17:09:33Z Amchow78 256455 #redirect [[Three-point field goal]] Nampa, Alberta 4194888 224734591 2008-07-10T04:55:49Z {{Infobox Settlement <!-- Basic info ----------------> |official_name = Village of <big>Nampa</big> |other_name = |native_name = |nickname = |settlement_type = Village |motto = <!-- images and maps -----------> |image_skyline = |imagesize = |image_caption = |image_flag = |flag_size = |image_seal = |seal_size = |image_shield = |shield_size = |city_logo = |citylogo_size = |image_map = |mapsize = |map_caption = |image_map1 = |mapsize1 = |map_caption1 = |image_dot_map = AB-towns-highways.png |dot_mapsize = 200px |dot_map_caption = Location of Nampa |dot_x = 50 |dot_y = 93 |pushpin_map = <!-- the name of a location map as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Location_map --> |pushpin_label_position = <!-- the position of the pushpin label: left, right, top, bottom, none --> |pushpin_map_caption = |pushpin_mapsize = <!-- Location ------------------> |subdivision_type = Country |subdivision_name = {{flag|Canada}} |subdivision_type1 = [[Provinces and territories of Canada|Province]] |subdivision_name1 = {{flag|Alberta}} |subdivision_type2 = [[Regions of Canada#Alberta|Region]] |subdivision_name2 = [[Northern Alberta]] |subdivision_type3 = [[Census divisions of Alberta|Census Division]] |subdivision_name3 = [[Division No. 17, Alberta|No. 17]] |subdivision_type4 = [[List of Alberta municipal districts|County]] |subdivision_name4 = [[East Peace No. 131, Alberta|East Peace]] <!-- Politics -----------------> |government_footnotes = |government_type = |leader_title = Governing&nbsp;body |leader_name = Nampa Village Council |leader_title1 = <!--Mayor--> |leader_name1 = |leader_title2 = |leader_name2 = |leader_title3 = |leader_name3 = |leader_title4 = |leader_name4 = |established_title = <!--Founded--> |established_date = |established_title2 = <!--Incorporated--> |established_date2 = |established_title3 = <!-- Incorporated (city) --> |established_date3 = <!-- Area ---------------------> |area_magnitude = |unit_pref = |area_footnotes = |area_total_km2 = 1.86 |area_land_km2 = <!--See table @ Template:Infobox Settlement for details on automatic unit conversion--> |area_water_km2 = |area_total_sq_mi = |area_land_sq_mi = |area_water_sq_mi = |area_water_percent = |area_urban_km2 = |area_urban_sq_mi = |area_metro_km2 = |area_metro_sq_mi = |area_blank1_title = |area_blank1_km2 = |area_blank1_sq_mi = <!-- Population -----------------------> |population_as_of = 2006 |population_footnotes = <ref name=statcan2006/> |population_note = |population_total = 360 |population_density_km2 = |population_density_sq_mi = |population_metro = |population_density_metro_km2 = |population_density_metro_sq_mi = |population_urban = |population_density_urban_km2 = |population_density_urban_sq_mi = |population_blank1_title = |population_blank1 = |population_density_blank1_km2 = |population_density_blank1_sq_mi = <!-- General information ---------------> |timezone = [[Mountain Standard Time|MST]] |utc_offset = -7 |timezone_DST = |utc_offset_DST = |latd= 56|latm= 02|lats= 10|latNS=N |longd= 117|longm= 07|longs= 59|longEW=W |elevation_footnotes = <!--for references: use <ref> </ref> tags--> |elevation_m = 570 |elevation_ft = <!-- Area/postal codes & others --------> |postal_code_type = |postal_code = |area_code = |blank_name = [[List of Alberta provincial highways|Highways]] |blank_info = [[Alberta Highway 2| 2]]<br>[[Alberta Highway 683| 683]] |blank1_name = |blank1_info = |website = |footnotes = }} <!--Infobox ends--> '''Nampa''' is a village in [[northern Alberta]]. It is located 27 km south of the town of [[Peace River, Alberta|Peace River]], along [[Alberta Highway 2|Highway 2]]. ==Demographics== According to the 2006 census, Nampa has a: *population of 360 living in 168 [[house|dwellings]], a 3.2% decrease from 2001 *land area of {{km2 to mi2|1.86|abbr=yes|wiki=yes}} *and a [[population density]] of {{Pop density km2 to mi2|193.8| spell=UK | abbr=yes}}.<ref name=statcan2006>{{Cite web| url= http://www12.statcan.ca/english/census06/data/profiles/community/Details/Page.cfm?Lang=E&Geo1=CSD&Code1=4817039&Geo2=PR&Code2=48&Data=Count&SearchText=Nampa&SearchType=Begins&SearchPR=01&B1=All&GeoLevel=&GeoCode=4817039 | title= Nampa - Community Profile | author= Statistics Canada| authorlink= Statistics Canada| year= [[Canada 2006 Census|Census 2006]] | accessdate= 2007-06-08}}</ref> ==History== *1916: Originally the area was known as "Tank" named after the water tank and pump house built by the railway when it arrived. *1924: The first post office is opened. It was later decided a new name should be given to the community. An aboriginal leader came up with the current name of "Nampa". Nampa means "the place" in aboriginal. Nampa is also the name of a community in Idaho. ==Economy== The principal industries in the area are agriculture, forestry, oil and gas. One of the largest employers of the area is Boucher Brothers Lumber Mill located just outside the village, about a 3 kilometers northwest of Nampa. This mill employed approximately 56 people and ships lumber to a number of different areas. It has been in the area since the 1980s. In April 2008, Boucher Brothers laid off 28 people because of the poor [[United States]] housing market, softwood tariff, and the increasing [[Canadian]] [[dollar]].<ref>Justin Pot,"[http://cgi.bowesonline.com/pedro.php?id=15&x=story&xid=390869 Record-Gazette],"</ref> Northern Forage located on the west side of town compresses hay bails that are shipped to Japan. This business also has a number of employees. Farmers from around the community come to Nampa to deliver their grain at the Great Northern Grain Terminals, located at the north side of town. From here the grain is shipped to [[Falher, Alberta]] which is 35 km south of Nampa. Besides raising [[cattle]] some farmers have herds of [[buffalo]]. ==Events and Attractions== The Annual Farmers Day and Family Fair is held in mid June each year in Nampa. The Heart River Golf Club holds its annual open in mid July. In the winter months, many look forward to the Family Day events in February, a day filled with [[snowshoeing]], hayrides, free [[skating]], [[curling]] and [[hotdogs]] is enjoyed by all ages. ==See also== *[[List of communities in Alberta]] *[[Villages of Alberta]] ==References== {{reflist}} {{Subdivisions of Alberta|villages=yes}} [[Category:Villages in Alberta]] {{Alberta-geo-stub}} M94 Group 4194905 234617836 2008-08-27T18:22:23Z John Belushi 7204351 interwiki {{Galaxy cluster | name = M94 Group | image = [[Image:Spiral Galaxy M94.jpg|350px]] |caption = Messier 94, the brightest galaxy in the M94 Group. | epoch=[[J2000]] | ra =<ref name="garcia1993">{{cite journal | author=A. Garcia | title=General study of group membership. II - Determination of nearby groups | journal=Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement | year=1993 | volume=100 | pages=47–90 | url=http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1993A&AS..100...47G}}</ref><ref name="giuricinetal2002">{{cite journal | author=G. Giuricin, C. Marinoni, L. Ceriani, A. Pisani | title=Nearby Optical Galaxies: Selection of the Sample and Identification of Groups | journal=Astrophysical Journal | year=2000 | volume=543 | pages=178–194 | url=http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2000ApJ...543..178G | doi=10.1086/317070}}</ref> | dec=<ref name="garcia1993" /><ref name="giuricinetal2002" /> | constellation = [[Canes Venatici]] & [[Coma Berenices]] | member_no = 16-24<ref name="nbg">{{cite book | author=R. B. Tully | year=1988 | title=Nearby Galaxies Catalog | edition= | publisher=Cambridge University Press | location=Cambridge | id=ISBN 0-521-35299-1}}</ref><ref name="garcia1993" /><ref name="giuricinetal2002" /> | brightest_member = [[Messier 94|M94]],<ref name="giuricinetal2002" /> [[Messier 106|M106]],<ref name="garcia1993" /> | other_names = [[New General Catalogue|NGC]] 4736 Group,<ref name="simbad">{{cite web | title=SIMBAD Astronomical Database | work=Results for NGC 4736 Group | url=http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/Simbad/ | accessdate=2006-10-30}}</ref> Canes Venatici I Group,<ref name="simbad" /><br />Canes Venatici Cloud,<ref name="simbad" /><br />[[Lyons Groups of Galaxies|LGG]] 291,<ref name="garcia1993" /> NOGG H 617,<ref name="giuricinetal2002" /><br />NOGG P1 636,<ref name="giuricinetal2002" /> NOGG P2 647<ref name="giuricinetal2002" />}} The '''M94 Group''' ('''Canes Venatici I Group''') is a loose, extended [[group of galaxies]] located about 13 million [[light-year]]s away<ref name="karachentsev2005">{{cite journal | author=I. D. Karachentsev | title=The Local Group and Other Neighboring Galaxy Groups | journal=Astronomical Journal | year=2005 | volume=129 | pages=178–188 | url=http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2005AJ....129..178K | doi=10.1086/426368}}</ref> in the [[constellation]]s [[Canes Venatici]] and [[Coma Berenices]]. The group is one of many groups that lies within the [[Virgo Supercluster]] (i.e. the [[Local Supercluster]])<ref name="tully1982">{{cite journal | author= R. B. Tully | title=The Local Supercluster | journal=Astrophysical Journal | year=1982 | volume=257 | pages=389–422 | url=http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1982ApJ...257..389T | doi=10.1086/159999}}</ref>. Although the galaxies in this cluster appear to be form a single large cloud-like structure, many of the galaxies within the group are only weakly gravitationally bound, and some have not yet formed stable orbits around the center of this group. Instead, most of the galaxies in this group appears to be moving with the expansion of the universe<ref name="karachentsevetal2003">{{cite journal | author=I. D. Karachentsev, M. E. Sharina, A. E. Dolphin, E. K. Grebel, D. Geisler, P. Guhathakurta, P. W. Hodge, V. E. Karachentseva, A. Sarajedini, P. Seitzer | title=Galaxy flow in the Canes Venatici I cloud | journal=Astronomy and Astrophysics | year=2003 | volume=398 | pages=467–477 | url=http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2003A&A...398..467K | doi=10.1051/0004-6361:20021598}}</ref><ref name="karachentsev2005" />. ==Members== The table below lists galaxies that have been consistently identified as group members in the Nearby Galaxies Catalog<ref name="nbg" />, the Lyons Groups of Galaxies (LGG) Catalog<ref name="garcia1993" />, and the three group lists created from the Nearby Optical Galaxy sample of Giuricin et al.<ref name="giuricinetal2002" />. {{clear}} {| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;border-collapse:collapse;" cellpadding="2" |+'''Members of the M94 Group''' |- ! style="background:#efefef;" | Name ! style="background:#efefef;" | [[Galaxy morphological classification|Type]]<ref name="ned">{{cite web | title=NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database | work=Results for various galaxies | url=http://nedwww.ipac.caltech.edu/ | accessdate=2006-11-06}}</ref> ! style="background:#efefef;" | [[Right Ascension|R.A.]] ([[J2000]])<ref name="ned" /> ! style="background:#efefef;" | [[Declination|Dec.]] ([[J2000]])<ref name="ned" /> ! style="background:#efefef;" | [[Redshift]] ([[kilometer|km]]/[[second|s]])<ref name="ned" /> ! style="background:#efefef;" | [[Apparent Magnitude]]<ref name="ned" /> |- | [[IC 3687]] | IAB(s)m | {{RA|12|42|15.1}} | {{DEC|+38|30|12}} | 354 ± 1 | 13.7 |- | [[IC 4182]] | SA(s)m | {{RA|13|05|49.5}} | {{DEC|+37|36|18}} | 321 ± 1 | 13.0 |- | [[Messier 94|M94]] | (R)SA(r)ab | {{RA|12|50|53.0}} | {{DEC|+41|07|14}} | 308 ± 1 | 9.0 |- | [[NGC 4144]] | SAB(s)cd | {{RA|12|09|58.6}} | {{DEC|+46|27|26}} | 265 ± 1 | 12.1 |- | [[NGC 4190]] | Im pec | {{RA|12|13|44.8}} | {{DEC|+36|38|03}} | 228 ± 1 | 13.4 |- | [[NGC 4214]] | IAB(s)m | {{RA|12|15|39.2}} | {{DEC|+36|19|37}} | 291 ± 3 | 10.2 |- | [[NGC 4244]] | SA(s)cd | {{RA|12|17|29.6}} | {{DEC|+37|48|26}} | 244 ± 0 | 10.9 |- | [[NGC 4395]] | SA(s)m | {{RA|12|25|48.9}} | {{DEC|+33|32|48}} | 319 ± 1 | 10.6 |- | [[NGC 4449]] | IBm | {{RA|12|28|11.9}} | {{DEC|+44|05|40}} | 207 ± 4 | 10.0 |- | [[UGC 6817]] | Im | {{RA|11|50|53.0}} | {{DEC|+38|52|49}} | 242 ± 1 | 13.4 |- | [[UGC 7559]] | IBm | {{RA|12|27|05.2}} | {{DEC|+37|08|33}} | 218 ± 5 | 14.2 |- | [[UGC 7577]] | Im | {{RA|12|27|40.9}} | {{DEC|+43|29|44}} | 195 ± 0 | 12.8 |- | [[UGC 7698]] | Im | {{RA|12|32|54.4}} | {{DEC|+31|32|28}} | 331 ± 1 | 13.0 |- | [[UGC 8320]] | IBm | {{RA|13|14|27.9}} | {{DEC|+45|55|09}} | 192 ± 1 | 12.7 |- |} Additionally, [[NGC 4105]] and [[UGC 8331]] are frequently but not consistently identified as members of this group in the references cited above. The brightest member in this galaxy group is questionable and partly depends on the analysis used to determine group members. The LGG Catalog identifies [[Messier 106|M106]] as part of this group, which would make it the brightest galaxy within the group.<ref name="garcia1993" /> However, the other catalogs cited above do not identify M106 as a group member, in which case [[Messier 94|M94]] would be the brightest galaxy within the group<ref name="nbg" /><ref name="giuricinetal2002" />. ==Canes Venatici Cloud== This [[galaxy group]] is also called ''Canes Venatici Cloud'', but it is also part of the CVn Cloud of galaxies. A [[galaxy cloud]] is a supercluster substructure. The CVn Cloud used in this manner is identified by Tully and de Vaucoleurs. ==See also== * [[M96 Group]] - ''another group of galaxies that is similar in size to this one'' * [[Sculptor Group]] - ''another nearby group of galaxies that is also weakly gravitationally bound'' * [[Canes II Group]] (CVn II Group) * [[Canes Venatici Cloud]] ==References== {{reflist}} [[Category:Galaxy clusters]] [[Category:M94 Group| ]] [[Category:Virgo Supercluster]] [[Category:Canes Venatici constellation]] [[Category:Coma Berenices constellation]] [[fr:Nuage des Chiens de Chasse]] [[nl:Canes Venaticiwolk]] [[pt:Grupo M94]] [[zh:M94星系團]] List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy:252 4194940 41187145 2006-02-25T17:18:21Z Arcadian 104523 redir #REDIRECT [[List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: XI. Splanchnology]] Cash reserve ratio 4194972 41187547 2006-02-25T17:22:03Z Nirvana2013 305961 #REDIRECT [[Reserve requirement]] Skene's ducts 4195005 104989895 2007-02-02T02:00:35Z Arcadian 104523 {{Female reproductive system}} {{Infobox Anatomy | Name = {{PAGENAME}} | Latin = ductus paraurethrales urethrae femininae | GraySubject = | GrayPage = | Image = Skenes_gland.jpg | Caption = Skene's ducts not visible, but Skene's Gland labeled at center right | Image2 = | Caption2 = | Precursor = | System = | Artery = | Vein = | Nerve = | Lymph = | MeshName = | MeshNumber = | DorlandsPre = d_29 | DorlandsSuf = 12314424 | }} The '''Skene's ducts''' are a pair of ducts leading from the [[Skene's glands]] to the surface of the [[vulva]], to the left and right of the [[external urethral orifice (female)|urethral opening]]. Like the Skene's glands, they are named after [[Alexander Skene]].<ref>{{WhoNamedIt|synd|2037}}</ref> ==References== <references/> {{Female reproductive system}} [[Category: Gynecology]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Alt.seduction.fast 4195041 42400037 2006-03-06T00:13:48Z Splash 285145 /* [[Alt.seduction.fast]] */ ya tag fix <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. 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A general article covering "pickup artistry" is lacking on Wikipedia, however I don't think this is the appropriate header for it. IMO the content of this page should be merged into such a general overview of the area.[[User:Hynca-Hooley|Hynca-Hooley]] 20:07, 25 February 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Relevance Vector Machine 4195092 236791404 2008-09-07T04:04:30Z Added a software section '''Relevance Vector Machine (RVMs)''' is a [[machine learning]] technique that uses [[Bayesian theory]] to obtain sparse solutions for [[regression]] and [[Statistical classification|classification]]. The RVM has an identical functional form to the [[Support Vector Machine]], but provides probabilistic classification. Compared to the SVM the Bayesian formulation allows to avoid the set of free parameters that the SVM have and that usually require cross-validation based post optimizations. However RVMs use a Expectation Maximization(EM) like learning method and are therefore at risk of local minima, unlike the standard [[SMO]] based algorithms employed by [[SVM]]s which are guaranteed to find a global optimum. ==Software== *[[dlib C++ Library]] * [http://www.terborg.net/research/kml/ The Kernel-Machine Library] ==External links== *[http://research.microsoft.com/users/mtipping/pages/publications_abs.htm#Tipping:NIPS99 The Relevance Vector Machine] Tipping's article on the relevance vector machine. *[http://www.relevancevector.com Tipping's webpage on Sparse Bayesian Models and the RVM] [[Category:Classification algorithms]] [[Category:Ensemble learning]] [[Category:Machine learning]] The Adventures of Batman & Robin 4195128 41750264 2006-03-01T13:54:09Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"The Adventures of Batman and Robin" +"Batman: The Animated Series" #REDIRECT [[Batman: The Animated Series]] Support Our Scouts Act 4195158 238218441 2008-09-13T21:00:14Z Rjwilmsi 203434 no 'of' between a month and a year per [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_%28dates_and_numbers%29#Longer_periods|MOS]] using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{portal|Scouting|Scout logo2.svg}} The '''Support Our Scouts Act of 2005''' was passed as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006 to prevent Local, State and Federal agencies from reducing their support for the [[Boy Scouts of America]] (and other youth organization). The bill was passed in the wake of a number of [[Controversies about the Boy Scouts of America|controversies involving the Boy Scouts of America]], such as their exclusion of gays and atheists, and subsequent attempts to limit government support of the organization. ==Legislative language== In particular, the bill states: *''No Federal law... shall be construed to limit any Federal agency from providing any form of support for a youth organization (including the Boy Scouts of America or any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America)that would result in that Federal agency providing less support to that youth organization... than was provided during the preceding fiscal year.'' *''The Secretary of Defense shall provide at least the same level of support under this section for a national or world Boy Scout Jamboree as was provided under this section for the preceding national or world Boy Scout Jamboree.'' *''No State or unit of general local government that has a designated open forum, limited public forum, or nonpublic forum and that is a recipient of assistance under this title shall deny equal access or a fair opportunity to meet to, or discriminate against, any youth organization, including the Boy Scouts of America or any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, that wishes to conduct a meeting or otherwise participate in that designated open forum, limited public forum, or nonpublic forum.'' In July 2005, the Senate voted 98 to 0 to include the bill in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006 (H.R.1815, Sec. 1058){{ref|Bill}}, which was signed into law on December 30, 2005. {{ref|BSALegal}} ==Impact== It is unknown what the ultimate effects of this act will be on the on-going [[Boy Scouts of America membership controversies|controversy regarding governmental support of the Boy Scouts]]. However, Scout leaders welcomed the legislation because it protected them "against constant attempts to exclude the organization from the public realm." {{ref|BSALegal}} ==See also== *[[Boy Scouts of America membership controversies]] *[[Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act]] ==External links== *[http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c109:H.R.1815.ENR: Full Text of the Act] from the Library of Congress (See Section 1058.) *[http://www.bsalegal.org/supporto-241.htm Article] on the Support Our Scouts Act from the Boy Scouts of America *[http://web.archive.org/web/20060623182522/http://scoutingforall.org/articles/2006021202.shtml Article] on the Support Our Scouts Act from a site critical of the Boy Scouts of America ==References== #{{Note|Bill}} {{cite web| url=http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=109&session=1&vote=00204 |work=US Senate|title=U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 109th Congress - 1st Session |accessdate=February 27|accessyear=2007}} #{{Note|BSALegal}} {{cite web| url=http://www.bsalegal.org/supporto-241.htm|work=BSA Legal|title=Congress and President Protect Scouts Access to Government Facilities|accessdate=February 27|accessyear=2007}} [[Category:2005 in law]] [[Category:Contentious issues about the Boy Scouts of America]] [[Category:United States federal civil rights legislation]] {{scout-stub}} {{US-fed-statute-stub}} Bulbus vestibuli 4195197 41190064 2006-02-25T17:44:17Z Arcadian 104523 redir #REDIRECT [[Vestibular bulbs]] Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained 4195228 235936850 2008-09-03T01:13:14Z Ntnon 12443 Infobox {{Infobox comic book title <!--Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics--> |title = FORT <small>Prophet of the Unexplained</small> |image = Fort prophet.jpg |imagesize = <!-- default 250 --> |caption =Cover of the [[Dark Horse Comics]] ''Fort'' TPB. Art by [[Frazer Irving]]. |schedule = Monthly |format = |limited = Y |ongoing = |1shot = |genre = '''''see below''''' |publisher = [[Dark Horse Comics]] |date = (June - Sep. 2002) |issues =4 |main_char_team = |writers =[[Peter Lenkov]] |artists =[[Frazer Irving]] |pencillers = |inkers = |letterers = |colorists = |editors = |creative_team_month = |creative_team_year = |creators = |TPB =Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained ''([[Dark Horse Comics|DH]], 2003)' |ISBN =1-56971-781-8 |TPB2 ='([[Titan Books]], 2003) |ISBN2 =1-84023-579-9 |subcat = |altcat = |sort = {{PAGENAME}} |addpubcat# = |nonUS = }} '''''Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained''''' is a [[Dark Horse Comics]] [[comic book]] created by writer [[Peter Lenkov]] and artist [[Frazer Irving]]. ==Comic== ''Fort'', featuring the fictional adventures of the famed anomalist [[Charles Fort]] is a four-issue miniseries written by Peter Lenkov, with art by Frazer Irving. The series was released monthly between June and September 2002 by [[Dark Horse Comics]]. In 2003, the four issues were collected into a [[graphic novel]] collection. ''Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained'' marked [[Charles Fort]]'s second major<ref>He also appeared in comic form in the pages of the short-lived ''[[The Searchers (comics)|The Searchers]]'', as well as performing narrator duties in the [[Paradox Press]]/[[DC Comics]] anthology volume ''[[The Big Book of#The Unexplained|The Big Book of the Unexplained]]'', [http://www.dccomics.com/graphic_novels/?gn=1514 DC Comics ''The Big Book of the Unexplained'' at DCComics.com].</ref> comic outing - the first being ''[[Necronauts]]'' also drawn by Irving. ==Plot== Its 1899 and as the end of the century draws near a strange killer lurks on the streets of New York. However, only famed anomalist [[Charles Fort]]'s careful analysis of his news clippings reveals the pattern and further investigation revels some strange findings. At the same time he is monitoring some strange shooting stars, ably assisted by H.P. (a young [[H. P. Lovecraft]]) which leads to his encounter with an [[Extraterrestrial life|alien]]. Falsely accused of the murders, he has to team up with the extraterrestrial and find the real killer. ==Charles Fort== {{main|Charles Fort}} [[Charles Fort]] was an early twentieth century American writer, philosopher and anomalist. In four books, between 1919 and 1932, he catalogued thousands of reports of anomalous phenomena, making important early contributions to [[ufology]], [[cryptozoology]] and [[parapsychology]]. ==Awards== *[[Bram Stoker Award for Best Illustrated Narrative]] (2002): [[Peter Lenkov]] for his work on ''Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained'' (runner-up) ==See also== Charles Fort also features prominently in: *''[[Necronauts]]'' *''[[The Searchers (comics)|The Searchers]]'' ==References== {{refs}} ==External links== *[http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=11-778 Dark Horse page] *[http://www.comicsbulletin.com/reviews/105216354787995.htm Review], [[Comics Bulletin]] [[Category:Dark Horse titles]] [[Category:Forteana]] [[Category:2002 comic debuts]] Image:Mello-Yello-Fountain-Burger-King-Marquette-MI.jpg 4195247 152156646 2007-08-19T01:52:17Z Nenyedi 1483479 /* License */ This is not a logo. [[Coca-Cola]] product [[Mello Yello]] dispensed by fountain at a [[Burger King]] restaurant in [[Marquette, Michigan]]. == License == {{cc-by-2.5}} God Bless the Child 4195289 204131350 2008-04-08T02:22:01Z '''God Bless the Child''' may refer to: A '''song''': *[[God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday song)|"God Bless the Child" (Billie Holiday song)]], a 1941 song by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog Jr. *[[God Bless the Child (Shania Twain song)|"God Bless the Child" (Shania Twain song)]], a 1995 single by Shania Twain *"God Bless the Child", by [[Blood, Sweat & Tears]] *"God Bless the Child", by [[Michelle Featherstone]] An '''album''': *[[God Bless the Child (Guerilla Black album)|''God Bless the Child'' (Guerilla Black album)]], a 2007 album *''God Bless the Child'', a 1971 album by [[Kenny Burrell]] In '''television''': *[[God Bless the Child (TV movie)|''God Bless the Child'' (TV movie)]], a 1988 TV movie starring [[Mare Winningham]] {{disambig}} Category:Materials scientists and engineers 4195315 240611244 2008-09-24T04:28:09Z BotMultichill 4080734 Adding [[Template:Commons_cat|commons cat]] link to [[Commons:Category:Materials scientists and engineers]] {{Commons cat|Materials scientists and engineers}} [[Category:Materials science]] [[Category:Physicists]] [[Category:Engineers]] [[Category:Chemists]] [[zh:Category:材料学家]] Stephen Victor Tallarico 4195354 41192130 2006-02-25T18:02:10Z Trickzzz 807481 #REDIRECT [[Steven Tyler]] Image:Paris psalter.jpg 4195378 41192426 2006-02-25T18:04:40Z Ghirlandajo 147410 Prophet Jesiah and a female figure symbolizing [[Nox]]. Miniature from the 11th-century [[Paris Psalter]]. {{PD-art}} Prophet Jesiah and a female figure symbolizing [[Nox]]. Miniature from the 11th-century [[Paris Psalter]]. {{PD-art}} There will Be Blood 4195404 178129713 2007-12-15T19:46:27Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[There Will Be Blood]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Elke Schmitter 4195441 189716935 2008-02-07T12:24:33Z Coyets 1644213 Categories, defaultsort and ISBN added '''Elke Schmitter''' (born 25 January [[1961]], [[Krefeld]], [[West Germany]]) is a [[Germany|German]] journalist and novelist. After studying philosophy in [[Munich]], Schmitter worked as a journalist until [[1994]], when she became a full-time writer. Her first novel to be translated into [[English language|English]] was ''Mrs Sartoris'', published in German in 2000 and English in 2003, ISBN 9780375726149. {{DEFAULTSORT:Schmitter, Elke}} [[Category:1961 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:People from Krefeld]] [[Category:German novelists]] [[Category:Women novelists]] {{Germany-writer-stub}} [[de:Elke Schmitter]] Image:Klik architecture.png 4195466 235458649 2008-08-31T22:01:57Z SF007 6059244 fixed internal link {{svg|fairuse}} == Summary == '''[[klik (packaging method)|klik]] architecture ''' Copyright 2005 Simon Peter == Licensing == {{Non-free fair use in|klik (packaging method)}} Pentamethylcyclopentadiene 4195502 220058000 2008-06-18T02:24:11Z Rifleman 82 1255637 /* Synthesis */ fix {{Chembox new | Name = Pentamethylcyclopentadiene | ImageFile = Pentamethylcyclopentadiene.png | ImageSize = 120px | ImageName = Pentamethylcyclopentadiene | Section1 = {{Chembox Identifiers | CASNo = 4045-44-7 | SMILES = CC1=C(C)C(C)C(C)=C1C }} | Section2 = {{Chembox Properties | Formula = C<sub>10</sub>H<sub>16</sub> | MolarMass = 136.24 g/mol | Solubility = Sparingly soluble | BoilingPt = 55–60 °C (13 mm Hg) }} | Section7 = {{Chembox Hazards | FlashPt = 114 °C }} }} '''1,2,3,4,5-Pentamethylcyclopentadiene''' is a cyclic [[olefin|diolefin]] with the formula C<sub>5</sub>Me<sub>5</sub>H (Me = CH<sub>3</sub>).<ref>Overview of Cp* Compounds: Elschenbroich, C. and Salzer, A. Organometallics: a Concise Introduction (1989) p. 47</ref> 1,2,3,4,5-Pentamethylcyclopentadiene is the precursor to the [[ligand]] ''1,2,3,4,5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl,'' which is often denoted as Cp* (to signify the five methyl groups radiating from the periphery of this ligand as in a five-pointed star). In contrast to less substituted cyclopentadiene derivatives, Cp*H is not prone to dimerization. ==Synthesis== Pentamethylcyclopentadiene is commercially available. It was first prepared from [[tiglaldehyde]] via 1,2,3,4,5-pentamethylcyclopent-2-eneone.<ref>{{cite journal | author = L. de Vries | title= Preparation of 1,2,3,4,5-Pentamethyl-cyclopentadiene, 1,2,3,4,5,5-Hexamethyl-cyclopentadiene, and 1,2,3,4,5-Pentamethyl-cyclopentadienylcarbinol | journal = [[J. Org. Chem.]] | volume = 25 | year = 1960 | pages = 1838 | doi = 10.1021/jo01080a623}}</ref> Alternatively 2-butenyllithium adds to ethylacetate followed by acid-catalyzed dehydrocyclization:<ref>{{OrgSynth | author = S. Threlkel, J. E. Bercaw, P. F. Seidler, J. M. Stryker, R. G. Bergman | prep = cv8p0505 | title = 1,2,3,4,5-Pentamethylcyclopentadiene | collvol = 8 | collvolpages = 505 | year = 1993}}</ref><ref>{{cite journal | author = Fendrick, C. M.; Schertz, L. D.; Mintz, E. A.; Marks, T. J. | title = Large-Scale Synthesis of 1,2,3,4,5-Pentamethylcyclopentadiene | journal = [[Inorganic Syntheses]] | volume = 29 | pages = 193–198 | year = 1992 | doi = 10.1002/9780470132609.ch47}}</ref> :MeCH=C(Li)Me + MeC(O)OEt → (MeCH=C(Me))<sub>2</sub>C(OLi)Me + LIOEt :(MeCH=C(Me))<sub>2</sub>C(OLi)Me + H<sup>+</sup> → Cp*H + H<sub>2</sub>O + Li<sup>+</sup> ==Synthesis of Cp* complexes== {| class="toccolours" border="1" style="float: right; clear: right; margin: 0 0 1em 1em; border-collapse: collapse;" ! {{chembox header}} | Cp*-metal Complexes |- | Cp*<sub>2</sub>Fe | yellow |- | Cp*TiCl<sub>3</sub> | red |- | [Cp*Fe(CO)<sub>2</sub>]<sub>2</sub> | red-violet |- | [Cp*RhCl<sub>2</sub>]<sub>2</sub> | red |- | Cp*Re(CO)<sub>3</sub> | colorless |- | Cp*Mo(CO)<sub>2</sub>CH<sub>3</sub> | orange |- |} Some representative reactions leading to such Cp*-metal complexes follow:<ref>{{cite journal | title = Organometallic chemistry of the transition metals XXI. Some π-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl derivatives of various transition metals | author = R. B. King, M. B. Bisnette | journal = [[Journal of Organometallic Chemistry]] | volume = 8 | year = 1967 | pages = 287–297 | doi = 10.1016/S0022-328X(00)91042-8}}</ref> :Cp*H + [[n-Butyllithium|C<sub>4</sub>H<sub>9</sub>Li]] → Cp*Li + [[butane|C<sub>4</sub>H<sub>10</sub>]] :Cp*Li + [[titanium tetrachloride|TiCl<sub>4</sub>]] → Cp*TiCl<sub>3</sub> + [[lithium chloride|LiCl]] :2 Cp*H + 2 [[iron pentacarbonyl|Fe(CO)<sub>5</sub>]] → [Cp*Fe(CO)<sub>2</sub>]<sub>2</sub> + H<sub>2</sub> For the related Cp complex, see [[cyclopentadienyliron dicarbonyl dimer]]. An instructive but obsolete route to Cp* complexes involves the use of hexamethyl [[Dewar benzene]]. This method was traditionally used for preparation of the chloro-bridged dimer [Cp*RhCl<sub>2</sub>]<sub>2</sub>. ==Comparison of Cp* with Cp== Cp*H is an important precursor to [[organometallic]] compounds arising from the binding of the five ring-carbon atoms in C<sub>5</sub>Me<sub>5</sub><sup>-</sup>, or Cp*<sup>-</sup>, to metals.<ref>Yamamoto, A. Organotransition Metal Chemistry: Fundamental Concepts and Applications. (1986) p. 105 </ref> Relative to the more common cyclopentadienyl (Cp) ligand, pentamethylcyclopentadienyl (Cp*) offers certain features that are often advantageous. Being more electron-rich, Cp* is a stronger donor and is less easily removed from the metal. Consequently its complexes exhibit increased thermal stability. Its steric bulk allows the isolation of complexes with fragile ligands. Its bulk also attenuates intermolecular interactions, decreasing the tendency to form polymeric structures. Its complexes also tend to be highly soluble in non-polar solvents. ==See also== * [[Methylcyclopentadiene]] ==References== {{reflist}} <!-- relevance? International Journal of Mass Spectrometry Volume 220, Issue 3 , 15 October 2002, Pages 419-441 International Journal of Mass Spectrometry Volume 202, Issues 1-3 , 16 October 2000, Pages 19-29--> [[Category:Organometallic compounds]] [[Category:cycloalkenes]] Dammika Prasad 4195523 244547732 2008-10-11T10:53:03Z Sambot 761101 Updating statistics {{Infobox cricketer biography | playername = Dammika Prasad | image = | country = Sri Lanka | fullname = Kariyawasam Tirana Gamage Dammika Prasad | nickname = | living = true | dayofbirth = 30 | monthofbirth = 5 | yearofbirth = 1983 | placeofbirth = [[Ragama]] | countryofbirth = [[Sri Lanka]] | dayofdeath = | monthofdeath = | yearofdeath = | placeofdeath = | countryofdeath = | heightft = | heightinch = | heightm = | batting = Right-handed | bowling = Right arm [[fast bowling|medium]] | role = [[Bowler (cricket)|Bowler]] | family = | international = true | onetest = true | testdebutdate = 8 August | testdebutyear = 2008 | testdebutagainst = India | testcap = 110 | lasttestdate = 8 August | lasttestyear = 2008 | lasttestagainst = India | odidebutdate = 25 February | odidebutyear = 2006 | odidebutagainst = Bangladesh | odicap = 130 | lastodidate = 22 March | lastodiyear = 2006 | lastodiagainst = Pakistan | odishirt = | club1 = [[Sinhalese Sports Club]] | year1 = 2002/03&ndash;present | clubnumber1 = | club2 = | year2 = | clubnumber2 = | club3 = | year3 = | clubnumber3 = | club4 = | year4 = | clubnumber4 = | deliveries = balls | columns = 4 | column1 = [[Test cricket|Tests]] | matches1 = 1 | runs1 = 36 | bat avg1 = 36.00 | 100s/50s1 = 0/0 | top score1 = 36 | deliveries1 = 168 | wickets1 = 5 | bowl avg1 = 28.40 | fivefor1 = 0 | tenfor1 = 0 | best bowling1 = 3/82 | catches/stumpings1 = 0/&ndash; | column2 = [[One Day International|ODIs]] | matches2 = 3 | runs2 = 8 | bat avg2 = 8.00 | 100s/50s2 = 0/0 | top score2 = 8 | deliveries2 = 126 | wickets2 = 3 | bowl avg2 = 38.66 | fivefor2 = 0 | tenfor2 = n/a | best bowling2 = 2/29 | catches/stumpings2 = 0/&ndash; | column3 = [[First-class cricket|FC]] | matches3 = 41 | runs3 = 714 | bat avg3 = 18.30 | 100s/50s3 = 0/5 | top score3 = 89 | deliveries3 = 5,352 | wickets3 = 129 | bowl avg3 = 25.44 | fivefor3 = 2 | tenfor3 = 1 | best bowling3 = 6/25 | catches/stumpings3 = 11/&ndash; | column4 = [[List A cricket|List A]] | matches4 = 48 | runs4 = 240 | bat avg4 = 15.00 | 100s/50s4 = 0/0 | top score4 = 31 | deliveries4 = 1,899 | wickets4 = 56 | bowl avg4 = 25.57 | fivefor4 = 0 | tenfor4 = n/a | best bowling4 = 4/39 | catches/stumpings4 = 8/&ndash; | date = 11 October | year = 2008 | source = http://www.cricketarchive.com/Archive/Players/35/35512/35512.html CricketArchive }} '''Kariyawasam Tirana Gamage Dammika Prasad''' (born [[May 30]], [[1983]] in [[Ragama]]) is a [[Sri Lanka|Sri Lankan]] [[cricketer]].it is a interesting coincidence that both Prasad and the other Sri lankan fast bowler Dilhara Fernando both hail from the same school (De mazenod college kandana) ==External links== * {{cricketarchive|ref=Archive/Players/35/35512/35512.html}} * {{cricinfo|ref=srilanka/content/player/50163.html}} <!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]] --> {{Persondata |NAME = Prasad, Kariyawasam Tirana Gamage Dammika |ALTERNATIVE NAMES = |SHORT DESCRIPTION = Sri Lankan cricketer |DATE OF BIRTH = May 30 1983 |PLACE OF BIRTH = [[Ragama]] |DATE OF DEATH = |PLACE OF DEATH = }} {{DEFAULTSORT:Prasad, Dammika}} [[Category:Sri Lankan cricketers]] [[Category:Sri Lankan Test cricketers]] [[Category:Sri Lankan ODI cricketers]] [[Category:Sinhalese Sports Club cricketers]] [[Category:1983 births]] [[Category:Living people]] {{SriLanka-cricket-bio-stub}} Lobkowitz Palace 4195544 41194737 2006-02-25T18:25:39Z Gryffindor 206678 #redirect [[Palais Lobkowitz]] Pentyl valerate 4195565 41195036 2006-02-25T18:28:04Z Edgar181 491706 redirect [[pentyl pentanoate]] #redirect [[pentyl pentanoate]] Schwarzenberg Palace 4195590 41195435 2006-02-25T18:31:21Z Gryffindor 206678 #redirect [[Palais Schwarzenberg]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Amusement Wiki 4195618 146373515 2007-07-22T19:51:47Z CommonsDelinker 2304267 Replacing "Star_of_life.svg" with "Star_of_life2.svg". <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''delete'''. [[User:Mailer diablo|Mailer Diablo]] 01:44, 3 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[Amusement Wiki]]=== '''Delete''' - Had first tagged this for speedy. But author requested removing it. So am putting it here. NN Wiki, with only 100 articles started in January 2006 [[User:Aksi great|Aksi great]] 18:34, 25 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete'''. There's no evidence that this meets the benchmark established in [[WP:WEB]]. -- [[User:Finlay McWalter|Finlay McWalter]] | [[User talk:Finlay McWalter|Talk]] 18:40, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Speedy Delete''' per A7, its not notable whatsoever, just because its funny (according to the article's creator) dosen't mean it notable. [[User:Onthost|Mike]] <sub>([[User_talk:Onthost|T]] [[Special:Contributions/Onthost|C]])</sub> [[Image:Star_of_life2.svg|20px]] 19:22, 25 February 2006 (UTC) ** A7 covers "people or groups", and really this is an article about a website. -- [[User:Finlay McWalter|Finlay McWalter]] | [[User talk:Finlay McWalter|Talk]] 19:49, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Comment''' - The author of the article changed tag from AfD to prod. Am confused as to his stand - [[User:Aksi great|Aksi great]] 19:35, 25 February 2006 (UTC) **I think he's trying to be helpful (folks often don't realise that things here have to meet our notability criteria). Unfortunately I don't believe a CSD is met, so I've restored the AfD tag. It's not doing any harm being here for the few days AfD will run. -- [[User:Finlay McWalter|Finlay McWalter]] | [[User talk:Finlay McWalter|Talk]] 19:49, 25 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' per [[WP:WEB]]. [[User Talk:JzG|Just zis <span style="border: 1px; border-style:solid; padding:0px 2px 2px 2px; color:white; background-color:darkblue; font-weight:bold">Guy</span> you know?]] 23:36, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Speedy delete'''. Around 50 edits totally, couple of articles about high school students and their nicknames, not funny but boring as it looks now. [[User:Pavel Vozenilek|Pavel Vozenilek]] 01:51, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per [[WP:WEB]]. I can't see a speedy deletion criterion being hit. [[User:Stifle|Stifle]] 09:54, 1 March 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Image:Quackshot mexico.png 4195642 180673423 2007-12-28T20:56:27Z McLoaf 4926350 uploaded a new version of "[[Image:Quackshot mexico.png]]" Screenshot from [[Quackshot]] ([[Sega Mega Drive]])<br /> {{Non-free game screenshot}} [[Category:Sega Mega Drive screenshots]] Memories of Underdevelopment 4195670 241260063 2008-09-27T03:14:04Z Rjwilmsi 203434 [[User:Rjwilmsi#Other_fixes|gen fixes]] + apply [[Template:Lang]] using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{Infobox Film | name = Memories of Underdevelopment | image = 70124.jpg | imdb_id = 0063291| writer = [[Tomas Gutierrez Alea]]<br />[[Edmundo Desnoes]]| starring = [[Sergio Corrieri]]<br />[[Daisy Granados]]<br />[[Eslinda Nuñez]]| director = [[Tomas Gutierrez Alea]] | distributor = ICAIC | released = {{flagicon|Cuba}} [[19 August]], [[1968]]<br>{{flagicon|USA}} [[17 May]], [[1973]] | runtime = 96 min. | language = Spanish | music = Leo Brouwer | awards = Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival | }} '''''Memories of Underdevelopment''''' ({{lang-es|'''Memorias del Subdesarrollo'''}}) is a seminal [[1968]] [[Latin American film]] from [[Cuba]]. Directed by [[Tomás Gutiérrez Alea]], the story is based on a novel by [[Edmundo Desnoes]]. It was Alea's fifth film, and probably his most famous worldwide. The film gathered several awards at international film festivals. ==Story== Sergio, a wealthy bourgeois aspiring writer, decides to stay in Cuba even though his wife and friends flee to Miami. Sergio looks back over the changes in Cuba, from the [[Cuban Revolution]] to the [[Cuban missile crisis|missile crisis]], the effect of living in an [[underdevelopment|underdeveloped]] country, and his relations with his girlfriends Elena and Hanna. ''Memories of Underdevelopment'' is a complex character study of alienation during the turmoil of social changes. The film is told in a highly subjective point of view through a fragmented narrative that remembles the way memories function. ==See also== {{portalpar|Cuba|Flag of Cuba.svg}} *[[Cinema of Cuba]] ==External links== *{{imdb title | id=0063291 | name=Memorias del Subdesarrollo}} * [http://film.guardian.co.uk/Century_Of_Films/Story/0,,140598,00.html Derek Malcolm of the Guardian places "Memorias del Subdesarrollo" at number 54 in his 100 greatest movies] {{CinemaofCuba}} [[Category:Cuban films]] [[Category:1968 films]] [[Category:Spanish-language films]] [[es:Memorias del Subdesarrollo]] GLT1 4195698 41197147 2006-02-25T18:45:58Z Delldot 476500 #Redirect [[Glutamate transporter]]{{Subst:R with possibilities}} #Redirect [[Glutamate transporter]]&nbsp; ---- This is a redirect from a title for a topic more detailed than the topic of the page this redirects to. Eventually if the target page becomes too big, this redirect may be replaced with an article carved out of the target page. For more info. follow the category link. [[Category:Redirects with possibilities]] Ironfist chinmi 4195730 175230675 2007-12-02T09:08:39Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Ironfist Chinmi]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Martin Axenrot 4195762 243643537 2008-10-07T12:54:22Z Martarius 4905985 /* External links */ removed unnecessary line <!-- Commented out because image was deleted: [[Image:Martin_Axenrot.jpg|right|thumb|Martin Axenrot]] --> '''Martin "Axe" Axenrot''' (born [[March 5]], [[1979]] in [[Linköping|Linköping, Sweden]]) is the [[drummer]] for the bands [[Bloodbath]], Satanic Slaughter, [[Witchery (band)|Witchery]], and most recently, [[Opeth]]. Axenrot played with [[Opeth]] on their last five tours, filling in for then drummer [[Martin Lopez]]. On [[May 12]], [[2006]], he officially joined the band as Lopez left permanently. Axenrot has been jokingly been referred to as the ''[[The Lord of the Rings]]'' character [[Legolas]] by band members and fans. "He's kind of pretty, looks like [[Legolas]]," remarked [[Mikael Åkerfeldt]] who has also named him, "the most confused man I have ever met". On Blabbermouth.com Åkerfeldt also said that Axenrot completed his drumming part for eleven tracks on the new Opeth album 'Watershed' in just seven days. In an interview, Martin said, "Rudiments and technique in general were encouraged by my drum teacher Stig Bendric, who has passed away now, but had always played in the army and with the Norrköping Symphonic Orchestra. He was a huge [[Buddy Rich]] fan, and could play really impressive stuff. It made me appreciate the sense of swing when playing". He is currently dating Nathalie Lorichs who contributed vocals on Coil from Opeth's [[Watershed (Opeth album)|Watershed]] and they both work together on a project with Axenrot on guitars. == External links == * [http://www.drummerszone.com/artists/artist.php?artistNR=f009a3e60e083d7a655119e0aa40b947 Biography at drummerszone.com] * [http://www.drummerszone.com/news/newsItem.php?n01ID=2425&type=5 Interview by drummerszone.com] {{DEFAULTSORT:Axenrot, Martin}} {{drummer-stub}} {{Opeth}} {{blo}} [[Category:1979 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Opeth members]] [[Category:Swedish heavy metal drummers]] [[es:Martin Axenrot]] [[it:Martin Axenrot]] [[pl:Martin Axenrot]] [[fi:Martin Axenrot]] [[sv:Martin Axenrot]] AEUNA 4195778 41198303 2006-02-25T18:54:33Z Beenthere23 973281 #REDIRECT [[Armenian Evangelical Union of North America]] Regarding Margie 4195807 241295709 2008-09-27T09:53:26Z Harley500 4217942 /* Plot */ {{unreferenced|date=March 2008}} {{Infobox Simpsons episode | episode_name = Regarding Margie | episode_no = 376 | prod_code = HABF13 | airdate = [[May 7]], [[2006]] | writer = [[Marc Wilmore]] | director = [[Michael Polcino]] | blackboard = I will not leak the plot of [[The Simpsons Movie|the movie]]. | couch_gag = Five [[Transformers (fiction)|Transformer]] action figures line up in front of the couch and turn into The Simpsons. | guest_star = [[Sal Bando]] and [[Gene Tenace]] as themselves | image = [[Image:Regarding Margie.png|200px]] | image_caption = The [[1974 Oakland Athletics season|'74 Oakland A's]] thank Homer for remembering them. | season = 17 }} “'''Regarding Margie'''” is the 20th episode of ''[[The Simpsons]]''’ [[The Simpsons (season 17)|seventeenth season]]. It originally aired on [[May 7]], [[2006]]. ==Plot== Looking for a way to get easy money, [[Bart Simpson|Bart]], [[Milhouse Van Houten|Milhouse]], and [[Nelson Muntz|Nelson]] go around town spray-painting people’s addresses on their curbs and making them pay them ten dollars for the unsolicited service. It turns out to be a success after all, but after they already add the “7” and the “4” to the Simpsons’ curb, [[Homer Simpson|Homer]] tells them that he won’t pay, so they leave without finishing. The next day, the letter carrier delivers them someone else’s mail, thinking that their address is 74 Evergreen Terrace. Homer continues to accept the mail. He gets steaks from Omaha, and even accepts a wedding invitation to Scott Weingarten’s cousin’s wedding (although he doesn't know that Scott is a blind rich man). One day, [[Marge Simpson|Marge]] gets a letter claiming that she has won a contest from a magazine she doesn’t even subscribe to. Her prize is that a maid will clean the house for a day while she relaxes. Not wanting to look bad, Marge cleans the house until it’s entirely spotless. That is, except for a small stain on the kitchen floor. She combines all of her different cleaners together, but the fumes make her woozy. She falls and hits her head on a stool. When she wakes up in the hospital, it is revealed that she has [[amnesia]] and can’t even remember her own family. After the insurance coverage runs out, the family returns home, with Marge still having amnesia. The home environment quickly jogs her memory of her children, and she also recognizes [[Ned Flanders]] when he appears at the window, but Homer is still a stranger to her since the remembrance of Ned block Homer's memory. Homer tries to get her to remember him, but to no avail. He shows Marge the family album, even telling her "Here's me beating up former President Bush, and here's me beating up current President Bush" while showing her pictures of the events. He then decides to try to make her fall in love with him again, but he only makes her disgusted in him, saying that the greatest thing that’s ever happened to her was forgetting about him since Homer says that they had first been making love on a golf course. Marge says that she isn't a kind of girl who will make love on a golf course (later there is seen that [[Principal Skinner]] and [[Edna Krabappel]] had been making love in that same golf course). She kicks him out of the house. Then Homer moves to the Springfield retirement castle to [[Abe Simpson|his father]], who asks him that how long Homer stays there, and Homer answers that he will stay at least to the death of Abe. [[Patty and Selma Bouvier|Patty and Selma]] excitedly take Marge to a speed dating event, and she meets a man who shares her interests. But Lenny and Carl had called Homer and told him that Marge is dating an other guy. Homer quickly goes there. When Marge tells him that she has amnesia and three kids, he leaves her. Homer catches up with him and scolds him for leaving her, saying that she is the most beautiful and kind woman he’ll ever meet. Still, he leaves. Marge then tells Homer that even though she may not remember him, he knows the most wonderful things about her. As they drive back home, Homer brings up beer, and she suddenly remembers him. The episode ends with Homer and Marge driving into the sunset. During the credits, Homer is asking Marge if she knows any of the people listed. ==Cultural references== *The scene where Marge and Homer go to a wedding uninvited is similar to various scenes from ''[[Wedding Crashers]]''. *Homer writes on the sidewalk that the [[1974 Oakland Athletics season|’74 Oakland A's]] are the best team ever. Soon after, several members of the team drive by and thank Homer for remembering them. [[Sal Bando]] and [[Gene Tenace]], two members of the actual team, make cameo appearances. *Marge’s quote, “''Et tu'', Zud?” is a reference to “''[[Et tu, Brute?]]''” from ''[[Julius Caesar (play)|Julius Caesar]]'' by [[Shakespeare]]. *The title of this episode is a reference to ''[[Regarding Henry]]'', which revolves around Harrison Ford's character recovering from amnesia and brain damage. {{wikiquote|The_Simpsons#Regarding_Margie_.5B17.20.5D|“Regarding Margie”}} {{portal|The Simpsons}} [[Category:The Simpsons episodes, season 17]] [[Category:2006 television episodes]] [[es:Regarding Margie]] [[fr:À propos de Marge]] Levant Mine and Beam Engine 4195833 243408263 2008-10-06T11:49:35Z Necrothesp 64853 moved [[Levant Mine & Beam Engine]] to [[Levant Mine and Beam Engine]] '''Levant Mine & Beam Engine''' is a working steam-powered [[beam engine]] situated in [[Trewellard]], [[Pendeen]], near [[St Just in Penwith|St Just]], [[Cornwall]], [[England]], [[United Kingdom]], and a [[National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty|National Trust]] property. ==See also== *[[Man engine]] for an account of the accident in the mine on [[20 October]] [[1919]]. *[[Geevor Tin Mine]], just to the south-east of the Levant complex. ==External links== *[http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-vh/w-visits/w-findaplace/w-levantmineandbeamengine/ Levant Mine & Beam Engine information at the National Trust] *[http://crocat.cornwall.gov.uk/dserve/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&dsqApp=Archive&dsqDb=Catalog&dsqCmd=Overview.tcl&dsqSearch=((text)='levant') Cornwall Record Office Online Catalogue for Levant] *{{IoE|69226}} {{Cornwall-struct-stub}} [[Category:Grade II listed buildings in Cornwall]] [[Category:Mining in Cornwall]] [[Category:Mining|Equipment]] [[Category:National Trust properties in Cornwall]] [[Category:Visitor attractions in Cornwall]] Drs. Without Borders 4195862 41199655 2006-02-25T19:05:52Z Koavf 205121 #redirect [[Médecins Sans Frontières]] Maximum Information Rate 4195891 155644509 2007-09-04T15:38:18Z Speck-Made 2267463 '''Maximum Information Rate''' ('''MIR''') in reference to Broadband Wireless refers to maximum bandwidth the [[Subscriber Unit]] will be delivered from the [[wireless access point]] in kbit/s. {{wireless-stub}} Phonetic loan characters 4195918 217736341 2008-06-07T12:32:29Z タチコマ robot 421426 Robot: Fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[Chinese character classification#Borrowed_characters_.28.E5.81.87.E5.80.9F.29]] Sheet-Glass Works Convention 4195944 41201184 2006-02-25T19:18:35Z Bookandcoffee 149887 #REDIRECT[[Sheet-Glass Works Convention, 1934 (shelved)]] #REDIRECT[[Sheet-Glass Works Convention, 1934 (shelved)]] Subscriber unit 4195977 222187506 2008-06-28T00:03:26Z Alaibot 1324179 Robot: Changing template: com-stub A '''Subscriber Unit''', or '''SU''' is a [[broadband]] [[radio]] that is installed at a business or residential location to connect to an [[Access Point]] to send/receive high speed data wired or wirelessly. Devices commonly referred to as a Subscriber Unit include [[cable modem]]s, [[mobile phone]]s, etc. {{telecomm-stub}} [[Category:Telecommunications equipment]] Immune ignorance 4196007 81306585 2006-10-13T23:38:14Z DO11.10 761044 Redirecting to tolerance #REDIRECT[[Immune tolerance]] Freemasonry and Mormonism 4196025 87741151 2006-11-14T11:40:05Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Mormonism and Freemasonry" +"Freemasonry and the Latter Day Saint movement" #REDIRECT [[Freemasonry and the Latter Day Saint movement]] Category:Chicago Bruins players 4196051 218769426 2008-06-12T02:21:23Z John Bot 5750625 Adding category for John Bot using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] [[Category:National Basketball League (United States) players]] [[Category:Sports in Chicago, Illinois]] [[Category:John Bot tagging 1]] Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal/Cases/2006-02-25 Systema 4196075 42468811 2006-03-06T12:02:58Z Sam Spade 29048 /* Request Information */ == Request for cabal mediation == === Request Information=== : '''Request made by:''' [[User:Sam Spade|Sam Spade]] 19:36, 25 February 2006 (UTC) ; ''Where is the issue taking place?'' : The links [[Wikipedia:Vandalism_in_progress#Pages]], [[Talk:Systema#merge]], [[User_talk:Sam_Spade/_-_archive/Januar_2006#Systema]], and [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Systema&action=history Systema - history] should be helpful. An update, [[User_talk:Pathoschild#WP:VIP.2FAN]] ; ''Who's involved?'' : [[User:Sysy]], [[User:KimvdLinde]], possibly others from the historical conversation back in early January. ; ''What's going on?'' : A merger made back in January is suddenly being rather hotly disputed by a handful of non-native english speakers. I have been accused of vandalism, and told to "go away". :They feel I was wrong to merge prior to discussion ''back in January''. I feel they are failing to appreciate (or engage in) subtleties, such as the fact that the matter was discussed at length ''back in January''. ::'''Comment''': As for the claim ''discussed at length'': Merge tag inserted 06:39, 5 January 2006 [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Systema&oldid=33964098], merging started 08:02, 5 January 2006 [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Systema&oldid=33970166], merge tag removed 08:16, 5 January 2006 [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Systema&oldid=33970726]. Merging announcement at talk page made at 08:13, 5 January 2006 [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Systema&oldid=33970999]. So, it has not been discussed at all, no time was given. (BTW, pointing this out was my only contribution to the discussion as I checked the [[Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress]] page) --[[User:KimvdLinde|KimvdLinde]] 23:47, 25 February 2006 (UTC) ; ''What would you like to change about that? : I would like what is best for the page to be done. It is my appraisal that these articles are on a similar (obscure) topic, were badly in need of a rewrite and a merger, and that I did that back in January. I discussed the matter at that time. If I was wrong, so be it, but I haven't seen a case for it. There seems to be a communication barrier. ; ''If you'd prefer we work discreetly, how can we reach you?'' : In any way you like. I don't require discretion, but an agreeable to options if they are preferred by others. ; ''Would you be willing to mediate yourself and accept an assignment as a mediator?'' : Certainly. [[User:Sam Spade|Sam Spade]] 19:52, 25 February 2006 (UTC) === Mediator response === === Comments by others === I've never seen hint of these "non-native english speakers" Spade speaks of. Useful links have already been included above, explaining things (most notibly the lack of discussion and a vote before Spade's original merger) Regardless, this issue seems to have been resolved. [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User_talk:Sam_Spade&diff=prev&oldid=41298960] The associated topics were revisited, rewritten and this issue has been further-explained in [[Talk:Systema]]. Now that the original January damage has been repaired, a proper merger vote is welcome. -- [[User:Sysy|Sy]] / <sup>[[User_Talk:Sysy|(talk)]]</sup> 18:53, 26 February 2006 (UTC) Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Nonpoint source 4196105 41203839 2006-02-25T19:40:04Z GeorgeStepanek 135219 moved [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Nonpoint source]] to [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Nonpoint source pollution]]: Rename has support #REDIRECT [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Nonpoint source pollution]] Guiraut de Bornelh 4196140 62416902 2006-07-06T18:59:09Z Complainer 305617 Redirecting to [[Giraut de Bornelh]] #redirect [[Giraut de Bornelh]] Rtsp:// 4196160 41204780 2006-02-25T19:47:05Z Tobias Schmidbauer 449548 #REDIRECT [[Real Time Streaming Protocol]] #REDIRECT [[Real Time Streaming Protocol]] Interstate 90 exit list 4196182 158362957 2007-09-16T21:48:22Z Artisol2345 4714155 [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[Interstate 90]] #REDIRECT [[Interstate 90]] Shigekuni Yamamotogenryūsai 4196219 205999933 2008-04-16T11:48:13Z タチコマ robot 421426 Robot: Fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[List of Soul Reapers in Bleach#1st_Division]] {{R to list entry}} Faisal ibn Turki 4196246 241232484 2008-09-26T23:41:31Z SmackBot 433328 Embolden title and general fixes '''Faisal ibn Turki''' could refer to: * [[Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah Al Saud]] -- one of the imams of the [[Second Saudi State]]. * [[Faisal bin Turki, Sultan of Muscat and Oman]] {{disambig}} Madison Community Coop 4196290 41206894 2006-02-25T20:03:58Z JeffreyN 66625 #REDIRECT [[Madison Community Cooperative]] Flour Child 4196327 223416468 2008-07-03T23:54:48Z YKWSG 4081765 {{Infobox Television episode | Title = Flour Child | Series = [[Frasier]] | Season = 2 | Episode = 04 | Airdate = [[11 October]] [[1994]] | Guests = [[Charlayne Woodard]] (Arleen)</br> Aaron Heyman (Clarence)</br> [[Linda Porter (actress)|Linda Porter]] (Mary)</br> [[Alvy Moore]] (Patient)</br> Robin Kriegler (Mother)</br> [[Amy Madigan]] (Maggie)</br> | Writer = Christopher Lloyd | Director = [[James Burrows]] | Prev = [[The Matchmaker (Frasier)|The Matchmaker]] | Next = [[Duke's We Hardly Knew Ye']] | Episode list = [[List of Frasier episodes]] }} "'''Flour Child'''" is the fourth episode of the second season of [[United States|American]] [[situation comedy|sitcom]] ''[[Frasier]]''. ==Cast and characters== ===Main cast and characters=== *[[Kelsey Grammer]] – [[Frasier Crane|Dr. Frasier Crane]] *[[David Hyde Pierce]] – [[Niles Crane|Dr. Niles Crane]] *[[John Mahoney]] – [[Martin Crane]] *[[Jane Leeves]] – [[Daphne Moon]] *[[Peri Gilpin]] – [[Roz Doyle]] ==Plot outline== After witnessing a birth, Niles starts to contemplate the idea of becoming a parent himself. Frasier mentions in passing that schools often give teenagers who want to be a parent a bag of flour to look after and watch for a week, and Niles takes the idea seriously and decides to try it. Over the week, the baby is bumped, soaked, set on fire, poked with a chopstick, and finally gored by Eddie the dog. Meanwhile, Frasier is asked to sign a card for a work colleague. He jokingly writes "Dear Clarence, you're not getting older, you're just getting closer to death", before finding to his horror that the card is not for a birthday; Clarence has had a [[kidney transplantation|kidney transplant]]. To avoid embarrassment he has to buy the exact same card, sneak into the hospital to get the old one back, and recreate everyone else's messages letter-for-letter. When returning the card he sees Clarence, who is delighted that Frasier "went to the trouble to visit when the rest of those bums didn't even send me a card". ==Episode Title Cards== *''Special delivery'' *''Flour child'' *''No guts, no glory'' ==Memorable Quotations== ''Frasier is attempting to reassure a taxi driver in [[childbirth|labour]]. She screams''</br> '''Frasier:''' Is the pain that bad?</br> '''Arleen:''' No, you're DRIVING ME CRAZY!</br> ''Martin takes charge''</br> '''Martin:''' I'm gonna get ready to bring your beautiful baby into this world, OK? Good, now are there any questions?</br> '''Niles:''' Yes: should our meter still be running?</br> ''Niles runs enthusiastically into the kitchen looking for the flour. He picks up a bag and reads the side</br> '''Niles:''' “Extra-refined”. He's taking after his old man already!</br> '''Frasier:''' ''(smiles)'' No, Niles, that's the sugar. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right. ''(finds the flour, reads)'' “Bleached, 100% fat free, best when kept in an airtight container”. Seems this one's taking after its [[Maris Crane|mother]].</br> ''Niles' bag of flour is showing signs of fire damage after being dried beside the [[hearth]]''</br> '''Frasier:''' He caught on fire?</br> '''Niles:''' It was not as careless as you make it seem. After all, a real child would have ''cried'' before it burst into flames.</br> [[Category:Frasier episodes - Season 2]] 356 AD 4196354 41207993 2006-02-25T20:12:27Z Rich Farmbrough 82835 #redirect [[356]] Flotsam and Jetsam EP 4196379 81468683 2006-10-14T21:37:07Z Alcuin 728753 {{Infobox Album | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = Flotsam and Jetsam | Type = EP | Artist = [[Mystery Jets]] | Cover = No_cover.png | Released = 11th April 2006 | Recorded = | Genre = | Length = | Label = [[StarTime]]/[[679 Recordings]] | Producer = | Reviews = | Last album = | This album = ''Flotsam and Jetsam EP''<br />(2006) | Next album = }} The '''''Flotsam and Jetsam EP''''' was the first release by [[Mystery Jets]] in the US, released on 11th April 2006 through the [[StarTime]] label. The EP features tracks previously available on UK single releases. ==Track listing== ===CD=== # "You Can't Fool Me Dennis" # "Zoo Time" # "Lizzie's Lion" # "The Tale" # "Electric Fires" ==External links== * [http://www.mysteryjets.com/ Official Website] {{single-stub}} Simkin (character) 4196428 210381212 2008-05-05T18:32:36Z Chowbok 54304 clean up, Replaced: ™ → using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] '''Simkin''' is the name of a fictional character from the [[Darksword]] Trilogy written by [[Margaret Weis]] and [[Tracy Hickman]]. ==Background== In the Darksword Trilogy by Weis and Hickman, Simkin the Fool is by far the most intriguing character. Here is an excerpt from "Darksword Adventures" by Weis and Hickman which describes Simkin's origin: "Joram makes two observations about Simkin: first, that Simkin plays the game for the game's sake, and second, that he is magic personified." His knowledge of everyone and everything that occurs in the world makes him a player in every event from the most mundane to matters that the very world depends on. He is amoral, self-absorbed, unfeeling yet handsome (when he is not a garishly colored teapot), charming and extremely funny. ==Characteristics== Simkin is often referred to as "the fool". His known abilities are to shape change into anything at all at a whim. He can also cast various powerful spells. The character has little to no concern over what happens to the people around him and enjoys causing chaos just to see what will happen. ==Other Occurrences== "Simkin" is a common nickname chosen by many net geeks on various chat and gaming servers. "Simkin" is also a high-level lightweight embeddable scripting language which works with Java or C++ and XML. ==External links== * [http://www.simkin.co.uk Simkin homepage] [[Category:Characters in written fantasy]] Lumbosacral spondylolysis 4196452 41209414 2006-02-25T20:23:46Z Pissant 679766 #redirect [[spondylolysis]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2004 (2nd nomination) 4196481 42401090 2006-03-06T00:22:45Z Splash 285145 /* [[TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2004]] */ close - no consensus <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''NO CONSENSUS'''. Seems like a possible merge is in order, but that's not a particularly clear position in this debate. -[[User:Splash|Splash]]<small><sup>[[User talk:Splash|talk]]</sup></small> 00:22, 6 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2004]]=== Without the (copyvio) list of people, it's no use as an aticle. Originally deleted after being [[Wikipedia:Copyright problems/2006 February 4|listed on 2006-02-04]]. -- [[User:Jeandré|Jeandré]], 2006-02-25[[User talk:Jeandré|t]]20:26z :* '''Comment:''' Only the list was deleted. Just clearing up any lingering, possibly prejudicial, confusion: this form of the article has not been deleted before. [[User:Hu|Hu]] 18:38, 26 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Keep'''. I think it's a useful stub, and I think it could be fleshed out into a better article. Even as a stub, the article says that it was published on April 20, that 2004 was their first annual such list, and the article describes how the names were arranged. &ndash; [[User:Quadell|Quadell]] <sup>([[User_talk:Quadell|talk]]) ([[Wikipedia:Bounty board|bounties]])</sup> 22:58, 25 February 2006 (UTC) **Some below have suggested merging. This suggestion is fine with me. &ndash; [[User:Quadell|Quadell]] <sup>([[User_talk:Quadell|talk]]) ([[Wikipedia:Bounty board|bounties]])</sup> 18:48, 28 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' per numerous precedents. A sentence in [[Time magazine]] covers the subject adequately. [[User Talk:JzG|Just zis <span style="border: 1px; border-style:solid; padding:0px 2px 2px 2px; color:white; background-color:darkblue; font-weight:bold">Guy</span> you know?]] 23:21, 25 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' and associated pages. As with other magazine lists recently, this is copyrighted to the respective publishers and authors of the original article. It is also subjective, POV and unencyclopædic. [[User:(aeropagitica)|<font style="background: #800080" face="Ariel" color="#FFFFFF">'''&nbsp;(aeropagitica)&nbsp;'''</font>]] 23:39, 25 February 2006 (UTC) ** Did you read it? The list isn't included, and it's not a copyright violation. It also isn't a POV problem to describe TIME Magazine's POV. *'''Delete''' this and the 2005 sibling too. [[User:Pavel Vozenilek|Pavel Vozenilek]] 01:44, 26 February 2006 (UTC) ** Do you think [[Person of the Year]] should be deleted as well? &ndash; [[User:Quadell|Quadell]] <sup>([[User_talk:Quadell|talk]]) ([[Wikipedia:Bounty board|bounties]])</sup> 16:42, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep'''. There is no copyvio here, as there is no list! While the article is currently a stub and cannot ever be as thorough as it should be sans copyright law, I'm willing to trust that it could turn into something rather useful. Quadell is quite correct that, even as it stands right now, it accurately describes what the list is and how the names are arranged. This is of at least ''some'' use. - <font color="#013220">[[User:Jersyko|Jersyko]]</font>&middot;''<font color="#465945" size="1">[[User talk:Jersyko|talk]]</font>'' 16:56, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep'''. This is a useful referrent point for other articles that might be about people on the list. Stubs can grow, that being a prime Wikipedia mechanism. The article is certainly about a more notable topic than 90 percent of the lists that proliferate around here. If you feel the article is PoV, then don't delete it, edit it to make it neutral PoV, that is the Wikipedia way. [[User:Hu|Hu]] 18:38, 26 February 2006 (UTC) (see also endorsement of user Volatile's vote) *'''Weak Keep'''. I believe the article is still useful (provides something to link to when mentioned in articles about those recognized by the list). Provided that the stub gets cleaned up a bit, the stub should remain. I'm not familiar with this list, but if Time publishes it on a yearly basis, wouldn't it be more appropriate to have a general article "TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People" and have all descendent lists (...of 2003, ...of 2004, ...of 2005,etc.) redirect there? [[User:Volatile|Volatile]] 20:32, 26 February 2006 (UTC) :*I '''endorse''' this suggestion to merge into a single general article. [[User:Hu|Hu]] 20:01, 27 February 2006 (UTC) :**I agree, but only if the single article explains differences in criteria among the lists, if any, perhaps containing a subsection on each yearly lists (if differences are readily apparent). - <font color="#013220">[[User:Jersyko|Jersyko]]</font>&middot;''<font color="#465945" size="1">[[User talk:Jersyko|talk]]</font>'' 14:02, 28 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Weak Keep''' or '''Merge''' into a related list of influential people lists. <font color="#4682B4">[[User:Karmafist|Karm]]</font><font color="#00FF00">[[WP:ESP|a]]</font><font color="#E32636">[[User talk:Karmafist|fist]]</font> 20:34, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep'''. As mentioned before, the copyvio has been eliminated, thus there is no valid reason to delete. Volatile makes a good point that a move to a more general name with pointers to each years list might be a "good move", but that is a different discussion.--[[User:Blainster|Blainster]] 23:34, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Merge''' as per Volatile's suggestion.--[[User:Petaholmes|nixie]] 00:35, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per Guy and (aeropagitica). --[[User:Kingboyk|kingboyk]] 00:59, 28 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Merge'' per Volatle. [[User:Carlossuarez46|Carlossuarez46]] 02:31, 2 March 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Freescale 56000 4196515 41210230 2006-02-25T20:30:45Z Maury Markowitz 2175 moved [[Freescale 56000]] to [[Motorola 56000]]: NO ONE calls it the "freescale 56000", it is, was, and always will be the "Motorola 56000" #REDIRECT [[Motorola 56000]] The Philosophical Brothel 4196553 41210846 2006-02-25T20:35:21Z Elwikipedista 90304 #Redirect [[Les Demoiselles d'Avignon]] #Redirect [[Les Demoiselles d'Avignon]] Image:Runcinated alternated cubic tiling.png 4196575 129242174 2007-05-08T14:19:32Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == made by me, Anton Sherwood, in [[Povray]]; the scene consists of two cylinders and four mirrors == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} [[Category:Honeycomb image]] A530 road 4196601 195702409 2008-03-04T01:46:18Z NeilN 409043 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Typicalghost|Typicalghost]] ([[User talk:Typicalghost|talk]]) to last version by Carom The '''A530 road''' is a road linking the [[A525 road|A525]] east of [[Whitchurch, Shropshire]], [[England]] with the [[A559 road|A559]] east of [[Northwich]], in [[Cheshire]]. The road follows the route: *A525 *[[Nantwich]] *[[Crewe]] *[[Middlewich]] *A559 The road is a non primary route, except between Middlewich and the [[A556 road|A556]], east-south-east of Northwich (Croxton Lane and King Street). The road is also one of the most dangerous roads in England regarding crashes (especially at the junctions at Wistaston Green Road and Colley's Lane) in [[Alvaston, Cheshire|Alvaston]], Nantwich.{{Fact|date=January 2008}} {{GB A road zone 5}} {{DEFAULTSORT:5-0530}} [[Category:Roads in England]] [[Category:Transport in Cheshire]] [[Category:Transport in Shropshire]] {{UK-road-stub}} Victory in Jesus Racing 4196617 58015365 2006-06-11T10:10:42Z Scepbot 1559905 Robot: Fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[CJM Racing]] Mutrah 4196647 165358846 2007-10-18T07:03:08Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Matrah" +"Muttrah" #REDIRECT [[Muttrah]] Co-algebra 4196680 41212749 2006-02-25T20:50:28Z David-Sarah Hopwood 164240 #REDIRECT [[coalgebra]] Area Code 925 4196710 174588710 2007-11-29T13:19:26Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Area code 925]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Tranceport 4196736 229705225 2008-08-04T03:57:23Z Mboverload 49010 [[WP:AWB/T|TypoScan_BETA_]], typos fixed: series's → series' using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{Otheruses4|the DJ mix series|information about the Paul Oakenfold album|Tranceport (album)}} '''Tranceport''' is a [[trance music]] [[DJ mix]] album series. The series debuted in November [[1998]] with [[Paul Oakenfold]]'s ''[[Tranceport (album)|Tranceport]]'', released on [[Kinetic Records]]. The album featured many trance songs that were receiving a lot of [[dance club]] play at the time, including [[Three Drives on a Vinyl]]'s ''Greece 2000'' and the [[Paul van Dyk]] remix of [[Binary Finary]]'s popular ''1998''. The later releases in the series were based on this template. DJs featured in this series included [[Dave Ralph]] and [[Quivver]] (''[[Tranceport 2]]'' and ''[[Transport 5]]'', respectively). After Vol. 3, the series changed its name to ''Transport'' to better reflect the evolving popular club sounds and the incorporation of genres other than trance. There were 6 albums in the series, spanning 4 years. In 2003, the most popular trance started changing its sound from the tech-trance featured in the series to a much more epic sound being pushed by DJs like [[Armin van Buuren]], thus lessening the series' popularity{{Fact|date=March 2007}}; it ended for good after Kinetic's [[Bankruptcy|demise]] in early 2004. == Entries in the series == *1998: [[Paul Oakenfold]] ''[[Tranceport (album)|Tranceport]]'' *1999: [[Dave Ralph]] ''[[Tranceport 2]]'' *2000: [[Sandra Collins]] ''[[Tranceport 3]]'' *2001: [[Max Graham]] ''[[Transport 4]]'' *2001: [[Quivver]] ''[[Transport 5]]'' *2002: [[Trendroid]] ''[[Transport 6]]'' [[Category:DJ mix album series]] James Crumley 4196755 243838668 2008-10-08T07:29:07Z Ed Fitzgerald 169140 [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 243826536 by [[Special:Contributions/Caaristiona|Caaristiona]] ([[User talk:Caaristiona|talk]]) {{Infobox Writer | name = James Crumley | image = James Crumley photo.jpg | imagesize = 175px | caption = Crumley at [[Bouchercon]]<br>Chicago, 11 September 2005 | pseudonym = | birthname = James Arthur Crumley | birthdate = {{Birth date|1939|10|12}} | birthplace = [[Three Rivers]], [[Texas]], [[U.S.]] | deathdate = {{Death date and age|2008|9|17|1939|10|12}} | deathplace = [[Missoula, Montana]], [[U.S.]] | occupation = [[author]] | nationality = [[United States|American]] | ethnicity = | citizenship = [[United States|American]] | education = [[Master of Fine Arts]]<br>''([[creative writing]])'' | alma_mater = [[University of Iowa]] | period = {{lty|1969}}&ndash;{{lty|2005}} | genre = [[hardboiled]] [[detective]] [[crime]] | subject = | movement = | notableworks = ''One to Count Cadence''<br>''The Last Good Kiss''<br>''The Mexican Tree Duck'' | spouse = Martha Elizabeth<br>''(married c.1992)''<br>four previous marriages:<br>Sandra "Charlie" Crumley<br>Maggie Crumley<br>Judith Ann Ramey<br>Bronwyn Pughe<ref name=wapo /> | partner = | children = | relatives = | influences = | influenced = | awards = {{awd|[[Dashiell Hammett]] Award|{{lty|1994}}|The Mexican Tree Duck|}} | signature = | website = | portaldisp = }} '''James Arthur Crumley''' ([[12 October]] {{lty|1939}} - [[17 September]] {{lty|2008}})<ref name=death>Local author James Crumley dies at 68 url=http://www.missoulian.com/articles/2008/09/18/news/local/news02.txt date=2008-09-17 accessdate=2008-09=18</ref><ref name=lat /><ref name=nyt>Fox, Margalit [http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/20/books/20crumley.html?scp=1&sq=crumley&st=cse "James Crumley, Crime Novelist, Is Dead at 68"] ''[[New York Times]]'' (19 September 2008)</ref> was the author of violent [[hardboiled]] [[crime fiction|crime novels]] and several volumes of short stories and essays, as well as published and unpublished screenplays. He has been described as "one of modern crime writing's best practitioners",<ref name=guardian /> who was "a patron saint of the post-Vietnam private eye novel"<ref name=wapo /> and a cross between [[Raymond Chandler]] and [[Hunter S. Thompson]].<ref name=nyt /> Although his books were not bestsellers, Crumley had a cult following, and his work is said to have inspired a generation of crime writers in both the U.S. and the U.K,<ref name=guardian /> including [[Michael Connelly]], [[George Pelecanos]] and [[Dennis Lehane]].<ref name=wapo /> Crumley's first published novel was {{lty|1969}}"s ''One to Count Cadence'', which was set in [[Vietnam]], and which he began as the thesis for his master's degree in creative writing. His novels ''The Last Good Kiss'', ''The Mexican Tree Duck'' and ''The Right Madness'' feature the character C.W. Sughrue, an alcoholic ex-army officer turned [[private investigator]]. ''The Wrong Case'', ''Dancing Bear'' and ''The Final Country'' feature another [[Private investigator|p.i.]], Milo Milodragovitch. In the novel ''Bordersnakes'', Crumley brought both characters together. Crumley said of his two private detectives: "Milo's first impulse is to help you; Sughrue's is to shoot you in the foot."<ref name=lat /> <!--spacing, please do not remove--> ==Life== Crumley grew up in south Texas, where his father was an oil-field supervisor and his mother was a waitress.<ref name=lat /> Crumley was a grade-A student and a football player in high school. He attended the [[Georgia Institute of Technology]] on a [[U.S. Navy|Navy]] [[Reserve Officers' Training Corps|ROTC]] scholarship, but left to serve in the [[U.S. Army]] from 1958 to 1961 in the [[Phillipines]]. He then attended the [[Texas A&M University-Kingsville|Texas College of Arts and Industries]] on a football scholarship, where he received his [[B.A.]] degree with a major in history in 1964. He earned a [[Master of Fine Arts]] degree in creative writing at the [[University of Iowa]] in 1966. His master's [[thesis]] was later published as the Vietnam War novel ''One to Count Cadence'' in 1969. In 1968, he signed the “Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” pledge, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest against the Vietnam War.<ref>“Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” January 30, 1968 ''New York Post''</ref> Crumley served on the English faculty of the [[University of Montana]] at Missoula, and as a visiting professor at a number of other colleges, including the [[University of Arkansas]], [[Colorado State University]], the [[University of Texas at El Paso]], [[Reed College]] in [[Portland, Oregon]], and [[Carnegie-Mellon University]] in [[Pittsburgh]].<ref name=wapo /> From the mid-80s on he lived in [[Missoula, Montana]], where he found inspiration for his novels at Charlie B's bar. A regular there, he had many longstanding friends who have been portrayed as characters in his books. Crumley died at St. Patrick Hospital<ref name=wapo>Sullivan, Patricia [http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/18/AR2008091803667.html "James Crumley; Inspired Generation of Crime Writers"] ''[[Washington Post]]'' (19 September 2008)</ref> in Missoula on September 17, {{lty|2008}} of complications from [[renal failure|kidney]] and [[pulmonology|pulmonary disease]]s after many years of health problems.<ref name=death /><ref name=lat>McLellan, Dennis [http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-crumley20-2008sep20,0,1931721.story "James Crumley dies at 68; author of gritty but poetic crime novels"] ''[[Los Angeles Times]]'' (20 September 2008)</ref> He was survived by his wife of 16 years, Martha Elizabeth, a poet<ref name=remem>McCumber, David [http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/thebigblog/archives/149229.asp "Writer Jim Crumley: A remembrance"] ''[{Seattle Post-Intelligencer]]'' (20 September 2008)</ref> and artist who was his fifth wife. He had five children &ndash; three from his second marriage and two from his fourth &ndash; eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.<ref name=lat /> ==Response== Described as the literary offspring of [[Raymond Chandler]] and [[Hunter S. Thompson]]<ref name=nyt />, none of the books that Crumley wrote ever became bestsellers, but he had a [[cult following]] devoted to his writing, and received critical acclaim.<ref name=lat /> David Dempsey in the ''[[New York Times]]'' called Crumley's debut novel, ''One to Count Cadence'', set during the [[Vietnam War]], "...a compelling study of the gratuitous violence in men. ... It is a story of bars, brawls, and brothels—and I don't know of any writer who has done it better."<ref name=lat /> In {{lty|1993}}, Marilyn Stasio, reviewing ''A Right Madness'' in the same publication, wrote: "Characters as memorable as [Crumley's] don't come blazing down the interstate that often. Neither do writers like Mr. Crumley. Treasure them before they burn themselves out—and take the flame with them."<ref name=stasio>Stasio, Marilyn [http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F0CE6DF1E3BF932A05753C1A965958260&scp=32&sq=crumley&st=cse "On the Road to Nowhere"] ''[[New York Times]]'' (31 October 1993)</ref> Christopher Lehmann-Haupt described Crumley's work as being about "a violently chaotic world that can be seen as a legacy of Vietnam, of which his characters are nightmare-haunted veterans,"<ref>Lehmann-Haupt, Christopher [http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F0CE6DC103EF933A15751C1A965958260&sec=&spon=&&scp=36&sq=crumley&st=cse "Mystery and Suspense from Three Old Hands"] ''[[New York Times]]'' (20 December 1993)</ref> while Ron Powers called it "<blockquote>the Big Sky Country [reimagined] as a kind of hard-boiled Lake Wobegon with bloodstains, a hellscape where all the women are tall ... the men sport pugnacious foreheads, brutal jaws and Indian braids, and all the children are away at camp.<ref>Powers, Ron [http://www.nytimes.com/2005/05/08/books/review/08POWERSL.html?scp=3&sq=crumley&st=cse "'The Right Madness': Montana's Evil Side"] ''[[New York Times]]'' (8 May 2005)</ref></blockquote> "You don't read Crumley for plot," according to Patrick Anderson in the ''[[Washington Post]]'', "You read him for his outlaw attitude, his rough poetry and his scenes, paragraphs, sentences, moments. You read him for the lawyer with 'a smile as innocent as the first martini'" .<ref name=wapo /> Critic [[Maxim Jakubowski]], who was a friend of Crumley's, writing after his death, referred to his last two books, ''The Final Country'' and ''A Right Madness'' as:<blockquote>...bittersweet adventures in which [Crumley] could evoke the skies over Texas and Montana and the landscapes of America like a veritable angel slumming amid the ferocious gunfire, the betrayals his characters always suffered and the trademark bruised romanticism that only he could conjure up without it sounding maudlin.<ref name=guardian>Jakubowski, Maxim [http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2008/sep/23/jim.crumley.crime "Goodbye to Jim Crumley"] ''[[The Guardian]]'' Book Blog (23 September 2008)]</ref></blockquote> A number of writers view ''The Last Good Kiss'' as Crumley's best work.<ref name=lat /><ref name=nyt /><ref name=stasio /> Its opening line is sometimes cited as the best in the genre:<ref name=lat /><ref name=nyt /><ref name=wapo /><blockquote>''When I finally caught up with Abraham Trahearne, he was drinking beer with an alcoholic bulldog named Fireball Roberts in a ramshackle joint just outside of Sonoma, California, drinking the heart right out of a fine spring afternoon.''</blockquote> ==Awards and honors== ''The Mexican Tree Duck'' won the 1994 [[Dashiell Hammett]] Award, given by the North American Branch of the International Association of Crime Writers for the best literary crime novel, and his last novel, ''A Right Madness'' was a finalist for the 2005 ''[[Los Angeles Times]]'' Book Prize for Mystery/Thriller.<ref name=lat /> In 2007, the magazine ''Men's Journal'' named ''The Last Good Kiss'' as number 12 on its list of "Top 15 Thrillers of All Time",<ref>[http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/entertainment/2008189248_eye19.html "Odds and Ends: Passages"] ''[[Seattle Times]]'' (19 September 2008)</ref> and in ''[[Newsweek]]'', [[George Pelecanos]], crime author and co-producer of the [[HBO]] series ''[[The Wire]]'', rated Crumley's ''The Last Good Kiss'' as #3 in his list of the "Five Most Important Crime Novels".<ref>Pelecanos, George [http://www.newsweek.com/id/160097 "A Life in Books: George Pelecanos"] ''[[Newsweek]]'' (20 September 2008)</ref> However, despite claims made on a number of websites, Crumley does not seem to have been either a winner or a nominee for a [[Mystery Writers of America]] [[Edgar Award]] for ''The Last Good Kiss'' or any other novel. The detective "Crumley" in [[Ray Bradbury]]'s trilogy of mystery novels (''[[Death Is a Lonely Business]]'', ''[[A Graveyard for Lunatics]]'', and ''[[Let's All Kill Constance]]'') is named in tribute to him.<ref name=wapo /> ==Film== For about a decade, Crumley worked intermittently in Hollywood, writing original scripts that were never produced, or acting as a [[script doctor]].<ref name=lat /> In that time he co-wrote with Rob Sullivan the screenplay for the Western film ''The Far Side of Jericho'', which debuted at the [[Santa Fe Film Festival]] on 10 December {{fy|2006}} and was released on DVD in the United States on 21 August {{fy|2007}}.<ref>{{imdb title|0463984|The Far Side of Jericho}}</ref> He worked on a number of drafts of the screenplay for the film adaptation of the [[comic strip]] ''[[Judge Dredd]]'' ({{fy|1995}}), though none of his ideas were used in the final film. His commissioned but unproduced screenplay for the film ''The Pigeon Shoot'' was published in a limited edition. Additionally, Crumley provided the commentary for the {{fy|2002}} [[English-language]] [[Cinema of France|French film]] ''L'esprit de la route'' by Matthieu Serveau.<ref>{{imdb title|0456064|L'esprit de la route}}</ref> ==Works== *''One to Count Cadence'' ({{lty|1969}}) - novel, Vietnam *''The Wrong Case'' ({{lty|1975}}) - novel, Milo Milodragovitch series *''The Last Good Kiss'' ({{lty|1978}}) - novel, C.W. Sughrue series *''Dancing Bear'' ({{lty|1983}}) - novel, Milo series *''Pigeon Shoot'' ({{lty|1987}}) - unproduced screenplay, limited edition *''Whores'' ({{lty|1988}}) - short stories *''Muddy Fork and Other Things'' ({{lty|1991}}) - short fiction and essays *''The Mexican Tree Duck'' ({{lty|1993}}) - novel, Sughrue series, winner {{lty|1994}} Dashiell Hammett Award *''Bordersnakes'' ({{lty|1996}}) - novel, Sughrue and Milo series *''The Putt at the End of the World'' ({{lty|2000}}) - collaborative novel *''The Final Country'' ({{lty|2001}}) - novel, Milo series *''The Right Madness'' ({{lty|2005}}) - novel, Sughrue series ==Quote== <blockquote>It's done. This may not be my final country. I can still taste the bear in the back of my throat, bitter with the blood of the innocent, and somewhere in my old heart I can still remember the taste of love. Perhaps this is just a resting place. A warm place to drink cold beer. But wherever my final country is, my ashes will go back to Montana when I die. Maybe I've stopped looking for love. Maybe not. Maybe I will go to Paris. Who knows? But I'll sure as hell never go back to Texas again.<blockquote>''The Final Country'' (2001}</blockquote></blockquote> ==References== ===Notes=== {{reflist}} ===Further reading=== *"James Crumley". ''Dictionary of Literary Biography. Volume 226: American Hard-Boiled Crime Writers''. Detroit: Gale Group, 2000. *"James Crumley". ''Contemporary Authors''. Volume 121. Detroit: Gale Group, 2004. ==External links== * [http://www.library.txstate.edu/swwc/archives/writers/crumley.html James Crumley Papers], at the [[Texas State University-San Marcos]] * {{imdb name|1891211}} ;Obituaries and remembrances * [http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-crumley20-2008sep20,0,1931721.story ''L.A. Times'' obit] * [http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/20/books/20crumley.html?scp=1&sq=crumley&st=cse ''N.Y. Times'' obit] * [http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/18/AR2008091803667.html ''Washington Post'' obit] * [http://www.economist.com/obituary/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12327383 ''The Economist'' obit] * [http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/thebigblog/archives/149229.asp David McCumber remembrance] ''[[Seattle Post-Intelligencer]]'' * [http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2008/sep/23/jim.crumley.crime Maxim Jakubowski remembrance] ''[[The Guardian]]'' <!--sapcing, please do not remove--> {{Lifetime|1939|2008|Crumley, James}} [[Category:American crime fiction writers]] [[Category:American essayists]] [[Category:American screenwriters]] [[Category:American short story writers]] [[Category:American tax resisters]] [[Category:Georgia Institute of Technology alumni]] [[Category:People from Missoula, Montana]] [[de:James Crumley]] [[fr:James Crumley]] [[it:James Crumley]] [[no:James Crumley]] [[fi:James Crumley]] Category:Defunct Southern Professional Hockey League teams 4196784 41213896 2006-02-25T20:59:55Z Ccwaters 152060 [[Category:Southern Professional Hockey League teams]] [[Category:Defunct ice hockey teams]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Gamesgamesgames.co.uk 4196811 41990105 2006-03-03T01:59:30Z Mailer diablo 131286 Closing debate; result was delete <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). 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No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Ichimonji Hidetora 4196849 41214517 2006-02-25T21:04:36Z Ynhockey 131372 wtf (fixed) #redirect [[Ran (film)]] Zaglossus 4196880 41214835 2006-02-25T21:06:47Z UtherSRG 33145 moved [[Zaglossus]] to [[Long-beaked echidna]] #REDIRECT [[Long-beaked echidna]] Category:Scientology magazines 4196902 41215356 2006-02-25T21:10:33Z Davidstrauss 73646 [[Category:Scientology|M]] Suwayq 4196928 241596223 2008-09-28T19:35:33Z D6 75561 fmt [[WP:GEO|coor]] {{Unreferenced|date=November 2007}}'''AL Suwaiq''' ({{lang-ar|السويق}}) is a coastal town in the region [[Al Batinah Region|Al Bāţinah]], in northeastern [[Oman]]. It is located at around {{coord|23|50|58|N|57|26|19|E|display=inline,title}}. The name of the city refers in [[Arabic Language]] to Market , It’s named by this name because it located in the central of AL Batina Region and attracted the people lived in the mounts and also people lived by the region’s coast to buy and sell goods. == AL Suwayq logo == AL Suwayq logo is the [[Arabian Camel]] because the people in the town have very kind relationship between them and this animal which was the best transporter in the past. The logo idea come by Rashid Bin Hilal Bin Hamed Al Saadi, one of the town sons. {{Oman-geo-stub}} [[Category:Cities, towns and villages in Oman]] [[Category:Coastal settlements]] [[lt:Suvaikas]] [[pl:As-Suwajk]] Suwaik 4196950 41215732 2006-02-25T21:13:27Z Darwinek 107928 #redireCT [[Suwayq]] Ridley sea turtle 4196980 239023994 2008-09-17T13:56:11Z /* Appearance */ {{Taxobox | name = Ridley Sea Turtles | image = kempsridley.jpg | image_width = 200px | image_caption = Researchers collect<br/> [[Kemp's Ridley]] eggs. | regnum = [[Animal]]ia | phylum = [[Chordate|Chordata]] | classis = [[Reptilia]] | ordo = [[Testudines]] | familia = [[Cheloniidae]] | genus = '''''Lepidochelys''''' | genus_authority = [[Leopold Fitzinger|Fitzinger]], [[1843]] | subdivision_ranks = Species | subdivision = ''[[Kemp's Ridley|Lepidochelys kempii]]<br> ''[[Olive Ridley|Lepidochelys olivacea]] }} '''Ridley Sea Turtles''' (''Lepidochelys'') are a genus of [[sea turtle]]s with two species; the [[Kemp's Ridley]] and the [[Olive Ridley]]. Atlantic ridley sea turtles are currently on the [[New York]] and federal [[list of endangered species|endangered species lists]]. ==Appearance== Adult Ridley Sea Turtles grow to a length of 20-28 inches (51-71 cm). They have a weight of 80-110 pounds (36-50 kg). They feed on [[crabs]], [[fish]], [[cephalopods]], clams, and some marine vegetation. The kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle is endangered throughout its range. Two major feeding grounds for the kemp Ridley are both near major areas of oil exploration and protection. ==References== [http://www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dfwmr/wildlife/endspec/atrifs.html] [[Category:Sea turtles]] {{turtle-stub}} [[de:Bastardschildkröten]] [[fr:Lepidochelys]] [[nl:Lepidochelys]] [[pl:Lepidochelys]] Tania Vicent 4197007 193463541 2008-02-23T10:00:43Z Bearcat 24902 {{MedalTop}} |colspan=2 align=center| {{MedalSport | Women's [[Short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics|Short track speed skating]]}} {{MedalBronze| [[1998 Winter Olympics|1998 Nagano]] | [[Short track speed skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics|3000m relay]]}} {{MedalBronze| [[2002 Winter Olympics|2002 Salk Lake City]] | [[Short track speed skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics|3000m relay]]}} {{MedalSilver| [[2006 Winter Olympics|2006 Turin]] | [[Short track speed skating at the 2006 Winter Olympics#Women's 3000m Relay|3000m relay]]}} {{MedalBottom}} '''Tania Vicent''' (born [[January 13]], [[1976]] in [[Laval, Quebec]]) is a [[Canada at the 2006 Winter Olympics|Canadian]] [[short track speed skating|short track speed skater]], who competed at the [[2006 Winter Olympics]]. On February 22, along with [[Alanna Kraus]], [[Anouk Leblanc-Boucher]] and [[Kalyna Roberge]], Vicent won a silver medal for Canada in the 3000m relay. She won the bronze medal in Nagano and at Salt Lake city. == External links == *[http://www.cbc.ca/olympics/athletes/athletesnamebio.shtml?tania_vicent.html CBC.ca Bio] *[http://www.realchampions.ca/athletes/vtania Tania Vicent on Real Champions] {{DEFAULTSORT:Vicent, Tania}} [[Category:1976 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Canadian speed skaters]] [[Category:Short track speed skaters at the 1998 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Short track speed skaters at the 2002 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Short track speed skaters at the 2006 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Olympic bronze medalists for Canada]] [[Category:Olympic silver medalists for Canada]] [[Category:Quebec sportspeople]] [[Category:People from Laval, Quebec]] [[Category:Canadian sportswomen]] {{Canada-Winter-Olympic-medalist-stub}} {{speed-skating-bio-stub}} [[fr:Tania Vicent]] Frausdots 4197042 169278623 2007-11-05T01:05:50Z remove an external link no longer working '''Frausdots''' is a band from [[Los Angeles, California|Los Angeles]], [[California]], [[United States|USA]]. The band consists of Brent Rademaker, formerly of [[The Tyde]] and [[Beachwood Sparks]], and Michelle Loiselle, a former backing singer for [[Guns N' Roses]], Carl Tapia, Roger Brogan, Exiquio Talavera and David Baum. Their debut album, ''[[Couture, Couture, Couture]]'', features guest appearances from [[Roger O'Donnell]], of [[The Cure]], [[Rob Campanella]], and [[Hunter Crowley]], of [[Brian Jonestown Massacre]] and [[Mia Doi Todd]]. ==Albums== * ''[[Couture, Couture, Couture]]'' ([[Subpop]] [[2004 in music|2004]]) ==External links== * [http://www.myspace.com/frausdots Frausdots] at MySpace * [http://www.subpop.com/bands/frausdots/ Frausdots] at Subpop {{US-musician-stub}} Antique tool 4197071 210089564 2008-05-04T12:00:18Z Berean Hunter 6028820 /* External links */ remove SPAM An '''[[Antiques|antique]] tool''' is generally defined as a [[tool]] over 100 years old{{Fact|date=February 2007}}, but often this definition is used more loosely to refer to any tool manufactured before [[World War II]]. The use of tools is one of the primary means by which humans are distinguished from animals. Tools are the parents of all other antiques. Most manmade objects were made with the use of tools and great effort goes into the creation of newer and better tools to solve the production problems of the day. The study of antique tools provides a glimpse of human development and cultural preferences through history. People collect and use antique tools for a variety of reasons - some say they are better made than modern tools, and perform their jobs better. Others appreciate the handcrafting that went into their manufacture or their rarity or aesthetic value. Informally, those preferring hand tools to power tools are sometimes referred to as [[galoot]]s. The creation of a tool often makes possible the creation of more advanced tools. Advanced tools made possible the manufacture of internal-combustion engines, automobiles, and computers. In the future new devices will come along. But even the most advanced of these owes tribute to the most basic hand tools for their existence. Among those who like to collect, some may do so as part of a rigorous study program - they want to catalog all types of a specific tool, for example. Some collectors may wish to preserve some of the past for future generations. Some may collect as a financial investment. Some collect tools to use them - to be able to create things with them. Others perceive tools as works of art, or as fascinating mechanical design specimens. With the advent of the Internet, sites have been created to assist collectors in sharing information. For example, those interested in collecting/restoring older power tools can utilize the resources at [http://www.owwm.com/ Old WoodWorking Machines] to locate and/or identify older power tools they may run across. [[Search engines]] can be utilized to locate sites like this for whatever class of tools one may be interested in. == Tool Collecting Categories == Categories of tools range from the broad - planes, rules, braces, hammers, etc. to the specific - planes made by the Gage Company of Vineland, New Jersey for example. People who are new to the hobby, should know that there are many good modern reference books that will guide you in your search, as well as many reprints of the catalogs in which these tools were originally offered. It is necessary to learn the differences between various tools, their history and the history of their makers. Often tools will exhibit differences contrasting the different locations of their makers, or different features contrasting different time periods. The following are some ways to begin collecting tools: * Tools of a specific company or maker - for example, L. Bailey Victor tools, Seneca Falls Tool Company tools, Miller's Falls tools, Disston Saws, Chelor planes, etc. * Tools of a specific type - hammers, braces, axes, saws, patented planes, transitional planes, treadle-powered machines, etc. * Tools of a specific period - tools from 1850-1900, post WWII era tools, etc. * Tools from a specific place - Scottish tools, tools from Massachusetts makers, etc. * Tools of a specific occupation - cooper's tools, machinist tools, watchmaker's tools, garden tools. * A combination of one or more of the above categories -- for example, one each of a specific type of Stanley tool, i.e. all Stanley saws, all Stanley marking gauges, all Stanley planes, etc. * A "type study" of one specific model, for example, a type study of Stanley #6 jointer planes or Norris A5 smooth planes. * Tools that show how a specific idea progressed over time, for example tools tracing the development of the plane's adjusting mechanisms, or tools showing how an early patent was bought out and developed by another company. * Tool advertising and catalogs. ==See also== * [[Cutting tool]] * [[Diamond tool]] * [[Garden tool]] * [[Hand tool]] * [[Power tool]] * [[Tool]] ==External links== *[http://www.finetools.com Catalogue of American Patented Antique Tools]. A pictorial collection of interesting hand tools. *[http://www.antiquetools.co.uk Tony Murland's antique tool auction house]. Based in England. Catologues emphasize artistic aspects of tools. *[http://www.tooltimer.com Union Hill Antique Tools]. A site with introductory articles for tool collectors, and antique tools for sale. {{Types of tools}} [[Category:Tools]] U.S. Minister Plenipotentiary to France 4197088 61369509 2006-06-30T13:23:36Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"List of United States ambassadors to France" +"United States Ambassador to France" #REDIRECT [[United States Ambassador to France]] Shakespeare Theatre Company 4197115 243896276 2008-10-08T14:35:14Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Adding geodata: {{coord missing|United States}} {{Unreferenced|date=August 2008}} [[Image:Shakespeare Theatre Company's production of Pericles.jpg|thumb|320px|The [[Shakespeare Theatre Company]]'s [[2007]] production of ''[[Pericles, Prince of Tyre]]'' in [[Washington, DC]], as part of the [[National Endowment for the Arts]]' ''Shakespeare for a New Generation'' initiative.]] The '''Shakespeare Theatre Company''' is a [[regional theatre]] company located in [[Washington, D.C.]]. The theatre company focuses primarily on plays from the Shakespeare canon, but its seasons include works by other classic playwrights such as Euripides, Henrik Ibsen and Oscar Wilde. It is a member of the [[League of Resident Theatres]]. The [[Wall Street Journal]] has heralded the company as "the nation's foremost [[Shakespeare]] company". [http://www.theatermania.com/content/theater.cfm/int_show_id/122329] Artistic Director [[Michael Kahn (theatre director)|Michael Kahn]] took over what was originally The Shakespeare Theatre at the Folger (part of the [[Folger Shakespeare Library]]) during the 1986-7 season. Under the name The Shakespeare Theatre, the troupe moved in 1992 to the newly built 451-seat Lansburgh Theatre, its current location, at 450 7th Street NW, Washington, D.C. in the [[Penn Quarter, Washington, D.C.|Penn Quarter]], with administrative offices and rehearsal studios across town on [[Capitol Hill]]. At the start of the 2005-6 season, the present name, Shakespeare Theatre Company, was adopted. It constructed a second nearby theatre named [[Sidney Harman Hall]], which opened on September 15, 2007. Sidney Harman Hall joined the Lansburgh Theatre in becoming the [[Harman Center for the Arts]]. The Harman Center, named for philanthropist [[Sidney Harman]], will expand theatrical opportunities not just for the Shakespeare Theatre Company but also for other performance groups as well. In addition to a troupe of regular and frequently appearing actors, Kahn brings acclaimed guest performers and directors each season. The Company also offers a number of educational opportunities, including its Academy for Classical Acting, a one-year Master of Fine Arts graduate program, and school and community programs such as Text Alive! and Students for Shakespeare. In 1991, the Shakespeare Theatre Company began its annual [[Shakespeare Theatre Company Free For All|Free For All]] productions at the Carter Barron Amphitheatre in D.C.'s [[Rock Creek Park]]. Each summer the company remounts a production from the previous season at the Amphitheatre. These free performances attract D.C.-area residents of all backgrounds and income levels. In August 2006, the Shakespeare Theatre Company took its production of ''Love’s Labor’s Lost'' to [[Stratford-upon-Avon]] in England to participate in the [[Royal Shakespeare Company]]’s [[Complete Works Festival]]. From January to June 30, 2007 The Shakespeare Theatre co-hosted the International [[Shakespeare in Washington Festival]]. Over the past 20 years, the Shakespeare Theatre Company has won 55 [[Helen Hayes Award]]s for acting, directing and technical achievements. The Shakespeare Theatre Company is a not-for-profit organization. == Notable Guest Actors == *[[Christopher Crawford]] *[[Rene Auberjonois]] *[[Wallace Acton]] *[[Jane Alexander]] *[[Elizabeth Ashley]] *[[Andre Braugher|André Braugher]] *[[Avery Brooks]] *[[Dixie Carter]] *[[Jeffrey Carlson]] *[[Pat Carroll (actress)|Pat Carroll]] *[[Harry Hamlin]] *[[Hal Holbrook]] *[[Tom Hulce]] *[[Stacy Keach]] *[[Sabrina LeBeauf]] *[[Kelly McGillis]] *[[Jean Stapleton]] *[[Patrick Stewart]] *[[Richard Thomas (actor)|Richard Thomas]] *[[Paul Winfield]] ==Artistic Directors== *[[Michael Kahn]] (1986-present) ==2008-2009 season== *'''[[Romeo and Juliet]]''' - by [[William Shakespeare]] *'''[[The Way of the World]]''' - by [[William Congreve]] *'''[[Twelfth Night]]''' - by [[William Shakespeare]] *'''[[The Dog in the Manger]]''' - by [[Lope de Vega]] *'''[[Ion]]''' - by [[Euripides]] *'''[[Design for Living]]''' - by [[Noel Coward]] *'''[[King Lear]]''' - by [[William Shakespeare]] {{further|[[Shakespeare Theatre Company production history]]}}.'' ==See also== *[[Theater in Washington D.C.]] == External links == *[http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/index.aspx Official Site] *[http://www.helenhayes.org Helen Hayes Awards] {{coord missing|United States}} [[Category:Regional theatre in the United States]] [[Category:League of Resident Theatres]] [[Category:Theatres in Washington, D.C.]] [[Category:Members of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington]] [[Category:League of Washington Theatres]] Image:Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book cover.gif 4197133 199449247 2008-03-19T22:14:14Z == Summary == Original book cover of ''[[The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]]'', taken from http://www.randomhouse.com/teens/sisterhoodcentral/sisterhood.html , official site. {{Non-free use rationale | Description = Original book cover of ''[[The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (novel)|The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]]''. 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Merrilee Rush 4197163 243458054 2008-10-06T16:20:03Z '''Merrilee Rush''' is an [[United States|American]] best known as the singer of "[[Angel of the Morning]]", a top-10 charting song which earned her a [[Grammy]] nomination for Female Vocalist Of The Year. Rush was born on [[January 26]] and grew up in the north end of [[Seattle, Washington|Seattle]], [[Washington]]. As a child, she studied classical piano for 10 years. In 1960, she auditioned for a band (directed by her first husband) that played [[sock hop]]s. Next, she was part of Merrilee and Her Men, doing covers of male pop hits. Then she joined a Seattle rhythm and blues group called Tiny Tony and the Statics. Merrilee and the Turnabouts was formed in 1965. One of the group's roadies worked for [[Paul Revere and the Raiders]], who were doing a tour in the South in 1967 and invited Merrilee to be their opening act. Merrilee's rendition of "Angel of the Morning" was recorded in [[Memphis, Tennessee|Memphis]], [[Tennessee]], in early 1968 and was produced by [[Chips Moman]] and the late [[Tommy Cogbill]]. Released by [[Bell Records (1950s-70s)|Bell Records]], it climbed to #7 in the US charts that year, and reportedly reached No. 1 in seven countries. The song garnered Rush a [[Grammy Awards|Grammy]] Nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year. She was nominated alongside Grammy royalty in [[Barbra Streisand]] ("[[Barbra Streisand discography#Singles|Funny Girl]]"), [[Dionne Warwick]] ("[[Do You Know the Way to San Jose]]"), [[Aretha Franklin]] ("[[I Say a Little Prayer]]"), and [[Mary Hopkin]] ("[[Those Were the Days (song)|Those Were the Days]]"). She appeared on numerous television shows in the 1960s and 1970s, including ''[[American Bandstand]]'', ''[[The Joey Bishop Show]]'','' Happening'', ''[[The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour]]'', ''[[The Everly Brothers Show]]'', ''Something Else'' hosted by John Byner, and many more. "Angel of the Morning" was written by [[Chip Taylor]] (born James Wesley Voight, younger brother of actor [[Jon Voight]] and uncle to actress [[Angelina Jolie]]), who also wrote "Wild Thing", a hit for [[The Troggs]] in 1966, and "I Can't Let Go", a hit for [[The Hollies]] in the [[United Kingdom|UK]]. Rush's recording of "Angel of the Morning" was featured prominently in the film ''[[Girl, Interrupted (film)|Girl, Interrupted]]'' for which Jolie won an Academy Award. "Angel of the Morning" has also been featured in the major motion pictures ''[[Jerry Maguire]]'' and ''[[Fingers (1978 film)|Fingers]]'' starring [[Harvey Keitel]]. Many singers have covered the song, but only the 1981 remake by American pop singer [[Juice Newton]] exceeded Rush's version in popularity. In 1971, Merrilee signed with [[Scepter Records]] and released one single, a cover of [[Carole King]] song "Child Of Mine". While that was Merrilee's lone release on Scepter, she cut several tracks for the label including a femme version of the [[Billy Joel]] classic "She's Got A Way" (He's Got A Way). In 1976, Merrilee would sign with [[United Artists Records]]. While at U/A she released three singles, "Could It Be Love I Found Tonight", "Save Me", and "Rainstorm". Her self-titled album for the label was released in 1977. Merrilee now lives in the countryside near Seattle, in a century-old farm house built by her grandfather. She continues to perform with her own band and in Rock and Roll nostalgia shows across the country. She is married to singer-songwriter and entertainer [[Billy Mac]] and together they have a successful Old English Sheepdog-breeding business. In 1989 the [[Northwest Area Musicians' Association]] honored Rush with induction into the NAMA Hall of Fame. In [[2003]] she appeared as herself in the PBS special "At the Drive-In" along with [[Jan Berry]] and [[Dean Torrence]] (of [[Jan and Dean]]), [[Fabian (entertainer)|Fabian]], [[Bobby Vee]], [[Chris Montez]], [[Matthew Nelson]] and [[Gunnar Nelson]] (sons of [[Rick Nelson]]), [[Dodie Stevens]] and others. Merrilee Rush's "Angel Of The Morning" album has been reissued on compact disc via the [[Collector's Choice Music]] label. The reissue includes the entire original 1968 LP, featuring the Top Ten title track and the follow-up single "[[That Kind of Woman]]" as well as nine non-LP singles and B-sides as bonus tracks. The bonus tracks include a psychedelic version of the Four Tops' "[[Reach Out]]" (an AGP label single release that reached #79 on the Billboard Hot 100), and a cover of [[Burt Bacharach]]'s classic "[[What the World Needs Now]]", which was produced by [[Quincy Jones]] for the soundtrack album to the film ''[[Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice]]''. The "Angel Of The Morning" sessions were recorded at Chips Moman's American Studio in Memphis and featured the same musicians who played on Elvis Presley's famous Memphis recordings. 2008 will mark the 40th Anniversary of the release of the Merrilee Rush ''Angel Of The Morning'' single and album. == External links == * [http://www.merrileerush.com/ Merrilee Rush official site] * [http://www.billymac.com/ Billy Mac official site] * [http://www.classicbands.com/MerrileeRushInterview.html Gary James interview] * [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421649 IMDB's "At the Drive-In" entry] {{DEFAULTSORT:Rush, Merrilee}} [[Category:Washington musicians]] [[Category:People from Seattle, Washington|Rush, Merrilee]] [[Category:Year of birth missing (living people)|Rush, Merrilee]] [[Category:Living people]] Band-e Charak 4197189 41218480 2006-02-25T21:35:14Z Darwinek 107928 #redirect [[Bandar Charak]] Daniele Gaither 4197224 242835412 2008-10-03T21:33:47Z /* Impressions */ {{Infobox actor | name = Daniele Gaither | image = | imagesize = 200px | caption = | birthname = Daniele Gaither | birthdate = {{Birth date and age|1972|9|6|mf=y}} | location = [[Image:Flag of the United States.svg|25px]] [[St. Paul, Minnesota]], [[United States]] | deathdate = | deathplace = | height = | othername = | homepage = | notable role = Cast member in ''[[MADtv]]'', Seasons 9-11 | academyawards = | emmyawards = | spouse = }} '''Daniele Gaither''' (born [[September 6]], [[1972]]) is an American comic actress. Gaither is most notable for her membership in the recurring cast of comedians on sketch comedy series ''[[MADtv]]''. ==Early life== Daniele Gaither was born in [[St. Paul, Minnesota]]. As a child, Gaither was always the class clown with a knack for storytelling and mimicry. Like her fellow ''MADtv'' castmates [[Nicole Sullivan]] and [[Josh Meyers]], she attended [[Northwestern University]] at [[Evanston, Illinois]]. In 1993, she moved to [[Los Angeles]] to pursue an acting career, and attend the [[The Groundlings|Groundlings School]], where aspiring sketch and improv performers are given a systematic approach to learning improvisation and writing skills. While she studied at the Groundlings school, Gaither was trained by [[Michael McDonald (actor)|Michael McDonald]], before his tenure on ''MADtv''. She completed the school and became a member of The Groundlings on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. After several years as a member, she left the group in 2006. In her comedy, Gaither tries to "represent people that you see in the streets and know in everyday life," and sometimes uses her family experiences as material. She does impressions of people that she grew up admiring, such as [[Patti Labelle]], [[Marla Gibbs]] and [[Isabel Sanford]], but also does impressions of current celebrities like [[Oprah Winfrey]], [[Star Jones]] and [[Lil Kim]]. Gaither's first regular television appearance was on ''[[Hype (TV series)|Hype]]'' in 2000. After her first big break, she appeared on [[NBC]]'s ''[[The Rerun Show]]''. Gaither has a recurring role as Chandra the hairdresser on [[Comedy Central]]'s ''[[Reno 911!]]''. ==''MADtv''== Gaither first appeared in an episode of ''MADtv'''s second season, which featured [[Hip hop music|rap]] star [[Ice T]]. The skit was concerned a mock debate between [[President of the United States|U.S. President]] [[Bill Clinton]] (played by [[Bryan Callen]]) and [[U.S. Senator]] [[Bob Dole]] (played by [[David Herman]]) who transformed himself into a "twisted" version of the 1970s [[blaxploitation]] icon [[Dolemite]]. Gaither played one of Dole's "Dolemite girls." [[Image:Eve 1 .jpg|thumb|Daniele Gaither as rap star [[Eve (rapper)|Eve]]]] Gaither officially joined the cast of ''MADtv'' in 2003, seven years after her initial appearance on the series, as a feature performer for the ninth season. She became the second [[African American]] female cast member in the show's history, when she replaced [[Debra Wilson]]. Gaither was later promoted to a repertory performer status the following season. Some of her characters were only seen one time on the discussion show ''[[Real Mother****ing Talk]]''. Outside of that, some of her best characters included senior citizen Dilly Mae Jackson, ''Taco Hell'' boss Loretta, and Yvoone Criddle, a middle aged woman who openly acknowledges her own [[sociopath]]ic behavior yet simultaneously appears to be oblivious to its perversity. Gaither portrayed offbeat impersonations of celebrities, which included [[Condoleezza Rice]], [[Eve (rapper)|Eve]], [[Alani Vasquez|La La]], and [[Tyra Banks]]. Gaither was released from ''MADtv'' by FOX in June 2006. ===Characters=== * Dellie Mae Jackson (''7 A.M. Condo Report'') * Loretta (''Taco Hell'') * Mrs. Conkling (''Holly Meadow Estates'') * Renee (''[[QVC]] Quacker Factory'') * Shatrice (''The B.S.'') * Yvoone Criddle ===Impressions=== * [[Aisha Tyler]] * [[Beyoncé Knowles]] * [[Brittany Murphy]] (on the animated recurring series, "The Power Slut Girls") * Capri * [[Chandra Wilson]] * [[Condoleezza Rice]] * [[Eve (rapper)|Eve]] * [[Fantasia Barrino|Fantasia]] * [[Jackee]] * [[Jada Pinkett Smith]] * [[Kerry Washington]] * [[Kim Fields]] * [[Alani Vasquez|La La]] * [[LaWanda Page]] * [[Lil Kim]] * [[Marla Gibbs]] * [[Mary J. Blige]] * [[Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson|Mo'Nique]] * [[Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth]] * [[Oprah Winfrey]] * [[Patti LaBelle]] * [[Raven Symone]] * [[Regina Taylor]] * [[Rosa Parks]] * [[Star Jones]] * [[Tyra Banks]] * [[Vanessa Minnillo]] * [[Wanda Sykes]] * [[Will Smith]] ==PETA involvement== Gaither is a lifelong [[vegetarian]] and animal lover, and was one of the 180 celebrities nominated for [[PETA]]’s 2004 "World’s Sexiest Vegetarians", which [[Alicia Silverstone]] won. She also recently co-hosted the "2003 Rotten Jellyfish awards" with fellow Groundling [[Jennifer Coolidge]]. ==Trivia== *Gaither appeared on ''[[Hype!]]'' with fellow ''MADtv'' castmember [[Frank Caliendo]] and ''[[The Rerun Show]]'' with [[Paul Vogt]]. ==Catch Phrases== *"I’m in Jimmy Choo Boots M***** F*****!" - Eve (Hollywood Squares) *"I got Herpes.... The End" - Loretta (Taco Hell) *"Yes I did" - Yvonne Criddle (Stolen Parking Spot) *"Oh well, don't worry baby, you can be just like [[Angelina Jolie]] and adopt a couple little yellow babies"- Beyoncé Knowles (MadTV) *"Nobody asked you to talk! You better get to work! Do a better job cleanin' then you did wit' singin'! That ol' jive duet with [[Nelly]], ain't nobody wanna hear that, nobody buyin' yo' album!"- Beyoncé Knowles (''MadTV'') ==Television appearances== *''[[Reno 911!]]'' (2003, 2005) as Chandra *''[[The Rerun Show]]'' (2002) as Series Regular *''[[Hype (TV series)|Hype]]'' (2000) as Various Characters *''[[MADtv]]'' (1996, 2003-2006) as Various Characters ==Filmography== *''[[Lincoln's Eyes]]'' (2005) *''Caught'' (2002) ==External links== *{{imdb name|id=0301433|name=Daniele Gaither}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Gaither, Daniele}} [[Category:American comedians]] [[Category:African American actors]] [[Category:American television actors]] [[Category:American film actors]] [[Category:American impressionists (entertainers)]] [[Category:American vegetarians]] [[Category:Groundlings]] [[Category:1972 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Minnesota actors]] [[Category:People from Saint Paul, Minnesota]] Hemi-continuity 4197269 109995249 2007-02-22T04:27:41Z Oleg Alexandrov 153314 #REDIRECT [[Hemicontinuity]] #REDIRECT [[Hemicontinuity]] James D. Williams 4197308 243844529 2008-10-08T08:29:11Z Sardanaphalus 427947 updating link, possibly some formatting, using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{Infobox Politician |name =James D. Williams |image =James D. Williams - Brady-Handy.jpg |birth_date= [[January 16]], [[1808]] |birth_place= [[Picaway County, Ohio]] |death_date= [[November 20]], [[1880]] |death_place= [[Indianapolis, Indiana]] |party = [[United States Democratic Party|Democrat]] |spouse = Nancy Huffman |children = Seven |religion = [[Methodist]] |profession = farmer |nickname = Blue Jeans Bill |order = |office =[[Indiana House of Representatives]] |term_start =1844 |term_end =1870 |office1 =[[United States House of Representatives]] |term_start1 =[[March 4]], [[1875]] |term_end1 =[[January 8]], [[1877]] |office2 =Governor of Indiana |order2 =Seventeenth |term_start2 =[[January 9]], [[1877]] |term_end2 =[[November 20]], [[1880]] |predecessor2 =[[Thomas A. Hendricks]] |successor2 =[[Isaac P. Gray]] }} '''James Douglas Williams''' ([[January 16]], [[1808]]{{ndash}} [[November 20]], [[1880]]) was a farmer and [[Indiana]] [[USDemocrat|Democrat]] politician holding public office for forty-one years, and was the only farmer elected the [[Governor of Indiana|governor]] of [[Indiana]] and served from 1877 to 1880. He was famed for his frugality with both private and public funds, and was nicknamed "'''Blue Jeans Bill'''" for his humble style of dress. ==Biography== James Douglas Williams was born on [[January 16]], [[1808]] in [[Pickaway County, Ohio]]. He moved with his family to [[Knox County, Indiana]] at the age of 10, and settled near [[Vincennes, Indiana]] where he remained much of the rest of his life. He received little schooling, but did occasionally attend the log schoolhouse near his home.<ref>Woollen, p. 147</ref> Williams' father died in 1828, and being the oldest son, Williams became the caretaker of his family, continuing to run his fathers farm. In 1831 Williams married Nancy Huffman, and together they had seven children. With Williams regularly in the public service, she ran the family farm for much of her life. She suffered a fall in January, 1880 and died on June 27, 1880.<ref name = w148>Woollen, p. 148</ref> ===Public career=== In 1839 Williams first entered public service serving as [[justice of the peace]] of [[Vincennes, Indiana]] until he resigned in 1843. The same year he was elected to the [[Indiana House of Representatives]] and remained in the General Assembly until 1874, serving in both houses.<ref name = w148/> Williams was responsible for the authorship of many bills, including laws that permitted widows to inherit the estate of their husbands. He wrote the bill that established the state's first sinking fund. He also encouraged the development of the State Board of Agriculture and served as a member for sixteen years, during which time he accumulated a large estate of lands.<ref name = w149>Woollen, p. 149</ref> William became known for his frugality with both public and private money. He never purchased expensive clothing but instead choose to wear homespun clothes and denim, earning him the nick name "Blue Jeans Bill".<ref>Woollen, p. 150</ref> During the [[American Civil War]] Williams' was accused of being a [[copperhead (political)|Copperhead]] when he attempted to interfere with the war effort and submitted legislation to require Governor [[Oliver Morton]] to show what the money in the state emergency fund was being spent on.<ref>Gray, p. 182</ref> In 1872 he was the Democratic candidate for the [[United States Senate]], but was defeated by [[Oliver Morton]]. Williams was elected to the [[United States House of Representatives]] from Indiana in 1874 and served from 1875 to 1876. During this time he served as chairman of the committee on accounts and was responsible for considerable reform, and significant saving by cutting business costs. While still in Washington he was informed that his party had nominated him to run for governor, and nomination he was not a candidate for. Instead of declining, he decided to not seek reelection to Congress, but instead returned to Indiana to campaign for governor.<ref name = w149/> ===Governor=== Williams was elected governor of Indiana in 1876, defeating future [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican]] President [[Benjamin Harrison]] in a close election, winning by about 5,000 votes. Williams became the only farmer to be elected [[Governor of Indiana]].<ref>Woollen, p. 159</ref> He was inaugurated on [[January 9]], [[1877]]. During his administration he sought and acquired funds to being the construction of a new state capitol building. He sought to run the government with economy but sought increased funding for the state assistance programs to the war veterans.<ref>Gray, p.184</ref> He was instrumental in finding the funds for Purdue University and was a "women's rights" activist before such a thing was even known championing the right for women to own property. He fought for budegetary constraint and was known for his thrifty management of the house's budgetary committee.<ref>Gray, p. 181</ref> Starting in late October 1880, Williams developed a [[kidney infection]]. His health steadily deteriorated and he died shortly before the ends of his term as governor in Indianapolis, on November 20, 1880.<ref>Woollen, p. 153</ref> James Douglas "Blue Jeans" Williams is buried in a rural [[Monroe City, Indiana]] cemetery on ground he donated to establish Walnut Grove Methodist Church near his home. His family purchased a large obelisk for his grave which was unveiled on July 4, 1883, and it still stands above the tiny Bedford Stone church in 2008.<ref>Woollen, p. 157</ref> Many of the members of the church are Williams descendants. == Obituary== The following is Governor Williams obituary in the [[New York Times]].[http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=9E01E0DF123FEE3ABC4951DFB767838B699FDE] Gov. Williams Dead. The Home-Life and Public Services Of Indiana's Governor. Indianapolis, Indiana Nov. 20- The illness from which Gov. Williams has been suffering for nearly three weeks terminated fatally at 12:30 o'clock today. Such a result has not been anticipated until within the past 48 hours and even then it was the opinion of his physicians that he might live several days, if not weeks. For 15 years the Governor has been subject to bladder inflammation, and it was this, aggravated by malarial fever, that caused his death. He died in the room he has occupied since his incumbency, the Executive office in the Washington Clubhouse, there being with him his physician, the nurse the wife of the janitor of the building, and Judge Scott, of the Supreme Court, and his son, John Williams, who arrived at midnight from Wheatland, Knox County. the Governor's only other child, Mrs. Eliza Dunn, a widow, was compelled to remain at the homestead, near Wheatland, by sickness. The Governor's death was very peaceful. For 12 hours he had been unconscious and he did not rouse at all, but passed away without a word or a muscular quiver. James Douglas Williams was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, Jan. 16, 1808. His parents were Virginians. His grandfather was from Scotland, coming to this country in the middle of the eighteenth century and locating on the James River. George Williams, the Governor's father, settled in Ohio in an early day in the history of that State and thence removed to Knox County, Indiana where the family home has been ever since. The Governor's father died in 1828 , leaving him the eldest of a family of six children. He remained with his mother on the farm until he was 21 years old, when he married Nancy Huffman, the daughter of a neighbor, and the two began a life in a rough location on a quarter section of wild land. As the result of their work, the Governor leaves probably the finest farm home in Indiana. His estate, compromising over {{convert|2000|acre|km2}}, is in splendid cultivation, and with comfortable, generous improvements. Mrs. Williams died a few months ago from the effects of a fall, and five of seven children are also buried on the homestead. His wife's death greatly affected the Governor. His associates have noticed a great change in his manner, but never a word of complaint or repining from his lips. At the old home, a room was always kept for his use, fitted up with a broad fireplace and the furniture to which he had been accustomed to in early life. At one of his windows, his wife always sat to welcome him on his return home. Since her death he has not cared to return to the scene of his loss. He went occasionally, but it was always a trial. Recently, his daughter missed him from his usual place, and after a long search he was found in the barn, his grief welling up in great sobs that shook his frame. His domestic life was a happy, homely, modest one. His public life began in 1839 by election to the office of Justice of the Peace. In 1841 he was elected to the lower house of the State Legislature by 90 majority, though the county was strongly Whig. Defeated in 1843, he was elected in 1845, and successively until, in 1858, he was elected to the State Senate, and kept there almost continuously until 1874. In 1872 he was the caucus nominee of his party for United States Senator to succeed Senator Morton. In 1874 he was elected Representative from the Second Congressional District to succeed the present Supreme Court Judge Niblack. At the expiration of his term he came home to take the candidacy of his party for Governor, in 1876 - he having been nominated as a compromise between Franklin Landers and William S. Holman, between whom the convention of 1876 was divided. He canvassed the State, accompanied by Senator Vorhees and was elected over General Benjamin Harrison by a plurality of 5,500 votes. The Governor wore a suit of blue jeans, the yarn for which was spun by his wife. From this fact he was called "Blue Jeans" Williams." This habit he kept up until within a short time when he bought a suit of clothes of another color and texture. For 16 years he was a member of the State Board of Agriculture, and for 4 years was its President. He was the devoted friend of the common school system of the State in the earlier years of its development, and assisted Gov. Whitcomb and Gov. Wright in laying the foundation for our present splendid school fund. Probably no man in Indiana was better versed in State legislation, as no man has ever served so long a time in its General Assembly. Governor Williams was 6 feet, 4 inches in stature, of spare build, weighing only 170 pounds. His personal appearance was such that he was called the Abraham Lincoln of Indiana. His angular features and ungainly figure, clad in his homespun jeans, made him a curious spectacle. He was rugged in his virtues, simple in his tastes, Spartan in his honesty, and although uneducated and unpolished, he served the State to the best of his ability, was a pure upright man in all private relations and commanded the respect and confidence of all the people. His last public appearance was three weeks ago tonight at the dedication of the new dining hall of the House of Refuge at Plainfield. He took to his bed on the evening of the Presidential election day, Nov. 2. A meeting of citizens was held tonight attended by prominent men of all parties. Senator McDonald presided and Secretary of State Shanklin acted as Secretary. Committees were appointed to arrange for the funeral of Gov. Williams. The Committee on Memorial is headed by United States Judge Gresham and is to report to a meeting to be held Monday morning at 9 o'clock. The body will lie in state at the Courthouse from 11 o'clock Monday morning until 5 in the evening. On Tuesday it will be taken to Vincennes and lie in state 3 hours and be then taken to Wheatland for interment. Mayor Caven has issued a proclamation asking for the suspension of business between 11 and 12 o'clock Monday morning and 5 and 6 in the afternoon during which hours the body will be moving from the clubhouse to the Courthouse. A committee consisting of Senator McDonald and General Harrison was appointed to invite the President and Cabinet members of Congress and Governors of adjacent States to attend the funeral. Telegraphic invitations went forward tonight. The pall bearers will be ex Govs Hendricks and Baker, Messrs. English and Landers, Gov. Gray, Mayor Caven, Judge Niblack, Gen. Manson, State House Commissioners Nelson and Morris, W.R. McKeen of Terre Haute, and Judge Scott of the Supreme Court. Columbus, Ohio, Nov 20 - The flags on the State house here are at half mast as a token of respect to the late Gov. Williams of Indiana. from The New York Times. Published November 21, 1880. ==See also== {{portal|Indiana|Indiana state flag detail.jpg||150px|break=no|left=no}} *[[List of Governors of Indiana]] ==Notes== {{reflist|2}} ==References== * {{cite book|title=''Indiana History: A Book of Readings''|author=Gray, Ralph D. |isbn=025332629X|publisher=[[Indiana University]] Press|year=©1995|location=Indiana|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=SlKbSuBQL-AC}} * {{cite book|title=Biographical and Historical Sketches of Early Indiana|pages=29|author=Woollen, William Wesley |year=©1975|isbn=0405068964|publisher=Ayer Publishing|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=PCbZ8rS-84gC}} ==External links== *[http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/ihb/govportraits/williams.html Biography and portrait from the Indiana Historical Bureau] {{start box}} {{s-off}} {{succession box | before=[[Thomas A. Hendricks]] | title=[[List of Governors of Indiana|Governor of Indiana]] | years= [[January 8]], [[1877]]{{ndash}} [[November 20]], [[1880]] | after=[[Isaac P. Gray]] }} {{end box}} {{Governors of Indiana}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Williams, James D.}} [[Category:1808 births]] [[Category:1880 deaths]] [[Category:Governors of Indiana]] [[Category:Indiana Democrats]] [[Category:Members of the United States House of Representatives from Indiana]] [[Category:People from Pickaway County, Ohio]] [[de:James Williams (Gouverneur)]] Leonardo Dati 4197331 196996993 2008-03-09T13:34:30Z Lightmouse 4469495 Units/dates/other using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] ''For other uses of the word [[Dati]], see the disambiguation page.'' '''Leonardo Dati''' (1360&ndash;[[16 march]] [[1425]]) was an Italian friar and humanist. He was [[Master general of the Dominican Order]] from 1414 to his death. He was a Prior of [[Santa Maria Novella]] from 1401, and took part in the [[Council of Pisa]] of 1409. At the time of the [[Council of Constance]], Dati became Master General of a reunited [[Dominican Order]]. His sermons at [[Pisa]] and [[Constance]] include references to literary texts, and he was well known as an author of commentaries on [[Aristotle]]. Leonardo also gave financial aid to his brother Gregorio [or Goro], a Florentine merchant and diarist. Both Leonardo and Gregorio Dati are attributed authorship of ''[[La sfera]]'' (The sphere), an astronomical-geographic ''[[Ottava rima|poemetto in ottave]]'', written in the second half of 14th century, and a work much popular in its time. This work in verse gives information about the world, the marinaresche compass and other things, adding observations, notes about travel and designs. In some manuscripts of ''La sfera'' there are designs representing ports, headlands, islands, linked by many lines. Dati's sermons on the feast of [[Francis of Assisi|St. Francis]] (October 1416) and the feast of the [[Circumcision of Jesus]] (January 1417) advocated respect for [[Papal supremacy|papal power]] and reform within the context of the established order. The earlier sermon touched off an exchange of polemical memoranda between Dati and supporters of [[Conciliarism|conciliar supremacy]]. Dati then addressed issues raised in this exchange in the later sermon. Dati's discussion of [[circumcision]] was traditional for his time, describing the [[Brit milah|jewish rite]] as superseded by [[baptism]]. He is buried in the Cappella Rucellai at Santa Maria Novella. His tombstone is attributed to [[Lorenzo Ghiberti]]. ==External links== * [http://www-db2.helsinki.fi/muisti/muisti.muisti_haku.tulos_sivu?pp_kieli=e&sivuno=0&haetaan_lkm=K&v_no=0&p_tekija=Dati,_Leonardo&p_nimeke=&p_asia= The manuscript of "La sfera" (or "La Sphera") is a description of the world in poetic form.] * Thomas M. Izbicki, "Reform and obedience in 4 conciliar sermons by Leonardo Dati, OP," in Idem, ''Reform, Ecclesiology, and the Christian Life in the Late Middle Ages'' (Aldershot, Ashgate, 2008) (Variorum Collected Studies). {{start box}} {{succession box|title=[[Masters General of the Dominican Order|Master General of the Dominican Order]] |before=[[Tommaso Paccaroni]]|after=[[Barthélémy Texier]]|years=1414 &ndash; 1425}} {{end box}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Dati, Leonardo}} [[Category:1360 births]] [[Category:1425 deaths]] [[Category:Dominicans]] [[Category:Humanists]] {{RC-bio-stub}} [[it:Leonardo Dati]] [[pt:Leonardo Dati]] Image:Richard Zsigmondy.jpg 4197365 41220566 2006-02-25T21:50:56Z Symposiarch 897312 Richard Zsigmondy (around 1900) low res pic, historical person -> fairuse source:http://www.taki.iif.hu/hungarian/soilbio/halbrittera/kepek/zsigmondy.jpg == Summary == Richard Zsigmondy (around 1900) low res pic, historical person -> fairuse source:http://www.taki.iif.hu/hungarian/soilbio/halbrittera/kepek/zsigmondy.jpg == Licensing == {{PD-old}} Salvatore Cuffaro 4197394 238439570 2008-09-14T21:15:29Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other <!-- Deleted image removed: [[Image:Salvatore Cuffaro.jpg|thumb|right|Salvatore Cuffaro{{deletable image-caption}}]] --> '''Salvatore "Totò" Cuffaro''' (born [[February 21]], [[1958]] in [[Raffadali]], [[Province of Agrigento|Agrigento]]) is an [[Italy|Italian]] politician, and a former President of [[Sicily]]. His nickname is "Vasa Vasa" [Kiss Kiss] for his tendency to kiss all and sundry - he claims that he has kissed a quarter of all the people on the island.<ref name=ind300506/> ==Biography== ===Christian Democrat=== A graduate of [[Medicine]] and [[Surgery]] at the [[University of Palermo]], with a specialization in [[radiology]], Cuffaro joined the [[Christian Democracy (Italy)|Christian Democrat]] (DC) party during his student days. Then, after having served as City Councillor in his native city, [[Raffadali]], and [[Palermo]], Cuffaro was first elected Member of the [[Sicilian Regional Assembly]] in 1991; in 1996 he served as Regional Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. His political career began under the wing of former minister [[Calogero Mannino]], who in the past was suspected of having ties with the Mafia. Following the demise of the DC, he became a member of ex-DC splinter parties before joining the party [[Union of Christian and Centre Democrats]] (UDC). He first became known nationally in September 1991, when he defended his political patron Mannino, accused of being a witness at a Mafia wedding, live on television in a joint broadcasting of the [[Maurizio Costanzo]] show and [[Michele Santoro]]’s [[Samarcanda]], accusing the presenters that their journalism was Mafia journalism. In the presence of Antimafia judge [[Giovanni Falcone]] he accused the Sicilian prosecutors of manipulating state witnesses ([[pentito|pentiti]]).<ref>{{it icon}} [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5MZmJLMQ9Y Costanzo Show: Totò Cuffaro aggredisce Giovanni Falcone], You Tube</ref> In 2001, after having joined the UDC, Cuffaro was endorsed by the [[House of Freedoms]] as presidential candidate for Sicily. He won the election, with 59.1% of the vote, defeating [[Leoluca Orlando]]. Cuffaro was elected as part of [[Silvio Berlusconi]]'s sensational clean sweep of the island, when his coalition won all 61 of its parliamentary seats.<ref name=ind280603>[http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_20030628/ai_n12698554 Berlusconi's ally in Sicily investigated for Mafia links], The Independent, June 28, 2003</ref> In [[June 26]], [[2003]], it was revealed that Cuffaro was being investigated for [[Mafia]]-related crimes, after Domenico Miceli, a fellow UDC politician, was arrested for allegedly acting as a link between a [[Mafia]] chief and top Sicilian politicians, including Cuffaro.<ref name=ind280603/><ref>[http://www.italymag.co.uk/italy_regions/sicily/2006/current-affairs/tough-mafia-sentence-sought-for-ex-palermo-official/ Tough mafia sentence sought for ex-Palermo official], Italy Magazine, October 31, 2006</ref> A few months later he was committed for trial. Despite all this, Cuffaro stood for the [[European Parliament election, 2004 (Italy)|2004 European Parliament election]]. Later that year, Cuffaro was appointed national vice-secretary of UDC, the party headed by [[Pier Ferdinando Casini]]. ===Re-elected=== In the [[Italian general election, 2006]], he was elected senator for his party, UDC. In the [[Sicilian regional election, 2006|2006 regional election]],<ref>[http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,901060529-1196387,00.html? Sicily Says Enough], Time, May 21, 2006</ref> he was successively re-elected President of Sicily with 53.1% of the vote, defeating [[Rita Borsellino]], the [[The Union (political coalition)|Union]] candidate and sister of the late judge [[Paolo Borsellino]], killed by the mafia in 1992.<ref name=ind300506>[http://news.independent.co.uk/europe/article621781.ece Sicily elects governor linked with Mafia], The Independent, May 30, 2006</ref><ref name=gua130506>[http://www.guardian.co.uk/weekend/story/0,,1772497,00.html The outside chance], The Guardian, May 13, 2006</ref> Cuffaro and the Italian Minister of Justice, [[Clemente Mastella]] were involved in a scandal when it was found that they had been best men of [[Francesco Campanella]], a former member of the [[Mafia]] and town councilor of [[Villabate]], who helped the boss [[Bernardo Provenzano]] during his absconding. In 2001 Campanella used his official position to supply Cosa Nostra's top "godfather" with an identity card so he could travel abroad for medical treatment. In July 2000 Mastella and Cuffaro had been witnesses at Campanella's wedding.<ref name=gua>[http://www.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,,1777114,00.html Italian justice minister linked to mafia inquiry], The Guardian, May 18, 2006</ref> He was recently the object of media attention thanks to the film ''La Mafia è Bianca'' (The Mafia is White) by [[Stefano Maria Bianchi]] and [[Alberto Nerazzini]], which exposes rife corruption in the Sicilian Health service and shows a clip of police film footage of Cuffaro meeting with a known ''mafioso''. Cuffaro took the publishers to court for defamation but lost the first round of the case.<ref name=cds>{{it icon}} [http://www.corriere.it/Primo_Piano/Cronache/2006/07_Luglio/19/mafiabianca.shtml No di Cuffaro, ma documentario va in onda], Corriere della Sera, July 19, 2006</ref><ref name=white>[http://www.bestofsicily.com/mag/art188.htm The White Mafia], Best of Sicily Magazine, February 2006</ref> ===Indicted and convicted=== [[Image:Cuffaro dimettiti.jpg|thumb|right|Poster to urge Salvatore Cuffaro to resign after his conviction to five years for aiding and abetting Mafiosi using an image of Cuffaro serving [[cannoli]] after the sentence which did not convict him for collusion with the mafia, but only for aiding and abetting individual Mafiosi. The Italian text reads "Convicted to five years. Resign."]] On [[October 15]], [[2007]], assistant public prosecutor [[Giuseppe Pignatone]] requested eight years' imprisonment for Cuffaro charged with aiding and abetting Cosa Nostra and passing confidential information about the trial to the so-called moles in the Palermo Antimafia directorate.<ref name=cds151007>{{it icon}} [http://www.corriere.it/cronache/07_ottobre_15/cuffaro_mafia.shtml Mafia, chiesti otto anni per Cuffaro], Corriere della Sera, October 15, 2007</ref><ref name=cds161007>[http://www.corriere.it/english/articoli/2007/10_Ottobre/16/cuffaro.shtml Eight Years Requested For Cuffaro At Mafia Trial], Corriere della Sera, October 16, 2007</ref> Cuffaro's indictment emerged from an inquiry set up to trace leaks during an inquiry into a local doctor, [[Giuseppe Guttadauro]], accused of being the Cosa Nostra boss in its Palermo stronghold [[Brancaccio]]. Guttadauro learned that his home was being "bugged" from another doctor. The colleague alleged that he, in turn, had been tipped off by Cuffaro. Guttadauro was recorded describing how the Mafia had funded Cuffaro's 2001 election campaign. According to a transcript, he told that Cuffaro was handed packages of cash "in the least elegant, but most tangible way possible".<ref name=>[http://www.guardian.co.uk/italy/story/0,12576,1296495,00.html Sicilian governor on mafia charge], The Guardian, September 3, 2004</ref> On [[January 18]], [[2008]], Cuffaro was found guilty of having helped the Mafia and was given a five-year sentence, during which time he will be suspended from all public offices. Cuffaro was not found guilty of outright collusion with Cosa Nostra but the court concluded he acted in favour of several people sentenced for Mafia crimes and committed breaches of confidentiality. By Italian law, both the sentence and suspension from public office can only begin after the automatic appeals process is concluded. The prosecution had asked that Cuffaro be given an eight-year sentence but judges concluded that while he had helped the Mafia, there had been neither conspiracy nor willful intent. He has denied all wrongdoing and refused to step down, despite that he has also been banned from public office. "I knew I didn't do anything to willfully help the Mafia and tomorrow morning I intend to be back at my desk," Cuffaro said after the court adjourned.<ref name=ansa180108>[http://www.ansa.it/site/notizie/awnplus/english/news/2008-01-18_118173820.html Sicilian governor gets five years: Salvatore Cuffaro found guilty of helping the Mafia], ANSA, January 18, 2008</ref><ref name=rep180108>{{it icon}} [http://www.repubblica.it/2007/10/sezioni/cronaca/cuffaro-processo/cuffaro-sentenza/cuffaro-sentenza.html Mafia, Cuffaro condannato a 5 anni], La Repubblica, January 18, 2008</ref><ref name=bbc180108>[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7197334.stm Sicily chief guilty in Mafia case], BBC News, January 18, 2008</ref> The day after, Cuffaro handed out [[cannoli]], a Sicilian pastry, as if he was celebrating the sentence that he considered positive because he was not convicted for ties to the Mafia or formally accused of being in cahoots with Cosa Nostra. The [[ricotta]] sweets have become "instrumentalized," he told the daily [[Corriere della Sera]]. Adding that he "never celebrated" and fully understands the weight of the charges brought against him. He didn't bring the celebratory cannoli with him, but one of his many well-wishers did.<ref name=cds200108>{{it icon}} [http://www.corriere.it/cronache/08_gennaio_20/cuffaro_cannoli_a824afa0-c76a-11dc-8899-0003ba99c667.shtml Cuffaro: «I cannoli? Strumentalizzati»], Corriere della Sera, January 20, 2008</ref> ===Resignation=== Cuffaro resigned on [[January 26]], [[2008]]. His resignation followed reports that the national government was planning a move to oust him. The announcement represents a reversal for Cuffaro, who earlier said he would hang on to his post and appeal his five-year prison sentence of January 18. Many, including some politicians from allied parties, were angry that he celebrated not being convicted of a more serious accusation - helping the Mafia as an organization. The head of Italy's politically influential industrial lobby, [[Confindustria]], lamented that Cuffaro remained in office while Sicilian businessmen were defying the Mafia by increasingly refusing to pay systematic "protection" money. A widely published photo of him offering his aides a tray of cannoli pastries to celebrate fuelled the outrage.<ref name=rep260108b>{{it icon}} [http://www.repubblica.it/2007/10/sezioni/cronaca/cuffaro-processo/dimesso-cuffaro/dimesso-cuffaro.html Cuffaro si è dimesso da Governatore], La Repubblica, January 26, 2008</ref><ref name=iht260108>[http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/01/26/news/Italy-Mafia-Politician.php Sicily's governor resigns after conviction in Mafia case], International Herald Tribune, January 26, 2008</ref> ==References== {{reflist}} ==External links== *{{it icon}} [http://www.totocuffaro.it/ Official website] *{{it icon}} [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYLic2Raqa4 Intercettazione ambientale: Boss Guttadauro parla di Cuffaro] from La Mafia è Bianca on YouTube *{{it icon}} [http://www.antimafiaduemila.com/content/view/1644/78/ Cosi il boss scoprì la "cimice"], Antimafia Duemila, December 2007 {{ItalyRegionPresidents}} {{SicilianPres}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Cuffaro, Salvatore}} [[Category:1958 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Politicians of Sicily]] [[Category:Members of Union of Christian Democrats]] [[Category:Associates of the Sicilian Mafia]] [[Category:Convicted Italian MPs]] [[fr:Salvatore Cuffaro]] [[it:Salvatore Cuffaro]] [[pt:Salvatore Cuffaro]] [[scn:Salvatore Cuffaro]] Murine Mouse Opossum 4197424 41221359 2006-02-25T21:57:04Z UtherSRG 33145 moved [[Murine Mouse Opossum]] to [[Linnaeus's Mouse Opossum]]: as per MSW 3rd ed #REDIRECT [[Linnaeus's Mouse Opossum]] Zuken 4197451 243166029 2008-10-05T12:33:59Z Lightbot 7178666 Dates per [[wp:mosnum]]/Other {{Infobox_Company | company_name = Zuken Inc.<br />株式会社図研| company_logo = [[Image:Zuken.PNG]] | company_type = [[Public company|Public]] ({{tyo|6947}})| foundation = 1976| location = [[Yokohama]], [[Japan]]| key_people = [[Makoto Kaneko]], CEO<br />Jinya Katsube, COO<br />| num_employees = 1,000 | industry = Engineering Consulting Services<br />[[Electronic Design Automation]]| products = [[CR-5000]] System Designer<br />[[CR-5000]] Board Designer<br />[[CR-5000]] Lightning<br />Wire Harness Design<br />[[Cadstar]]<br />DFM Center<br />[[E³.series]]| homepage = [http://www.zuken.com/ www.zuken.com]<br />[http://www.zuken.co.jp/ www.zuken.co.jp] }} {{nihongo|'''Zuken Inc.'''|株式会社図研|Kabushiki-gaisha Zuken}} ({{tyo|6947}}) is a [[Japan]]ese [[multinational corporation]], specializing in Engineering [[Consulting]] and [[Electronic design automation]]. Established in 1976 at [[Yokohama]], [[Japan]], it is listed on the [[Tokyo Stock Exchange]]; market capitalization is estimated as USD300 million as of March 2006. Zuken's software is primarily used for designing [[printed circuit board]]s (PCBs) and [[Multi-Chip Module]]s, or MCMs. Zuken is one of three major [[Electronic design automation|EDA]] companies which specialize in PCB design software, the other two being [[Cadence Design Systems]] and [[Mentor Graphics]]. == Products == *[[CR-5000]] - This is Zuken's flagship enterprise-wide PCB design solution platform for both analogue and digital PCB design. CR-5000 includes modules such as System Designer, Board Designer, Lightning, Package Predictor/Synthesizer. The program runs on both UNIX and Windows. *[[Wire Harness Design]] - This is the most recent addition to the Zuken family of products. It is a design tool that integrates with [[Catia]] to provide total solution for wire harness design. Modules include Cabling Designer, Harness Designer, Topology Designer, Simulation and Verifications. *[[Cadstar]] - A desktop software for producing schematic and PCB designs. *[[Visula]] - A proven enterprise-wide PCB design solution which is set to be migrated to [[CR-5000]]. '''CADIF''', the proprietary exchange format for Visula, was designed in parallel with [[EDIF]] 3 0 0 and 4 0 0. *[[e-PLM]] - Zuken's Electronic Product Lifecycle Management tool. *[[Three-dimensional space|3D]] - A range of Electro-mechanical tools which link ECAD and MCAD tools. Board Modular is a standalone product for linking any ECAD tools to 3D MCAD tools. Electromechnical Designer is a [[CR-5000]] product module and [[Cadstar]] 3D is an option of [[Cadstar]] pcb design tool. == History == *1976 Zuken Inc. Established. *1978 Released "CREATE-2000"(CR-2000) for PC.(HP-1000 Platform) *1983 Zuken America Inc.(Now, Zuken [[United States|U.S.]] Inc.) Established. *1985 Released Logic Design Workstation.([[UNIX]] Platform) *1988 Released [[CAD]]/[[Computer aided manufacturing|CAM]] for PCB "CR-3000".([[UNIX]] Platform) *1991 Listed on [[Tokyo Stock Exchange]] Level-2. *1992 Zuken Europe GmbH.(Germany) Established. *1992 Zuken Korea Inc.(Seoul) Established. *1992 Zuken Singapore Pte.Ltd. Established. *1993 Zuken Inc. China(Beijing) Established. *1994 Merged with [[Redac Software|Racal-Redac]] Ltd. *1994 Listed on [[Tokyo Stock Exchange]] Level-1 *1994 Released [[CAD]]/[[Computer aided manufacturing|CAM]] for PCB "[[CR-5000]]".([[UNIX]] & PC Platform) *1994 Released Data Management System "PDM-5000". *1996 Realvision Inc. Established. *2000 Merged with Incases Engineering GmbH. *2000 Zuken Tecnomatix Inc. established. *2001 Zuken NetWave Inc. established. *2002 Zuken [[Shanghai]] Technical Center Co.,Ltd. established. *2005 Zuken [[Taiwan]] Inc. established. *2006 Acquired CIM-Team GmbH. == Innovations == *1970 World's first interactive graphics PCB design system *1984 World's first commercial [[IBM]] PC PCB design system *1985 World's first gridless routing system - [[Bloodhound]] *1996 World's first proven [[Product Lifecycle Management|PLM]] solution for electronics companies *1996 World's first physical hierarchical and concurrent design tools *1998 World's first 3D electrical design solution *1999 World's first "Free Angle" router for IC packages *2000 World's first IC package synthesizer == See also == *[[CR-5000]], Zuken's flagship PCB design tool *[[Cadstar]], Zuken's desktop PCB design solution *[[E³.series]], CIM-Team/Zuken's Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic design solution ==External links == *[http://www.zuken.com/ Official Zuken Website in English] *[http://www.zuken.co.jp/ Official Zuken Website in Japanese] <!-- *[http://www.quadrasol.co.uk UK's CADSTAR supplier and Training Centre] --> {{Japanese Electronics Industry}} [[Category:Electronics companies of Japan]] [[Category:Electronic design automation companies]] [[Category:Companies headquartered in Kanagawa]] [[Category:Companies established in 1976]] [[ja:図研]] Category:Whig National Conventions 4197473 41222114 2006-02-25T22:02:54Z Asparagus 35278 basic setup [[Category:United States presidential nominating conventions]] Century II Convention Hall 4197508 141523709 2007-06-30T02:16:44Z Hyatt opening date was incorrect, it actually opened in 1997, not 1977 [[Image:Wichita pan 1.jpg|thumb|260px|right|The Century II Convention Hall]] The '''Century II Convention Hall''', or '''Century II Convention Center''' is a 5,244-seat multi-purpose [[arena]] in [[Wichita, Kansas]], [[United States|USA]]. It hosts locals sporting events and concerts. Designed by John Hickman, it was opened [[January 11]] [[1969]] to commemorate the [[centennial]] anniversary of Wichita's incorporation in 1870. In [[1997]] a [[Hyatt]] hotel was constructed and connected to the stadium == References == <references /> [http://www.century2.org/AboutUs/Century+II+History/CenturyII.htm Century II History] [[Category:Sports venues in Kansas]] [[Category:Indoor arenas in the United States]] {{Kansas-stadium-stub}} Lovestone 4197536 156682587 2007-09-09T12:19:21Z Kingdon 668610 A google search, or other mentions on wikipedia, does not make it look like Ivy is the most common use of Lovestone '''Lovestone''' can refer to: *[[Jay Lovestone]], 1897–1990, active in socialist and communist organizations in the United States *[[Lovestone (band)]], a Finnish rock band, active 1999– *A regional English name for [[Ivy]] {{disambig}} Spyker C8 4197568 242591886 2008-10-02T21:29:25Z {{Infobox Automobile |image = [[Image:Spyker.jpg|250px|Spyker C8 at the Amsterdam car show]] |name = Spyker C8 |manufacturer = [[Spyker Cars]] |production = 2000–present |predecessor = |successor = |related = |class = [[Sports car]] |layout = [[RMR layout]] |body_style = 2-door [[convertible]] |engine = 4.2&nbsp;L Audi V8, {{Convert|400|hp|kW|-1|abbr=on}} to {{Convert|600|hp|kW|-1|abbr=on}} |length = 4185&nbsp;mm (165&nbsp;in) |width = 1880&nbsp;mm (74&nbsp;in) |height = 1080&nbsp;mm (42&nbsp;in) |wheelbase = 2575&nbsp;mm (101&nbsp;in) |weight = 1250&nbsp;kg (2750&nbsp;lb) }} The '''Spyker C8''' is a [[sports car]] produced by the Dutch automaker [[Spyker Cars]]. ==Models== There are several variants of the C8: * C8 Spyder * C8 Spyder T * C8 Spyder SWB * C8 Laviolette * C8 Double 12S * C8 Double 12R * C8 Spyder GT2-R * C12 LaTurbie The C8 Spyder is the original base model with an [[Audi]] 4.2 litre [[V8 engine]] giving the car {{Convert|400|hp|kW|-1|abbr=on}} and a top speed of {{Auto km/h|300|0}}. The C8 spyder T has a more powerful Audi 4.2 litre V8 twin turbo with {{Convert|525|hp|kW|0|abbr=on}} giving it a top speed of {{Auto km/h|320|0}}. The C8 Laviolette has the {{Convert|400|hp|kW|-1|abbr=on}} Audi engine but unlike the spyder models that come with either a soft or a hard top, the Laviolette has a glass canopy. The C8 Double 12R is a version made specifically for the [[24 hours of Le Mans]] also using the Audi V8 engine with {{Convert|480|hp|kW|0|abbr=on}} and the C8 Double 12S is the street version of this car which has the same glass canopy of the Laviolette and optionally has a {{Convert|600|hp|kW|-1|abbr=on}} engine instead of the {{Convert|400|hp|kW|-1|abbr=on}} engine from the C8 spyder, giving it a top speed between {{Auto km/h|300|0}} and {{Auto km/h|345|0}} depending on the engine. Both Double 12 versions have a modified C8 spyder frame with a longer wheelbase and a bigger fuel tank, 100 litres instead of 75. The GT2R is the latest racing model of the car and has {{Convert|450|hp|kW|0|abbr=on}} and an open top with a metal [[rollcage]]. The Spyker C12 LaTurbie is the most recent road model and also has a long wheelbase but comes with a new 12 cylinder 6.0 litre Audi [[W12 engine]] producing {{Convert|500|hp|kW|-1|abbr=on}}. Despite the changed designation, C12 instead of C8, the car's appearance is still similar to that of the C8 models. C12 refers to the twelve cylinders, while the C8 has only eight. Though similar in name to the C12 LaTurbie, the limited edition [[Spyker C12 Zagato]] is different from the the C8 series. ==Racing== [[Image:Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R.jpg|thumb|right|One of two C8 Spyder GT2-Rs at the [[2006 24 Hours of Le Mans]].]] The Spyder C8 Double 12R's first race was the [[12 Hours of Sebring]] in 2002, though an accident prevented the car from finishing. It also participates in the [[24 hours of Le Mans]] and several other endurance races. Since 2005 it has also participated in [[FIA GT]] races with a Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R. ==External links== *[http://www.spykercars.nl/ Spyker Cars] (official website) *[http://www.spykerowner.com/ (owner and enthusiast website) {{Spyker}} [[Category:Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive vehicles]] [[Category:Sports cars]] [[Category:Cars of the Netherlands]] [[Category:Spyker|C8]] [[Category:Convertibles]] [[Category:2000s automobiles]] [[Category:Vehicles introduced in 2000]] [[de:Spyker C8]] [[it:Spyker C8]] [[nl:Spyker C8]] [[ja:スパイカー・C8]] [[pl:Spyker C8]] [[fi:Spyker C8]] Image:USS Springfield CL-66.jpg 4197590 41223537 2006-02-25T22:13:09Z Cornellrockey 266817 [[USS Springfield (CL-66)]] fires her 6"/47 and 5"/38 guns, during gunnery practice in the Pacific, circa 1947-1948. Note that the cruiser still retains one aircraft catapult. [http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-s/cl66.htm source] {{PD-USGo == Summary == [[USS Springfield (CL-66)]] fires her 6"/47 and 5"/38 guns, during gunnery practice in the Pacific, circa 1947-1948. Note that the cruiser still retains one aircraft catapult. [http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-s/cl66.htm source] {{PD-USGov-Military-Navy}} Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives. == Licensing == {{PD-USGov}} Karlaplan 4197620 243305065 2008-10-05T23:58:16Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Adding geodata: {{coord missing|Sweden}} [[Image:Karlaplan 20050921 001.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Fountain]] at ''Karlaplan'']] [[Image:Karlaplan från Karlavägen, 1880.jpg|thumb|300px|Karlaplan in 1880]] '''Karlaplan''' is an open [[park]]-[[plaza]] area in [[Östermalm]] in [[Stockholm]]. Karlaplan was founded in the late 19th century, inspired by the star shaped street patterns of [[Paris]]. The plaza is named in honour of all the [[Sweden|Swedish]] [[Monarch|kings]] called ''Karl'', like [[Karl X Gustav]], [[Charles XI|Karl XI]] and [[Karl XII]]. [[August Strindberg]] lived at Karlaplan 1901–1908. During [[World War I]], the park was used to grow [[vegetable]]s. ==Subway Station== The Karlaplan underground [[Stockholm Metro|Metro]] station was opened in 1967. {{coord missing|Sweden}} [[Category:Squares in Stockholm]] [[Category:Parks in Stockholm]] [[Category:Stockholm Metro stations]] {{rail-station-stub}} {{Stockholm-geo-stub}} [[fi:Karlaplan]] [[sv:Karlaplan, Stockholm]] Czech Republic at the 2002 Winter Olympics 4197652 237697253 2008-09-11T12:34:00Z /* Results and competitors by event */ {{Infobox Olympics Czech Republic |games=2002 Winter |competitors=75 |sports= |flagbearer=[[Aleš Valenta]] (freestyle skiing) |gold=1 |silver=2 |bronze=0 |total=3 |rank=16 }} The '''[[Czech Republic]]''' competed at the '''[[2002 Winter Olympics]]''' in [[Salt Lake City, Utah|Salt Lake City]], [[United States]]. ==Medalists== ===[[Image:Med_1.png]] Gold=== * '''[[Freestyle skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics|Freestyle Skiing]]''' **Men's Aerials: [[Aleš Valenta]] ===[[Image:Med_2.png]] Silver=== * '''[[Cross country skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics|Cross Country Skiing]]''' **Women's 15 km Free: [[Kateřina Neumannová]] **Women's Combined: [[Kateřina Neumannová]] ==Results and competitors by event== ===[[Ice hockey at the 2002 Winter Olympics|Ice hockey]]=== ====Men's team competition==== *'''Team Roster''': :*[[Milan Hnilička]] :*[[Roman Čechmánek]] :*[[Dominik Hašek]] :*[[Roman Hamrlík]] :*[[Jaroslav Špaček]] :*[[Pavel Kubina]] :*[[Tomáš Kaberle]] :*[[Michal Sýkora]] :*[[Martin Škoula]] :*[[Richard Šmehlík]] :*[[Martin Havlát]] :*[[Pavel Patera]] :*[[Petr Čajánek]] :*[[Petr Sýkora]] :*[[Radek Dvořák]] :*[[Robert Lang]] :*[[Robert Reichel]] :*[[Milan Hejduk]] :*[[Patrik Eliáš]] :*[[Martin Ručinský]] :*[[Jiří Dopita]] :*[[Jan Hrdina]] :*[[Jaromír Jágr]] *'''Head Coach''': [[Josef Augusta]] ===[[Speed skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics|Speed skating]]=== * [[David Kramár]] <br> {{NOCin2002WinterOlympics}} [[Category:Nations at the 2002 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Czech Republic at the Olympics|2002]] [[Category:2002 in the Czech Republic]] Sambo (food) 4197682 41224719 2006-02-25T22:23:07Z Pissant 679766 #redirect [[sandwich]] Fritz Klein (disambiguation) 4197707 154391157 2007-08-29T14:21:13Z AnnaKucsma 358984 '''Fritz Klein''' can refer to: *[[Fritz Klein]], American physician and bisexual activist *[[Fritz Klein (actor)|Richard F. "Fritz" Klein]], American actor known for portraying [[Abraham Lincoln]] *[[Fritz Klein (Nazi)]], Nazi physician who was convicted and executed 13 December 1945 following conviction at the Nuremberg "Doctors Trial" {{hndis|name=Klein, Fritz}} Nélson 4197733 123817922 2007-04-18T14:47:25Z Matthew hk 727505 [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[Nelson]] #REDIRECT [[Nelson]] Trashed (game show) 4197763 240171351 2008-09-22T06:19:18Z has his own article, over last '''''Trashed''''' was a [[television]] [[game show]] that ran on [[MTV]] for one season ([[1994]]-[[1995]]). It was hosted by [[Chris Hardwick]]. ==Premise== Two teams competed in a studio literally filled with junk to answer questions based on music videos and pop culture. Each team brought six "prized possessions" from home to risk having destroyed, or "Trashed", if they did not answer enough questions correctly. ==Main Game== To start the game, host Hardwick would ask the teams a toss-up question (no points at stake) to determine who would go first. This team then selected a "prized possession" from the other team that they wanted to see "trashed". After the selection was made, a category (similar to those on ''[[Remote Control (game show)|Remote Control]]'') was given. Three questions, worth 50 points each, were asked; either team could buzz in and answer the question. The defending team had to answer at least two of the three questions correctly to save their object. If they did not, the possession in play was destroyed in front of them violently. (Note that once the fate of the object had been decided, the category was over immediately.) If an object was saved, it could not be chosen again. Each team played with three out of their six possessions per round. Whether an object was saved or "trashed", the team who answered the most questions correctly in a set got to select the next item they wanted to see "trashed". Round two was the same as round one, with the point values being doubled and each team's other three items put into play. ===Categories=== Each category consisted of three questions dealing with [[pop culture]], [[music video]]s, or random trivia. On occasion, a [[Sketch comedy|skit]] would be presented, after which the contestants would have to answer questions about the skit or from the performers themselves. Examples of categories included "The Naked Trucker" and "Where in the Hell is [[Mayim Bialik]]?" (a satire of the computer game/game show, ''[[Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?]]'') ===Trashing=== The demolition of prized possessions was carried out by Mark Fite, AKA "Mark the Trasher", with occasional help from Andrea Wagner, the model/announcer. Depending on the item being destroyed, this could be carried out in many ways: * Blowing the item up inside a blast chamber * Shooting the item with a [[paintball]] gun * Stuffed animals, shoes, and the like were run over with a lawn mower. * The possession was placed against a brick wall, then a [[wrecking ball]] would be sent crashing into the object. * [[Electronics]], such as VCR's and boomboxes, were crushed in a device that looked like a vertical vise with spikes. An autographed basketball was also destroyed with this machine. * Mark would appear to be working out on a [[leg press]] machine; he would extend a full rep and the item was placed underneath the suspended weight stack. He would then remove his legs, allowing the weights to freefall and crush the object. * Shoes and boots were destroyed by placing them on a [[mannequin]] sitting in a shoe shine booth; the boots were then "shined" using a sander, destroying them. * Clothes were destroyed by cutting them up with scissors or a knife, or swinging them around on a [[chainsaw]]; on one occasion, a shirt was placed on a giant doll of [[Beavis and Butt-Head|Beavis or Butt-Head]] (clearly to promote that show, which was just starting out and becoming popular.) Mark then proceeded to pour bleach on both Beavis and Butt-Head, ruining the shirt; it was then sliced apart with a knife. * [[Baseball cards]] and [[compact disc|CD's]] were destroyed by placing them in a box filled with sand, then running over them with a belt sander, ruining both sides. * [[Televisions]] and [[cassette tape]] collections were often destroyed by throwing heavy objects onto them from a balcony constructed on stage. * [[Surfboard]]s were sawn into pieces with a chainsaw. * If at any time the "trashing" did not work as planned, Mark the Trasher would simply finish the job himself using a [[sledgehammer]]. * On one occasion, the item at stake was an autographed [[baseball]]; they brought out a paint can full of hot tar in which to submerge it. However, Mark decided that the baseball was too expensive and instead threw it into the audience. * On another occasion, a male contestant with long blonde hair put his hair on the line as one of his "prized possessions"; upon getting these questions wrong, staff members began cutting his hair and continued to do so for the remainder of the main game. ==Lightning Round== Round three was called the "Survival Round". One contestant from each team had to answer questions (at 150 points each) while the other contestant was "imprisoned". At the end of 39 seconds (not a typo), the team in the lead won the game. The "imprisoned" contestant on the losing team was then "trashed" him/herself (either [[Public humiliation|publicly humiliated]], [[slime]]d, or made to come face to face with their "worst fear".) The winners moved on to the final round, while the losers left with a tacky parting gift such as a [[Simpsons]] [[chess|chess set]] and were also required to do 10 hours [[community service]] (to go with the "trash" theme.) ==Bonus Round== The bonus round was a cross between the one used on ''Remote Control'' and the Winner's Circle round on the ''[[Pyramid (game show)|$25,000 Pyramid]]''. The players on the winning team were seated face to face, with three television monitors behind each player, each showing a music video. One at a time, one player would tell the other what was showing on one of the videos behind them, and the second player would have to identify the artist of said video. Correctly identifying all six videos/artists within the time limit won the grand prize. The time given in the bonus round depended on how well the team did in the upfront game; 30 seconds were given with an additional five seconds tacked on for every possession that team saved; hence, saving all six possessions resulted in the team having 60 seconds to identify all the videos (Hardwick's usual explanation for this situation was, "Normally, we give you 30 seconds, but you saved everything, so I'm going to give you full time" (or something similar), after which he would ask for the timer to be set to 60 seconds). ==Ongoing gags/jokes== ''Trashed'' had several ongoing comedy bits that were emphasized, usually involving the trash theme and/or humiliating the contestants. * The word "Loser" was used excessively in this show. At the end of the game, before the "consolation prizes" and winners' prizes were announced, host Hardwick would usually say something to the effect of "on Trashed, there are no winners, just losers!" A sound bite saying "Loser!" was sometimes used when a contestant got a question wrong; the word was also displayed on a screen during the bonus round if one contestant gave an invalid clue. The connotation was furthered with the [[Beck]] song [[Loser (song)|Loser]], which was popular at the time. * The questions very often included bathroom or sexual humor; this is commonplace for MTV, but some of it was very clearly meant to test the boundaries of acceptable material on the network. This pushing of the envelope may go hand-in-hand with the experimenting with crudeness done on other relatively new MTV shows at the time, most notably ''Beavis and Butt-Head.'' * Before the bonus round was played, the "rules" to the bonus round and a disclaimer were read at an incomprehensibly fast speed by the announcer as they scrolled rapidly across the screen. * If a team won the bonus round, Mark the Trasher would shoot [[confetti]] onto the contestants through a modified [[leafblower]] from the balcony; later in the season, he would begin shooting random objects such as regular pieces of paper through the leafblower, and finally this would occur whether the team won or lost. * Songs played in the background while the end credits rolled included [[What Is Love (song)|What Is Love]] by [[Haddaway]], and [[Mr. Vain]] by [[Culture Beat]]. These songs were popular in 1994 and usually had a connotation of someone hurting someone else, further emphasizing the destructive nature of the show. ==Additional Notes== * ''Trashed'' is one of the earliest of several game shows that has employed destruction of prizes and/or property as one of its gimmicks. Other such shows have included ''[[Big Deal (game show)|Big Deal]]'', a knockoff of the classic show ''[[Let's Make a Deal]]'' in which certain deals involved contestants damaging and/or destroying their own possessions in an effort to win better prizes; ''[[I Bet You Will]]'', another MTV program in which random people were selected off the streets or other public venues to perform outrageous stunts and/or have their possessions destroyed for money; ''[[Distraction (game show)|Distraction]]'', a British show later also produced for [[Comedy Central]] in which contestants were humiliated and distracted while answering questions, with the winner having to save his or her prizes from damage and/or destruction; and ''[[Beat the Crusher]]'', another British game show in which contestants had their prized possessions destroyed as a tradeoff for money and/or punishment for losing games, with the final competition involving two couples gambling their cars in an attempt to win another one (the loser's car was dropped into a [[compactor|junkyard crusher]] and smashed.) ==External links== * {{imdb title|id=0189316|title=Trashed}} * [http://www.prehensile.com/tales/trashed/trashed.htm One contestant's experience] [[Category:1990s American television series]] [[Category:Cable game shows]] [[Category:MTV game shows]] [[Category:1994 television series debuts]] [[Category:1995 television series endings]] Patricio Galaz 4197784 242671363 2008-10-03T04:27:34Z {{Football player infobox | playername= Patricio Galaz | fullname = Patricio Sebastián Galaz Sepulveda | nickname = El Pato | dateofbirth = {{birth date and age|1976|12|31}} | cityofbirth = [[Santiago, Chile|Santiago]] | countryofbirth = [[Chile]] | height = {{height|m=1.76}}) | currentclub = [[Ñublense]] | position = Forward | youthyears = | youthclubs = | years = 1996<br> 1997<br> 1997<br> 1998<br> 1999-2000<br> 2001-2004<br> 2005-2006<br>2007<br>2008-Present | clubs = [[Regional Atacama]]<br> [[Club Deportivo Universidad Católica|CD Universidad Católica]]<br> [[Club de Deportes Antofagasta|CD Antofagasta]]<br> [[Coquimbo Unido]]<br> [[Palestino]]<br> [[Cobreloa]]<br> [[Atlante]]<br>[[Universidad de Chile (football club)|Universidad de Chile]]<br>[[Ñublense]] | caps(goals) = 8 (4)<br> 6 (2)<br> 5 (2)<br> 20 (5)<br> 55 (24)<br> 147 (72)<br> 53 (23)<br> 21 (8)<br>6 (2) | nationalyears = 2004- | nationalteam = [[Chile national football team|Chile]] | nationalcaps(goals) = 8 (0) | pcupdate = 22 January 2008 | ntupdate = 22 January 2008 }} '''Patricio Sebastián Galaz Sepúlveda''' (born on [[December 31]], [[1976]]) is a Chilean [[Football (soccer)|footballer]] [[Striker|forward]], who currently plays for [[Ñublense]] in the [[Copa Mustang]].He was born in [[Santiago, Chile]] and his position on the team is Centre-Forward. He previously played for [[Cobreloa]] in Chile. He played there for 4 years (2001-2004). He than spent the next two seasons with Mexican club [[Atlante]]. He was known there as Patricio "El Pato" (The Duck) Galaz.He played there for 4 years also (1997-2000).In 2008 he was signed for [[Ñublense]]. {{Chile Squad 2004 Copa América}} {{Ñublense squad}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Galaz, Patricio}} [[Category:1976 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Chilean footballers]] [[Category:Cobreloa footballers]] [[Category:Universidad Católica footballers]] [[Category:Universidad de Chile players]] [[Category:CF Atlante footballers]] [[Category:Chile international footballers]] [[Category:2004 Copa América players]] [[Category:Chilean expatriate footballers]] [[Category:CD Palestino players]] [[es:Patricio Galaz]] Raleigh (bicycle) 4197823 41226780 2006-02-25T22:40:04Z Christopherlin 51957 moved [[Raleigh (bicycle)]] to [[Raleigh Bicycle Company]]: proper name #REDIRECT [[Raleigh Bicycle Company]] MN gene 4197866 241888523 2008-09-29T23:29:30Z Butwhatdoiknow 3093489 Reformat {{Orphan|date=November 2006}} {{Refimprove|date=April 2007}} The MN blood group in humans is under the control of a pair of [[Dominance relationship#Codominance|co-dominant]] [[allele]]s, LM and LN. Most people in the [[Eskimo]] population are M/M, while this genotype is rare among [[Indigenous Australians|Aborigines]]. In fact, they tend to possess the opposite genotype (N/N). The MN blood group system is under the control of an [[autosomal]] locus found on chromosome 4 out of 23, with two alleles designated LM and LN. The bloodtype is due to a [[glycoprotein]] present on the surface of red blood cells, which behaves as a native [[antigen]]. [[Phenotypic]] expression at this locus is [[codominant]] because an individual may exhibit either one or both antigenic substances. Frequencies of the two [[alleles]] vary widely among human populations. [[Category:Genetics]] {{genetics-stub}} ==References== * http://www.mun.ca/biology/scarr/MN_bloodgroup.html Southport, England 4197895 41228144 2006-02-25T22:50:31Z Rhymeless 58267 redirect #REDIRECT [[Southport]] Mildred Rosenbaum 4197921 41341800 2006-02-26T18:43:33Z JzG 760284 moved #REDIRECT [[Rosenbaum House]] Michie Tavern 4197946 240328928 2008-09-23T00:23:19Z X! 3010110 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to last version by WaldoJ ([[WP:HG|HG]]) {{Infobox_nrhp | name = Michie Tavern | image = Vacation05 053.jpg | caption = | location = [[Albemarle County, Virginia|Albemarle County]], [[Virginia]] | nearest_city = [[Charlottesville, Virginia|Charlottesville]] | lat_degrees = | lat_minutes = | lat_seconds = | lat_direction = N | long_degrees = | long_minutes = | long_seconds = | long_direction = W | built = 1784 | architect = | architecture = | added = 1986 | refnum = 86003913<ref name=nrhp>{{cite web|url=http://www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com/VA/Albemarle/state.html|title=National Register of Historical Places - Virginia (VA), Albemarle County|date=2007-05-08|work=National Register of Historic Places|publisher=National Park Service}}</ref> | visitation_num = | visitation_year = | governing_body = Private }} '''Michie Tavern''', located in [[Albemarle County, Virginia|Albemarle County]], [[Virginia]], is a [http://www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com/va/Albemarle/state.html Virginia Historic Landmark] that was established in 1784 by Scotsman William Michie, though in [[Earlysville, Virginia | Earlysville]]. The Tavern served as the social center of its community and provided travelers with food, drink and lodging. In 1927, the Tavern was moved 17 miles to its present location close to [[Monticello]]. The tavern is proximal to several other notable historic attractions: * [[Monticello]] * [[Ash Lawn-Highland]] * [[University of Virginia]] ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== *[http://wiki.monticello.org/mediawiki/index.php/Michie_Tavern Thomas Jefferson Wiki]. *[http://www.michietavern.com Michie Tavern's own website]. ==Gallery== <gallery> Image:Mitchietavern.jpg Image:100 1078.jpg </gallery> [[Category:Registered Historic Places in Virginia]] [[Category:Houses in Virginia]] Template:Increase 4197969 edit=sysop:move=sysop 229707828 2008-08-04T04:17:02Z RockMFR 2362410 {{documentation}} <span style="color: #0c0; font-size: larger;">▲</span><noinclude> {{pp-template|small=yes}} {{documentation}} </noinclude> Portal:Current events/2005 October 1 4197986 158720175 2007-09-18T13:27:08Z Fram 390477 moved [[October 1, 2005]] to [[Portal:Current events/2005 October 1]]: Current practice <div id="1_October_2005_.28Saturday.29"> </div> {{daybar|October 1, 2005|2005}} ==[[1 October]] [[2005]] (Saturday)== *The [[Ilamatepec]] [[volcano]] erupts in a [[coffee]]-growing area 40 miles (60 km) west of [[San Salvador]], [[El Salvador]], spitting rock and ash into the air. The Salvadoran government evacuates hundreds of people in the region and there are no reported injuries. San Salvador's air quality - already the most polluted in [[Central America]] - is significantly worsened by the additional volcanic debris. [http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20051001/wl_nm/salvador_volcano_dc (Yahoo! news)](Link dead as of 22:37, [[14 January]] [[2007]] (UTC)) * A [[2005 University of Oklahoma bombing|bomb]] explodes outside of [[Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium|a packed football stadium]] at the [[University of Oklahoma]], killing one. [http://abcnews.go.com/U.S./wireStory?id=1177089 (ABC)] [http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/02/national/02blast.html (NYTimes)] (registration required) * A Russian [[Soyuz launch vehicle|rocket]] lifts a [[Soyuz spacecraft]] towards the [[International Space Station]], carrying the third fare-paying [[space tourist]], American [[Gregory Olsen]]. [http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/space/10/01/russia.olsen.ap/index.html (CNN)] (Link dead as of 22:37, [[14 January]] [[2007]] (UTC)) [http://www.floridatoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051001/BREAKINGNEWS/51001002 (FloridaToday)] * [[2005 Bali bombings|Four explosions]] are reported in [[Bali]] at popular tourist areas, killing at least 36 and injuring 103 people. [http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapcf/10/01/bali.blasts.ap/index.html (CNN)] (Link dead as of 22:37, [[14 January]] [[2007]] (UTC)) [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/4300274.stm (BBC)] [http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/I/INDONESIA_BLASTS?SITE=WRKO&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&SECTION=HOME (WRKO)] * [[New Zealand]]'s [[New Zealand Labour Party|Labour]] Prime Minister [[Helen Clark]] is set to form a third-term government after the [[New Zealand National Party|National Party]] loses a seat following the [[New Zealand general election, 2005|count of 'special' votes]]. She begins talks with minor party leaders to form a coalition government as well obtain the support of enough minor parties to have a majority on supply and confidence issues. [http://www9.sbs.com.au/theworldnews/region.php?id=122041&region=2 (SBS)] [http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=worldNews&storyID=2005-09-30T233257Z_01_KRA083708_RTRUKOC_0_UK-NEWZEALAND-RESULT.xml&archived=False (Reuters)] (Link dead as of 22:37, [[14 January]] [[2007]] (UTC)) [http://electionresults.govt.nz/ (NZ election results)] *The [[Indonesia]]n government raises [[fuel]] prices by more than 100%, resulting in petrol prices of 4,500 [[rupiah]] (US$0.44) a litre (US$1.67 per gallon). [http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=worldNews&storyID=2005-09-30T225434Z_01_KRA082440_RTRUKOC_0_UK-INDONESIA-FUEL.xml&archived=False (Reuters)] (Link dead as of 22:37, [[14 January]] [[2007]] (UTC)) [[Category:Days in 2005]] Portal:Current events/2005 October 5 4198008 158721401 2007-09-18T13:34:47Z Fram 390477 moved [[October 5, 2005]] to [[Portal:Current events/2005 October 5]]: Current practice <div id="5_October_2005_.28Wednesday.29"> </div> {{daybar|October 5, 2005|2005}} ==5 October 2005 (Wednesday)== * [[Level 3 Communications]] terminates [[peering]] connectivity between its [[Internet protocol|Internet]] [[computer network|network]] and the one belonging to [[Cogent Communications]] over a financial dispute. As a result, thousands of Internet users are unable to access some sites. [http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,122893,00.asp (PC World)] * [[England national football team|England international]] [[football (soccer)|football]] player [[Wayne Rooney]] is named as [http://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/charity-news/six-villages-ambassadors.htm FIFA SOS Ambassador] for England, in support of the official [[ FIFA World Cup]] charity. [http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/NewsFromTheFA/Postings/2005/10/WayneRooneyAmbassador.htm (the FA)] [http://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/charity-news/six-villages-wayne-rooney.htm (SOS)] * [[Uganda]]-born [[John Sentamu]] is formally confirmed in office as the [[Archbishop of York]], the second-highest post in the [[Church of England]]. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/north_yorkshire/4300008.stm (BBC)] [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/10/06/nbish06.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/10/06/ixhome.html (The Telegraph)] * [[United States|U.S.]] [[United States Marine Corps|Marine]] [[Leandro Aragoncillo]] is indicted for [[espionage]], accused of passing [[classified information]] from the [[Vice President of the United States|Vice President]]'s office to the [[Philippines]]. [http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=1187885 (Reuters)] * The [[Roman Catholic]] bishops of [[England]], [[Wales]], and [[Scotland]] issue a teaching guide which explains [[Bible|biblical]] passages should not be taken literally. The [[Creationism|Creation]], [[Garden of Eden]] and the creation of [[Adam and Eve|Eve]] from [[Adam and Eve|Adam]]'s rib are considered to be "symbolic language". [http://news.scotsman.com/scotland.cfm?id=2045132005 (Scotsman)] * [[Russia]]n [[President of Russia|President]] [[Vladimir Putin]] in a ceremony at [[10 Downing Street]] awards the [[Order of Maritime Service]] to six [[United Kingdom|British]] military and civilian personnel responsible for the rescue of the mini-submarine [[AS-28]] off the [[Kamchatka Peninsula]]. [http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/viewarticle.aspx?id=288707 (North West Evening Mail)] * The [[Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences]] awards [[Yves Chauvin]], [[Robert H. Grubbs]], and [[Richard R. Schrock]] the 2005 [[Nobel Prize in Chemistry]], "for the development of the [[olefin metathesis|metathesis]] method in [[organic synthesis]]". [http://nobelprize.org/chemistry/laureates/2005/index.html (Nobelprize.org)] * [[South Thailand insurgency]]: Five [[Military of Thailand|Thai]] soldiers are killed in a [[drive-by shooting]] in [[Thailand]]'s [[Narathiwat province]]. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4312760.stm (BBC)] * [[Conflict in Iraq]]: The [[British Government]] alleges that [[Iran]] is responsible for recent attacks on [[British Armed Forces|British military forces]]. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4312516.stm (BBC)] * [[Hurricane Stan]] strikes [[Mexico]] and [[Central America]], at least 66 people have died, most of them in [[landslide]]s in [[El Salvador]]. [http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/2005/10/05/StanWeds20051005.html (CBC)] * Braving the threat of a [[veto]] from [[United States]] President [[George W. Bush]], [[United States Senate|U.S. Senate]] [[Republican Party (United States)|Republicans]] joined [[Democratic Party (United States)|Democrats]], voting [http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=109&session=1&vote=00249 90 to 9] to amend defense spending bill with a ban the use of [[torture]] by U.S. military forces. [http://news.ft.com/cms/s/59f323ae-3606-11da-903d-00000e2511c8.html (FT)] [http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/12826095.htm (Mercury News)] *The [[National Hockey League]] returns after a year-long lockout. Opening night featured all 30 teams in action, including young phenom [[Sidney Crosby]]'s debut against the [[New Jersey Devils]]. [[Category:Days in 2005]] Image:Greg Brooks portrait.jpg 4198028 41230282 2006-02-25T23:06:17Z Tina Brooks 934479 Author: Tina Brooks, source: Tina Brooks Fair use rationale: # it is a historically significant photo of a famous individual == Summary == Author: Tina Brooks, source: Tina Brooks Fair use rationale: # it is a historically significant photo of a famous individual == Licensing == {{PD-self}} List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy:148 4198049 41230569 2006-02-25T23:08:23Z Arcadian 104523 redir #REDIRECT [[List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries]] List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy:152 4198064 41230744 2006-02-25T23:09:37Z Arcadian 104523 REDIR #REDIRECT [[List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries]] List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy:159 4198085 41231015 2006-02-25T23:11:33Z Arcadian 104523 redir #REDIRECT [[List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries]] Mu-Ziq 4198103 41231187 2006-02-25T23:12:44Z CapitalLetterBeginning 379043 #REDIRECT [[Mike Paradinas]] NGDC 4198129 41231722 2006-02-25T23:16:40Z Winona Gone Shopping 493689 redir #redirect [[National Geophysical Data Center]] Erotic art museum 4198154 41231975 2006-02-25T23:18:35Z Jpbowen 323196 Redirect #REDIRECT [[Sex museum]] WXCW 4198177 242700875 2008-10-03T08:11:36Z D6 75561 fmt [[WP:GEO|coor]] {{Infobox_Broadcast | call_letters = WXCW| city = | station_logo = [[Image:Wxcw 2007.png]]| station_branding = CW 6<br>WINK News Now| analog = 46 ([[ultra high frequency|UHF]])| digital = 45 (UHF)| other_chs = | affiliations = [[The CW Television Network|The CW]]| network = | founded = | airdate = [[August 14]], [[1986]]| location = [[Naples, Florida|Naples]] / [[Fort Myers, Florida]]| callsign_meaning = Channel Si'''X''' The '''CW'''| former_callsigns = WNPL-TV (1990-1995)<br>WTVK (1995-2007)| former_channel_numbers = | owner = Sun Broadcasting| licensee = | sister_stations = [[WARO|WARO-FM]]<br>[[WINK (AM)|WINK-AM / WNOG-AM]]<br>[[WNTY|WNTY-FM]]<br>[[WTLT|WTLT-FM]]| former_affiliations = [[Independent station|Independent]] (1986-1995)<br>[[UPN]] (1995-1998)<br>[[The WB Television Network|The WB]] (1998-2006)| effective_radiated_power = 5,000 [[kilowatt|kW]] (analog)<br>1,000 kW (digital)| HAAT = 456 [[metre|m]] (both)| class = | facility_id = 61504| coordinates = {{coord|26|47|8.3|N|81|47|45.8|W|type:landmark_scale:2000}}| homepage = | }} '''WXCW''', channel 46, is the [[The CW|CW]]-affiliated [[television station]] for [[Southwest Florida]] that is licensed to [[Naples, Florida|Naples]]. Its transmitter is located north of [[Fort Myers Shores, Florida|Fort Myers Shores]] near the [[Lee County, Florida|Lee]] and [[Charlotte County, Florida|Charlotte]] County line. Owned by Sun Broadcasting, the station is located on [[Comcast]] channel 6 hence the ''''''CW 6''''' branding. [[Broadcast syndication|Syndicated]] programming on the station includes: ''[[Two and a Half Men]]'', ''[[King of Queens]]'', ''[[Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US game show)|Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?]]'', ''[[Family Guy]]'', and ''[[Judge Judy]]''. It also airs [[Miami Dolphins]] preseason football games from [[WFOR-TV]] in [[Miami, Florida|Miami]], [[Tampa Bay Rays]] games from [[WXPX-TV]] in [[Tampa, Florida|Tampa]], and [[Southeastern Conference|SEC]] football / basketball games from [[Raycom Media|Raycom Sports]]. WXCW is one of two major Fort Myers-based stations licensed to Naples (the other being [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]] affiliate [[WZVN-TV]]). In addition to being offered free over-the-air, the station's [[HDTV|high definition]] signal is located on Comcast digital channels 206 or 236. ==History== The station began broadcasting on [[August 14]], [[1986]] as '''WNPL-TV'''. It was the second independent station in Southwest Florida. Channel 46 was beset with problems early on, most notably finding programming. As late as 1993, station personnel were often going to a local video store & renting public domain videos to play on the station. Often, the station's graphics were misplaced & the status of WNPL was constantly in doubt. From 1993-1998, the station carried [[Florida Marlins]] baseball games from [[WBFS-TV]] in Miami. It also aired [[Orlando Magic]] basketball during much of this time. The situation changed on [[January 15]], [[1995]] when the station joined [[UPN]] as a charter affiliate. It changed its call letters to '''WTVK''' in September of that year. Those calls were previously used on what is now [[WVLT-TV]] in [[Knoxville, Tennessee]]. With a network backing it up, the station was able to change program content & strengthen its signal. In 1998, WTVK switched its UPN affiliation with the area's cable-only [[The WB|WB]] affiliate "[[WNFM-TV|WSWF]]". It adopted the on-air moniker ''WB 6''. On [[January 24]] 2006, UPN & The WB announced that they cease broadcasting & merge. The new combined network would be called '''The CW''', the letters representing the first initial of its corporate parents: CBS (the parent company of UPN) & the [[Warner Bros.]] unit of [[Time Warner]]. On [[February 22]], [[News Corporation]] announced that they would start up another network called '''MyNetworkTV'''. The new network, which would be sister to [[FOX]], would be operated by [[Fox Television Stations|FOX Television Stations]] & its syndication division [[Twentieth Television]]. [[MyNetworkTV]] was created in order to give UPN & WB stations, not mentioned as becoming CW affiliates, another option besides becoming independent. It's also created to compete against The CW. On [[March 9]], Acme announced that most of its WB stations, including WTVK, would affiliate with The CW. However, it was likely that WTVK would receive the CW affiliation without the corporate deal. The area's UPN affiliate, "[[WNFM-TV|WNFM]]", is a cable-only station. "WNFM" eventually joined MyNetworkTV which began broadcasting on [[September 5]]. WTVK began broadcasting The CW on [[September 18]]. On that date, WTVK became known on-air as ''CW 6''. Back on [[May 15]] [[2006]], [[Acme Communications]] announced that it would sell WTVK to Sun Broadcasting, a local broadcaster owned by Joe Schwartzel. The sale was finalized on [[February 16]], [[2007]]. On [[March 2]], after Sun Broadcasting assumed control, the station changed its call letters to the current '''WXCW'''. After that, WXCW moved from its [[Bonita Springs, Florida|Bonita Springs]] studios to studio facilities in Fort Myers. ==News operation== [[Image:Wxcw open.PNG|thumb|left|WXCW's news open.]] The station airs the first hour of the nationally syndicated morning show, ''[[The Daily Buzz]]'', during the week from 6-7 AM. Starting on [[March 26]] 2007, WINK-TV began producing a nightly 10 o'clock newscast on WXCW. This was the 3rd 10 o'clock news established in the market after [[FOX]] affiliate [[WFTX]] & WNFM. Right from the start, it emerged as the #2 ranked 10 PM production in the area. On [[May 25]], the WZVN-produced WNFM news stopped airing. This was the result of Comcast's frequent technical difficulties, which hindered on the show's ratings & the popularity of the WXCW production. Beginning on [[October 20]], WINK-TV was the 1st station in Southwest Florida to broadcast local news in [[HDTV|high definition]]. The station purchased new HD studio cameras, field cameras, weather computers & graphics to complete the launch. The WXCW broadcasts were also included in the upgrade. On [[January 7]] [[2008]], WINK-TV added a 2-hour extension of its weekday morning news on WXCW. This displaced the 2nd & 3rd hours of ''The Daily Buzz''. WXCW also began to rebroadcast ''WINK News Now at Noon'' @ 1 PM ==News teams== [[Image:Wink wxcw anchors.png|thumb|right|Trey Radel and Stacey Adams anchor on weeknights.]] [[Image:Wxcw weather 2007.png|thumb|right|Meteorologist Scott Zedeker is seen on weeknights.]] '''''The Daily Buzz'''''<br>''(Weekday Mornings 6-7 AM)'' *Anchors: **Andy Campbell **Andrea Jackson *News Updates: **Kia Malone *Weather: **Mitch English '''''WINK News Now This Morning'''''<br>''(Weekday Mornings 7-9 AM)'' *Anchors: **Rob Spicker **Sarah Augusthy *Weather: **Brian Monahan *Traffic: **Miriam Zamorano '''''WINK News Now at Noon'''''<br>''(Weekdays 1-2 PM)'' *Anchor: **Lindsay Liepman *Weather: **Brian Monahan '''''WINK News Now at 10''''' ''(10-10:30 PM)''<br>''Weeknights'' *Anchors: **Trey Radel **Stacey Adams *Weather: **Scott Zedeker ''Weekends'' *Anchors: **Jeremiah Jacobsen **Jennifer Stacy *Weather: **Amanda McDonald *Sports: **Randy Scott ''WXCW uses additional news personnel from WINK-TV. See [[WINK-TV|that article]] for a complete listing.'' ==Logos== <gallery> Image:Wtvk.jpg|WTVK's "WB 6" logo. Image:Wtvk_cw_swfl.jpg|Former "CW 6" logo used under Acme Broadcasting ownership & under call letters ''WTVK''. Image:Wxcw_2007.png|Former WXCW "CW 6" logo used for the 2007-2008 television season. </gallery> ==External links== *[http://www.cw6tv.com/ WXCW-TV ''CW 6''] *[http://www.cwtv.com/ The CW TV Network] *{{TVQ|WXCW}} *{{BIA|WXCW|TV|TV}} {{CW Florida}} [[Category:CW network affiliates]] [[Category:Channel 46 TV stations in the United States]] [[Category:Television channels and stations established in 1990]] Noseguard 4198196 147576822 2007-07-28T01:32:42Z B 1300609 Unacceptable solution to a [[Template_talk:Infobox_NFLactive#This_is_a_hideously_bad_solution|template issue]] - only pages that need disambiguation should have parenthetical names. #REDIRECT [[Nose guard]] Flintwood 4198222 94093833 2006-12-13T17:51:58Z Himm 3016954 Moved to county category. This is not a city. '''Flintwood''' is a neighborhood in [[Riverdale, Georgia]], USA. == Main Roads == :*Outside ::*Lamar Hutcheson PKWY ::*Upper Riverdale Rd. ::*Valley Hill Rd. :*Inside ::*Heathrow Rd. ::*Gano Dr. ::*Roxbury Rd. ::*Westfield Rd. == Schools== The students who live in Flintwood attend many schools :*Elementary ::*Harper Elementary ::*Riverdale Elementary :*Middle ::*Sequoyah Middle ::*Riverdale Middle :*High ::*Mt. Zion High ::*Mundy's Mill High ::*Riverdale High [[Category:Clayton County, Georgia]] Category:Books by Barbara Gowdy 4198249 163567082 2007-10-10T14:08:30Z Kbdank71 197953 [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2007 September 24]] , removed Category:Works by women writers using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{catmore1|[[Barbara Gowdy]]}} [[Category:Canadian books by author|Gowdy, Barbara]] Otto Schott 4198294 233492776 2008-08-22T07:36:36Z Gunnar Hendrich 7524102 fixed death date function in infobox {{Infobox_Scientist |name = Otto Schott |image = |image_width = |caption = Otto Schott |birth_date = {{birth date|1851|12|17}} |birth_place = [[Witten]] [[Germany]] |residence = |nationality = [[Germany|German]] |death_date = {{death date and age|1935|8|27|1851|12|17}} |death_place = [[Jena]] [[Germany]] |field = |work_institution = [[University of Jena]] |alma_mater = [[Friedrich Schiller University of Jena]] |doctoral_advisor = |doctoral_students = |known_for = [[borosilicate glass]]. |prizes = [[Liebig Medal]] (1909) |religion = |footnotes = }}'''Friedrich Otto Schott''' (born [[17 December]] [[1851]] in [[Witten]]; died [[27 August]] [[1935]] in [[Jena]]) was a [[German people|German]] [[chemist]], glass technologist, and the inventor of [[borosilicate glass]]. He was the son of a window glass maker, Simon Schott. From 1870 to 1873 Schott studied chemical technology at the technical college in [[Aachen]] and at the universities of [[University of Würzburg|Würzburg]] and [[University of Leipzig|Leipzig]]. He attained a doctorate in glass chemistry at [[Friedrich Schiller University of Jena]] for his thesis “Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Glass Fabrication”.<ref>Schott, Otto. [http://www.schott.com/english/news/press.html?NID=1190 “Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Glass Fabrication”]</ref> In 1879, Schott developed a new [[lithium]]-based glass that possessed novel [[optics|optical]] properties. Schott shared this discovery with [[Ernst Karl Abbe|Dr Ernst Abbe]], which was the catalyst for a long professional relationship between the two. In 1884, in association with Dr [[Ernst Abbe]] and [[Carl Zeiss]], Otto founded ''[[Glastechnische Laboratorium Schott & Genossen]]'' (Schott & Associates Glass Technology Laboratory) in Jena. It was here, during the period 1887 through to 1893, that Schott developed borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is distinguished for its high tolerance to heat and a substantial resistance to thermal shock (sudden temperature changes) and resistance to degradation when exposed to chemicals. In 1926 Otto Schott retired from active work at Schott & Associtates. == See also == *[[Calculation of glass properties]] ==Notes== {{reflist}} <!-- Google translate of part of the wikipedia.de article. Otto Schott translates to Petrol Bulkhead (!?) Among other things it sent a sample on [[Ernst Abbe]]. These samples had a for the first time reached [[Homogen]]itaet, which it made possible to accomplish spectrometric measurements. From this developed it up to [[1884]] glasses, which completely new optical characteristics exhibited. At the same time it began at the tafelglasfabrik in Witten cover glasses for microscopic to manufacture [[Praeparat]]e. It broke through thereby so far of [[England|Englishmen]] held [[monopoly]] on this area, by manufacturing these cover glasses of approximately 20% more favorably. A specialized scientific exchange of letters with the physicist Abbe led it finally 1882 to Jena. There it based together with Ernst Abbe as well as Roderich Zeiss|Roderich and Carl Zeiss in the year 1884 a glass-technical laboratory, the later Schott AG|Jenaer glass work Schott & comrade. First limited to the melt by optical glaesern and thermometer glass, the enterprise expanded its product range owing to the invention of the heatproof Borosilikatglases 1887 (Jenaer glass) rapidly. Despite growth the enterprise became only in this year profitable. The massive production of heatproof glasses for lighting purposes (gas glow light cylinders for gas and petroleum lamps) justified the economic success of the company. Of this glaesern up to 1909 more than 30 million pieces were sold. The improvements of optical glasses reached by it, among other things it succeeded to manufacture it glasses of also finely gradated optical constants, made the development possible of efficient microscopes and telescopes. The moreover one developed it new glass sorts. Due to its outstanding achievements he got 1905 by the technical university at that time Dresden was lent. 1909 had the successful work of 1,090 coworkers and 1919|later also he retired ten years its portions of the work to the Carl Zeiss donation. He still worked until 1926 in the work as a "civil servant" of the glass work and member of the management. The work of bulkhead knows optical museum in the Jena|Optical museum to be visited.--> {{List of glass companies}} <!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]] --> {{Persondata |NAME = Schott, Otto |ALTERNATIVE NAMES = Schott, Friedrich Otto |SHORT DESCRIPTION = German chemist and glass technologist |DATE OF BIRTH = [[17 December]] [[1851]] |PLACE OF BIRTH = [[Witten]], [[Germany]] |DATE OF DEATH = [[27 August]] [[1935]] |PLACE OF DEATH = [[Jena]], Germany }} {{BD|1851|1935|Schott, Otto}} [[Category:Glass makers]] [[Category:Glass history]] [[Category:German chemists]] [[Category:German inventors]] [[Category:People from the Province of Westphalia]] {{inventor-stub}} {{glass-stub}} [[bg:Ото Шот]] [[de:Otto Schott]] [[fr:Otto Schott]] [[ja:フリードリッヒ・オットー・ショット]] [[sv:Otto Schott]] [[zh:奥托·肖特]] When the Shadows Beam 4198328 242911196 2008-10-04T06:00:22Z Pwnage8 3241390 +template {{Infobox Album | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = When the Shadows Beam| | Type = EP| | Artist = [[Silverstein (band)|Silverstein]]| | Cover = When the Shadows Beam - Cover.jpg| | | Released = [[April 26]], [[2002]]| | Recorded = 2001 and 2002 at Music Gym Studio| | Genre = | | Length = | | Label = Independent| | Producer = | | Reviews = | | Last album = ''[[Summer's Stellar Gaze]]''<br /> (2000| | This album = '''''When the Shadows Beam'''''<br /> (2002)| | Next album = ''[[When Broken Is Easily Fixed]]''<br /> (2003)| }} '''''When Shadows Beam''''' is an EP released by [[Silverstein (band)|Silverstein]] in 2002. Only limited copies were printed. ==Track listing== #"Red Light Pledge" #"Discovering The Waterfront" #"Dawn Of The Fall" #"Wish I Could Forget You" #"Bleeds No More" #"Last Days Of Summer" #"Waiting Four Years" {{Silverstein}} [[Category:Silverstein albums]] [[Category:2002 albums|When the Shadows Beam]] {{2000s-punk-rock-album-stub}} [[fr:When the Shadows Beam]] Chaos (2006 film) 4198361 235420403 2008-08-31T18:47:08Z The PainKiller 666 7743687 /* Cast */ {{Infobox_Film | name=Chaos | image= Chaosposter.jpg | caption= French language poster for ''Chaos''| imdb_id=0402910 | writer=[[Tony Giglio]] | starring= [[Jason Statham]] <br> [[Ryan Phillippe]] <br> [[Wesley Snipes]] | director= [[Tony Giglio]] | producer= [[Michael Derbas]] <br> [[Michael A. Pierce]] <br> [[Gavin Wilding]] <br> [[Mark Williams (film producer)|Mark Williams]] | music= [[Trevor Jones (composer)|Trevor Jones]] | distributor=[[Capitol Films]] | released=[[2007]] | runtime=110 min. | country= [[United States]]<br>[[United Kingdom]]<br>[[Canada]]| language=[[English language|English]] | movie_series=| awards= | budget= $20,000,000 (estimated) |}} '''''Chaos''''' is a [[2006 in film|2006]] [[crime film]] directed by [[Tony Giglio]] starring [[Jason Statham]], [[Ryan Phillippe]], and [[Wesley Snipes]]. ==Plot== {{Or|date=March 2008}} {{Failed verification|date=March 2008}} During a hostage incident on a bridge, detective York accidentally shoots and kills the hostage, and his partner, detective Conners ([[Jason Statham]]), shoots the criminal. York is fired and Conners suspended. Months later, Lorenz ([[Wesley Snipes]]) and four other criminals take hostages in a bank and demand to negotiate with Conners, who is reinstated for that purpose, but put under the surveillance of a new partner, young inspector Dekker ([[Ryan Phillippe]]). Conners shuts power down to open the doors and let a [[SWAT]] unit in, but there is an explosion, and the criminals flee using the ensuing panic and chaos. A [[TV]] camera had caught a shot of one of the criminals, who is arrested together with his girlfriend at her home, where banknotes are found with a [[scent]] used to mark evidence collected by the police. Banknote serial numbers show that they were requested from evidence storage by inspector Callo, who had testified against York and Conners on the bridge incident, and is soon found shot dead in his home, in possession of incriminating evidence. Dekker finds from surveillance cameras in the assaulted bank that a director's computer had been used by the robbers. It turns out that they installed a virus to transfer one billion dollars to their accounts (less than 100 dollars from over 10 million accounts, so as not to rouse suspicions); this had not yet been noticed because of the power having been shut down. The author of the virus is identified as a programmer with criminal record, who is found dead at his home. Dekker makes the bank robber who had been caught confess that Lorenz is the brother of the criminal Conners shot dead on the bridge, and gives an address where he is to meet the two other robbers that night. The police suspects Lorenz wants to kill his accomplices, and indeed the house explodes, killing them together with Conners (who had entered to chase them). Dekker is devastated but receives another call claiming to be from Lorenz, who eventually says Callo was insignificant in his plan. Dekker then finds that Callo's signature requesting material from the evidence storage was forged, and makes the officer who gave it away confess that Lorenz is actually York, who, outraged at his being fired, became a criminal. His cell phone is tracked, he is caught, and as he offers resistance is shot dead. Finally, Dekkers finds that a banknote he was given by Conners to pay a lunch is also [[scent]]ed, and realises that he was involved with York. Conners had survived the explosion he himself had triggered to kill his accomplices, and had put his police badge in the dead body of the criminal whose identity Lorenz had assumed, so as to pass as dead and run away. This is confirmed by Dekkers as he searches Conners's house and finds incriminating evidence. He goes to an airport to arrest Conners before he escapes, but Conners phones him, compliments him on his sagacity, and escapes. The title is connected to [[Chaos theory]], as all the seemingly chaotic and unrelated events in the beginning of the film are actually linked to each other. ==Cast== *[[Jason Statham]] ... Det. Quentin Conners *[[Ryan Phillippe]] ... Det. Shane Dekker *[[Wesley Snipes]] ... Lorenz / Jason York *[[Henry Czerny]] ... Capt. Martin Jenkins *[[Justine Waddell]] ... Det. Teddy Calloway *[[Nicholas Lea]] ... Det. Vincent Durano *[[Jessica Steen]] ... Karen Cross *[[Rob LaBelle]] ... Bank Manager *[[John Cassini]] ... Det. Bernie Callo *[[Damon Johnson]] ... Brendan Dax *Paul Perri ... Harry Hume *[[Keegan Connor Tracy]] ... Marnie Rollins *[[Natassia Malthe]] ... Gina Lopez *[[Ty Olsson]] ... Damon Richards *[[Terry Chen]] ... Chris Lei *[[Mike Dopud]] ... Lamar Galt *[[Michasha Armstrong]] ...Xander Harrington *[[Kim Howey]] ... Lisa Reane *[[Gaston Howard]] ... John curtis *[[Garvin Cross]] ... SWAT Commander *[[Kimani Ray Smith]] ... Bank Teller *[[Kristen Williamson]] ... Officer at Bank *[[Michael Adamthwaite]] ... Sniper #1 *[[Nigel Vonas]] ... Sniper #2 *[[Bill Mondy]] ... FBI Agent Doyle *[[Rhys Lloyd (actor)]] ... Karen Cross's Cameraman *[[Susan Astley]] ... Cop Diner Waitress *[[Darcy Laurie]] ... Biker *[[Rob Cout]] ... Paramedic *[[Kristina Agosti]] ... Mrs. Callo *[[Emy Aneke]] ... Officer at Callo House *[[Iris Paluly]] ... Forensics Technician *[[James Ashcroft (actor)]] ... Emergency Medical Technician *[[Fulvio Cecere]] ... Det. Thomas Branch *[[Mike Mitchell (actor)]] ... Det. Jerome Knight *[[Pascale Hutton]] ... Pretty Waitress *[[Nicolette Bujdos]] ... Airport Ticket Agent *[[Tiara Sorenson]] ... Stewardess on Private Plane *[[Angelique Naude]] ... Jenkin's Girl *[[Anna Chitro]] ... Ewa (uncredited) *[[Maciej Damiecki]] ... (uncredited) *[[Aaron Douglas]] ... Police Officer (uncredited) ==External links== *{{imdb title|id=0402910|title=Chaos}} [[Category:2006 films]] [[Category:Action thriller films]] [[Category:Crime films]] [[Category:English-language films]] [[Category:Films shot in Vancouver]] [[fa:آشوب (فیلم ۲۰۰۶)]] [[fr:Chaos (film, 2005)]] [[it:Chaos (film 2006)]] [[nl:Chaos (film)]] [[ja:カオス (2006年の映画)]] [[pl:Teoria Chaosu]] [[tr:Kaos (film, 2006)]] Image:Scope.jpg 4198396 129242193 2007-05-08T14:19:39Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. ==Summary== Author: James Eager Source: James Eager (AKA: Mycroft_514) Photograph created, scanned, edited, and uploaded by me.) == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Longitudinal survey 4198436 41236082 2006-02-25T23:51:42Z Quarl 59118 Creating #REDIRECT [[Longitudinal study]] #REDIRECT [[Longitudinal study]] Gram of Denmark 4198473 235157612 2008-08-30T10:13:50Z Haukurth 16226 Actually, small will do here [[Image:Gram dræber Kong Henrik.jpg|thumb|right|Gram kills king Henry, illustration by [[Louis Moe]]]] '''Gram''' was one of the earliest [[legendary Danish kings]] according to [[Saxo Grammaticus]]' ''[[Gesta Danorum]]''. His history is given in more detail than those of his predecessors. [[Georges Dumézil]] argued that Gram was partially modelled on the god [[Thor]], in particular his defeat of [[Hrungnir]] and subsequent encounter with [[Gróa]]. The [[Old Norse language|Old Norse]] word ''gramr'' means "king" and is probably the source of Gram's name, possibly through a misunderstanding of Saxo's. No other ancient source mentions a king named Gram. {{start box}} {{succession box | before= [[Skioldus]]| title= [[List of Danish monarchs|Saxo's kings of Denmark]]| years= | after= [[Hadingus]] }} {{end box}} ==References== * [[Georges Dumézil|Dumézil, Georges]] (1973). ''From Myth to Fiction : The Saga of Hadingus''. Trans. Derek Coltman. Chicago: U. of Chicago Press. ISBN 0-226-16972-3. * [[H. R. Ellis Davidson|Davidson, Hilda Ellis]] (ed.) and Peter Fisher (tr.) (1999). ''Saxo Grammaticus : The History of the Danes : Books I-IX''. Bury St Edmunds: St Edmundsbury Press. ISBN 0-85991-502-6. First published 1979-1980. * Elton, Oliver (tr.) (1905). ''The Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus''. New York: Norroena Society. [http://omacl.org/DanishHistory/ Available online] * Olrik, J. and H. Ræder (1931). ''Saxo Grammaticus : Gesta Danorum''. [http://www.kb.dk/elib/lit/dan/saxo/lat/or.dsr/index.htm Available online] [[Category:Mythological kings of Denmark]] Lingual artery 4198510 203962133 2008-04-07T11:34:00Z Thijs!bot 1392310 robot Adding: [[nds:Arteria lingualis]] {{Infobox Artery | Name = {{PAGENAME}} | Latin = arteria lingualis | GraySubject = 144 | GrayPage = 553 | Image = Lingual artery.PNG | Caption = Superficial dissection of the right side of the neck, showing the carotid and subclavian arteries. The branch of the lingual artery is labeled | Image2 = Gray559.png | Caption2 = Veins of the tongue. The hypoglossal nerve has been displaced downward in this preparation. (Lingual artery labeled at center left.) | BranchFrom = [[external carotid]] | BranchTo = | Vein = [[lingual vein]] | Supplies = [[genioglossus]] | MeshName = | MeshNumber = | DorlandsPre = a_61 | DorlandsSuf = 12154839 | }} The '''lingual artery''' arises from the [[external carotid]] between the [[superior thyroid]] and [[facial artery]]. ==Path== It first runs obliquely upward and medialward to the [[greater cornu]] of the [[hyoid bone]]. It then curves downward and forward, forming a loop which is crossed by the [[hypoglossal nerve]], and passing beneath the [[Digastricus]] and [[Stylohyoideus]] it runs horizontally forward, beneath the [[Hyoglossus]], and finally, ascending almost perpendicularly to the tongue, turns forward on its lower surface as far as the tip, under the name of the deep lingual artery ([[profunda linguae]] ). ==Branches== # [[suprahyoid branch of lingual artery]] # [[dorsal lingual branches of lingual artery]] # [[deep lingual artery]] # [[sublingual artery]] ==Additional images== <gallery> Image:Gray474.png|Diagram showing the origins of the main branches of the carotid arteries. Image:Gray513.png |The [[internal carotid]] and [[vertebral arteries]]. Right side. Image:Gray1020.png |Coronal section of [[tongue]], showing intrinsic muscles. Image:Gray1210.png |Side of neck, showing chief surface markings. </gallery> ==External links== * {{SUNYRadiology|Headneck|15Commo}} * {{SUNYAnatomyLabs|25|14|01|02}} * [http://dentistry.ouhsc.edu/intranet-web/Courses/DH3342/images/ling_tongue.JPG Branches] at [[University of Oklahoma]] {{circulatory-stub}} {{Gray's}} {{Arteries of head and neck}} [[Category:Arteries]] [[de:Arteria lingualis]] [[es:Arteria lingual]] [[fr:Artère linguale]] [[la:Arteria lingualis]] [[nds:Arteria lingualis]] [[pl:Tętnica językowa]] [[pt:Artéria lingual]] Duncan Tucker 4198538 241865873 2008-09-29T21:31:37Z Adam McMaster 50629 formatting: 3x mdash, whitespace (using [[User:Cameltrader#Advisor.js|Advisor.js]]) '''Duncan Tucker''' is an [[United States|American]] [[film director]] and [[screenwriter]]. Tucker was born in [[Arizona]] and graduated from [[New York University]]. After the [[short subject]] film ''[[The Mountain King]]'', which was screened at over 30 international festivals, he wrote and directed his first [[feature film]], ''[[Transamerica]]''. Tucker's hobbies include writing and painting. His tale ''[[Many Fish]]'' is published by Ascent, and his photos and pictures are exhibited at many New York art galleries. == Awards == *2005 Verzaubert International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival&nbsp;— Rosebud Award (Best Feature Film) for ''Transamerica'' [http://www.verzaubertfilmfest.com/2005/pages/rosebudawards.html] *2005 San Francisco International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival&nbsp;— Audience Award (Best Feature) for ''Transamerica'' [http://www.frameline.org/festival/29th/pressroom/closing.html] *2005 [[Deauville Film Festival]] - Best Screenplay for ''Transamerica'' [http://www.abc.net.au/arts/news/artsnews_1457925.htm] *2005 [[Berlin International Film Festival]] - Siegessäule Readers' Prize for ''Transamerica'' [http://www.berlinale.de/media/pdf_word/service/55_IFB_Awards_2005.pdf] *2006 [[Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay]] for ''Transamerica'' [http://www.imdb.com/features/rto/2006/isa] *2005 Woodstock Film Festival&nbsp;— Audience Award Best Feature *2006 [[GLAAD Media Award]] - Outstanding Feature Limited Release *2006 Equality California Entertainment Award {{DEFAULTSORT:Tucker, Duncan}} [[Category:American film directors]] [[Category:American screenwriters]] [[Category:Year of birth missing (living people)]] [[Category:Living people]] {{US-film-director-stub}} Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Human Brain Evolution and Sexual Lying 4198573 42024244 2006-03-03T07:45:27Z Amberrock 415892 closing afd; result was delete <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''delete'''.'''<span style="color:#000088;">—♦♦ </span>[[User:SoothingR|<span style="color:#000088;">''S''ʘʘ''THING''</span>]][[User talk:SoothingR|<span style="color:#0066FF;"><sup>(Я)</sup></span>]]''' 07:45, 3 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[Human Brain Evolution and Sexual Lying]]=== Seems to be an essay of some sort, and Wikipedia does not seem to be the appropriate forum for its content at the moment. Seems to be introducing original terminology to the field. [[User:HappyCamper|HappyCamper]] 00:07, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''', essay and IMHO low quality one. [[User:Pavel Vozenilek|Pavel Vozenilek]] 01:14, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' - original research, poor quality, and the article content appears to have little to do with the title. [[User:Heycos|Heycos]] 01:17, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' [[WP:NOT#Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought]]. [[User:Royboycrashfan|<font color="#4169E1">'''Roy'''al Blue</font>]] <font color="#166D88">[[User talk:Royboycrashfan|<sup>T</sup>]]/[[Special:Contributions/Royboycrashfan|<sub>C</sub>]]</font> 02:06, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per [[WP:NOT]] --<font style="color:#22AA00;">'''[[User:Zsinj|Zsinj]]'''</font><font style="color:#888888;"><sup>[[User Talk:Zsinj|Talk]]</sup></font> 03:36, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per nom. [[User:Bobby1011|Bobby1011]] 03:43, 26 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' per nom. Original research, not at all encyclopedic. [[User:Dbtfz|<font color="maroon">dbtfz</font>]][[User talk:Dbtfz|<sup><font color="slategray">talk</font></sup>]] 06:11, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as original research. What a dumb essay. [[User:Grandmasterka|Grandmasterka]] 06:57, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. Original research and not appropriate for Wikipedia. --[[User:MatthewUND|Matth]][[Wikipedia:Esperanza|<font color="green">e</font>]][[User:MatthewUND|w<font color="green"><b>UND</b></font>]]<sup>([[User talk:MatthewUND|talk]])</sup> 09:44, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as original research. --[[User:Cymsdale|Cymsdale]] 09:45, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' Original Research [[User:TigerShark|TigerShark]] 14:07, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as copyvio of [http://web.archive.org/web/20030828052417/http://www.friendshipcenter.com/hearts/triune.shtml this]. [[User:Ergot|ergot]] 21:41, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as copyvio noted above and [[original research]] violation. [[User:(aeropagitica)|<font style="background: #800080" face="Ariel" color="#FFFFFF">'''&nbsp;(aeropagitica)&nbsp;'''</font>]] 22:12, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Speedy Delete''' - I've added <nowiki>{{copyvio}}</nowiki> and listed it on copyright violations page. [[User:CPMcE|''Camillus'']][[User talk:CPMcE| (talk)]] 23:02, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per [[WP:NOR]]. &ndash; [[User:Doug Bell|Doug Bell]] <sup>[[User talk:Doug Bell|talk]]'''&bull;'''[[Special:Contributions/Doug Bell|contrib]]</sup> 06:28, 27 February 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Wikipedia:Featured article removal candidates/Traditional counties of England 4198600 43114001 2006-03-10T09:59:08Z Owain 26576 ===[[Traditional counties of England]]=== :''Article is [[Wikipedia:Former featured articles|no longer a featured article]].'' Simply no references nor inline citations, it was featured two years ago, and fails 2 (c). [[User:Kilo-Lima|<sup>KILO</sup>-<sub>LIMA</sub>]] 00:12, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Remove'''- lack of references. The lead is slighty too long, based on [[WP:LEAD]]. An excessive amount of wiki-linking is done to years also. [[User:AndyZ|AndyZ]] 23:30, 26 February 2006 (UTC) **I like the lead. I'd humbly suggest that, rather than demote a very nice article, it might be prudent simply to reference the article. If that's the only objection to a particular article, I guess I don't see a crying need to delist. But I'm out of touch with the current FA guidelines, no doubt, and I won't fight that battle here. [[User:Jwrosenzweig|Jwrosenzweig]] 05:37, 28 February 2006 (UTC) ***I agree referencing it would be great. I just don't have the familiarity with the subject to do it among other reasons. - [[User:Taxman|Taxman]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Taxman|Talk]]</small></sup> 23:06, 28 February 2006 (UTC) ****Part of the difficulty is that not just any sources will do...if we want references, they ought to be the references that were consulted in the production of the article...and if we can't track down the author/originator of a particular paragraph, sentence, or phrase, we have a hard time doing that. With old and relatively well-established articles, perhaps we ought to establish some guidelines for what references are acceptable...in this case, is it enough for me to add the names of some books on the topic of "traditional counties", and if not, what standard do I need to meet in order to add a source as a reference if I'm admitting off the bat I didn't write one word of the article in question? [[User:Jwrosenzweig|Jwrosenzweig]] 06:55, 3 March 2006 (UTC) **Not true; see [[WP:CITE#When_you_verify_content]]. Verifying content is very important (and I do it many times on FARC), so even if the original authors can't be tracked down, at least the information can be verified. [[User:AndyZ|AndyZ]] 22:07, 9 March 2006 (UTC) *If it can be referenced within a reasonable time, I'd be happy to keep, but as reference-less as it is now, I'd vote for a removal. - [[User:MacGyverMagic|Mgm]]|[[User talk:MacGyverMagic|<sup>(talk)</sup>]] 12:39, 28 February 2006 (UTC) *Remove unless it can be well referenced within the next two weeks. - [[User:Taxman|Taxman]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Taxman|Talk]]</small></sup> 23:06, 28 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Remove'''. Prose not good enough. For example: ::"The establishment of the usually accepted set of counties began in the 12th century (though many assumed their modern form long before then), although it did not become finalised until the 16th century.'' [[User:Tony1|Tony]] 08:18, 3 March 2006 (UTC) *'''Remove''' POV magnet. This whole topic is largely the invention of two tiny pressure groups: [[County Watch]] and the grand-sounding, and almost invisible, "[[Association of British Counties]]" (sic). There is no such thing as a "traditional county": it is pure POV as to which counties are "traditional" and which are not. This whole article ought to be merged with [[Counties of England]].--[[User:Mais oui!|Mais oui!]] 15:48, 6 March 2006 (UTC) ::You have an agenda to remove traditional counties from Wikipedia based on your own prejudices. There very much is such a thing as a traditional/ancient or geographic/historic county. The GRO mentioned them in the census of 1891 as separate areas from the newly-formed local government areas. The government issued a statement on the coming in to force of the Local Government Act 1972 that traditional boundaries were not altered by the Act. You are one of the bury-your-head-in-the-sand types who doesn't want to bother reading the legislation or listening to the government. [[User:Owain|Owain]] <small>([[User_talk:Owain|talk]])</small> 09:59, 10 March 2006 (UTC) ::Avon? Huntingdonshire? -- [[User:ALoan|ALoan]] [[User talk:ALoan|(Talk)]] 11:28, 7 March 2006 (UTC) *'''Remove''' - Dire lack of citations and lack of explicit information regarding the subject. [[User:Schizmatic|Schizmatic]] 20:39, 9 March 2006 (UTC) Image:Manuel teixeira gomes.jpg 4198630 127051787 2007-04-30T05:00:01Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Renaming non-free template "Fairusein2" per [[Wikipedia:Non-free content/templates]]. {{Non-free fair use in|Manuel Teixeira Gomes|List of Presidents of Portugal}} The image linked here is claimed to be used under fair use as: # It is a historically significant photo of a famous individual; # It is of much lower resolution than the original (copies made from it will be of very inferior quality) # The photo is only being used for informational purposes. # Its inclusion in the article adds significantly to the article because it shows its subject. # The photo may have more than 100 years. Source: [http://silencio.weblog.com.pt/images/teixgomes.jpg http://silencio.weblog.com.pt/images/teixgomes.jpg] Finger guillotine 4198678 241262655 2008-09-27T03:37:14Z Peachypoh 5735423 Successfully de-orphaned! Wikiproject Orphanage: [[WP:ORPHAN|You can help!]] A '''finger guillotine''' (also known as a '''finger chopper''') is either a novelty item or a [[Magic_(illusion)|magic trick]] depending on the quality. The basic effect is that a miniature [[guillotine]] is shown, a spectator's finger is placed in the "head" hole, and the blade is either dropped or slammed onto the finger, which it goes through. In some versions, such as Chance Wolf's ultimate finger chopper, the finger is even seen to fall off. It is also shown in the movie ''[[Hostel (film)|Hostel]]'' as part as a [[torture]] museum that Paxton and his friends go to on their fateful holiday to [[Slovakia]]. {{magic-stub}} [[pl:Gilotyna (iluzja)]] [[Category:Magic_tricks]] Category:Fauna of the Sonoran Desert 4198707 209468050 2008-05-01T15:04:25Z BotMultichill 4080734 Adding [[Template:Commons_cat|commons cat]] link to [[Commons:Category:Fauna of the Sonoran Desert]] {{Commons cat|Fauna of the Sonoran Desert}} [[Category:Natural history of Arizona|Sonoran desert]] [[Category:Sonoran Desert]] [[Category:Fauna of Mexico|Desert, Fauna of the Sonoran]] [[Category:North American desert fauna|Sonoran]] Puylaurens 4198737 232722203 2008-08-18T17:11:19Z Markussep 96340 Tarn dep using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{French commune|nomcommune=Puylaurens |région=[[Midi-Pyrénées]] |département=[[Tarn (department)|Tarn]] |arrondissement=Castres |canton=[[Canton of Puylaurens|Puylaurens]] |insee=81219 |cp=81700 |maire= |mandat= |intercomm= |longitude=2.01277777778 |latitude=43.5727777778 |alt moy=335 m |alt mini=147 m |alt maxi=372 m |hectares=8,182 |km²=81.82 |sans=2,792 |date-sans=1999 |dens=34 |date-dens=1999}} '''Puylaurens''' is a town and [[commune in France|commune]] located in the [[Tarn (department)|Tarn]] ''[[département in France|département]]'' in southwestern [[France]]. [[Category:Communes of Tarn]] {{Tarn-geo-stub}} [[ceb:Puylaurens]] [[es:Puylaurens]] [[fr:Puylaurens]] [[it:Puylaurens]] [[nl:Puylaurens]] [[pl:Puylaurens]] [[pt:Puylaurens]] [[vo:Puylaurens]] Rough Mix 4198769 243225062 2008-10-05T18:06:06Z {{Infobox Album | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> Name = Rough Mix | Type = [[Album]] | Artist = [[Pete Townshend]] and [[Ronnie Lane]] | Cover =| Released = September 1977 | Recorded = Olympic Studios London Winter 1976 & Spring 1977 | Genre = [[Rock (music)|Rock]] | Length = 40:59 | Label = [[MCA Records]] | Producer = [[Glyn Johns]] | Reviews = *[[Allmusic]] {{Rating|4|5}} [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:ol4zefikhgf4 link] *''[[Rolling Stone]]'' (favorable) [http://www.rollingstone.com/artists/petetownshend/albums/album/240066/review/5941059/rough_mix link] | }} '''''Rough Mix''''' was a [[collaboration]] between [[The Who]] guitarist [[Pete Townshend]] and [[Faces (band)|Faces]] bassist [[Ronnie Lane]], released in 1977. It features a number of guest performers, including [[John Entwistle]], [[Eric Clapton]], [[Charlie Watts]] and [[John Bundrick|John "Rabbit" Bundrick]]. It peaked at #45 on the [[Billboard 200|Billboard Album chart]]. ==Track listing== #"My Baby Gives It Away" ([[Pete Townshend]]) — 4:02 #"Nowhere To Run" ([[Ronnie Lane]]) — 3:17 #"Rough Mix" ([[Ronnie Lane]], [[Pete Townshend]]) — 3:12 #"Annie" ([[Eric Clapton]], [[Kate Lambert]], [[Ronnie Lane]]) — 2:56 #"Keep Me Turning" ([[Pete Townshend]]) — 3:46 #"Catmelody" ([[Kate Lambert]], [[Ronnie Lane]]) — 3:12 #"Misunderstood" ([[Pete Townshend]]) — 3:01 #"April Fool" ([[Ronnie Lane]]) — 3:34 #"Street In The City" ([[Pete Townshend]]) — 6:07 #"Heart To Hang Onto" ([[Pete Townshend]]) — 4:29 #"Till The Rivers All Run Dry" ([[Wayland Holyfield]], [[Don Williams]]) — 3:54 ::This song is dedicated to the Old Man ==Personnel== * [[Pete Townshend]] & [[Ronnie Lane]] — various Acoustic & Electric guitars, mandolins & bass guitars, ukuleles & very involved mind games * Edwin Astley — Orchestral Score * [[Boz Burrell]] — Bass * [[Mel Collins]] — Saxophone * [[Eric Clapton]] — Lead Guitar, 6 String Acoustic, Dobro & Foot * Julian Diggle — Percussion * Bijou Drains — Gulp * [[John Entwistle]] — (who else?) Brass, Vocal Harp * Peter Hope Evans — Harmonica * [[Benny Gallagher]] — Accordion * Tony Gilbert — Orchestral Leader * Chris Green — Principal Cello * Charlie Hart — Violin * Cris Laurence — Principal Bass * [[Graham Lyle]] — 12 String Acoustic * David Marquee — String Bass, Double Basses * [[Billy Nicholls]] — Vocal Harp * [[John Bundrick|Rabbit]] — Organ, Fender Rhodes * Steve Shingles — Principal Viola * [[Henry Spinetti]] — Drums * [[Ian Stewart (musician)|Ian Stewart]] — Piano * Charles Vorsanger — Principal 2nd Violin * [[Charlie Watts]] — Drums ==Miscellanea== *In the September 2004 special edition of NME, consisting of 500 rock facts, a fact states that this album is the drunkest album ever recorded. *This album had [http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2006/11/13/Rough-Mix an extensive write-up] from Tim Bray in 2006 as part of his [http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2006/01/23/5-Star-Music "five star music" series]. *This album was remastered in 2006 for stereo and 5.1 surround sound formats on [[Dualdisc]] by [[Hip-O]] records, and featured 3 bonus tracks. * [[Floater (band)]] from [[Portland, Oregon]] performs the song "Misunderstood" during their live acoustic shows. [[Category:1977 albums]] [[Category:Pete Townshend albums]] [[Category:Ronnie Lane albums]] [[Category:Albums produced by Glyn Johns]] {{1970s-rock-album-stub}} <br /> {{Pete Townshend}} [[pt:Rough Mix]] Václav Kaplický 4198807 157433553 2007-09-12T18:39:11Z '''Václav Kaplický''' ([[August 28]] [[1895]], [[Sezimovo Ústí]] – [[October 4]] [[1982]], [[Prague]]) was a [[Czechs|Czech]] writer, journalist and epic poet. He is most known as an author of historical fiction. __NOTOC__ Kaplický studied at [[Gymnasium (school)|Gymnasium]] in [[Tábor]], finishing in 1914. In 1915 he was sent to the front in [[Galicia (Central Europe)|Galicia]] where he was taken captive (1916). Later he joined the [[Czechoslovak Legion]]. For his political opinions he was imprisoned by the legion and labeled as a traitor. After returning to [[Czechoslovakia]] in 1921 <!-- the often seen 1919 data seems invalid, read the link below --> he worked in civil service. During 1922 - 1950 Kaplický worked in several publishing houses associated with the [[Czech National Social Party|Czechoslovak Socialist Party]]. From 1950 he dedicated his time solely to writing. The majority of Kaplický's works are historical fictions spanning the period from the [[Hussite Wars]] in the 15th century to the [[The Revolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg areas|revolutionary upheaval of 1848]]. His novel ''Kladivo na čarodějnice'' (1963), about [[witch trial]]s in northern [[Moravia]] during 1670s is the best known because it served as the basis for movie by [[Otakar Vávra]] (''[[Otakar Vávra#Malleus Maleficarum|Malleus Maleficarum]]'', also translated as ''Witches' Hammer'' or ''Witchhammer''). ==Works== ===Historical fictions=== * Kraj kalicha, 1945 - about Hussite period * Čtveráci, 1952 – about peasant uprising 1618–1620 * Železná koruna (2 volumes), 1954 – about hard life of common people after [[Thirty Year's War]] * Smršť, 1955 * Rekruti, 1956 * Listy z kronik, 1958 – five short historical stories from northern Bohemia * Zaťatá pěst, 1959 * Kladivo na čarodějnice, 1963 – about witchcraft trials * Táborská republika (3 volumes), 1969 – about Hussite period * Nalezeno právem, 1971 – about accusation of a Jew from ritual murder in 1687 * Škůdce zemský Jiří Kopidlanský, 1976 – from period of [[Jagiellon dynasty|dynasty of Jagellon]] * Veliké theatrum, 1977 – about earliest phase of Thirty Year's war and preparations to [[Battle of White Mountain]] * Kdo s koho, 1979 – from period of dynasty of Jagellon * Život alchymistův, 1980 – life of [[alchemy|alchemist]] [[Edward Kelley]] ===For the youths=== * O věrnosti a zradě, 1959 – 15 short historical stories * Bandita, Paťara a spol., 1969 – for boys * Královský souboj, 1971 ===Others=== * Gornostaj, finished in 1921, published in 1936 – autobiographic novel about the imprisonment of dissenting legionnaires near [[Vladivostok]], on an island in [[Gornostai Bay]] * Dobří přátelé, 1961 – about love of nature * Ani tygři, ani lvi, 1966 – short stories about pet animals * Od města k městu, 1975 – vandering of studenst throughout Czech lands * Hrst vzpomínek z mládí, 1988 ==External links== * [http://literatura.kvalitne.cz/kap.htm Short biography] (in Czech) * [http://www.narod-sobe.cz/clovek/kultura/literatura/Autori_CS/Hasek_Jaroslav/index.htm History of Kaplický's imprisonment] (in Czech) {{DEFAULTSORT:Kaplicky, Vaclav}} [[Category:Czech novelists|Kaplicky, Vaclav]] [[Category:Czech journalists|Kaplicky, Vaclav]] [[Category:Czech poets|Kaplicky, Vaclav]] [[Category:Czech children's writers|Kaplicky, Vaclav]] [[Category:1895 births|Kaplicky, Vaclav]] [[Category:1982 deaths|Kaplicky, Vaclav]] [[Category:Czechoslovak Legions in literature]] [[cs:Václav Kaplický]] [[de:Václav Kaplický]] [[eo:Václav Kaplický]] [[sk:Václav Kaplický]] Image:Imaxlogowhite.png 4198838 135021111 2007-06-01T05:14:02Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Renaming non-free template "logo" per [[Wikipedia:Non-free content/templates]]. {{Non-free logo}} in white Use of image is fair use for [[IMAX_Corporation]] as it is being used to illustrate the company. Summertime (TV) 4198879 234482332 2008-08-27T02:10:32Z Candlewicke 2188246 Fixxy uppy... '''''Summertime''''' This drama short (26 minutes) was written by [[Michael Ennis]], directed by [[Eve Morrison]], produced by [[Hilary McLoughlin]] and [[Storm Productions]], and jointly financed by [[RTE]] and the [[Irish Film Board]]. It was made in [[1995]] and broadcast by [[RTE]] on [[January 13]], [[1997]]. Two outsiders, Andrew who is gay and Victoria who has recently arrived from London, form a strong friendship in secondary school that helps them both to come to terms with their 'otherness.' Townsend played an eighteen-year-old gay schoolboy, who was being bullied by his classmates. Filmed in [[Ireland]]. ==Main cast== *[[Stuart Townsend]] - Andrew *[[Jason O'Mara]] - Father Pat *[[Natalie Stringer]] - Victoria *[[Les Martin]] - Richard O'Malley ==External links== *{{imdb title|id=0425492|title=Summertime}} *[http://www.jasonomara.net/summerti.html ''Summertime'' w/Jason O'Mara] [[Category:Irish drama television programmes]] Choba b cccp 4198914 166256209 2007-10-22T11:26:58Z Scepbot 1559905 Robot: Fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[Снова в СССР]] Patrick Riordan 4198948 198272985 2008-03-14T20:50:00Z Dsp13 1752894 hndis '''Patrick Riordan''' can refer to either: *[[Patrick William Riordan]], the second [[Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco]] *[[Patrick Riordan (reporter)]], reporter for the ''[[Miami Herald]]'' {{hndis|Riordan, Patrick}} Miaowara Tomokato 4198982 41245006 2006-02-26T01:00:52Z Wickethewok 810366 fixed redirect #REDIRECT [[Samurai Cat]] Bloc Settlements 4199010 234121886 2008-08-25T12:09:39Z Redirect fixer 7523687 [[Block Settlement]] has been moved; it now redirects to [[Block settlement]]. #REDIRECT [[Block settlement]] Homunculus fallacy 4199044 41245934 2006-02-26T01:08:34Z Synergism 884318 moved [[Homunculus fallacy]] to [[Homunculus argument]]: to be consistent with the article text #REDIRECT [[Homunculus argument]] Striped maple 4199092 128528110 2007-05-05T23:43:19Z Circeus 98785 fix double redirect #redirect [[Acer pensylvanicum]] Billings Ovulation Method 4199121 174662885 2007-11-29T19:39:13Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Billings ovulation method]] {{R from other capitalisation}} History of Portugal (1777-1834) 4199146 41247626 2006-02-26T01:22:25Z Psychonaut 28478 moved [[History of Portugal (1777-1834)]] to [[History of Portugal (1777–1834)]]: fix typography #REDIRECT [[History of Portugal (1777–1834)]] WJXS 4199174 49785886 2006-04-23T18:26:22Z CFIF 283784 #REDIRECT [[WJXS-CA]] MediaWiki:Userinvalidcssjstitle 4199202 242481832 2008-10-02T12:29:30Z Happy-melon 994084 no image needed {{MediaWiki:Jswarning}}<div id="userinvalidcssjstitle">{{fmbox|image=none|text='''Warning:''' There is no skin "$1". Remember that custom .css and .js pages use a lowercase title, e.g. User:Foo/monobook.css as opposed to User:Foo/Monobook.css.}}</div> Carl Erhardt 4199236 239282169 2008-09-18T14:03:45Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other '''Carl Alfred Erhardt''' ([[February 15]], [[1897]] in [[Beckenham]] – [[May 3]], [[1988]]) was an [[England|English]] [[ice hockey]] player who captained the British national team to numerous international championships in the 1930s, including [[Olympic Games|Olympic]] gold at the [[1936 Winter Olympics]] in [[Garmisch-Partenkirchen]]. == Early years == Unlike most British hockey players of the era, Erhardt did not grow up in [[Canada]]. Rather, he learned the game of hockey while attending school in [[Germany]] and [[Switzerland]] as a boy. Erhardt was a passionate defenseman, sometimes playing in excess of 40 minutes each game. [http://www.bihwa.co.uk/hall_of_fame/erhardt.htm] An excellent athlete, Erhardt also excelled at [[tennis]], [[skiing]] and [[water-skiing]]. (He founded the [[British Water Ski Federation]].) [http://www.azhockey.com/Er.htm] == National team success == {{MedalTop}} {{MedalSport | Men's [[Ice hockey at the Winter Olympics|Ice Hockey]]}} {{MedalGold| [[1936 Winter Olympics|1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen]] | [[Ice hockey at the 1936 Winter Olympics|Team]]}} {{MedalBottom}} Erhardt was a member of the European and World Championship teams in 1931, the World Championship team in 1934 and 1935, and the captain of the team which won the European and World Championships, along with Olympic gold, in 1936. Of the twelve members of the 1936 team, Erhardt was the only one who was not a Canadian citizen of British birth or descent. Thirty-nine years old at the time, Erhardt is the oldest man ever to win an Olympic gold in ice hockey.[http://www.azhockey.com/Er.htm] The British defeated the prohibitive favourites, the Canadians, in capturing Great Britain's first and only gold medal in ice hockey. == Retirement == After his Olympic success, Erhardt retired from hockey. He wrote a book in 1937 titled ''Ice Hockey'', became a referee, and joined the Council of the [[British Ice Hockey Association]], of which he became a lifetime Vice-President. Erhardt was elected to the [[British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame]] in 1950, and was post-humously elected to the [[International Ice Hockey Federation]] Hall of Fame in 1998. == See also == * [[Ice hockey at the 1936 Winter Olympics]] == References == * [http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/features/feature/display.var.689646.0.playing_games_with_the_nazis.php Playing Games with the Nazis] * [http://www.bihwa.co.uk/hall_of_fame/erhardt.htm Carl Erhardt] * [http://www.azhockey.com/Er.htm A to Z Encyclopaedia of Hockey] <!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]] --> {{Persondata |NAME= Erhardt, Carl Alfred |ALTERNATIVE NAMES= |SHORT DESCRIPTION= Ice hockey player |DATE OF BIRTH= [[February 15]], [[1897]] |PLACE OF BIRTH= [[Beckenham]], [[England]] |DATE OF DEATH= [[May 3]], [[1988]] |PLACE OF DEATH= Not known }} {{DEFAULTSORT:Erhardt, Carl}} [[Category:1897 births]] [[Category:1988 deaths]] [[Category:British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame]] [[Category:English ice hockey players]] [[Category:Ice hockey players at the 1936 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:Olympic ice hockey players of Great Britain]] [[Category:Olympic gold medalists for Great Britain]] Future Thought Productions 4199265 243474051 2008-10-06T17:45:40Z spelling '''Future Thought Productions''' is a creative [[animation]] studio that creates, produces or contributes to film, television, web and mobile animation. Future Thought is amongst the first studios in the world to have employed Macromedia's Flash software for the [[UNICEF]] television series Meena along with veteran Indian animator Ram Mohan in 2002. [http://www.unicef.org/meena/ Meena], a UNICEF effort to empower the girl child in South Asia and provide valuable education concerning problems related to the developing nations children. [http://www.advocacynet.org/cpage_view/startingsmall_06girlchild_19_106.html Meena] has grown to become a role model for girls in South Asia. Thereafter, Future Thought was involved in a global effort to produce a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that would promote the prevention of HIV-AIDS through twenty comic, humorous shorts aptly named [http://www.thethreeamigos.org/ The Three Amigos]. The Three Amigos have been a success throughout the world in that they have now been broadcast in over twenty languages across the world reaching several million youth aged 16 to 24. The Reverend Archbishop [[Desmond Tutu]] has lent his support to the project. The series of PSAs has won the Golden Reel at the [[Chicago International Film Festival|Chicago Film Festival]] and the Grand Festival Award at the Berkeley Film and Video Festival in 2004. In 2006, Future Thought Productions contributed a nineteen minute animated segment called 'That Darn Jesus' (for the feature film 'Universal Remote') which is amongst the first known uses of Adobe's Flash software for the theatrical screen in full HD. Future Thought Productions have been involved in over twenty television, web and mobile projects in both Flash and 3D (computer generated animation) that are or have been broadcast in over sixty countries across North America, Europe and Asia since 1997. Future Thought have won accolades at the [http://www.promax.tv Promax & BDA Awards], the [http://www.hollywoodawards.com/ Hollywood Film Festival] and the Foyle Film Festival. ==Productions== *[[Crime Time]] *[http://www.futurethought.tv/haptics Haptics] *[http://www.futurethought.tv/payback Payback] *[http://www.ozieboo.com OzieBoo!] *[http://psc.disney.go.com/disneychannel/buzzonmaggie Walt Disney's The Buzz on Maggie] *[http://kidswb.warnerbros.com/web/stuff/stuff_display.jsp?id=COC Warner Bros' Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island!] *[http://www.universalremotemovie.com/ Universal Remote] ==External links== *[http://www.futurethought.tv Future Thought Productions - Official Site] *[http://www.imdb.com/company/co0159012/ Future Thought Productions @ the Internet Movie Database] *[http://shorts.futurethought.tv/ Funny Cartoon Videos and Clips by Future Thought] {{animation-stub}} The 48 laws of power 4199291 178098790 2007-12-15T17:02:58Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[The 48 Laws of Power]] {{R from other capitalisation}} City Hall (BMT Broadway Line) 4199346 231104550 2008-08-10T22:18:12Z {{Distinguish|City Hall (IRT Lexington Avenue Line)}} {{Infobox NYCS | name = City Hall | font_color = black | font_color_2 = black | bg_color = #FFC800 | line = BMT Broadway Line | service = Broadway south | platforms = 1 [[island platform]] (upper level)<br />2 island platforms (lower level) | tracks = 5 (2 on upper level, 3 on lower level) | passengers = 3.071 million | pass_year = 2006 | pass_percent = 15 | borough = Manhattan | open_date = [[January 5]], [[1918]]<ref name=42nd>[[New York Times]], [http://www.nycsubway.org/articles/nytimes-1918-broadway.html Open New Subway to Times Square], [[January 6]], [[1918]]</ref> | north_station = Canal Street | north_line = BMT Broadway Line | north_service = Broadway south | south_line = BMT Broadway Line | south_station = Cortlandt Street | south_service = Broadway south | image = City hall station.jpg }} '''City Hall''' has a single island platform serviced by the [[BMT Broadway Line]] local, currently consisting of the {{NYCS|R}}, {{NYCS|W}}, and late-night {{NYCS|N}} trains. The fare control is located in the center of the platform, with exits on either end leading to Warren Street and Murray Street. The station's configuration is unique, in that you enter from the sidewalk adjacent to City Hall Park directly onto the station platform, which makes this one of the widest platforms in the system. The northbound tracks are actually located in City Hall Park, while the southbound tracks are under the east side of Broadway. The fare control area is fenced off from the actual subway platforms. There is also an active tower at the north end, with a window that lets any waiting passengers observe [[New York City Transit Authority|Transit Authority]] goings-on. The platform tapers off towards the southern end, where the northbound and southbound platforms join. The station's configuration, and the wide-open staircases to the sky above, is responsible for another distinguishing note: the number of birds that fly into and around the station. This station was overhauled in the late 1970s, changing the station's structure and overall appearance. It replaced the original wall tiles, old signs, and incandescent lighting with more modern wall tiles, signs and fluorescent lights, as well as fixing staircases and platform edges. == History of City Hall Station == <!-- Image with unknown copyright status removed: [[Image:City Hall's Lower Level.jpg|thumb|100px|left|Stairway to the lower level]] --> The City Hall station is a bi-level station. It was initially intended that the local trains on the BMT were to terminate on the upper level, while the express trains using the lower level would continue on through lower manhattan and the [[Montague Street Tunnel]]. However, plans were changed before this could be brought into effect, and excess construction was terminated. As a result the lower level of the station which was to have been the express station is unused (except for non-rush hour storage of trains), as are the unused express tracks at [[Canal Street (BMT Broadway Line)|Canal Street]]. Another effect of this change is that the southern end of the upper level station slopes downward. This is a result of platform lengthening, and as the initial plans called for the trains on the lower express platform to continue into lower Manhattan, the platform had to be adjusted. ==Bus connections== *[[B51 (New York City bus)|B51]] *[[M1 (New York City bus)|M1]] *[[M6 (New York City bus)|M6]] *[[M15 (New York City bus)|M15]] *[[M22 (New York City bus)|M22]] *[[M103 (New York City bus)|M103]] ==References== {{reflist}} ==External links== *{{NYCS ref|http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/stations?202:3227|BMT Broadway Subway|City Hall}} *Station Reporter — [http://www.stationreporter.net/ntrain.htm N Train] *Station Reporter — [http://www.stationreporter.net/rtrain.htm R Train] *Station Reporter — [http://www.stationreporter.net/wtrain.htm W Train] *Abandoned Stations — [http://www.columbia.edu/~brennan/abandoned/citybmt.html City Hall (BMT) lower level] [[Category:BMT Broadway Line stations]] Biclops 4199375 186073651 2008-01-22T08:27:49Z Jack Merridew 4091992 [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 186033075 by [[Special:Contributions/Comesgolf|Comesgolf]] ([[User talk:Comesgolf|talk]]) #REDIRECT [[List of chalk characters from ChalkZone#Biclops]] [[Category:ChalkZone characters]] [[Category:Fictional cyclopses]] Tilley, Alberta 4199404 243982419 2008-10-08T20:35:36Z Jbaisley 8035657 {{Infobox Settlement <!-- Basic info ----------------> |official_name = Village of <big>Tilley</big> |other_name = |native_name = |nickname = |settlement_type = Village |motto = <!-- images and maps -----------> |image_skyline = |imagesize = |image_caption = |image_flag = |flag_size = |image_seal = |seal_size = |image_shield = |shield_size = |city_logo = |citylogo_size = |image_map = |mapsize = |map_caption = |image_map1 = |mapsize1 = |map_caption1 = |image_dot_map = AB-towns-highways.png |dot_mapsize = 200px |dot_map_caption = Location of Tilley |dot_x = 123 |dot_y = 228 |pushpin_map = <!-- the name of a location map as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Location_map --> |pushpin_label_position = <!-- the position of the pushpin label: left, right, top, bottom, none --> |pushpin_map_caption = |pushpin_mapsize = <!-- Location ------------------> |subdivision_type = Country |subdivision_name = {{flag|Canada}} |subdivision_type1 = [[Provinces and territories of Canada|Province]] |subdivision_name1 = {{flag|Alberta}} |subdivision_type2 = [[Regions of Canada#Alberta|Region]] |subdivision_name2 = [[Southern Alberta]] |subdivision_type3 = [[Census divisions of Alberta|Census Division]] |subdivision_name3 = [[Division No. 2, Alberta|No. 2]] |subdivision_type4 = [[List of Alberta municipal districts|County]] |subdivision_name4 = [[Newell County No. 4, Alberta|Newell]] <!-- Politics -----------------> |government_footnotes = |government_type = |leader_title = Governing&nbsp;body |leader_name = Tilley Village Council |leader_title1 = <!--Mayor--> |leader_name1 = |leader_title2 = |leader_name2 = |leader_title3 = |leader_name3 = |leader_title4 = |leader_name4 = |established_title = <!--Founded--> |established_date = |established_title2 = <!--Incorporated--> |established_date2 = |established_title3 = <!-- Incorporated (city) --> |established_date3 = <!-- Area ---------------------> |area_magnitude = |unit_pref = |area_footnotes = |area_total_km2 = 0.62 |area_land_km2 = <!--See table @ Template:Infobox Settlement for details on automatic unit conversion--> |area_water_km2 = |area_total_sq_mi = |area_land_sq_mi = |area_water_sq_mi = |area_water_percent = |area_urban_km2 = |area_urban_sq_mi = |area_metro_km2 = |area_metro_sq_mi = |area_blank1_title = |area_blank1_km2 = |area_blank1_sq_mi = <!-- Population -----------------------> |population_as_of = 2006 |population_footnotes = <ref name=statcan2006/> |population_note = |population_total = 381 |population_density_km2 = |population_density_sq_mi = |population_metro = |population_density_metro_km2 = |population_density_metro_sq_mi = |population_urban = |population_density_urban_km2 = |population_density_urban_sq_mi = |population_blank1_title = |population_blank1 = |population_density_blank1_km2 = |population_density_blank1_sq_mi = <!-- General information ---------------> |timezone = [[Mountain Standard Time|MST]] |utc_offset = -7 |timezone_DST = |utc_offset_DST = |latd= 50|latm= 27|lats= 8|latNS=N |longd= 111|longm= 39|longs= 27|longEW=W |elevation_footnotes = <!--for references: use <ref> </ref> tags--> |elevation_m = |elevation_ft = <!-- Area/postal codes & others --------> |postal_code_type = |postal_code = |area_code = |blank_name = [[List of Alberta provincial highways|Highways]] |blank_info = [[Alberta Highway 876| 876]] |blank1_name = |blank1_info = |website = |footnotes = }} <!--Infobox ends--> '''Tilley''' is a village in [[southern Alberta]], [[Canada]]. It is located in [[Newell County No. 4, Alberta|Newell County]], 22 km south-east of the city of [[Brooks, Alberta|Brooks]]. Tilley has an arena, many businesses, community hall, motel, and post office, as well as a K to 9 public school. Many farms surround the area of Tilley. The town of Tilley is only a 45 minute commute from the growing bustling city of [[Medicine Hat, Alberta|Medicine Hat]]. Tilley has a majority of irrigation farmland surrounding its vast country. ==Demographics== In 2006, Tilley had a population of 381 living in 148 [[house|dwellings]], a 9.7% decrease from 2001. The village has a land area of {{km2 to mi2|0.62|abbr=yes|wiki=yes}} and a [[population density]] of {{Pop density km2 to mi2|610.6| spell=UK | abbr=yes}}.<ref name=statcan2006>{{Cite web| url= http://www12.statcan.ca/english/census06/data/profiles/community/Details/Page.cfm?Lang=E&Geo1=CSD&Code1=4802032&Geo2=PR&Code2=48&Data=Count&SearchText=Tilley&SearchType=Begins&SearchPR=01&B1=All&GeoLevel=&GeoCode=4802032 | title= Tilley - Community Profile | author= Statistics Canada| authorlink= Statistics Canada| year= [[Canada 2006 Census|Census 2006]] | accessdate= 2007-06-09}}</ref> ==See also== *[[List of communities in Alberta]] *[[Villages of Alberta]] ==References== {{reflist}} {{Subdivisions of Alberta|villages=yes}} [[Category:Villages in Alberta]] {{Alberta-geo-stub}} Babul (1950 film) 4199428 234791771 2008-08-28T14:55:16Z /* Plot */ {{Infobox Film | name = Babul | image = Babul1950.jpg | image_size = | caption = | director = [[S.U. Sunny]] | producer = [[Naushad]] | writer = [[Azmi Bazidpuri ]] | narrator = | starring = [[Ashok Kumar]], [[Nalini Jaywant]] | music = [[Naushad]] | cinematography = Fali Mistry | editing = Moosa Mansoor | distributor = | released = [[Bollywood films of 1950|1950]] | runtime = 142 minutes | country = {{IND}} | language = [[Hindi language|Hindi]] | budget = | gross = | preceded_by = | followed_by = | website = | amg_id = | imdb_id =0331186 }} '''''Babul''''' ([[Hindi]]: बाबुल, [[Urdu]]: <big>'''بابُل'''</big>) or ('''''Father's House''''') is a [[Bollywood films of 1950|1950]] [[Bollywood]] [[film]] directed by [[S.U. Sunny]] produced and with music direction by [[Naushad]]. The film stars [[Dilip Kumar]] and [[Nargis]]. A box-office success, the film became the second highest earning film of 1950, earning an approximate gross of Rs. 1,25,00,000 and a nett gross of Rs. 70,00,000. <ref>{{cite web|author=Box Office India|title=Top Earners 1950|url=http://www.boxofficeindia.com/showProd.php?itemCat=155&catName=MTk1MA|publisher=boxofficeindia.com|accessdate=July 9|accessyear=2008}}</ref> ==Plot== The film relates the story of a young man named Ashok ([[Dilip Kumar]]) who is in love with two different women from very different classes. Ashok hails from a wealthy family and has a job as a postmaster, but it is clear that his job requires little hard labor, aside from sending an occasional telegram, leaving him time to enjoy his comforts and [[playboy]] lifestyle, with his suits, [[cigarette]]s, [[painting]] and song writing and love for women. A girl named Bela, the poor and simple daughter of the former postmaster woos for his affections and is supported by her father who wants them to marry. Bela prepares his meals, teases and amuses him, and dreams of a longterm happy marriage. [[Image:Babul2.jpg|thumb|left|300px|Ashok is taught to play piano by Usha]] However, Bela has competition from the wealthy [[landowner]] Jamnadas's daughter Usha, who lives a lavish lifestyle in a hilltop [[mansion]] Usha, drives a foreign car and seems more suitable for Ashok the young postmaster. They share a love of fine art and music, and Usha falls in love with his singing and arranges for him to give her music lessons on her [[grand piano]] in a [[boudoir]] adorned with fine art. Bela, heartbroken, intervenes by revealing to Usha her misguided belief that Ashok has already professed his love for her. In a surprising display of class-transcending understanding, she agrees to renounce her love for Ashok in favor of Bela’s claim, and to accept a proposal from the [[aristocratic]] son of one of her father’s colleagues. As Usha’s wedding approaches, both she and Ashok become [[Depression (mood)|depressed]] and Bela has recurring [[nightmare]]s of a black-veiled rider coming to carry her away. Times become increasingly unhappy and it seems that their marriage plans will not go ahead as plannned. ==Cast== [[Image:Babul3.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Nargis as Bela who woos Ashok's affection]] *[[Nargis]] ... Bela *[[Dilip Kumar]] ... Ashok *[[Munawar Sultana]] ... Usha *[[Jankidas]] ... Ashok's dad *[[Tun Tun]] ... Tun Tun (Munshi's daugther) (as Uma Devi) *H. Pahadi *Vinod *Ismail *Amar *A. Shah *Nawab Premi *Jugnu *Chandabala *Seema *Meher *Rajbala *Khurshid ==Cinematography and soundtrack== [[Image:Babul1950house.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Usha greets Ashok in her father's lavish mansion hallway. Note the way in which the cinematographer uses contrast in lighting]] The film takes a theatrical form, largely attributed to the set of the film and script. Cinematographer Fali Mistry contributes much to the film with atmospheric lighting, especially during night scenes and is able to create an essence of darkness in the hill top mansion which adds to an element of suspense. A soundtrack of fifteen songs, mostly about the joys and pains of love in the film is closely connected to the dialogue. The best known song in the film ''Chod babul ka ghar'' (literally meaning ''Now you must leave your father’s house''), is performed when a newly-married girl departs from her maternal home and village. The lovesong ''Nadi kinare'' (''On the bank of a river'') is performed by Ashok and Usha and a group of boatmen. <ref>[http://www.uiowa.edu/~incinema/Babul.html Untitled Document<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== * {{imdb title|id=0331186|title=Babul }} [[Category:1950 films]] [[Category:Indian films]] [[Category:Hindi-language films]] {{Bollywood}} Matthew Lappin 4199461 241329240 2008-09-27T14:37:07Z Closedmouth 372693 Date audit per [[MOS:SYL]] and general fixes using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{Infobox afl player NEW |image name=Replace this image male.svg <!-- only free-content images are allowed for depicting living people - see [[WP:NONFREE]] --> | | playername = Matthew Lappin | fullname = Matthew Lappin | image = | birthdate = {{Birth date and age|1976|2|17|df=y}} | birthplace = | originalteam = [[Chiltern, Victoria|Chiltern]] | draftpick = | heightweight = 182cm / 77kg | position = | dead = alive | deathdate = | deathplace = | currentclub = | guernsey = | years = 1994 &ndash; 1998 <br /> 1999 &ndash; 2007 <br /> '''Total''' | clubs = [[St. Kilda Football Club|St. Kilda]] <br /> [[Carlton Football Club|Carlton]] <br /> | games(goals) = 55 (26) <br /> 196 (221) <br /> '''276 (247)''' | coach = notcoach | coachingteams = | statsend = 2007 | repstatsend = | careerhighlights = <br /> * Carlton Leading Goalkicker 2001 * [[International rules]] series 2001, 2005, 2006 * [[All-Australian]] 2004 * [[AFL Mark of the Year]] 1999 }} '''Matthew Lappin''' (born 17 February 1976) was an [[Australian rules football]]er in the [[Australian Football League]] (AFL). Debuting with the [[St Kilda Football Club]] in 1994, Lappin was known as a solid running half-back flanker. After five seasons with the Saints (including the 1997 [[AFL Grand Final|Grand Final]]), he moved to [[Carlton FC|Carlton]] where he established himself in a variety of roles. Initially he played as a goalsneak, but shifted into a sweeping [[Football (Australian rules) positions#Centre Half-Back|half-back]], or linkman, role, providing much of Carlton's rebound football as they rebuilt their backline in the early-mid 2000s; he would also rotate sparingly through the [[Football (Australian rules) positions#Midfield|midfield]]. Lappin is easily recognised on the field with his lightly built frame, for which he has attracted the nickname "Skinny," and well-cut long hair. He is a great mark, regularly outmarking players much bigger than him such as [[Fraser Gehrig]] and [[Barry Hall]]. Lappin took the [[Mark of the Year]] in 1999, with a [[specky]] on the goal-line in Carlton's round one game against [[Essendon Football Club|Essendon]]. He has represented Australia in the [[International Rules]] series in three seasons, and is noted for kicking the round ball better than most of his teammates. In 2004 he won [[All-Australian]] selection and was consistently among Carlton's best players, but in 2005 he didn't have a great year for the Blues, which led to him considering walking out on the club. His form continued to slide in 2006, and after a particularly poor game against the [[Western Bulldogs]] coloured by some soft efforts, Lappin was dropped to the [[Northern Bullants]]. He played two games there and improved his intensity; he averaged 29 disposals and 3.5 tackles in the four games after his return. Lappin move primarily back into the forward line in 2007 with reasonable success. Following an injury, Lappin retired shortly before Carlton's final game of 2007, four games short of his 200th club game. He remained with the Carlton Football Club in a developmental role, acting as a playing assistant coach with the [[Northern Bullants]]. == External links == *{{Carlplayer|ref=13152}} *{{AflRleague|ref=M/Matthew_Lappin.html}} *[http://www.blueseum.org/cfc/tiki-index.php?page=Matthew+Lappin Matthew Lappin Profile in Blueseum] {{DEFAULTSORT:Lappin, Matthew}} [[Category:1976 births]] [[Category:Carlton Football Club players]] [[Category:St Kilda Football Club players]] [[Category:All-Australians]] [[Category:Northern Bullants players]] [[Category:Living people]] XHHUPN 4199500 48142693 2006-04-12T17:34:57Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"XHHUPN-TV" +"XHRIO-TV" #REDIRECT [[XHRIO-TV]] Pink bollworm 4199537 241773705 2008-09-29T14:19:26Z SheepNotGoats 4083663 added photo {{Taxobox | name = Pink Bollworm | image = Pinkbollworm.jpg | image_width = 200px | regnum = [[Animal]]ia | phylum = [[Arthropod]]a | classis = [[Insect]]a | ordo = [[Lepidoptera]] | familia = [[Gelechiidae]] | genus = ''[[Pectinophora]]'' | species = '''''P. gossypiella''''' | binomial = ''Pectinophora gossypiella'' | binomial_authority = Saunders 1844 }} The '''pink bollworm''' (''Pectinophora gossypiella''), ''lagarta rosada'' in [[Spanish language|Spanish]], is an insect known for being a pest in [[Gossypium|cotton]] farming. The adult is a small thin gray moth with fringed wings. The larva is a dull white eight-legged caterpillar with conspicuous pink banding along its dorsum. The larva reaches one half inch in length. The pink bollworm is native to Asia but has become an [[invasive species]] in most of the world's cotton-growing regions. It reached the cotton belt in the southern United States by the 1920s. It is a major pest in the cotton fields of the southern California deserts. The female moth lays eggs in a cotton boll, and when the larvae emerge from the eggs they inflict damage through feeding. They chew through the cotton lint to feed on the seeds. Since cotton is used for both [[cotton|fiber]] and [[Cottonseed oil|seed oil]], the damage is twofold. Their disruption of the protective tissue around the boll is a portal of entry for other insects and fungi. Transgenic [[Bacillus thuringiensis|Bt cotton]] is resistant to the pink bollworm. Infestation on susceptible cotton is generally controlled with insecticides. Once a crop has been harvested, the field is plowed under as soon as possible to stop the life cycle of the new generation of bollworm. Unharvested bolls harbor the larvae, so these are destroyed. The plants are plowed into the earth and the fields are irrigated liberally to drown out remaining pests. Some farmers burn the stubble after harvest. Surviving bollworms will overwinter in the field and reinfest the following season. Populations of bollworms are also controlled with mating disrupting chemicals and releases of sterile males which mate with the females but fail to fertilize their eggs. == References == *New Standard Encycolpedia, © 1990 Chicago, Illinois ==External links== *[http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/r114301511.html Pink bollworm IPM] [[Category:Moths]] [[Category:Agricultural pest insects]] [[Category:Invasive animal species]] {{moth-stub}} Image:Virsky4.jpg 4199571 81986331 2006-10-17T12:51:37Z Alex Bakharev 294809 sorting PD-USSR [[WP:MWB|Ⓣ]] == Summary == www.virsky.com == Licensing == {{PD-Russia}} Wikipedia:Picture of the day/June 19, 2006 4199611 62965555 2006-07-10T00:51:00Z Igiffin 355791 Disambiguation link repair - [[Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links|You can help!]] <!--If you make a correction to the text below, please also check the article the text came from. --> {| width=600 cellspacing=5 style="border-style:solid;border-color:#ccccff;padding:5px;text-align:center;" |colspan="2" align="center"| <font size="+1">[[Wikipedia:Picture of the day|Picture of the day]]</font> |---- |[[Image:Grapevinesnail 01.jpg|{{{size|300px}}}|Roman Snail (Helix pomatia)]] | The name '''[[snail]]''' applies to most members of the [[mollusc]]an class [[Gastropoda]] that have coiled [[animal shell|shell]]s. Snails are found in freshwater, marine, and [[terrestrial ecoregion |terrestrial]] environments. Snails come in a range of sizes. The largest land snail is the [[Giant African Snail]], which can measure up to 30 cm. The biggest of all snails is ''Syrinx aruanus'', a marine species living in [[Australia]]. <small>{{{type|Photo}}} credit: Jürgen Schoner</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured pictures|More featured pictures...]]</small> |} Mascara and Monsters (The Best of Alice Cooper) 4199635 49768106 2006-04-23T16:09:40Z ProveIt 483858 redirect #REDIRECT [[The Best of Alice Cooper]] Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena 4199666 210361521 2008-05-05T16:58:16Z Kbdankbot 6505923 Robot - move category per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 April 27|2008 April 27]] [[Image:BrownCountyArenaMay2007.jpg|thumb|right]] The '''Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena''' (more commonly known as the '''Brown County Arena''') is a 5,248-seat multi-purpose [[arena]] in [[Green Bay, Wisconsin]], [[United States|USA]]. It was the city and county's main indoor venue until the [[Resch Center]] opened in [[2002]]. It also was the home arena for the [[University of Wisconsin-Green Bay]] [[basketball]] teams. The BCVMA opened in [[1957]]. It hosted the 1991 [[The Summit League|Mid-Continent Conference]] men’s basketball tournament and the [[Horizon League|Midwestern Collegiate Conference]] (now Horizon League) men's basketball tournament in 1998. Currently the Arena continues to play host to concerts, ice shows, local sporting shows, high school graduations and other events, but has largely been phased out as a sports arena due to its age and lack of seating. This is largely due to the fact that most area sports teams that once used the arena currently play home games in the newer Resch Center, which is right next door. Concert footage taken at the Arena was used in the music video of the song [[Every Rose Has Its Thorn]] by [[Poison (band)|Poison]]. [[Category:Sports in Green Bay, Wisconsin]] [[Category:Sports venues in Wisconsin]] [[Category:Indoor arenas in the United States]] [[Category:College basketball venues]] [[Category:The Summit League men's basketball tournament venues]] [[Category:Horizon League men's basketball tournament venues]] [[Category:Defunct college basketball venues]] {{Wisconsin-stadium-stub}} Image:Kyoto Museum for World Peace - Sign.JPG 4199693 129084180 2007-05-07T23:03:08Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. {{GFDL-with-disclaimers}} This image was taken by [[User:Zeroasterisk|Zeroasterisk]], and permissions are granted. William Nathan Harrell Smith 4199710 239556164 2008-09-19T13:20:14Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other '''William Nathan Harrell Smith''' (1812 - 1889) was a [[United States House of Representatives|United States Representative]] from [[North Carolina]]; born in [[Murfreesboro, North Carolina]], September 24, 1812; attended the common schools in Murfreesboro, N.C., [[Kingston, Rhode Island]], and [[Colchester, Connecticut]] and [[East Lyme, Connecticut]]; was graduated from [[Yale College]] in 1834 and from [[Yale Law School]] in 1836; was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Murfreesboro, N.C., in 1839; held several local offices; was a member of the [[North Carolina General Assembly|State house of commons]] in 1840, 1858, 1865, and 1866; served in the [[North Carolina Senate|State senate]] in 1848; solicitor of the first judicial district of North Carolina for eight years; elected as an [[Opposition Party (United States)|Opposition Party]] candidate to the Thirty-sixth Congress (March 4, 1859-March 3, 1861); unsuccessful candidate for [[Speaker (politics)|Speaker]], lacking one vote of election; served in the [[Confederate Congress]] 1862-1865; delegate to the [[Democratic National Convention]] at [[New York City]] in 1868; served as counsel for Governor [[W. W. Holden]] in his 1871 [[impeachment]] trial; [[chief justice]] of the [[North Carolina Supreme Court]] 1878-1889; died in [[Raleigh, North Carolina]], November 14, 1889; interment in [[Historic Oakwood Cemetery]]. == See also == * [[Thirty-sixth United States Congress]] ==External links== * [http://bioguide.congress.gov/scripts/biodisplay.pl?index=S000634 U.S. Congressional Biographical Directory] * [http://www.ncmarkers.com/Markers.aspx?sp=Markers&sv=H-81 North Carolina Historical Marker] {{ start box }} {{s-legal}} {{succession box | before = [[Richmond Mumford Pearson]] | title = Chief Justice of [[North Carolina Supreme Court]] | years = 1878 - 1889 | after = [[Augustus S. Merrimon]]}} {{ end box }} [[Category:Members of the North Carolina State House|Smith, William]] [[Category:North Carolina State Senators|Smith, William]] [[Category:Members of the United States House of Representatives from North Carolina|Smith, William]] [[Category:1812 births|Smith, William]] [[Category:1889 deaths|Smith, William]] [[Category:Members of the Confederate House of Representatives|Smith, William]] [[Category:People of North Carolina in the American Civil War|Smith, William]] [[Category:North Carolina Supreme Court justices|Smith, William]] [[Category:Deputies and delegates of the Provisional Confederate Congress|Smith, Williams]] {{NorthCarolina-politician-stub}} Pseudantechinus 4199742 42528506 2006-03-06T20:24:03Z UtherSRG 33145 #REDIRECT [[False antechinus]] {{R from scientific name}} Spotted Quoll 4199772 41256270 2006-02-26T02:38:28Z UtherSRG 33145 moved [[Spotted Quoll]] to [[Tiger Quoll]]: as per MSW 3rd ed #REDIRECT [[Tiger Quoll]] Indiana State Road 49 4199802 218980235 2008-06-13T01:14:27Z Omnedon 840224 Cleanup {{Infobox road |state=IN |type=IN |route=49 |alternate_name= |length_mi=44.2 |length_round=1 |length_ref=<ref name="illi-indi">[http://illi-indi.com/EndsPage.php?id=1028&section=1 Indiana Highway Ends - SR 28]</ref> |established= |direction_a=South |starting_terminus=[[Image:Indiana 14.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 14|SR 14]] in [[Jasper County, Indiana|Jasper County]] |junction= |direction_b=North |ending_terminus=[[Image:US 12.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 12|US 12]] north of [[Chesterton, Indiana|Chesterton]] |previous_type=IN |previous_route=48 |next_type=IN |next_route=51 }} '''State Road 49''' in the [[U.S. State]] of [[Indiana]] is a state highway in northwest Indiana. It runs from just north of [[Chesterton, Indiana|Chesterton]] at the intersection with [[U.S. Route 12]] ([[Dunes Highway]]) south to a rural interchange 10 miles (16 km) northeast of [[Rensselaer, Indiana|Rensselaer]] with [[Indiana State Road 14|State Road 14]]. This is a distance of about 44.15 miles (71.05 km). The route has major junctions at its northern end, intersecting U.S. 12, [[U.S. Route 20]], [[Interstate 94]], and Interstates [[Interstate 80|80]]/[[Interstate 90|90]] ([[Indiana Toll Road]]) in its first 5 miles. The distance between U.S. 12 and Interstate 94 in particular is no more than 3/4 of a mile (1 km). The highway then expands to become a four-lane [[expressway]], with a full interchange at [[U.S. Route 6]]. It returns to intersections at grade after U.S. 6, and then elevates to a four-lane expressway for interchanges at [[Indiana State Road 2|State Road 2]] and [[U.S. Route 30]]. The remainder of the route is a two-lane rural road with at-grade interchanges. The portion of the highway south of Interstate 80/90 and north of U.S. 30 is known as the '''Valparaiso Bypass''', but it is signed as the '''Van Ness Highway'''. The bypass replaces Calumet Avenue, which had taken Indiana 49 through downtown [[Valparaiso, Indiana|Valparaiso]]. The highway passes through the following communities, and intersects with highways at those locations: * [[Chesterton, Indiana|Chesterton]] &mdash; [[U.S. Route 12]], [[U.S. Route 20]], [[Interstate 94]], [[Interstate 80]]/[[Interstate 90]] ([[Indiana Toll Road]]), [[U.S. Route 6]] * [[Valparaiso, Indiana|Valparaiso]] &mdash; [[Indiana State Road 2|State Road 2]], [[U.S. Route 30]] * [[Kouts, Indiana|Kouts]] &mdash; [[Indiana State Road 8|State Road 8]] * [[Wheatfield, Indiana|Wheatfield]] &mdash; [[Indiana State Road 10|State Road 10]] * Rural North-Central Indiana &mdash; [[Indiana State Road 14|State Road 14]] ==Major intersections== Source: INDOT Roadway Referencing System<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.in.gov/indot/3361.htm|title=INDOT Roadway Referencing System}}</ref> {{INinttop}} {{INint |county=Jasper |cspan=2 |mile=0.00 |road=[[Image:Indiana 14.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 14|SR 14]] |location=Jasper County |notes=SR 49 begins }} {{INint |mile=10.99 |road=[[Image:Indiana 10.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 10|SR 10]] |location=Wheatfield }} {{INint |county=Porter |cspan=7 |mile=20.40 |road=[[Image:Indiana 8.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 8|SR 8]] |location=Kouts }} {{INint |mile=29.73 |road=[[Image:Indiana 2.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 2|SR 2]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins |location=Valparaiso |lspan=3 }} {{INint |mile=29.73 |road=[[Image:US 30.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 30|US 30]] |notes=overpass }} {{INint |mile=30.83 |road=[[Image:Indiana 2.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 2|SR 2]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 1.1 miles }} {{INint |mile=36.73 |road=[[Image:US 6.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 6|US 6]] |notes=underpass |location=Porter County }} {{INint |mile=41.96 |road=[[Image:I-94.svg|20px]] [[Interstate 94|I-94]] |notes=overpass |location=Chesterton }} {{INint |mile=44.15 |road=[[Image:US 12.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 12|US 12]] |location=Porter |notes=SR 49 ends }} {{INintbtm}} == References == <references/> [[Category:State highways in Indiana|049]] John Kerr, Jr. 4199822 188041889 2008-01-31T00:30:22Z Sniperz11 3416046 clean up using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] :''For the soccer player, see [[John Kerr (soccer)]]. See also [[John Kerr (disambiguation)]].'' '''John Kerr, Jr.''' (1811 - 1879) was a [[United States House of Representatives|Congressional Representative]] and jurist from [[North Carolina]]. He was born near [[Danville, Virginia]], February 10, 1811, son of [[John Kerr (Virginia Congressman)|John Kerr]]. The younger Kerr completed academic studies in [[Richmond, Virginia]]; studied law; and was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in [[Yanceyville, North Carolina]]; trustee of [[Wake Forest College]], North Carolina 1844-1856 and of the [[University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill]] 1846-1868; unsuccessful [[United States Whig Party|Whig]] candidate for [[Governor of North Carolina]] in 1852; elected as a Whig to the Thirty-third Congress (March 4, 1853-March 3, 1855); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1854 to the Thirty-fourth Congress; member of the [[North Carolina House of Representatives|State house of representatives]] in 1858 and 1860; [[judge]] of the [[superior court]] of North Carolina, 1862-1863 and 1874-1879; died in [[Reidsville, North Carolina]], September 5, 1879; interment in the City Cemetery, Yanceyville, N.C. == See also == * [[Thirty-third United States Congress]] * [http://bioguide.congress.gov/scripts/biodisplay.pl?index=K000140 U.S. Congressional Biographical Directory] {{DEFAULTSORT:Kerr, John}} [[Category:1811 births]] [[Category:1879 deaths]] [[Category:Members of the North Carolina State House]] [[Category:Members of the United States House of Representatives from North Carolina]] [[Category:People of North Carolina in the American Civil War]] [[Category:North Carolina state court judges]] {{NorthCarolina-politician-stub}} Dion Lam 4199855 211348474 2008-05-09T22:10:24Z FrankRizzo2006 4364763 '''Dion Lam Dik-On''' is a [[Hong Kong]] [[stage combat|action choreographer]] and [[actor]], best known for his work on the films ''[[Spider-Man 2]]'' and ''[[The Matrix]]'' trilogy. == Filmography == *''[[The Hangman (1980 film)|The Hangman]]'' (1980) *''[[Energetic 21]]'' (1982) *''[[Crazy Blood]]'' (1983) *''[[Mistaken Identity (film)|Mistaken Identity]]'' (1988) *''[[The Killer (1989 film)|The Killer]]'' (1989) *''[[Ghost Ballroom]]'' (1989) *''[[Angel Enforcers]]'' (1989) *''[[Blood Ritual]]'' (1989) *''[[The Top Bet]]'' (1991) *''[[Return to Action]]'' (1990) *''[[The Sniping]]'' (1990) *''[[She Shoots Straight]]'' (1990) *''[[Shanghai Shanghai]]'' (1990) *''[[The Revenge of Angel]]'' (1990) *''[[To Be Number One]]'' (1991) *''[[Inspector Pink Dragon]]'' (1991) *''[[Fist of Fury 1991]]'' (1991) *''[[Hero of the Beggars]]'' (1992) *''[[Flying Dagger]]'' (1993) *''[[Swordsman III: The East Is Red]]'' (1993) *''[[Last Hero in China]]'' (1993) *''[[Executioners (film)|Executioners]]'' (1993) *''[[Ghost Lantern]]'' (1993) *''[[Her Fatal Ways 3]]'' (1993) *''[[Freedom Run Q]]'' (1993) *''[[The Private Eye Blues]]'' (1994) *''[[Return to a Better Tomorrow]]'' (1994) *''[[Her Fatal Ways 4]]'' (1994) *''[[Wonder Seven]]'' (1994) *''[[Love on Delivery]]'' (1994) *''[[No Justice for All]]'' (1995) *''[[The Vengeance]]'' (1995) *''[[Don't Give a Damn]]'' (1995) ==External links== * {{imdb name|id=0482599|name=Dion Lam}} [[Category:Hong Kong actors|Lam, Dion]] Ordinance of secession 4199881 176788897 2007-12-09T16:01:50Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Ordinance of Secession]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Image:Gupt.jpg 4199905 144920135 2007-07-16T03:09:09Z SkierRMH 2618808 Fair use added ==licensing== {{Non-free poster}} == Fair use in [[Gupt: The Hidden Truth]] == Though this image is subject to copyright, its use is covered by the U.S. fair use laws because: # It's a low resolution copy of a Film Poster / VHS or DVD Cover. # It doesn't limit the copyright owner's rights to sell the film in any way, in fact, it may encourage sales. # Because of the low resolution, copies could not be used to make illegal copies of the artwork/image. # The image is itself a subject of discussion in the article or used in the infobox thereof. # The image is significant because it was used to promoted a notable film. ==Source== #Derived from a digital capture (photo/scan) of the Film Poster/ VHS or DVD Cover (creator of this digital version is irrelevant as the copyright in all equivalent images is still held by the same party). Copyright held by the film company or the artist. Claimed as fair use regardless. [[Category:Film poster images]] Indiana State Road 62 4199932 215433865 2008-05-28T04:36:38Z Omnedon 840224 Added some mileposts {{Infobox road |state=IN |type=IN |route=62 |alternate_name= |length_mi=228 |length_round= |length_ref=<ref name="illi-indi">[http://illi-indi.com/EndsPage.php?id=1062&section=1 Indiana Highway Ends - SR 62]</ref> |established= |direction_a=West |starting_terminus=[[Image:Illinois 141.svg|25px]] [[Illinois Route 141|IL 141]] |junction=[[Image:US 41.svg|25px]] [[U.S. Route 41|US 41]] at [[Evansville, Indiana|Evansville]]<br /> [[Image:I-164.svg|25px]] [[Interstate 164|I-164]] at [[Evansville, Indiana|Evansville]]<br /> [[Image:I-64.svg|25px]] [[Interstate 64|I-64]] at [[New Albany, Indiana|New Albany]]<br /> [[Image:I-65.svg|25px]] [[Interstate 65|I-65]] at [[New Albany, Indiana|New Albany]]<br /> [[Image:US 421.svg|25px]] [[U.S. Route 421|US 421]] at [[Madison, Indiana|Madison]]<br /> |direction_b=East |ending_terminus=[[Image:Indiana 262.svg|25px]] [[Indiana State Road 262|IN 262]] at [[Dillsboro, Indiana|Dillsboro]] |counties=[[Clark County, Indiana|Clark]], [[Crawford County, Indiana|Crawford]], [[Dearborn County, Indiana|Dearborn]], [[Floyd County, Indiana|Floyd]], [[Harrison County, Indiana|Harrison]], [[Jefferson County, Indiana|Jefferson]], [[Perry County, Indiana|Perry]], [[Posey County, Indiana|Posey]], [[Ripley County, Indiana|Ripley]], [[Spencer County, Indiana|Spencer]], [[Vanderburgh County, Indiana|Vanderburgh]], [[Warrick County, Indiana|Warrick]] |previous_type=IN |previous_route=61 |next_type=IN |next_route=63 }} [[Image:State Road_62 - View West in Posey County.jpg|thumb|left|View along SR 62 facing west]]'''State Road 62''' in the [[U.S. State]] of [[Indiana]] is an east-west route that begins at a toll bridge over the [[Wabash River]] between [[New Haven, Illinois]] and [[Posey County, Indiana|Posey County]]. From the east side of [[Mount Vernon, Indiana|Mount Vernon]] through [[Evansville, Indiana|Evansville]], SR 62 is a divided expressway-grade highway. East of Evansville, the highway becomes a largely rural two-lane road, and for much of its trip through [[Spencer County, Indiana|Spencer]], [[Perry County, Indiana|Perry]], [[Crawford County, Indiana|Crawford]], [[Harrison County, Indiana|Harrison]] and western [[Floyd County, Indiana|Floyd]] counties, it is narrow, winding and hilly. SR 62 overlaps [[Interstate 64]], [[Interstate 265]] and SR 265, bypassing the cities of [[New Albany, Indiana|New Albany]], [[Clarksville, Indiana|Clarksville]] and [[Jeffersonville, Indiana|Jeffersonville]]. The highway then turns to the northeast, serving the cities of [[Charlestown, Indiana|Charlestown]], [[Hanover, Indiana|Hanover]] and [[Madison, Indiana|Madison]] before ending at SR 262 just south of [[U.S. Highway 50]] at [[Dillsboro, Indiana|Dillsboro]]. Before the extension of I-265, SR 62 went directly through the cities of New Albany, Clarksville, and Jeffersonville. == Route== [[Image:State Road 62 Western Terminus.jpg|thumb|right|Western terminus of State Road 62, at the Wabash Memorial Toll Bridge on the [[Wabash River]]]] SR 62 passes through the following major cities and towns: * [[Mount Vernon, Indiana|Mount Vernon]] (concurrent with SR 69) * [[Evansville, Indiana|Evansville]] (concurrent with U.S. 41 and SR 66) * [[Boonville, Indiana|Boonville]] (concurrent with SR 61) * [[Dale, Indiana|Dale]] (concurrent with U.S. 231) * [[Leavenworth, Indiana|Leavenworth]] * [[Corydon, Indiana|Corydon]] (concurrent with SR 337) * [[Lanesville, Indiana|Lanesville]] * [[New Albany, Indiana|New Albany]] (concurrent with Interstate 265) * [[Clarksville, Indiana|Clarksville]] (concurrent with SR 265) * [[Charlestown, Indiana|Charlestown]] * [[New Washington, Indiana|New Washington]] * [[Hanover, Indiana|Hanover]] * [[Madison, Indiana|Madison]] * [[Dillsboro, Indiana|Dillsboro]] == Major Intersections == {{mileposts}} {{INinttop}} {{INint |county=Posey |cspan=3 |location=Posey County |road=[[Image:Illinois 141.svg|20px]] [[Illinois Route 141|Illinois 141]] |notes=Western terminus of SR 62 at Wabash Memorial Toll Bridge. }} {{INint |location=Posey County |type=concur |mile=4.65 |road=[[Image:Indiana 69.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 69|SR 69]] |notes=Western terminus of concurrency with SR 69. }} {{INint |location=Mt. Vernon |type=concur |mile=9.92 |road=[[Image:Indiana 69.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 69|SR 69]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurency with SR 69. Becomes a four-lane divided highway just east of Mt. Vernon }} {{INint |county=Vanderburgh |cspan=6 |location=Evansville |road=University Boulevard |notes=Exit leads to [[University of Southern Indiana]]. In Vanderburgh County west of [[U.S. Route 41|US 41]], SR 62 is known as the [[Lloyd Expressway]]. }} {{INint |location=Evansville |road=St. Joseph Avenue }} {{INint |location=Evansville |road=First Avenue }} {{INint |location=Evansville |type=concur |mile=27.44 |road=[[Image:US 41.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 41|US 41]], [[Image:Indiana 66.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 66|SR 66]] |notes=Southern terminus of concurrency with US 41 and SR 66. East of US 41, the [[Lloyd Expressway]] continues following the path of SR 66. }} {{INint |location=Evansville |type=concur |mile=28.53 |road=[[Image:US 41.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 41|US 41]], [[Image:Indiana 66.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 66|SR 66]] |notes=Northern terminus of concurrency with US 41 and SR 66. SR 62 becomes known as Morgan Avenue east of this intersection. }} {{INint |location=Evansville |mile=32.50 |road=[[Image:I-164.svg|25x20px]] [[Interstate 164 (Indiana)|I-164]] |notes=Narrows back to two lanes just east of this intersection but inside [[Warrick County]]. }} {{INint |county=Warrick |cspan=5 |mile=42.92 |road=[[Image:Indiana 261.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 261|SR 261]] |location=Warrick County }} {{INint |mile=43.33 |location=Boonville |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 61.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 61|SR 61]] |notes=Western terminus of concurrency with SR 61. }} {{INint |location=Boonville |type=concur |mile=44.00 |road=[[Image:Indiana 61.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 61|SR 61]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrency with SR 61. }} {{INint |location=Warrick County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 161.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 161|SR 161]] |notes=Western terminus of concurrency with SR 161. }} {{INint |location=Warrick County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 161.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 161|SR 161]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrency with SR 161. }} {{INint |county=Spencer |cspan=6 |location=Spencer County |type=concur |road=[[Image:US 231.svg|25x20px]] [[U.S. Route 231 (Indiana)|US 231]] |notes=Southern terminus of concurrency with US 231. }} {{INint |location=Gentryville |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 162.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 162|SR 162]] |notes=Western terminus of SR 162. }} {{INint |location=Dale |type=concur |road=[[Image:US 231.svg|25x20px]] [[U.S. Route 231 (Indiana)|US 231]], [[Image:Indiana 68.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 68|SR 68]] |notes=Northern terminus of concurrency with US 231; eastern terminus of SR 68. }} {{INint |location=Dale |road=[[Image:Indiana 245.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 245|SR 245]] |notes=Northern terminus of SR 245 (spur to [[Holiday World and Splashin' Safari]]) }} {{INint |location=Spencer County |road=[[Image:Indiana 162.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 162|SR 162]] }} {{INint |location=St. Meinrad |road=[[Image:Indiana 545.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 545|SR 545]] |notes=Northern terminus of SR 545. }} {{INint |county=Perry |cspan=2 |location=Perry County |road=[[Image:Indiana 145.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 145|SR 145]] |notes=Enters [[Hoosier National Forest]] approximately one mile east of this intersection. }} {{INint |location=St. Croix |road=[[Image:Indiana 37.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 37|SR 37]] }} {{INint |county=Crawford |cspan=2 |type=concur |location=Sulphur |road=[[Image:Indiana 37.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 237|SR 237]], [[Image:Indiana 66.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 66|SR 66]] |notes=Western terminus of concurrency with SR 66; southern terminus of SR 237 Leaves [[Hoosier National Forest]] approximately three miles east of this intersection. }} {{INint |type=concur |location=Crawford County |road=[[Image:Indiana 66.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 66|SR 66]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrency with SR 66. }} {{INint |county=Harrison |cspan=3 |location=Harrison County |road=[[Image:Indiana 462.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 462|SR 462]] |notes=Northern terminus of SR 462 (spur to [[Harrison-Crawford State Forest]]). }} {{INint |location=Corydon |road=[[Image:Indiana 135.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 135|SR 135]] }} {{INint |location=Corydon |road=[[Image:Indiana 337.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 337|SR 337]] }} {{INint |county=Floyd |cspan=6 |location=Edwardsville |road=[[Image:Indiana 11.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 11|SR 11]] |notes=Northern terminus of SR 11. }} {{INint |location=Floyd County |type=concur |road=[[Image:I-64.svg|25x20px]] [[Interstate 64 (Indiana)|I-64]], {{INint/IN|64}} |notes=Western terminus of concurrence with I-64; eastern terminus of SR 64. }} {{INint |location=New Albany |type=concur |road=[[Image:US 150.svg|25x20px]] [[U.S. Route 150 (Indiana)|US 150]] |notes=Western terminus of concurrence with US 150. }} {{INint |location=New Albany |type=concur |road=[[Image:I-64.svg|25x20px]] [[Interstate 64 (Indiana)|I-64]], [[Image:I-265.svg|25x20px]] [[Interstate 265 (Indiana)|I-265]], [[Image:US 150.svg|25x20px]] [[U.S. Route 150 (Indiana)|US 150]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrence with I-64 and US 150; western terminus of concurrence with I-265; western terminus of I-265 }} {{INint |location=New Albany |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 111.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 111|SR 111]] }} {{INint |location=New Albany |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 311.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 311|SR 311]] }} {{INint |county=Clark |cspan=2 |location=Jeffersonville |type=concur |road=[[Image:I-65.svg|25x20px]] [[Interstate 65 (Indiana)|I-65]], [[Image:I-265.svg|25x20px]] [[Interstate 265 (Indiana)|I-265]], [[Image:Indiana 265.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 265|SR 265]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrence with I-265 as well as eastern terminus of I-265 itself; Western terminus of SR 265 as well as concurrence with SR 265. }} {{INint |location=Jeffersonville |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 265.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 265|SR 265]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrence with SR 265 as well as SR 265 itself. }} {{INint |county=Jefferson |cspan=7 |location=Jefferson County |road=[[Image:Indiana 362.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 362|SR 362]] |notes=Eastern terminus of SR 362. }} {{INint |location=Jefferson County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 56.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 56|SR 56]], [[Image:Indiana 356.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 356|SR 356]] |notes=Western terminus of concurrence with SR 56; eastern terminus of SR 356. }} {{INint |location=Jefferson County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 56.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 56|SR 56]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrence with SR 56. }} {{INint |location=Jefferson County |road=[[Image:Indiana 7.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 7|SR 7]] }} {{INint |location=Jefferson County |road=[[Image:US 421.svg|25x20px]] [[U.S. Route 421 (Indiana)|US 421]] }} {{INint |location=Jefferson County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 250.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 250|SR 250]] |notes=Western terminus of concurrence with SR 250. }} {{INint |location=Jefferson County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 250.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 250|SR 250]] |notes=Eastern terminus of concurrence with SR 250. }} {{INint |county=Ripley |cspan=2 |location=Ripley County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 129.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 129|SR 129]] |notes=Southern terminus of concurrence with SR 129. }} {{INint |location=Ripley County |type=concur |road=[[Image:Indiana 129.svg|25x20px]] [[Indiana State Road 129|SR 129]] |notes=Northern terminus of concurrence with SR 129. }} {{INint |county=Dearborn |location=Dillsboro |road=[[Image:US 50.svg|25x20px]] [[U.S. Route 50 (Indiana)|US 50]] |notes=Eastern terminus of SR 62. }} {{INintbtm}} == History == In the pre-Interstate era, Indiana 62 between Evansville and New Albany was also [[U.S. Highway 460]], a heavily-traveled route between [[St. Louis, Missouri]] and [[Louisville, Kentucky]] before Interstate 64 supplanted it as a through route. The highway forms part of the [[Lincoln Heritage Trail]]. SR 62 is known as the [[Lloyd Expressway]] within Evansville's city limits. It is named in honor of former Mayor [[Russell G. Lloyd, Sr.]] who was assassinated after leaving office in 1980. Evansville residents use the term “expressway” loosely due to the large number of stoplights along the Evansville stretch of the route. ==External links== *[http://www.caranddriver.com/bestroads/road30/indiana/indiana-62-lincoln-heritage-trail/ Car and Driver magazine - Best Driving Roads in America - Indiana 62, Lincoln Heritage Trail] ==References== <references /> [[Category:State highways in Indiana|062]] Indiana State Road 67 4199957 229888209 2008-08-05T00:44:25Z {{Infobox road |state=IN |type=IN |route=67 |alternate_name= |maint=[[Indiana Department of Transportation|INDOT]] |length_mi=199.3 |length_round=2 |length_ref=<ref name="illi-indi">[http://illi-indi.com/EndsPage.php?id=1067&section=1 Indiana Highway Ends - SR 67]</ref> |established= |direction_a=South |starting_terminus=[[Image:US 41.svg|20px]][[Image:US 150.svg|25px]] [[U.S. Route 41|US 41]]/[[U.S. Route 150|US 150]] near [[Vincennes, Indiana|Vincennes]] |junction=[[Image:US 231.svg|25px]] [[U.S. Route 231|US 231]] near [[Worthington, Indiana|Worthington]]<br />[[Image:I-74.svg|20px]][[Image:I-465.svg|25px]] [[Interstate 74|I-74]]/[[Interstate 465|I-465]] at [[Indianapolis]]<br />[[Image:US 36.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 36|US 36]] at [[Pendleton, Indiana|Pendleton]]<br />[[Image:I-69.svg|20px]] [[Interstate 69|I-69]] near [[Anderson, Indiana|Anderson]]<br />[[Image:US 35.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 35|US 35]] at [[Muncie, Indiana| Muncie]]<br /> [[Image:US 27.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 27|US 27]] at [[Portland, Indiana|Portland]] |direction_b=North |ending_terminus=[[Image:OH-29.svg‎|20px]] [[Ohio State Route 29|OH 29]] near [[Celina, Ohio]] |counties= [[Knox County, Indiana|Knox]], [[Greene County, Indiana|Greene]], [[Owen County, Indiana|Owen]], [[Morgan County, Indiana|Morgan]], [[Hendricks County, Indiana|Hendricks]], [[Marion County, Indiana|Marion]], [[Hancock County, Indiana|Hancock]], [[Madison County, Indiana|Madison]], [[Delaware County, Indiana|Delaware]], [[Jay County, Indiana|Jay]] |previous_type=IN |previous_route=66 |next_type=IN |next_route=68 }}'''State Road 67''' in the [[U.S. State]] of [[Indiana]] cuts a diagonal route from southwest to northeast across the state from the north side of [[Vincennes, Indiana|Vincennes]] to [[Indianapolis, Indiana|Indianapolis]] to the Ohio state line, where it becomes [[State Route 29 (Ohio)|State Route 29]] east of [[Bryant, Indiana|Bryant]]. SR 67 is a two-lane highway from Vincennes to near [[Martinsville, Indiana|Martinsville]], where it becomes a four-lane limited-access highway. SR 67 overlaps [[U.S. Highway 231]] from three miles southwest of [[Worthington, Indiana]], to six miles north of [[Spencer, Indiana|Spencer]], a distance of approximately 30 miles. Once SR 67 reaches Indianapolis, as Kentucky Avenue, it overlaps [[Interstate 465]] around the south and east sides of the city until Exit 42, where SR 67 and [[U.S. Highway 36]] depart the city to the northeast as Pendleton Pike. U.S. Highway 36 splits off from State Road 67 in [[Pendleton, Indiana|Pendleton]] and proceeds east. SR 67 joins [[Interstate 69]] from [[Anderson, Indiana|Anderson]] to [[Daleville, Indiana|Daleville]], where it leaves the interstate and becomes an expressway bypass that serves the south and east sides of [[Muncie, Indiana|Muncie]]. Northeast of Muncie, SR 67 wraps up its diagonal run in the same manner as it began: as a rural, two-lane highway. Portions of the route overlap others. ==Major intersections== Source: INDOT Roadway Referencing System <ref>[http://www.in.gov/indot/3361.htm INDOT Roadway Referencing System]</ref> {{INinttop}} {{INint |county=Knox |cspan=6 |mile=0.00 |road=[[Image:US 41.svg|20px]][[Image:US 150.svg|25px]] [[U.S. Route 41|US 41]]/[[U.S. Route 150|US 150]] |location=Knox County |notes=SR 67 begins }} {{INint |mile=11.05 |road=[[Image:Indiana 159.svg|25px]] [[Indiana State Road 159|SR 159]] |location=Bicknell }} {{INint |mile=14.20 |road=[[Image:Indiana 358.svg|25px]] [[Indiana State Road 358|SR 358]] |location=Knox County |lspan=4 }} {{INint |mile=19.09 |road=[[Image:Indiana 58.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 58|SR 58]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins }} {{INint |mile=20.39 |road=[[Image:Indiana 58.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 58|SR 58]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 1.3 miles }} {{INint |mile=22.48 |road=[[Image:Indiana 59.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 59|SR 59]] }} {{INint |county=Greene |cspan=2 |mile=34.62 |road=[[Image:Indiana 54.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 54|SR 54]] |location=Switz City }} {{INint |mile=38.58 |road=[[Image:US 231.svg|25px]] [[U.S. Route 231|US 231]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins |location=Greene County }} {{INint |county=Owen |mile=65.40 |road=[[Image:US 231.svg|25px]] [[U.S. Route 231|US 231]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 26.82 miles |location=Owen County }} {{INint |county=Morgan |cspan=3 |mile=82.48 |road=[[Image:Indiana 39.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 39|SR 39]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins |location=Morgan County }} {{INint |mile=85.82 |road=[[Image:Indiana 39.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 39|SR 39]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 3.34 miles |location=Morgan County }} {{INint |mile=95.86 |road=[[Image:Indiana 144.svg|25px]] [[Indiana State Road 144|SR 144]] |location=Mooresville }} {{INint |county=Marion |cspan=1 |mile=104.53 |road=[[Image:I-74.svg|20px]][[Image:I-465.svg|25px]] [[Interstate 74|I-74]]/[[Interstate 465|I-465]] |notes=underpass |location=Marion County }} {{INint |county=Hancock |cspan=1 |mile=111.34 |road=[[Image:US 36.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 36|US 36]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins |location=Hancock County }} {{INint |county=Madison |cspan=3 |mile=124.97 |road=[[Image:US 36.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 36|US 36]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 13.63 miles |location=Madison County |lspan=3 }} {{INint |mile=124.97 |road=[[Image:Indiana 9.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 9|SR 9]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins }} {{INint |mile=127.62 |road=[[Image:Indiana 9.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 9|SR 9]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 2.65 miles }} {{INint |county=Delaware |cspan=10 |mile=136.52 |road=[[Image:I-69.svg|20px]] [[Interstate 69|I-69]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins |location=Delaware County |lspan=10 }} {{INint |mile=138.67 |road=[[Image:I-69.svg|20px]] [[Interstate 69|I-69]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 2.15 miles }} {{INint |mile=138.67 |road=[[Image:I-69.svg|20px]] [[Interstate 69|I-69]] |notes=underpass }} {{INint |mile=150.31 |road=[[Image:Indiana 3.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 3|SR 3]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins }} {{INint |mile=151.61 |road=[[Image:Indiana 3.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 3|SR 3]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 1.3 miles }} {{INint |mile=151.61 |road=[[Image:US 35.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 35|US 35]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins }} {{INint |mile=157.73 |road=[[Image:US 35.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 35|US 35]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 7.42 miles }} {{INint |mile=161.20 |road=[[Image:Indiana 28.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 28|SR 28]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins }} {{INint |mile=165.39 |road=[[Image:Indiana 28.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 28|SR 28]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 4.19 miles }} {{INint |mile=166.33 |road=[[Image:Indiana 167.svg|25px]] [[Indiana State Road 167|SR 167]] }} {{INint |county=Jay |cspan=6 |mile=172.17 |road=[[Image:Indiana 1.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 1|SR 1]] |location=Redkey }} {{INint |mile=181.58 |road=[[Image:Indiana 26.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 26|SR 26]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins |location=Jay County |lspan=5 }} {{INint |mile=183.54 |road=[[Image:Indiana 26.svg|20px]] [[Indiana State Road 26|SR 26]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 1.96 miles }} {{INint |mile=183.54 |road=[[Image:US 27.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 27|US 27]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency begins }} {{INint |mile=190.73 |road=[[Image:US 27.svg|20px]] [[U.S. Route 27|US 27]] |type=concur |notes=concurrency ends after 9.15 miles }} {{INint |mile=199.24 |road=[[Image:OH-29.svg‎|20px]] [[Ohio State Route 29|OH 29]] |notes=SR 67 ends }} {{INintbtm}} ==References== <references/> [[Category:State highways in Indiana|067]] Wikipedia:Leftist Parties and Movements Collaboration of the Week/current 4199984 41259299 2006-02-26T03:07:08Z Revolución 274482 create [[Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman]] Bank station 4200013 174606667 2007-11-29T15:05:48Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Bank Station]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/French Colors 4200043 42129981 2006-03-04T00:41:33Z Jaxl 309415 close - delete <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). 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No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Image:Drowned-world-pic 004.jpg 4200079 125719491 2007-04-25T03:35:56Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Renaming non-free template "Musicpromo-screenshot" per [[Wikipedia:Non-free content/templates]]. == Summary == A screenshot of [[Madonna (entertainer)|Madonna]] in the [[music video]] for her single "[[Drowned World/Substitute for Love]]" (1998). The copyright of the image and the music video is owned by [[Warner Bros. Records]]. ==Fair use rationale for use in the article "[[Drowned World/Substitute for Love]]"== # The image is a screenshot from a promotional music video originally created by Warner Bros. Records, and intended for wide distribution. # No free or public domain images have been located for this single. # The screenshot does not limit the copyright owners' rights to distribute the single or music video in any way. # The screenshot is of lower resolution and quality than the original video (copies made from it will be of inferior quality). # The screenshot is being used for informational purposes only, and its use is not believed to detract from the original single or music video in any way. == Licensing == {{Non-free music video screenshot}} [[Category:Madonna images]] Red Forest Duiker 4200102 231358551 2008-08-12T01:57:06Z Rei-bot 3258344 robot Adding: [[pt:Cephalophus natalensis]] {{Taxobox | name = Red Forest Duiker | image = Rotducker.jpg | status = LR/cd | status_system = IUCN2.3 | trend = down | regnum = [[Animal]]ia | phylum = [[Chordate|Chordata]] | classis = [[Mammal]]ia | ordo = [[Artiodactyla]] | familia = [[Bovidae]] | genus = ''[[Cephalophus]]'' | species = '''''C. natalensis''''' | binomial = ''Cephalophus natalensis'' | binomial_authority = [[Andrew Smith (zoologist)|A. Smith]], 1834 }} The '''Red Forest Duiker''', '''Natal Duiker''', or '''Natal Red Duiker''' (''Cephalophus natalensis''), is a small [[antelope]] found in central to southern [[Africa]]. It is found in [[forest]]s and [[shrubland]]s in [[Malawi]], [[Mozambique]], and southern [[Tanzania]]. Red Forest Duikers are roughly 40 centimetres tall at the shoulder and weigh 15 kilogrammes on average. They have a chestnut coat, with dark patches on the face and back of the neck. Red Forest Duikers are on the IUCN red list of threatened species. ==References== * {{IUCN2006|assessors=Antelope Specialist Group|year=1996|id=4144|title=Cephalophus natalensis|downloaded=11 May 2006}} *[http://www.redlist.org/search/details.php?species=4144 redlist.org] {{Artiodactyla|R.2}} [[Category:Duikers]] [[Category:Mammals of Africa]] [[Category:Fauna of East Africa]] [[Category:Fauna of South Africa]] [[Category:Fauna of Zambia]] {{even-toed-ungulate-stub}} [[cs:Chocholatka červená]] [[de:Rotducker]] [[es:Cephalophus natalensis]] [[fr:Cephalophus natalensis]] [[it:Cephalophus natalensis]] [[pt:Cephalophus natalensis]] Gordon Dailley 4200137 239543656 2008-09-19T12:23:08Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other {{MedalTop}} {{MedalSport | Men's [[Ice hockey at the Winter Olympics|Ice Hockey]]}} {{MedalGold| [[1936 Winter Olympics|1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen]] | [[Ice hockey at the 1936 Winter Olympics|Team]]}} {{MedalBottom}} Colonel '''Gordon "Don" Debenham Dailley''' ([[July 24]], [[1911]] - [[May 3]], [[1989]]) is a [[Canada|Canadian]]-born [[ice hockey]] player who was notable for his achievements while representing [[Great Britain]] at international ice hockey competitions. After his hockey career, he had a successful military career, participating in [[World War II]] and the [[Korean War]]. ==Hockey career== Born in either [[Calgary]] [http://www.bihwa.co.uk/hall_of_fame/dailley.htm] or [[Winnipeg]] [http://www.city.cambridge.on.ca/cs_pubaccess/hall_of_fame.php?aid=71], Dailley attended the [[University of Manitoba]] before moving to England in 1933. By some accounts, Dailley earned his passage across the Atlantic Ocean by working on a cattle boat. [http://www.bihwa.co.uk/hall_of_fame/dailley.htm] Upon his arrival in England, Dailley joined the [[Grosvenor House Canadians]] (later the [[Wembley Canadians]]), playing defence. [http://azhockey.com/Da.htm] Dailley later played for the [[Wembley Lions]], and was captain of the [[Wembley Monarchs]] from 1937 until the outbreak of World War II. ==International championships== Dailley was a member of the team which won the gold medal in [[ice hockey at the 1936 Winter Olympics|ice hockey]] for Great Britain at the [[1936 Winter Olympics]]. The team consisted mostly of British-born Canadian citizens, as well as Dailley, whose only justification for playing for Britain lay in his long residency in England. Two players (including [[James Foster (ice hockey player)|Jimmy Foster]]) hadn't even received the proper papers to allow them to play for Great Britain. (The [[Canadian Olympic Committee]] launched a formal protest, which was defeated.) [http://www.olympic.ca/EN/media/2006_handbook/history.shtml] The gold in 1936 was the first and only ice hockey gold for Great Britain. Dailley continued to play for the British national team, and was named its captain upon the resignation of [[Carl Erhardt]] in 1937. He led the team to European Championships in 1937 and 1938, [http://www.city.cambridge.on.ca/cs_pubaccess/hall_of_fame.php?aid=71] after which he left hockey to join the [[Canadian Army]]. ==Military service== Dailley served in England throughout [[World War II]]. After the war, he remained in the [[Canadian Forces]], holding various posts in [[Ottawa]]. He participated in the [[United Nations]] [[peacekeeping]] force in [[Korea]], and was promoted to [[Colonel]] in 1955. He was the military attaché for Canada in [[Belgrade]], [[Yugoslavia]] from 1955 to 1960, after which he became the base commander at [[CFB Gagetown]], [[New Brunswick]]. He retired from the military in 1964. ==Post-military life== Dailley was prominent in the New Brunswick community after his retirement from the [[Canadian Forces]]. He formulated plans for the [[African Lion Safari]], the first game farm in Canada to feature exotic species in a drive-through reserve. He was also involved in the [[United Nations Association]], [[OXFAM]], the [[New Brunswick Symphony]], and the [[Canadian Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums]]. [http://www.city.cambridge.on.ca/cs_pubaccess/hall_of_fame.php?aid=71] He was posthumously inducted in the [[British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame]] in 1993. ==See also== [[Ice hockey at the 1936 Winter Olympics]] ==References== *[http://www.city.cambridge.on.ca/cs_pubaccess/hall_of_fame.php?aid=71 Colonel Gordon "Don" Dailley]</br>[http://www.olympic.ca/EN/media/2006_handbook/history.shtml History of the Winter Games]</br>[http://azhockey.com/Da.htm A to Z Encyclopedia of Hockey] <!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]] --> {{Persondata |NAME= Dailley, Gordon Debenham |ALTERNATIVE NAMES= |SHORT DESCRIPTION= Ice hockey player |DATE OF BIRTH= 1911 |PLACE OF BIRTH= [[Canada]] |DATE OF DEATH= 1989 |PLACE OF DEATH= Not known }} {{DEFAULTSORT:Dailley, Gordon}} [[Category:Olympic ice hockey players of Great Britain]] [[Category:Olympic gold medalists for Great Britain]] [[Category:Ice hockey players at the 1936 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:1911 births]] [[Category:1989 deaths]] [[Category:Canadian military personnel of the Korean War]] [[Category:British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame]] China Ocean Shipping Co. 4200179 41261407 2006-02-26T03:28:21Z Marudubshinki 190816 redir #REDIRECT[[COSCO]] Gao Song 4200215 237603789 2008-09-10T23:38:50Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other {{Infobox Figure skater |title= Gao Song |image= [[Image:Gao Song 2003 NHK Trophy.jpg|200px|center]] |caption= Gao Song in 2003. |country= {{CHN}} |dateofbirth= {{birth date and age|1981|3|20}} |residence= |height= 178 cm |coach= [[Xu Zhaoxiao]] |choreographer=[[Hailan Jiang]], [[Elena Petrenko]] |skating club= Heilongjiang Skating Club |retired= |combined total= 192.89 |combined date= [[2003 NHK Trophy]] |SP score= 70.25 |SP date= [[2003 Cup of China]] |FS score= 128.60 |FS date= [[2003 NHK Trophy]] }} {{Redirect|Song Gao|the dessert|Song gao}} {{Chinese name|Gao}} '''Gao Song''' ({{lang-zh|高嵩}}, born on [[March 20]], [[1981]] in [[Heilongjiang]], [[China]]) is a Chinese [[figure skater]]. He won the bronze medal at the 2002 [[Four Continents Championships]]. He missed the 2000/2001 international season after winning the Junior Grand Prix Final the previous season because he failed to qualify for the Chinese national team. He returned the next season and won the bronze medal at the [[2002 Four Continents Championships]]. <br clear="all"> ==Competitive highlights== {| class="wikitable" |- ! Event ! 1998-1999 ! 1999-2000 ! 2000-2001 ! 2001-2002 ! 2002-2003 ! 2003-2004 ! 2004-2005 ! 2005-2006 ! 2006-2007 ! 2007-2008 |- | [[World Figure Skating Championships|World Championships]] || || || || align="center" | 16th || || || || || || |- | [[Four Continents Championships]] || || || || align="center" bgcolor="CC9966" | 3rd || || align="center" | 8th || || || || |- | [[World Junior Figure Skating Championships|World Junior Championships]] || || align="center" | 6th || || || || || || || || |- | [[Chinese Figure Skating Championships|Chinese Nationals]] || align="center" | 7th ||align="center" | 5th || align="center" bgcolor="CC9966" | 3rd || align="center" | 4th || align="center" | 4th || align="center" bgcolor="CC9966" | 3rd || align="center" bgcolor="CC9966" | 3rd || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || align="center" | 4th || align="center" | 7th |- | [[Winter Universiade]] || || || || || || || align="center" | 7th || || align="center" | 4th || |- | [[Grand Prix Final]] || || || || || || align="center" | 5th || || || || |- | [[Trophee Eric Bompard]] || || || || || || || || || || align="center" | 11th |- | [[Cup of China]] || || || || || || align="center" | 4th || || || align="center" | 9th || |- | [[Cup of Russia]] || || || || || || || || align="center" | 12th || || |- | [[NHK Trophy]] || || || || || || align="center" bgcolor="CC9966" | 3rd || || || || |- | [[Golden Spin, Zagreb]] || || || || || align="center" | 11th || || || || || |- | [[ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix Final]] || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || || || || || || || || |- | [[ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, Japan]] || || align="center" | 4th || || || || || || || || |- | [[ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, Norway]] || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || || || || || || || || |- | [[ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, China]] || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd || || || || || || || || || |} ==External links== * {{isu name | id=00003600| name=Gao Song}} {{commonscat}} {{NavigationJuniorGrandPrixFinalChampionsFigureSkatingMen}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Gao, Song}} [[Category:1981 births]] [[Category:Chinese figure skaters]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Figure skaters at the 2007 Winter Universiade]] [[Category:People from Heilongjiang]] {{PRChina-sport-bio-stub}} {{Asia-figure-skating-bio-stub}} [[fr:Gao Song]] [[ja:高嵩]] Picture Book (album) 4200245 239877165 2008-09-20T22:42:14Z DinoBot2 7128788 Bot: converting to {{Rating}} template {{Infobox Album <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = Picture Book | Type = [[Album]] | Artist = [[Simply Red]] | Cover = PictureBookSimplyRedalbumcover.png | Cover size = | Caption = | Released = 1985 | Recorded = Soundpush Studios in Blaricum, Holland and RAK Studios in [[London]] | Genre = [[Rock music|Rock]], [[Blue-eyed soul]] | Length = 44:21 | Label = [[Elektra Records]] | Producer = [[Stewart Levine]] | Reviews = *[[Allmusic]] {{Rating|4.5|5}} [http://allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:u96xlfae5cqr~T1 Review] *[[MP3.com]] {{Rating|4.5|5}} [http://www.mp3.com/albums/14583/reviews.html Review] *''[[Rolling Stone]]'' [http://www.rollingstone.com/artists/simplyred/albums/album/173913/review/5946893/picture_book link] | Compiled by = | Chronology = | Last album = | This album = '''''Picture Book''''' <br />(1985) | Next album = ''[[Men and Women (album)|Men and Women]]'' <br />(1987) | Misc = }} '''''Picture Book''''' is the debut album by [[blue-eyed soul]] group [[Simply Red]], released in 1985. ==Track listing== #"Come To My Aid" – 4:03 #"Sad Old Red" – 4:33 #"Look At You Now" – 3:02 #"Heaven" – 4:32 #"Jericho" – 6:03 #"[[Money's Too Tight (To Mention)]]" – 4:13 #"[[Holding Back the Years]]" – 4:30 #"Open Up The Red Box" – 3:56 #"No Direction" – 3:41 #"Picture Book" – 5:49 ==2008 Remastered Edition== #"Come To My Aid" - 4:05 #"Sad Old Red" - 4:32 #"Look At You Now" - 3:02 #"Heaven" - 4:32 #"Jericho" - 6:02 #"Money's Too Tight (To Mention)" - 4:13 #"Holding Back The Years" - 4:29 #"Open Up The Red Box" - 3:56 #"No Direction" - 3:41 #"Picture Book" - 5:52 #"Money's Too Tight (To Mention) [The Cutback Mix] - 8:39 #"Come To My Aid" (Survival Mix) - 6:47 #"Holding Back The Years" (12" Extended Mix) - 5:45 #"Jericho" (12" Extended Mix) - 6:53 #"Open Up The Red Box" (12" Extended Mix) - 4:16 #"Money's Too Tight (To Mention) [Fire Island Vox Remix] (iTunes Only Track) - 10:46 ==Personnel== *Mick Hucknall - Vocals *Fritz McIntyre - Keyboards & Vocals *Chris Joyce - Drums & Percussion *Tony Bowers - Bass *Sylvan - Guitar *Tim Kellett - Trumpet Guest Musicians *Ian Dickson - Tenor Sax on Jericho, Sad Old Red and Heaven *Ronnie Ross - Baritone Sax on Jericho, Sad Old Red and Heaven *Francis Foster - Congas on Come To My Aid and Look At You Now *David Fryman - Guitar and Vocals on Open Up The Red Box ==[[Billboard charts]]== ===Albums=== {| border="1" ! Chart !! Peak !! Year |- | The Billboard 200 || 16 || 1986 |- | Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums || 26 || 1986 |} ===Singles=== {| border="1" ! Single !! Chart !! Peak !! Year |- | '''Money's Too Tight (To Mention''') || Hot Dance Music/Club Play || 2 || 1985 |- | '''Money's Too Tight (To Mention''') || Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales || 31 || 1985 |- | Come to My Aid || Hot Dance Music/Club Play || 13 || 1986 |- | Holding Back the Years || Adult Contemporary || 4 || 1986 |- | Holding Back the Years || Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks || 29 || 1986 |- | Holding Back the Years || The Billboard Hot 100 || 1 || 1986 |- | Money's Too Tight (To Mention) || The Billboard Hot 100 || 28 || 1986 |} ==External links== *[http://www.simplyred.com/music/index.php?display=album&albumid=2#musictitle Simply Red official website album page] *[http://allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:8hrsa9wgb23s~T0 All Music guide album main page] *[http://www.mp3.com/albums/14583/summary.html?q=Picture%20book MP3.com album main page] [[Category:1985 albums]] [[Category:Debut albums]] [[Category:Simply Red albums|Picture Book (album)]] [[Category:Albums produced by Stewart Levine]] {{Simply Red}} {{1980s-R&B-album-stub}} [[it:Picture Book]] In The Shades Of Life 4200274 175117822 2007-12-01T20:11:21Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[In the Shades of Life]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Germx 4200300 41262886 2006-02-26T03:42:46Z Gilliam 506179 redir #REDIRECT [[Germ-X]] Image:MonsterGarage.jpg 4200338 221357735 2008-06-24T04:38:59Z Maelgwnbot 4594058 Adding image_has_rationale=yes to [[Template:Non-free promotional]] using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] == Summary == {{logo fur | Article = Monster Garage | Use = Infobox <!-- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION --> | Used for = | Owner = | Website = http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/monstergarage/monstergarage.html | History = | Commentary = <!--OVERRIDE FIELDS --> | Description = | Source = | Portion = | Low_resolution = | Purpose = <!--Must be specified if Use is not Infobox / Org / Brand / Product--> | Replaceability = | other_information = }} Source: http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/monstergarage/monstergarage.html For use on [[Monster Garage]] only. == Licensing == {{Non-free promotional|image_has_rationale=yes}} Joseph Beal Steere 4200362 209963973 2008-05-03T20:05:57Z Wloveral 3573669 /* References */ added web page from Michigan '''Joseph Beal Steere''' ([[9 February]], [[1842]] - [[7 December]], [[1940]]) was an [[United States|American]] [[ornithologist]]. Steere was born in [[Rollin Township, Michigan|Rollin, Michigan]]. He received a B.A. from the [[University of Michigan]] in 1868 and a B. of Law in 1870. From 1870-1873 he travelled in [[South America]], [[China]] and [[Taiwan]]. He went on another scientific expedition to the [[Philippines]] and the [[Moluccas]] from 1874-1875. He returned to Michigan to teach [[Zoology]] and was a professor of Zoology there from 1876-1893. He married Helen Buzzard on 30 September 1879. He took one final excursion in 1901, leading a group of students to the [[Amazon Rainforest|Amazon]] to collect specimens for the [[Smithsonian Institution]]. Steere described a number of new birds. He is commemorated in the names of a number of birds, including [[Steere's Liocichla]] ''Liochicla steerii'', [[Wattled Broadbill]] ''Eurylaimus steerii'', [[Black-hooded Coucal]] ''Centropus steerii'' and [[Azure-breasted Pitta]] ''Pitta steerii''. == Publications == * Steere, J. B., 1903. Narrative of a visit to indian tribes of the Purus river, Brazil. ''A. Rept. U. S. natl Mus.'', Washington, D. C. 1903: 359-393. * Steere, J. B., 1927. The archeology of the Amazon. ''Univ. Michigan off. Publs 29'' (9, Pt. 2): 20-26. * Steere, J. B., 1949. Tribos do Purus. ''Sociologia'', São Paulo 11 (2): 64-78, 212-222. == References == * [http://www.nationaalherbarium.nl/fmcollectors/S/SteereJB.htm Nationaal Herbarium Nederland] * [http://academic.reed.edu/formosa/texts/steerebio.html Reed University] * Hubbell, T. H., [1964]. The University of Michigan Beal-Steere Expedition, 1870-1875. Itinerary and chronology of Joseph Beal Steere's first expedition. [www.ummz.lsa.umich.edu/birds/collcom.html]. * Marquis, A. N., ed., 1918. ''Who's who in America. A biographical dictionary of living men and women of the United States''. Vol. 10. A. N. Marquis and Co., Chicago. p.2574. [[Category:1842 births|Steere, Joseph Beal]] [[Category:1940 deaths|Steere, Joseph Beal]] [[Category:American ornithologists|Steere, Joseph Beal]] {{ornithologist-stub}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Steere, Joseph Beal}} [[fr:Joseph Beal Steere]] Image:Wapo2.jpg 4200390 129242509 2007-05-08T14:21:05Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == This was created by Francis himself... E-mail him at fmt_game@yahoo.com == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Image:Elizabeth of Austrua Habit.jpg 4200420 41351435 2006-02-26T19:59:33Z PKM 261669 /* Summary */ link sitter == Summary == [[Elisabeth of Bavaria]], Empress of Austria in a Riding Habit, 1884. Cartoon from ''[[Vanity Fair (magazine)|Vanity Fair]]'' by Grimm. Image from http://www.antiquemapsandprints.com/spy/SPY-1884.htm == Licensing == {{PD-art}} Yukari Nakano 4200439 244456304 2008-10-10T22:04:46Z Kolindigo 1879637 rv, has competed at more than one level in one season {{Infobox East Asian |title= |float= |kanji= 中野友加里 |kyujitai= |shinjitai= |kana= なかの ゆかり |hiragana= |romaji= |revhep= |tradhep= |kunrei= |nihon= }} {{Infobox Figure skater |title= Yukari Nakano |image=[[Image:Yukari Nakano 2007 Cup of Russia.jpg|250px|center]] |caption= Nakano in 2007. |country= {{JPN}} |dateofbirth= {{birth date and age|1985|8|25}} |residence= |height= 154 cm |coach= [[Nobuo Sato]] |formercoach=[[Machiko Yamada]], [[Mihoko Higuchi]], <br>[[Naoko Ozuka]] |choreographer=[[Marina Zueva]] |skating club= [[Waseda University]] |retired= |combined total= 177.40 |combined date= [[2008 World Figure Skating Championships|2008 Worlds]] |SP score= 61.10 |SP date= [[2008 World Figure Skating Championships|2008 Worlds]] |FS score= 116.30 |FS date= [[2008 World Figure Skating Championships|2008 Worlds]] }} <!--- Most Recent Results infobox separated for better flexibility ---> {| class="infobox" style="width: 25em; cellpadding=4; font-size: 95%" ! colspan="4" bgcolor="#ffdead" | '''Most Recent Results:''' |- | ''Event'' || ''Points'' || ''Finish'' || ''Year'' |- | bgcolor="#ffffff" | [[2008 World Figure Skating Championships|World Championships ]] | align="center" bgcolor="#efefef" | 177.40 | align="center" bgcolor="#efefef" | 4th | align="center" bgcolor="#efefef" | 2008 |- | bgcolor="#ffffff" | [[2007-2008 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final|Grand Prix Final]] | align="center" bgcolor="#efefef" | 172.96 | align="center" bgcolor="#efefef" | 5th | align="center" bgcolor="#efefef" | 2007 |} '''Yukari Nakano''' (born [[August 25]], [[1985]] in [[Konan, Aichi|Konan]], [[Aichi Prefecture|Aichi]], [[Japan]]) is a Japanese [[figure skater]]. She is the 2006 [[Four Continents Championships|Four Continents silver medalist]] and the 2007 & 2008 [[Japan Figure Skating Championships|Japanese bronze medalist]]. She is one of five ladies skaters to perform a [[axel jump|triple axel jump]] in international competition. ==Personal life== Nakano was born on August 25, 1985 in Konan City. In 2004, Nakano entered [[Waseda University]] in Tokyo. She currently attends the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University. ==Career== She started to skate in 1991 at the Gland Prix Tokai Figure Skating Club, where [[Machiko Yamada]] coached. Nakano met Midori Ito there, who influenced her to take her skating seriously. Nakano showed promise on the junior scene, winning two [[Junior Grand Prix]] events and earning the silver medal at the [[2002 World Junior Figure Skating Championships]]. She made history at the [[2002 Skate America]], where she became the third female skater to land a [[axel jump|triple axel jump]], and the first to do it in ten years<ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.isufs.org/bios/isufs00004417.htm |title=ISU Bio: Yukari Nakano |accessdate=2007-06-18 |format= |work= }}</ref><ref>{{cite news |title=2002 Skate America - Figure Skating Highlights |url=http://goldenskate.com/articles/2002/102902.shtml |work= |publisher=GoldenSkate.com |date=2002-10-29 |accessdate=2007-08-08 }} </ref><ref>{{cite news |first=Barry |last=Mittan |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=Yukari Nakano - Triple Axel Makes Nakano a Contender |url=http://www.goldenskate.com/articles/2002/110202.shtml |work= |publisher=GoldenSkate.com |date=2002-11-02 |accessdate=2007-08-08 }}</ref>. She landed also a triple axel-double [[toe loop]] combination at the 2002 Japanese Nationals, the West Japan Championships 2002, and the Kanto Gakusei Freeskating Championships 2004. After two disappointing seasons (2003-2005), Nakano made a strong comeback in the 2005-2006 season. She won the [[NHK Trophy]] and the bronze medal at the [[Grand Prix Final]]. She landed triple axels in five consecutive competitions in 2005 (Yamanashi Kokutai 2005<ref>{{cite news |title=Nakano Finished 11th at 4CC |url=http://www.wasedasports.com/skate/050223.php |work= |publisher=WasedaSports.com |date=2005-02-23 |accessdate=2007-08-07 }} </ref>, Kanto Gakusei Freeskating Championships<ref>{{cite news |title=Nakano Won Again at the Competition.Showed Her New Choreography |url=http://www.wasedasports.com/skate/050528.php |work= |publisher=WasedaSports.com |date=2005-05-28 |accessdate=2007-08-07 }} </ref>, Tokyo Figure Skating Championships<ref>{{cite web | url = http://www.skatingjapan.jp/National/2005-2006/Figure/Block3/data0705.pdf | title = Tokyo Figure Skating Championships 2005 Judges Scores | accessdate = 2007-08-07 }}</ref>, [[Skate Canada International]], and Asian Figure Skating Championships<ref>{{cite news |title=Nakano Won at the Asian Championships |url=http://figureskating.weblogs.jp/blog/2005/11/post_ae91.html |work= |publisher=Figure Skating News |date=2005-11-17 |accessdate=2007-09-11 }}</ref> ). At the Skate Canada, she became the first woman to land a triple axel under the ISU Judging System in ISU Senior level competition <ref>{{cite web | url = http://www.isufs.org/results/gpcan05/GPCAN05_Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf | title = Skate Canada 2005 ISU Judges Scores | accessdate = 2007-08-07 }}</ref>. She placed 5th at the 2005-2006 Nationals, missing a berth on the Olympic team. At the 2005-2006 Tokyo Figure Skating Championships, she landed all six triple jumps.<ref>{{cite web | url = http://www.skatingjapan.jp/National/2005-2006/Figure/Block3/data0705.pdf | title = Tokyo Figure Skating Championships 2005 Judges Scores | accessdate = 2007-08-07 }}</ref>So she became the first woman to perform all 6 kinds of triple jumps under the ISU Judging System in national level. At the 2006-2007 Japanese Nationals, she placed third behind [[Mao Asada]] and [[Miki Ando]], earning one of three spots to represent Japan at the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships, where she finished 5th. In her regional competition at the beginning of the 2007-2008 season, Nakano landed her first clean triple axel in two years. She consistently attempted the triple axel that season, being credited with it at the [[2007 Skate Canada International]]<ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.isufs.org/results/gpcan07/sc07_Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf |title=2007 Skate Canada Ladies Free Skating Protocol |accessdate=2007-12-29 |format=PDF |work= }}</ref>, [[2007 Cup of Russia]]<ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.isufs.org/results/gprus07/gprus07_Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf |title=2007 Cup of Russia Ladies Free Skating Protocol |accessdate=2007-12-29 |format=PDF |work= }}</ref>, and the [[2007-2008 Grand Prix Final]]<ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.isufs.org/results/gpf0708/gpf0708_Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf |title=2007-2008 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final Ladies Free Skating Protocol |accessdate=2007-12-29 |format=PDF |work= }}</ref>. Nakano's signature move is the [[figure skating spins|donut spin]]. She is also known for her [[figure skating terms#L|leg wrap]] when she jumps. == Programs == {| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center" |- ! Season ! Short Program ! Long Program ! Exhibition |- ! '''2008&ndash;09''' | ''[[Romance]] Suite from [[The Gadfly]] Op.97a'' <br /><small>by [[Dmitrii Dmitrievich Shostakovich]] | ''[[Giselle]]'' <br /><small>by [[Adolphe Charles Adam]] | ''[[Somewhere]] from [[West Side Story]]'' <br /><small>by Various Artist</small> ---- ''Bolero from [[Moulin Rouge]]''<br /><small>by Steve Sharples, performed by Craig Armstrong</small> |- ! '''2007&ndash;08''' | ''[[Fantaisie-Impromptu]]''<br /><small>by [[Frédéric Chopin]], performed by [[Yundi Li]]</small>'' | ''[[Capriccio espagnol]]''<br /><small>by [[Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov]]'' | ''[[Aria]] (Le Cygne from Le carnaval des animaux)''<br /><small>by [[Saint-Saens]], performed by [[Giorgia Fumanti]]</small> ---- ''[[Corteo]]''<br /><small>Ritornare from [[Cirque du Soleil]]</small> |- ! '''2006&ndash;07''' | ''[[Memoirs of a Geisha (film)|Memoirs of a Geisha]]''<br /><small>by [[John Williams]]</small> | ''[[Cinderella]]''<br /><small>by [[Sergei Prokofiev]]</small> | ''[[Claudine]]''<br /><small>by Tonci Huljic, performed by [[Maksim]]</small> |- ! '''2005&ndash;06''' | ''Bolero from [[Moulin Rouge!]]''<br /><small>by Steve Sharples, performed by Craig Armstrong</small> | ''[[Don Quixote]]''<br /><small>by [[Leon Minkus]]</small> | ''[[Amazing Grace]]''<br /><small>by [[Hayley Westenra]] |- ! '''2004&ndash;05''' | ''[[Bacchanalia]] from Faust''<br /><small>by [[Charles Gounod]] | ''[[Beatles]] Medley''<br /><small>by [[Peter Nero]] | ''Cell Block Tango from [[Chicago]]''<br /><small>by [[John Kander]]</small> |- ! '''2003&ndash;04''' | ''Prayer for Taylor from Freedom''<br /><small>by [[Michael W. Smith]]</small> | ''Etude No. 12 in C minor "Revolutionary" Op. 10-12''<br /><small>by [[Frederic Chopin]]</small> | ''Nocturne from "Songs from a Secret Garden"''<br /><small>by [[Rolf Lovland]]</small> |- ! '''2002&ndash;03''' | ''Prayer for Taylor from Freedom''<br /><small>by [[Michael W. Smith]]</small> | ''Oui, pour ce soir... je suis Titania, Mignon''<br /><small>by [[Ambroise Thomas]]</small> | |- ! '''2001&ndash;02''' | ''[[Perhaps Love]]''<br /><small>by [[John Denver]], performed by James Galway</small> | ''Carnival Overture Op. 92''<br /><small>by [[Antonin Dvorak]]</small> | ''Happy Valley''<br /><small>by [[Vanessa-Mae]]</small> |- ! '''2000&ndash;01''' | ''[[Perhaps Love]]''<br /><small>by [[John Denver]], performed by James Galway</small> | ''[[Times Square]]''<br /><small></small> | ''Happy Valley''<br /><small>by [[Vanessa-Mae]]</small> |} ==Competitive highlights== ===Post-2002=== {| class="wikitable" |- !Event/Season !2002-2003 !2003-2004 !2004-2005 !2005-2006 !2006-2007 !2007-2008 |- | [[World Figure Skating Championships|World Championships]] || || || || align="center" | 5th || align="center" | 5th || align="center" | 4th |- | [[Four Continents Figure Skating Championships|Four Continents Championships]] || align="center" bgcolor="cc9966" | 3rd || align="center" | 6th || align="center" | 11th || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd || || |- | [[Japanese Figure Skating Championships|Japanese Championships]] || align="center" | 6th || align="center" | 7th || align="center" | 6th || align="center" | 5th | align="center" bgcolor="cc9966" | 3rd || align="center" bgcolor="cc9966" | 3rd |- | [[Figure skating at the Asian Winter Games|Asian Winter Games]]|| align="center" bgcolor="cc9966" | 3rd || || || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || |- | [[Asian Figure Skating Championships|Asian Championships]]|| || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || || |- | [[Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final|Grand Prix Final]] || || || || align="center" bgcolor="cc9966" | 3rd || || align="center" | 5th |- | [[Skate Canada International|Skate Canada]] || || || align="center" | 11th || align="center" bgcolor="cc9966" | 3rd || || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd |- | [[Cup of Russia]] || || align="center" | 8th || || || || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd |- | [[NHK Trophy]] || || || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || align="center" bgcolor="cc9966" | 3rd || |- | [[Cup of China]] || || || align="center" | 11th || || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd || |- | [[Skate America]] || align="center" | 7th || align="center" | 8th || || || || |- | [[Trophee Lalique]] || align="center" | 6th || || || || || |} ===Pre-2002=== {| class="wikitable" |- !Event/Season ! 1997-1998 !1998-1999 !1999-2000 !2000-2001 !2001-2002 |- | [[World Junior Figure Skating Championships|World Junior Championships]] || || || align="center" | 7th || align="center" | 4th || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd |- | [[Japanese Figure Skating Championships|Japanese Championships]] || || || align="center" | 8th || | align="center" | 5th |- | [[Japanese Junior Figure Skating Championships|Japanese Junior Championships]] || || align="center" | 11th || | align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd |- | Japanese Novice Championships || align="center" | 9th || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || || || |- | [[ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix Final]] || || || align="center" | 5th || align="center" bgcolor="#cc9966" | 3rd || align="center" | 5th |- | [[ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, Japan]] || || || align="center" bgcolor="silver"| 2nd || || align="center" bgcolor="silver" | 2nd |- | [[2001-2002 ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, Bulgaria]] || || || || || align="center" bgcolor="#cc9966" | 3rd |- | [[2000-2001 ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, China]] || || || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || |- | [[2000-2001 ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, Mexico]] || || || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st || |- | [[1999-2000 ISU Junior Grand Prix|Junior Grand Prix, Canada]] || || || align="center" | 4th || || |- | [[Triglav Trophy]] || || align="center" bgcolor="gold" | 1st N. || || || |} * N = Novice level ==References== {{reflist}} ==External links== {{commonscat}} * [http://yukarinakano.jp/index_en.html Official site] {{jp icon}} {{en icon}} * {{isu name | id=00004417 | name=Yukari Nakano}} == Navigation == {{NavigationAsianWinterGamesFigureSkatingLadies}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Nakano, Yukari}} [[Category:1985 births]] [[Category:Japanese figure skaters]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:People from Aichi Prefecture]] [[de:Yukari Nakano]] [[fr:Yukari Nakano]] [[ko:나카노 유카리]] [[it:Yukari Nakano]] [[nl:Yukari Nakano]] [[ja:中野友加里]] [[ru:Накано, Юкари]] [[sv:Yukari Nakano]] [[zh:中野友加里]] Wellington Barracks 4200467 41404759 2006-02-27T02:38:29Z Jrleighton 140144 the london barracks is by far the best known, and the hk barracks does not exist any more #REDIRECT [[Wellington Barracks, London]] Kimmi Kappenberg 4200495 41265694 2006-02-26T04:12:16Z Arnzy 575888 correct season placed #REDIRECT [[Survivor: The Australian Outback]] Philippine Crocodile 4200518 176837880 2007-12-09T20:05:58Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Philippine crocodile]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Wikipedia:Picture of the day/March 21, 2006 4200557 43275315 2006-03-11T10:31:57Z Go for it! 571592 pic - Intel 80486DX2 <!--If you make a correction to the text below, please also check the article the text came from. --> {| width=600 cellspacing=5 style="border-style:solid;border-color:#ccccff;padding:5px;text-align:center;" |colspan="2" align="center"| <font size="+1">[[Wikipedia:Picture of the day|Picture of the day]]</font> |---- |[[Image:80486dx2-large.jpg|300px|Intel 80486DX2 die in its packaging. The actual size of the die is 6.75 mm.]] | The '''Intel 80486DX2''' is a [[Central processing unit|CPU]] produced by [[Intel]] that was introduced in [[1992]]. The 80486DX2 is identical to a [[Intel 80486DX|80486DX]] but for the addition of "[[clock doubling]]" technology. It was the first chip to use clock doubling, whereby the processor performs two [[clock cycle]]s per single cycle of the memory bus. Essentially, the processor's speed is set to double of the speed of the system bus. Because of this, an Intel 80486DX2 is slower than an [[Intel 80486DX]]-based system at the same processor speed. <small>Chart created by: [[User:uberpenguin|uberpenguin]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> |} Suzanne Harthern 4200585 134872077 2007-05-31T18:31:56Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Suzanne Hinn" +"Benny Hinn" #REDIRECT [[Benny Hinn]] Ontong Java plateau 4200613 176783667 2007-12-09T15:34:52Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Ontong Java Plateau]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Template:Euro-communist-party-stub 4200632 181466302 2008-01-01T23:00:02Z Betacommand 509520 change link format using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] <div class="boilerplate" id="stub">[[Image:Hammernsickleredonwhite.svg|36px| ]]''&nbsp;This article on a [[Communist party]] in [[Europe]] is a [[Wikipedia:Stub|stub]]. You can [[Wikipedia:Find or fix a stub|help]] Wikipedia by [{{SERVER}}/w/index.php?stub&title={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}&action=edit expanding it]''.</div>[[Category:European communist party stubs]] List of characters in My Gym Partner's a Monkey 4200657 242923908 2008-10-04T08:28:01Z Jc37 921446 cat {{pp-semi-protected|small=yes}} {{rewrite|date=June 2007}} {{TOClimit|2}} This is a '''list of characters''' from the [[United States|American]] [[List of television programs|animated series]] ''[[My Gym Partner's a Monkey]]''. == Main characters == === Adam Lyon === [[Image:Adam Lion.jpeg|thumb|left|Adam Lyon]] Adam is a 12-year old human who was transferred from Chester Arthur Middle School to Charles Darwin Middle School (CDMS) by an accidental misspelling of his last name from "Lyon" to "Lion". As the series title suggests, in gym class, Adam was paired up with Jake Spidermonkey and the two are now best friends. Jake's plans have them getting involved in situations which end up with Adam in trouble. Adam, being physically weak, is often preyed upon by the other animals students. His personality is downtrodden, due to being in an animal school and he also has a reputation of complaining about his daily experiences at the school. Adam can be [[selfish]] and strongwilled at times. Outside of school, he is often seen with a human girl named Kerry, with whom he has a secret crush. His efforts to impress her end up with Adam's embarrassment. Adam is voiced by [[Nika Futterman]]. === Jacob P. "Jake" Spidermonkey === <!-- needs rewrite to improve readability --> Jake, as his last name implies, is a [[spider monkey]] who quickly became Adam's best friend. He is often very possessive of Adam and hates not having him around regularly. Jake is emotional and goofy who takes to heart some of Adam's comments and actions, leading to some overly dramatic and exaggerated reactions. He can be lazy and selfish, but at the same time he is also fairly sensible. A running gag in the series is his [[obsession]] with the well-being of his butt. Along with the majority of the other animal students, Jake lives close enough to the school that he can see it from where he lives. Jake is also capable duplicating the voice of Principal Pixiefrog.<ref name="Up All Night">Up All Night</ref><ref name="Jake's Day Off">Jake's Day Off</ref> of Jake has a big brother who is at high school. Jake also has a cousin who's the butler of a celebrity.<ref name="The Prince and the Pooper">The Prince and the Pooper</ref> <br> Jake is voiced by [[Tom Kenny]]. === Ingrid Giraffe === A female [[masai giraffe]], Ingrid is the tallest student in CDMS. Her towering height only adds to her feelings of insecurity as she tries desperately to blend into the background. She is often seen with her neck going up then heading down on the screen in an exaggerated hunch since it is very long and is often seen from the neck down. Lupe, Ingrid's best friend, often hushes her when she gives advice. Ingrid has a crush on Adam Lyon, of which is he is mostly unaware, or he chooses to ignore it. Ingrid has a stepsister who is at high school. One distinctive talent Ingrid has is dancing while wearing a [[baseball cap]].<ref name="Disregarding Henry">Disregarding Henry</ref><ref name="Save The Drama For Your Llama">Save The Drama For Your Llama</ref> Lupe accompanies her in this act. She's also considered to be the weakest in the group.<ref name="Save The Drama For Your Llama">Save The Drama For Your Llama</ref><ref name="Ingrid Through The Door">Ingrid Through The Door</ref> Ingrid is voiced by [[Grey DeLisle]]. === Lupe Toucan === Lupe is a female [[toucan]], who is loud-mouthed, acerbic, dominating and materialistic, although she considers herself to be mild-tempered and low maintenance. Her best friend is Ingrid. Lupe loves popular culture, such as celebrities and fashion. She however doesn't like milk.<ref name="Yesterday's Funny Monkey">Yesterday's Funny Monkey</ref> She speaks with a somewhat exaggerated [[Chicano]] dialect and is known to have some issues involving what she sees as her overly large beak. Lupe has a big sister who's in high school. Lupe is voiced by [[Grey DeLisle]]. === Slips Python === Slips is an easy-going, street-talking green tree [[Pythonidae|python]]. He is an [[underachiever]] and excessive daydreamer who's gullibility allows him to believe anything he hears, which makes him a constant source of misinformation. As a snake he has no limbs, yet wears a tee-shirt. He is usually seen with his best friend Windsor. Slips has a cousin who is a tomboy who is at high school. Slips can also be used a stairway.<ref name="Lyon of Scrimmage">Lyon of Scrimmage</ref><ref name="Lupe In Love">Lupe In Love</ref> Slips is voiced by [[Rick Gomez]]. === Windsor Gorilla === Windsor is a highly intelligent [[lowland gorilla]] who serves as the anti-bully at the school and often gives confusing [[wisdom]] to people. He speaks in a soft-spoken and nearly monotonous manner, often stringing together technical words as a matter of his normal speech (the tone is similar to that of [[Butt-head]]). When he talks, only the side of his mouth closest to the camera moves and the rest of his mouth remains closed. He is usually seen with Slips and is generally shown to be the leader of the two. Windsor tends to relate with Adam's troubles better than the rest of the school, having a good grasp of both human and animal worlds. Windsor is the smartest of the group and is interested in space and space travel. Windsor has a big brother who is at high school. Windsor even has a puppet which seems to have a mind of its own.<ref name="Talking Teddy">Talking Teddy</ref><ref name="Docutrauma">Docutrauma</ref><ref name="That Darn Platypus">That Darn Platypus</ref> Windsor is voiced by [[Rick Gomez]]. == Secondary characters == === Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski === The school's bully, Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski is a [[bull shark]] who enjoys beating up smaller kids and stealing their lunches. His intimidating presence, however, is offset by a high-pitched, squeaky voice that sometimes lessens the impact of his verbal threats. Despite being a bully, he also has a soft humane side that he doesn't usually realize he's revealing. Due to Bull being a water creature, he wears water-filled headphones over his gills to help him breathe; when he talks, he'll stop as his gills suck up the water with a loud noise. His nickname is a mildly obscure reference to the fact that bull sharks are known to be the most aggressive of all shark species. Bull has a big sister that makes him sad when she is mentioned and is in high school. She is shorter than him. Voiced by [[Phil LaMarr]]. === Henry Armadillo === Henry is an [[armadillo]] who is one of the show's "comic relief" characters, wearing large glasses (which magnify his eyes), is socially insecure and struggles making friends and is portrayed as the stereotypical nerd. It likely though he may be the most unintelligent in the school.<ref name="Making the Grade">Making the Grade</ref> He is also a reporter in the school media.<ref name="Poop Scoop">Poop Scoop</ref><ref name="Law and Odor">Law and Odor</ref> Voiced by [[Tom Kenny]]. === Dickie Sugarjumper === A [[rodent]] of a fictional genus<ref name="ivyleague">The Ivy League</ref> with stereotypical British mannerisms. There is some controversy to his species, because of his name, yet in one episode, Mrs.Warthog said his last name was a typo. He made a successful career as a writer for the school's greatest class clowns.<ref name="Yesterday's Funny Monkey">Yesterday's Funny Monkey</ref> His notable catch phrase is ''"Hello! How's your trousers?"''<ref name="Yesterday's Funny Monkey">Yesterday's Funny Monkey</ref><ref name="That Darn Platypus">That Darn Platypus</ref> Voiced by [[Tom Kenny]]. == Faculty == === Principal Poncherello W. Pixiefrog === CDMS [[principal (school)|principal]], as his last name implies, is a [[frog]]. As a strict but fair administrator he runs a tight ship, which is somewhat remarkable considering he could easily be squashed underfoot by most of his students and the rest of the faculty. Principal Pixiefrog always dodges lawsuits, is terrified of lawyers and is scared when anyone in the school could get sued (He is shown to have Liticaphobia). Adam always asks him if anything bothers him, this frog principal will always help him to see. It is also revealed that Principal Pixiefrog has a mother who bothers him.<ref name="Basic Jake">Basic Jake</ref> He once had a girlfriend named Lenore (This was a reference to [[Edgar Allan Poe]]'s poem, "[[The Raven]]").<ref name="Gorilla My Dreams">Gorilla My Dreams</ref> After Principal Pixiefrog screamed "LENORE!", a raven flew and smacked into his window. He won the Principal of the Year award.<ref name="Pride and the Pixiefrog">Pride and the Pixiefrog</ref> Eventually, he was stripped of it due to a dispute and the title was offered to Principal Wolverine, a principal who temporarily replaced him once.<ref name="Leaf of Absence">Leaf of Absence</ref> Voiced by [[Maurice LaMarche]]. === Mr. Cyrus Q. Hornbill === Adam and Jake's homeroom teacher, an [[Indian Rhinoceros]], who also teaches math, science and geography. He appears to have a crush on the cafeteria lady, Mrs. Eugenia Tusk.<ref name="Two Tons of Fun">Two Tons of Fun</ref> He is the weakest of the teachers, who couldn't beat a small toad in wrestling,<ref name="Two Tons of Fun">Two Tons of Fun</ref> nor drive away a taunting bird named Ted who decided to stand on Cyrus' horn.<ref name="Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey">Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey</ref> Voiced by [[Maurice LaMarche]]. === Mr. Maurice Bob Mandrill === A [[mandrill]] who is the school's spiritual [[guidance counselor]], the band director (being an expert on [[bongo drum]]s) and an advisor to the student court. A stereotypical portrayal of "touchy-feely" guidance counselors, an aged hippy an ex-[[hobo]]. Voiced by [[Maurice LaMarche]]. === Mr. Blowhole === An [[orca]] who is Spiffies homeroom teacher. He teaches students about spelling to win a Spelling Bee. Like the Spiffies themselves, he also wears glasses. A howling sound [[Echo (phenomenon)|echos]] after his voice. Voiced by [[Maurice LaMarche]]. === Mrs. Winifred Warthog === Principal Pixiefrog's assistant; she does all of the filing and is, obviously, a [[warthog]]. Ironically, she never works and rarely speaks. In ''The Big Field Trip'', Mrs. Warthog was the bus driver. Completely fed up with her job and her employer, she always has an air of complete exasperation about her. Her voice is identical to that of Nurse Gazelle. In ''That Darn Platypus'', it is revealed that she spends most of her time playing computer [[solitaire]] and gets very agitated when she is unable to play. It is shown in ''Little Mermonkey'' that she enjoys fishing, since it's "hardly work". Portrayed by [[Grey DeLisle]]. === Miss Loon === A female [[loon]] in charge of the school's creative writing classes and painting classes. Her character is an allusion to [[Katharine Hepburn]], who played loon-loving Ethel Thayer in ''[[On Golden Pond (1981 film)|On Golden Pond]]''. Voiced by [[Cree Summer]]. === Miss Chameleon === A female [[chameleon]] who is the drama instructor and art teacher. As expected from a drama teacher, she is a drama queen, who speaks overly melodramatically and will often have stereotypical horror music playing when on-scene. She can blend into her surroundings and turn invisible, although in reality, that is a popular misconception about chameleons. She holds class while perched on a twig located under a warming lamp. Voiced by [[Nika Futterman]]. === Mrs. Eugenia Tusk === CDMS's [[lunch lady]], a female [[elephant]] who speaks with a [[Jamaica]]n accent, despite being African. She cares more about making money than she does for the students whom she serves. Sample cuisine at CDMS includes dirtnuts, dirt tarts, grass sandwiches, peanut burritos, twigs n' berries, mud squares, bug soups and wormy joes. She is a married elephant, as indicated by the [[Mrs.]] [[English honorific|honorific]] in her name (which she had to point out to Mr. Hornbill when he revealed his crush on her), though her husband has not yet appeared on-screen. Voiced by [[Cree Summer]]. === Coach Tiffany Gills === <!-- What episode revealed her first name? --> <!-- I don't think any of them did. --> <!-- From recollection it might have been "Have Yourself A Joyful Little Animas" but may have been mentioned before. --> A female [[goldfish]]; Coach Gills is the school's tiny, deep-voiced PE and health teacher who instructs her students from inside her fishbowl. Though she looks rather sweet, she's no pushover. She never hesitates to give Adam a hard time if he doesn't perform as well as his fellow students. In ''Le Switcheroo'', she and Adam trade roles for a day. After experiencing some trouble, they at last reconciled. She has mentioned several times in the series that she has no friends. She once had a crush on Mr. Cheetah, an athletic individual who plans to succeed her and Principal Pixiefrog in their careers. Ironically, though she is a fish, she apparently cannot swim.<ref name="An Inconvenient Goof">An Inconvenient Goof</ref> She is voiced by [[Brian Doyle-Murray]]. === Vice-Coach Horace Ferret === Coach Gills' [[ferret]] assistant, who rarely smiles and never talks due to being [[muteness|mute]]. He has a "strictly professional relationship" with Coach Gills, in which he pushes her fishbowl around. However he does talk in the special episode, Animal School Musical. === Nurse Gazelle === [[Image:Nurse Gazelle.jpeg|thumb|right|Nurse Gazelle]] A [[gazelle]] who serves as the school nurse of CDMS. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She also has a brain the size of a soy nut (she mentions they're really tiny and dry) and that she can't tell between a mirror's reflection and the animal looking into the mirror or the difference between two slightly similar but not identical animals.<ref name="Innoculation Day">Innocuation Day</ref> Surprisingly, when Adam and Jake created nasty clones of themselves, she was able to differentiate them just before Principal Pixiefrog, who was with her, did.<ref name="The Two Jakes ">The Two Jakes</ref> She is a nurse who specializes in [[injection (medicine)|injection]]. She's also a cosmetologist.<ref name="An Inconvenient Goof">An Inconvenient Goof</ref> Portrayed by [[Grey DeLisle]]. == Other Humans == === Kerry Anderson === A girl with dark hair, a pink shirt and blue jeans. She's one of Adam's friends from his old school before he was mistakenly transferred. Adam has a crush on her, although his plans to impress her mostly end in vain because of Jake's animal friends. She was also in the Chester Arthur Cheerleading Squad (the Peppy Pep Girls).<ref name="Cheer Pressure">Cheer Pressure</ref> Portrayed by [[Cree Summer]]. ===Chad=== Chad is a bully from Adam's old school, Chester Arthur Middle School. He enjoys making fun of Adam. Voiced by [[Tom Kenny]]. ==References== {{Reflist}} {{DEFAULTSORT:My Gym Partner's a Monkey}} [[Category:Lists of characters in television animation]] Cohen Syndrome 4200690 174868832 2007-11-30T17:41:18Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Cohen syndrome]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Athertonia 4200708 235952678 2008-09-03T02:52:37Z Hesperian 111359 remove dud caption {{taxobox |name = ''Athertonia'' |regnum = [[Plantae]] |unranked_divisio = [[Angiosperms]] |unranked_classis = [[Eudicots]] |ordo = [[Proteales]] |familia = [[Proteaceae]] |genus = '''''Athertonia''''' |genus_authority = [[Lawrence Alexander Sidney Johnson|L.A.S.Johnson]] & [[Barbara G. Briggs|B.G.Briggs]] |binomial = ''Athertonia diversifolia'' |binomial_authority = ([[Cyril Tenison White|C.T.White]]) [[Lawrence Alexander Sidney Johnson|L.A.S.Johnson]] & [[Barbara G. Briggs|B.G.Briggs]] }} '''''Athertonia''''' is a [[monotypic]] genus of medium-sized [[tree]] in the family [[Proteaceae]]. It is native to the [[Atherton Tableland]] region of [[Far North Queensland|Far North]] [[Queensland]] in [[Australia]]. It is known as the Atherton Oak due to the shape of its immature leaves which resemble those of the [[English oak]] ''Quercus robur'', which it is unrelated to. ==External links== *[http://www.anhs.com.au/images/athertonoakfoliage.jpg Photograph of leaves, showing distinct shape] [[Category:Flora of Queensland]] [[Category:Proteaceae]] [[Category:Proteales of Australia]] [[Category:Trees of Australia]] {{tree-stub}} {{proteaceae-stub}} {{Australia-plant-stub}} [[pt:Athertonia]] Image:GuruJazzmatazz3.jpg 4200727 241524821 2008-09-28T13:04:56Z Melesse 200177 adding [[WP:FURG|FUR]] using [[User:AWeenieMan/furme|FURME]] == Summary == {{album cover fur | Article = Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Streetsoul | Use = Infobox <!-- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION --> | Name = Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Streetsoul | Artist = [[Guru (rapper)|Guru]] | Label = [[Virgin Records]] | Graphic Artist = | Item = | Type = album | Website = http://gangstarr.coolfreepage.com/Guru_-_Jazzmatazz_Streetsoul-front.jpg | Owner = | Commentary = <!--OVERRIDE FIELDS --> | Description = | Source = | Portion = | Low_resolution = | Purpose = <!--Must be specified if Use is not Infobox / Header / Section / Artist--> | Replaceability = | other_information = }} == Licensing == {{Non-free album cover}} Solo parent 4200746 41268421 2006-02-26T04:40:09Z Gadfium 54381 #redirect [[Single parent]] #redirect [[Single parent]] Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria 4200773 239474022 2008-09-19T04:53:07Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other {|align=right |[[Image:Joseph Stieler - Königin Elisabeth von Preußen, nach 1843.jpg|thumb|200px|Crown Princess of Prussia]] |- |{{House of Wittelsbach}} |} '''Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria''' ([[November 13]], [[1801]] &ndash; [[December 14]], [[1873]]) was a Princess of Bavaria and later [[Queen consort]] of Prussia. ==Biography== Elisabeth was born in [[Munich]], the daughter of King [[Maximilian I of Bavaria]] and his Queen [[Friederike Karoline Wilhelmine Margravine of Baden]]. She was the [[Identical twins#Monozygotic twins|identical twin sister]] of [[Amalie Auguste von Bayern|Queen Amalie of Saxony]], consort of [[John I of Saxony|King John I of Saxony]], and sister of [[Sophie, Princess of Bavaria|Archduchess Sophie of Austria]], mother of [[Franz Joseph I of Austria|Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria]] and [[Maximilian I of Mexico|Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico]]; as well as [[Princess Ludovika of Bavaria|Ludovika, Duchess in Bavaria]], mother of Franz Josef's consort, [[Elisabeth of Bavaria|Empress Elisabeth of Austria]] (''Sisi''). She was known within her family as '''Elise'''. On [[November 29]], [[1823]], she married the future King [[Frederick William IV of Prussia]] and supported his intellectual interests, namely his attempts at artwork, which he held dear to his heart. In 1830, Elisabeth converted to [[Protestantism]]. Becoming Queen consort of Prussia in 1840, she was never without influence in Prussian politics, where she was active in preserving the close friendship between Prussia and the [[Austrian Empire]]. To Frederick William IV, she was an exemplary wife and, during his long illness, a dedicated nurse. After his death on [[January 2]], [[1861]], Elisabeth lived quietly at her seats at [[Sanssouci]], [[Charlottenburg]], and [[Stolzenfels]] and dedicated herself to charity work in memory of her late husband . Her brother-in-law, Emperor [[Wilhelm I of Germany]], held her in high regard as a true friend. During a visit to her sister, Queen Amalie of Saxony, Elisabeth died in 1873 in [[Dresden]]. She was buried next to her husband on [[December 21]] at the [[Church of Peace (Sanssouci)|Friedenskirche]] in [[Potsdam]]. ==References== *The information in this article is based on that in its German equivalent. * Moritz Freiherr von Bissing: ''Elisabeth Königin von Preußen'', Berlin 1974. * Ludovika Hesekiel: ''Elisabeth Luise, Königin von Preußen'' (Berlin 1881). * Dorothea Minkels: "Porträts der preußischen Königin Elisabeth in der Sammlung des Stadtmuseums Berlin." in: Jahrbuch 2004/5 Stadtmuseum Berlin, pg. 278-304. * Alfred v. Reumont: ''Elisabeth, Königin von Preußen'' (Berlin 1874) Dorothea Minkels: Elisabeth von Preußen. Königin in der Zeit des AusMÄRZens. Norderstedt 2008. {{commons|Elisabeth Ludovika von Bayern}} {{s-start}} {{s-hou|[[House of Wittelsbach]]|November 13|1801|December 4|1873}} |- {{s-vac|last=[[Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz]]}} {{s-ttl|title=[[Queens of Prussia|Queen Consort of Prussia]] |years=1840-1861}} {{s-aft|after=[[Augusta of Saxe-Weimar]]}} {{end}} {{ahnentafel top|width=100%}} {{ahnentafel-compact5 |style=font-size: 90%; line-height: 110%; |border=1 |boxstyle=padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0; |boxstyle_1=background-color: #fcc; |boxstyle_2=background-color: #fb9; |boxstyle_3=background-color: #ffc; |boxstyle_4=background-color: #bfc; |boxstyle_5=background-color: #9fe; |1= 1. '''Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria''' |2= 2. [[Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria]] |3= 3. [[Caroline of Baden]] |4= 4. [[Count Palatine Frederick Michael of Zweibrücken]] |5= 5. [[Countess Palatine Maria Franziska of Sulzbach]] |6= 6. [[Charles Louis, Hereditary Prince of Baden]] |7= 7. [[Landgravine Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt]] |8= 8. [[Christian III, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken]] |9= 9. Countess Caroline of Nassau-Saarbrücken |10= 10. [[Joseph Karl Emanuel August, Pfalzgraf von Sulzbach|Joseph Karl Emanuel August, Count Palatine of Sulzbach]] |11= 11. [[Countess Palatine Elizabeth Augusta Sophie of Neuburg]] |12= 12. [[Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden]] |13= 13. Landgravine Karoline Luise of Hesse-Darmstadt |14= 14. [[Louis IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt]] |15= 15. [[Countess Palatine Caroline of Zweibrücken]] |16= 16. Christian II, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld |17= 17. Countess Katharina Agathe of Rappoltstein |18= 18. Ludwig Kraft, Count of Nassau-Saarbrücken |19= 19. Countess Philippine Henriette of Hohenlohe-Langenburg |20= 20. Theodore, Count Palatine of Sulzbach |21= 21. Marie Eleonore of Hessen-Rheinfels |22= 22. [[Charles III Philip, Elector Palatine]] |23= 23. [[Ludwika Karolina Radziwiłł]] |24= 24. Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Baden-Durlach |25= 25. Princess Amelia of Nassau-Dietz |26= 26. [[Louis VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt]] |27= 27. Countess Charlotte of Hanau-Lichtenberg and Müntzenberg |28= 28. [[Louis VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt]] (= 26) |29= 29. Countess Charlotte of Hanau-Lichtenberg and Müntzenberg (= 27) |30= 30. [[Christian III, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken]] (= 8) |31= 31. Countess Caroline of Nassau-Saarbrücken (= 9) }}</center> {{ahnentafel bottom}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Bavaria, Elisabeth Ludovika of}} [[Category:1801 births]] [[Category:1873 deaths]] [[Category:People from Munich]] [[Category:House of Wittelsbach|Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria]] [[Category:House of Hohenzollern|Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria]] [[Category:German queens consort|Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria]] [[Category:Bavarian princesses|Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria]] [[Category:Twin people]] [[ca:Elisabet de Baviera (reina de Prússia)]] [[de:Elisabeth Ludovika von Bayern]] [[es:Isabel Luisa de Baviera]] [[it:Elisabetta Ludovica di Baviera]] [[nl:Elisabeth Ludovika van Beieren]] [[ja:エリーザベト・ルドヴィカ・フォン・バイエルン]] [[no:Elisabeth Ludovika av Bayern]] [[pl:Elżbieta Ludwika Wittelsbach]] [[ru:Елизавета-Людовика Баварская]] [[sv:Elisabeth Ludovika av Bayern]] One Right Price (The Price is Right pricing game) 4200797 60293482 2006-06-24T05:16:22Z Moe Epsilon 327589 format #REDIRECT [[1 Right Price]] U.S. 6th Fleet 4200820 101374148 2007-01-17T18:13:29Z Jinian 3114 eliminate double redirect #REDIRECT [[United States Sixth Fleet]] Juan (Suikoden) 4200843 147069673 2007-07-25T20:32:42Z TTN 1646874 Remove unneeded category. The characters are present on the lists. - using [[Project:AWB|AWB]] #REDIRECT [[List of Suikoden III characters#Budehuc staff]] {{R with possibilities}} Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix 4200868 41270008 2006-02-26T04:55:13Z CalJW 233571 #REDIRECT[[Australian Grand Prix]] Super Ball (The Price is Right pricing game) 4200884 60299172 2006-06-24T06:22:15Z Moe Epsilon 327589 format #REDIRECT [[Super Ball!!]] Brush-tailed phascogale 4200904 174797243 2007-11-30T09:21:05Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Brush-tailed Phascogale]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Image:Goffins.jpg 4200926 129241526 2007-05-08T14:16:33Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Spacequest 4200950 55072369 2006-05-25T14:34:25Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Spacequest(disambiguation)" +"Space quest (disambiguation)" #REDIRECT [[Space quest (disambiguation)]] {{R to disambiguation page}} Wikipedia:Picture of the day/March 23, 2006 4200976 45054412 2006-03-23T04:09:55Z Ziggur 374132 Link tram <!--If you make a correction to the text below, please also check the article the text came from. --> {| width=600 cellspacing=5 style="border-style:solid;border-color:#ccccff;padding:5px;text-align:center;" |colspan="2" align="center"| <font size="+1">[[Wikipedia:Picture of the day|Picture of the day]]</font> |---- |[[Image:Tram interior edit1.jpg|300px|The interior of a tram, photographed in Vienna, Austria]] | A '''[[tram]]''' ('''tramcar''', '''trolley''', '''streetcar''', or '''street railway''') is a [[rail tracks|railborne]] vehicle, lighter than a train, designed for the transport of passengers (and/or, very occasionally, freight) within, close to, or between villages, towns and/or cities. Trams are distinguished from other forms of rail-bourne vehicles in that they travel wholly or partly along tracks laid down in streets, usually on track reserved for the tram system. A [[cable car (railway)|cable car]] is a special type of tram. The car shown here is one of the oldest currently in use on Vienna, Austria's tracks. <small>Photo credit: [[User:KF|KF]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> |} The Snowy Mountains 4200995 41271625 2006-02-26T05:11:22Z Enochlau 36424 redirect #REDIRECT [[Snowy Mountains]] Georg Baur (paleontologist) 4201016 228677591 2008-07-29T20:54:31Z Magnus Manske 4 Free image (found through http://toolserver.org/~magnus/fist.php ) [[Image:Baur-Georg-1859-1898.jpg|thumb|Georg Baur (paleontologist).]] '''Georg Baur''' (1859-1898) was a [[Vertebrate paleontology|vertebrate paleontologist]] and [[Lamarckism|Neo-Lamarckian]] who studied [[reptile]]s of the [[Galapagos Islands]] in the 1890s. He held the position of Docent (lecturer) in [[osteology]] and [[paleontology]], [[Clark University]], from 1890 to 1892, and after that, professor at the [[University of Chicago]] until his death in 1898. ==Link== * [http://www.nceas.ucsb.edu/~alroy/lefa/Baur.html Lefalophodon] {{DEFAULTSORT:Baur, Georg}} [[Category:American paleontologists|Baur, Georg]] [[Category:Clark University faculty]] [[Category:University of Chicago faculty]] [[Category:Science teachers]] [[Category:1859 births]] [[Category:1898 deaths]] {{scientist-stub}} [[fr:Georg Baur]] Murray Barracks 4201043 207933749 2008-04-24T19:28:05Z Vina-iwbot 727408 robot Adding: [[zh:美利兵房]] '''Murray Barracks''' ({{lang-zh|美利兵房}}) was a [[barracks]] for [[British Army]] in [[Admiralty, Hong Kong|Admiralty]] of [[Central, Hong Kong|Central]] in [[Hong Kong]]. It was named after [[Sir George Murray]], the [[Master-General of the Ordnance]] at the time of construction. ==Location== It was situated between present [[Garden Road, Hong Kong|Garden Road]] and [[Cotton Tree Drive]]. The Barracks was located at present [[Asia Pacific Centre]] and the Officer's Quarters, also known as Officer's Mess, is located at present [[Bank of China Tower]], close to [[Queen's Road]], (present-day [[Queensway, Hong Kong|Queensway]]). Across Garden Road was [[Murray Parade Ground]] (美利操場) and Queen's Road North Barracks, which later known as [[Wellington Barracks, Hong Kong|Wellington Barracks]]. Furthur west of parade ground, behind [[Battery Path]], was [[Murray Battery]]. ==Officer's Quarter== The quarter was known as Officer's Mess in early days. It was later renamed to [[Murray House]]. Before the construction of Bank of China Building, Murray House was dismantled brick-by-brick in the mid-1980s and stored for over 15 years.{{Fact|date=August 2007}} In around 2002 it was re-erected in [[Stanley, Hong Kong|Stanley]] and now houses several restaurants and [[Hong Kong Maritime Museum]], a private maritime museum. ==See also== * [[Osborne Barracks]] * [[Murray Road]] * [[Murray Building]] [[Category:Military of Hong Kong under British rule]] [[Category:Admiralty, Hong Kong]] [[Category:Central, Hong Kong]] [[Category:Barracks in Hong Kong]] [[zh-yue:瑪利兵房]] [[zh:美利兵房]] Image:Jmaser.svg 4201065 129861020 2007-05-10T16:56:05Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == Image created by Alain Michaud (myself) for Wikipedia == Licensing == {{GFDL}} Wikipedia:POTD/March 24, 2006 4201091 41874080 2006-03-02T07:34:32Z Go for it! 571592 rm period {| cellspacing=5 style="border-style:solid;border-color:#ccccff;padding:5px;text-align:center;" |colspan="1" align="center"| <font size="+1">[[Wikipedia:Picture of the day|Picture of the day]]</font> |---- |[[Image:Coyote portrait.jpg|300px|Coyote, head right profile]] |---- |colspan="2" align="center"| <font size="+1">[[Coyote|Coyote]]</font><br> <small>Photo credit: [http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=profile&l=vxdigital vxdigital]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> |} Patrick Mcgovern 4201122 176816281 2007-12-09T18:26:47Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Patrick McGovern]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Glyconutrient 4201153 42165049 2006-03-04T06:23:49Z Mailer diablo 131286 Closing debate; result was no consensus <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''no consensus''' to delete the article. [[User:Mailer diablo|Mailer Diablo]] 06:23, 4 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[Glyconutrient]]=== Glyconutrient(s) is a term coined and used by con-artists to bilk cancer patients out of their money. There is ''no such thing. Every last claim they make is bogus. Every scientific reference they list says something very different from what they imply it says''. There is no way they should be allowed to use Wikipedia to try and give the topic more credibility. These charlatans repeatedly offer money support to [http://www.glycobiology.org the Society for Glycobiology] and their offers are repeatedly refused because legitimate scientists would never allow themselves to be associated with this in ANY way. This article needs to be removed, and any opinion otherwise is self-serving and should be ignored. [[User:Stauffenberg|Stauffenberg]] 05:41, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *<s>'''Clean up''' and add to [[List_of_alternative%2C_speculative_and_disputed_theories]].</s> [[User:Bobby1011|Bobby1011]] 05:46, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Clean up''' as per above.[[User:Animalfanatic04|Animalfanatic04]] 05:48, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *<s>'''Merge or delete'''. As a biological engineer, I'm quite offended by the lack of science present in this article. "Cellular braille"? And I don't see how a "glyconutrient" differs from a carbohydrate. The assertion that glycosylation is part of genetic expression is ludicrous. Glycosylation is only important when you're building a glycoprotein. The sentence about "glyconutrition" makes me want to abandon my career path and become a [[forest ranger]]. At any rate, if this article is allowed to remain I strongly suggest that we merge it per Bobby1011. Compare with [[Thermic_effect_of_food|thermic effect of food]], which at least states that there is no source rather than making something up.</s> [[User:Isopropyl|Isopropyl]] 06:23, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Redirect''' to Orthomolecular medicine. I've just noticed that glyconutrients already get a mention on the [[List_of_alternative%2C_speculative_and_disputed_theories]] as [[Orthomolecular medicine]]. Therefore we need only redirect this page to that one, and no rewrite is required. [[User:Bobby1011|Bobby1011]] 06:40, 26 February 2006 (UTC) ::Strongly disagree with Redirect as disruptive to Orthomolecular medicine, pls see my discussion at [[Talk:Glyconutrient]] --12:36, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Strong delete''' per nom and [[User:Isopropyl|Isopropyl]]. Most of the "information" in this article is completely ''fraudulent''. Not "alternative", not "speculative", not "disputed", but pure unadulterated bullshit. Whatever tiny pieces of the article are actually true can be '''merged''' ''by an expert'' into [[Glycoprotein]], if said expert feels they're worth saving. Otherwise, nuke with extreme prejudice and salt the earth. --[[User:Aaron|Aaron]] 06:55, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Comment'''. An attempt was made to close this AfD prematurely by [[User:Bobby1011|Bobby1011]] on 26.02.2006. There was no consensus to speedy anything. I've removed the inappropriate closure. -<font color="#2000C0">[[User:Ikkyu2|ikkyu2]]</font> (<font color="#00FF00">[[User_talk:Ikkyu2|talk]]</font>) 01:12, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep'''. Wikipedia content does not have to be true; it just has to be sourced ([[WP:V]]). There are plenty of [[quack]] theories on the Wikipedia; it is appropriate to include traditional scientific viewpoints on these theories in the article. (See [[IAHP]] and [[Orthomolecular medicine]] for examples.) What's not appropriate is to censor these articles wholesale. It's also '''definitely''' inappropriate to ram them through AfD with less than 24 hours up, and then close them with a "speedy redirect" when there was no consensus to do so<s>and I '''strongly censure''' the folks who attempted that.<s> -<font color="#2000C0">[[User:Ikkyu2|ikkyu2]]</font> (<font color="#00FF00">[[User_talk:Ikkyu2|talk]]</font>) 01:12, 27 February 2006 (UTC) :In defense of [[User:Bobby1011|Bobby1011]], he actually posted a note on my [[User_talk:Isopropyl|talk page]] explaining to me why deleting this article is a disservice to the community. He qualified it using the same logic that you are using now, and probably closed/redirected when he saw the information was already available at another article. Don't be too harsh on him; though he might have acted prematurely, it was probably in good faith. Although I disagree with the article, I am changing my vote to a conditional '''keep''' provided that it gets ''overhauled''. [[User:Isopropyl|Isopropyl]] 06:19, 27 February 2006 (UTC) ::It's clear that everything that was done was done in good faith. I think we agree it's better to let AfD's run their full 5 days though, unless consensus is crystal clear. -<font color="#2000C0">[[User:Ikkyu2|ikkyu2]]</font> (<font color="#00FF00">[[User_talk:Ikkyu2|talk]]</font>) 07:30, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *censor? The entire web is filled with this crap. Search the term on google. This is an ENCYCLOPEDIA. It could remain and be appropriately described which would only serve as debunking the con, and then it would be POV. Why should anyone have to devote time to debunking this? The "glyconutrient" crowd go out of their way to imply scientific validation where none exists. It is not appropriate to state something and provide a list of scientific articles as references when NONE of the scientific articles say anything even remotely close to what they are implied to say. That is FRAUD. The only reference you could provide for this is self-serving books written by the fraudsters or their websites. How is that appropriate? I just decided. I'm the second coming. Bow down to me. Worship me. Reference...ME! Clearly...POV. As is the term "glyconutrient" by it's very FRAUDULENTLY MANUFACTURED nature. <small>&mdash;''The preceding [[Wikipedia:Sign your posts on talk pages|unsigned]] comment was added by'' [[User:Stauffenberg|Stauffenberg]] ([[User talk:Stauffenberg|talk]]&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;[[Special:Contributions/Stauffenberg|contribs]]) {{{2|}}}.</small><!--Inserted with Template:Unsigned--> :These are strong arguments - for improving the article via consensus editing. They are not grounds for deletion. In particular, with your reference to "debunking," do you deny that "glyconutrients" are out there? No. Do you deny that books have been published about them? No. Since those things are true, why should you know about them, but not the Wikipedia reading public? You should also consider that not everyone shares your opinion of these theories, which fact is encyclopedic in itself. If disagreement with the content of an article were grounds for deletion, I'd nominate [[Nazism]] today - those guys were jerks. -<font color="#2000C0">[[User:Ikkyu2|ikkyu2]]</font> (<font color="#00FF00">[[User_talk:Ikkyu2|talk]]</font>) 07:30, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep''' If the opinion stated by User:Stauffenberg is true then there is every reason to keep the article and describe all the opinions within it. To delete sounds like censorship to me. [[User:Lumos3|Lumos3]] 10:23, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep''' I have addressed User:Stauffenberg and the early discussions (found out after the 1st blank) at length at '''[[Talk:Glyconutrient]]'''. I concur with Lumos3, also I see a need for a general rewrite to expand and differentiate subtopics, probably through gradual evolution. --[[User:|]] 12:36, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep''' but cleanup/rewrite. --&nbsp;[[User:Krash|Krash]]&nbsp;<small>([[User talk:Krash|Talk]])</small> 14:08, 27 February 2006 (UTC) * I don't know enough about the topic to vote for or against deletion, but if the mainstream medical community thinks that it is quackery, that certainly needs to be brought out in the article. [[User:Bubba73|Bubba73]] [[User talk:Bubba73|(talk)]], 16:40, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Keep''' and those knowledgeable enough to call it quackery should rewrite for POV. Preferably sooner rather than later. No need to wait 'til the VFD closes. [[User:Moink|moink]] 03:44, 28 February 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Battle of Commenor 4201186 44759275 2006-03-21T03:23:00Z AdamJacobMuller 51208 moving png to svg image for flag of texas <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page. '' <!-- Note: If you are seeing this page as a result of an attempt to re-nominate an article for deletion, you must manually edit the AfD nomination links in order to create a new discussion page using the name format of [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/PAGENAME (2nd nomination)]]. When you create the new discussion page, please provide a link to this old discussion in your nomination. --> The result of the debate was '''delete'''. &ndash; '''[[User:Jaxl|<font color = "darkblue">Rob</font>]][[User talk:Jaxl|<font color = "darkblue">ert</font>]]''' 00:38, 4 March 2006 (UTC) ===[[Battle of Commenor]]=== '''Delete'''-This battle never occured like the Battle of Kessel article. If you check the Wookiepeedia they also had this page and changed it completely. Also a [[Google]] search ends up with only a few relevant results, one of which is the article itself and another website which sources Wikipedia as its source. It is a made up article which as been mistakenly taken as real. [[User:Jedi6|Jedi6]] 05:41, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''', definite hoax. [[User:Royboycrashfan|<font color="#4169E1">'''Roy'''</font>]][[User talk:Royboycrashfan|<font color="#FF0000">boy</font>]][[Craig Manning|cr]]<nowiki>ash</nowiki>[[Special:Contributions/Royboycrashfan|<font color="#FFFFFF">fan</font>]] [[Image:Flag_of_Texas.svg|30px]] 05:43, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per nom. [[User:BryanG|BryanG]] 05:53, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *There ''is'' a "Battle of Commenor" in the NJO. It takes up a single line in one of the novels, two at the most (Something along the lines of "Commenor has fallen"). As far as I can recall, it has little or nothing to do with Battle Plan Coruscant, which this artile heavily implies. '''Delete''' as fanfiction/hoax. -- [[User:Saberwyn|Saberwyn]] 10:53, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''', for this is a piece of fan-fiction. Also, even if it were truly in the books, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, at least of sorts. In any case, it is not the place for a play-by-play of a fictional battle. This is the stuff of a fan-site. Also, quite offtopic, but the fanfic itself, well, sucks.[[User:Ljlego|Ljlego]] 20:00, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''', Shame on this false information. [[User:Tutmosis|Tutmosis]] 21:00, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as per comments on [[Battle of Kessel]] article above. [[User:(aeropagitica)|<font style="background: #800080" face="Ariel" color="#FFFFFF">'''&nbsp;(aeropagitica)&nbsp;'''</font>]] 23:24, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per everyone above. --&nbsp;[[User:Krash|Krash]]&nbsp;<small>([[User talk:Krash|Talk]])</small> 14:03, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per other people [[User:Astroview120mm|Astroview120mm]] 23:42, 28 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as fanon... no way the one line in the NJO could be expanded into this. --[[User:BinaryTed|BinaryTed]] 18:54, 1 March 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as hoax or at any rate of no importance. i've consulted one of my friends who has basically memorized every star wars book and he could not even remember it. If such a devoted fan is knowledgeless, wikipedia is not the place for such info, true or false. [[User:Cool3|Cool3]] 23:11, 3 March 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). 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Kind of a workaround to a bug.--> *[[Oakland Athletics]] ({{by|1980}}-{{by|1987}}) *[[Los Angeles Dodgers]] ({{by|1988}}-{{by|1989}}) |highlights=<nowiki></nowiki> *[[1988 World Series|Member of 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series championship team]] }} '''Michael Dwayne Davis''' (born [[June 11]], [[1959]] in [[San Diego]], [[California]]) is a former [[Major League Baseball]] player. Over his 10 year career he played with two different teams: the [[Oakland Athletics]] (1980-1987), and [[Los Angeles Dodgers]] (1988-1989). He was originally selected by the Athletics in the 3rd round of the 1977 amateur draft and signed as a [[free agent]] with the Dodgers before the 1988 season. Davis was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers team that won the 1988 [[World Series]]. He is most remembered as the Dodger who earned the base on balls that enabled [[Kirk Gibson]]'s memorable walk-off [[home run]] that won game 1. He lives in [[London, Ontario]]. ==External links== * [http://www.baseball-reference.com/d/davismi02.shtml Baseball Reference] * [http://www.baseball-almanac.com/players/player.php?p=davismi02 Baseball Almanac] {{1988 Los Angeles Dodgers}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Davis, Mike}} [[Category:1959 births|Davis, Mike]] [[Category:Living people|Davis, Mike]] [[Category:People from San Diego, California|Davis, Mike]] [[Category:Major League Baseball players from California|Davis, Mike]] [[Category:Major League Baseball outfielders|Davis, Mike]] [[Category:Oakland Athletics players|Davis, Mike]] [[Category:Los Angeles Dodgers players|Davis, Mike]] [[Category:Major League Baseball right fielders]] {{Baseball-right-fielder-stub}} Image:JOB - Rolling papers.jpg 4201359 41276615 2006-02-26T06:01:33Z Spydercanopus 883163 JOB Brand. 12 leaves for 99 cents. == Summary == JOB Brand. 12 leaves for 99 cents. == Licensing == {{PD-self}} Fablas 4201395 216358499 2008-06-01T07:52:01Z タチコマ robot 421426 Robot: Fixing double redirect #REDIRECT [[Haitian Creole language]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/BEARcade 4201449 42439619 2006-03-06T06:01:36Z Deathphoenix 145202 Closing debate; result was Merge and redirect to [[ASUC]] <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). 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[[Characters of Megatokyo#Shirt Guy Dom|Dominic Nguyen]] lamented its closing in an editorial on the Megatokyo site, and aside from that I've heard of it several times over from dozens of individuals. On the other hand, it could seem very much like arcadecruft, so I can certainly understand that if it goes.--<font color="#4b0082">'''[[User:Mitsukai|み使い]]''' </font>'''''[[User_talk:Mitsukai|Mitsukai]]''''' 06:23, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Comment''' from nom. Seems to fail [[WP:CORP|notability guidlines for companies]]. "Unofficial" vote for delete. --[[User:CrypticBacon|CrypticBacon]] 09:56, 26 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Merge''' to [[ASUC]]. (Bearcade itself is not a corporation. ASUC is a notable student government which ran Bearcade.) <span class="user-sig user-Quarl"><i>—[[User:Quarl|Quarl]] <sup>([[User Talk:Quarl|talk]])</sup> <small>[[2006-02-26]] 10:10Z</small></i></span> * Strong '''Delete'''. it's not notable. (I'm a Cal student and I know what this is.) if this is notable, then every single pizza parlor, bowling alley, and shopping mall arcade store deserves an article.--[[User:Jiang|Jiang]] 11:09, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''merge''' and redirect to [[ASUC]] -- [[User:Astrokey44|Astrokey44]]<small>|[[User talk:Astrokey44|talk]]</small> 15:40, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per Jiang. 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He and Larissa were married in early 2006. ==Competitive highlights== (with Spielberg) 1999 *U.S. Championships - 8th 2000 *U.S. Championships - 3rd 2001 *U.S. Championships - 9th 2002 *U.S. Championships - 7th 2003 *U.S. Championships - 4th 2004 *U.S. Championships - 6th ==External links== * {{isu name | id=00003483 | name=Craig Joeright}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Joeright,Craig}} [[Category:1978 births]] [[Category:American figure skaters]] [[Category:Living people]] {{US-figure-skating-bio-stub}} Wikipedia:Picture of the day/March 27, 2006 4201565 41644256 2006-02-28T19:27:32Z Go for it! 571592 pic - Australian Garden Orb Weaver Spider <!--If you make a correction to the text below, please also check the article the text came from. --> {| width=600 cellspacing=5 style="border-style:solid;border-color:#ccccff;padding:5px;text-align:center;" |colspan="2" align="center"| <font size="+1">[[Wikipedia:Picture of the day|Picture of the day]]</font> |---- |[[Image:Garden_orb_weaver02.jpg|300px|Australian Garden Orb Weaver Spider]] | The '''[[Australian Garden Orb Weaver Spider|Australian Garden Orb Weaver]]''' is one of the more common species of [[spider]] in [[Australia]]. Like other orb weaver spiders, they use a vertical wheel shaped [[Spider web|web]] to trap flying [[insect]]s. However the Garden Orb Weaver is a [[nocturnal]] hunter and spins a fresh web each evening, taking it down again in the morning. The spider waits for [[prey]] hanging head down in the centre of the web. <small>Photo credit: [[User:Fir0002|Fir0002]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> |} Category:Ontario Australian Football League 4201596 41279251 2006-02-26T06:27:25Z Rogerthat 537209 new cat [[Category:Australian rules football competitions]] Shanghai Bus 4201628 228917193 2008-07-31T00:18:27Z Jeepday 2604600 Wikipedia:Unreferenced articles; [[Wikipedia:Unreferenced articles|you can help!]] {{refimprove|date=July 2006}} '''Shanghai''' has more than 1000 formal '''bus''' lines (including downtown and suburban lines), served by about 20 bus companies — Bashi, Dazhong, Guanzhong and Qiangsheng being the biggest 4 of these.<br/> ===Naming scheme=== Most downtown buses use numbers to specify the lines, while suburban buses and a few downtown bus lines use alphabets. ====Numbered Lines==== *Line numbers under 200 are conventional buses (常规线). In these buses, lines under 30 (except those starting with 0) are trolleybuses (except 18,21). There are some air-conditioned buses in trolley lines. *Line numbers between 200 and 299 are mostly run during rush-hours, with some exceptions where those numbers are used for conventional buses. *Line numbers between 300 and 399 are night buses. *Line numbers between 400 and 499 are cross-river buses. Though there're many other cross-river bus lines that start with numbers other than 4. *Line numbers between 500 and 599 are special-line buses (专线车). *Line numbers between 600 and 699 are special-line buses in Pudong. *Line numbers between 700 and 799 are suburban conventional lines. Most 7XX bus have at least one terminal beyond Outer Ring Road (A20 Road). *Line numbers between 800 and 899 are special-line buses. Most of them are mid-size buses, but now they are being replaced with air-conditioned large buses. *Line numbers between 900 and 999 are special-line buses. Most of them are full-size and air-conditioned. ====Alphabet Lines==== *Tunnel Lines Tunnel Line 1 to 9 (except Tunnel Line 5) runs across the tunnel under Huangpu River. While being the same as 4XX buses, there're many other buses that cross that tunnel while not named as a tunnel line. *Bridge Lines Bridge Lines 1 to 6 run across the bridge over Huangpu River. While being the same as 4XX buses, there's many other buses that cross the bridge while not named as a bridge line. *Airport Lines Airport Lines 1 to 7 (8 coming soon) connect Pudong Airport to downtown, while Airport Special Line (机场专线) connects Hongqiao Airport to downtown. *Other Lines There will be various additional naming schemes in the alphabet lines. Most lines are named as "XY Line", where X and Y indicate the two terminals of this line ''e.g.'', "莘纪线" (Xin Ji Line) is a bus which runs between Xinzhuang and Jiwang. Some other lines only indicate one termianl ''.e.g.'', "宝杨码头专线" (Baoyang Port Special Line) is a bus which runs between Baoyang Port and Shanghai Railway Station. In the central portion of some suburbs, there are lines with the name format of "XX No. X" line, for example "Songjiang No.1" and "Anting No.1" ===Fare=== *No. 01 Line ordinary bus has two prices — 1 yuan and 1.8 yuan — while air-conditioned is 2 yuan. The fare for children is 1 yuan. *Other line numbers under 400, those between 700 and 799, tunnel lines, and bridge lines are ordinary buses charge 1yuan (not more than 13km) or 1.5 (over 13km), and if air-conditioned, 2yuan. *three-digit Line number starting with 5,6,8,9 use mutil-level prices starting from 1 yuan. *Some use a single price (单一票价), while some use mutil-level price. ===Card=== All single price and numbered lines and most multilevel priced lines accept the "[[Shanghai Public Transportation Card]]." ===External References=== * [http://www.shanghaibus.net/ ShanghaiBus.Net - bus photos and information] ''(Chinese only)'' * [http://msittig.wubi.org/bus/talk/ Shanghai Bus System Tutorial (for non-Chinese speakers)] * [http://www.panoramio.com/photo/154729 What Do You Say To A Shanghai TAXI Driver?] * [http://www.panoramio.com/photo/154843 How Do You Ask For The WAY in Shanghai?] [[Category:Transport in Shanghai]] Power Pete 4201669 225832689 2008-07-15T16:38:49Z MattieTK 434929 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to last version by (using [[WP:HG|Huggle]]) {{cleanup-rewrite}} [[Image:Powerpetebox.jpeg|float|right]]'''Power Pete''' is a computer game developed by [[Pangea Software]] and published by the Interplay Entertainment Corporation under the [[MacPlay]] brand name. It was released in 1995 and packaged with [[Mac OS 7]] on new [[Macintosh Performa]] computers. It is a [[third-person shooter]] game with a single camera angle almost directly above the character. The player's character is an [[action figure]] named Power Pete who has to save the [[rabbit|fuzzy bunnies]] of the doll department from the bad toys while progressing through the fifteen levels of the game. It has graphics similar to early [[SNES]] games. The game has a catchy background tune and sayings from the character. It is rated [[ESRB|E for Everyone]]. It won Best Arcade Game of the Year for 1995 from ''[[MacWorld]]'' magazine and was a runner up in the ''[[MacUser]]'' magazine Best New Game award for 1995. Pangea regained the rights to it in 2001 and re-released it in upgraded form as a shareware named '''Mighty Mike'''. The new version runs on [[Mac OS 9]] and Classic compatible [[Mac OS X]] operating systems, although it won't run on Intel-based Macs. == Story line == The story of Power Pete revolves around the title character, Power Pete. Power Pete is an action figure residing in a toy store. After the store closes, the all of the toys come alive and chaos ensues. A group of plush rabbits escape from their bin and scatter throughout the store, helpless against the hoards of the more dangerous toys. The only one able to save them is the most popular toy in the store, the action figure Power Pete. Power Pete begins a crusade to try to find and save the rabbits. The other toys in the store, who's sales have been eclipsed by those of Power Pete are less than happy to see the action figure and spend the game trying to hinder his efforts. Power Pete is aided however by the variety of weapon accessories designed for the Power Pete model that are found throughout the store. == Levels == The game is divided into five departments, each with three areas. The first department is Prehistoric Plaza where Power Pete is assaulted by lots of [[cavemen]] and a diverse array of dinosaur toys. The second department is Candy Cane Lane. Here Power Pete fights off [[gingerbread men]], [[marzipan]] bears, animated [[Mint (candy)|mints]], and other sugary treats. The third department is Fairy Tale Trail with depictions of classic villains like the [[Big Bad Wolf]], the witch of [[Hansel and Gretel]] and the giant from [[Jack and the Beanstalk]]. The fourth department is the Magic Funhouse with evil clowns, [[jack-in-the-box]]es, and carrot wielding rabbits popping out of hats. The final department is the Bargain Bin. Here Power Pete encounters cars, tops, psycho robots and general chaos. The number of worlds a player can enjoy is dependent on the difficulty level. While only three worlds are available on easy, four are available on medium, and all five can be played on hard. == Game play == The player moves about each area shooting bad toys and rescuing fuzzy bunnies. Fuzzy bunnies are rescued by walking up to them. Once Power Pete rescues all the fuzzy bunnies the player can move on to the next area. The harder levels and departments have more powerful [[weapon]]s and more resilient toys. When a bad toy is shot enough times with a powerful enough weapon, it explodes showering [[confetti]] and [[Gobstopper|jawbreakers]], which can be collected like coins in [[Super Mario Bros.]] Sometimes a power-up will appear where the destroyed toy used to be. This can be either [[ammo]] or a special power-up. Weapons and ammo aren't collected separately in the game, so having ammo means having the weapon. Special power-ups have temporary effects and include "fire in the hole" (many small explosions everywhere), invulnerability, an expanding ring of fire, an enemy freezer, or superspeed. The jawbreakers and power-ups created upon destruction of a toy disappear after a few seconds. There are power-ups spread throughout the different areas of each department that won't disappear until activated. Power-ups activate immediately when Power Pete walks over them. There is a fuzzy bunny [[radar]] screen that shows the position of nearby bunnies relative to the player, although the lay out of the game map makes it extremely difficult to reach some otherwise nearby bunnies. Unless the game is set to the easy difficulty setting there are doors or barriers marked with colored dots in each area. The player must collect correspondingly colored [[key (lock)|keys]] spread around each area to unlock them. Keys are picked up like other power-ups. Collected keys display in a special section of the status bar until they are used, at which point they disappear. The keys for each department look different in each department. They are, in order from first to last: [[hammers]], [[key (lock)|keys]], [[bombs]], [[tickets]], or [[radio control]]s. == Health and scoring == Power Pete starts out with four [[health]] hearts per life. Each time Power Pete is hit by a bad toy, he loses a heart. The number of starting lives varies depending on the difficulty setting the player chose at the beginning of the game. Power Pete can replenish his health by eating [[food]] power-ups that are found through out the game, one heart per-power up. Food can't be picked up if Power Pete is already at full health. If the player collects 200 or more jawbreakers in an area Power Petes maximum health hearts per life will increase by one heart, up to a maximum of eight, at the beginning of the next area or department. Extra lives are gained by finding hidden "FREE DUDE!" Power Pete action figure power-ups and by reaching certain score thresholds. Points are awarded during gameplay for shooting bad toys. Upon completion of an area, points are awarded for jawbreakers and fuzzy bunnies collected in that area. == Weapons == Power Pete is known for its variety of weapons available to the player. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. *Suction Cup Gun - A gun that shoots suction cup darts. The player's beginning weapon, it is very weak, has a limited range, and has a low rate of fire. *[[Rock (geology)|Rock]] - The run of the mill rock, it is thrown like a grenade. It has a short range, but does however do a decent amount of damage. *[[Musket]] - This weapon, found early in the game, shoots a round projectile that looks somewhat like a small cannon ball. The weapon has a fast rate of fire, long range, and does a large amount of damage. *[[Flamethrower]] - The flamethrower, while extremely powerful, has a very limited range. It shoots a continuous stream of fire and as such, consumes ammunition very quickly. *Double-Barrelled Gumball Blaster - A double barreled gun that shoots colorful two colorful gumballs at a time. It has a standard rate of fire and does a mediocre amount of damage. *Triple-Barrelled Gumball Blaster - A better version of the double-barrelled gumball blaster, it fires three gumballs at a time and has a fast rate of fire. *[[Toothpaste]] - A rather weak weapon, it shoots a continuous stream of toothpaste a short distance. *Heat Seeker - This gun fires a missile that will seek the nearest target. The missiles move very slowly however and a second missile can not be fired until the first missile finds its mark, as such, it is considered the worst weapon in the game by many. *[[Pie]] -A pie that when thrown explodes, covering its target in food. *Exploding Birthday Cake - A cake that is thrown at a target. While it has a short range, it can effect multiple enemies and does a very high amount of damage, killing most enemies in one hit. *Fairy Dust -This weapon launches a ball of "magic" at the enemy. While it has a slow rate of fire, its range is unlimited. *Rubber Band Gun - The rubber band gun, as its name implies, shoots rubber bands. These rubber bands bounce around against solid objects until they hit an enemy. It comes in two version, the only difference being the amount of damage they inflict. *[[Rocket Launcher]] - A extremely powerful weapon, it destroys everything in the direction the player fires it in. Unfortunately, the player has to wait for the first rocket to finish before launching another. *[[Gatling Gun]] - This gun fires shot after shot very quickly, but it is ineffective against the more powerful enemies. == References == *[http://www.pangeasoft.net/mightymike/index.html The Pangea Software Mighty Mike Homepage] == External links == *[http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/7334/ The Unofficial Power Pete Page] *[http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/mac/game/578852.html Walkthrough] *[http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/7334/powerpetedemo.sit.hqx Power Pete demo file download] (.[[hqx]]) *[http://www.pangeasoft.net/mightymike/download.html Mighty Mike download site] [[Category:1995 video games]] [[Category:Mac OS games]] [[Category:Mac OS-only games]] [[Category:Pangea Software]] [[Category:Third-person shooters]] Image:Pritam niwas with.jpg 4201701 180130828 2007-12-25T18:24:37Z Source: [http://www.world66.com/asia/southasia/india/rajasthan/jaipur/lib/gallery/showimage?pic=asia/southasia/india/rajasthan/jaipur/sights/city_palace/pritam_Niwas_with] {{cc-sa}} Jack Eskew 4201732 208713775 2008-04-28T08:37:50Z RogDel 6192846 Some cleanup at the vital date '''Jack Eskew''' ('''Jackson W. Eskew''') (born [[June 29]], [[1940]]) is an [[arranger]]/[[orchestrator]] based in [[Los Angeles, California]]. He studied music at the [[University of Southern California]] before beginning his career by touring the [[United States]] with various bands. In the 1960s, he led the band at [[Disneyland]] that appeared nightly in the famous subterranean rising stage, playing [[trumpet]] and [[piano]]. He subsequently became music director at Disneyland. During the 1970s, he worked on such television shows as ''[[The Sonny and Cher Show]]'' and ''[[The Mack Davis Show]]''. From the early 1980s, Eskew worked with film composer [[Bill Conti]] and subsequently orchestrated such films as ''[[The Karate Kid]]'' series, ''[[Broadcast News (film)|Broadcast News]]'', ''[[The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993 film)|Huckleberry Finn]]'', and the [[Pierce Brosnan]] remake of ''[[The Thomas Crown Affair (1999 film)|The Thomas Crown Affair]]'', among others. Eskew, again working with Conti, has also worked as an orchestrator for numerous telecasts of the annual [[Academy Awards]]. ==External links== *[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0260648/ IMDB: Jack Eskew] {{DEFAULTSORT:Eskew, Jack}} [[Category:1940 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:American music arrangers]] [[Category:American trumpeters]] [[Category:American pianists]] [[Category:People from Los Angeles, California]] {{US-music-bio-stub}} Mahdi (Dune) 4201761 145236416 2007-07-17T15:20:14Z TAnthony 1808194 Categories for redirects OK in certain cases per [[Wikipedia:Redirect#Categories for redirect pages]] #REDIRECT [[List of Dune terminology#M]] [[Category:Dune]] York Larese 4201796 238663981 2008-09-15T21:00:18Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other '''York Bruno Larese''' (born [[July 18]] [[1938]] in [[New York City]]) is an American [[basketball]] player and coach. In his childhood, he attended St. Ann's academy in [[New York, NY]] (now [[Archbishop Molloy High School]] in [[Queens|Queens, NY]]). A 6'4" guard from the [[University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill|University of North Carolina]], Larese was drafted by the NBA twice, once by the [[Atlanta Hawks|St. Louis Hawks]] in 1960, and once by the [[Washington Wizards|Chicago Packers]] a year later. (The draft rules in place at the time permitted this). Laresa played 7 games for the Packers and was traded to the [[Golden State Warriors|Philadelphia Warriors]]. Larese participated in [[Wilt Chamberlain]]'s famous 100-point game. Larese only played for one season in the NBA. Larese also served as a head coach for one season in the [[American Basketball Association]], in the [[1969-70 NBA season|1969-70 season]] with the [[New Jersey Nets|New York Nets]]. ==External links== *[http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/laresyo01.html BasketballReference.com: York Larese (as player)] *[http://www.basketball-reference.com/coaches/laresyo01c.html BasketballReference.com: York Larese (as coach)] {{start box}} {{succession box | title=[[New Jersey Nets|New York Nets]] Head Coach | before=[[Max Zaslofsky]] | years=1969&ndash;1970| after= [[Lou Carnesecca]] }} {{end box}} {{1961 NBA Draft}} {{NewJerseyNetsCoach}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Larese, York}} [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:1938 births]] [[Category:American basketball coaches]] [[Category:American basketball players]] [[Category:St. Louis Hawks draft picks]] [[Category:Chicago Packers draft picks]] [[Category:Chicago Packers players]] [[Category:Philadelphia Warriors players]] [[Category:New York Nets coaches]] [[Category:Archbishop Molloy High School alumni]] [[Category:North Carolina Tar Heels men's basketball players]] Bombs Away Dream Babies 4201824 239877269 2008-09-20T22:42:49Z DinoBot2 7128788 Bot: converting to {{Rating}} template {{Infobox Album <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = Bombs Away Dream Babies | Type = [[Album]] | Artist = [[John Stewart (musician)|John Stewart]] | Cover = Album_Bombs_Away_Dream_Babies.jpg | Released = May 1979 | Recorded = | Genre = [[Rock music|Rock]], [[Pop music|Pop]] | Length = 35:36 | Label = [[RSO Records]] | Producer = [[John Stewart (musician)|John Stewart]], [[Lindsey Buckingham]] | Reviews = *[[Allmusic]] {{Rating|4.5|5}} [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:uisxlf0egcqp link] | Last album = ''[[Fire In The Wind]]''<br />(1977) | This album = ''Bombs Away Dream Babies'' <br />(1979) | Next album = ''[[John Stewart In Concert]]''<br />(1980) }} '''''Bombs Away Dream Babies''''' is an album released by [[John Stewart (musician)|John Stewart]] on the [[RSO Records|RSO]] label in 1979. The album peaked at #10 on the [[Billboard magazine|Billboard]] pop chart. While Stewart had performed and recorded as a solo act and as the member of various groups for nearly 20 years, ''Bombs Away Dream Babies'' represented his first, and only, major commercial success. The album is a fairly straightforward [[Rock music|rock]]-[[Pop music|pop]] album with tinges of the [[Folk music|folk]] that had been Stewart's staple genre. The appearance of [[Lindsey Buckingham]] and [[Stevie Nicks]] added to the commercial success of the album as well as contributing greatly to the overall sound of the album. Buckingham's guitar work is understated by his usual standards but integral to the sound achieved while his vocals are a solid counter-point to Stewart's rugged baritone. Nicks' recognisable vocals add weight to the hits "Gold" and "Midnight Wind". "Gold" reached #5 on the pop chart, while "Midnight Wind" and "Lost Her in the Sun" made #28 and #34 respectively. ==Track listing== All compositions by John Stewart. # "Gold" – 4:26 # "Lost Her in the Sun" – 3:51 # "Runaway Fool of Love" – 2:32 # "Somewhere Down the Line" – 2:52 # "Midnight Wind" – 4:30 # "Over the Hill" – 3:13 # "The Spinnin' of the World" – 1:42 # "Comin' Out of Nowhere" – 2:03 # "Heart of the Dream" – 3:21 # "Hand Your Heart to the Wind" – 3:56 ==Personnel== * John Stewart – Vocals, [[Guitar]], [[Kalimba]] * [[Lindsey Buckingham]] – Guitar, Vocals * [[Stevie Nicks]] – Vocals * Brian Garofalo – [[Bass guitar|Bass]], Vocals * Chris Whelan – Bass, Vocals * David Jackson – Acoustic Bass * Michael Botts – [[Drum]]s * Richard Slosser – Drums * Gary Weisberg – Drums * [[Russ Kunkel]] – Drums * Joey Carbone – [[Keyboard instrument|Keyboards]] * Wayne Hunt – Keyboards, Vocals * Mary Torrey – Vocals * Buffy Ford Stewart – Vocals * Christine DeLisle – Vocals * [[Mary Kay Place]] – Vocals * Joey Harris – Vocals * Croxey Adams – Vocals * [[Dave Guard]] – Vocals * Deborah Tompkins – Vocals * Catherine Guard – Vocals ===Additional personnel=== * [[Rich Fitzgerald]] - executive producer * Riley Kathryn - album coordination * Herbert W. Worthington III - photography, album design * Jack Upston - logo design * Seth Terry - layout * [[Dave Guard]] - album title ==External links== * [http://www.chillywinds.com John Stewart's Official Website] [[Category:1979 albums]] [[Category:John Stewart albums]] Category:Burlington Northern Railroad images 4201856 235670547 2008-09-01T21:09:07Z Eliyak 748161 {{catmore|Burlington Northern Railroad}} [[Category:Burlington Northern Railroad|ι]] [[Category:Rail transport images]] XUPN 4201882 85175526 2006-11-02T02:37:09Z SDX 1834386 Redirecting to [[XHDTV-TV]] #REDIRECT [[XHDTV-TV]] Final Jōmon 4201910 241294540 2008-09-27T09:40:31Z Ling.Nut 1929579 REDIR; merge content into [[Jōmon period]] #REDIRECT [[Jōmon period]] {{R from merge}} Category:Southern Railway (US) images 4201948 235678028 2008-09-01T21:45:57Z Eliyak 748161 {{catmore|Southern Railway (US)}} [[Category:Rail transport images]] [[Category:Southern Railway (US)|ι]] Moray Bridge 4201973 240718930 2008-09-24T18:32:45Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|49.191612|N|123.136128|W|display=title}} [[Image:Moray-bdg.jpg|thumb|right|The Moray Bridge.]] [[Image:Moray-airportconnector-bdgs.jpg|thumb|left|The Moray Bridge (right) beside its twin, the [[Sea Island Bridge]] (left).]] '''Moray Bridge''' is a low-level one-way [[swing bridge]] in [[Richmond, British Columbia]], [[Canada]]. It connects Grant McConachie Way on [[Sea Island, British Columbia|Sea Island]], where the [[Vancouver International Airport]] is located, with Sea Island Way on [[Lulu Island]]. The bridge handles traffic coming ''from'' Sea Island. It was a two-way bridge until the completion of the nearby [[Sea Island Bridge]], which handles traffic ''towards'' Sea Island. ==See also== * [[List of crossings of the Fraser River]] {{Bridges of Greater Vancouver}} {{Crossings navbox |structure = Crossings |place = [[Fraser River]] |bridge = Moray Bridge |bridge signs = |upstream = [[Sea Island Bridge]] |upstream signs = |downstream = [[Dinsmore Bridge]] |downstream signs = }} {{coord|49.191612|N|123.136128|W|display=title}} [[Category:Swing bridges in Canada]] [[Category:Bridges in Vancouver]] [[Category:Buildings and structures in Richmond, British Columbia]] [[Category:Crossings of the Fraser River]] {{Canada-bridge-struct-stub}} {{gvrd-stub}} Image:S-VHS.svg 4201998 195689066 2008-03-04T00:39:01Z Crotalus horridus 273594 added FUR == Summary == [[S-VHS]] logo == Licensing == {{Non-free logo}} [[Category:Multimedia logos]] === Fair use in [[S-VHS]] and related articles === This trademarked logo constitutes fair use on [[S-VHS]] and related articles because: # It serves to identify the video standard. Because this is the official logo, no free image would be a suitable replacement for this purpose. # Given the context, there is no realistic possibility that a Wikipedia page would be mistaken for an official JVC site because of the presence of the logo. # Within articles, it is rendered at Web resolution. # It does not infringe upon the original trademark holder's ability to use and profit from the mark. 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Milliyet, 1993–1994. {{PD-old-70}} Source: Théma Larousse Tematik Ansiklopedisi. Vol. 6: ''Sanat ve Kültür: Türk–İslam''. p.70. Milliyet, 1993–1994. {{PD-old-70}} Template:Italian police 4202209 244601284 2008-10-11T17:23:08Z Ninetyone 1108813 Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#T3|CSD T3]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-t3|1=17:23, 11 October 2008 (UTC)|2=Law enforcement in Italy}} {| style="margin:0 auto" align="center" class="toccolours" !colspan="2" style="background:#ccccff;"| [[Italian police|Law enforcement agencies of Italy]] |- !class="small" align="right"| Regular |class="small"| [[Carabinieri]] | [[Polizia di Stato]] | [[Polizia Regionale]] | [[Polizia Provinciale]] | [[Guardia di Finanza]] | [[Polizia Penitenziaria]] | [[Corpo Forestale dello Stato]] | [[Polizia Municipale]] |- !class="small" align="right"| Specialized |class="small"| [[Corazzieri]] | [[Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza]] | [[Gruppo di Intervento Speciale]] | [[Gruppo di Investigazione Criminalità Organizzata]] | [[Polizia Postale]] | [[Polizia Stradale]] | [[Polizia Ferroviaria]] |} Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Ro-Guardians 4202231 127741247 2007-05-02T18:17:18Z MartinBotIII 2888951 Bot: Retargeting [[WP:EA]] per [[Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2007 April 16|this RfD]] ( (-)[[WP:EA +[[Wikipedia:Esperanza) <div class="boilerplate metadata vfd" style="background-color: #F3F9FF; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;"> :''The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). 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As I said before, it only has 906 Google hits. --[[User:Khoikhoi|Khoikhoi]] 08:59, 26 February 2006 (UTC) ***'''Comment'''. Perhaps not in the US but in the Malaysian/Singaporean district and it has a total members of 12000+. How can it not be notable? [[User:Jeezer|Jeezer]] *'''Keep''' Think that it's a rather good forum and worthy to be kept. [[User:Bombardment|Bombardment]] 09:13, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *:<small>User's first edit <span class="user-sig user-Quarl"><i>—[[User:Quarl|Quarl]] <sup>([[User Talk:Quarl|talk]])</sup> <small>[[2006-02-26]] 10:17Z</small></i></span></small> *'''Keep''' Notable forum of a highly popular game.[[User:DericStevens|DericStevens]] 09:23, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *:<small>User's first edit <span class="user-sig user-Quarl"><i>—[[User:Quarl|Quarl]] <sup>([[User Talk:Quarl|talk]])</sup> <small>[[2006-02-26]] 10:17Z</small></i></span></small> *'''Keep''' Fairly notable site. 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[[Ragnarok Online]] already xlinks to ro-guardians.com. <span class="user-sig user-Quarl"><i>—[[User:Quarl|Quarl]] <sup>([[User Talk:Quarl|talk]])</sup> <small>[[2006-02-26]] 10:27Z</small></i></span> *'''Delete''', per nom. 10:34, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. [[WP:WEB|The policy]] on this issue is clear. This is not yet notable or big enough to warrant a page of its own. [[User:Batmanand|Batmanand]] | [[User talk:Batmanand|Talk]] 11:07, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. Non-notable. ([[Wikipedia:Esperanza|<font color="green">A</font>]][[User:Arundhati bakshi|rundhati Bakshi]] ([[User_talk:Arundhati_bakshi|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/Arundhati_bakshi|contribs]])) 11:15, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. Not notable enough. &mdash; '''[[User:Rebelguys2|Rebelguys2]]''' <sup><font color="#CC5500">[[User talk:Rebelguys2|talk]]</font></sup> 11:35, 26 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' as non-notable. [[User:Edgar181|Edgar181]] 12:34, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' per CapitalistRoadster. It's hard to imagine how any fansite could be notable, unless perhaps it demonstrably changes the commercial product about which it enthuses. (As for affecting the outside world.&nbsp;.&nbsp;&nbsp;) While the article is written in charmingly loopy English (for me, a minor unintended plus), it edges toward libel at one place near its end (a major minus). -- [[User:Hoary|Hoary]] 15:28, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''', per Hoary's comments. I'm all for large, primary fansites having articles provided notability is established, but this ain't that. [[User:Kuru|<font color = "green">'''Kuru'''</font>]] [[User talk:Kuru|<font color = "green"><sup>''talk''</sup></font>]] 17:30, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. Sure, this forum sounds notable since it has a bunch of members, but how much encyclopedic information about the site is out there? Enough to fill an article? ::''The members of Ro-Guardians are known to be friendly, however we do have a few cases where members go wild and start flaming, insulting others and posting irrelevant/obscene materials. These members will be immediately banned by the admin for such childish behaviours.'' :Isn't this true of ''every'' internet forum? And how much of the section about Gameflier is truth/POV? [[User:Isopropyl|Isopropyl]] 18:07, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete'''. Doesn't seem to meet [[WP:WEB]] per Capitalistroadster. --<font face="Book Antiqua">[[User:Kinu|<font color="blue"><strong>Kinu</strong></font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:Kinu|<font color="red">''t''</font>]]</sup>/<sub>[[Special:Contributions/Kinu|<font color="red">''c''</font>]]</sub></font> 19:15, 26 February 2006 (UTC) * '''Delete''' as [[WP:WEB|non-notable website]] / webforum. — {{User:Adrian/zap2.js}} 20:42, 26 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as non-notable. &mdash;[[User:Wrathchild-K|Wrathchild]] <sup><small>([[User talk:Wrathchild-K|talk]])</small></sup> 14:17, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as nn website and forum. --[[User:Terenceong1992|Ter]][[Wikipedia:Esperanza|<font color="green">e]]</font>[[User:Terenceong1992|nc]][[User talk:Terenceong1992|e Ong]] 14:23, 27 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''', fails [[WP:WEB]]. 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[[WP:NOT]] seems to apply here. --[[User:Elkman|Elkman]] 00:29, 28 February 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' Not notable, sockpuppet-supported. [[User:Starblind|Andrew Lenahan]] - <b><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">St</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF5500">ar</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF8000">bli</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FFC000">nd</FONT></b> 21:19, 2 March 2006 (UTC) :''The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the article's talk page or in a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]]). No further edits should be made to this page.</div> Image:Santa Susana Mts.jpg 4202254 129242184 2007-05-08T14:19:35Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == Scrubland in Aliso Canyon, Santa Susana Mountains, California: December 24, 2005. == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Dissident (song) 4202282 242654250 2008-10-03T02:35:29Z -5- 933783 {{Infobox Single | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs --> | Name = Dissident | Cover = Pearl_Jam_-_Dissident_album_cover.jpg | Artist = [[Pearl Jam]] | from Album = [[Vs. (album)|Vs.]] | B-side = "Release" (live) / "[[Rearviewmirror (song)|Rearviewmirror]]" (live) / "[[Even Flow]]" (live) / "Dissident" (live) / "Why Go" (live) / "Deep" (live) | Released = 1994 | Format = [[CD single]], [[Compact Cassette|Cassette]], [[Gramophone record|Vinyl]] | Recorded = March 1993&nbsp;– May 1993 at The Site, [[Nicasio, California|Nicasio]], [[California]] | Genre = [[Grunge music|Grunge]] | Length = 3:35 | Label = [[Epic Records|Epic]] | Producer = [[Brendan O'Brien (music producer)|Brendan O'Brien]], Pearl Jam | Writer = [[Dave Abbruzzese]], [[Jeff Ament]], [[Stone Gossard]], [[Mike McCready]], [[Eddie Vedder]] | Chart position = | Last single = "[[Animal (Pearl Jam song)|Animal]]"<br/>(1994) | This single = "'''Dissident'''"<br/>(1994) | Next single = "[[Spin the Black Circle]]"<br/>(1994) {{Extra tracklisting | Album = [[Vs. (album)|Vs.]] | Type = studio | prev_track = "[[Glorified G]]" | prev_no = Track 4 | this_track = "'''Dissident'''" | track_no = Track 5 | next_track = "W.M.A." | next_no = Track 6 }} }} "'''Dissident'''" is a song by the American [[rock music|rock]] band [[Pearl Jam]], released in 1994 as the fourth single from the band's second studio album, ''[[Vs. (album)|Vs.]]'' (1993). It peaked at number three on the ''[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]'' [[Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks|Mainstream Rock Tracks]] chart. The song was included on [[Pearl Jam]]'s greatest hits album, ''[[rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991–2003]]''. ==Origin and recording== An early primitive jam version of the song can be found in the commercial breaks of the band's ''[[MTV Unplugged]]'' performance. After "Black", during the commercial beak, the band jammed into a short progression that would become the basic "Dissident" riff. This is clearly evident in bootlegs and video. ==Lyrics== Frontman [[Eddie Vedder]] about "Dissident": <blockquote>In "Dissident", I'm actually talking about a woman who takes in someone who's being sought after by the authorities for political reasons. He's on the run, and she offers him a refuge. But she just can't handle the responsibility. She turns him in, then she has to live with the guilt and the realization that she's betrayed the one thing that gave her life meaning. It made her life difficult. It made her life hell. But it gave her a reason to be. But she couldn't hold on. She folded. That's the tragedy of the song.<ref>Jones, Allan. ''[http://www.korat.co.il/pearljam/Ibook/Vs/dissident.html Pearl Jam - The Illustrated Story, A Melody Maker Book]''. Hal Leonard Corp, 1995. ISBN 0793540356</ref></blockquote> ==Release and reception== The song peaked at number three on the ''Billboard'' [[Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks|Mainstream Rock Tracks]] chart. Outside of the United States, the single was released in [[Austria]], [[Germany]], [[Japan]], the [[Netherlands]], [[South Africa]], and the [[United Kingdom]]. "Dissident" reached the UK Top 20. "Dissident" peaked at number 97 in Germany, reached the top 30 in [[France]], and was a top ten success in [[Ireland]] and [[Norway]]. It was a moderate top 20 success in the [[Netherlands]]. "Dissident" is one of the band's most enduring singles as it has remained a popular song on many rock stations. ==Live performances== The song was premiered live at the band's May 13, 1993 concert in [[San Francisco, California|San Francisco]], [[California]].<ref>[http://pearljam.com/songs/song.php?song=Dissident "Pearl Jam Songs: "Dissident""]. [[Pearl Jam|pearljam.com]].</ref> Live performances of "Dissident" can be found on the "Dissident" single and the ''[[Live at the Gorge 05/06]]'' box set. A performance of the song is also included on the DVD ''[[Touring Band 2000]]''. ==Track listing== {{col-start}}{{col-2}} ;Compact Disc Single (US, Japan, Germany, Austria, and South Africa) #"Dissident" ([[Dave Abbruzzese]], [[Jeff Ament]], [[Stone Gossard]], [[Mike McCready]], [[Eddie Vedder]]) – 3:35 #"Release" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament, McCready, [[Dave Krusen]]) – 4:54 #"[[Rearviewmirror (song)|Rearviewmirror]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:30 #"[[Even Flow]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:04 #"Dissident" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:24 #"Why Go" (live) (Vedder, Ament) – 3:49 #"Deep" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 4:44 *Live tracks recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. ;Compact Disc Single (UK) (Part 1) #"Dissident" (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:32 #"Release" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament, McCready, Krusen) – 4:54 #"[[Rearviewmirror (song)|Rearviewmirror]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:30 #"[[Even Flow]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:04 *Live tracks recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. {{col-2}} ;Compact Disc Single (UK) (Part 2) #"Dissident" (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:32 #"Dissident" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:24 #"Why Go" (live) (Vedder, Ament) – 3:49 #"Deep" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 4:44 *Live tracks recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. ;Compact Disc Single (The Netherlands and Austria) #"Dissident" (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:35 #"Release" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament, McCready, Krusen) – 4:54 #*Recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. ;7" Vinyl Single (UK and The Netherlands) and Cassette Single (UK) #"Dissident" (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:32 #"[[Rearviewmirror (song)|Rearviewmirror]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:08 #*Recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. {{col-end}} ===Alternate versions=== Two alternate versions of the "Dissident" single were released that do not contain the song "Dissident" at all. The track listings of the alternate versions are as follows: [[Image:Dissident2.JPG|right|thumb|200px|"Dissident" #2]] ;"Dissident" #2 Compact Disc Single (Germany and Europe) #"[[Jeremy (song)|Jeremy]]" (live) (Vedder, Ament) – 3:00 #"[[Glorified G]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:19 #"[[Daughter (song)|Daughter]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:07 #"[[Go (song)|Go]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 2:57 #"[[Animal (Pearl Jam song)|Animal]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 2:48 #"Garden" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 6:52 #"[[State of Love and Trust]]" (live) (Vedder, McCready, Ament) – 3:58 #"[[Black (song)|Black]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:45 *Live tracks recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. [[Image:Dissident3.JPG|right|thumb|200px|"Dissident" #3]] ;"Dissident" #3 Compact Disc Single (Germany and Europe) #"[[Alive (Pearl Jam song)|Alive]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:08 #"Blood" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:39 #"W.M.A." (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) (with [[Doug Pinnick]] and [[Jerry Gaskill]] of [[King's X]]) – 6:24 #"[[Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:43 #"Rats" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 4:37 #"[[Once (song)|Once]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 3:21 #"Porch" (live) (Vedder) – 11:01 #"Indifference" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:00 *Live tracks recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. ==="Dissident"/''Live in Atlanta''=== Altogether, the three "Dissident" singles compile the band's April 3, 1994 concert in [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], with the only omissions being three songs from the yet-to-be-released ''[[Vitalogy]]'' ("Whipping", "[[Better Man]]", and "Satan's Bed") and the [[The Dead Boys|Dead Boys]] cover "[[Sonic Reducer]]". All three singles were available as a box set entitled ''Live in Atlanta'' released in Europe. ;Compact Disc Box Set (Europe) {{col-begin}} {{col-break}} '''Disc one''' #"Dissident" (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:35 #"Release" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament, McCready, Krusen) – 4:54 #"[[Rearviewmirror (song)|Rearviewmirror]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:30 #"[[Even Flow]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:04 #"Dissident" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:24 #"Why Go" (live) (Vedder, Ament) – 3:49 #"Deep" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 4:44 {{col-break}} '''Disc two''' #"[[Jeremy (song)|Jeremy]]" (live) (Vedder, Ament) – 3:00 #"[[Glorified G]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:19 #"[[Daughter (song)|Daughter]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:07 #"[[Go (song)|Go]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 2:57 #"[[Animal (Pearl Jam song)|Animal]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 2:48 #"Garden" (live) (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 6:52 #"[[State of Love and Trust]]" (live) (Vedder, McCready, Ament) – 3:58 #"[[Black (song)|Black]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:45 {{col-break}} '''Disc three''' #"[[Alive (Pearl Jam song)|Alive]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:08 #"Blood" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:39 #"W.M.A." (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) (with [[Doug Pinnick]] and [[Jerry Gaskill]] of [[King's X]]) – 6:24 #"[[Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town]]" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 3:43 #"Rats" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 4:37 #"[[Once (song)|Once]]" (live) (Vedder, Gossard) – 3:21 #"Porch" (live) (Vedder) – 11:01 #"Indifference" (live) (Abbruzzese, Ament, Gossard, McCready, Vedder) – 5:00 {{col-break}} {{col-end}} *Live tracks recorded at the [[Fox Theatre (Atlanta)|Fox Theater]], [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], April 3, 1994. ==Chart positions== {| class="wikitable" ! Year ! Chart ! Position |- | rowspan="7"|1994 | [[VG-lista|Norwegian Singles Chart]]<ref>{{cite web|url= http://norwegiancharts.com/search.asp?cat=s&search=pearl+jam|title=Norwegian Single/Album Chart / Pearl Jam / Longplay |publisher= norwegiancharts.com| accessdate=2008-02-19}}</ref> |align="center"|2 |- | US [[Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks|Mainstream Rock Tracks]]<ref>{{cite web | url=http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/retrieve_chart_history.do?model.vnuArtistId=5392&model.vnuAlbumId=772120 | title=Pearl Jam Artist Chart History | publisher=''[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]'' | accessdate=2007-04-28}}</ref> |align="center"|3 |- | [[Irish Singles Chart]]<ref>{{cite web | url = http://www.irishcharts.ie/search/placement | title = The Irish Charts - All there is to know | publisher = Irishcharts.ie | accessdate = 2007-04-29 }}</ref> |align="center"|7 |- | [[MegaCharts|Dutch Singles Chart]]<ref>{{cite web| url = http://dutchcharts.nl/search.asp?cat=s&search=pearl+jam| title = Dutch Single/Album Chart / Pearl Jam / Longplay| publisher = dutchcharts.nl| accessdate = 2008-02-19}}</ref> |align="center"|14 |- | [[UK Singles Chart]]<ref name="everyhit">{{cite web | url = http://www.everyhit.com/ | title = EveryHit.com | accessdate = 2007-02-16 }}</ref> |align="center"|14 |- | [[Syndicat national de l'édition phonographique|French Singles Chart]]<ref>{{cite web|url= http://lescharts.com/search.asp?cat=s&search=pearl+jam|title=French Single/Album Chart / Pearl Jam / Longplay |publisher= lescharts.com| accessdate=2008-02-19}}</ref> |align=center|24 |- | [[Media Control Charts|German Singles Chart]]<ref>{{cite web | url=http://www.musicline.de/de/chartverfolgung_summary/artist/Pearl%20Jam/?type=single | title=Chartverfolgung / Pearl Jam / Single | publisher=musicline.de | accessdate=2007-06-11}}</ref> |align="center"|97 |} ==Accolades== The information regarding accolades attributed to "Dissident" is adapted in part from AcclaimedMusic.net.<ref name=accolades>{{Cite web|url=http://www.acclaimedmusic.net/Current/S3692.htm|title="Dissident" accolades|accessdate=2008-05-06|publisher=Acclaimed Music}}</ref> {|class="wikitable" ! Publication ! Country ! Accolade ! Year ! Rank |- | ''The Movement'' | [[New Zealand]] | "The 77 Best Singles of the 90s"<ref>{{cite web | url=http://www.acclaimedmusic.net/Current/movement.htm| title=The 77 Best Singles of the 90s|accessdate=2008-05-06| publisher=''The Movement''}}</ref> | 2004 | 31 |} ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== *[http://www.pearljam.com/songs/song.php?song=Dissident Lyrics] {{Pearl Jam}} [[Category:1993 songs]] [[Category:1994 singles]] [[Category:Pearl Jam songs]] [[es:Dissident]] [[it:Dissident]] Category:Salat 4202304 230614772 2008-08-08T14:11:52Z This category is for articles relating to [[salah]] (prayer in [[Islam]]). {{Commons cat|Salat}} [[Category:Five Pillars of Islam]] [[Category:Prayer]] [[bs:Kategorija:Namaz]] [[id:Kategori:Shalat]] [[hu:Kategória:Muszlim imák]] [[mk:Категорија:Намаз]] [[ms:Kategori:Solat]] [[ru:Категория:Намаз]] [[tr:Kategori:Namaz]] Bank officer 4202320 210517167 2008-05-06T07:06:30Z A '''bank officer''' is an employee of a [[bank]] endowed with the legal capacity to agree to and sign documents on behalf of the institution. The [[title]] is usually held by branch managers, assistant managers, loan officers, and other experienced personnel. Executives and others holding titles such as "Vice President" are considered officers of the bank for legal purposes. The title is also used to designate those branch personnel who act in a supervisory capacity. In larger banks, an officer at the branch level sometimes reviews accounts and makes decisions on whether to honour [[Non-sufficient funds|NSF]] items or to return them. Such decisions are usually left up to those who are legally responsible to act on behalf of the bank. ==See also== * [[Bank]] * [[Executive officer]] * [[Chief Financial Officer]] [[Category:Banking terms and equipment]] Image:Owen hippo.jpg 4202353 41289450 2006-02-26T08:33:39Z Sysrpl 500051 Image circulated over the internet ad-nausium. == Summary == Image circulated over the internet ad-nausium. == Licensing == {{PD}} School for the talented and gifted 4202370 43176297 2006-03-10T19:13:06Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"TAG Magnet" +"School for the Talented & Gifted" #REDIRECT [[School for the Talented & Gifted]] Ed Fletcher 4202398 240229346 2008-09-22T14:06:18Z Jerry898989 7599102 Corrected typographical error. [[Image:Ed Fletcher.jpg|right|200px]] '''"Colonel" Ed Fletcher''' ([[December 31]], [[1872]]&ndash;[[October 15]], [[1955]]) was a real estate developer and [[United States|U.S.]] [[United States Republican Party|Republican]] and [[United States Democratic Party|Democratic]] [[politician]] from [[San Diego, California]]. Fletcher was born 1872 in [[Littleton, Massachusetts]], son of Charles Kimball Fletcher. His family moved to [[Worcester, Massachusetts|Worcester]] and [[Boston, Massachusetts|Boston]], where he attended school. In 1888 Fletcher came to [[San Diego, California|San Diego]], where he sold produce. He was a born salesman and soon had his own business with a partner. In 1901, he entered the real estate business as a land agent, and started a partnership in 1908 with William Gross. That partnership developed Grossmont, [[Casa de Oro-Mount Helix, California|Mt. Helix]], and [[Del Mar, California|Del Mar]]. Fletcher donated land on Mt. Helix where Easter Sunrise services are held. In 1907, Fletcher was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the [[United States National Guard|California National Guard]], which earned him the title "Colonel", which stuck for the remainder of his life. Fletcher became interested in road building and saw to it many road projects were completed. With Fred Jackson, Fletcher raised civic interest to building a road to [[Imperial Valley (California)|Imperial Valley]], thence a [[Old Plank Road|plank road]] across the desert to [[Yuma, Arizona]]. Fletcher was later active in having state and U.S. highways built to San Diego. Fletcher also took an interest in developing projects delivering water to San Diego, including creating Lake Hodges. Fletcher was a director of the [[Panama-California Exposition (1915)]] and [[California Pacific International Exposition (1935)]]. After the 1915 Expo, he raised funds to save the well-received temporary buildings from destruction. He also raised funds to buy land for the Naval Training Station in San Diego, and for building the YMCA. In 1934 Fletcher was elected to the [[California State Senate]], and served until 1947. Sometime while in the Senate, he switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democratic.[http://capitolmuseum.ca.gov/english/legislature/history/county54.html] He authored laws creating the San Diego County Water Authority and transerring ownership of [[Mission Bay, California|Mission Bay]] to the city. Fletcher married Mary C. Batchelder [[April 8]], [[1896]] at [[Ayer, Massachusetts]]. They had ten children: Catherine, Edward Jr., Congressman [[Charles K. Fletcher]], Lawrence, Willis, Stephen, Ferdinand, Mary Louise, Eugene, and Virginia. Fletcher died 1955 in San Diego. Fletcher Parkway in [[La Mesa, California]] and [[Fletcher Hills]] in [[El Cajon, California]] are named for Fletcher. ==See also== *{{cite book|author=Fletcher, Ed|year=1952|title=Memoirs of Ed Fletcher|Publisher=}} *{{cite book|author=Black, Samuel T.|year=1913|title=San Diego County California|Publisher=The S. J. Clark Publishing Company, Chicago}}, v. 2, pp. 128-132: "Ed Fletcher"; includes portrait * {{cite book|author=Heilbron, Carl|year=1936|title=History of San Diego County|publisher=San Diego Press Club}} Biography. Also has biography of his wife ==External links== * [http://www.sandiegohistory.org/bio/fletcher/fletcher.htm Biography] (San Diego Historical Society). Based on Heilbron's biography (above) {{DEFAULTSORT:Fletcher, Ed}} [[Category:California politicians]] [[Category:California State Senators]] [[Category:People from San Diego, California]] [[Category:1872 births]] [[Category:1955 deaths]] Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Peter Jansen 4202429 41290336 2006-02-26T08:46:20Z Exclusia 993568 Peter Jansen Prakash Puram 4202463 198964331 2008-03-17T22:26:48Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Moving category Indian Americans to Americans of Indian descent per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 March 7]]. <!-- Unsourced image removed: [[Image:PPuram_Mugshot.gif|thumb|left|120px|]] --> '''Prakash Puram''' (born [[1955]]) is President and CEO of [[iXmatch]]<ref>{{cite news |first=Bipasha |last=Ray |title=Netting the right techs |work=Star Tribune |date=2000-07-17 |quote=Prakash Puram relied on his network of contacts to get iXmatch started.... }}</ref>, and a member of President Bush's Export Council.<ref>{{cite news |first=Mark |last=Steil |title=Indian business makes energy on Minnesota prairie |url=http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2007/10/18/indiablades/ |publisher=Minnesota Public Radio |date=2007-10-22 |quote=Puram has a significant platform to voice his opinions. He serves on the Bush administration's Export Council. }}</ref> ==Biography== ===Education=== He received a Bachelor of Science degree from [[Loyola College, Chennai]], [[India]]; a Business Management diploma from [[Xavier Labour Relations Institute]], [[Jamshedpur]], India; an MBA from the [[University of Minnesota]]; and a [[Master of Public Administration]] from [[Harvard University]]. Prakash serves on the advisory board of the [[University of Minnesota]]’s [[Carlson School of Management]] Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. ===Career=== Puram has had leadership and product management roles at [[Net Perceptions]], [[Honeywell]], [[IBM]], [[Pillsbury]], and [[Unilever]]. On [[September 22]], [[2006]] U.S. President [[George W. Bush]] nominated Prakash to be a member of the President's Export Council. Following a breakfast with Federal Reserve Bank Chairman [[Alan Greenspan]], Prakash and other new members were sworn-in on [{December 6]], 2005 by U.S. Commerce Secretary [[Carlos Gutierrez]] who administered the oath of Office. [[White House Chief of Staff]], [[Andrew H. Card, Jr.]], attended the swearing-in ceremony, representing the President.<ref>http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/pec/12605transcript.html</ref> ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== *http://www.ixmatch.com/board.html *http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/09/20050922-3.html *http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/pec/privsectormems.html *http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/pec/tpandnsub.html *http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/pec/index.html *http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/pec/12605Agenda.html *http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/pec/executivebranchmems.html *http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/23310&EDATE= *http://www.pfdf.org/leaderbooks/L2l/fall2000/austin.html *http://www.ixmatch.com/prakash_appointment_PEC.html *http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/pec/12605transcript.html {{DEFAULTSORT:Puram, Prakash}} [[Category:1955 births]] [[Category:American chief executives]] [[Category:Americans of Indian descent]] {{US-CEO-stub}} Ethenzamide 4202503 211625064 2008-05-11T08:51:37Z DHN-bot 575307 robot Adding: [[vi:Ethenzamide]] {{Drugbox| |IUPAC_name = 2-ethoxybenzamide | image=Ethenzamide.svg | width=180 | CAS_number=938-73-8 | ATC_prefix=N02 | ATC_suffix=BA07 | ATC_supplemental= | PubChem=3282 | DrugBank= | C = 9 | H = 11 | N = 1 | O = 2 | molecular_weight = 165.189 g/mol | bioavailability= | metabolism = | elimination_half-life= | excretion = | pregnancy_category = | legal_status = | routes_of_administration= }} '''Ethenzamide''' is a common [[analgesic]] and [[anti-inflammatory drug]] that is used for the relief of fever, headaches, and other minor aches and pains. It is a major ingredient in numerous cold and flu medications and many prescription analgesics. {{analgesic-stub}} {{Anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic products}} {{NSAIDs}} [[Category:Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs]] [[vi:Ethenzamide]] Hrvatski Sabor 4202533 76835417 2006-09-20T19:04:48Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Croatian Parliament" +"Parliament of Croatia" #REDIRECT [[Parliament of Croatia]] Singstar rocks 4202551 208232010 2008-04-26T00:46:01Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"SingStar Rocks!" +"List of SingStar titles" #REDIRECT [[List of SingStar titles]] Cooper Lake State Park 4202593 218282535 2008-06-09T23:11:37Z Kamadiro 6593057 Removed text that should have been in the discussion area, not article area. [[Image:Cooper Lake State Park Texas swimming hole.jpg|thumb|A swimming area at Cooper Lake State Park]] '''Cooper Lake State Park''' is a Texas State Park about three miles (5 km) south of [[Cooper, Texas]]. The park is situated on [[Jim Chapman Lake]], formerly known as Cooper Lake. Cooper Lake, a relatively new state park, offers a variety of both land- and water-based recreational opportunities. Visitors can enjoy the breath-taking sunsets and spectacular scenery by boat, foot or horseback. Day visitors can picnic under towering oak trees, swim at the sandy beach, explore developed trails or boat and fish on the {{convert|19300|acre|km2|0|sing=on}} lake. Overnighters can choose from well-appointed cabins, shelters and developed or primitive campsites, including equestrian sites for horses. Both units offer limited service cabins. Wildlife watchers are often rewarded with sightings of bald eagles, white pelicans, wild turkey, waterfowl, white-tailed deer, squirrels, raccoons and beavers. South Sulphur and Doctor’s Creek, two sections of the park, together encompass {{convert|3026|acre|km2|0}} and some {{convert|31|mi|km|0}} of shoreline. ==External links== * [http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/cooper_lake/ Texas Parks and Wildlife Department] {{Coord|33|19|25.12|N|95|38|45.39|W|type:city|display=title}} [[Category:Lakes of Texas]] [[Category:Texas state parks]] [[Category:Delta County, Texas]] [[Category:Hopkins County, Texas]] {{Texas-geo-stub}} Sparkfactor Design 4202632 238026673 2008-09-12T22:21:12Z Designnuts 5376904 {{Refimprove|date=August 2007}} {{Infobox_Company | company_logo = <!-- Unsourced image removed: [[Image:Sparkfactorlogo.jpg| Sparkfactor design Logo |225px| ]] -->| company_type = [[Private company|Private]]| foundation = ([[2001]]) | location_city = Palo Alto, California | location_country = USA | key_people = [[Abraham Farag]], CEO<br />[[Robert Garett]], Co-Founder<br/>[[Claudia Truesdell]], Co-Founder<br />[[Anthony Del Balso]], Director of Engineering<br />[[Mike Lohse]], Director of Engineering<br />| num_employees = 20 (2006) | industry = [[Mechanical Engineering|Mechanical Engineering]] <br/>[[Industrial Design]]| homepage = [http://www.sparkfactordesign.com/ www.sf-pd.com/] }} '''Sparkfactor Design''' provides flexible product design resources through offices in [[Palo Alto, California]] and [[San Francisco]]. They help design products and equipment for the [[consumer electronics]], [[medical equipment]] and other industries. ==History and work== Sparkfactor Design was founded in 2001 by Claudia Truesdell and Robert Garrett both graduates of the [[Stanford Graduate School of Product Design]]<ref>Stanford Product Design Alumni [http://design.stanford.edu/PD/02-people3.html]</ref> and Mike Smith an Industrial designer from GVO. The current [[CEO]], Abraham Farag, also graduated from the [[Stanford Graduate School of Product Design]]. Previously, Abraham Farag was a Senior Product Design Engineer at [[Apple Inc.]],<ref>Apple mechanical design patent issued [http://www.patentstorm.us/inventors/Abraham_S__Farag-1668001.html]</ref> Product Design Engineer at [[IDEO]], and a Product Engineer on the [[General Motors]] [[EV-1]].<ref>GM mechanical design patent issued [http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5775467.html]</ref><ref>GM mechanical design patent issued [http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5603217.html]</ref> The firm employees approximately 20 people in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. ''[[Inc Magazine]]'' included Sparkfactor in their 2007 list of top 100 consulting companies in the USA.<ref>Inc magazine top 100 consulting companies [http://www.inc.com/inc5000/2007/company-profile.html?id=200721550]</ref> & in the 2008 list in the top 20 engineering companies in the USA.<ref>Inc magazine top 20 engineering companies [http://www.inc.com/inc5000/2008/company-profile.html?id=200811640]</ref> Sparkfactor was also included in the ''[[San Francisco Business Times]]'' list of top 50 private companies in the San Francisco Bay Area for 2007.<ref> top 50 [http://www.bizjournals.com/bookoflists/sanfrancisco/#]</ref> & in the 2008 top 50 list. Sparkfactor has partnered with many product oriented companies to help design more than 100 consumer electronic products. In total these products have had sales of over 150 million units. ===Notable products=== * Mechanical Engineering for the first [[Apple Wireless Mouse]] and other mice, the first Apple [[iPod]] and follow on iPods and other MP3 players, the first Apple [[Mac mini]] and follow on Mac mini’s. These products have won many design awards including [[D&AD]] "Gold" for Product Design and "Silver" for Product For Work, Plastics Industry Consumer Product Design of the Year Award and Red Dot Product design of the year awards. * Complete ME & ID design for the Dash Navigation Dash Express Product: which was named by CNET & LAPTOP "Best of CES 2007" for Car Tech & GPS. * Complete ME & ID design for the [[Meraki]] Networks outdoor product. Product: * Design and manufacturing of the [[Apple Design Awards]].<ref>Menkentos does cat scan of Apple Award [http://mekentosj.com/goodies/cubism/ Menkentosj] Retrieved on [[2007-05-30]]</ref>, and the Apple change tray{{Fact|date=January 2008}} used in all [[Apple Store]]s in [[Japan]]. ==References== {{reflist}} ==External links== * [http://www.sparkfactordesign.com Official website] [[Category:Industrial design firms]] [[Category:Companies based in Silicon Valley]] [[Category:Engineering companies of the United States]] [[Category:Electronics companies of the United States]] [[Category:Privately held companies of the United States]] [[Category:Companies established in 2001]] [[Category:Companies that are Woman owned]] [[Category:Design companies of the United States]] Image:Dolby MLP.svg 4202662 125321691 2007-04-23T22:59:19Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Renaming non-free template "logo" per [[Wikipedia:Non-free content/templates]]. == Summary == [[Dolby]] [[Meridian Lossless Packing]] logo == Licensing == {{Non-free logo}} Category:Ethnic groups in Sabah 4202704 197915135 2008-03-13T07:50:51Z [[Category: Sabah]] Sarawak [[Category:Ethnic groups in Malaysia]] [[Category:Indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia]] Thomas Dachser 4202750 165635091 2007-10-19T14:40:03Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Moving category German entrepreneurs to German businesspeople per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2007 October 13]]. '''Thomas Dachser''' (born [[March 13]], [[1906]] in Haldenwang (in the near of [[Günzburg]]); died [[April 11]] [[1979]] in [[Munich]]) was a German businessman. Thomas Dachser, in 1930 founded the forwarding agency [[Dachser]] in Kempten in the Allgäu. Today the business, still owned by the family, is one of the largest logistics service providers in Europe. In 1977 Thomas Dachser was awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit by the then prime minister of Bavaria [[Alfons Goppel]]. [[Category:German businesspeople|Dachser, Thomas]] [[de:Thomas Dachser]] Albrecht VII, Count of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 4202781 239185000 2008-09-18T03:46:26Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other '''Albrecht VII of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt''' ([[16 January]] [[1537]] &ndash; [[10 April]] [[1605]]) was Count of [[Schwarzburg]] and founder of the Line of [[Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]], which later received the title of Prince. He was the youngest of the surviving sons of Count [[Günther XL of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg]] and his wife Countess [[Elisabeth zu Ysenburg-Büdingen in Birstein]]. All possessions, which were united under his father, came after the death of Günther XL in 1552 to his four surviving sons, [[Günther XLI of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg|Günther XLI]], [[Johann Günther I of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen|Johann Günther]], [[Wilhelm I, Graf von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg|Wilhelm I]] and Albrecht VII, who divided their country in 1571. After the deaths of childless Günther XLI in 1583 and Wilhelm I in 1597, his possessions were divided between the still living brothers Johann Günther and Albrecht VII. This partition became the beginning of two lines of the [[house of Schwarzburg]], [[Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]] and [[Schwarzburg-Sondershausen]], both of which existed until the post-[[World War I]] major governmental changes of 1918. Albrecht, studied at several German universities and in [[Padua]]. From 1557 he resided at the court of the Princes of [[Orange-Nassau]]. He served from 1563 under his brother Günther in the army of King of [[Denmark]] and from 1573 lived in [[Rudolstadt]]. ==Family and children== He was married twice. Firstly, on [[14 June]] [[1575]] he married Countess [[Juliana of Nassau-Dillenburg]], daughter of Count [[William I of Nassau-Dillenburg]] and had the following children: # Count [[Karl Günther I of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]] ([[6 November]] [[1576]] &ndash; [[24 September]] [[1630]]) # Elisabeth Juliane ([[1 January]] [[1578]] &ndash; [[28 March]] [[1658]]) # Sophie ([[1 March]] [[1579]] &ndash; [[24 August]] [[1630]]), married on [[30 March]] [[1595]] to Count [[Jobst II of Barby-Mühlingen]] # Magdalene ([[12 April]] [[1580]] &ndash; [[22 April]] [[1632]]), married on [[22 May]] [[1597]] to [[Heinrich II Reuss zu Gera]] # Count [[Ludwig Günther I of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]] ([[27 May]] [[1581]] &ndash; [[4 November]] [[1646]]) # Albrecht Günther I ([[8 August]] [[1582]] &ndash; [[20 January]] [[1634]]) # Anna Sybilla ([[14 March]] [[1584]] &ndash; [[22 August]] [[1623]]), married on [[15 November]] [[1612]] to Count [[Christian Günther I of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen]] # Katharina Maria ([[13 July]] [[1585]] &ndash; [[19 January]] [[1659]]) # Katharina Susanna ([[13 February]] [[1587]] &ndash; [[19 April]] [[1662]]) # Heinrich Günther, died young in 1589 Secondly, on [[2 March]] [[1591]] he married with Countess Albertine Elisabeth of Leiningen-Westerburg, but this marriage was childless. [[Category:1537 births|Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Albrecht VII of]] [[Category:1605 deaths|Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Albrecht VII of]] [[Category:Counts|Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Albrecht VII of]] [[Category:German nobility|Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Albrecht VII of]] [[Category:House of Schwarzburg]] [[Category:People from Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]] [[de:Albrecht VII. (Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt)]] [[it:Alberto VII di Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]] [[nl:Albert VII van Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]] Ophidian 2350 4202814 202711955 2008-04-02T03:01:45Z SmackBot 433328 Date the maintenance tags or general fixes {{Unreferenced|date=April 2008}} {{Infobox_Game | subject_name= Ophidian 2350 | image_link= [[Image:Ophidian 2350 Lothar.jpg|right|thumb|Lothar from Ophidian 2350]] | image_caption= | designer= Shaun Maher, Gregg Schwartz, and Raffi Tasci | publisher= [[Ophidian Games]] and [[Fleer]] | players= 2 | ages= 8+ | setup_time= | playing_time= Approx 30 min | complexity= | strategy= | random_chance= Some | skills= [[Collectible card game|Card playing]]<br>[[Mathematics|Arithmetic]]<br>Basic Reading Ability | footnotes= | bggid=7203}} Released in 2003, '''''Ophidian: 2350''''' is a [[collectible card game]] (CCG) created by Ophidian Games and [[Fleer]]. It uses a play structure called ''the Flow'' rather than the normal turn-based system typically used in the genre. ==Backstory== '''''Ophidian 2350''''' takes place in the year 2350, where a strange reptilian race known as Ophidians run gladitorial arenas for humans, aliens and demons alike. Combat consists of one team pitted against another, and though competitors often die, the [[gladiator]]s' [[DNA]] is often taken before the match to resurrect the fallen warrior. ==Gameplay== Each player's team is made up of up to four gladiators, usually one of each victory point (VP) level (ranging from 1 to 4), but a team can technically be made up of any combination that adds up to 10. A player can win either by defeating an opponent's gladiators, by defeating gladiators worth a greater number of victory points after four ''waves'' (rounds) or by amassing 15 points worth of ''cheer'' from the audience. Each side of the table is divided up into an ''action field'', where powerful gladiators can attack and protect others from attacks, and a ''support field'', where less powerful gladiators and supporting minions usually reside. Between waves, cards can move between the two fields as needed. Some of the game mechanics are recognizable from previous games such as [[Magic: The Gathering]] - cards are "set" when activated, being rotated ninety degrees to show that they have been used, which is identical to "[[Tap (gaming)|tapping]]" in Magic. However, the turns of previous CCGs are not present in '''''Ophidian''''', instead replaced by the ''the Flow''. ==The Flow== The Flow is the system that replaces turns in '''''Ophidian''''', and allows both players to be active at one time, one "with the Flow" and the other without it. All actions are either positive (denoted by a plus), or negative (denoted by a minus). Players can play only when they have the Flow, and whilst positive actions allow one to keep the Flow and play additional actions, a negative Flow action gives Flow to the opponent. It is also possible to expend cheer to change an opponent's positive action into a negative action, and thus force a change in control of the Flow. Certain actions (''responses'') can be played even without the Flow. When both players have no further actions to take, the wave (round) ends, with both sides taking a ''breather''. When the next wave starts, the Flow begins with the player who has the most damage on his or her gladiators (both alive and dead). [[Category:Collectible card games]] Puyang River 4202839 243198722 2008-10-05T15:48:25Z Jaraalbe 261435 category The '''Puyang River''' (浦阳江) is one of the three main tributaries of the [[Qiantang River]] (钱塘江) in [[Zhejiang Province]] (浙江省), China. At present, the Puyang River is 150 kilometers long and empties into the Qiantang River northwest of Linpu (临浦镇). The gazette of Xiaoshan County (蕭山縣誌)states: "The Puyang River ... tends to flood easily because its catchment area is quite large, the course of the river is winding, the river bed descends in narrow channels, and the flow runs up against the incoming tide of the Qiantang Estuary. Before the mid-15th century, the river ran east of Linpu to flow in a winding, snakelike course to the south of Xiaoshan (萧山) and the northwest of Shaoxing (绍兴市), leaving numerous lakes along its course before emptying into Hangzhou Bay. The frequent flooding of the Puyang River has resulted in it being called the "Little Yellow River." This is a reference to the [[Yellow River]], also known for flooding. The river has its headwaters in Pujiang County (浦江县), a mountainous, scenic area in central Zhejiang, and runs through Zhuji (诸暨市), the home of the legendary beauty [[Xi Shi]]. Among the scenic sites located along or near the river are Matoushan (马头山), which has the shape of a horse's head, Nanshan ( 南山) with many strange rock formations, Changshan (常山), and Guanyenshan (官岩山), where legend says Yu the Great ([[Yu (Xia dynasty ruler)]]) ordered the opening of a channel for the Puyang River. Some of these names appear to come from the Shanhai Jing 山海经: A Chinese Bestiary). ==External links== * [http://texts.cdlib.org/xtf/view?docId=ft0q2n99mz&chunk.id=d0e5493&toc.id=d0e5493&brand=ucpress]''Five Power, Legitimacy, and Symbol: Local Elites and the Jute Creek Embankment Case'', by R. Keith Schoppa) [[Category:Rivers of China]] [[Category:Geography of Zhejiang]] Wild Love 4202864 239877333 2008-09-20T22:43:12Z DinoBot2 7128788 Bot: converting to {{Rating}} template {{Infobox Album | <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = Wild Love | Type = [[Album]] | Artist = [[Smog (band)|Smog]] | Cover = Wild Love.JPG | Released = [[March 27]], [[1995]] <small>(LP/CD on [[Drag City]])</small><br /> 2001 <small>(CD on [[Domino Records (UK)|Domino]]) | Recorded = | Length = 35:16 | Label = [[Drag City]] / [[Domino Records (UK)|Domino]] | Producer = [[Rian Murphy]] | Reviews = * [[Allmusic]] {{Rating|4.5|5}} [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:7waqoawauijn link] | | Last album = ''[[Burning Kingdom]]''<br />(1994) | This album = '''''Wild Love'''''<br />(1995) | Next album = ''[[Kicking a Couple Around]]<br />(1996) }} '''''Wild Love''''' is [[Smog (band)|Smog]]'s fourth album, released in 1995 on [[Drag City]] and later re-released on [[Domino Records (UK)|Domino]]. [[Jim O'Rourke (musician)|Jim O'Rourke]] contributed as cellist on this album, which marks his first collabration with Smog. Drag City's producer [[Rian Murphy]] helped develop a wider musical palette than on its predecessor ''[[Julius Caesar (album)|Julius Caesar]]''. [[Cat Power|Chan Marshall]] would later cover "[[Bathysphere (song)|Bathysphere]]" on her 1996 album ''[[What Would the Community Think]]''. ==Track listing== #"Bathysphere" #"Wild Love" #"Sweet Smog Children" #"Bathroom Floor" #"The Emperor" #"Limited Capacity" #"It's Rough" #"Sleepy Joe" #"The Candle" #"Be Hit" #"[[Prince Rogers Nelson|Prince]] Alone in the Studio" #"Goldfish Bowl" ==Credits== *[[Jason Dezember]] - drums *[[Ron Burns]] - drums *[[Cindy Dall]] - guitar, vocals *[[Ian O'Hey]] - chamberlin *Jim O'Rourke - cello *[[Konrad Strauss]] - engineer [[Category:1995 albums]] [[Category:Smog albums]] [[Category:Drag City albums]] [[Category:Domino Records albums]] Miles Harris-Crane 4202888 177379315 2007-12-12T05:47:03Z Spanish lullaby 241887 [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[Children of Passions#Miles Harris-Crane]] #REDIRECT [[Children of Passions#Miles Harris-Crane]] Image:Igor Smirnov poster.jpg 4202912 150743951 2007-08-12T10:30:12Z UIN revo 5021763 == Summary == Transnistrian presidential election poster used in [[Igor Smirnov]] campaign saying: "Smirnov 2006<br> 10 December<br> Presidential Election, PMR<br> </blockquote> ==Fair use rationale== #This image is being used to illustrate the article or text on a famous individual in question and is used for informational or educational purposes only. #This image is of low resolution. #It is believed that this image will not devalue the ability of the copyright holder to profit from the original work. #No alternate, free image exists that can be used to illustrate the subject matter. == Licensing == {{Non-free poster}} [[Category:Political posters]] Allegheny Commuter 4202931 201158593 2008-03-26T21:46:28Z Rjwilmsi 203434 [[WP:AWB/T|Typo fixing]] , typos fixed: arrangments → arrangements, affilates → affiliates (2) using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] '''Allegheny Commuter''' was one of the first marketing partnerships linking [[Allegheny Airlines]] with a series of [[regional airline]] affiliates in the North Eastern portion of the United States, well before such marketing agreements and [[codeshare]] type arrangements became common place. [[Allegheny Airlines]] and Henson airlines now a part of the [[US Airways Group|US Airway Group's]] [[Piedmont Airlines]] began one of the world's first [[codesharing]] arrangements in 1967, and Henson re-branded itself as an Allegheny Commuter "banner carrier" using Beechcraft 99 aircraft. [[Image:Henson Airlines Shorts 330 at Baltimore - 11 September 1983.jpg|thumb|Short 330 of [[Henson Airlines]] in Allegheny Commuter colors.]] Henson airlines initially developed a route structure serving Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore while establishing a new headquarters for it and Allegheny Commuter at Salisbury, Maryland in 1968. In the 1970s, the airline upgraded to [[Shorts 330]] and [[Dash 7|De Havilland Dash 7]] [[turboprop]]s, which it used for Allegheny Commuter codeshare service until it was bought by Piedmont Aviation in 1983. Another airline flying as an Allegheny Commuter was Fischer Brothers Aviation[http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=N14FB&distinct_entry=true], the reference depicting a Fischer Brothers Aviation aircraft pictured in a full Allegheny Commuter color scheme. Allegheny Airlines became USAir with the arrival of airline deregulation. The affiliation of regional carriers remained, have grown in number, and now have transitioned to be represented under the banner of assembled carriers called [[US Airways Express]], which is operated by the same [[parent company]] of [[US Airways]]. Allegheny Commuter was merged into US Airways Piedmont division in 2004 and is now a defunct brand although the certificated regional airline Piedmont remains as a part of [[US Airways Group]]. Independently [[operating certificate|certificated]] airline companies operating as or on behalf of Allegheny Commuter *Fischer Brothers Aviation *[[Henson Airlines]] *[[Ransome Airlines]] [[Category:Defunct regional airline brands]] Kuzma, Slovenia 4202956 240951879 2008-09-25T18:08:18Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|46|50|N|16|05|E|region:SI_type:city|display=title}} {{Refimprove|date=March 2008}} {{Municipality_of_Slovenia|nativename=Kuzma |mayor=[[Jožef Škalič]] |coat=[[image:Wappen_Kuzma_si.png|80px|Grb občine Kuzma]] |location=[[image:Karte Kuzma si.png|300px|center|Kuzma]] |area=22,9 km² |population=1.683 |males=834 |females=849 |avg_age=37,25 let |residental_density=30,14 m²/osebo |households=477 |families=484 |workers=852 |unemployed=243 |salary_date=avgust [[2003]] |avg_salary_bruto=223.299 [[Slovenian tolar|SIT]] |avg_salary_neto=145.701 SIT |students=19,00}} '''Kuzma''' is a town and municipality in [[Slovenia]]. {{Municipalities of Slovenia}} {{Slovenia-geo-stub}} {{coord|46|50|N|16|05|E|region:SI_type:city|display=title}} [[Category:Cities, towns and villages in Slovenia]] [[de:Kuzma]] [[it:Kuzma]] [[nl:Kuzma]] [[ja:クズマ]] [[ro:Kuzma]] [[sl:Občina Kuzma]] [[sh:Općina Kuzma]] Pekude 4202978 41298451 2006-02-26T10:38:45Z Dauster 454904 #redirect[[Pekudei]] William Hill Poker Grand Prix 4203000 172726773 2007-11-20T16:50:07Z Sirex98 544060 [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 172700645 by [[Special:Contributions/Wertigo|Wertigo]] ([[User talk:Wertigo|talk]]) [[Image:williamhillpokergrandprix.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Series logo]] The '''William Hill Poker Grand Prix''' is a [[poker tournament]] sponsored by [[William Hill plc]] shown on [[Sky Sports]]. It features a number of professional and amateur [[poker]] players competing against each other. There have been two tournaments to date, broadcast in [[2006]] and [[2007]]. The first tournament entry fee was £6,000 (≈$10,500.) An additional £114,000 (≈$200,000.) was added to the prize pool by William Hill. A limited number of entrants qualified through online satellite tournaments. [[Jesse May]] commentates the broadcasts on Sky Sports, with alternating support from [[Andrew Black (poker player)|Andrew Black]] and [[Lucy Rokach]]. ==Format== Seven preliminary matches are played, with the winner of each going through to the Grand Final. The second-place finisher goes through to a semi-final round, the winner of which also advances to the Grand Final, which will feature the 7 heat winners and the semi-final winner. ==2006 Tournament== {| class="wikitable" ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Date ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Episode ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Winner ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Runner-Up ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Other Players |- |17-Jan-2006 |Heat 1 |[[Phil Laak]] |[[John Falconer]] | * Steve Jelinek * [[Juha Helppi]] * Joe Grech * [[Dave Colclough]] * George Harle * Nick Gibson |- |24-Jan-2006 |Heat 2 |[[Pascal Perrault]] |[[Roy Brindley]] | * [[Roland De Wolfe]] * [[Tony G]] * [[Donnacha O'Dea]] * Andrew Tracey * Voitto Rintala * [[Scotty Nguyen]] |- |31-Jan-2006 |Heat 3 |[[Liam Flood]] |[[Peter Costa]] | * [[Charalambos Xanthos|Charalambos "Bambos" Xanthos]] * Ian Bradley * [[Antonio Esfandiari]] * [[Xuyen Pham]] * [[John Shipley]] * Rob Yong |- |7-Feb-2006 |Heat 4 |[[Ram Vaswani]] |Iwan Jones | * [[Julian Thew]] * [[Andrew Black (poker player)|Andrew Black]] * Simon Wolf * Luke Smith * [[Joe Beevers]] * [[John Kabbaj]] |- |14-Feb-2006 |Heat 5 |[[Ken Lennaárd]] |[[Ben Roberts]] | * Jeff Duvall * [[Surinder Sunar]] * Allan McLean * [[Tony Bloom]] * [[Neil Channing]] * Achilleas Kallakis |- |21-Feb-2006 |Heat 6 |Greg Hill |[[Barny Boatman]] | * [[Christer Johansson]] * Robert Cooper * Marc Goodwin * [[Brian Wilson (poker player)|Brian Wilson]] * [[Jani Sointula]] * [[Patrik Antonius]] |- |28-Feb-2006 |Heat 7 |Sean Murphy |[[Willie Tann]] | * [[Steve Vladar]] * Carmy Banin * Stuart Nash * Donato Di Bellonia * Roy Silvester * Peter Gunnarson |- |7-Mar-2006 |Semi-final |Roy Brindley |Barny Boatman | * Peter Costa * Iwan Jones * John Falconer * Ben Roberts * Willie Tann |- |14-Mar-2006 |Grand final |Phil Laak<br>(£150,000) |Ram Vaswani<br>(£95,000) | * Roy Brindley (£65,000) * Pascal Perrault (£45,000) * Ken Lennaárd (£35,000) * Sean Murphy (£25,000) * Liam Flood (£20,000) * Greg Hill (£15,000) |} ==2007 Tournament== {| class="wikitable" ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Date ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Episode ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Winner ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Runner-Up ! style="background: #E9E9E9;" | Other Players |- |March 2007 |Grand final |[[Martin Wendt]]<br>(£180,000) |[[Wayne Hutchins]]<br>(£100,000) | * [[Antonio Esfandiari]] (£70,000) * [[Ben Grundy]] (£50,000) * [[Johnny Lodden]] (£35,000) * [[Bo Sehlstedt]] (£25,000) * [[Jeff Lisandro]] (£20,000) * [[Ken Lennaard]] (£15,000) |} ==External links== * [http://www.williamhillpoker.com/tournaments_grand_prix.htm Official site for the first season] * [http://www.williamhillpoker.com/tournaments_grand_prix_2006.htm Second season] {{Major Poker Tournaments}} [[Category:Poker tournaments]] [[Category:Poker television programs]] [[de:William Hill Poker Grand Prix]] Wikipedia:Today's second feature/April 1, 2006 4203015 44655481 2006-03-20T12:59:32Z Go for it! 571592 removed formatting <!-- Please apply the {{mprotected}} template and PROTECT all images on the Main Page. If the image is from Commons, protect the original and add the {{en main page}} template to its description page. See [[commons:C:A]] for a list of administrators. --> [[Image:Langs N.Amer.png|250px|distribution of North American language families north of Mexico]] '''[[Indigenous languages of the Americas]]''' (or Amerindian Languages) are spoken by [[Indigenous peoples of the Americas|indigenous peoples]] from the southern tip of [[South America]] to [[Alaska]] and [[Greenland]], encompassing the land masses which constitute [[the Americas]]. These indigenous languages consist of dozens of distinct language families as well as many [[language isolates]] and [[unclassified language]]s. <small>Map credit: [[User:Ish ishwar|Ish ishwar]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> Millett 4203044 205846406 2008-04-15T18:52:33Z SDC 181435 moving comment to talk page '''Millett''' is a surname, and may refer to: * [[John D. Millett]], president [[Miami University]] * [[Kate Millett]] (1934 &ndash; ), American feminist writer and activist * [[Larry Millett]] (1947 &ndash; ), American journalist and author * [[Lewis L. Millett]], (1920 &ndash; ), US Army officer * [[Peter Millett, Baron Millett]] (1932 &ndash; ), British judge * [[Terron Millett]] (1968 &ndash; ), American boxer ==See also== * [[Millet (disambiguation)]] {{surname}} 2002 Women's Hockey Champions Challenge 4203085 231509648 2008-08-12T19:12:57Z Kbdankbot 6505923 Robot - move category per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 August 6|2008 August 6]] The first edition of the '''[[Champions Challenge (field hockey)|Women's Champions Challenge]]''' took place at the ''Randburg Hockey Stadium'' in [[Johannesburg]], [[South Africa]]. The event started on Saturday [[February 9]] and ended on Sunday [[February 17]]. Originally scheduled for [[New Delhi]], [[India]] in December 2001 as a combined men's and women's event, the first Women's Champions Challenge was eventually moved to [[Randburg]] in February 2002 as a result of regional international situations at the time. Participating nations at the six nations tournament were [[England]], [[India]], [[Russia]], hosting nation [[South Africa]], [[South Korea]] and the [[United States]]. Each of the six teams play each other once in a round robin format to complete five preliminary round games. The top two teams at the end of the preliminary round matches play off in the final, with the winner earning a berth in the [[2003 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy|2003 Champions Trophy]] in [[Sydney]], [[Australia]]. The 3rd and 4th placed teams play for the bronze medal, while the 5th and 6th placed teams meet in the 5th place play-off. ==Team squads== ==={{fhw|England}}=== <span style="font-size:90%"> (1.) [[Anna Bennett]], (2.) [[Jenie Bimson]], (3.) [[Sarah Blanks]], (4.) [[Kirsty Bowden]], (6.) [[Melanie Clewlow]] (captain), (7.) [[Helen Grant]], (8.) [[Imogen Robertson]], (9.) [[Leisa King]], (10.) [[Denise Marston-Smith]], (14.) [[Helen Richardson (field hockey)|Helen Richardson]], (15.) [[Katy Roberts]] (gk), (16.) [[Hilary Rose]] (gk), (19.) [[Kate Walsh (field hockey)|Kate Walsh]], (20.) [[Lisa Wooding]], (21.) [[Lucilla Wright]], (22.) [[Alex Danson]], (26.) [[Frances Houslop]], and (27.) [[Isabel Palmer]].</span> ==={{fhw|India}}=== <span style="font-size:90%"> (1.) [[Tingonleima Chanu]] (C), (2.) [[Amandeep Kaur]], (3.) [[Suman Bala]], (4.) [[Suraj Lata Devi]], (5.) [[Sita Gussain]], (6.) [[Sumrai Tete]], (7.) [[Nidhi Mukesh Kumar]], (8.) [[Surinder Kaur (field hockey)|Surinder Kaur]], (9.) [[Pritam Rani Siwach]], (10.) [[Mamta Kharab]], (11.) [[Jyoti Sunita Kullu]], (12.) [[Helen Mary]] (gk), (13.) [[Pushpa Pradhan]], (14.) [[Masira Surin]], (16.) [[Agnecia Lugun]], (18.) [[Ngasepam Pakpi Devi]], (22.) [[Shahina Kispotta]], and (26.) [[Sanggai Chanu]].</span> ==={{fhw|Russia}}=== <span style="font-size:90%"> (1.) [[Qxana Boiko]] (gk), (2.) [[Natalia Kravtchenko]], (3.) [[Tatiana Timonina]], (4.) [[Natalia Verchinina]], (5.) [[Tatiana Sosnikhina]], (6.) [[Olga Velmatkina]], (7.) [[Galina Timchina]], (8.) [[Olga Nikolaeva]], (9.) [[Tatiana Vassioukova]] (captain), (10.) [[Elena Polovkova]], (11.) [[Galina Bassaitchuk]], (12.) [[Eketerina Rastorgueva]], (15.) [[Svetlana Grigorreva]], (16.) [[Irina Piskounova]], (17.) [[Irina Sviridova]], (18.) [[Tatiana Ioudovskaia]], and (28.) [[Galina Terentieva]] (gk).</span> ==={{fhw|South Africa}}=== <span style="font-size:90%"> (1.) [[Caroline Jack|Caroline Birt]] (gk), (2. ) [[Inke van Wyk]], (3.) [[Marissa Alves]], (4.) [[Jacqui Benkenstein]], (5.) [[Carina van Zyl]], (7.) [[Candice Forword]], (8.) [[Marsha Marescia]], (9.) [[Linda van Breda]], (10.) [[Johke Boezaart|Johke Koornhof]], (11.) [[Sophie Mayer]], (12.) [[Lindsey Carlisle]] (captain), (14.) [[Kerry Bee]], (15.) [[Pietie Coetzee]], (16.) [[Jenny Wilson (field hockey)|Jenny Wilson]], (21.) [[Julia Henry]], (22.) [[Luntu Ntloko]], and (31.) [[Susan Wessels]].</span> ==={{fhw|South Korea}}=== <span style="font-size:90%"> (1.) [[Park Yong-Sook]] (gk), (2.) [[Kim Yun]], (4.) [[Yoo Hee-Joo]], (5.) [[Lee Soen-Ok]], (6.) [[Ki Sook-Hyun]], (7.) [[Kim Eun-Jin]], (8.) [[Lee Mi-Seong]], (9.) [[Oh Ko-Woon]], (10.) [[Han Yu-Kyung]], (11.) [[Kim Seong-Eun]], (12.) [[Kim Jin-Kyoyng]], (13.) [[Jo Jin-Ju]], (14.) [[Kim Gyeong]], (15.) [[Kim Seo-Hee]], (16.) [[Lim Ju-Young]] (gk), (17.) [[Kim Hyun-Ae]], (18.) [[Park Jeong-Sook]], and (20.) [[Lee Eun-Young]] (captain).</span> ==={{fhw|United States}}=== <span style="font-size:90%"> (1.) [[Tamika Smith]], (2.) [[Kimberly Miller]], (3.) [[Kristen McCann]], (4.) [[Margaret Storrar]] (gk), (5.) [[Tara Jelley]], (6.) [[Melanie Meerschwam]], (7.) [[Tracey Larson]], (9.) [[Tracey Fuchs]] (captain), (10.) [[Antoinette Lucas]], (11.) [[Katherine Kauffman]], (13.) [[Keli Smith]], (14.) [[Carla Tagliente]], (15.) [[Jill Reeve]], (17.) [[Carrie Lingo]], (21.) [[Natalie Dawson]], (22.) [[Kate Barber]], and (23.) [[Jill Dedman]] (gk).</span> ==Round Robin== ===Standings=== {| class=wikitable style="text-align:center" |- bgcolor="#DCDCDC" !width="25" | !width="200"|Team !width="60"|Points !width="60"|G !width="60"|W !width="60"|D !width="60"|L !width="60"|GF !width="60"|GA !width="60"|Diff |- bgcolor=#AAFFAA |1. |align=left|{{fhw|KOR}} |'''12'''||5||4||0||1||10||6||+4 |- bgcolor=#AAFFAA |2. |align=left|{{fhw|ENG}} |'''10'''||5||3||1||1||8||7||+1 |- bgcolor=#CCFFCC |3. |align=left|{{fhw|IND}} |'''8'''||5||2||2||1||10||9||+1 |- bgcolor=#CCFFCC |4. |align=left|{{fhw|RSA}} |'''7'''||5||2||1||2||15||8||+7 |- bgcolor=#EEFFEE |5. |align=left|{{fhw|USA}} |'''5'''||5||1||2||2||5||7||&ndash;2 |- bgcolor=#EEFFEE |6. |align=left|{{fhw|RUS}} |'''0'''||5||0||0||5||7||18||&ndash;11 |} <br> ===Results=== {{hockeybox| |date = [[February 9]], [[2002]] <br/> 14:00 |team1 = {{fhw-rt|England}} |team2 = {{fhw|India}} |score = 3&ndash;3 |goals1 = [[Leisa King]] 13' <br/> [[Denise Marston-Smith]] 15' <br/> [[Melanie Clewlow]] 23' |goals2 = [[Jyoti Sunita Kullu]] 20', 35' <br/> [[Pritam Siwach]] 43' }} ---- {{hockeybox| |date = [[February 9]], [[2002]] <br/> 16:15 |team1 = {{fhw-rt|Russia}} |team2 = {{fhw|South Korea}} |score = 1&ndash;3 (1&ndash;1) |goals1 = [[Irina Sviridiva]] 34' |goals2 = [[Park Jeong-Sook]] 18' <br/> [[Lee Eun-Young]] 41' <br/> [[Kim Seong-Eun]] 60' }} ---- {{hockeybox| |date = [[February 9]], [[2002]] <br/> 18:30 |team1 = {{fhw-rt|South Africa}} |team2 = {{fhw|United States}} |score = 2&ndash;2 (2&ndash;0) |goals1 = [[Jenny Wilson (field hockey)|Jenny Wilson]] 22' <br/> [[Joke Koornhof]] 25' |goals2 = [[Carla Tagliente]] 44' <br/> [[Antoinette Lucas]] 70' }} ==Final Ranking== {| border="1" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="5" style="border-collapse: collapse; font-size: 90%;" |- bgcolor="cccccc" !RANK !align="left" style="width: 17em"|TEAM |- bgcolor=gold |align="center"|1. |{{fhw|ENG}} |- bgcolor=silver |align="center"|2. |{{fhw|KOR}} |- bgcolor=#cc9966 |align="center"|3. |{{fhw|IND}} |- |align="center"|4. |{{fhw|RSA}} |- |align="center"|5. |{{fhw|USA}} |- |align="center"|6. |{{fhw|RUS}} |} <br> ===Awards=== {{winners|fhw|2002 Women's Champions Challenge Winners|ENG|First}} <br> {| class=wikitable style="margin:auto; text-align:center" !Topscorer |- |{{flagicon|India}} [[Jyoti Sunita Kullu]] (five goals) |} ==References== *[http://www.sportcentric.com/vsite/vnavsite/page/directory/0,10853,1181-123344-124651-nav-list,00.html Match Reports on FIH-site] {{fb start}} {{CC field hockey}} {{fb end}} [[Category:2002 in field hockey|C]] [[Category:2002 in South Africa|C]] [[Category:Sports festivals in South Africa|C]] [[Category:Champions Challenge (field hockey)]] [[nl:Champions Challenge vrouwen (2002)]] Cekhira 4203111 41300618 2006-02-26T11:08:59Z Darwinek 107928 #redirect [[Skhira]] Orthodox Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius 4203132 235762062 2008-09-02T07:04:34Z SmackBot 433328 Standard headings/general fixes [[Image:Pravoslavny katedralni chram sv. Cyrila a Metodeje Resslova Praha.jpg|thumb|Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius]] The '''Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius''' is an 18th century [[church (building)|church]] in the center of [[Prague]], [[Czech Republic]]. Its name honors Saints [[Saint Cyril|Cyril]] and [[Saint Methodius|Methodius]]. The church was built from 1730-36 by [[Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer]]. The [[Czechoslovak|Czechoslovak]] assassins of [[Reinhard Heydrich]] hid in the church after [[Operation Anthropoid]] in 1942. After a fierce gun battle, they reportedly committed suicide to avoid capture.<ref>[http://orthodoxwiki.org/Ss._Cyril_and_Methodius_Cathedral_(Prague,_Czech_Republic) Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in Orthodox Wiki (in English)]</ref><ref> [http://web.quick.cz/bohous.schnabl/Kostely/Popisy/Nove_mesto.html#63 Prague Churches (in Czech)]</ref> Presently there is a [[museum]] in the church dedicated to them as national heroes. ==External links== * [http://www.army.cz/images/id_7001_8000/7419/assassination-en.pdf Detailed report regarding the attack on the church and the killing of the assassins - with numerous photographs] ==References== <references /> {{CzechRepublic-struct-stub}} {{coord|50|04|33|N|14|25|01|E|display=title|region:CZ_type:landmark_source:dewiki}} [[Category:Buildings and structures in Prague]] [[Category:Museums in Prague]] [[bg:Св. Св. Кирил и Методий (Прага)]] [[de:Kirche St. Cyrill und Method (Prag)]] [[fr:Église Saint-Cyrille-et-Méthode]] Evenskjer 4203164 239569472 2008-09-19T14:17:56Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|68|35|N|16|34|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} '''Evenskjer''' is the administrative centre of [[Skånland]] municipality, [[Norway]]. Its population (2005) is 601. {{coord|68|35|N|16|34|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} [[Category:Villages in Norway]] [[Category:Settlements in the Arctic]] {{Troms-geo-stub}} [[nl:Evenskjær]] [[no:Evenskjer]] [[nn:Evenskjer]] Majaz al-Bab 4203194 41301526 2006-02-26T11:21:00Z Darwinek 107928 #rEdirect [[Majaz al Bab]] Matteawan 4203228 92777056 2006-12-07T21:02:19Z Bkonrad 44062 adj target of redirect #REDIRECT [[Beacon, New York]] Skjold, Troms 4203253 242472304 2008-10-02T11:17:12Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Adding geodata: {{coord missing|Norway}} '''Skjold''' is a village in the municipality of [[Målselv]], [[Norway]]. Its population (2005) is 212. The Norwegian Army has a significant base in Skjold. {{coord missing|Norway}} [[Category:Villages in Norway]] [[Category:Settlements in the Arctic]] {{Troms-geo-stub}} Category:Buildings and structures in Bavaria 4203349 240541015 2008-09-23T21:53:35Z JAnDbot 1725149 robot Adding: [[cs:Kategorie:Stavby v Bavorsku]] {{Commons cat|Buildings in Bavaria}} [[Category:Buildings and structures in Germany by state|Bavaria]] [[Category:Bavaria]] [[cs:Kategorie:Stavby v Bavorsku]] [[de:Kategorie:Bauwerk in Bayern]] [[es:Categoría:Edificios y estructuras de Baviera]] [[ko:분류:바이에른 주의 건축물]] [[he:קטגוריה:בוואריה: מבנים]] [[pt:Categoria:Construções da Baviera]] Auch (name) 4203432 199950477 2008-03-21T23:47:28Z Ceyockey 150564 {{surname-stub}} => {{surname|Auch|nocat}} '''Auch''' is a [[family name]] which has two possible origins, one originating in southern [[Germany]] and the other in [[France]]. The name ''Auch'' is common in Southern Germany as an occupational surname for those who watched livestock at night, from the [[Middle High German]] ''Uhte'', which means "night watch", "night pasture", or "the time just before dawn". The second origin is as a habitational name from the southern French town of [[Auch]]. ==Notable people named Auch== * [[Susan Auch]]: [[Canada|Canadian]] [[Olympic Games|Olympic]] [[speed skating|speed skater]] * [[Georges Bataille]]: [[France|French]] 20th century novelist who published the first three editions of 'The Story of the Eye' under the name of Lord Auch. {{surname|Auch|nocat}} [[Category:French surnames|Auch]] [[Category:German surnames|Auch]] Ayumi Hamazaki 4203479 41303052 2006-02-26T11:40:36Z Hatto 466942 #redirect [[Ayumi Hamasaki]] Gryllefjord 4203555 240100440 2008-09-21T22:35:32Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|69|22|N|17|01|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} '''Gryllefjord''' is the administrative centre of [[Torsken]] municipality, on the island of [[Senja]], [[Norway]]. Its population (2005) is 439. Gryllefjord is linked by a car ferry in summer to [[Andenes]] on the island of [[Andøya]]. {{coord|69|22|N|17|01|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} [[Category:Villages in Norway]] [[Category:Settlements in the Arctic]] {{Troms-geo-stub}} [[nl:Gryllefjord]] [[no:Gryllefjord]] [[nn:Gryllefjord]] Image:Pris.JPG 4203592 197126703 2008-03-10T00:56:09Z Ntnon 12443 /* Summary */ == Summary == {{Non-free use rationale |Article=Shattered Visage (The Prisoner) |Description=Cover to ''The Prisoner: Shattered Visage'' TPB by [[Dean Motter]] and [[Mark Askwith]]. Art by Dean Motter |Source=Uploaded by artist Dean Motter | Portion = Full front cover as published. | Resolution = Size unsuitable to use for high reproduction. | Purpose = For identification purposes in conjunction with discussion of the topic of the article. #The image is significant; it is the cover to the only [[The Prisoner]] comicbook series to be officially licenced and published. #The collection was officially sanctioned by [[Patrick McGoohan]] and others, and continues the TV series, featuring renditions of McGoohan, [[Leo McKern]] and others. #Originally serialised in four parts (a, b, c and d), the TPB was collected by DC/Warner Books in 1990 | Replaceability = No free use image available. | other_information = Published by [[DC Comics]] }} == Licensing == {{Non-free comic}} [[Category:Comic book covers|{{Shattered Visage (The Prisoner)}}]] Australian cricket team in South Africa in 2005-06 4203618 239898145 2008-09-21T00:46:12Z Colonies Chris 577301 sp, date & link fixes, Replaced: [[Centurion]], [[South Africa]] → [[Centurion, Gauteng|Centurion]], South Africa using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{Infobox_Cricket_series_begin | series_name = Australians in South Africa in 2005-06 | team1_image = Flag of Australia.svg | team1_name = Australia | team2_image = Flag of South Africa.svg | team2_name = South Africa | from_date = 26 February | to_date = 4 April 2006 | team1_captain = Ricky Ponting | team2_captain = Graeme Smith | }} {{Infobox Cricket series twenty20 | no_of_twenty20s = 1 | team1_twenty20s_won = 0 | team2_twenty20s_won = 1 | team1_twenty20s_most_runs = [[Brett Lee]]</br>43 | team2_twenty20s_most_runs = [[Graeme Smith]]</br>89 | team1_twenty20s_most_wickets = [[Mick Lewis]]</br>2 | team2_twenty20s_most_wickets = [[Andrew Hall]]</br>3 | player_of_twenty20_series = [[Graeme Smith]] | }} {{Infobox_Cricket_series_ODI | no_of_ODIs = 5 | team1_ODIs_won = 2 | team2_ODIs_won = 3 | team1_ODIs_most_runs = [[Ricky Ponting]]</br>233 | team2_ODIs_most_runs = [[Herschelle Gibbs]]</br>258 | team1_ODIs_most_wickets = [[Nathan Bracken]]</br>9 | team2_ODIs_most_wickets = [[Makhaya Ntini]]</br>11 | player_of_ODI_series = [[Shaun Pollock]] | }} {{Infobox_Cricket_series_tests | no_of_tests = 3 | team1_tests_won = 3 | team2_tests_won = 0 | team1_tests_most_runs = [[Ricky Ponting]]</br>348 | team2_tests_most_runs = [[Jacques Kallis]]</br>227 | team1_tests_most_wickets = [[Stuart Clark]]</br>20 | team2_tests_most_wickets = [[Makhaya Ntini]]</br>19 | player_of_test_series = [[Stuart Clark]] | }} {{Infobox_Cricket_series_end}} '''Australian cricket team''' toured '''South Africa''' for [[cricket]] matches during the '''2005–06 South African cricket season'''. [[Australian cricket team|Australia]] won the Tests with a 3–0 whitewash, but lost both the limited overs series, the one-off Twenty20 and the five-match ODI, which was concluded with what was described as "the greatest ODI ever". ==Squads== {| |- ! Australia<ref>[http://ind.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SQUADS/AUS_IN_RSA_FEB-MAR2005_AUS-SQUAD.html Australia in Pakistan February - April 2006, India Squad], from Cricinfo, retrieved 27 February 2006</ref> ! South Africa<ref>[http://ind.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SQUADS/AUS_IN_RSA_FEB-MAR2005_RSA-SQUAD.html Pakistani Squad] from BBC Sport, published 9 January 2006</ref> ! Some more for Twenty20 in [[South African cricket team|SA team]] |- valign="top" || * [[Ricky Ponting]] [[Captain (cricket)|c]] * [[Adam Gilchrist]] [[Wicket-keeper|w]] * [[Simon Katich]] * [[Damien Martyn]] * [[Andrew Symonds]] * [[Michael Clarke (cricketer)|Michael Clarke]] * [[Michael Hussey]] * [[Shane Watson]] * [[Brad Hogg]] * [[Brett Lee]] * [[Nathan Bracken]] * [[Stuart Clark]] * [[Mick Lewis]] * [[Mitchell Johnson (cricketer)|Mitchell Johnson]] * [[Phil Jaques]] || * [[Graeme Smith]] [[Captain (cricket)|c]] * [[Mark Boucher]] [[Wicket-keeper|w]] * [[AB de Villiers]] * [[Boeta Dippenaar]] * [[Herschelle Gibbs]] * [[Andrew Hall]] * [[Justin Kemp]] * [[Charl Langeveldt]] * [[Andre Nel]] * [[Makhaya Ntini]] * [[Robin Peterson]] * [[Shaun Pollock]] * [[Ashwell Prince]] * [[Johannes van der Wath]] || * [[Loots Bosman]] * [[Neil McKenzie]] * [[Justin Ontong]] * [[Robin Peterson]] * [[Roger Telemachus]] * [[Thandi Tshabalala]] |- |} <br clear="all"/> ==Twenty20 Match== '''South Africa v Australia (24 February)''' {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South African cricket team|South Africa]]''' | width="18%" | '''201/4''' | width="12%" | | width="20%" | | width="35%" | '''[[South African cricket team|SA]] won the match by 2 runs''' <ref>[http://ind.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_TWENTY-20-I_24FEB2006.html Twenty20 Australia v South Africa at Johannesburg, 24 Feb 2006], scorecard from Cricinfo, retrieved 27 February 2006</ref> |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Graeme Smith|GC Smith]] 89[[not out|*]] (89)<br> [[Herschelle Gibbs|HH Gibbs]] 56 (46)<br> [[Mick Lewis|ML Lewis]] 2/31 (4 overs) | | style="font-size: 85%;" | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[New Wanderers Stadium]], [[Johannesburg]] (D/N)<br> Umpires: M Erasmus and KH Hurter <br> Man of the Match: [[Graeme Smith|GC Smith]]<br> |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]]''' | '''199/7''' || || |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Brett Lee|B Lee]] 43[[not out|*]] (36)<br> [[Brad Hogg|GB Hogg]] 41 (35)<br> [[Andrew Hall|AJ Hall]] 3/22 (4 overs) | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | |} ==One-Day Series== ===First One-Day: South Africa v Australia (26 February)=== {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]]''' | width="18%" | '''229/8''' (47) | width="12%" | | width="20%" | | width="35%" | '''[[South African cricket team|SA]] won the match by 6 wickets (D/L method)''' <ref>[http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_ODI1_26FEB2006.html], scorecard from Cricinfo, retrieved 27 February 2006</ref> |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Michael Hussey|MEK Hussey]] 56 (102)<br> [[Michael Clarke (cricketer)|MJ Clarke]] 53 (109)<br> [[Shaun Pollock|SM Pollock]] 3/23 (10 overs)<br> [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]] 2/42 (9 overs) | | style="font-size: 85%;" | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[SuperSport Park]], [[Centurion, Gauteng|Centurion]], South Africa (D/N)<br> Umpires: [[Brian Jerling|BG Jerling]] ([[South Africa|Rsa]]) and [[Jeremy Lloyds|JW Lloyds]] ([[England|Eng]]) <br> Man of the Match: [[Graeme Smith|GC Smith]]<br> |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South African cricket team|South Africa]]''' | '''207/4''' (37.3) || || |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Graeme Smith|GC Smith]] 119[[not out|*]] (124)<br> [[Abraham de Villiers|AB de Villiers]] 43 (51)<br> [[Nathan Bracken|NW Bracken]] 1/27 (8 overs)<br> [[Brad Hogg|GB Hogg]] 1/30 (8 overs) | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | |} ===Second One-Day: South Africa v Australia (3 March)=== This was Australia's second worst loss in their history of One Day internationals. {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South African cricket team|South Africa]]''' | width="18%" | '''289/7''' | width="12%" | | width="20%" | | width="35%" | '''[[South African cricket team|SA]] won the match by 196 runs''' <ref>[http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_ODI2_03MAR2006.html], scorecard from Cricinfo, retrieved 4 March 2006</ref> |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Herschelle Gibbs|HH Gibbs]] 66 (71)<br> [[Justin Kemp|JM Kemp]] 51[[not out|*]] (41)<br> [[Shane Watson|SR Watson]] 2/46 (10 overs)<br> [[Brad Hogg|GB Hogg]] 2/48 (9 overs) | | style="font-size: 85%;" | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[Newlands Cricket Ground]], [[Cape Town]], [[South Africa]] (D/N)<br> Umpires: [[Karl Hurter|KH Hurter]] ([[South Africa|Rsa]]) and [[Jeremy Lloyds|JW Lloyds]] ([[England|Eng]]) <br> Man of the Match: [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]]<br> |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]]''' | '''93''' || || |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Shane Watson|SR Watson]] 27 (39)<br> [[Mike Hussey|MEK Hussey]] 22 (49)<br> [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]] 6/22 (9.3 overs)<br> [[Andre Nel|A Nel]] 3/30 (8 overs) | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | |} ===Third One-Day: South Africa v Australia (5 March)=== {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]]''' | width="18%" | '''254/6''' | width="12%" | | width="20%" | | width="35%" | '''[[Australian cricket team|AUS]] won the match by 24 runs''' <ref>[http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_ODI3_05MAR2006.html], scorecard from Cricinfo, retrieved 10 March 2006</ref> |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Ricky Ponting|RT Ponting]] 62 (82)<br> [[Damien Martyn|DR Martyn]] 51 (69)<br> [[Shaun Pollock|SM Pollock]] 2/45 (10 overs)<br> [[Andrew Hall|AJ Hall]] 1/39 (9 overs) | | style="font-size: 85%;" | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[St. George's Park]], [[Port Elizabeth]], [[South Africa]] <br> Umpires: [[Brian Jerling|BG Jerling]] ([[South Africa|Rsa]]) and [[Jeremy Lloyds|JW Lloyds]] ([[England|Eng]]) <br> Man of the Match: [[Brett Lee|B Lee]]<br> |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South African cricket team|South Africa]]''' | '''230''' || || |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Shaun Pollock|SM Pollock]] 69 (74)<br> [[Abraham de Villiers|AB de Villiers]] 68 (92)<br> [[Brett Lee|B Lee]] 4/48 (9 overs)<br> [[Shane Watson|SR Watson]] 2/49 (10 overs) | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | |} ===Fourth One-Day: South Africa v Australia (10 March)=== {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South African cricket team|South Africa]]''' | width="18%" | '''246/9''' | width="12%" | | width="20%" | | width="35%" | '''[[Australian cricket team|AUS]] won the match by 1 wicket''' <ref>[http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_ODI4_10MAR2006.html], scorecard from Cricinfo, retrieved 10 March 2006</ref> |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Boeta Dippenaar|HH Dippenaar]] 101 (145)<br> [[Shaun Pollock|SM Pollock]] 53[[not out|*]] (33)<br> [[Nathan Bracken|NW Bracken]] 2/36 (10 overs)<br> [[Mick Lewis|ML Lewis]] 2/38 (10 overs) | | style="font-size: 85%;" | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[Kingsmead]], [[Durban]], [[South Africa]] (D/N)<br> Umpires: [[Karl Hurter|KH Hurter]] ([[South Africa|Rsa]]) and [[Jeremy Lloyds|JW Lloyds]] ([[England|Eng]]) <br> Man of the Match: [[Boeta Dippenaar|HH Dippenaar]]<br> |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]]''' | '''247/9''' || || |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Andrew Symonds|AC Symonds]] 76 (71)<br> [[Simon Katich|SM Katich]] 46 (68)<br> [[Roger Telemachus|R Telemachus]] 3/34 (10 overs)<br> [[Jacques Kallis|JH Kallis]] 2/46 (9 overs) | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | |} ===Fifth One-Day: South Africa v Australia (12 March)=== {{main article|Australia in South Africa, 5th ODI, 2006}} The match was the first time any one day international team had scored more than 400 runs. Both teams went to the top of the [[List of One-day International records#Highest innings totals|Highest team totals]] record in March 2006, with South Africa getting the record for the top run chase also. {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | '''{{cr|AUS}}''' | width="18%" | '''434/4''' | width="12%" | | width="20%" | | width="35%" | '''[[South Africa national cricket team|South Africa]] won by 1 wicket''' <ref>[http://www.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_ODI5_12MAR2006.html], scorecard from Cricinfo, retrieved 13 March 2006</ref> |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Ricky Ponting|RT Ponting]] 164 (105)<br> [[Simon Katich|SM Katich]] 79 (90)<br> [[Roger Telemachus|R Telemachus]] 2/87 (10 overs)<br> [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]] 1/80 (9 overs) | | style="font-size: 85%;" | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[Wanderers Stadium|New Wanderers Stadium]], [[Johannesburg]], [[South Africa]] (D/N)<br> Umpires: [[Aleem Dar]] ([[Pakistan|Pak]]) and [[BG Jerling]] <br> Man of the Match: [[Herschelle Gibbs|HH Gibbs]] and [[Ricky Ponting|RT Ponting]] <br> |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | '''{{cr|ZAF}}''' | '''438/9''' (49.5 overs) || || |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Herschelle Gibbs|HH Gibbs]] 175 (111)<br> [[Graeme Smith|GC Smith]] 90 (55)<br> [[Nathan Bracken|NW Bracken]] 5/67 (10 overs)<br> [[Andrew Symonds|AC Symonds]] 2/75 (9 overs) | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | |} ==Test Series== ===First Test (16-18 March 2006)=== {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South Africa cricket team|South Africa]]''' | width="18%" | '''205 (63.5 overs)''' | width="12%" | & | width="20%" | '''197 (63.5 overs)''' | width="35%" | '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]] won by seven wickets''' <ref>[http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_T1_16-20MAR2006.html Scorecard Australians in South Africa, 1st Test 16-18 March 2006], from Cricinfo, retrieved 7 April 2006</ref></span>''' |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Nicky Boje|N Boje]] 31 (60)<br> [[Stuart Clark|S Clark]] 3-55 | | style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Jacques Rudolph|JA Rudolph]] 41 (146)<br> [[Stuart Clark|SR Clark]] 4-34 | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[Newlands Stadium]], [[Cape Town]], [[South Africa]]<br> Umpires: [[Aleem Dar]] ([[Pakistan|Pak]]) and [[Billy Doctrove|BR Doctrove]] ([[West Indies|WI]])<br> Man of the Match: [[Stuart Clark|SR Clark]] ([[Australia|Aus]]) |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australia cricket team|Australia]]''' | '''308 (87.2 overs)''' || & || '''95/3 (27.1 overs)''' |- | style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Matthew Hayden|ML Hayden]] 94 (236)<br> [[Jacques Kallis|JH Kallis]] 3-51 | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Justin Langer|JL Langer]] 34 (91)<br> [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]] 3-28 |} As well as gaining his Test match debut, [[Stuart Clark]], in scoring the best bowling figures for both of South Africa's innings, won himself Man of The Match. ===Second Test (24-28 March 2006)=== {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australia cricket team|Australia]]''' | width="18%" | '''369 (127.1 overs)''' | width="12%" | & | width="20%" | '''4-307 (dec) (82.4 overs)''' | width="35%" | '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]] won by 112 runs''' <ref>[http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_T2_24-28MAR2006.html Scorecard Australians in South Africa, 2nd Test 24-28 March 2006], from Cricinfo, retrieved 20 April 2006</ref></span>''' |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Ricky Ponting|RT Ponting]] 103 (225)<br> [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]] 3-81 | | style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Ricky Ponting|RT Ponting]] 116 (187)<br> [[Nicky Boje|N Boje]] 2-87 | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[Kingsmead]], [[Durban]], [[South Africa]]<br> Umpires: [[Steve Bucknor|SA Bucknor]] ([[West Indies cricket team|WI]]) and [[Billy Doctrove|BR Doctrove]] ([[West Indies cricket team|WI]])<br> Man of the Match: [[Shane Warne|SK Warne]] ([[Australia|Aus]]) |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South Africa cricket team|South Africa]]''' | '''267 (88.4 overs)''' || & || '''297 (99.5 overs)''' |- | style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Jacques Kallis|JH Kallis]] 114 (223)<br> [[Brett Lee|B Lee]] 5-69 | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Mark Boucher|MV Boucher]] 51* (156)<br> [[Shane Warne|SK Warne]] 6-86 |} ===Third Test (31 March-4 April 2006)=== {| width="100%" style="background: #EBF5FF" |- | width="15%" valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[South Africa cricket team|South Africa]]''' | width="18%" | '''303 (97.2 overs)''' | width="12%" | & | width="20%" | '''258 (71.3 overs)''' | width="35%" | '''[[Australian cricket team|Australia]] won by two wickets''' <ref>[http://aus.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/AUS_IN_RSA/SCORECARDS/AUS_RSA_T3_31MAR-04APR2006.html Scorecard Australians in South Africa, 3rd Test 31 March-4 April 2006], from Cricinfo, retrieved 20 April 2006</ref></span>''' |- | style="font-size: 85%;" valign="top" | [[Ashwell Prince|AG Prince]] 93 (170)<br> [[Brett Lee|B Lee]] 3-57 | | style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Mark Boucher|MV Boucher]] 63 (92)<br> [[Stuart Clark|SR Clark]] 4-64 | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" rowspan="3" | [[New Wanderers Stadium]], [[Johannesburg]], [[South Africa]]<br> Umpires: [[Steve Bucknor|SA Bucknor]] ([[West Indies cricket team|WI]]) and [[Tony Hill (umpire)|AL Hill]] ([[New Zealand|NZ]])<br> Man of the Match: [[Brett Lee|B Lee]] ([[Australia|Aus]]) |- | valign="top" rowspan="2" | [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg|20px]] '''[[Australia cricket team|Australia]]''' | '''270 (62.5 overs)''' || & || '''291/8 (91.4 overs)''' |- | style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Michael Hussey|MEK Hussey]] 75 (153)<br> [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]] 6-100 | | valign="top" style="font-size: 85%;" | [[Damien Martyn|DR Martyn]] 101 (208)<br> [[Makhaya Ntini|M Ntini]] 4-78 |} ==References== {{reflist}} {{International cricket tours of South Africa}} {{International cricket in 2005-06}} [[Category:2005 in cricket]] [[Category:2005 in South Africa]] [[Category:2006 in cricket]] [[Category:2006 in South Africa]] [[Category:Australian cricket tours of South Africa]] [[Category:South African cricket seasons from 2000-01]] Category:Children's board games 4203643 195590368 2008-03-03T17:39:29Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Moving category Board games by theme to Board games by genre per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 February 25]]. [[Board game]]s for [[children]]. [[Category:Children's games|Board games]] [[Category:Board games by genre]] Wikipedia:POTD row/March 1, 2006 4203682 edit=sysop:move=sysop 41591869 2006-02-28T10:10:46Z Go for it! 571592 rvt - as per discussion on Solipsist's talk page {| style="text-align:left; background-color: transparent" |- | [[Image:Wolf spider attack position.jpg|200px|Wolf spider defending egg sack]] | The '''[[Wolf spider]]''' is a [[spider]] of the family [[Lycosidae]]. Except for the genus ''Sosippus'', these spiders do not use their [[spider silk|silk]] to make a snare. Some use their silk to line a tubular tunnel in the ground. Some take regular shelter in natural crevices. Still others spend their entire lives wandering around with no fixed abode. Unlike many other spiders, they have good vision and run their [[prey]] down. <small>Photo credit: [[User:Fir0002|Fir0002]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new picture]]</small> |- |} Singing cowboy 4203749 221270970 2008-06-23T20:11:06Z VDB1909 7207850 /* Into the sunset */ A '''singing cowboy''' was a subtype of the archetypal [[cowboy]] hero of early [[Western (genre)|Western]] films, popularized by many of the [[B-movie]]s of the 1930s and the 1940s. The typical singing cowboys were white-hat-wearing clean-shaven heroes with the habit of showing their emotions in song. Around the campfire, the original cowboys sang of life on the trail with all the challengers, hardships and dangers encountered while pushing cattle for miles up the trails that headed north. While much of what is included in the genre of "cowboy music" is "traditional", a number of songs have been written and made famous by groups like the [[Sons of the Pioneers]] and [[Riders in the Sky]] and individual performers such as [[Gene Autry]], [[Roy Rogers]], [[Michael Martin Murphy]] and other "singing cowboys." Singing in the [[wrangler]] style, these entertainers have served to preserve the cowboy as a unique [[United States|American]] [[hero]]. The image of the singing cowboy was established in 1925, when Carl T. Sprague of Texas recorded the first [[Western music (North America)|cowboy song]], "When the Work's All Done This Fall." A year later, John I. White became the first representant of the genre to perform on a nationally broadcast radio show, but the full popularity of the singing cowboys wasn't reached until the spread of [[sound film]]s. ==John Wayne== '''[[John Wayne]]''' was the screen's first singing cowboy. Wayne appeared as "Singin' Sandy Saunders" in '''''[[Riders of Destiny]]''''' (1933) but it wasn't an ideal fit since Wayne's singing voice was dubbed, making the obligatory personal appearances a continuous embarrassment for the 26-year-old actor. Wayne's version of the singing cowboy was much darker than the later ones; his [[ten-gallon hat]] was black instead of white and he'd chant about "streets running with blood" and "you'll be drinking your drinks with the dead" as he strode purposefully down the street toward a showdown. ==Gene Autry== While other Western actors, such as Wayne and [[Clint Eastwood]], only dabbled in singing roles, some actors became known mainly for their parts as singing cowboys. The most famous of them was '''[[Gene Autry]]''' and the moniker "The Singing Cowboy" usually refers to him in particular. Autry first rose to popularity as a singer, but his acting career started off quickly with the 1935 film [[Serial (film)|serial]], ''[[The Phantom Empire]]'' and he became a prolific star. When John Wayne, the first singing cowboy, begged off because his singing had to be dubbed, the studio looked for a replacement and decided on Autry, a choice so successful that, at the time of his death in 1998, Autry was still on the top 10 list of Hollywood box office moneymakers<ref>[http://www.cnn.com/SHOWBIZ/Music/9810/02/autry.obit/ Gene Autry's obituary at cnn.com] </ref>. Autry's early popularity, both for his radio and film performances, quickly paved the way for a multitude of imitators, but most attempts didn't get close to his success. ==Roy Rogers== [[Image:RoyRogers8479.JPG|thumb|left|A mural of Roy Rogers at his hometown, [[Portsmouth, Ohio|Portsmouth]], [[Ohio]]. Rogers replaced Gene Autry at Republic Studios and became known as the "King of the Cowboys".]] Autry's status as the top singing cowboy was never in question until 1937, when disagreements made him temporarily walk out on his contract with [[Republic Studios]]. The studio's chosen replacement, '''[[Roy Rogers]]''', who had previously appeared only in minor roles (including a memorable appearance opposite Autry while still billed under his real name, Leonard Slye), quickly grew popular when given the chance to star. By the time Autry returned, he found himself challenged for top movie singing cowboy status by the blossoming career of his new rival Rogers, although Rogers never neared Autry's juggernaut level of record sales. When Autry enlisted in the [[United States Army Air Corps|Army Air Corps]] during [[World War II]], Roy Rogers became the "[[King of the Cowboys]]," competing head-to-head with Autry for the rest of the decade (they never appeared together again on film). ==Into the sunset== Other notable actors who became famous as singing cowboys were Jimmy Wakely, [[Tex Ritter]], and [[Rex Allen]], who didn't start his career until 1950, when the popularity of the genre was waning. [[Herb Jeffries]] made four films beginning with the intriguingly titled ''[[Harlem on the Prairie (film)|Harlem on the Prairie]]''. Singing cowgirl Dorothy Page made three films for [[Grand National Pictures]], the studio of Tex Ritter. With the fame of ''[[Rose Marie (operetta)]]'' and singing cowboy films, a series of films with actor singer James Newill playing a singing Mountie '''[[Renfrew of the Royal Mounted]]'' were released between 1937-1940. Non-singing cowboy actors such as [[Buck Jones]] complained that producers would find it too easy to pad out the length of a film with songs rather than action, characterization, or plot exposition. With the advent of television, the making of B-movies dropped off and the era of singing cowboys was coming to an end. Autry and Rogers went on to star in ''[[The Gene Autry Show]]'' and ''[[The Roy Rogers Show]]'' respectively, but the series' runs ended by the close of the decade, and the singing cowboy gradually ceased to exist in popular culture except as an exercise in nostalgia. The singing cowboy image has since been parodied, most notably in the 1985 film ''[[Rustlers' Rhapsody]]'', with [[Tom Berenger]] portraying a stereotypical singing cowboy. Also the [[Pixar]] film [[Toy Story 2]]. ==References== <!-- this 'empty' section displays references defined elsewhere --> {{reflist}} ==External links== *[http://www.bbhc.org/pointswest/PWArticle.cfm?ArticleID=20 Points West article: The Singing Cowboys: Real to Reel] *[http://www.americanmusicpreservation.com/cowboysongs.htm Cowboy Songs and Singers] * http://parentseyes.arizona.edu/cowboysongs/mormoncowboy.html [[Category:Western]] [[da:Westernmusik]] Wikipedia:POTD row/March 14, 2006 4203774 41876444 2006-03-02T08:07:58Z Go for it! 571592 link {| style="text-align:left; background-color:#faf5ff;" |[[Image:Dscn3200-2-butterflies.jpg|350px|Two butterflies feed on a small lump of feces lying on a rock]] | A '''[[butterfly]]''' is a flying [[insect]]. When touched by humans, they tend to lose some scales, that look like a fine powder. If they lose too many scales, their ability to fly will be impaired. People who study or collect butterflies (or the closely related [[moth]]s) are called [[lepidopterist|lepidopterists]]. <small>Photo credit: [[User:William M. Connolley|William M. Connolley]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> |} Wikipedia:POTD row/March 20, 2006 4203789 edit=sysop:move=sysop 44620985 2006-03-20T06:04:18Z Cyde 6511 Revising date links, see:[[WP:DATE]] {| style="text-align:left; background-color:#faf5ff;" | style="padding-right: 10px;" | [[Image:S-IC engines and Von Braun.jpg|200x200px|Wernher von Braun and Saturn V rocket]] | A portrait of '''[[Wernher von Braun]]''' standing in front of the cluster of F-1 [[rocket engine]]s on the base of the first stage of a [[Saturn V]] launch vehicle. Von Braun had a lifelong aspiration to fly to the [[moon]]. A pioneer of rocket development, in the [[Second World War]] von Braun led the German development of the [[V2 rocket]] at [[Peenemünde]]. Along with his team of engineers, he surrendered to the [[United States|American]] forces in the closing stages of the war, then helped to establish the military rocket program in the United States. In 1958 he transfered to the newly established [[NASA]] program, developing the [[Saturn V]] rocket that successfully delivered a man to the moon in 1969. <small>Photo credit: [[NASA]]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> |} Sørkjosen Airport 4203852 233181304 2008-08-20T20:38:10Z TXiKiBoT 3171782 robot Modifying: [[de:Flughafen Sørkjosen]] {{Infobox Airport | name = Sørkjosen Airport | nativename = | nativename-a = | nativename-r = | image = | image-width = | caption = | IATA = SOJ | ICAO = ENSR | type = Public | owner = | operator = [[Avinor]] | city-served = | location = Sørkjosen | elevation-f = 16 | elevation-m = 5 | coordinates = {{Coord|69|47|13|N|20|37|54|E|type:airport|display=inline,title}} | website = | metric-elev = | metric-rwy = | r1-number = 15/33 | r1-length-f = 3,015 | r1-length-m = 919 | r1-surface = [[Asphalt]] | stat-year = | stat1-header = | stat1-data = | stat2-header = | stat2-data = | footnotes = }} '''Sørkjosen Airport''' {{Airport codes|SOJ|ENSR}} is an airport near [[Sørkjosen]] in the municipality of [[Nordreisa]], [[Troms]] in Northern [[Norway]]. Owned and operated by [[Avinor]], it had 8,964 passengers in [[2005]]. The airport is served by [[Widerøe]], who operate regional routes on [[Public Service Obligation|public service obligation]] contracts with the [[Government of Norway|Norwegian Government]]. Widerøe among others connects to [[Tromsø Airport, Langnes]] where there are flights to Southern Norway. ==History== The airport was opened in the 1970s as part of the new regional airport network in Northern Norway. ==Airlines and destinations== * [[Widerøe]] (Hammerfest, Tromsø) ==External links== *{{avinor link|sorkjosen|Sørkjosen}} *{{WAD|ENSR}} {{Airports in Norway}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Sorkjosen Airport}} [[Category:Airports in Troms]] [[Category:Avinor]] [[Category:Nordreisa]] {{euro-airport-stub}} {{Troms-geo-stub}} [[de:Flughafen Sørkjosen]] [[no:Sørkjosen lufthavn]] [[vi:Sân bay Sørkjosen]] Template:PISApages 4203940 45205308 2006-03-24T02:49:28Z Shyam 390483 according to subpages of [[Portal:India]] '''Selected content:''' * [[Portal:India/Selected articles|Selected articles]] &larr; * [[Portal:India/Selected pictures|Selected pictures]] '''Selected article tools:''' *[[Portal:India/What is a selected article|What is a selected article?]] *[[Portal:India/Selected article candidates|Selected article candidates]] *[[Portal:India/Selected article removal candidates|Selected article removal candidates]] *[[Portal:India/Today's selected_article/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Portal:India Page SAs]] Serta beds 4203957 41305946 2006-02-26T12:16:06Z Shultz III 981450 Serta is pretty much all about beds #REDIRECT [[Serta (company)]] Short track speed skating at the 1988 Winter Olympics 4203981 169190139 2007-11-04T17:24:17Z SieBot 4005189 robot Modifying: [[nl:Shorttrack op de Olympische Winterspelen 1988]] '''[[Short track speed skating]]''' was a [[demonstration sport]] at the '''[[1988 Winter Olympics|1988 Winter Olympic Games]]'''. Events were competed at the [[Max Bell Arena]] in [[Calgary]]. This was the only time in the Olympics that the short track venue was shared with [[Curling at the 1988 Winter Olympics|curling]]. ==Medal table== {| class="wikitable" ! Pos. !! Country !! First !! Second !! Third !! Total |- | 1 || [[Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg|20px|]] [[The Netherlands]] || 2 || 2 || 1 || 5 |- | 2 || [[Image:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg|20px|]] [[United Kingdom]] || 2 || 0 || 0 || 2 |- | 3 || [[Image:Flag of South Korea.svg|20px|]] [[South Korea]] || 2 || 0 || 0 || 2 |- | 4 || [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px|]] [[Canada]] || 1 || 6 || 3 || 10 |- | 5 || [[Image:Flag of Italy.svg|20px|]] [[Italy]] || 1 || 1 || 2 || 4 |- | 6 || [[Image:Flag of Japan.svg|20px|]] [[Japan]] || 1 || 1 || 1 || 3 |- | 7 || [[Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg|20px|]] [[People's Republic of China|China]] || 1 || 0 || 2 || 3 |- | 8 || [[Image:Flag of France.svg|20px|]] [[France]] || 0 || 0 || 1 || 1 |} ==Men's events== ===500 m=== [[February 23]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg|20px|]] [[Wilf O'Reilly]] (GBR) | 44.80 |- | 2 |[[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px]] [[Mario Vincent]] (CAN) | 45.15 |- | 3 |[[Image:Flag of Japan.svg|20px]] [[Tatsuyoshi Ishihara]] (JPN) | 45.37 |} ===1000 m=== [[February 24]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg|20px|]] [[Wilf O'Reilly]] (GBR) | 1:33.44 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px]] [[Michel Daignault]] (CAN) | 1:33.66 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of France.svg|20px]] [[Marc Bella]] (FRA) | 1:34.45 |} ===1500 m=== [[February 22]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of South Korea.svg|20px|]] [[Ki-Hoon Kim]] (KOR) | 2:26.68 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px]] [[Louis Grenier]] (CAN) | 2:26.99 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of Italy.svg|20px]] [[Orazio Fagone]] (ITA) | 2:27.16 |} ===3000 m=== [[February 25]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of South Korea.svg|20px|]] [[Joon-Hoo Lee]] (KOR) | 5:21.63 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg|20px]] [[Charles Veldhoven]] (HOL) | 5:22.39 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px]] [[Michel Daignault]] (CAN) | 5:30.68 |} ===5000 m relay=== [[February 25]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Team''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg|20px]] [[Netherlands]] ([[Charles Veldhoven]], [[Peter van der Velde]], [[Jaco Mos]], [[Richard Suyten]])|| 7:29.05 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of Italy.svg|20px]] [[Italy]] ([[Roberto Peretti]], [[Enrico Peretti]], [[Orazio Fagone]], [[Hugo Herrnhof]])|| 7:30.39 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px]] [[Canada]] ([[Louis Grenier]], [[Robert Dubreuil]], [[Mario Vincent]], [[Michel Daignault]]) || 7:35.47 |} ==Women's events== ===500 m=== [[February 22]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg|20px|]] [[Monique Velzeboer]] (HOL) | 48.28 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px|]] [[Eden Donatelli]] (CAN) | 48.34 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg|20px|]] [[Li Yan (speedskater)|Li Yan]] (CHN) | 48.84 |} ===1000 m=== [[February 25]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg|20px|]] [[Li Yan (speedskater)|Li Yan]] (CHN) | 1:39.00 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px|]] [[Sylvie Daigle]] (CAN) | 1:41.15 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg|20px|]] [[Monique Velzeboer]] (HOL) | 1:43.10 |} ===1500 m=== [[February 23]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px|]] [[Sylvie Daigle]] (CAN) | 2:37.61 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of the Netherlands.svg|20px|]] [[Monique Velzeboer]] (HOL) | 2:37.77 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg|20px|]] [[Li Yan (speedskater)|Li Yan]] (CHN) | 2:37.92 |} ===3000 m=== [[February 24]], [[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Athlete''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag of Japan.svg|20px|]] [[Eiko Shishii]] (JPN) | 5:25.44 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px|]] [[Sylvie Daigle]] (CAN) | 5:25.82 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of Italy.svg|20px|]] [[Maria Rosa Candido]] (ITA) | 5:25.89 |} ===3000 m relay=== [[February 24]],[[1988]] {| class="wikitable" |- bgcolor="#efefef" | '''Place''' | '''Team''' | '''Time''' |- | 1 | [[Image:Flag_of_Italy.svg|20px|]] [[Italy]] ([[Maria Rosa Candido]], [[Gabriella Monteduro]], [[Barbara Mussio]], [[Maria Cristina Sciolla]]) | 4:45.88 |- | 2 | [[Image:Flag of Japan.svg|20px|]] [[Japan]] ([[Hiromi Takeuchi]], [[Eiko Shishii]], [[Yumiko Yamada]], [[Nobuko Yamada]]) | 4:46.91 |- | 3 | [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|20px|]] [[Canada]] ([[Sylvie Daigle]], [[Nathalie Lambert]], [[Eden Donatelli]], [[Marye Perreault]]) | 4:49.77 |} ==References== *[http://www.packstyle.de/index1.htm?o1988.htm List of international results] *[http://www.aafla.org/OlympicInformationCenter/OlympicReview/1988/ore245/ORE245t.pdf ''Olympic Review'' - March 1988] {{Olympic Games Short track speed skating}} {{EventsAt1988WinterOlympics}} [[Category:1988 Winter Olympics]] [[Category:1988 Winter Olympics events]] [[Category:Short track speed skating at the Olympics|1988]] [[nl:Shorttrack op de Olympische Winterspelen 1988]] Ersfjordbotn 4204004 239849799 2008-09-20T20:15:18Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|69|42|N|18|37|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} {{Orphan|date=August 2006}} '''Ersfjordbotn''' is a village on [[Kvaløya (Tromsø)|Kvaløya]] in the municipality of [[Tromsø]], [[Norway]]. Its population (2005) is 306. {{coord|69|42|N|18|37|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} [[Category:Villages in Norway]] {{Troms-geo-stub}} [[nl:Ersfjordbotn]] [[nn:Ersfjordbotn]] Brad Smith (Australian Rules Footballer) 4204030 135197171 2007-06-01T22:44:57Z Kigf 2605012 [[WP:AES|←]]Redirected page to [[Bradley P. Smith]] #REDIRECT [[Bradley P. Smith]] Bjørnevatn 4204049 240012386 2008-09-21T15:22:23Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|69|40|N|29|59|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} '''Bjørnevatn''' is a village in the municipality of [[Sør-Varanger]], [[Norway]]. Its population (2005) is 2,392. {{coord|69|40|N|29|59|E|region:NO_type:city|display=title}} [[Category:Villages in Finnmark]] [[Category:Sør-Varanger]] [[Category:Settlements in the Arctic]] {{Finnmark-geo-stub}} [[nl:Bjørnevatn]] [[no:Bjørnevatn]] [[nn:Bjørnevatn]] [[fi:Bjørnevatn]] [[sv:Bjørnevatn]] Template:Footer Olympic Champions 15 km Cross Country Men 4204068 170971092 2007-11-12T15:22:15Z Miller17CU94 1510826 Template adjusted {{Navbox |name = Footer Olympic Champions 15 km Cross Country Men |title = [[List of Olympic medalists in cross-country skiing (men)|Olympic champions in men's 18 km/ 15 km cross country]] |group1= 18 km |list1= 1924: [[Thorleif Haug]] * 1928: [[Johan Grøttumsbråten]] * 1932: [[Sven Utterström]] * 1936: [[Erik August Larsson]] * 1948: [[Martin Lundström]] * 1952: [[Hallgeir Brenden]] |group2= 15 km |list2= 1956: [[Hallgeir Brenden]] * 1960: [[Håkon Brusveen]] * 1964: [[Eero Mäntyranta]] * 1968: [[Harald Grønningen]] * 1972: [[Sven-Åke Lundbäck]] * 1976: [[Nikolay Bazhukov]] * 1980: [[Thomas Wassberg]] * 1984: [[Gunde Svan]] * 1988: [[Mikhail Devyatyarov]] * 2002: [[Andrus Veerpalu]] * 2006: [[Andrus Veerpalu]] }}<noinclude>[[Category:Cross-country skiing Olympic champions templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude> Wikipedia:POTD column/March 12, 2006 4204086 43265623 2006-03-11T07:59:37Z Solipsist 49943 Improve caption [[Image:Fakarava-ponton-rotoava.jpg|300px|Fakarava inner lagoon, near the village of Rotoava, Tuamotu, French Polynesia]] The '''[[Tuamotus]]''' are the largest chain of [[atolls]] in the world, spanning an area of the [[Pacific Ocean]] roughly the size of Western [[Europe]]. Despite the vast spread of the [[archipelago]], the combined land area is only about 885 km&sup2; (345 sq. mi.). The [[climate]] is warm [[Tropics|tropical]], without pronounced [[season]]s and a relatively continuous average temperature of 26°C (79°F). Water sources such as lakes or rivers are absent, leaving the only source of [[fresh water]] as catchments of rain water. <small>Photo credit: Frédéric Jacquot</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> Template:Mortal Kombat character/row 4204101 41308260 2006-02-26T12:45:44Z Locke Cole 428690 moved [[User:Locke Cole/Template:Mortal Kombat character/row]] to [[Template:Mortal Kombat character/row]]: ready for primetime hopefully {{{if{{{test|}}}|<tr style="border-top: solid 1px #ccd2d9; vertical-align: top; text-align: left;">{{{if{{{label|}}}|<td style="padding: 0.4em 1em 0.4em 0;">{{{label|}}}</td>}}}<td style="padding: 0.4em 1em 0.4em 0;">{{{contents|}}}</td></tr>}}} Wikipedia:POTD column/March 16, 2006 4204125 42443978 2006-03-06T06:51:51Z Go for it! 571592 pic - plasma lamp [[Image:Plasma-lamp 2.jpg|300px|Plasma lamp]] '''[[Plasma lamp]]s''' (also called '''plasma globes''', '''plasma balls''', '''plasma domes''', '''plasma spheres''', or '''plasma orbs''') are [[novelty item]]s which were most popular in the [[1980s]]. The technology used in the plasma sphere, high frequency currents in an evacuated glass tube, was invented by the artist [[Bill Parker (Disambiguation)|Bill Parker]], while an undergraduate student at MIT. Later he developed it into the now ubiquitous product while he was an Artist in Residence at the Exploratorium science museum. <small>Photo credit: [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Lviatour Luc Viatour]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> Category:English inventions 4204144 237745554 2008-09-11T17:03:22Z {{portalpar|England}} {{catmore}} [[Category:British inventions]] [[Category:Economic history of England]] Other inventions that come from England include: The tin canister, or can that was invented in 1810 by a Londoner, Peter Durand. The Magnifying glass in 1250 by Roger Bacon. The Reflecting telescope by Isaac Newton in 1668. The Steam pump by Thomas Savery in 1698. The Steel pen in 1780 by Samuel Harrison. The Sport Cricket in the 1300s. (name required). The Sport of Baseball. Category:Hanna-Barbera superheroes 4204170 65298922 2006-07-23T01:12:06Z Honkerpeck 1844490 {{categoryredirect|Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios superheroes}} List of Statutory Instruments of the United Kingdom, 1953 4204195 232835453 2008-08-19T04:27:55Z SmackBot 433328 Date the maintenance tags and general fixes {{British legislation lists}} This is an incomplete '''list of [[Statutory Instrument]]s of the United Kingdom in 1953'''. * Transfer of Functions (Ministry of Pensions) Order 1953 S.I. 1953/1198 * Doncaster Corporation Trolley Vehicles (Increase of Charges) Order 1953 S.I. 1953/1348 * Iron and Steel Foundries Regulations 1953 S.I. 1953/1464 * Mule Spinning (Health) Special Regulations 1953 S.I. 1953/1545 * Civil Defence (Grant) Regulations 1953 S.I. 1953/1777 * Civil Defence (Grant) (Scotland) Regulations 1953 S.I. 1953/1804 {{Expand list|date=August 2008}} [[Category:Lists of the Statutory Instruments of the United Kingdom]] [[Category:1953 in law]] [[Category:1953 in the United Kingdom]] Raimond-Roger of Foix 4204217 234351413 2008-08-26T13:52:22Z VolkovBot 3035831 robot Adding: [[la:Raimundus Rogerius (comes Fuxiensis)]] '''Raimond Roger''' ({{lang-fr|Raymond-Roger}}; [[Occitan]]: Ramon Roger}}) (died [[27 March]] [[1223]]) was the [[list of counts of Foix|fifth count of Foix]] from the [[County of Foix#House of Foix|House of Foix]]. He was the son and successor of [[Roger-Bernard I of Foix|Roger Bernard I]] and his wife Cécilia Trencavel. When Raimond-Roger and [[Arnaud of Castelbon|Arnaud]], viscount of [[Castelbon]], wished to join their possessions, the Count [[Ermengol VIII of Urgell]] and [[Bernard de Villemur]], [[bishop of Urgell]], saw in this a threat and declared war. Overcome and captured, the count of Foix and Arnaud were imprisoned from February to September [[1203]]. King [[Peter II of Aragón]] intervened, however, wishing to spare them for his fight to conquer [[Languedoc]]. Moreover, Peter II gave as a [[fief]] the castles of [[Usson]] and [[Quérigut]] ([[1209]]) to Raimond-Roger, after having already given various other [[catalonia|Catalan]] seigniories ([[1208]]). Raimond Roger was a close relative of [[Raymond VI of Toulouse]] and a staunch ally. He was famed for his generalship, chivalry, fidelity, and affection for ''haute couture''. He was, besides a patron of [[troubadour]]s, an author of verse himself. Though not a [[Cathar]] himself, several of his relatives were. His wife, Philippa of Montcada, even became a ''parfaite''. His sister, [[Esclarmonde de Foix]], was also a ''parfaite'', receiving the ''Consolamentum'' at [[Fanjeaux]] in [[1204]]. Raimond Roger was a great orator, and attended the [[Fourth Council of the Lateran|Fourth Lateran Council]] of [[1215]] to defend Raymond of Toulouse before [[Innocent III]] and the council. He himself was accused of having murdered priests and did not deny it, instead he informed the pope that he regretted not having murdered more. He had with Philippa of Montcada one son [[Roger-Bernard II of Foix|Roger Bernard]], who became his heir, and one daughter, Cécile de Foix, who married (c.[[1224]]) Count [[Bernard V of Comminges]]. He also had two illegitimate children. {{start box}} {{s-bef|before=[[Roger-Bernard I of Foix|Roger Bernard I]]}} {{s-ttl|title=[[Count of Foix]]|years=[[1188]]-[[1223]]}} {{s-aft|after=[[Roger-Bernard II of Foix|Roger Bernard II]]}} {{end box}} ==External links== * {{fr icon}} [http://www.foixstory.com/data/comtes/06.htm Histoire des comtes de Foix]. [[Category:1223 deaths]] [[Category:House of Foix]] [[Category:Counts of Foix]] [[Category:People of the Albigensian Crusade]] [[Category:Occitan nobility]] [[ca:Ramon Roger I de Foix]] [[de:Raimund Roger (Foix)]] [[es:Raimundo Roger I]] [[fr:Raymond-Roger de Foix]] [[it:Raimondo Ruggero di Foix]] [[la:Raimundus Rogerius (comes Fuxiensis)]] Norwegian Hydrographic Service 4204253 41310299 2006-02-26T13:16:16Z Kosebamse 7361 make redirect #REDIRECT [[Statens kartverk]] Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The new Reality 4204279 175237528 2007-12-02T10:05:26Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Robertas Žulpa 4204297 226779347 2008-07-20T09:29:10Z Darius Dhlomo 564742 {{MedalTableTop|Replace this image male.svg|150px}} {{MedalSport | Men's [[Swimming]]}} {{MedalCountry | the {{URS}} }} {{MedalCompetition|[[Olympic Games]]}} {{MedalGold | [[1980 Summer Olympics|1980 Moscow]] | 200m Breaststroke}} {{MedalCompetition|[[European LC Championships|European Championships (LC)]]}} {{MedalGold| [[European LC Championships 1981|1981 Split]] | 200m Breaststroke}} {{MedalGold| [[European LC Championships 1983|1983 Rome]] | 100m Breaststroke}} {{MedalGold| [[European LC Championships 1983|1983 Rome]] | 4x100m Medley}} {{MedalBronze| [[European LC Championships 1983|1983 Rome]] | 200m Breaststroke}} {{MedalBottom}} '''Robertas Rimantovich Žulpa''' (born [[March 20]], [[1960]] in [[Vilnius]]) is a former [[Lithuanians|Lithuanian]] swimmer who competed for the [[Soviet Union|USSR]]. Žulpa trained at [[Voluntary Sports Societies of the USSR|VSS]] ''Žalgiris'' in Vilnius, becoming the [[Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR]] in 1980.<ref>{{ru icon}} [http://slovari.yandex.ru/dict/olympic/article/olymp/ol11/ol1-2842.htm Profile in the Olympic Encyclopedia]</ref> He won a gold medal in 200m breaststroke with a time of 2'15"85 at the [[1980 Summer Olympics]]. In 1988 Žulpa emigrated to [[Italy]], where he started to coach swimming to 11 year old boys. Later he became [[Italian language|Italian]] - [[Russian language|Russian]] translator for various companies. Žulpa spents a lot of time these days in his native [[Lithuania]] working as a Lithuanian - Italian translator. ==References== {{reflist}} *[http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/athletes/zu/robertas-zulpa-1.html Profile] {{Footer Olympic Champions 200 m Breaststroke Men}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Zulpa, Robertas}} [[Category:1960 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Lithuanian swimmers]] [[Category:Swimmers at the 1980 Summer Olympics]] [[Category:Olympic swimmers of the Soviet Union]] [[Category:Soviet swimmers]] [[Category:Breaststroke swimmers]] [[Category:Olympic gold medalists for the Soviet Union]] [[Category:People from Vilnius]] {{lithuania-sport-bio-stub}} {{USSR-Olympic-medalist-stub}} {{Euro-swimming-bio-stub}} [[de:Robertas Žulpa]] [[it:Robertas Žulpa]] [[nl:Robertas Žulpa]] [[fi:Robertas Žulpa]] Wikipedia:POTD column/March 24, 2006 4204319 41874283 2006-03-02T07:37:16Z Go for it! 571592 fix link [[Image:Coyote portrait.jpg|300px|Coyote, head right profile]] The '''[[Coyote]]''' is a wild member of the [[Canidae|dog family]] found in [[North America]]. Being intelligent and highly adaptable, the coyote is one of only a few larger animals who have been able to increase their territory in the face of human encroachment, despite being actively hunted. In the mythology of [[Native American]] peoples, the coyote plays a similar role to that of the [[fox]] in Europe and Japan &mdash; that of being a cunning and wily [[trickster]]. <small>Photo credit: [http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=profile&l=vxdigital vxdigital]</small><br> <small>[[Wikipedia:Picture_of_the_day/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Archive]] - [[Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates|Nominate new image]]</small> Category:Roads in Scotland 4204335 227126930 2008-07-22T02:36:21Z Sardanaphalus 427947 updating link using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{portalpar|Scotland}} :''[[Road]]s in '''[[Scotland]]'''.'' {{Roads in Europe categories}} [[Category:Buildings and structures in Scotland]] [[Category:Road transport in Scotland]] [[Category:Roads in the United Kingdom| Scotland]] Cockerspaniel 4204367 41311423 2006-02-26T13:33:09Z Francis Schonken 85402 redir #redirect[[Cocker Spaniel]] Lara Weller 4204387 239908452 2008-09-21T01:47:17Z AnomieBOT 7611264 Removing 'orientation' parameter from {{Female adult bio}} per [[Wikipedia:Bot requests#Template:Female adult bio|request]] {{Expand|date=April 2007}} {{Female adult bio |photo=[[Image:Replace this image female.svg]] |birth= |location= [[Rotterdam]], [[Netherlands]] |birthname= Lara Weller |death= |measurements= 86C-61-84 (US: 34C-24-34) |height= 173 cm |weight= |shoe size= |eye color= |hair color= |marital status= |natural bust= |nationality= [[Netherlands|Dutch]] |ethnicity= |alias= |homepage= http://www.laraweller.com/ }} '''Lara Weller''' (born [[6 April]] [[1975]], [[Rotterdam]]) is a [[The Netherlands|Dutch]] [[model (person)|model]]. She is 173 cm tall and her measurements are 86C-61-84 cm (US: 34C-24-34). At the age of 24, she was chosen by [[Eidos Interactive|Eidos]] to become the new official [[Lara Croft]] model for the video game ''[[Tomb Raider]]''. She promoted ''[[Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation]]'', which at the time was thought to be the last episode in the series, all over the world. {{start box}} {{succession box | before=[[Nell McAndrew]] | title=[[Lara Croft]] model | years=1999&ndash;2000 | after=[[Lucy Clarkson]] }} {{end box}} ==External links== *{{Official|http://www.laraweller.com}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Weller, Lara}} [[Category:1975 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Dutch female models]] [[Category:People from Rotterdam]] [[da:Lara Weller]] GS mark 4204424 41311983 2006-02-26T13:41:19Z Fourohfour 396050 #REDIRECT [[Geprüfte Sicherheit]] The Bad Spellers 4204472 242665378 2008-10-03T03:40:14Z main info, external links, and soureces updated. {{Infobox musical artist | Name = The Bad Spellers | Img =BS FI 1.jpg | Img_capt = | Img_size = | Landscape = yes | Background = group_or_band | Origin = [[Tokyo]], [[Japan]] | Genre = [[Indie rock]], [[Indie pop]], [[Twee pop| Twee]], [[Casiopop]] | Years_active = 2003–present | Label = [[Post Records|Post*Records]] <br> | Current_members = Tony Parmenter & Yasuko Ichinomiya | Notable_instruments = Guitar, Casiotone MT-200, Yamaha P-25F, Kazoo, synth drums, various toy instruments <br /> }} '''The Bad Spellers''' are an indie-pop band from [[Tokyo]], [[Japan]] consisting of Tony Parmenter (guitar, vocals) and Yasuko Ichinomiya (keyboards, vocals, toys). Although officially forming in 2003, the duet spent the following 2 years in separate countries, only able to write music together via the internet and on occasional visits. Before "officially" uniting in mid 2005, the band had been featured on a European net-release and 2 compilation discs. In 2004 '''The Bad Spellers''' traveled to Canada to collaborate/record with Justin Langlois of [http://thelondonapartments.com The London Apartments] ([[Universal Records]]/[[Beggar's Banquet Records]]). These sessions were released in March, 2005 to national (USA/Canada) distribution on Florida's [[Post Records|Post*Records]] as "Fall in Love," a split EP with [http://thelondonapartments.com The London Apartments]). Tony and Yasuko have since returned to the US and Canada numerous times. 2007 saw the release of their first album, "Keep on Shining!", on [[Post Records|Post*Records]] as well as the band's official legal marriage. Their former official homepage, www.thebadspellers.com, was discontinued in 2008 for reasons unknown. Since then all news, music, concerts, and other pertinent information has been presented on the band's [http://thebadspellers.vze.com/ official Myspace page]. ==Discography== '''Albums:''' *Keep on shining! - POST015, 2007 [[Post Records|Post*Records]]. '''Singles & EPs:''' *Fall in love - The Bad Spellers / The London Apartments, POST001, 2005 [[Post Records|Post*Records]]. '''Compilations:''' *EP Club#5 - 2004 Asaurus Records. *For Whom the Casio Tolls - ASA034, 2004 Asaurus Records. *[[Post Records|Post*Records]] & Friends present OLE! - POST011, 2006 [[Post Records|Post*Records]]. *Stone Soup - NPP001, 2007 [[Post Records|Post*Records]] / Nonsense Records / Pinky Ring Records *GUTS - POST018/SBO003, 2008 [[Post Records|Post*Records]] / Sleepy Bird Orphanage '''Download-only:''' *Girls Say Moshii net EP - RWB006, 2004 racewillbegin.com ==External links== *[http://thebadspellers.vze.com/ The Bad Spellers' official homepage] *[http://www.post-records.com/ Post*Records] *[http://www.asaurus.org/ Asaurus Records] *[http://www.archive.org/details/racewillbegin/ RaceWillBegin @ archive.org] *[http://www.archive.org/details/rwb006/ RWB006 @ archive.org] ==Sources== # [http://www.buzzgrinder.com/2007/the-bad-spellers-keep-on-shining/ CD review on buzzgrinder.com] # [http://www.indiepop.it/articoli/singles0704.htm#/ net-EP review on indiepop.it] # [http://turbulent.jugem.jp/?cid=15/ CD review on "Turbulent Fever" (japanese)] <!-- remove dead link 4.[http://www.theredalert.com/reviews/londonapts.htm/ CD review on theredalert.com] --> {{DEFAULTSORT:Bad Spellers, The}} [[Category:Japanese musical groups]] [[Category:Japanese indie rock groups]] [[Category:Twee pop groups]] Category:Transport in Falkirk 4204503 41312953 2006-02-26T13:53:52Z Mais oui! 394460 ini {{portalpar|Scotland}} [[Category:Falkirk]] [[Category:Transport in Scotland by council area|Falkirk]] List of Statutory Instruments of the United Kingdom, 1959 4204550 232835541 2008-08-19T04:28:44Z SmackBot 433328 Date the maintenance tags and general fixes {{Unreferenced|date=May 2007}} {{British legislation lists}} This is an incomplete '''list of [[Statutory Instrument]]s of the United Kingdom in 1959'''. * Gasswater A Mine (Storage Battery Locomotives) Special Regulations 1959 S.I. 1959/37 * Gasswater B Mine (Storage Battery Locomotives) Special Regulations 1959 S.I. 1959/38 * Milk and Dairies (General) Regulations 1959 S.I. 1959/277 * Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 1959 S.I. 1959/413 * Glass Houghton Mine (Shuttle Cars) Special Regulations 1959 S.I. 1959/663 * Cambridge Waterworks Order 1959 S.I. 1959/1131 * Gas Cylinders (Conveyance) Regulations 1959 S.I. 1959/1919 {{Expand list|date=August 2008}} [[Category:Lists of the Statutory Instruments of the United Kingdom]] [[Category:1959 in law]] [[Category:1959 in the United Kingdom]] Category:Public transport in Scotland 4204577 54396874 2006-05-21T19:37:11Z EurekaLott 94900 rm more general category {{portalpar|Scotland}} :''[[Public transport]] in '''[[Scotland]]'''.'' [[Category:Transport in Scotland]] [[Category:Public transport in the United Kingdom| Scotland]] Massachusetts state representative 4204612 41314325 2006-02-26T14:11:44Z Markles 195596 #Redirect [[Massachusetts House of Representatives]] Plate boundary 4204652 42652952 2006-03-07T15:50:16Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"Plate boundaries" +"Plate tectonics" #REDIRECT [[Plate tectonics]] Henrietta Ónodi 4204671 240545385 2008-09-23T22:13:50Z Skeetidot 2787411 /* External links and references */ {{eastern name order|Ónodi Henrietta}} {{Infobox Gymnast |gymnastname= Henrietta Ónodi |image = Replace this image female.svg |imagesize = 150px |caption= |fullname= |altname= |nickname= |country={{HUN}} |formercountry= |birthdate= {{birth date and age|1974|05|22}} |birthplace=[[Békéscsaba]] |hometown= |residence= |deathdate= |deathplace= |height= |discipline=WAG |level= |natlteam= |club= |gym= |collegeteam= |headcoach= |assistcoach= |formercoach= |choreographer= |music= |eponymousskills= |retired= |medaltemplates= <!-- see [[Template:MedalRelatedTemplates]] --> {{MedalOlympics}} {{MedalGold |[[1992 Summer Olympics|Barcelona 1992]]|[[Gymnastics at the 1992 Summer Olympics|Vault (tie)]]}} {{MedalSilver|[[1992 Summer Olympics|Barcelona 1992]]|[[Gymnastics at the 1992 Summer Olympics|Floor exercise]]}} {{MedalWorldChampionships}} {{MedalGold |[[1992 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships|1992 Paris]]|Vault}} {{MedalSilver|[[1991 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships|1991 Indianapolis]]|Vault}} {{MedalSilver|[[1992 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships|1992 Paris]]|Floor exercise}} {{MedalEuropeanChampionships}} {{MedalGold |1989 Brussels|Uneven bars}} {{MedalBronze|1989 Brussels|Floor exercise}} {{MedalBronze|1990 Athens|All-around}} {{MedalBronze|1990 Athens|Floor exercise}} }} '''Henrietta Ónodi''' (born [[May 22]], [[1974]], [[Békéscsaba]], [[Hungary]]) is an [[Olympic gold medal|Olympic gold winner]] [[Hungary|Hungarian]] [[gymnast]] who competed at the 1992 and [[1996 Olympics]]. Ónodi, also known as "Henni" in the gymnastics community, began gymnastics in 1978 and made her international debut in 1986. Too young to qualify for the [[1988 Summer Olympics|1988 Olympics]], she made her senior debut in 1989 and represented Hungary at the [[World Championships]] that year, where she placed 19th in the all-around and 5th in the [[balance beam]] event finals. Over the next few years, Ónodi established herself as a medal contender at major events. In 1989 she became the first female Hungarian gymnast to medal at the European Championships with a gold on the [[uneven bars]]; at the 1990 Europeans she placed third in the all-around and the [[floor exercise]]. In 1990, she also finished third in the all-around at the [[Goodwill Games]] and the World Cup where she won the vault event. At the [[1991 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships|1991 World Championships]] Ónodi suffered a sudden back injury but was able to win a silver medal on vault and helped the Hungarian squad qualify for the [[1992 Summer Olympics|1992 Olympics]] with an eighth place finish in the team final. The next year at the Olympics in [[Barcelona]], Ónodi became the first female Hungarian gymnast in over thirty years to win an Olympic gold medal. She tied with [[Romania]]n [[Lavinia Miloşovici]] for the gold in the [[Gymnastics vault|vault]] event final; on [[floor exercise]], performing to ''[[Hungarian Rhapsody]]'' she finished second behind Miloşovici. Ónodi's difficulty level on vault was actually higher than Milosovici's (they both used full twisting [[Yurchenko (vault)|Yurchenko]]s but Henrietta did a piked barani and Milosovici a tucked). Ónodi also performed the difficult triple twist on floor, then an unusual move (nobody else in the Barcelona floor finals did it). Ónodi retired after Barcelona and attempted to compete in [[National Collegiate Athletic Association|NCAA]] gymnastics, pursue her education at the University level and coach. She returned to international competition in 1995 at the [[World University Games]] and subsequently led the Hungarian team at the [[1996 Olympics]]. She retired again in 1997 after attending her second University Games. Ónodi has made many contributions to gymnastics during her competitive career. Her [[Uneven Bars]] routine consisted of elements on the low bar at a time when most gymnasts did the minimum two elements on the low bar. She has a skill named after her in the ''[[Code of Points (artistic gymnastics)|Code of Points]]'', a [[handspring (gymnastics)|back handspring]] with a half turn on the [[balance beam]]. She also performed this skill on the floor, in combination with split leaps (it should be noted, however, that the skill was actually first done by the USSR's Olga Mostepanova in 1983). She was also the first gymnast to do a triple-twisting dismount from the beam, a skill she also performed on the floor. == External links and references == *{{fig|id=4647|name=Henrietta Ónodi}} *[http://www.gymn-forum.net/bios/women/onodi_h.html List of competitive results at Gymn-Forum] *[http://www.gymnpics.com/gymnasticgreats/wag/onodi.htm Whatever happened to Henrietta Ónodi?] *[http://www.math.psu.edu/tseng/Henrietta.html Henrietta's Domain] Unofficial fan site {{Gymnastics portal}} {{Template:Footer Olympic Champions - Artistic Gymnastics - Women's Vault}} {{NavigationWorldChampionsArtisticGymnasticsWomenVault}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Onodi, Henrietta}} [[Category:1974 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:Hungarian artistic gymnasts]] [[Category:Olympic gold medalists for Hungary]] [[Category:Olympic silver medalists for Hungary]] [[Category:Gymnasts at the 1992 Summer Olympics]] [[Category:Gymnasts at the 1996 Summer Olympics]] [[Category:World champion gymnasts]] [[Category:Medalists at World Gymnastics Championships]] [[fr:Henrietta Ónodi]] [[hu:Ónodi Henrietta]] Powers Dry Goods 4204697 241261079 2008-09-27T03:22:35Z The '''Powers Dry Goods Company''' of [[Minneapolis, Minnesota]] was a [[department store]] chain that its peak consisted of 7 locations. In 1985, it was acquired from [[Associated Dry Goods]] by [[Donaldson's|The L.S. Donaldson Company]] (also of Minneapolis, a unit of [[Allied Stores]] Corp.), which gave Donaldson's some breathing room against dominant rival [[Dayton's]]. In 1987, after Campeau Corp.'s buy-out of Allied Stores Corp., Donaldson's was purchased by [[Carson Pirie Scott & Co.]] of [[Chicago, Illinois]] which made the ill-fated decision to rename the stores with its own name. Carson's in its turn was acquired by [[Bergner's|P.A. Bergner & Co.]] of [[Milwaukee, Wisconsin]] (and formerly of [[Peoria, Illinois]]) in 1989, which in turn filed for bankruptcy in 1991. In 1995 Carson's sold the rump of the former Twin Cities area locations (formerly Powers/Donaldsons) to Dayton's parent [[Dayton Hudson Corp.]], which re-opened most of them under its moderate [[Mervyn's]] chain, mostly in a move to prevent serious competition in its Twin Cities stronghold. In 2004 when Dayton's successor [[Marshall Field's]] was acquired by [[May Department Stores]], it also agreed to buy the former Donaldson/Powers locations operated by Mervyn's, and promptly shuttered them, selling the real-estate piecemeal. ==Former Locations== {| class="wikitable" ! City !! Shopping center !! Existed !! Notes |- | [[Minneapolis, Minnesota]] || Downtown Store || unknown || |- | [[St. Louis Park, Minnesota]] || [[Knollwood Mall]] || '''1955-1985''' || |- | [[St. Paul, Minnesota]] || [[Highland Park, Saint Paul|Highland Park]] || '''1960-1985''' || |- | [[Blaine, Minnesota]] || [[Northtown_Mall_(Blaine,_Minnesota)| Northtown Mall]] || '''1972-1985''' || |- | [[Maplewood, Minnesota]] || [[Maplewood Mall]] || '''1974-1985''' || |- | [[Eden Prairie, Minnesota]] || [[Eden Prairie Center]] || '''1976-1985''' || |- | [[Burnsville, Minnesota]] || [[Burnsville Center]] || '''1977-1985''' || |} [[Category:1987 disestablishments]] [[Category:Defunct department stores of the United States]] [[Category:History of Minneapolis, Minnesota]] {{US-retail-stub}} Template:User Caian 4204720 195855890 2008-03-04T19:14:42Z AuburnPiIot 4566030 Removing notice per [[Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/School related user templates|deletion discussion]] using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] <div style="width:238px;">{{User:Pizza1512/Userboxes/Cam/Caian}}</div>{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|{{ns:2}}|<includeonly>[[Category:Wikipedians by alma mater: Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge|{{BASEPAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>|}}<noinclude> [[Category:School user templates|Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College]] </noinclude> Category:Transport in Moray 4204739 190037425 2008-02-08T21:09:35Z Garden 5019622 [[WP:AWB/T|Typo fixing]], clean etc using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]] {{portalpar|Scotland}} [[Category:Moray]] [[Category:Transport in Scotland by council area|Moray]] Voluntary Control Council for Interference 4204762 41315816 2006-02-26T14:31:35Z Fourohfour 396050 #REDIRECT [[VCCI]] #REDIRECT [[VCCI]] Jazzmatazz, vol. 3: Streetsoul 4204787 175237566 2007-12-02T10:05:38Z BOTijo 3729068 {{R from other capitalisation}} #REDIRECT [[Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Streetsoul]] {{R from other capitalisation}} Category:Transport in East Ayrshire 4204808 41316307 2006-02-26T14:37:01Z Mais oui! 394460 ini {{portalpar|Scotland}} [[Category:East Ayrshire]] [[Category:Transport in Scotland by council area|East Ayrshire]] Pixel Chix 4204844 241306429 2008-09-27T11:41:26Z {{update}} '''Pixel Chix''' are interactive electronic games based on teenage girls, fashion and so forth. They are very similar to [[Tamagotchi]] in that they have an [[LCD]] screen and controlling buttons, although they are larger. Based in a miniature house, there is a [[lounge]], [[kitchen]] and dining area, with steps leading upstairs. There are three different types of houses. They are marketed by [[Mattel Inc.]] In the game, two or more houses can be connected together, allowing the characters (the Pixel Chix) to visit one another. These characters can be controlled in ways similar to other handheld games, such as Tamagotchi. They can be told go out for a walk, watch television, eat a variety of foods, such as [[popcorn]] and [[burger]]s, and go to sleep. The more they are played with, the more options appear to the player; higher levels introduce different types of food, more clothes and more places to visit. However; if they are neglected, they will decrease in skill level. Eventually, if neglected for too long, the game will end since the characters "leave". ==Food== *[[Popcorn]] (At the Beginning) *[[Sandwich]] (At the Beginning) *[[Soup]] (At the Beginning) *[[Banana]] *[[Drink]] *[[Burger]] *[[Chicken]] *[[Watermelon]] *[[Ice Cream]] *[[Apple]] *[[Pizza]] ==Clothes/Outfits== *Sleeveless Top w/Skirt and Pants(At the Beginning) *[[Nightgown]] (At the Beginning) *[[Schoolgirl]] Outfit (At the Beginning) *[[Sports bra]] w/Yoga Pants *[[Bikini]] *[[Raincoat]] *[[Tube top]] w/Pants *[[Rockstar]] Outfit *[[Ballerina]] Outfit *Short top w/Long Skirt *[[Robe]] (Only in 2 Storey) *[[Towel]] (Only in 2 Storey) *[[Pajamas]] (Only in 2 Storey) *[[Soccer]] Uniform (Only in 2 Storey) ==Beauty Items== (Only in 2 Storey) *[[Comb]] (At the Beginning) *[[Hair spray]] (At the Beginning) *[[Perfume]] *[[Hairdryer]] *[[Make-up]] ==Games== Level One: *[[Phone]] *[[TV]] Level Two: *[[Magic 8-Ball]] *[[Fish Bowl]] Level Three: *[[Dog]] *[[Cat]] *[[Radio]] Level Four: *[[Guitar]] Level Five: *[[Rollerblades]] *[[Karaoke]] Machine ==Bathroom== (Only in 2 Storey) *[[Toothbrush]] (At the Beginning) *Washing Face (At the Beginning) *[[Toilet]] *[[Shower]] *"[[Rubber Duck]]" Bath ==Accessories== A number of Pixel Chix accessories have been created, such as "road trippin' cars" which connect to the house. In the cars you can go to the [[mall]], go to the [[beach]], or do many different things (depending on the level of the Pixel Chix). The cars come in blue, [[purple]], and [[pink]]. Also available is the Pixel Chix ♥ 2 Shop mall. Where the Pixel Chix can work, [[shop]], play games, and take breaks at the mall. There are two different malls, a boutique/food court, and a [[pet shop]]/[[salon]]. Each mall has an LCD flip screen, allowing the Pixel Chix girl to change stores. They're able to connect to the houses, the cars, and other malls. Another available accessory is the Pixel Chix 2 Story house. It is almost the exact replica of the original Pixel Chix, except that it has an upstairs bedroom. There, the Pixel Chix can put on make-up at the [[vanity]], go to the bathroom for some water fun, and much more. They come in dark and light pink, and are connectable to the cars, the malls, and other houses. There are also Pixel [[Pets]], the animal equivalent of Pixel Chix. Dogs and hamsters are available. Further connection options include a "roomies" house with 6 floors. Also, in the UK, there are metallic Road Trippin' Cars and a [[glitter]] house. Also available is a babysitter house where the Pixel Chix looks after a baby girl. The red light flashes if the baby is doing naughty things. It also flashes when something is wrong or needs attention. ==Film?== A film is possibly in the works, as this is the case with Mattel's other popular lines, Barbie, My Scene & Polly Pocket. ==Website== There is an official website of Pixel Chix on Everythinggirl.com. There are games, videos of TV commercials, t-shirt graphics, secret codes and a movie maker like [[Zimmer Twins]]. VF2 4204877 41317053 2006-02-26T14:46:32Z Conti 11061 new redirect #REDIRECT [[Virtua Fighter 2]] Daniela Anschütz Thoms 4204913 41317480 2006-02-26T14:51:45Z ErikNY 65541 redirect #REDIRECT [[Daniela Anschütz-Thoms]] Clifford Jordan 4204957 202178135 2008-03-31T00:05:48Z Chubbles 1592016 '''Clifford Laconia Jordan''' ([[September 2]], [[1931]], [[Chicago]] - [[March 27]], [[1993]], [[Manhattan]]) was an inside/outside sax player who held his own with [[Eric Dolphy]] in the 1964 [[Charles Mingus]] Sextet. Jordan had his own sound on tenor saxophone almost from the start. He gigged around Chicago with [[Max Roach]], [[Sonny Stitt]], and some R&B groups before moving to New York in 1957. Jordan immediately made a strong impression, leading three albums for [[Blue Note records|Blue Note]] (including a meeting with fellow tenor [[John Gilmore (musician)|John Gilmore]]) and touring with [[Horace Silver]] (1957-1958), [[J.J. Johnson]] (1959-1960), [[Kenny Dorham]] (1961-1962), and [[Max Roach]] (1962-1964). Jordan also recorded with these musicians. After performing in Europe with Mingus and Dolphy, Jordan worked mostly as a leader, but tended to be overlooked since he was not overly influential or a pacesetter in the avant-garde. A reliable player, Jordan toured Europe several times, was in a quartet headed by [[Cedar Walton]] in 1974-1975, and during his last years, led a big band. Clifford Jordan recorded as a leader for Blue Note, Riverside, Jazzland, [[Atlantic Records|Atlantic]] (a little-known album of [[Leadbelly]] tunes), Vortex, [[Strata-East Records|Strata-East]], [[Muse Records|Muse]], [[Frontier Records]], [[SteepleChase Records]], [[Criss Cross Jazz]], Bee Hive, DIW, [[Milestone Records|Milestone]], and [[Mapleshade Records|Mapleshade]]. {{DEFAULTSORT:Jordan, Clifford}} [[Category:Post-bop saxophonists]] [[Category:Hard-bop saxophonists]] [[category:Big band saxophonists]] [[Category:American jazz saxophonists]] [[Category:Chicago musicians]] [[Category:1931 births]] [[Category:1993 deaths]] {{US-jazz-musician-stub}} {{US-woodwind-musician-stub}} [[de:Clifford Jordan]] [[fr:Clifford Jordan]] Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Auréolé 4205005 41318211 2006-02-26T15:01:14Z Nagelfar 36259 redirect #REDIRECT [[Masonna]] World Trade Centre (HK) 4205047 224705729 2008-07-10T01:26:37Z RussBot 279219 Robot: Fixing [[Special:DoubleRedirects|double-redirect]] -"World Trade Centre (Hong Kong)" +"World Trade Center (Hong Kong)" #REDIRECT [[World Trade Center (Hong Kong)]] Cuz I Can 4205087 217851976 2008-06-08T00:16:52Z Mattisse 1386816 unreferenced article - amazon.com & other commercial sales sites do not count as reliable, third-party references {{Unreferenced|date=June 2008}} {{Infobox Album <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums --> | Name = Cuz I Can | Type = studio | Artist = [[Ana Johnsson]] | Cover = CuzICan.jpg | Released = [[April 14]] [[2004]] <small>(Sweden only)</small> | Recorded = 2003-2004 | Genre = [[Pop music|Pop]]/[[Pop rock|rock]] | Length = 41:18 | Label = [[Bonnier Amigo Music Group|Bonnier Amigo]] | Producer = | Reviews = *''[[Amazon.com]]'' [http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002VCU4G link] *''CDstart.de'' [http://www.cdstarts.de/kritiken/Ana%20Johnsson%20-%20Cuz%20I%20Can.html link] | Last album = | This album = ''Cuz I Can''<br>(2004) | Next album = ''[[The Way I Am (Ana Johnsson album)|The Way I Am]]''<br>(2004) }} {{For|the Ana Johnsson song|Coz I Can}} '''''Cuz I Can''''' is the 2004 official debut album – though not considered her debut album – by the [[Sweden|Swedish]] [[pop rock]] [[musician|singer]] [[Ana Johnsson]]. The album was only released in Sweden on [[April 14]] [[2004]]. It was later worldwide-released as ''[[The Way I Am (Ana Johnsson album)|The Way I Am]]'', becoming the commonly accepted first album by Johnsson. The only differences between the two albums is that the latter has a different cover and track listing. ''The Way I Am'' contains the first seven songs from ''Cuz I Can'' and some new tracks, including the huge hit "[[We Are]]", which is the official soundtrack for the [[Spider-Man 2]] film, "[[Don't Cry for Pain]]" and "[[Coz I Can]]", a remix of "Cuz I Can". The leftover tracks were included as B-sides on the later released singles. The ''Cuz I Can'' album spawned the singles "[[The Way I Am (Ana Johnsson song)|The Way I Am]]", "[[Life (song)|Life]]" and "[[Coz I Can|Cuz I Can]]", of which only "Life" charted in the Swedish Singles Chart, at number 17. ==Track listing== #"[[The Way I Am (Ana Johnsson song)|The Way I Am]]" – 3:29 (A. Johnsson; L. Lason; M. Black) #"[[Coz I Can|Cuz I Can]]" – 3:04 (A. Johnsson; Ekhé; Lindstrom) #"L.A." – 3:44 (A. Johnsson; L. Lason; M. Black) #"Now It's Gone" – 3:42 (A. Johnsson; L. Lason; M. Black) #"[[Life (song)|Life]]" – 3:08 (A. Johnsson; J. Elfsson; M. Venge; P. Wennerberg) #"Crest of the Wave" – 4:50 (A. Johnsson; Ekhé; Lindstrom) #"Here I Go Again" – 3:25 (A. Johnsson; Ekhé; Lindstrom) #"Just a Girl" – 3:22 (A. Johnsson; Ekhé; Lindstrom) #"Anything Goes" – 2:49 (A. Johnsson; L. Larson; M. Black) #"A Song for Everyone" – 3:01 (A. Johnsson; Ekhé; Lindström) #"Tame Me" – 3:33 (A. Johnsson; L. Larson; M. Black) #"What Is a Girl to Do" – 3:19 (A. Johnsson; Ekhé; Lindstrom) #"All the Way" [hidden track] – 3:09 (A. Johnsson; Ekhé; Lindstrom) ==Singles== {{Infobox Discography | Type = studio | Name = [[The Way I Am (Ana Johnsson song)|The Way I Am]] | Cover = AJ-TWIA.jpg | Released = Autumn 2003 | Label = [[Bonnier Amigo Music Group|Bonnier Amigo]] | Producer = Leif Larson, Marcus Black | Chart position= | Writer = Ana Johnsson, Leif Larson, Marcus Black | Other info = }} {{Infobox Discography | Type = studio | Name = [[Life (song)|Life]] | Cover = Life.JPG | Released = [[February 11]] [[2004]] | Label = [[Bonnier Amigo Music Group|Bonnier Amigo]] | Producer = [[Jörgen Elofsson]], Mathias Venge | Chart position= #17 Sweden | Writer = Ana Johnsson, Jörgen Elofsson, Mathias Venge, Pontus Wennerberg | Other info = }} {{Infobox Discography | Type = studio | Name = [[Coz I Can|Cuz I Can]] | Cover = CuzICanSingle.JPG | Released = [[March 15]] [[2004]] | Label = [[Bonnier Amigo Music Group|Bonnier Amigo]] | Producer = Johan Ekhé, Ulf Lindström | Chart position= | Writer = Ana Johnsson, Johan Ekhé, Ulf Lindström | Other info = }} {{Ana Johnsson}} [[Category:Ana Johnsson albums]] [[Category:2004 albums]] [[Category:Debut albums]] [[sv:Cuz I Can]] Montorio nei Frentani 4205138 240100121 2008-09-21T22:34:06Z The Anomebot2 1979668 Replacing geodata: {{coord|41|45|N|14|56|E|display=title}} '''Montorio nei Frentani''' (Campobassan dialect: '''Mundòrj''') is a small town and commune in the [[province of Campobasso]] ([[Molise]]), in [[Southern Italy]]. {{Molise-geo-stub}} <br> {{Province of Campobasso}} {{coord|41|45|N|14|56|E|display=title}} [[eo:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[fr:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[it:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[hu:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[nl:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[ja:モントーリオ・ネイ・フレンターニ]] [[nap:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[pl:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[pt:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[vi:Montorio nei Frentani]] [[vo:Montorio nei Frentani]] Template:Infobox Arrested Development season 2 episode list header 4205180 148436828 2007-08-01T05:34:06Z Woohookitty 159678 cat style="background: #C5E4E1"<noinclude>[[Category:Arrested Development episode list infobox templates]]</noinclude> Image:Indre norrebro.jpg 4205208 129241650 2007-05-08T14:17:06Z Cydebot 1215485 Robot - Fixing GFDL tags project-wide per [[Wikipedia:GFDL standardization]]. == Summary == Indre Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Sankt Hans Torv. == Licensing == {{GFDL-self-with-disclaimers}} Bernard Heidsieck 4205230 236621396 2008-09-06T09:00:23Z Lightbot 7178666 Units/dates/other '''Bernard Heidsieck''' (born 1928) is a [[France|French]] [[sound poet]]. He is the former vice-president of the Banque Française du Commerce Extérieur in Paris and former president of the Commission Poésie at the Centre National du Livre. He organised the first international festival of [[sound poetry]] in 1976 and the event "Rencontres Internationales 1980 de poésie sonore" which took place at [[Rennes]], Havre and at the [[Pompidou Centre]] in [[Paris]]. === Bibliography === * Sitôt dit, Seghers, 1955. * B2B3, Éditions du Castel Rose, 1967. * Encoconnage, avec Françoise Janicot, Guy Schraenen, 1972 * Portraits-Pétales, Guy Schraenen, 1973, * Foules, Guy Schraenen Éditeur, 1976 (Belgique). * D2 + D3Z, Poèmes-Partitions, Collection Où, Henri Chopin Éditeur, 1973. * Partition V, Éditions du Soleil Noir, 1973. * Poésie action / Poésie sonore 1955-1975, Atelier Annick Le Moine, 1976. * Participation à Tanger I et Tanger II, Christian Bourgois Éditeur, 1978, 1979. * Dis-moi ton utopie, Éditions Eter, 1975. * Poésie sonore et caves romaines suivi de Poème-Partition D4P, Éditions Hundertmark, RFA, 1984. * Au delà de la poésie, with Julien Blaine and Servin, with drawings by Jean Touzot, L'Unique, 1985 * Canal Street, SEVIM/ B. Heidsieck, 1986 * Poésie et dynamite (with a text by [[Jean-Jacques Lebel]]), Factotumbook 38, Sarenco-Strazzer, 1986 * Derviche / Le Robert, Éditeurs Évidant, 1988. * Poème-Partition "A", Électre Éditeur, 1992. * D'un art à l'autre (Poésure et Peintrie), Ville de Marseille, 1993 * Poème-Partition "R", Cahiers de nuit, Caen, 1994. * Poème-Partition "N", Les Petits classiques du grand pirate, 1995. * Sitôt dit, Seghers, 1995. * Coléoptères and Co, with P.A. Gette, Yéo Éditeur, Paris, 1997. * Poème-Partition "T", with a CD, Derrière la Salle de bains, 1998. * Vaduz, avec un CD, Francesco Conz Éditeur/Al Dante éditeur, 1998. * La Fin d'un millénaire, catalogue Ventabrun Art Contemporain, 2000 * Poème-Partition "Q", Derrière la salle de bains, 1999 + une autre édition en 2001. * Bonne Anée, avec Yoland Bresson, Éditions du toit, 1999 * Respirations et brèves rencontres, with 3 CDs, Al Dante Éditeur, 2000. ( aussi en K7) * Nous étions bien peu en ..., Onestar Press, 2001. * Partition V, with 1 CD, réédition, Le Bleu du Ciel, 2001 * Canal Street, with 2 CDs, Al Dante Éditeur, 2001. * Poème-Partition "F", with 1 CD, Le Corridor bleu Éditeur, 2001. (aussi en K7) * Le carrefour de la chaussée d'Antin, with 2 CDs, Al Dante, 2001 * Partition V, Le Bleu du Ciel, 2001 * Notes convergentes, Al Dante Éditeur, 2001. ( aussi en K7) * La poinçonneuse, with 1 CD, Al Dante Éditeur, 2003. * Ca ne sera pas long, fidel Anthelme X, 2003.(CD) * Lettre à Brion, CD, Al Dante Éditeur, 2004. * Derviche ; Le Robert, with 3 CDs, Al Dante éditeur, 2004. * Démocratie II, with 1 CD, Al Dante éditeur, 2004. * Heidsieck et Hubaut, (cassette) avec Joël Hubaut * Morceaux choisis supplément à Bernard Heidsieck Poésie Action, Jean-Michel Place, (CD) * P puissance B, avec Radio Taxi(c), Lotta Poetica and Studio Morra * "Trois biopsies" et "Un passe - partout" == External links == *[http://radiom.org/detail.php?omid=MC.1991.05.31 Heidsieck is interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian, 1991] {{DEFAULTSORT:Heidsieck, Bernard}} [[Category:1928 births]] [[Category:Living people]] [[Category:French poets]] [[fr:Bernard Heidsieck]] Image:Pickleweedecreekerazorback.jpg 4205250 42397046 2006-03-05T23:43:24Z Anlace 754651 /* Summary */ == Summary == I, M Hogan took this photo and release all rights to wikipedia == Licensing == {{PD-self}} Deadly Dozen 4205271 171762437 2007-11-15T22:34:48Z Svetovid 2394817 ==Sequel== {{Infobox VG |title = Deadly Dozen |image = [[Image:Deadly Dozen Coverart.png]] |developer = [[nFusion]] |publisher = [[Infogrames]] |distributor = |designer = |engine = |version = |released = [[2001 in video gaming|2001]] |genre = [[Tactical shooter]] |modes = |ratings = [[Entertainment Software Rating Board|ESRB]]: Teen |platforms = [[Microsoft Windows|Windows]] |media = CD-ROM |requirements = |input = }} '''''Deadly Dozen''''' is a [[2001 in video gaming|2001]] [[World War II]] oriented squad-based [[first-person shooter]] (FPS) video game. The title refers to the famous World War II movie ''[[The Dirty Dozen]]''. As in the movie the main protagonists are military misfits [[capital punishment|sentenced to death]] or long term imprisonment who are given a chance to redeem themselves by going on dangerous missions. The twelve characters have different specializations: [[sniper]], [[demolition]] expert and so on. For every mission the player selects four of the characters who form the squad. The game consists of a string of squad missions set in the [[European Theatre of World War II|European theater]] as well as in the [[Pacific War|Pacific theater]]. It is published by nFusion. ==Sequel== ''[[Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater]]'' ==External links== *[http://www.n-fusion.com/nFusion/deadlydoz