InDesign Quick Start

Setting the New Document in InDesign

I provide this little quick start guide because it should get you into putting content in quickly. I will do very few class-wide tutorials on the software. I'm of the belief that you have to dive into the software in order to really learn it. Trying to instruct an audience on how to use a package like the Adobe Creative Suite is doomed if that instruction goes over 5 minutes. You may have different experiences. If you have a secret way to do more than 5-minute (live) tutorials, please let me know.

Getting Started in InDesign

  • Click the Start icon --> All Programs --> Adobe Design Premium CS6 (or CS5.5) --> Adobe InDesign CS6

Novell Box Fretwell 219

  • Then, click Document

  • Change the Units if You Prefer

Change Units and Increments in InDesign

  • Show Grid

Show Grid in InDesign

Note: You may also want to select Snap to Document Grid

Now, start working on your Business Card and Letterhead (3.5 in X 2 many points is that?). These documents should reflect the same company (which you should make up).

Ok, two more tips on the Business Card. InDesign, like many word processing or publishing applications, has preset document sizes. Go to File --> New --> Document, and select "Business Card" on the Page Size: menu.

Select business card

You can change the margins by going to Layout --> Margins and Columns... and adjusting the margins according to your preference:

Margins and Columns window


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