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Diversity, International, Urban, and Science Education

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Associate Professor of Education

College of Education

Phone: 704.687.8885
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Office: College of Education Building
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Office Hours: Tues. 10:00 am-2:00 pm,  Thurs. 10:00 am -2:00 pm, or by appointment.

Current Primary Courses

(Teaching) Diverse Learners / Diversity and Inclusion

Teaching Science in Middle and Secondary School

Adolescence and Secondary Schools


Short Biography


Charles B. Hutchison is an associate professor of education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is a trained molecular geneticist with post-graduate degree in theology, and was also a classroom teacher for twelve years. He is the author of the following books: 

·         Teaching Diverse Learners: Basic Principles, Classroom Insights, and Best Practices (Catawba, 2010)

·         What Happens When Students Are in the Minority: Behaviors that Impact Learning (ed., Rowman and Littlefield, 2009)

·         Global Issues in Education: Pedagogy, Policy, and the Minority Experience (co-edited with Greg Wiggan, Rowman and Littlefield, 2009)

·         Teaching in America: A Cross-Cultural Guide for International Teachers and Their Employers (Springer, 2005)

Dr. Hutchison’s research on international teachers was one of the seminal works that systematically conceptualized international teachers’ issues, an area that is being studied internationally. He is the recipient of Recognition and Key to the City of Boston, and has served on a National Science Foundation (national) panel. He has appeared  on, or been featured by local and international news media, including CBS NightWatch, Voice of America, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and several others. His articles have appeared in several journals, including Phi Delta Kappan, Intercultural Education, Cultural Studies of Science Education, and School Science and Mathematics. He has lived, studied, and worked in Africa, Europe, and the U.S. His personal and research interests include the philosophy of thought, cross-cultural cognition, science education, international, and diversity issues in education. He can be reached at chutchis@uncc.edu.