Charlotte Observer (and other) Articles by and about Ashley Reiter Ahlin

Tutoring, Saturday, May 11, 1987

National MathCounts, Saturday, May 16, 1987

Golden Eagle Award, 1989 article from the Charlotte Leader, July, 1989

Girls Can Succeed, Charlotte Observer, Saturday, September 30, 1989

CHEMISTRY'S RIGHT FOR REITER, Charlotte Observer, Sunday, July 1, 1990

Charlotte Observer, Wednesday, March 6, 1991

The Scientist - Nurturing Science's Young Elite: Westinghouse Talent Search, April 15, 1991

Charlotte Observer, Wednesday, July 24, 1991

Ashley's article on Math Clubs in the September/October 1994 issue of Imagine Magazine.

The Space of Closed Subsets of a Convergent Sequence, with Harold Reiter, Mathematics Magazine, 69 (June, 1996), 217-221.

Joy in Mathematics, Charlotte Observer, Saturday, April 4, 1998

Chapter 30 of NCTM's Developing Mathematically Promising Students, copyright 1999

Helping Undergraduates Learn to Read Mathematics, 1998, MAA website.

The Large Scale Geometry of Nilpotent-by-Cyclic Groups under the direction of Professor Benson Farb. (Ashley's University of Chicago Dissertation in Mathematics.)