Math 1165 -Discrete Mathematics

Math 1165, Section 1, 9:30 to 10:50 TTh in Fretwell 106;
Instructor: Dr. Harold Reiter,
Office Hours, see Harold Reiter's Home Page

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The text for the course is Discrete Mathematics, by Richard Johnsonbaugh.
You'll find more good links at his personal book website.

Lecture notes and homework sets for the course as it was taught in previous years.
These notes have been available at Grey's Bookstore.
They will not be needed for the course this semester.

Study Guides for the Tests

Outline for the course. This outline no longer applies.

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List of assignments

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Here's a paper I wrote in August 2000 about teaching and learning. Its mainly intended for Math 1100 students, but also applies to other classes. My philosophy of teaching, part 1

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