Vital Information and Expectations for Math 1241, Section 3

Requirements for the course

1. Establish and use an electronic mail account.

2. You will need a graphing calculator for this course. The only calculator supported by the department is the TI-83. You may use another calculator at you own risk. Please bring your calculator to every lecture and especially to each test and quiz.

3. You must pass the final exam.


What you can expect from me:

That I will treat this course as the most important course I have ever taught, and

A. That I will be consistently well-prepared for class,

B. That I will greet you cordially at my office and help you however I can to learn.

C. That I will respond to your email messages on the day I receive them.

D. That I will treat you with respect.


What I expect of you:

A. That you will read the book. The lectures in our section are designed to help you to read the text. They are not intended to enable you to avoid reading the text.

B. That you will do your homework including problems of the day regularly and on time.

C. That you will attend both lectures and recitations.