Math 3166 Information, section 1

About the Instructor

Name: Harold B. Reiter
Office: Fretwell, 345A
Office Hours: 2pm to 3:30pm Mondays and Wednesdays, and by appointment
Phone: office 547-4561; home 364-5699
Email:; fax: 510-6415
Text: Applied Combinatorics, Third Edition, by Alan Tucker.


There will be two tests, each contributing 20% of the final grade. There will be roughly 15 homeworks, each counting 4% of the final grade.

Makeup Tests

Tests will be made up only under the following circumstances: 1, the student has called the instructor at 547-4561 before the test to indicate the need to miss the test or has sent e-mail to dated before the test and 2, the student provides a valid excuse for missing the test.

Group Work

Group work is encouraged. A list of students with phone numbers will be provided. When you work with other students, you must provide a list of students with whom you worked. Otherwise you are in violation of the UNCC Code of Student Academic Integrity. See below for details.

Problem Assignments

Problem assignments appear on a separate sheet that may be found here.

Academic Integrity

Students have the responsibility to know and observe the requirements of The UNCC Code of Student Academic Integrity (Catalog p. 24). See for the complete document. This code forbids cheating, fabrication or falsification of information, multiple submission of academic work, plagiarism, abuse of academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty. Any special requirements or permission regarding academic integrity in this course will be stated by the instructor and are binding on the students. Academic evaluations in this course include a judgment that the student's work is free from academic dishonesty of any type; and grades in this course therefore should be and will be adversely affected by academic dishonesty. Students who violate the code can be expelled from UNCC. The normal penalty for a first offense is zero credit on the work involving dishonesty and further substantial reduction of the course grade. In almost all cases the course grade is reduced to F. Copies of the code can be obtained from the Dean of Students Office. Standards of academic integrity will be enforced in this course. Students are expected to report cases of academic dishonesty to the course instructor.


The course is organized into two discussions of length 50 minutes each on Monday and Wednesday and a required problem session every Friday.


What you can expect from me: That I will treat this course as the most important course I have ever taught, and
A. That I will be consistently well-prepared for class,
B. That I will greet you cordially at my office and help you however I can to learn.
C. That I will respond to your email messages on the day I receive them.
D. That I will treat you with respect.

What I expect of you:
A. That you will read the book.
B. That you will do your homework regularly and on time.
C. That you will attend lectures and problem sessions.

Requirements for the course.

One of the requirements in this course is to establish and use an electronic mail account. If you have an account already, say hotmail or aol, you will not need a UNCC Eudora account. Sometime well before the fourth week, you will send email to me at the address:
You may include a four digit pin number if you would like you grades posted on the web. I would also appreciate your sending me you local address and phone number. This information will be posted on the class roster web site unless you instruct me not to do this.

Another requirement is the a short interview with the instructor following the first test. The interview will last no longer than 30 minutes. You'll be asked questions related to material on the first test. It is possible that a few students will get a few extra points based on the interview.

All the important information about this course including the syllabus, the grading information, the assignment sheet, course goals, lecture topics, and several other items can be found in the course's world wide web page,

You can access these pages using the Netscape browser available on most UNCC computers. However, you do not have to type in the address. You can get to the pages by clicking, starting at the UNCC home page, the root page for computers on campus, then going, in order, to Math Dept.; then to faculty web pages; then to Harold Reiter's home page; then to Math 3166 home page. Try it. You'll see that it is very easy. You can then print out whatever information you want in hard copy. (this is the home page of UNCC ) (this is the math dept's home page)

If you have trouble with the browser or email, ask the assistant on duty (TA) in the lab you use.

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