Welcome to my website. You probably know me as the guy who holds the chalk at the front of the classroom here at UNC Charlotte. There are some things, however, that interest me other than thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, programming, statics and dynamics.

Here are a few.

Motorsports Engineering

UNC Charlotte Motorsports
Want a career in motorsports engineering? More NASCAR engineers have graduated from UNC Charlotte than from any other school. Click the link above and be sure to e-mail me for additional information!


Malheuresement, bien que j'aie récemment pris sept semestres de Français ici à UNC Charlotte, je n'ai jamais arrivé à parler bien le français. Mais j'aime la langue française et je suis un francophile. Je suis allé en France douze fois (yeah, that's twelve, not two). Mes villes préférées sont Paris et Nice; j'aime bien également la principauté de Monaco, et heureusement le 96e Tour de France y aura son départ en 2009.

World's best and largest airshow

Each year near the end of July, about 15,000 airplanes fly into Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the annual convention of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Attendance is usually in excess of 700,000 people. It's a sensory overload for anyone who loves aviation. For additional information on the airshow click the link. To see an expanded version of Chuck Yeager flying a P-51 at Oshkosh 1996, click the picture.

Experimental Aircraft Association

The Experimental Aircraft Association, which I first joined back in the 1960s, was originally formed as a resource for people building airplanes at home. It has since grown into an international organization which encompasses all aspects of aviation and is, in my humble opinion, the premier aviation group in the world today. Almost all of the innovation seen in the last 30 years in the world of private aviation has its roots in EAA. Click to expand picture.

Charlotte is home to one of the best time-trial series in the country. The 10-mile and 40-km competitions are held on the 1.5-mile track at Lowe's Motor Speedway and usually run from April through November, averaging about one event per month. Typically, over 300 cyclists show up. Participants range in age from pre-teens up to 80. (Before you laugh, try to beat the times of these guys!) A number of Cat 1 professionals show up, making it exciting for spectators as well as participants. Time-trialing is called the "Race of Truth": It's just you and the clock: no excuses.

Corvette info
Corvette leading Ferraris, Porsches, etc.


P.S. I'd really rather be flying!

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