Jimmie A. Miller, PhD
Chief Engineer, Center for Precision Metrology, Graduate Faculty
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte


PhD Engineering (Precision Engineering), University of Warwick, Coventry, England, July 1994.
MSE Engineering (Microelectronics) University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dec 1987.
BS Physics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, May 1985.
BS Mathematics,  University of North Carolina at Charlotte, May 1985.
AAS Electronics Engineering TechnologyRowan-Cabarrus Community College, Sep 1980.  

PhD THESIS: "From STM to Nanomemory: A Transfer of Technology Feasibility Study". University of Warwick, Coventry, England, Engineering Dept., 1994. (Most of this research was completed at UNC Charlotte)
Available via NinerCommons : https://ninercommons.uncc.edu/islandora/object/work%3A64

MASTERS THESIS: "Negative bias temperature instability in wet and dry oxides". University of North Carolina Charlotte, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science Dept., 1987.


¤         Metrology Systems

¤         Metrology of Machine Tools

¤         Dimensional (3D , Length) Metrology (Nanoscale to Large Scale)

¤         Optical Metrology

¤         Mathematical Modeling of Systems (Metrology, Sensors, Geometric, Calibration etc)


American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE)  Member since 1991
            Board Member 2016-18
            Director at Large, Chair (2016-18) of the Metrology Systems Committee
            Tutorial presenter at annual meetings (various dates)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers B5 TC52 Standards Committee
B5.64 Methods for the Performance Evaluation of Single Axis Linear Positioning Systems (Drafting)

      Metrology in Basics of Precision Engineering
, Leach and Smith Eds. 2018    ISBN 9781498760850


Chief Engineer: Center for Precision Metrology @ UNC Charlotte Mar 1993-Present -  graduate student research consultation and design review, industrial project development, limited supervision of electronics and mechanical technicians, equipment training and repair, equipment budgeting and procurement specification, and general managerial oversight of various precision engineering focus laboratories such as metrology and computer integrated manufacturing. Laboratory renovation and expansion coordinator.  

Teaching Activities:

¤         MEGR 7182, 8182 Machine Tool Metrology (Metrology Certificate Core)

¤         Senior design mentor/grader

¤         MEGR 3090 Topics: Metrology and Precision Engineering, Co-lecturer (3 periods)

Graduate Research Committee participation: thesis (21) / dissertation (14) identified later

STM Nanomemory Project, UNC Charlotte Aug 1989 - Dec 1992 Investigating the feasibility of producing a new type of memory with storage density 104 - 106 times greater than current technology. The project involved using scanning tunneling microscopy techniques to modify surfaces at the nanometer level. Other STM research included examining the wear pattern on cutting tools, process dependence of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of germanium on silicon and diamond on silicon.  

Research Organizational Assistant, UNC Charlotte Jan 1989 - Aug 1989 Assisted Dr. Robert Hocken (Endowed Distinguished Professor) in the logistics involved in establishing the UNC Charlotte Precision Engineering Laboratory. Duties included technical diagramming for funded research, and writing specifications and contacting suppliers of research equipment, and other support functions.  Microelectronics Research, UNC Charlotte Sep 1986 - May 1988 Clean room fabrication of metal-oxide-silicon capacitors; parametrical testing using capacitance vs. voltage, conductance, and charge-capacitance techniques; obtaining doping profiles, and interface trap and oxide charge densities; bias temperature aging and hot carrier injection into oxides; data acquisition and computer programming.  

Physics Laboratory Instructor, UNC Charlotte Aug 1983 - May 1985 Teaching and grading an undergraduate middle level physics mechanics laboratory

Electronics Tester and Troubleshooter, Western Electric Oct 1980 - Aug 1981 Structured testing of telephone trunk line system components with board level troubleshooting.  


Invention Disclosure (July 2020): "Reference Artifact for Straightness, Squareness, Parallelism, and Positioning RASSPP", UNCC#2021-001
Provisional Patent (July 2021) US# 63/209,165 Piggyback superstructures for precision machining and metrology

US# 6,782,596 "Fiducial calibration systems and methods for manufacturing, inspection, and assembly" Miller, Jimmie A., Aug 31, 2004

US# 7,073,239 "Fiducial calibration and method for assembling parts" Miller, Jimmie A., July , 11, 2006

US# 7,065,851 "Fiducial Calibration Method for measuring a workpiece" Miller, Jimmie A., June 27, 2006

US# 6,434,845 "Dual-axis static and dynamic force characterization device." Pereira; Paulo H. (Peoria, IL); Muralidhar; Ashok (Minneapolis, MN); Hocken; Robert J. (Concord, NC); Miller; Jimmie A. (Salisbury, NC); Smith; Stuart (Charlotte, NC). August 20, 2002.

 JOURNAL REVIEWS  (>200) for (>20) JOURNALS :

Web of Science statistics
1 of 4 (out of several hundred) acknowledged for "exceptional performance" in 2019 and 2020 by the journal Precision Engineering


Liuqing Yang, Youxing Chen, Jimmie Miller, William J. Weber, Hongbin Bei, Yanwen Zhang, Deformation mechanisms in single crystal Ni-based concentrated solid solution alloys by nanoindentation”, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 856, 2022, 143685 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.msea.2022.143685

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http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.precisioneng.2015.10.007  (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141635915002111)
Datasets for Figures at http:dx.doi.org/10.17632/3bjr99z62n.1 

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SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP Member of the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE).



 participation for thesis/dissertation:

    PhD: Kuldeep Mandloi (In-progress) Investigation of thermal and fluid flow characteristics of AM surfaces with different build angles through CFD and experiments
    PhD: Prithiviraj Shanmugam (In progress) Variable shearing holography
    PhD, Abolfazl (Milad) Hosseinpour, Dec 2022, Improved fidelity of triangulation sensor measurements in optical inspection
    PhD: Jacob Cole Mar 2022 Characterization of surfaces by X-ray reflectometry
    PhD: Chunjie Fan Aug 2021 Controlling force and displacement: Instrumentation design and application in thermal actuation and nanoindentation
    PhD Kumar Arumugam, May 2021, Implementation and evaluation of optical and stylus based profiling Techniques for surface metrology
    PhD: Dustin Gurganus July 2021, Manufacturing methodologies and optomechanics for dynamic freeform optics

    PhD: Kumar Arumugam, April 2021, Implementation and evaluation of optical and stylus-based profiling techniques for surface metrology
    PhD, Todd Noste, Dec 2020, Freeform optical surface form metrology with serial data acquisition
    PhD, Prashanth Jaganmohan, Dec 2020, Data processing, modeling, and error analysis in discrete part geometric inspection
    PhD: Masoud Arablu May 2019, Polydyne displacement interferometer using frequency-modulated light
    PhD: Qichang Wang April 2019, Performance investigation of rotary tables in large scale metrology
    PhD: Farid Javidpour April 2019, Quantification of profile measurement data
    PhD: Michael Uwakwe, Feb 2018, Minimizing task-specific uncertainty in CMM based freeform optics metrology
    PhD: Saeed Heysiattalab July 2017, Data models to support metrology
    PhD: Lucas Valdez Dec 2015,  Improved measurement methods for in-process metrology on large scale components
    PhD: Mario Valdez Dec 2015, Task specific uncertainty for industrial measurements
    PhD: Neil Gardner, April 2007, Precision Geometric Metrology of Refractive Micro-lenses
    PhD: Dongmei Ren, Oct 2006, Optical Measurements of Dimensional Instability
    PhD: Lei Dong, Oct 2006, In-situ detection and heating of the high pressure phase of silicon during scratching

    Masters: Ryan Gorman  Dec 2022 Detection and classification of defects in metal parts using ATOS 2019
    Masters: Steven Swagler April 2022 Ultraprecision diamond machining of polycarbonate complex multi-sided freeform optics
    Masters: Cecil (DJ) Hastings, July 2021, Development of an all-fiber homodyne laser interferometer for integration into a compact thermal actuator
    Masters: Alyson Light, November, 2020, Optical instrumentation using geometric phase elements
    Masters: Robert Turnbull, April 2020,  An investigation of structured light scanner calibration
    Masters: Attilio (AJ) Minnuti, March 2020, Industry implications of ASME Y14.5-2018 rules(s) and the "nested" principle
    Masters: Abhinav Mishra, Sept 2019, A modified self-interference based incoherent digital holographic recording system

    Masters: Corbin Grohol Sep 2018, Toward fixtureless inspection of automotive fenders
    Masters: Jesse Groover, Nov 2018, Generation milling of cylindrical involute gears
    Masters: Prashanth Jaganmohan, May 2017, Metrology Bench
    Masters: Harsh Patel, May 2016, A study of parameters influencing the vehicle wheel alignment measurements
    Masters: William Land II, June 2015, Characterization and in-process metrology of a laser powder fusion additive manufacturing machine
    Masters: Paul Anderson, Apr 2015, Sub-scale machining of large components
    Masters: Victoria Welty, Apr 2015, Dynamic evaluation of laser trackers
    Masters: Yue Peng, Mar 2015, Metrological evaluation of size specifications in ISO 144405-1
    Masters: Raunak Jadhav, Dec 2013, Error budget software for machine tools
    Masters: Kane Lingerfelt, Nov 2013, A study of modulated tool path machining and its effect on tool life in CNC turning operations.
    Masters: Wesley Love, Nov 2012, Evaluating CNC machine tool dynamic performance for modulated tool-path (MTP) chip breaking
    Masters: Parik  Kulkarni, Nov2012 Evaluation of datum reference frame sensitivity and its effect on freeform metrology
    Masters: Soumajit Dutta,  Aug 2008, Open Metrology Software
    Masters: Wichuda Chikosol, Dec 2007, Performance Testing of Cylindricity/Roundness Measuring Machine
    Masters: Prashanth Ramu, Dec 2007,  Error Evaluation and Uncertainty for a Five-Axis Multi-sensor, Coordinate Measuring Machine
    Masters: David Winkowski: 2005, A high precision temperature controlled vacuum chamber for use in a dilatometer with sub-nanometer resolution.