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Stiquito(tm) Controlled! Making a Truly Autonomous Robot, James Conrad, ISBN 0-4714-8882-8, Wiley Books, February 2005.
Stiquito Controlled! is a widely accessible, user-friendly book that provides step-by-step instructions for building Stiquito, a small, multi-legged robot that resembles a "walking-stick" insect. The book includes comprehensive instructions and all the parts needed to complete assembly. Most notably, the kit contains a microcontroller board that allows Stiquito to walk on its own. Key features of the book include:
  • Complete kit to build Stiquito?no additional materials necessary (common tools and batteries required)
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions for assembly of the robot
  • Comprehensive lessons on how to make Stiquito "walk" using the microcontroller

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Robotics and Stiquito
Chapter 2: Introduction to Embedded Systems and the Stiquito Controller Board
Chapter 3: PCB Layout and Manufacturing
Chapter 4: Building Stiquito Controlled
Chapter 5: Stiquito Programming using Texas Instruments MSP430F1122
Chapter 6: A Two-Degree-of-Freedom Stiquito Robot
Chapter 7: Optimizing the Stiquito Robot for Speed
Chapter 8: More Stiquitos Controlled

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General Educational Material

Software for Compiling Different Gaits

Hardware - The Board

Manufacturing - The Process

Manufacturing is one of the final steps of the design and delivery of a consumer product. Here are some manufacturing examples for educational use which have the Stiquito microcontroller board as the subject:
  • The Stiquito PCB was manufactured and tested by M&M Technology, 7711 Idlewild Road, Indian Train, NC  28079, 704-882-9432.
  • View a movie of a pick-and-place machine as it builds the Stiquito Controller Board:
      Movie 1 (9.4 meg), Movie 2 (7.4 meg)
  • Here are two detailed photos of the pick-and-place manufacturing process.
    This photo is of the board test (Brian is testing the potentiometer here) and hand soldering-packing.  Click on the photo for high resolution.


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