Directions for the Projects

Staple all sheets of your projects together. Be sure to include your code/commands as well as your output.

Click here to see how to format the projects for submission.

Getting the Projects

To get the projects either follow this link Then follow the path: student resources / Matlab projects
Direct links to each project are also given below.

The projects will require you to use certain .m files. They can be found at the above link.

If you are using mathematica, you can open any .m file; however, the notation used will be different, so the commands will need to be converted to mathematica notation. Some of the converted data files can be found here.

due date project topic book section last day to submit
Aug 27 Project 1 Introduction to Matlab n/a Nov 12
Sept 10 Project 2 Interpolating Polynomials sect 1.2 Nov 12
Sept 24 Project 3 Dominance Matrices sect 2.1 Nov 26
Oct 22 Project 4 The Leontif Input-Output Model sect 2.6 Nov 26
Nov 5 Project 5 Hill Substitution Ciphers sect 4.1 Nov 26
Nov 19 Project 6 Error-Detecting and Error-Correcting Codes sect 4.6 Dec 5
Dec 3 Project 7 The Fibonacci Sequence and Generalizations sect 5.3 Dec 5

Accessing Matlab

Fretwell 319
A linux lab open MTWR 8am-8pm and F 8am-5pm. All machines have matlab installed on them.
A Mosaic Account
This is an option only if your major is in the College of Engineering.
Purchasing Matlab
The student version costs around $99, and the best places I've seen to buy it are from SIAM or JourneyEd.
Downloading Octave (ie: free version of Matlab)
You find it by googling Octave (or GNU Octave). Source Forge is a good place to get it as is GNU.
Be sure to get both Octave and GUIOctave (if you want a graphical user interface).
For directions on how to install it, there is a decent wiki page.
You can also see the following link. Note, these last directions are old, so the version numbers it references are outdated.

LU Factorization using Matlab

If you want to use matlab for LU factorization, download the function LUfactorization.m To use this function:

To see how the function works, open the file and read the comments.