Directions for the Projects

Staple all sheets of your projects together. Be sure to include your code and output.

Matlab Output

If you put all your code in a .m file then instead of printing out your code and its output, you can use Matlab's publish option. Using Publish:

The published file should be an html file by default. It will include all your code and the output in one file. If you want to change the format of the file, you will need to change your configurations. If you want to figure out how to give your published file special formatting like headers, titles, lists, comments, etc. look at Matlab's help feature.

For several of these projects, you will need to use some of the programs in the Laydata toolbox. To access these files, click on the link above, select Data Files from the menu on the left, and download the zipped folder.

due date project topic additional questions
Jan 19 Project 1 Introduction to Matlab  
Feb 9 Project 2 Round Off Error and Partial Pivoting sect 1.6: 4, 12, 14
Feb 16 Project 3 Visualizing Linear Transformations sect 1.10: 2, 6, 8, 14
Mar 16 Project 4 Exploring the Properties of Inverses sect 2.3: 41, 42
sect 2.4: 26, 27
Mar 30 Project 5 Lagrange Interpolation  
Apr 13
(Apr 20)
Project 6 Determinants and Flops
cofactor.m cofactorflops.m
sect 3.1: 43 - 46
Apr 27 Project 7 The Rank Command  

Project Solutions

Click here to see solutions for the first two projects and formating examples for submitting the projects.

LU Factorization using Matlab

If you want to use matlab for LU factorization, you will want to download the function LUfactorization.m To use this function:

To see how the function works, open the file and read the comments.

Accessing Matlab

Fretwell 319
A linux lab open MTWR 8am-8pm and F 8am-5pm. All machines have matlab installed on them.
Barnard Lab(s)
Only the 2 linux computers have Matlab installed on them. This lab is open 24/7.
Woodward 335
This lab can be accessed if your major is in the CCI (college of computing and information) or if you are taking a course in the CCI. There are Macs, PCs, and linux boxes. As of last week, only the PC's had matlab installed on them.
A Mosaic Account
This is an option only if your major is in the College of Engineering.
Purchasing Matlab
The student version costs around $99, and the best places I've seen to buy it are from SIAM or JourneyEd.