Research Group

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Join Us: I am always looking for talented and self-motivated PhD students to join our research group. If you are interested, check out this ad.

If you are already a student at UNC Charlotte, you are welcome to stop by my office to discuss research opportunities for undergrad, Master's and PhD levels.

Current Members

Md Nurul Absar Siddiky

PhD student
B.Sc. Khulna University, Bangladesh

Abdulmoneam Ali

PhD student
M.Sc. Nile University, Egypt
B.Sc. Zagazig University, Egypt


Bryttany Herren

Master's student — graduated Spring 2022.
Thesis: ‘‘Download Cost of Cache-Aided Private Updating with Unknown Prefetching’’.

Christopher Daniel Jr.

Master's student — graduated Summer 2021.
Thesis: ‘‘Timely Updating with Intermittent Energy and Data for Multiple Sources over Erasure Channels’’.