Credit Card Analysis of Czech Bank

ITCS6265 : Fall Semester of 2002
Instructor: Dr. Mirsad Hadzikadic

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Project Goal

The Berka dataset, from the 1999 PKDD Discovery Challenge, provides information on the clients, accounts, and transactions of a Czech bank. The original task description of the Discovery Challenge states:

The bank wants to improve their services. For instance, the bank managers have only vague idea, who is a good client (whom to offer some additional services) and who is a bad client (whom to watch carefully to minimize the bank loses). Fortunately, the bank stores data about their clients, the accounts (transactions within several months), the loans already granted, the credit cards issued The bank managers hope to improve their understanding of customers and seek specific actions to improve services. A mere application of a discovery tool will not be convincing for them.
In keeping with the original task description, our project goal is to mine and analyze this bank data in order to extrapolate from it the type of customer who makes a good candidate for a credit card.

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