Credit Card Analysis of Czech Bank

ITCS6265 : Fall Semester of 2002
Instructor: Dr. Mirsad Hadzikadic

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Next Steps

Using the information extracted during this project, future continuation of this analysis might include looking at the movement of average monthly balances to determine if it reveals any interesting behaviors that may indicate whether the card holder will default on his payments and/or whether the bank should offer a higher-limit card.

There are a number of possible data-mining opportunities within the information contained in this dataset beyond credit card analysis. Listed below are some questions whose answers might be provided within the data:

  • Which accounts are likely to default on loan payments? Why?
  • What are the characteristics of a good bank client ("good" is defined here, in the most general of terms, as who will make payments on their outstanding balances in a timely manner)?
  • What are the identifying characteristics of a good bank branch (again, we define "good" only in the most general terms of which branches are most successful in the collection of loan payments)?