Credit Card Analysis of Czech Bank

ITCS6265 : Fall Semester of 2002
Instructor: Dr. Mirsad Hadzikadic

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The following rules represent our findings in analyzing whether or not a customer will/will not have a credit card
  1. If the average account balance is less-than-or-equal 37097.18, then the client will not be a card holder.

  2. If the client is middle-age and lives in Prague, and his/her average account balance is greater-than 66899.77, then that client will be a card holder.

  3. If the client lives in Prostejov, and has an average account balance in excess of 46123.76, then that client will be a card holder.

The following are characterizations of cardholders within the current population of bank clients
  1. There is no apparent difference between men and women in the issuance of credit cards

  2. Middle aged single females have a higher precentage of classic and gold cards than the general population.

  3. All credit card customers that have taken a loan have good status in repayment.

  4. Customers who are in the age bracket less than 24 and whose average balance is under 50000.00 are likely candidates for a JUNIOR Card.

  5. Otherwise, it is not easily determined from customer information which card type has been selected. Perhaps further examination of customer behavior is warranted.