Intelligent Query Answering Systems

Prerequisites: ITCS6162, full graduate standing or content of the department.
Textbook: No textbook required.

Course Outline


August 25, September 8: Rough Sets (PPT format)

September 15: Sample Problems (DOC format)

September 15, 22: Failing Queries (PPT format)

October 22: Sample Problems (DOC format)

September 22, 29: Hierarchical Information Systems (PPT format)

September 29: Example

October 6: Sample Problems (DOC format)

October 13: Midterm Break

October 20: Midterm Exam

October 27: Midterm Exam Review

November 24: Ontology-based Information Retrieval (PPT format)

November 24: Ontology-based Information Retrieval (PDF format)

December 1: Intelligent Query Answering by KD Techniques (PDF format)

December 8: Sample Problems (DOC format)

Papers to be presented by Students (beginning November 3)

November 3: Music Information Retrieval (Jasper Land) (HTML format)

November 3: Music Information Retrieval Systems (Amanda Cohen and Wenxin Jiang) (HTML format)

November 10: Searching Question and Answer Archives (Charanya Venkatesh Kumar and Pravin Bhat) (PDF format)

November 17: Solving Failing Queries (Morris S. LeBlanc) (PDF format)

November 17: Web Intelligence (Yang Chen) (PDF format)

November 17: Cooperative XML Query Answering (Aditya Chintaluri) (PDF format)

November 24: Granular Computing for the Design of IRS (Mohamad Seif)(PDF format)

November 24: Ontology-based Information Visualization (Roman Pyzh)(PDF format)

December 1: Complex Features for Information Retrieval (Laura Vandivier)(PDF format)

Remaining papers (additional reading)

Ontology Based Knowledge Systems (One student) (PDF format)

Latent semantic analysis (One student) (HTML format)

Information retrieval including Set-theoretic, Algebraic and Probabilistic models (Two students) (HTML format)

Topic Models in Information Retrieval (Two students) (PDF format)

Instructor:       Zbigniew W. Ras

Office: Location: Woodward Hall 430C
Telephone: 704-687-8574
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday: 4:30-6:00pm

Test: October 20; Final: 6:30-9:30pm, December 17, 2008.
Points: 30 points Test, 30 points Final, 40 points Paper Presentation.
Grades: A [86-100], B [71-85], C [50-70].

Software for data mining

Rough Sets Exploration System