James M. Conrad, Ph.D., PMP
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UNC Charlotte

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Current Classes - Spring 2022 Classes

Previous Courses

ECGR 2181 - Logic System Design I

Introduction to Boolean algebra; mixed logic; design of combinational circuits; introduction to sequential systems; MSI building blocks; includes laboratory design projects.   

ECGR 3183 - Computer Organization

Introduction to key concepts in computer organization, design, and engineering including the following topics: CPU Performance analysis, instruction set design, , system level view of computer arithmetic, design of the datapath and control for a a simple processor using VHDL, pipelining, hierarchical memory, I/O systems. (Fall).   

ECGR3253 - Senior Design I

A project-oriented course stressing the planning and design of experiments to support the student's project. Formation of the design problem and specifications.

ECGR3254 - Senior Design II

A project-oriented course stressing the planning and design of experiments to support the student's project. Formation of the design problem and specifications.

ECGR4090/5090 - Special Topics:  Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ECGR4101/5101 Embedded Systems

The goal of this course is to solidify and build upon a student's knowledge of computer organization by presenting hands-on experience with microcontrollers. Students will also examine a few sensors that are used in commercial and medical products and learn how to interface them in a microcontroller system. 

ECGR4161/5196 and MEGR4127- Introduction to Robotics

A survey examination of robotics, especially of autonomous devices and vehicles.   Investigation into technologies of sensors and actuators.  This class includes extensive hands-on applications of robotic theory.  Cross listed with MEGR4127.

ECGR 6185/8185 Advanced Embedded Systems

Design and implementation of embedded computer systems. The student will extend previous knowledge of the use of microcontrollers, C and assembly programming, real-time methods, computer architecture, simulation, interfacing, system development and communication networks. System performance is measured in terms of power consumption, speed and reliability. Efficient methods for project development and testing are emphasized. 

ENGR 1202 - Introduction to Engineering Practices and Principles II - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Applications in the disciplines of Electrical and Computer Engineering using tools and techniques specific to the major. Emphasis on analytical and problem solving skills and understanding of the profession/curriculum.

ENGR 3295 Professional Development

To prepare you to make a successful transition into the workplace and/or graduate school by enhancing non-technical professional skills (ethics; leadership; life-long learning; global, societal and contemporary issues; interviewing skills). See the Moodle Site for the class for details.

MS in Computer Engineering, "Concentration in Embedded Systems"

Recommendation for courses and activities for an MS in Computer Engineering, Concentration in Embedded Systems:

1. Complete these Three Core Courses:

2. Take four additional courses that have an emphasis on Embedded Systems content:

3a.  If you want to graduate with the thesis option:

3b. If you want to graduate with an MS with Project:

3c. If you want to graduate with an MS with coursework only (this does not need to be directed by Dr. Conrad):

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