Math 1102 -Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Section 2

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The textbook for the course is The Heart of Mathematics.   Click here for The Heart of Mathematics Resource Center.

List of assignments: This list will be updated regularly during the semester. I want you to read the book. We'll cover several sections of each of the first four chapters and part of chapter 7 as well.

Here's a list of items discussed on the first day. Here’s a list of topics for test 1. In case you did not understand lecture 5 on Sept 5, I’ve typed it out, including the problem I’d planned to ask you about for homework…the possibility of not getting a 3 number sector with sum of 19 or more.

Study guides for the tests I’ll update this before the test.

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Homework Problems and Solutions

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Nim and other Puzzles/Games/Algorithms

Here's a paper Harold Reiter wrote in August 2000 about teaching and learning. It’s mainly intended for Math 1100 students, but also applies to other classes. His philosophy of teaching, part 1 and
Philosophy of teaching, part 2 and be found here.