Introduction to Modern Algebra

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Homework Information and extra notes on proofs
Extra Information about proof structure. Note, this document was originally written for another class, so any references to class policy or homework scoring will not be relevant.

Homework Sets

A checklist to ensure that you include all the parts I'm looking for in a homework set -- both the format of how you write proofs and the format of the overall homework set. These are the guidelines from the syllabus and homework information written in outline form.

Homework Set 1 - due January 17 (key)
Homework Set 2 - due January 24
Homework Set 3 - due January 31 (key)
Homework Set 4 - due February 7 (key)
Homework Set 5 - due February 14 (key)
Homework Set 6 - due February 21
Homework Set 7 - due February 28
Homework Set 8 - due March 13
Homework Set 9 - due March 22
Homework Set 10 - due March 27
Homework Set 11 - due April 3
Homework Set 12 - due April 10
(Note: question 4 in homework set 12 will have bonus points awarded if both tables are completed.)
Homework Set 13 - due April 17
Homework Set 14 - due April 24
Homework Set 15 - due May 1

Extra Credit Homework Set - due May 1


Extra proofs worked in class January 10
Chapter 5 theorems worked in class April 3
tables for in-class example worked in class April 3
Chapter 6 theorems worked in class April 17
test 1 topics worked in class February 7 (key)
test 2 topics worked in class March 20 (key)
test 3 topics worked in class April 17 (key)
Final Exam topics given in class May 1
Extra examples from section 3.3 -- covered in class February 28

Divisor and Congruence Theorems given out in class January 10

Calculator program for computing residues. (ie: reducing numbers in modulus n)
Calculator program for computing inverses of numbers in mods.
Calculator program for computing the factors of a number.

Helpful Links

On-line Math Dictionary
On-line Modern Algebra study guide - worked questions
Math and logic symbol notation: basics and more.
If you are using Latex, here's a short reference on coding math symbols. A more complete list of Latex symbols.