Introduction to Modern Algebra

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and extra notes on proofs
and proofs for subrings

Homework Sets

A checklist to ensure that you include all the parts I'm looking for in a homework set -- both the format of how you write proofs and the format of the overall homework set -- can be found on the last page of the document: extra notes on proofs.

homework sets due date revision
due date
homework set 1 Jan 15Jan 24 key
homework set 2 Jan 24Feb 7 key
homework set 3 Jan 31Feb 14 key
homework set 4 Feb 7Feb 21 key
homework set 5 Feb 14n/a key
homework set 6 Feb 21 key
homework set 7 Feb 28March 28 n/a
homework set 8 March 21April 4 n/a
homework set 9 March 28April 18 n/a
homework set 10 April 4April 18 n/a
homework set 11 April 11April 26 key
homework set 12 April 18 April 30 key
homework set 13 April 30 n/a key
Extra Credit Set April 30n/a n/a


Symbolic logic: extra notes on symbolic logic and truth tables and extra examples of validity of IF...THEN statements.
Extra proofs worked in class January 15
Extra questions (solutions) on topics covered in class January 24.
tables for in-class example worked in class April 16

Theorems, etc.

Divisor and Congruence Theorems given out in class January 10
Chapter 1 theorems (typo on Theorem 1.5 corrected)
Chapter 2 theorems
Chapter 3 theorems
Chapter 4 theorems
Chapter 5 theorems
Chapter 6 theorems

Appendix A


Test 1 is on Feb 19 - topics
Test 2 is on April 2 - topics
Test 3 is on April 25 - topics
The Final Exam is on May 9 - topics

Calculator Programs

Calculator program for computing residues. (ie: reducing numbers in modulus n)
Calculator program for computing inverses of numbers in mods.
Calculator program for computing the factors of a number.

Helpful Links

On-line Math Dictionary
On-line Modern Algebra study guide - worked questions
The On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS).
Math and logic symbol notation: basics and more.

Latex Information

You will need a Latex compiler. They are free to download and can be found by searching google. The Windows compatible version is called MikTex ( For samples, examples, tutorials, and templates, a good list can be found here. Here's a short reference on coding math symbols. A more complete list of Latex symbols. The main thing to know about inserting symbols in the latex file is that all math symbol codes must be entered in math mode. This simply means you must have the following syntax: $[math symbol code]$. If you forget the dollar signs, it won't compile.