Yongge Wang (CV)
Professor of SIS
PhD of Mathematics from Heidelberg University, Germany
Post Quantum (NIST PQC round 1 candidate): quantumca.org or GitHub
DLT consensus/Blockchain/DeFi Implementation: GitHub or Hyperledger BDLS GitHub
Phone: (704) 687-8665
Office Hour: F 2:30-3:30pm

Effective Randomness and Ω numbers Page
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Representative Research Areas:
For a complete list of my publications, check HERE or Google Scholar or DBLP.

  1. Survey
  2. Blockchain
  3. Post-Quantum Cryptgraphy
  4. Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and garbled computation
  5. Pseudorandomness and statistical testing. Software tool: LIL package, 432KB. The JAR file runs on all platforms. For instructions, run: java -jar LILtest.jar
  6. LDPC based erasure codes, LT-codes, digital fountain, efficient perfectly secure secret sharing schemes and applications to cloud storage.
  7. Secure authenticated communications: identity based or password based (avoiding off line dictionary attacks). Two of my protocols have been included in the IEEE 1363 Standards. They are: secure remote authentication protocol with passwords SRP5 in IEEE 1363.2 and identity based key agreement WANG-KE in IEEE 1363.3. IEEE 1363 is one of the most important standards for industry cryptographic techniques. Recently, I am also interested in secure password protocols for smart cards and memory sticks (or multi factor authentication).
  8. PSMT (perfectly secure message transmission)
  9. Critical Infrastruction Protection
  10. Algorithmic Information Theory and Complexity. Several of my papers have laid the foundation for effective randomness. In particular, we have showed that a computably enumerable infinite string is Martin-Lof random if and only if it is the halting probability of the universal Turing machine. Furthermore, I have showed the separation of several randomness concepts such as recursive randomness and recursively constructive randomness (Schnorr randomness). I have a separate Omega Randomness page.
Industry Standards:
Effective Randomness and Ω numbers Page
Teaching | Research | Erdos | CV
Industry contributions
Selected course projects

J1 Visitors from China

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